Patek Philippe presents the Aquanaut Luce “Rainbow” chronograph

another first
Known as “Luce”, which means light in Italian, the diamond ring of fire on the bezel inspired fake Patek Philippe‘s latest Aquanaut “Rainbow” chronograph. The brand expands its product line with this new timepiece, the first chronograph movement in the collection and the first self-winding movement. Undoubtedly demonstrating the creativity of the brand, the exclusivity of the design and the refined beauty of this new watch.

charming wearable
Both men and women will find the Patek Philippe Aquanaut Luce “Rainbow” Chronograph’s 39.9mm wide 18k rose gold case extremely hardwearing and attractive on the wrist. Anyone familiar with the Aquanaut collection will find the tapered lugs, low and wide crown and rectangular pushers very similar to other large Aquanauts, and the signature bezel does feel right at home. Crafted with a rainbow gem-set pattern, this bezel replaces the all-diamond design of the past. However, this watch combines rainbow gemstones and diamonds to create a stunning twin. Composed of 40 colored sapphires on the outer row of gemstones, creating a rainbow spectrum around the dial, this timepiece is a design masterpiece set with 40 baguette-cut diamonds on the inner row.

power of color
The enveloping beauty of the Patek Philippe Aquanaut Luce “Rainbow” Chronograph extends the gemstone design to the dial, where 12 beautiful sapphires of various colors flank the applied 18k gold Arabic numerals. The grainy lines of the Aquanaut’s broadly engraved grid-style dial continue to this latest model with a white mother-of-pearl base. Like other models, the brand has a 60-minute counter at 6 o’clock, which really provides a clean layout for the running seconds or chronograph hours sub-dial. The brand presents this new watch equipped with a powerful Caliber CH28-520 vertical clutch automatic chronograph movement. Decorated in the style you expect, the upper bridge is Côtes de Genève, the lower bridge and baseplate are crafted in two distinct pearlescent, mirror-polished sink and chamfer sizes, with 21k engraved gold rotors topped with radial Côtes de Genève. At the heart of this timepiece is a Gyromax balance wheel and Silinvar hairspring, which provide a power reserve of 45 to 55 hours at a frequency of 28,800 bph.

favorite finish
Patek Philippe painted three textured rubber straps for the Aquanaut Luce “Rainbow” chronograph: bright red, clean bright white and a lovely matte beige. The brand’s first-ever automatic chronograph for women comes in a variety of sizes and looks, and is adored by both men and women. So add a little color to your world and surround yourself with sparkling gemstones to brighten up your life. fake luxury watches


The Chopard Alpine Eagle XL Chrono makes its debut in 2020. All three debut models feature a Raptor-themed dial, a case made of Lucent steel A223 and a state-of-the-art in-house Chopard caliber 03-05-C. Chopard initially offered steel bracelets and recently introduced two rubber straps. Looking at these latest styles, Angus Davies reflects on the extraordinary success of the Alpine Eagle collection.

The advent of the luxury sports watch
Until the 1970s, watches tended to be either formal or utilitarian items (such as dive watches or sports chronographs). In the 1970s, however, the lines between formal and casual wear, classic dress watches and utilitarian watches suddenly blurred.

The 1970s saw a new breed of sports watch capable of straddling the world of blazers and jeans. In addition, stainless steel has completed its studies in Switzerland and presents a noble temperament similar to precious metals such as gold and platinum.

Chopard St. Moritz
Recognizing the paradigm shift that was taking place at the time, Chopard Co-President Karl-Friedrich Scheufele masterminded a new form of watch, the luxury sports best replica watches. In 1980, Geneva Maison launched St. Moritz, named after the high-end, glamorous Alpine resort.

The choice of the name was inspired by the fact that it evokes the idea of a stylish person who wears a ski suit by day and a tuxedo by night. Chopard St. Moritz watches are versatile and adapt to their surroundings.

The St. Moritz model was designed in keeping with Louis Sullivan’s “form follows function” philosophy. For example, the bezel is held in place by eight screws, which is also a style feature. Chopard is also “steel like gold”, the case is brushed and polished, the bracelet is integrated, and the movement includes automatic movement and quartz movement. The decision to make St. Moritz was a brave one. While rival companies have also released their interpretations of luxury sports watches, there’s no guarantee the genre will continue to be popular. Over time, people’s love for luxury sports watches has never waned.

In 2019, in consideration of St. Moritz and its remarkable success, Chopard released a new luxury sports watch “Alpine Eagle”. In this case, the Geneva brand was inspired by nature. It seeks to capture the majesty of eagles soaring above the Swiss Alps, taking advantage of thermals as they glide peacefully.

Chopard references these regal creatures with a number of aesthetic elements, including a dial that mimics the iris of an eagle and a seconds hand with an arrow-feather-like weight that mimics the feathers of an eagle.

Similar to the St. Moritz, the Alpine Eagle uses a combination of Roman numerals and simple batons to indicate the hours. Likewise, the bezel is again equipped with utility screws, and the bracelet is integrated into the case. And when it comes to the bracelet, Chopard has spent incredible effort creating an elegant way of integrating the watch with its wearer. Shortly after the first model was announced, I wrote two in-depth features on the Alpine Eagle, one of which was about the model’s modifications.

Both the case and bracelet are made of stainless steel, but Chopard did not settle for the usual 316L or 904L grades. Instead, the brand has teamed up with Voestalpine, an Austrian company that specializes in cutting-edge steel technology. After four years of research and development, a new generation of steel Lucent Steel A223 was born.

Made from 70% recycled steel, the new steel is similar to surgical stainless steel and therefore hypoallergenic. Lucent Steel A223 is 50% harder than regular stainless steel and less likely to scratch. In addition, its purer structure gives the metal its white appearance.

The first version of the Alpine Eagle came in two sizes, 36mm and 41mm. Both models are equipped with COSC-certified automatic movements manufactured in the company’s Fleurier Ebauches factory.

A strong sign of a product’s success is the brand’s choice to extend a range of models. In 2020, after receiving a positive response to the first Alpine Eagle, Chopard cheap released the Alpine Eagle XL Chrono.

Wearers can choose between an Aletsch Blue dial or a Pitch Black dial, both paired with a Lucent Steel A223 case and matching bracelet. Additionally, a third model was released with the same jet-black dial, but this time it features a bi-metal case made of Lucent Steel A223 and 18-karat ethical rose gold. This luxurious combination extends to the bracelet and buckle, with precious metals being used exclusively for the bezel and crown.

Chopard 03.05-C
In addition to its attractive face and sculpted torso, the Alpine Eagle XL Chrono is equipped with a remarkable movement, the Chopard 03-05-C. This self-winding chronograph movement is again produced in-house at the company’s Fleurier factory and has many features, including some very impressive patented technology.

The COSC-certified movement has a flyback function. For a normal chronograph, the stopwatch is started by pressing the pusher at 2 o’clock and stopped by pressing the same pusher again. To reset the register (return to zero), the wearer simply presses the pusher at 4 o’clock. Everything is very simple and logical. However, imagine if you needed to time consecutive events and suddenly the index numbers had to start, stop, reset, and start again very quickly. It’s a challenge for even the most dexterous of people.

A flyback chronograph takes the hassle out of timing consecutive events. It can be used like a traditional chronograph, but its flyback function provides additional convenience. Assuming the chronograph is running, the wearer simply presses the pusher at 4 o’clock and in the blink of an eye the chronograph is stopped, reset and starts from zero. The flyback function of this particular movement is patented and uses three rotating hammers with elastic arms to reset the counter to zero.

top luxury copy watches lovers will be pleased to hear that the Chopard 03-05-C is a fully integrated movement with column wheel and vertical coupler. This gives the putter a creamy smoothness. Furthermore, when the chronograph is activated, the central chronograph seconds hand begins its journey without hesitation or hesitation. In addition, Chopard has equipped the movement with a patented unidirectional transmission system that “prevents energy loss while ensuring rapid winding, a feature highly regarded in the inherently power-hungry chronograph category”.

The oscillating weight is partially skeletonized and made of tungsten. The balance beats at 28,800 vph (4Hz) and the movement has a power reserve of 60 hours.

Earlier this year, Chopard launched two other Alpine Eagle XL Chrono watches at the Watches & Wonders show. Clearly, the success of the eagle-themed model shows no signs of abating.

Familiarity is the order of the day. The 44mm case is also made of Lucent Steel A223. Aletsch Blue and Pitch Black dials recreate performance, while the tried and trusted Chopard 03-05-C is on hand to offer another chronograph performance.

However, this year’s Chopard Alpine Eagle XL Chrono ditches the elaborate bracelet found on previous models in favor of a color-coordinated blue and black strap. Each strap has a titanium insert and has a pin buckle made of Lucent Steel A223.

These differences may sound insignificant, but in fact, they give the Chopard Alpine Eagle XL Chrono a completely different look. Arguably, these latest styles are more casual with a touch of sportiness that brings a little something new.

Throughout Chopard’s history, the company has considered the wants and needs of the watch-buying public, creating watches that meet those demands and inspire enthusiasm in the process. In fact, it was this careful attitude that led Karl-Friedrich Schaefer to conceive the St. Moritz watch at the age of 22. This previous model blends elegance with everyday versatility and practicality.

Alpine Eagle continues the St. Moritz legend and now attracts a new generation of brand advocates. The success of the inaugural Alpine Eagle and subsequent iterations of the Raptor-inspired model is evidence of this.

I can’t honestly say that I prefer a Chopard Alpine Eagle XL Chrono with a steel or rubber strap, but, like all watch lovers, I’m certainly glad to have more options.

technical specifications
Model: Chopard Alpine Eagle XL Chrono
Ref: 298609-3003 (Lucent Steel A223 with Aletsch Blue dial)
Ref: 298609-3004 (Lucent Steel A223 with jet black dial)
Case: Lucent Steel A223, diameter 44.0 mm, height 13.15 mm, sapphire crystal and display case back
Functions: Hours, minutes, small seconds, semi-instantaneous date, stop-seconds, tachymeter, chronograph
Movement: Chopard 03.05-C, automatic, 28,800 vph (4Hz); 310 components; 45 jewels, 60-hour power reserve, certified chronometer (COSC)
Bracelet: Blue or black rubber strap with titanium inlays, Lucent Steel A223 pin buckle

Rolex 2022 key new watches at a time: GMT-Master II left crown green and black circle, Yacht-Master Platinum Eagle Eye Edition

In the past two years, Rolex cheap has been attacked by collectors in the market because of its over-priced hype. In addition, last year’s models were relatively flat, so it seemed that no matter what surprises Rolex presented, it could be treated calmly and calmly; until the official website was refreshed, this year’s new models The moment I jumped into my eyes, I have to admit that Rolex is indeed unparalleled in creating topics and catching the eyes of watch fans. The new version is the most popular version washing king in the community: GMT-Master II 126720VTNR, which has two rare features: the left crown + green and black circle; the second is Air-King, which has a revised dial scale and is equipped with a new generation of movement; as for the pocket is deep enough Strong collectors must pay attention to the Day-date of the first platinum triangular pit ring.

Rolex’s first green and black circle + mass-produced left crown 126720VTNR

ROLEX GMT-Master II 126720VTNR-0001 Model information Diameter 40mm, stainless steel / 3285 automatic winding movement / date, dual time zone, 24 hours / solid bottom cover / waterproof depth of 100 meters

ROLEX GMT-Master II 126720VTNR-0002 Model information Diameter 40mm, stainless steel / 3285 automatic winding movement / date, dual time zone, 24 hours / solid bottom cover / waterproof depth of 100 meters

Rolex’s brand new model: 126720VTNR, it is difficult to decide whether the green and black circle is more topical, or the left crown is more surprising? Following the red-black, red-blue, blue-black and brown-black, GMT-Master II launched the fifth color: green and black circle, which is also the fourth Cerachrom ceramic word circle of the two-color circle, conforming to the configuration of the left crown, The date window is also adjusted to the 9 o’clock position, and the Oyster oyster belt and the Jubilee five-bead belt are launched at one time. In view of the fact that the two-color circle has always had its own nickname, such as Pepsi circle, Coke circle, and SARS circle, what will this one be called? At present, foreign friends call it “Sprite” Sprite, or “Starbucks” Starbucks (but Starbucks seems to have been preempted by 126610LV), and the naming competition is another kind of fun.

Distance from “5” to “05”
Air-King 126900

ROLEX Air-King 126900-0001 Model Information Diameter 40mm, stainless steel / 3230 automatic winding movement / hour and minute display / solid bottom cover / waterproof depth of 100 meters

Air-King, which was very popular before the exhibition, really launched a new model, but it is not a new color dial, and the diameter of the watch remains 40mm. The new model changes the “5” on the minute scale of the dial to “05”. Recognition, on the one hand, also makes the dial more symmetrical; in addition, the difference in appearance also includes the addition of crown shoulder guards and the 3230 movement.

The first triangular pit ring in platinum
Day-date 40 228236

ROLEX Day-date 40 228236-0012 Model information Diameter 40mm, platinum material / 3255 self-winding movement / date, week / solid bottom cover / 70-hour kinetic energy display / waterproof depth of 100 meters

Ice blue face is a face plate color that has been popular with brands and markets since last year, and Rolex has long been adept at using this bright color. The Day-date series has always limited precious metal watches, and only platinum materials can be matched with ice blue surfaces, so in Rolex ice blue is synonymous with luxury. And this highly recognizable color, a new triangular pit pattern bezel style, with a diameter of 40mm, with 18K white gold three-dimensional Roman hour markers, blue second hand and the iconic President-shaped chain belt, makes this luxurious style even more shine.

The first time to see the gold material Yacht-Master
And the platinum eagle eye dial

ROLEX Yacht-Master 42 226658-0001 Model information Diameter 42mm, gold material / 3235 automatic winding movement / date / solid bottom cover / 70-hour kinetic energy display / waterproof depth of 100 meters

ROLEX Yacht-Master 42 226659-0004 Model information Diameter 42mm, platinum material / 3235 automatic winding movement / date / solid bottom cover / waterproof depth of 100 meters

Yacht-Master is also a series based on precious metals. In 2022, it launched a gold case for the first time, with a diameter of 42mm, with a black dial and all white letters; in addition, there is a new 226659-0004 “Eagle Eye” face The disc hidden version, compared with the old model 226659-0002, the new black dial has more blue lines, which is a very rare Rolex style, and of course the price is also more expensive than the general version.

Brand New Flower Finish
Date just 31

ROLEX Datejust 31 278274-0035 Model information Diameter 31mm, half gold material / 2236 automatic winding movement / date / solid bottom cover / 55-hour kinetic energy display / waterproof depth of 100 meters

Datejust 31’s new flower pattern surface is treated with three finishes: sunray, matte or grained. The three different materials are matched with different color dials and chain strap styles. Two-tone white gold model, with sky blue flower pattern dial, triangular fluted bezel and Oyster strap; 18ct yellow gold model with diamond-set bezel, olive green dial and President bracelet; Two-tone rose gold model Bezel set with diamonds (a combination of Oystersteel and Everose gold), with a silver dial and a commemorative Jubilee bracelet. for luxury watches replica

Jacob&Co Astronomia Casino & Maestro

Giving up your anonymity and discretion doesn’t mean being ostentatious or disrespectful, it just means you’re brave enough.

Jacob&Co embodies this philosophy well, let us know now.

In astronomy, time is in 4 dimensions.
Since its first launch in 2014, it has become a true Jacob&Co icon, attracting the interest of collectors around the world.

The concept is brilliant and expressive: hours and minutes are displayed on the dial, while everything else changes!

Technically, we’re talking about an in-house manual movement, the Casino has a two-axis tourbillon, and the Maestro has a three-axis tourbillon.

In both examples, the case is in rose gold, set with a large number of sapphires, and processed using expensive and advanced techniques to achieve extra-wide domes and ultra-pure transparency.

The two versions don’t have much in common technically. Aesthetically, they share concept, arm movement, painted magnesium sphere and one carat Jacobs cut diamond (288 facets)… Signature of Mr. Arabo.

Astronomia Casino: A successful gamble.
There have been many watches that pay tribute to gambling in history, each with its own innovation.
But when you pair the mechanical roulette with the Astromia and its features, the jackpot is a sure thing.

What’s fascinating about this watch is the incredible amount of detail it hides, so much so that the owner can discover new things at a glance.

Mechanical roulette is not fiction.
The rotation of the plate, as well as that of the ball, works perfectly and is activated by the pusher at 8 o’clock.

The genius behind this watch is useful and enjoyable play: operating the roulette wheel is an effective way to charge the watch. A remarkable idea, introducing an interesting “complication” to create momentum instead of wasting it.

The 47mm case, with its 27.9mm height, is a key aspect of the watch, and the author of this article has a small wrist (under 6.3 inches). Believe it or not, the size of the watch is a negligible aspect if one compares it to the astounding number of complications.

During its rotation, the dial is always perpendicular to the wrist.
As usual, let’s focus on what really matters: the actual use of the timepiece.

In typical Astronomia style, the dial maintains a fixed orientation during its 10-minute rotation around the centre, making it easy to read no matter where it is located.

On the wrist, it’s incredible. It’s almost a shame to wear it and not just stare at it for hours, discovering every detail.

The glow of diamonds and globes contributes to the vividness and synchronization of the drama created by the movement of the arms and the entire mechanism. Dear Jacob, if your goal is to amaze, you have achieved it.

Astronomia Maestro: The 50mm Universe.
The absolute winner of our Basel session (though the choice was nearly impossible) was the Maestro, sublime in every way, the Picasso of horology.

We’re talking about the minute repeater tourbillon, moon phases, date and Astronomia’s classic four-armed rotating mechanism.

If you think that’s enough, you may be misunderstanding what we’re talking about…

Minute Repeater: Yes, but don’t underestimate it.
For the first time in history, we discover that the chime of the minute repeater has a three-dimensional spiral shape, which is breathtaking through the side of the sapphire case.

The hours, quarters and minutes are struck by three pitches. This is much more complicated than the traditional two-pitch mechanism, since the three notes must be very precise (C, D, E).

Using three pitches instead of two, creates a melody that requires accurate pitch picking, not the difficulty of improving harmony.

The end result is stunning, especially for new listeners.

The moon phase display features a unique Jacob-cut diamond, divided into half a sphere and encircling the starry night on its arm. The date revolves around the periphery of the moon phase, moving together with the other 4 parts, and completes a circle in 10 minutes.nice watches shop

A feature of this piece is that the hours and minutes are located on the dial in the middle of the watch, in stark contrast to other Astronomias.

On the fourth arm, we find a hand-painted astronaut floating in a meandering motion around the watch, completing one rotation every 40 seconds.

On the wrist, the effect is the same as that of the astronauts…
It’s impossible not to get lost in the beauty of this new universe that Jacob’s company is projecting on us.

Forming the aventurine dial in the constellation background, not to mention the purity of the tourbillon and sapphires… everything is designed to wow the audience, offering innovation and luxury at the highest level.

Again, 50mm is a lot, but the generous size of the watch is quickly forgiven by looking at one of the infinite details on the dial and thinking of the complexity of things we appreciate.

Jacob&Co timepieces, on the other hand, are masterpieces of engineering, design and innovation, not just complicated watches or striking devices.

What’s truly astonishing about this brand is the amazingly incredible effort to never lose sight of what’s really important: the performance.
From what Marco told us, the whole intent of Jacob&Co is to create timepieces that are stunning to wear and easy to use.

The winding, hour setting and various functions are very easy to set up and operate, not an easy job if we consider the complexity we are in.

We’d really like to know your thoughts on some of Basel’s most complicated and luxurious watches selection replica, and we promise to bring you lots of new articles about this brand full of surprises soon!

Audemars Piguet Launches Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Purple Diamond Watch

Since its inception in the 1980s, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar watch has continued to evolve, developing a variety of models. Today, the Maison combines precious materials and bold colors with a new boutique-exclusive edition (26598BC.ZZ.1220BC.01). The new watch features a 41 mm 18K white gold case with a purple “Grande Tapisserie” dial and a baguette-cut diamond-set bezel.

The new watch is 41 mm in diameter and 9.5 mm thick. The case is made of 18K white gold and is brushed and polished. It is equipped with an anti-glare sapphire crystal mirror, a screw-in crown and a see-through case back, and has a water resistance of 20 meters. The 18K white gold bezel is fixed with eight hexagonal screws, which is the signature feature of the Royal Oak series. The top surface is inlaid with 32 baguette-cut diamonds, showing luxury.

The purple dial is engraved with “Grande Tapisserie” large grid decoration, with sub-dials of the same tone, as well as 18K white gold three-dimensional hour markers and Royal Oak hands. 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock are respectively equipped with date, moon phase, week and month and leap year displays, with a balanced layout and clear and easy to read. A central hand with a triangular arrow combines with numerals on the outer edge to indicate the current week number. If it is continuously wound, the perpetual calendar function does not require manual correction until 2100.

Through the see-through case back, you can appreciate the built-in Caliber 5134 movement. The movement is assembled from 374 parts, only 4.3mm thick, contains 38 jewels, has a vibration frequency of 19,800 vibrations per hour (2.75 Hz), is equipped with a 22K gold skeleton rotor, and can provide a 40-hour power reserve. At the same time, the Caliber 5134 movement is also decorated with exquisite Geneva patterns and fish scale patterns.

The watch comes with an 18K white gold bracelet with an AP folding clasp. Additionally, it comes with a black rubber strap and a purple rubber strap.

The Royal Oak, the first of its kind in luxury sports watches, turns 50 this year, and for that reason alone, it deserves a spot on this list. It remains one of the most powerful designs in watchmaking history, penned by the late Gerald Genta in 1972. We all wonder what happens when AP announces that the 15202 will be discontinued. Well, it turns out that the new Royal Oak Jumbo Extra-Thin 16202ST is pretty faithful to its origins. The biggest change is the introduction of a new movement (with a special rotor only on its anniversary). The exterior changes are very subtle, with fine exterior touches here and there. But most importantly, it’s still what a Royal Oak should be.

39 mm stainless steel case, octagonal bezel – “Bleu Nuit, Nuage 50” petite checkered dial – white gold applied indexes and hands – AP Caliber 7121, self-winding – special 50 year rotor only available in 2022 – integrated stainless steel Bracelet with folding clasp – reference 16202ST.OO.1240ST.01

The 2022 World Cup players and their luxury watches

The quadrennial World Cup officially kicks off in Qatar. In the next month, I believe that the headlines of major news will be inseparable from the hot topic of “World Cup”.

In addition to winning or losing, there are other scenery.

In fact, many celebrities have studied the replica Watches uk field, shared photos on social media, and sometimes pursued some new watch models. So today, let’s take a look at the watches worn by some football stars.

Certainly no player will wear it while playing. However, players will wear watches on the way to Qatar, they will wear watches during interviews, during games, referees will wear watches, coaches on the sidelines will wear watches, and many people in the audience wear watches.

Therefore, we have made some inventory of the watches that appeared in the World Cup in the past few days, and briefly shared them with you. Among them, Rolex is definitely the most, and the frequency of departure of Hublot is also very high.

When Messi landed in Qatar, he was wearing a Rolex Platinum Ice Blue Daytona at the airport. This watch has been discontinued and replaced by this year’s new model, model 128236, dog ring. The new dog ring is also the first time Rolex has used it on a platinum Daytona.

But when it came to the World Cup interview, Messi wore a Patek Philippe 5740G on his wrist.

Ronaldo’s habit of wearing watches has always been from a local tyrant, all kinds of fancy big diamond watches. During the World Cup interview, he wore the latest Epic Baguette skeleton watch specially created by his old friend Jacob & Co. The watch is set with 4.6 carats of diamonds, and on the front is a picture of his classic header against Manchester United when he played for Real Madrid.

Beckham is the spokesperson of Tudor and is very dedicated. When he appears in front of the public camera, he basically wears a Tudor watch. In this World Cup, he wore Tudor M79250BM with a bronze case and a bronze bracelet when watching the game in the auditorium.

French striker Kylian Mbappe also wore a Hublot during World Cup interviews. Hublot Soul of Big Bang moon phase Best Cheap Replica Watches.

England’s next-generation midfielder Declan Rice wears a Rolex Meteorite Daytona for a makeup shoot.

Brazilian striker Neymar was wearing a Rolex Daytona rainbow diamond ring version when he got off the plane. There are two other versions of this watch, one with a dog tooth ring and the other with a super baby’s breath that is also set with diamonds on the bracelet.

Dutch striker Memphis Depay was photographed wearing a very unpopular Rolex Platinum Daytona before the game, with a platinum case, dog tooth ring, and diamond lettering.

Belgian striker Lukaku wore a Rolex Day-Date model: 228348 when he got off the plane for an interview.

When the Croatian midfielder Modric got off the plane, he was wearing a very ordinary Rolex Datejust mint green DJ, which is the aperture version.

Ballon d’Or winner Benzema wears a Richard Mille RM055 Bubba Watson with twin barrels. ATZ baffle has the characteristics of stable color and high hardness. The bezel and bottom bezel are made of grade 5 titanium. material and comes with a white rubber protector. Unfortunately, Benzema will miss this World Cup due to a quadriceps injury in his left thigh.

Tang Anju, who scored the first goal for the Japanese team, wore a Hublot watch. This is the Big Bang e Smart Watch Qatar World Cup Japan National Team Special Edition.

After the Saudis won Argentina, their sports minister was as happy as a child. He wears IWC IW506003 on his wrist.

Saudi coach Herve Renard wore a Hublot green ceramic BIG BANG watch during the game. I can’t tell which one it is, but the one that looks like a rhinoceros is limited to 100 pieces worldwide.

England coach Southgate also wore a Hublot watch during the game, but he wore a Hublot smart watch.


Defy Extreme Double Tourbillon

The Defy Extreme Double Tourbillon pushes Haute Horlogerie to the extreme

The DEFY Extreme Double Tourbillon represents the pinnacle of innovative Haute Horlogerie envisioned by Zenith. Not complicated for the sake of complication, but a real advance in high-precision chronographs, building on over 50 years of innovation and refinement of high-frequency automatic chronographs beginning with El Primero. It is constructed differently from other chronograph movements, with two separate tourbillons, the chronograph tourbillon completes its rotation in 60 seconds and the chronograph tourbillon completes its rotation in 5 seconds, making it one of the fastest tourbillons ever made , and the only 1/100 second chronograph, beating at an astonishing rate of 360’000 VpH. best swiss watch

Designed with durability and robustness in mind, the DEFY Extreme Double Tourbillon is ideally suited to house such a complex movement, with a solid angular case measuring 45mm wide and available in two styles. The first is made entirely of titanium, including the bracelet, with a mix of satin-brushed, polished and matte surfaces, while the second is made of carbon fiber with a sandblasted matte rose gold dodecagon case Ring and button protectors on black textured rubber strap. Its open dial with applied chronographs and tinted transparent sapphire elements offers an unobstructed view of the groundbreaking movement and its two tourbillon mechanisms with star frames.

It’s not just the movement’s exceptional performance and ultra-modern construction that make it an eye-catching highlight. A signature element of Zenith’s recent haute horlogerie creations, the movement is decorated with a modern and contrasting look, emphasizing its futuristic style. First, the open satin-brushed bridges of the movement are coated with a layer of black PVD. The edges of these bridges are then highlighted in rose gold to reveal the geometry of the bridges, a departure from traditional watchmaking decoration techniques. Replica watches oniline

Luxury watches for men before Christmas

Every year faces the same challenge: finding the right gift for your loved one. Most importantly, it should be a heartfelt gift that will last them a lifetime. The holiday season is well underway, and gingerbread and seasonal cookies have been discounted for months. But have you come up with a great gift idea yet? We’d love to help you. By owning a luxury timepiece, you are giving not only a high-quality Christmas gift, but also a deeply personal gift that perfectly expresses your gratitude for that special someone. A gift that can bring a lifetime of joy. We would like to recommend the most popular men’s watches that will be the perfect gift under your Christmas tree.

The perfect Christmas gift for men
What better Christmas gift than a beautiful luxury watch? Time itself cannot be bought, but stylish and unique timepieces can be bought. Also, luxury watches for men are very popular as Christmas gifts, not only in Germany but all over the world. Because it is such a quality and unique gift that, when cared for, can bring a lifetime of joy to the recipient.

Internet searches for men’s Christmas luxury watches or men’s luxury gifts can quickly become overwhelming. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Christmas gifts for men in the world of luxury watches.

best christmas present for him

The absolute classic and most popular model of Rolex and of all luxury watches is the Submariner. First launched in 1954, this dive watch stands out for its classic, timeless design that has changed only a little over the years. The first watch worn by James Bond, it combines sporty elegance with robust versatility. In addition, the Submariner models can be worn with both casual and business attire. In our opinion, this is an ideal gift!

Tudor’s Heritage Black Bay is a diver’s watch that rivals the top names in the luxury watch industry. Its sporty design is an innovative reinterpretation of its predecessor. Its appearance is borrowed from the flagship Rolex Submariner of Tudor parent company. However, the affordable price and excellent quality make models from the Heritage Black Bay collection perfect replacements and a great Christmas gift.

Hardly any other watch has become as synonymous with motorsport as the TAG Heuer Monaco. With its distinctive square case and automatic chronograph movement, the watch caused a stir, not least in the film Le Mans. The watch’s dial is graduated with precision and the date window is located at 6 o’clock. Fast and easy to read – the water-resistant Monaco does everything it needs to do.

Omega’s best-selling product is the Speedmaster Moonwatch. It was the first lunar watch on the wrist of Buzz Aldrin and made history on the Apollo 11 mission in 1969. Dubbed the “Speedy” by enthusiasts, this 42mm pilot’s watch also looks flattering with a suit. An important feature of the Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph is the manual winding mechanism. This is due to the fact that there is no gravity in space, and automatic movements are useless in space.

The models of the Panerai Luminor Marina collection feature a 40mm cushion-shaped case with a solid yet understated look, focusing on the essentials – the time display. The numerals 6 and 12 are emphasized and the hands are illuminated for readability. Date display at 3 o’clock and small seconds at 9 o’clock. Additionally, the crown of the Luminor Marina is protected and held in place by an ingenious mechanism that prevents any accidental adjustments.

Zenith timepieces are known for their high-precision Primero movements. For a long time these were also used by Rolex, for example in the Daytona. Zenith created an entire collection for this legendary movement: the Zenith El Primero. These watches are chronographs that demand absolute perfection, but also a little playfulness. Enthusiasts appreciate that Zenith produces all parts and assemblies in-house. The company is proud of it, and some models feature crystal casebacks that allow a glimpse into the watch’s intricate inner workings.

Breitling also made it into the top ten men’s watches for Christmas with its legendary Navitimer. It’s the quintessential pilot’s watch, with little change in appearance since its debut in 1952 — and for good reason. Its famous slide rule bezel makes this watch instantly recognizable, which is why it has a huge following of enthusiasts. At the same time, the Navitimer collection offers a wide range of sizes, colors and models – depending on your needs, there is always a special man for you.

The Patek Philippe Calatrava captivates with its classic design. The manufacturer is one of the few watchmakers that remains independent and in the hands of the family. Patek Philippe stands for the highest standards of production and exclusivity. Calatrava models are considered the epitome of classic elegance and are the perfect companions for your everyday life.

Audemars Piguet revolutionized the watch market in 1972 with the Royal Oak. The Royal Oak was the first sports watch made entirely of stainless steel. Initially skeptical about a watch that looked like it was inspired by a diving helmet that cost almost ten times the price of a Submariner, it quickly became a huge success. Its extremely unique design has helped it achieve extraordinary recognition. With the advent of the Royal Oak series, the Royal Oak series created a new category of high-end sports watches, which are highly sought after by watch collectors today.

Finally, we would like to recommend the IWC Portugieser. IWC has proven that high-quality chronographs don’t have to be extremely expensive in this series. These models are available with white or black dials and come in a uniform large case size. Sporty yet elegant, IWC’s Portugieser collection can be worn with jeans and a T-shirt, or with a suit at the office.

Jacob & Co. tunes its Astronomia minute repeater

Because the minute repeater ranks among watchmaking’s elite complications, it’s usually presented in a proper, traditional form with minimal embellishments other than traditional finishes. Jacob & Co. has always been an extrovert among the few minute repeater watchmakers, but it took the opposite approach. Its latest Astronomia watch features a full display of gongs and hammers, as well as a three-axis tourbillon, a hemispherical constellation globe with two half-carat spherical diamonds, a global lacquer globe and a miniature astronaut orbiting the dial. player, locked in a 40-second spin. The busy 3D composition is layered within a curio cabinet-sized case, 50mm wide x 26mm thick, against a backdrop of stacked gears and aventurine rings, hand-painted with stars, planets and the Milky Way.

Jacob & Co.’s three-axis tourbillon Astronomia watch, first launched in 2014. Other pieces in the collection include the Astronomia Spider, Astronomia Casino, Astronomia Gambler, Astronomia Octopus and several Astronomia Solar watches with spherical stones representing planets. It was the first minute repeater in the line, and in typical Jacob & Co. style, it was a blockbuster in its class: a Carillon minute repeater with three gongs and hammers instead of the traditional two . The gongs are stacked vertically rather than next to each other at the case perimeter, which makes them more clearly visible through the sapphire case sides. Carillon chimes, 15 minutes and minutes, using the notes Do, Re and Mi. A safety feature prevents the watch from being wound when striking the time.

Jacob Arabo and Luca Soprana at the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon, sparkling little universes on their wrists

Jacob Arabo, founder of Jacob & Co., is known for his jewelry and diamond-encrusted fine jewelry watches. He is also known for being the first to mine the intersection between high luxury and pop culture, and while celebrity has been an adjunct to luxury marketing for as long as there have been celebrities, it was Jacob who really made luxury watches desirable. Cloth has featured pop music celebrities and their fans — as well as movie stars, supermodels and other major media personalities. However, in the past 10 years he has also entered the watch industry in a more technical way, making mechanical timepieces with unusual complications that are really different from what anyone else has made.

Jacob & Co.’s first major mechanical complication was the Quenttin Tourbillon, which set a record for the longest power reserve in a replica tourbillon watches at the time: 31 days. Subsequent complications included the SF24, a 24-time zone watch with a split-flap display for the second time zone, based on the information boards that were once ubiquitous in train stations and airports. However, his most notable release over the past few years has been the Astronomia Tourbillon.

The Astronomia Tourbillon debuted at Baselworld in 2013, and it was, to put it mildly, a sensation. The watch is huge: 50mm in diameter with a domed sapphire crystal 25mm high. Under the sky-like dome is a four-armed vehicle. One arm ends with a three-axis tourbillon, and opposite the tourbillon is the movement (which moves the hour and minute hands) and a skeletonized dial. The other two arms feature an enamelled globe representing the Earth and a 288-faceted 1-carat diamond representing the Moon. The idea is not to make an astronomically accurate representation of the orbits of the Earth or the Moon, but to create a visual display that evokes the same sense of wonder as looking up at the night sky. The background of the whole show is aventurine.

Audemars Piguet Launches Code 11.59 Starwheel

A revival of a quirky classic.

After a two-year hiatus, Audemars Piguet has relaunched the Code 11:59 Starwheel time travel complication. The latest addition to the collection installs a unique complication in the Code 11:59, a model initially criticized but now often praised, and combines it with a blue aventurine dial that complements the two-tone black ceramic and white gold case .

The reintroduction of the Star Wheel in Code 11:59 was a very interesting proposition, and well timed.

It’s interesting because it combines the modern proportions and style of the Code 11.59 case with a once-overlooked complication. In this sense, the watch embodies a key direction in contemporary watchmaking: reinterpreting vintage classics for today.

While the formula is familiar, the new Starwheel is very different and will no doubt be polarizing. The relatively large case diameter of 41mm compared to the compact models of the 1990s means that the new model may not appeal to fans of the original, but it will certainly bring a new audience to the complication (and possibly Will expand Code’s customer base 11.59).

It’s good timing, as Starwheel fake watches from the 1990s have grown in popularity over the past two years as interest in watches of all kinds has exploded. As such, the brand’s revival of the Starwheel reflects its awareness of today’s tastes. It also suggests that the AP is watching the comings and goings of the secondary market, where older Starwheel models have been climbing in value — at least until the recent market turmoil.

The Starwheel retails for CHF 48,000, which is reasonable considering its built-in features and overall AP pricing. While slightly more expensive than a comparable Code 11:59 chronograph, the Starwheel has one of the more interesting and rare complications. The retail price is also more or less in line with the secondary market value of vintage Starwheel models.

While the new Code 11:59 Starwheel has a strikingly modern aesthetic, it is a descendant of the Starwheel watches made by Audemars Piguet in the 1990s, which date back some four hundred years.

Wandering Time was invented in the 17th century by the clockmakers, the Campagni brothers, and debuted as part of the “Night Clock” designed for Pope Alexander VII. Since the Pope had trouble sleeping, he needed a clock that would run without ticking. The Campani siblings built a chronograph driven by a movement that required a continuously rotating disc to indicate hours and minutes.

This complication was later used in pocket watches with graduated minute scales for improved legibility. However, it was quickly superseded by jumping hour displays popular during the Art Deco era in the early 20th century.

It was then all but forgotten until 1989 when one of Audemars Piguet’s watchmakers discovered the complication in a trade magazine. This eventually led to the first modern starwheel, ref. 25720, introduced in 1991.

According to fake Audemars Piguet, the model name may have been derived from the visible star-wheel that drives the hour disc. Over the ensuing 12 years, some 30 Starwheel variants were produced until the model was discontinued in 2003.

While the front of the Code 11.59 case is usually circular, it is an interplay of shapes. Its shape is enhanced by overlapping geometries – the bezel, back and dial are circular, while the middle of the case is octagonal.

Like several other Code 11.59 models, the Starwheel features a novel combination of ceramic and gold: white gold for the bezel, lugs and case back, while black ceramic for the case middle and crown.

The result is a high-contrast case that emphasizes shape and finish. Remarkably, the case middle is finished with polished and brushed finishes that meet at a perfectly defined boundary, demonstrating the precise hand-finishing of the case.

Below the crystal is a highly detailed dial. The hours are indicated by three aluminum discs with white numerals on a matt black dial against a blue aventurine glass dial. Further contrast is provided by white markings on the peripheral black minute scale on the dial.

It is also worth noting that only the highly complication watches in the Code 11:59 collection are equipped with aventurine glass dials. The material also appears on the dials of the perpetual calendar and tourbillon, where it complements the star wheel.

While wandering time isn’t the most intuitive way to display it, it’s easy to get used to. The Starwheel shows the time exactly like its predecessor. It relies on a central pinion to complete one revolution every three hours, orbiting the hours and indicating the minutes. The current hour numerals on the disc also point to the minute scale, assisted by small arrows on the dial carrying the disc.

But the new Starwheel differs from earlier models in one key way: it now has a second hand, something past Star Wheel watches didn’t have.

New code 11:59 powered by cal. The 4310 was developed exclusively for Starwheel. The movement boasts a respectable 70-hour power reserve and is derived from the cal. 4309 introduced in 2021 as the brand’s large-diameter workhorse movement. The caliber here has been reconfigured to accommodate the roaming time mod.

As expected from Audemars Piguet, the movement is well made. It features Côtes de Genève and prominent milled bevels of the bridges, as well as a solid gold oscillating weight.

Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 Starwheel 41mm
Ref. 15212NB.OO.A002KB.01

Diameter: 41mm
Height: 10.7mm
Material: 18k White Gold and Black Ceramic
Crystal: Sapphire
Water resistance: 30 meters

Movement: Cal. 4310
Functions: Walking hours, minutes and central seconds up
Chain: Automatic
Frequency: 28,800 beats per hour (4 Hz)
Power reserve: 70 hours

Strap: Black patterned rubber with white gold pin buckle