Corum Golden Bridge

Corum replica has been a highly regarded avant-garde watchmaker since the 1950s. Their design choices draw inspiration from fashion, art and architecture. Respected for their ability to master women’s and men’s watch design. The risk they take with the case sets them apart. Since its inception, Corum watchmaking has been ahead of its time.

The Corum Golden Bridge watch dates back to 1980 when it was first introduced. This model is considered a unique creation of fine watchmaking, with its original design featuring a linear movement and most of the dials. Corum made a bold choice to design the first fully transparent watch. This skeleton watch showcases the watchmaker’s masterpiece and its mechanical beauty. Vincent Calabrese used his talent to create movements with linear gear trains, mounted on a transparent exterior and isolated in space, with no visible connections.

The Golden Bridge is poised, technical, and an icon in its own right. The 113.160.55/002 0000 model has a skeletonized dial; the signature tonneau-shaped rose gold case and a contrasting brown alligator strap. Equipped with an automatic winding mechanism, this timepiece is calibre CO 113 with a 40-hour power reserve when fully wound. The watch is water-resistant to 30 meters and has a watch-like transparency.

Corum Golden Bridge The Corum Golden Bridge uses four sapphire crystals, framed above, below and on the sides by four slender gold ribs, almost like a crystal window that opens the time. The sapphire crystal caseback of the Corum Golden Bridge is secured by four golden screws, ensuring the watch is perfectly water-resistant to a depth of three atmospheres. The latest technological discoveries are used in the production of the replica Corum Golden Bridge watch. The winding and time-setting crown at 6 o’clock, engraved with the CORUM key, extends straight down from the movement and activates the “sliding spring” winding system that avoids stress on the delicate mechanism. The Corum Golden Bridge movement is fully wound and has a power reserve of 40 hours.

CORUM Golden Bridge – Avant-Garde Watchmaking

The story of the Corum Watch Golden Bridge is extraordinary. One day, Vincent Calabrese, a young watchmaker from the idyllic town of Lacau-de-Fonds, knocked on the door of the Corum watch to introduce his latest invention: a strange-looking Rectangular movement. He probably did not know that from now on, this would become the movement of the flagship complication watch of Corum, and it has remained the benchmark to this day!

That was in the late 1970s – and CORUM founder René Bannwart was so excited that he immediately patented this unique movement. By the way, Vincent Calabrese still works for CORUM to this day and supports the team in developing the latest Golden Bridge creations.

The CORUM Golden Bridge replica is considered an avant-garde watch because of its unique movement placed in the center of the transparent sapphire crystal case. The watch’s name is affectionately dedicated to San Francisco’s famous Golden Gate Bridge – and you can see why.

Since the Golden Bridge watch was first introduced in 1980, its collection has grown steadily. Here are some important milestones: In 2009, Corum presented its new exclusive movement (CO 007), which was designed, developed and assembled in-house! In 2011, the CORUM Bridges collection launched its first linear-winding automatic movement: the Golden Bridge Automatic. With it on, you can see the little “sled” running up and down!

In 2016, CORUM launched the first Golden Bridge with a round case designed by Dino Modolo, which you can see in the center of our picture! The inside of the case shows a cutaway view of the Golden Gate Bridge building. We also got our hands on this year’s novelty “Golden Bridge Rectangle” which will be available during Baselworld at the end of March! A clever combination of all the golden bridge elements in a slightly smaller case that is also suitable for smaller wrists.

On the left side of the picture, you can see the beautiful 18k gold standard gold bridge hand-wound, showing three different styles in the history of the golden bridge. It’s really not easy to pick a favorite. wholesale replica watches

Corum Admiral 45 Skeleton Flying Tourbillon

The Admiral Collection is a coveted collectible watch, and this new version is high-tech.

It’s a long name, but the latest Corum Admiral 45 Automatic watch has it. The Admiral Collection is a coveted collectible watch for the nautical world, and this new edition takes a high-tech and visionary approach. Admirals usually feature colorfully painted beautiful nautical pennants on their dials. However, this new version deviates from the classic look and materials. For this best watch, the brand has used high-tech materials not previously used in the collection.

The case is made of lightweight carbon mixed with 18 karat gold sequins. Along with the creation of the carbon case, gold flecks are incorporated randomly, making each case unique. Not only is the case advanced, but the brand’s in-house developed automatic movement is skeletonized, allowing you to better observe the flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock.

The tourbillon escapement is constantly moving and is designed to compensate for timing errors caused by the effect of gravity on the wrist when the watch is in different positions. The hour and minute flanges are gold and the nautical pennant is black (instead of colored) to complete the look. A rubber and synthetic fabric strap with solid gold stitching completes this high-tech/high-mechanical watch.

Corum Admiral 45 Openworked Automatic Watch (A297/04290) Replica Ref. A297/04290 – 297.100.67/F249 FH10

Material : Carbon
Diameter : 45.00mm
Thickness : 14.40mm
Water Resistance : 100m
Type : Self-Winding Mechanical
Power Reserve : 48h
Frequency : 28800 Alt/H
Calibre: CO 297
Colour : Black
Buckle Type : Folding Buckle
Power Reserve
3-Minute Counter

Corum Admiral 45 Admiral Chronograph Blue Face, Green Face New Bright Color Limited Listing

Blue face and green face are undoubtedly the most popular dial color selections at present. Corum’s newly released Admiral 45 Automatic Chrono Admiral Chrono watch includes these two color elements in one fell swoop. Blue face and green face appear simultaneously. , with a winding strap and a rubber strap, respectively. It is worth noting that the Corum watch provides a rubber strap and a titanium chain strap with the watch especially for collectors in Greater China, which is convenient for the wearer to replace the strap according to their personal needs.

Corum Admiral 45 Automatic Chrono, diameter 45mm / titanium material / CO 132 automatic movement / chronograph hours, minutes, seconds, date / power reserve 42 hours / water resistance 300 meters.

The Admiral is one of the most representative classic watch series of Corum fake Watch. With recognizable design elements such as the 12-sided case and the international maritime flag time scale, it outlines the style image of the unique watch altar. Since its inception in the 1960s, it has expanded from its original square medal-like appearance to more delicate sub-series – Admiral 45, Admiral 42 and Admiral 38, interpreting watch lovers to meet the needs of different tastes. The new Corum Admiral 45Automatic Chrono, released at the beginning of 2022, implements the Admiral series’ concept of “perfect fusion of nautical spirit and mechanical craftsmanship”. Dynamic style.

The new work inherits the design features of the Admiral AC-One 45 chronograph, replacing it with stick-shaped hour markers, while the past colored maritime flag hour markers are replaced with flat monochrome line drawing images distributed on the 12-sided inner ring. ; This change, in addition to bringing out a more low-key, restrained, and more modern style presentation, on the other hand, it also improves the functional and practical performance of the watch – adding luminous paint to the rod-shaped hour markers, improving the time reading performance in the dark , to solve the regret that the color maritime flag time scale is eye-catching but not easy to apply luminous paint. Corum replica

The 45mm case of Haomai is made of grade 5 titanium, which has the characteristics of light weight, high hardness, corrosion resistance, and good skin-friendly. Whether it is a refreshing green face or a quiet blue face, the dial is decorated with “Grenadier Fendu” (Grenadier Fendu), and the silver sub-dial is decorated with snails, which contrasts the delicate texture with more visual depth. The sandwich panel and rubber strap between the bezel and the case use the same color scheme as the dial, creating a holistic look.

The improved princess-style hollowed-out hour and minute hands, with a penetrating and light appearance, further accentuates the powerful weight of the watch itself; the end of the second hand is decorated with the Corum watch brand identification totem “the key to the sky”. This watch, which is mainly composed of geometric lines, brings the finishing touch element.

This fake watch is equipped with the CO 132 self-winding movement, which is intuitive and convenient to operate, and has functions including: chronograph hours, minutes, seconds, date. Power reserve 42 hours. The waterproof depth has been upgraded from the original 100 meters to 300 meters. It is worth noting that, under the excellent performance of water resistance up to 300 meters, the case back design with the sapphire crystal case back is adopted.

Corum Golden Bridge Dubai Special Edition

Swiss luxury watch brand Corum has teamed up with Dubail to launch a special edition Golden Bridge watch. This is the second collaboration between the two iconic brands and this timepiece is released in a limited edition.

In 2010, the family-owned Parisian retailer teamed up with Corum for a limited-edition Admiral’s Cup watch of 25 pieces, black with red accents. This rare timepiece forms the basis of the unique Dubail collection: very few pieces, engraved and numbered, with black and red accents. Since then, Dubail has become the main partner of Corum.

So when Corum luxury and Dubail wanted to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their first joint limited series, the Golden Bridge was naturally imposed. The model chosen is the golden bridge round 43mm. An atypical piece created in 1980, a perfect circle extending the brand’s famous baguette movement.

Its bridge and main plate are made of gold, engraved with the brand name, and the crown at 6 o’clock sets the time and winds a 40-hour power reserve. Four symmetrical series of cables are deployed on either side of this movement. For Dubail, they have the same black PVD ​​​special treatment as the black PVD ​​​​titanium case.

These cables continue the architectural inspiration of the aptly named “Bridges” series. The show connects the “bridge” that keeps its gears in place with the “bridge” that crosses towns and rivers to connect people. luxury watches cheap

The bridge is a symbol of openness and one of the most complex structures ever built by mankind, a feat capable of defying centuries and elements. The building suspended in the air evokes the beauty of the largest bridge ever built by man. It also emphasizes the aerial character of the oblong movement: the Calibre CO113 and its 16 seatstays manage to combine the performance of a light and suspended movement with the strength and resistance of a wired construction.

For Dubail, Corum has equipped its Golden Bridge with an alligator leather strap instead of a rubber one. This engraved and numbered piece will only be available at Dubail Paris.

Corum Ti-Bridge Tourbillon: Daily (flying) tourbillon

Corum of La Chaux-de-Fonds is a small-volume art brand, famous for its “Bubbles”, “Feathers”, “Coins” and dodecagon Admiral’s Cup series of sports watches. But it is the Corum Bridge series that supports the street creed of high-end watches claimed by the brand. Like the “Golden Bridge” in 1980, Corum Bridge Ti-Bridge Tourbillon made an authoritative statement on Corum’s internal watchmaking acumen.

Think about what the Corum Ti-Bridge Tourbillon stands for; it is a golden bridge redesigned in titanium and a flying tourbillon redesigned as a sports watch. This avant-garde complication is not only an amazing insult to tradition, but it also provides the holy grail and the like for the most prestigious complication enthusiasts in the watch industry. Tourbillon, you can wear it every day, in any outfit.

Corum launched the first Ti-Bridge model in 2009, and in 2010 launched the bolder Ti-Bridge Tourbillon. Not only the tourbillon grafted to the internal Ti-Bridge movement, the manufacturing caliber CO 22 bypasses more flying tourbillon mechanisms for general-purpose tourbillons. The flying tourbillon is an innovation at the beginning of the 20th century, which omits the bridging structure on the visible side of the tourbillon frame. It is harder to execute and more spectacular.

Corum’s Ti-Bridge case provides a spacious gallery to showcase the main attractions. With its rectangular bridge with hairspring, hollow support rods and linear transmission system, CO-22 is an open book that can be read carefully with a magnifying glass, sight glass or even the naked eye. Like its predecessors of Golden Bridge, Ti-Bridge is a linear display of the various components that make up the mechanical essence of the Swiss lever movement.

Literally, the power is transmitted from the winding crown at three o’clock to the rotating carriage of the flying tourbillon at nine o’clock. The double barrels are located on both sides of the movement and provide a three-day (72-hour) power reserve. Although the alloy supporting this impressive watchmaking network uses PVD ​​coating and is officially called “ARCAP”, its chemical composition is very similar to the famous “German silver”, which is used for Old-fashioned watches and modern-famous nickel-copper alloy A. Lange & Sohne products.

Corum’s mechanical ballet revolves on the stage, which is bounded by an aggressive and ergonomic titanium shell. The original Golden Bridge was a slight prism resembling a fragile crystal shell, while Ti-Bridge passed through the wrist with the confident posture of a Richard Mille wine barrel.

The distance between the ears of the Corum Ti-Bridge Tourbillon is not less than 51 mm and the width is not less than 42 mm, but its curved bottom cover allows it to be firmly worn on wrists as small as 15 cm. The titanium case mainly uses a brushed finish to secure attention to the mechanical centerpiece, but the gunmetal gray form of Ti-Bridge is equally impressive. Moreover, this strange metal is very light on the wrist.

The superb black alligator leather strap is combined with the durable unfolding clasp to ensure safety and comfort. The fixing point of the strap starts before the border of the case lugs, so its downward bending starts before the edge of the case; small wrists benefit. All wrists will love the soft calfskin underside of the Corum watchband. The tank-like structure of the dual-trigger dual-deployment buckle meets Corum’s standards for its flagship models.

Want more? You are right; the Corum Ti-Bridge Tourbillon holder has comprehensive shock protection, and the case has a 5-ATM waterproof function. These two functions are rare in such complex functions, but combined, the exquisite series connection is extraordinary. Coupled with the strong anti-magnetic and anti-corrosion properties of the ARCAP movement, it is clear that the Corum titanium bridge tourbillon is designed to have a good time, not a baby. Indeed, for collectors who believe that watches are designed to be worn, this is a tourbillon. Breguet-men, not brands-will love it.

New product: Corum Golden Bridge automatic winding sapphire case with panoramic view-celebrating the 10th anniversary of automatic winding

Thirty years after the advent of the Golden Bridge watch in 1980, Corum has released a version with a self-winding movement. That was in 2011. This year, Corum Watch celebrated the 10th anniversary of the advent of the self-winding watch, and released 4 new models with a panoramic integrated sapphire case.

Corum is an interesting brand that has always been at the forefront of design. They dare to take risks with bold aesthetics and innovative actions. Known for various icons from coin watches to Admirals and Bubbles and the legendary Golden Bridge. The Golden Bridge was released in 1980 as a collaboration with Vincent Calabrese. It was the world’s first in-line baguette movement. In 2011, Corum released an automated version. This year, to celebrate the ten years of the birth of the Golden Bridge automatic winding machine, they released 4 new series.

This new version features a one-piece panoramic sapphire case that extends from the top crystal to the side of the watch—allowing a 360-degree view of the inside. Judging from the photos released by the press, the new watch looks amazing. Gives the impression of a real-world bridge, not just a cartoon of a bridge. We look forward to seeing the sample sheet when we arrive in Singapore. And have booked our meeting to experience the Golden Bridge automatic watch shooting watch. The full report will be replied at that time.

The Golden Bridge of Corum fake Watch
Since its founding in 1955, Corum has been at the forefront of design and technology, often adventuring with bold looks and innovative movements. This may be why the brand is known for many different icons, from coin watches to admirals and bubbles. However, the most powerful legend in the Corum series is the Golden Bridge watch, which was first released in 1980 and is equipped with the world’s first in-line rectangular movement. Just 30 years later, in 2011, Corum released an automatic version of the inline movement that also swept the world.

The first generation, the hand chain Corum Miss Golden Bridge, together with the larger Corum Golden Bridge, are all set with diamonds,

Now, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Golden Bridge automatic winding machine, Corum has once again made a leap forward, launching a new Golden Bridge automatic winding series, equipped with an avant-garde case, allowing you to see the elaborate movement at a glance.

New product release: Corum’s 10th Anniversary Golden Bridge Automatic Watch Series

B313/04278 – 313.200.95/0F01 HS10 Black Ti/ Smoked Sapphire SGD 45,800 Limited Edition
B313/04279 – 313.200.86/0F01 HS15 5N Ti/Smoked Sapphire SGD 63,000 Limited Edition
B313/04280 – 313.200.77/0F01 HS15 Ti Diamond/Smoked Sapphire SGD 57,700 Limited Edition 25 pieces. 72 diamonds, approximately 0.65 carats
B313/04281 – 313.200.87/0F01 HS10 5N Ti Diamond/Smoked Sapphire SGD 66,200 Limited Edition 100 pieces. 72 diamonds ~0.65 carats

To commemorate the tenth anniversary of the self-winding movement, Corum Watch released a new Golden Bridge automatic winding series. The barrel-shaped case is composed of four models. With the panoramic sapphire crystal glass and the larger size of the case back, it can provide a moving view of the movement. In addition, Corum Watch made the sapphire crystal surface for the first time as a single sapphire piece extending from the top crystal mirror to both sides of the watch, so as to achieve a 360-degree panoramic view of the interior.

Sapphire is one of the most difficult materials to handle because it is very brittle and may crack during the manufacturing process. It also needs to pay special attention to the corners and metal case connection to make the watch waterproof. However, Corum’s internal engineers and watchmakers have mastered the single-piece craftsmanship covering the top and sides.

The new version of the best replica watch site case is made of polishable grade 5 titanium, the crown is located at 6:00, ergonomic comfort and beauty. They include a limited edition of 150 pieces in titanium and 18-carat gold models, as well as an all-titanium version with only 50 pieces. Each of these two materials also provides diamonds mounted on the case. Only 100 diamond-encrusted titanium versions are produced, and only 25 diamond-encrusted titanium watches are produced.

In addition, Corum also invented a discretely placed floating strap system for its hand-inlaid time scales, showing a highly modern and sophisticated style. The design is actually based on Functional needs. Since there is no dial to fix it, the strap system is connected to the base of the movement, so the mark seems to float in the space. As the name of the series-Golden Bridge shows-all versions of the movement of the main bridge and the bridge are made of 18 carat gold.

All 10th Anniversary Golden Bridge Automatic Watches use a sapphire caseback made of smoked crystal, which is almost mysterious in appearance. In addition, they are all powered by the original automatic movement, which is still very advanced even by today’s standards. All 194 parts of Corum Calibre C0313 are in one line, with a 40-hour power reserve, a variable inertia balance wheel that can achieve long-term accuracy, a miniaturized barrel and main board, and a splint made of 18-carat gold , And a platinum linear oscillating weight.

The Corum Golden Bridge Automatic 10th Anniversary Watch is water-resistant to 30 meters, with a soft-touch alligator strap and triple folding clasp. If the new case and the breathtaking side view are not enough, then the best part of this series may be the stunning new entry-level price of the Golden Bridge Automatic.

Two bold and beautiful timepieces from Corum

Corum GOLDEN BRIDGE automatic winding
This new Kunlun Golden Bridge Automatic Watch is bold, mysterious and beautiful, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Golden Bridge Automatic and the 41st anniversary of the original Golden Bridge. Today, the Golden Bridge has become a legend of the times, famous for its fascinating inline vertical rectangular movement. For this new black titanium and 18-carat gold anniversary edition, Kunlun also provides an avant-garde sapphire case and side, so that the inside of the watch is unobstructed. The crystal and the side of the case are all a sapphire, which takes hundreds of hours to complete. The CO313 movement that powers this watch consists of 194 individual hand-made and assembled parts.

Corum Admiral 45 Chronograph
Corum has created the iconic Admiral watch series for more than 60 years, but the brand still regularly recreates this coveted classic by adding visionary designs and materials. Inspired by the greatest sailing competition, the new Admiral 45 Chronograph is a classic example. This watch is made of grade 5 titanium, with a titanium bracelet and a striking blue dial, with an hourly nautical pennant on the flange of the dial. Although Corum has never deviated from the 12-sided case that made this watch a legend, it has updated this version with a unique pattern on the dial. The watch is powered by an automatic chronograph movement, which provides hour, minute, second and date indications. It is waterproof up to 300 meters. online cheap watch

Corum Golden Bridge Automatic

Corum Golden Bridge Ceramic Replica Watch 113.161.15/0001 0000R Black Ceramic - Alligator Strap

The luxury watch manufacturer Corum is Rene Brannwart Braindhild, and he is a savvy business student in Geneva, then joined Ji’an Berme and Omega ranks, where he created the first creative department and unveiled still Cherish the treasure of the brand. Prior to his branch, Brandvall spent decades and hinds his skills in Patekafelibia and Omega, and created his brand with his uncle. With years of experience, he got a senior watch manufacturer and engineer with his background, and he looked up with his uncle and created a brand called Golan.

Brandwalt is related to the term “legal person”, which means holding discussion and necessary minimum number, and make effective decisions, and decides to name his brand after the expression, but it is more simple to spell . A key to their brand symbolism represents the mystery of many mystery in innovation and life. The brother brand was launched in 1955, and their first watch was released in recent years and inspired many people’s interests with their creativity and unique design, such as Hard tube, Chinese hat and feathers.

It is early, Corum cheap creates the public through the aim of incorporating a watch, some of these most excellent and unique watches. These days, Corum is still designing excellent watches, while still in line with their excellent crafts, cases in point, updated version of brand iconic gold bridge watches, gold bridge automatic.

Corum Golden Bridge fake is automatically a grand hour, 51.8 Take 37.2mm 18 Karat red or white gold box with black crocodile belt. The Jinqiao watches have 194, 40-hour power reserves, 26 jewels, 28,800 vibrations per hour, water to 99 feet.

The watch is completely transparent to the gold bridge in the center of the watch. The original gold bridge watches released in 1980 have the same “floating” rectangular gem, but manually winding the device. The automatic Jinqiao watches have a slightly large tonnage box, making the gold bridge more obvious, and the highlights of the watch. Corum has not yet been paying attention to details, even if the back of the housing contains some anti-glare coating crystals, it can be found in front to more visible motion.

Corum Golden Bridge Round Watch hands-on

Replica Corum GOLDEN BRIDGE STREAM BAGUETTE watch REF: B313/03498 – 313.101.69/0F01 SB69G Review

Model Number: B313/03498 – 313.101.69/0F01 SB69G
Case Material: white gold,diamond
Movement: Automatic
Dial Diameter:31.00 x 42.20 mm
Brand Name: Corum
Gender: men
Water Resistance Depth: 30 m
Thickness: 14.70 mm
Dial: Skeletonized
Glass: Sapphire
Boxes: common box package without paper
Band Material Type: Alligator strap
Functions: Hours,Minutes

Corum Golden Bridge Round Watch hands-on

Like many modern watchmakers, Corum replica has had an interesting time in the past few years. Through the ups and downs, brands around 2016 are rediscovering themselves and recalling some of the personalities that make modern brands interesting. In terms of how people wear modern timepieces, the ancient Corum (e.g. 10 to 15 years ago) is a true innovator in style and fashion. For example, Bubble (which also came back this year) is a real testament to how high-end watches are really interesting. Golden Bridge easily becomes one of Kunlun’s most unique movement and watch concepts, but despite its very interesting visual effects, it has been difficult to attract Western men.

For 2016, Corum may find a new bright spot in the Golden Bridge series of the new Corum Golden Bridge Round. This is the first time Corum has designed a round case for its linear movement, and the result is very interesting. The Golden Bridge movement (here caliber CO 113) is an interesting mechanical mechanism designed to stack all parts into a cylindrical shape (Corum calls it the “Baguette” movement). The bridge that connects all the movement parts together is 18k rose gold, in this case, it is decorated with some exquisite traditional look hand-carved. Despite the compact size of the movement, it still runs at 4Hz and has a power reserve of 40 hours-not bad at all. The CO 113 movement only expresses time in hours and minutes.

For the Golden Bridge round, Corum placed the movement vertically in a round case, leaving some space on the side of the movement for decoration or other purposes. Corum hopes to get some architecture here, so the bridge frame (literally) on the side of the movement uses a hollow case based on the design of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. So yes, the Golden Bridge watch took inspiration from another Golden Bridge… I think it’s very interesting. In fact, the Golden Gate Bridge is red, but when the light is properly illuminated, the bridge seems to glow golden. What I want to point out is that after living near the Golden Gate Bridge, the sun does not shine on it very often (through clouds and fog).

Last time, when Corum tried to make a more masculine Golden Bridge, it was matched with the Ti-Bridge series. Corum Ti-Bridge puts the movement on its side in a horizontal position and turns it into a modern sports style watch. The price is expensive and there is no clear expected demographics. I believe that Ti-Bridge will become a favorite of collectors in the future, but during the release period, due to the appreciation of the concept and competitors’ low prices and good quality, it is difficult to find buyers.

In the Corum Golden Bridge round, I thought Corum was a bit like a towel, and he admitted, “Yes, a round case may be needed” to make Golden Bridge be used as a men’s watch. I learned that in some parts of the world, tonneau-shaped Golden Bridge watches are sold to men, but in many ways, so far, the series is a more feminine design of Western standards. Having said that, the Golden Bridge Round of Corum can capture the exquisite essence of the Golden Bridge concept, but it is full of a strong sense of art. I think it has finally become masculine enough and has a wider appeal.

The Corum Golden Bridge Round watch is made of 18k rose gold (and an 18k white gold model with diamonds). It is 43 mm wide and only 8.8 mm thick. It is sandwiched by two AR-coated sapphire crystals. In addition, the side of the case is inlaid with curved sapphire crystals, so that the other side of the “movement” is unobstructed, decorating the inside of the case on both sides of the movement. The bottom of the case is the crown of the movement, which is a good symmetrical position. There is no crown on the side of the Corum Golden Bridge Round case. Fake Luxury Quartz Watches

The hands and flange rings of the watch are made of golden yellow brass, which contrasts sharply with the dial. There are full hour marks on the flange ring, but according to my standards, this watch is not very clear-although it is not bad for a modified watch. The smooth reddish brown alligator leather strap is connected to the Corum golden bridge round case, which can be used with the two golds on the case and dial. If your shoes are the right color, then this strap may look like a killer.

There is no doubt that the width of this watch is 43 mm, it is a bold watch, but because of its thinness and exquisite functions, the result is more artistic than the lively crown. Is this the new golden age of Jinqiao? I don’t know this, but for those who like sports concepts but haven’t equipped their wrists with a properly designed “Golden Bridge” watch, Corum undoubtedly puts forward a convincing new argument.