Urwerk UR-100V LightSpeed features unprecedented space-themed display

Traveling at the speed of light, Urwerk’s latest model shows how long it takes for the sun’s rays to reach the eight planets in our solar system.

In a world filled with change and upheaval, numbers can provide reassurance. The speed of light is a constant and finite number, a value used to measure distances with extraordinary accuracy. Urwerk’s latest study of the UR-100V centers on the speed of light, or rather, the time it takes for the sun’s rays to reach eight planets. Of course, traveling at the speed of light requires a special ship, and the UR-100V has markings on its hull to indicate planets and the time it takes to receive the first rays of sunlight. The new UR-100V LightSpeed still gives us the hours and minutes here on Earth by spinning satellites, giving us a clearer picture of our relationship to other planets in the universe and our proximity to the sun.

The first UR-100 models proposed a journey through time and space, utilizing the minute hand on the hour satellite to display the Earth’s rotation and Earth’s revolution around the Sun over a 20-minute time frame. Launched in 2019, the UR-100’s astronomical indications may not be the most useful reference for Earthlings, but it fits co-founders Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner’s mission to introduce another dimension to time. Made from high-tech materials with different names – SpaceTime, Electrum, Full Titanium Jacket, Ultraviolet, Magic T – the new UR-100V LightSpeed combines time, space and light.

The UR-100V LightSpeed rotates around the constant speed of light, which has a numerical value of 299,792.458 km/s and is symbolically represented by the letter “c”. According to Martin Frei, the UR-100V LightSpeed is like wearing “a part of the universe on your wrist,” with a planetarium containing eight celestial bodies and the time it takes for the sun’s rays to reach each planet. For example, the sun’s rays take 8.3 minutes to reach Earth and 4.1 hours to reach Neptune.

Unlike the distances reported in earlier versions, these comparisons give us a clearer idea of our place in the universe. The UR-100V LightSpeed replaces the previous indications posted at the 10 and 2 o’clock positions, instead engraved with the names of the eight planets and the time it takes for the sun’s rays to reach them.

Hovering above the hovering hour mechanism is a new skeleton-domed black structure, conveying this message on two levels with a green indicator of the time and a white indicator of the planet. The outer disk is stamped with Mercury 3.2 minutes, Venus 6 minutes, Mars 12.6 minutes, Jupiter 43.2 minutes, Saturn 79.3 minutes, Earth 8.3 minutes, Uranus 159.6 minutes, and Neptune 4.1 hours.

Far from being a static indication of different times, there is another novelty. You can see little blue and green hands indicating different planets popping up in the cutout areas of the new dome structure. To perform this task, the hands are attached to one of three carrousel arms and complete a full circle around the dial in three hours. Once it reaches Saturn at 3 o’clock, it descends below the minute orbit and reappears on Uranus at 9 o’clock. where to watch moon

As with the display on other Urwerk models, the hours are indicated by three rotating satellites, complete with a red arrow minute hand that follows a 120-degree arc and is graduated from 0 to 60. For improved legibility, the hours and minutes are treated with blue-emitting Super-LumiNova.

The case remains true to the design of the earlier model, with its mid-day screw-down crown, but has new dimensions and is water-resistant to 50 meters. The watch has a diameter of 43mm, a length of 51.63mm and a thickness of 14.5mm. The case is made from 54 layers of ThinPly black carbon with a slightly mottled, matte finish, and the case back is DLC-treated titanium that has been sandblasted and sandblasted. Taking into account the protagonist role of the sun, the rotor is star-shaped.

The back of the watch showcases the caliber 12.02 automatic movement. The fully star-shaped rotor at the back is drilled and controlled by a profiled air screw called a Windfänger, which is used to minimize shock and reduce wear. The carrousel and triple base plate are crafted from ARCAP, an alloy that contains no iron and is non-magnetic. The automatic base movement is manufactured by Vaucher, has a vibration frequency of 28,800vph and a power reserve of 48 hours. replica watch for sale

Technical Specifications – URWERK UR-100V LIGHTSPEED
Case: 43mm wide x 51.73mm long x 14.55mm thick – Black carbon (54 layers ThinPly) – DLC treated titanium caseback, sandblasted and sandblasted – Sapphire crystal front and back – Noon screw-down crown – 50m water proof
Dial: Hours on 3 rotating satellites, red arrow minute indicator following a 120 arched orbit at 6 o’clock – the time required for the 8 planets and the Sun to reach them is printed on a black structure and is marked by blue and green hands indicating hours and minutes with blue Super-LumiNova luminous display
Movement: Caliber UR 12.02 – Automatic movement developed in collaboration with Vaucher with Windfänger propeller and internal display module – 40 jewels – 28,800vph – 48 hours power reserve – Beryllium bronze Geneva cross satellite hour display, aluminum turntable, ARCAP Turntable and Triple Base Plate Alloy – Black Drilled Star Aluminum Rotor
Strap: Red textured rubber with folding clasp

Zenith launches Chronomaster Original three-date watch on LVMH Watch Days

Replica Zenith Watch Chronomaster Original Triple Calendar 03.3400.3610/38.C911

As the new year begins, Zenith launches the Chronomaster Original Triple Calendar at LVMH Watch Days in Miami. The new timepieces are streamlined, more stylish versions of the iconic traditional timepieces, and feature new movements.

With its harmonious dial design and easy-to-read information display, Zenith’s triple-date chronograph has been an important piece in the El Primero collection for decades. In fact, the El Primero automatic high-frequency chronograph movement originally released in 1969 was designed to accommodate triple calendar and moon phase functions. However, a direct chronograph was the preferred version, so the calendar version was initially shelved. But not for long.

The new Chronomaster Original Triple Calendar aims to take the world by storm once again. This best luxury watch is based on the blueprints of the original A386 from 1969 and features a 38mm case in its original proportions. The watch does not have a bezel like the original design and is powered by the El Primero 3610 automatic high-frequency 1/10-second chronograph movement. The watch vibrates 36,000 times per hour and, in addition to its chronograph function, offers a full calendar with day, date and month indications, as well as a moon phase display. The column-wheel chronograph movement has a 60-hour power reserve and is equipped with a stop-seconds mechanism.

Looking around the dial, you can see the 1/10 second readout on the outer edge, the 60-second counter at 3:00, the 60-minute counter at 6:00, and the small seconds at 9:00. There is also a central chronograph hand that rotates once every 10 seconds. The day of the week and the month are displayed symmetrically in the window above the counter.

The movement features a new star-shaped rotor with a satin finish, visible through the transparent sapphire crystal case back. A domed sapphire crystal protects the dial and features an anti-reflective coating for easy reading.

The fashion men watch is available in three versions, all available with a black calfskin strap or a three-row metal bracelet. One version has a silver opaline dial with black counters, the second version has a slate gray opal dial with silver counters, and the third version – perhaps my favorite – has an olive green toned Sunday pattern dial with Silver counters. Silver counter.

Ulysse Nardin Freak X OPS

Since releasing the original Freak, replica watch brand Ulysse Nardin has used the collection to push the boundaries of time display and use of materials. When the Freak X debuted a few years ago, the brand created what it called an “everyday Freak,” with a traditional crown and a lower price point. It recently added Freak X OPS to the Freak X series. I’ve always found this line interesting and was excited to use it myself.

As with all other Freak models, the distinction between the traditional dial, hands and movement is almost indistinguishable. Green luminous hour markers extend outward from a track with machined gear teeth and meet a slanted machined metal scale ring with minute markers. The time is displayed by “hands” extending from the movement itself, most of which can be seen from the front of the watch. The visible silicon escapement beats at 21,600 vph as the entire mechanism rotates over time. The assembly is located beneath the boxed sapphire crystal and consists of 405 parts. Despite the massive mass of this mechanism, the UN-230 in-house movement offers a 72-hour power reserve (helped by the self-winding rotor visible through the sapphire case back).

The hour indicators protrude from the center, while the one-hour orbital rotating tourbillon forms the balance of the minute hand. You might think that this complication would make reading the time difficult, and you’d be right. Although the green tips of the indicators have lume applied to them, they are still quite dark during the day, and the lume isn’t particularly bright either. The hour hand may also be obscured by the tourbillon at certain times of the day. I do think I’ll get used to it over a longer period of time, but this isn’t a tool watch. It is more like a piece of mechanical art that can tell time.

I do find this app to be nicer looking than a typical skeleton replica watch. It has an extreme sense of depth for a watch that’s not too thick, and I still found it sharper than many such watches. Plus, because it has a solid dial, there’s no arm hair amplification that often occurs in other dialless watches.

While I find reading the time inconvenient, I do find the Freak X OPS a pleasure to wear. The first thing you notice when you pick it up is how light it is. The outer shell (complete with numbered side panels) is made from the brand’s “Magma” carbon fiber. The watch’s tactical-looking green and black pattern (made from a mix of carbon and green resin) surrounds an internal titanium skeleton. The green nylon hook and loop strap further reduces weight and makes the watch more comfortable to wear. It’s very light but still has the feel of a solid build quality.

At 43mm wide and 13.88mm thick, the Freak X is no small watch. However, its dark color and feathery weight make it visually constricted. It feels like it wraps around the wrist rather than sitting on it.

Ulysse Nardin Freak X OPS is not cheap for most people. That being said, it’s priced lower than the original Freak but still offers a tourbillon, a visible movement, and a novel time display. I love watches right out of the box and unique colors and case materials, so I could immediately see the appeal of the Freak X OPS. While I wouldn’t consider this to be someone’s only watch, I find it to be a compelling alternative to more obviously sporty watches from more popular brands. It’s unique, but not as eye-catching as a Hublot.

Hands-on: Audemars Piguet’s stainless steel Code 11.59 wins over the doubters of the collection

The Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 has been a hot topic of debate since its debut in 2019. To be fair, like other references throughout history such as the Royal Oak, this series did not gain immediate unanimous approval among wholesale watches replica enthusiasts. Due to the huge anticipation surrounding the release of this watch and the aggressive marketing campaign that followed its launch, the standards for the Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 were raised to such a high level that it came under intense scrutiny. Of course, as a work of Audemars Piguet, it will inevitably cause huge discussions anyway. Balancing social media sentiment, though, the considered opinion seems to be that the series has its quirks but is also a real basis for potential growth. In the years since, the series has continued to evolve with improved phones and watch faces. And, at the high end, looking at their skeletonized and high-complexity references, the model’s promise becomes increasingly clear. The only thing left to be said is to bring the entry-level offering in the range up to spec, and now it appears that the holy trinity of manufacturers has done just that with Audemars Piguet’s new stainless steel model, the Code 11.59.

Previously, Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 was limited to precious metals. The introduction of steel material allowed the watches to be sold at a lower price, making the series more accessible to newcomers to the brand. The steel part of the Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 is available in six configurations, including three time and date models and three chronographs. Each watch comes in the same three dial/strap colorways: blue, green and smoked beige. I mention these dial colors up front because the blue and green models have 41mm stainless steel cases, while the smoked beige model continues AP’s trend of pairing metal with ceramic – with black ceramic for the middle case and crown. From a manufacturing perspective, the complex structure of the Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 case took some time to develop, but the result is exactly what we’ve come to expect from the collection.

As I explained in my previous review, the casemaking process draws on three centuries of watchmaking, combining traditional finishing with cutting-edge modern manufacturing and processing. For example, a heated conveyor belt system is used to create and form the lugs (modern technique), but they are then hand-polished using the roots of a specific tree (classic technique). The slender details on the lugs really enhance the aesthetics of the watch, while the chamfered lines of the stainless steel remain eye-catching. These polished surfaces are complemented by rich brushed finishes – a perfect balance of mixed finishes that evoke the light play associated with the brand.

Apparently, while both cases have a diameter of 41mm, the time and date model and the chronograph model differ in thickness. The time and date model is even slimmer at just 10.7mm thick, while the chronograph model is just under 13mm thick at an impressive 12.6mm thick. In my experience, both measurements fit the cuff and both slipped easily under my sleeves. Each part of these fashion replica watches measures approximately 50mm lug-to-lug, so their proportions on the wrist are by no means classic. That being said, I feel like I can fit them on my small 6.5 inch wrist so that I don’t prematurely assume I can’t use the size without trying it “in the metal.”

One improvement challenge I have is to increase the depth rating if possible, the current splash depth is only 30 metres. While these watches are rigorously constructed and elegantly decorated, being water-resistant to 50 meters or more brings a whole new dimension to everyday wear and versatile functionality.

Now, I’ve already mentioned the blue, green, and smoked beige color options, but the real visual evolution in Audemars Piguet’s new steel Code 11.59 watch is its new embossed guilloché dial. Kaenael developed it together with Swiss guilloche artisan Yann von Kaenel, who is responsible for handcrafting the seals used to produce the time and date as well as the chronograph dials. The hand-engraved imprint features a wave pattern extending outward from the center of the dial and is punctuated with hundreds of small holes to enhance sunburst reflections. While the chronograph models continue to use the controversial 4:30 position for displaying the calendar complication, the time and date models have been updated to place the calendar at the 3′ position. This small detail will go a long way to potential buyers in the hobby space. Another aspect that dial purists will appreciate is that the color of the date wheel matches the dial perfectly, with the smoked beige model featuring a black disc that blends in with the smoked periphery. And, speaking of the smoked beige configuration, these models incorporate ceramic middle cases and crowns, as the black color of the material combines with the black outer edge of the smoked dial.

Beneath the double-curved anti-reflective sapphire crystal, the inner bezel features a raised ring with indices, which then slopes down into the embossed dial. For the chronograph model, the flat part is home to the tachymeter scale and the sloping part is home to the outer minute track. For time and date models, the flat portion hosts the outer minute track, and the skewed portion hashes to support the applied hour index. Ultimately, design choices allow the center of the stamping to be disturbed as little as possible – in the case of the time and date model, strictly the luminous-applied indexes, in the case of the chronograph model, the indexes and three registers.

While it’s great from a legibility standpoint, I’m still ambivalent about the running seconds counter at 6 feet. You’ll notice that this register has a different format than the elapsed hours register at 3′ and the elapsed minutes register at 9′. The elapsed time recorder has a contrasting ring surrounding an internal colored badge. However, the running seconds counter does not respect this boundary. And, especially on the blue model, the counters are in full contrasting gray (while the green model has full green counters to match its dial). The bezel-less aesthetic makes it easy to see that the 6′ register doesn’t offer the same timing capabilities as the other two registers. Personally, I would like more uniformity between registers and trust myself to differentiate functions. Ultimately, symmetry and balance are maintained – with a contrasting second counter positioned dead center between the two registers in a matching layout style. So, it’s not the end of the world, it’s “what if”? Then try anything else. ladies replica watches

Typically, a collection like this would be paired with a traditional calfskin or alligator leather strap, but I respect Audemars Piguet for exploring a more contemporary strap pairing. That makes sense considering the collection is being positioned as the future of the brand, or at least its latest evolution. So breaking with tradition and going with a textile upper and leather sole is a fitting move in my opinion. It offers a more youthful aesthetic, implicitly reminding its owner that you don’t need to wear a suit to wear this watch. Its casual feel eliminates stiffness, making it suitable for everyday wear. Personally, I find the strap to be very comfortable on my wrist. I do think, however, that for smaller wrists like mine, it would be worth punching two more holes in the strap to accommodate a better fit. But it’s a simple enough operation for an AP or a trustworthy watchmaker to perform for you if needed. The strap is also specially rubberized to protect against moisture and is secured to the case with screws rather than spring bars. This only adds to my argument that adding depth ratings would be a great evolution.

Both watches are powered by automatic movements with a 70-hour power reserve, caliber 4302 for the time and date model and caliber 4401 for the chronograph model. While perhaps different from the skeletonized models in the Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 series, the movement’s craftsmanship is in keeping with the brand’s reputation. Traditional perlage, Côtes de Genève and fine chamfers can be seen throughout the movement, thanks to the skeletonized solid gold oscillating weight, which also features rich polishes and bevels. The 4401 movement is a vertical clutch column wheel flyback chronograph movement, which means you can run the chronograph continuously, reducing component wear, and reset the chronograph complication without having to stop the chronograph complication first , this practice will damage the standard chronograph movement.

Audemars Piguet’s new Code 11.59 stainless steel watch proves that the collection has truly come of age – we’re well beyond the awkward adolescent stage. At the high end, things have heated up, but the entry points are also very strong now. The metal stamped dial looks great, the strap is super comfortable, and the case finish is top-notch as always. The use of steel has certainly opened the door for buyers to interact with the collection and the brand, and its strategic and aesthetic refinements—at least within my #watchfam circles—are convincing more and more people that this collection is worth exploring.

Brand Audemars Piguet
Model Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 Automatic / 41mm
Housing dimensions 41mm (D) x 10.7mm (L)
Case material stainless steel (15210ST.OO.A343KB.01 / 15210ST.OO.A056KB.01)
Stainless steel with black ceramic middle shell (15210QT.OO.A064KB.01)
Water resistance 30m
Dial Bleu Nuit, Nuage 50 (15210ST.OO.A343KB.01)
Green (15210ST.OO.A056KB.01)
Smoked beige (15210QT.OO.A064KB.01)
Crystal Double curved anti-reflective sapphire crystal and exhibition caseback
Strap Dial-matching leather and rubber strap with stainless steel AP pin buckle
Mobile automatic movement 4302
Power reserve 70 hours
Functions hours, minutes, seconds, date

Breitling B21 Top Time Classic Car Tourbillon

The Breitling B21 Top Time Classic Car Tourbillon merges haute horlogerie with an iconic vehicle One of the coolest pieces in the Swiss brand’s collection is the Breitling Top Time, a retro chronograph that pays homage to Breitling and automotive history. Nothing emphasizes this more than the 2021 Breitling Top Time Classic Cars Squad capsule collection, which dresses models in the iconic liveries of the Chevrolet Corvette, Ford Mustang and Shelby Cobra. Now, Breitling is back with the same concept, giving the engine of these watches a few tweaks with the new Breitling B21 Top Classic Car Tourbillon.

I think the easiest way to compare the new watches to the original capsule collection is that the originals were the track day versions of the watches, whereas these are the competition versions. The original trio was bright, vibrant and full of racing energy, with dual or triple computer monitors and steel casings. These new watches are a little darker, a little more refined, and have the bonnet opened to reveal the updated engine inside and its shiny new tourbillon, ready to be inspected for the Best of Show award.

While the overall aesthetic of the replica watch stores is generally the same, many details are slightly different. So, like good competition judges, I think each of them deserves individual consideration. Starting with the Top Time B21 Ford Mustang.

Breitling Top Time B21 Ford Mustang

The first of the new B21 Top Time Classic Car Tourbillon watches is the B21 Ford Mustang Edition, the smallest of the three models with a case diameter of 43 mm. It’s also the only model in the range to feature a bronze case, which looks great when bright and shiny and patinas over time, acquiring character like a classic car. The design of the case remains the same as the 2021 version, with a solid round shape, pump pushers, a sizable crown, and gently faceted lugs.

As for the dial, it’s a completely new display, with the eponymous tourbillon at 12 o’clock, a central display of hours, minutes and chronograph seconds, and finally a 60-minute chronograph counter on a square-shaped subdial at 6 o’clock. The entire display is surrounded by a peripheral speedometer. The dial of the Ford Mustang version is green with black subdials, bronze hands, bronze hour markers, and bronze subdials and tourbillon housing.

This is probably my favorite watch of the new trio. The combination of dark green and bronze works really well, and you don’t have to worry about the bronze color staining your skin since it has a titanium case back and a sapphire display window. Through this window, you can see the in-house B21 movement created by Breitling in collaboration with La Joux-Perret. It is an automatic tourbillon movement with column wheel chronograph, equipped with a horizontal clutch and is COSC chronometer certified.

Breitling Top Time B21 Shelby Cobra
Next up is the Top Time B21 Shelby Cobra, which is larger than a Mustang at 44mm in diameter and has a black ceramic case. I know I said these watches are more elegant than the original racing models, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be high-performance at the same time, and the ceramic cases are certainly high-performance, being extremely scratch-resistant, strong, and lightweight characteristic. The case design consists of a caseback, pushers and crown made of titanium.

Color-wise, it’s based on the 1962 Shelby Cobra and its blue livery, hence the blue dial. To me, it looks a few shades darker than the first top-shelf Shelby Cobra, and less saturated. This subtle change suits the piece perfectly, matching the new ceramic case. Additionally, the speedometer is now black instead of white.

One thing I’m a little sad about with the new watch is the omission of the automaker’s logo on the dial, which really adds to the automotive theme on the 2021 model. But on the other hand, if you’re not a car fan, you can have a cool blue tourbillon chronograph that requires no explanation. The tourbillon movement is still Breitling’s in-house caliber B21.

Breitling Top Time B21 Chevrolet Corvette
The final model in the Breitling B21 Top Time Classic Car Tourbillon series is the Top Time B21 Chevrolet Corvette. The case of this watch is the same as the Shelby model, made of ceramic and has a diameter of 44 mm. However, it is also the car that has changed the most compared to the first Corvette. Especially when it comes to dials.

Instead of a monotonous red color, the new piece features a walnut burl effect dial. That means it’s a textured brown designed to look like the interior of a 1960s Corvette Sting Ray. This is a huge difference that completely changes the aesthetics and style of the watch and really emphasizes the class, style and elegance of the classic car rather than its sportiness. The dial has silver accents.

Like all three quality replicas watches, it comes on a perforated leather strap in the classic style of a racing watch. Although with its sophisticated tourbillon mechanism, you may want to use this tourbillon to avoid harsh vibrations during competition. It’s better suited for courtside timing, or better yet for calculating the time leading up to the Best in Show awards ceremony.

URWERK UR-230 Eagle

URWERK’s UR-230 Eagle takes off again.

The UR-200 series soars to new heights: variable geometry twin turbines, twin shock absorbers, hybrid winding system. The UR-7.30 movement expands the wings of URWERK’s mechanical possibilities. This UR-230 “Eagle” also features physical changes, including the development of a CTP carbon fiber shell with a removable cover. Add to that the aerodynamic lines, streamlined silhouette and Raptor dimensions.
The UR-230 “Hawk” is a highly sophisticated and highly desirable animal.

The URWERK 200 series is constantly being expanded. The latest addition is the UR-230 “Eagle”. This model is known for its appearance, design and mechanics. The latest addition to the URWERK series of satellite display watches features traveling hours and retrograde minutes, thanks to engine upgrades and high-tech modifications: “Ten years have passed since the success of the UR-220, and we wanted to create a URWERK Master watchmaker and co-founder Felix Baumgartner explains: The UR-230 “Eagle” focuses on performance. URWERK’s iconic turbine has been further improved. Today we launch a model whose robustness has been enhanced by technology.”

Compared to the UR-220, the new UR-230 “Eagle” retains the display concept. It is a sophisticated version of the Roaming Satellite Hour, one of URWERK’s basic symbols. On the three-arm carousel, the four-sided rotating block bears hour markers. They roll along a 120-degree fan, with the current hour side facing the observer. To display the minutes, these display cubes are embedded in aluminum 3D retrograde hands. At the end of the 60-minute strike, the skeletonized hand returns to index 0, taking over the display of the next hour’s cube. Martin Frei, Art Director and Co-Founder of URWERK, commented: “We are proud to introduce the UR-230, the latest member of our iconic 200 series, which was launched in 2006-2007 with the UR-201 “Hammerhead” .Since then, our relentless pursuit of innovation has led us to rethink the collection while retaining its energy and power. We have evolved the concept of Predator Elegance, but in a different way. We created “Maltese Falcon” and “Peregrine”, these two watches are like birds of prey, with powerful retrograde systems. Today, we introduce the UR-230 “Eagle”. This new UR-230 is made of finely laminated carbon Intricate half-Savonette case (with protective cover). The UR-230 is lightweight yet strong. It is worthy of the title of King of the Air. wholesale replica watches

dynamic braking

In addition to the time display, the UR-230 “Eagle” also adds new functions. URWERK has developed a world-first set of shock absorbers designed to protect the new UR-7.30 movement. through the turbine. The first set of turbines is specifically designed to attenuate the effects of any external impact, ensuring the watch’s sturdiness and durability. The second group controls the air flow supplied to the winding system. The strength of this “air brake” is designed to adjust the winding power according to the wearer’s activity level, and is set via a knob on the same back.

A second switch opposite the first allows the rotor to be completely disconnected. The UR-230 “Eagle” then switches to manual winding mode. The degree of adjustment of these two functions is indicated by two symmetrical indicators under the CTP carbon cover, located at 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock respectively.

heart and body

The UR-230 “Eagle” in the UR-200 series retains the shape of the watch case. Trapezoidal shape, elongated significantly towards 6 o’clock, staggered layout around the sapphire window, crown at 12 o’clock, careful management of markings and soft angles: the UR-230 “Eagle” demonstrates its essential URWERK essence . Its outer shell is once again made of the material with the best weight/stiffness/graphics effect ratio: CTP carbon. richard mille rm 11-03 mclaren

The carbon, which is black, lightweight and hard, is made from stacked layers and bonded under high temperatures and pressures. The resulting block is then processed into blocks, following a pattern that displays the layers in a regular, controlled geometric pattern. The base is made of black DLC titanium and has grooves for perfect skin compatibility. Inside the case, the UR-230 “Eagle” encapsulates its UR-7.30 caliber in a sealed container like a safe.

beak and clip

The cover of the UR-230 Eagle can be raised 90 degrees to expose the entire satellite system. The cover is designed to protect the sapphire crystal. “We created one anti-shock system for the movement and another anti-shock system for the sapphire crystal,” explains Felix Baumgartner. This kind of cover brings a series of technical difficulties to the drawing adjustment and connection between the cover and the case. Its integrated braking system has also been tested and tuned to complete satisfaction. The UR-230’s hood makes a pleasant “click” sound when it closes. The lid is also made from CTP carbon blended with titanium. Beaked edge provides finger grip for lifting. Once reinstalled, the brake slows its stroke so that it rests gently on the sapphire crystal. Then clip it into place. Like an eagle, catching prey in flight with its talons, quietly and eerily precise. fake luxury quartz watches


URWERK / UR-230 “Eagle” Limited Edition of 35 pieces.


Movement winding

Escapement frequency
power source jewelry

power reserve material


Movement developed by URWERK UR-7.30 automatic winding with manual mode option

swiss anchor
28,800 a/h – 4 Hz

a clockwork barrel
48 hours
ARCAP P40 bridge, three-dimensional aluminum minute hand with weight, steel central spring. Aluminum hour satellites, central carousel and grade 5 titanium screws.
Black sandblasted power reserve bridge and beaded module.
Black sandblasted power reserve dial.
Finely sandblasted and round satin-finished carrousel and carrousel cage.
Finely sandblasted, round satin finish satellite cam.
Finely sandblasted three-dimensional figure.
Hand-painted SuperLuminova hour markers: yellow luminous hour markers and minute markers; blue luminous white light for power reserve; green light for 60 and end of power reserve markers.
Polished screws.

Black DLC Titanium and CTP (Carbon Thin Layer) – 318 layers, Width: 44.81mm; Length: 53.55mm; Thickness: 18.38mm Clear Sapphire Crystal
Black DLC treated titanium and sapphire crystal

Pressure tested to 30 m/3 ATM

Satellite complication Vagabond hours (URWERK patent) Retrograde three-dimensional hand minutes
Aerodynamic winding adjustment indication (air brake) Automatic winding status indication (on-off)

Vulcanized rubber strap © reference “Kiska” with black DLC buckle; Velcro© hook and loop fastener

First hands-on experience: 2023 new Breitling Avenger watch

Compared to historic Breitling cheap watches like the Chronomat and Navitimer, the Avenger is a relatively new product as it was only introduced into the brand’s catalog in 2001. When the Avenger was relaunched in 2019, Breitling positioned it as a rugged military collection. A pilot’s watch that works equally well in the cockpit as it does in the depths of the ocean, the Breitling Avenger can in many ways be considered an alternative to the Colt, which launched the following year in 2020. Discontinued. Several of Breitling’s collections have recently received major updates, introducing a more refined and mature design language, and it seems only a matter of time before we see a new generation of Avengers. Now, as the latest watch released in 2023, Breitling has made a major revamp of the entire Avengers series. The new lineup consists of more than twenty different models, with chronographs, GMT watches and standard time and date forms available. choose. Role model.

In terms of overall aesthetics, the new 2023 Breitling Avenger largely follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, but a quick glance at the collection reveals that the new models are noticeably more refined than their predecessors. In the updated series, the case now features a stepped bevel that runs along the lugs, which significantly reduces the blocky appearance of the previous model. While there are small polished accents on the bezel, crown, and chronograph pushers, the actual middle case is all brushed, which further contributes to its more restrained overall appearance. Additionally, all new Breitling Avenger watches have a lug spacing of 22 mm, although the case size of the standard time and date watch is 42 mm, while the GMT models and chronograph models have a larger case size of 44 mm. And both provide the same 300-meter water resistance.

Officially known as the Breitling Avenger Automatic 42 Series, the latest update to the series’ standard three-hand, time and date models are made of stainless steel, with a case diameter of 42 mm and a thickness of 12.15 mm, with an overall lug-to-lug profile of 51.21 mm. A curved anti-reflective sapphire crystal protects the dial side of the watch, which is surrounded by a stainless steel unidirectional rotating chronograph bezel with an engraved 60-minute scale, raised labels at the cardinal points, and a luminous dot denoting the zero mark. Meanwhile, the signature screw-down crown sits at 3 o’clock and is paired with a sturdy screw-down caseback to help support the collection’s 300-meter water resistance.

Powering the new Breitling Avenger Automatic 42 model is the brand’s COSC chronometer-certified Caliber 17 automatic movement, which is based on the core design of the familiar ETA 2824-2 and therefore operates at a frequency of 28,800 bph ( 4 Hz), power reserve approximately 38 hours. The new three-hand Avenger models are available in black, blue or green dial colors, and the three different versions are available with a three-link stainless steel bracelet or a color-coordinated “military leather” strap with a textile pattern on the outer surface and equipped with Stainless steel folding buckle.

As for the bracelet, since all new Breitling Avengers have 22mm lugs, all new 2023 Avengers come with a beveled three-link stainless steel bracelet, whether you buy a chronograph, GMT or standard chronograph . Time and date version. The bracelet features completely solid links, fully brushed surfaces and single-sided screws for the removable links, and it tapers from 22mm at the case to 18mm where it joins the signature folding clasp. Made entirely from machined components, the clasp operates via a dual-button release and features an integrated expansion system that allows tool-free increments by pressing a small lever inside the clasp and sliding the inner section into the desired position. adjust.

The new Breitling Avenger Automatic GMT 44 elevates the collection in terms of size and complexity, and looks essentially the same as a standard three-hand watch. However, they have been adapted to display multiple time zones. Similar to the Time and Date collection, the new 2023 Avenger GMT models are only available in stainless steel, and while they are slightly larger than the three-hand models, with a case diameter of 44mm and a lug-to-lug spacing of 53mm, the new Avenger GMT watches are actually slightly thinner. Some, thickness is 12.05 mm. While a curved anti-reflective sapphire crystal, screw-down crown and 300 meters of water resistance are also standard on the new Avenger automatic GMT 44 series, the GMT model has a bezel that moves in both directions and features a 24-hour marker instead of a 60-hour marker. – Minutes scale on three-hand unidirectional bezel. exact replica watches

The Breitling Avenger Automatic GMT 44 watch’s minute track is not printed along a sloping scale circle like the standard time and date model, but instead displays the minute track on the dial along with a rearranged secondary 24-hour scale. By having both a fixed 24-hour scale and a moving scale on the bezel, the Avenger GMT is able to display three different time zones simultaneously through a combination of a rotating bezel and an independently adjustable hour hand. Additionally, powering these GMT-equipped Avengers versions is the COSC-certified Breitling Caliber 32 automatic GMT movement, which is based on the ETA 2893-2 design and operates at 28,800 bph (4 Hz) and Has a power reserve of 42 hours. While the Avenger Automatic GMT 44 watch is also available on a stainless steel bracelet or a “military leather” strap, green is not one of the colorways available, and the new Avenger GMT is only available in black or blue.

The new 2023 Breitling Avenger series of chronographs offers more options than time and date or GMT models, with four different colorways available for the stainless steel version of the Avenger Chronograph alone. Officially known as the Breitling Avenger B01 Chronograph 44, this stainless steel model has a case diameter of 44mm, a thickness of 15.2mm, and an overall lug-to-lug profile of 53mm. As with time and date watches, a unidirectional rotating bezel with an engraved 60-minute scale surrounds a curved anti-reflective sapphire crystal on the dial side of the watch, although the Avenger Chronograph model’s screw-down caseback features a sapphire display window for easy viewing of the time and date. Showcasing the COSC-certified Breitling in-house Caliber 01 automatic chronograph movement that powers it.

Breitling’s flagship in-house chronograph movement, the Caliber 01 runs at 28,800vph (4 Hz), has a power reserve of 70 hours, and its chronograph is operated by a column wheel with a vertical clutch. Additionally, the winding crown on the new Avenger Chronograph model is located at 3 o’clock, but the rectangular pushers on either side are not. However, the watches are still able to offer the same 300-meter water resistance as the rest of the Avenger range updated for 2023. Finally, while the stainless steel Breitling Avenger B01 Chronograph 44 Series offers the same strap and bracelet options as its siblings, available colors for this series include black, blue, green, or tan, with specific shades of green and blue Noticeably lighter and more refined compared to the colors on the time and date or GMT models.

The final members of the new 2023 Avengers series are called the Breitling Avengers B01 Chronograph 44 Night Mission models, and they follow the same core format as their stainless steel chronograph siblings, although their cases are made of black ceramic and titanium. . The dimensions of the new Night Mission models are the same as the stainless steel models; however, their middle case and bezel are made of scratch-resistant black ceramic, while the caseback, winding crown and chronograph pushers are made of titanium. Aside from the colorway and case material differences, the rest of the new Avengers Night Mission model follows in the footsteps of its chronograph cousin, featuring a curved anti-reflective sapphire crystal, a display window on the case back, 300 meters of water resistance, and COSC -Certified Breitling Caliber 01 chronograph movement.

Unlike standard stainless steel chronograph models, the new black ceramic Breitling Avenger B01 Chronograph 44 Night Mission watch’s dial options include a bright yellow with a contrasting black chronograph, or a stealth all-black option made of forged carbon fiber , showing the natural characteristics of the material. The entire surface has an asymmetric pattern in dark gray. Additionally, unlike the stainless steel version of the 2023 Avenger Chronograph, which comes with a choice of a metal bracelet or a “military leather” strap, the new Avenger Night Mission model doesn’t have any bracelet options and is only available in black and black. or a yellow strap with a titanium folding clasp that matches the case features. cheapest replica watches

IWC revives the Big Pilot’s Watch with tourbillon Markus Bühler

An upgraded version of the “Turbine” pilot’s replica watches uk.

One of the least-known but perhaps most interesting iterations of IWC’s iconic oversized pilot’s watch is making a comeback, but with an upgraded movement and precious metal case. The Markus Bühler Big Pilot’s Watch 43 Tourbillon retains key elements of the original 2008 watch of the same name, but houses a self-winding tourbillon movement in a platinum case. The tourbillon flies while its cage takes the form of turbine blades.

The original model was conceived by a young Markus Bühler during the IWC Apprentice Competition, a simple concept that spoke volumes about the Big Pilot’s Watch’s historical roots, yet was attractive enough for IWC to produce it in limited quantities. A dozen. Mr. Bühler deservedly won this competition and now oversees the entire assembly process at the Manufakturzentrum, the IWC factory responsible for the production of parts and the assembly of the in-house movements. Powered by internal cal. 82905, the Markus Bühler tourbillon is naturally assembled in the Manufakturzentrum.

The original Markus Bühler was very interesting and attractive because it captured the spirit of pilot watches in a novel way while still retaining the functional aesthetic expected of such a fake watches for sale. The turbo seconds hand is a simple modification that works perfectly both visually and conceptually.

Now the idea has been brought back, but in fancier packaging. The new Marcus Bühler still makes sense – the turbine tourbillon is attractive and also functions as a regulator – but it’s no surprise that it’s expensive. At the same time, the upgrade of the watch means that some of the simple functions of the original watch have been lost, which is not surprising since the IWC Pilot’s Watch is a functional luxury watch rather than a true instrument.

Also worth noting is the reduction in case size. The 43mm Markus Bühler Tourbillon is certainly more wear-resistant than the 46mm original, and despite the weight of the platinum case, it may lack the presence of the original, which was indeed a large pilot’s watch, probably too big, but its The design is very reasonable. My own way.

rotating turbine
Not surprisingly for an apprenticeship, the original Big Pilot Markus Bühler was an unpretentious watch. It’s powered by a modified Unitas movement, a low-cost movement common in many oversized watches, including Panerai’s entry-level models. The new Marcus Bueller Tourbillon, on the other hand, is a very luxurious and complex buy replicas watch with a platinum case and an in-house movement.

The Marcus Bühler Tourbillon is significantly smaller than the original, with a 43mm platinum case and a height of 14.6mm. Its dimensions are almost identical to the regular production Big Pilot’s Watch 43, but the height is increased by 0.2 mm due to the tourbillon. Despite its reduced size, the Marcus Bühler Tourbillon will still be a chunky watch due to the material of the case.

The dial has also become more refined. The dial no longer has the original matte finish, but instead has a glossy black lacquer finish. Although the design remains similar, the dial now features the standard circular font of the pilot watch series.

The all-important turbine remains at six o’clock. Like the original, it makes one revolution per minute. But instead of a seconds hand, it’s the turbine blades that are the upper cage of the flying tourbillon in the Cal.1. 82905.

calibration. The 82905 is a new movement, but based on the workhorse Caliber 82905. The 82000 series is widely used in a range of IWC models, from the chronograph Portugieser Automatic 40 to the Portofino Perpetual Calendar. In other words, calibrate. 82905 is essentially a cal. 82000 is equipped with a flying tourbillon.

Mechanically speaking, adding a tourbillon is fairly simple, as the balance wheel is located at six o’clock on the base movement. In addition, IWC already has a compact flying tourbillon structure that dates back to the early 1990s. replica swiss watches

However, the specific construction of the flying tourbillon is interesting. The upper cage of a tourbillon is a turbine blade, which also acts as a regulator index, as the hairspring is attached to the underside of one of the blades, allowing the watchmaker to adjust the hairspring by turning the turbine.

Another distinctive feature of the movement is the escapement component, which has a silicone coating of artificial diamond (“Diamond Shell” technology in IWC terminology). As a result, the pallet fork and escapement wheel operate more efficiently due to lower friction and lighter weight. While diamond-coated silicon components are not new—Ulysse Nardin first used the technology more than a decade ago—they are novel to IWC and its Richemont sister companies. patek philippe grandmaster chime

IWC Big Pilot’s Watch 43 Tourbillon Markus Bühler
Ref. IW329901

Diameter: 43 mm
Height: 14.6 mm
Material: platinum
Crystal: Sapphire
Waterproof performance: 100 m

Movement: Cal. 82905
Functions: Hours, minutes and flying tourbillon
Frequency: 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz)
Winding: automatic
Power reserve: 80 hours

Strap: Black Cordovan leather with platinum buckle

The common thread of being a legend: AUDEMARS PIGUET joins hands with Montreux Jazz Festival

We have heard of collaborations between luxury automatic watches brands and famous cars. After all, the common concepts of seeking speed limits and minute-to-second precision are easy to understand intuitively. As for the mutual symbiosis between watches and music? They all extend from theoretical calculations to perceptual expressions. They also share the incomparable passion for creation and the endless pursuit of technology. If you look closely, you will find that there are so many echoes of concepts in them. Therefore, the cooperation between AUDEMARS PIGUET and the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland not only guides us to discover some commonalities between music and watch art, but also highlights the core values ​​that both parties attach equal importance to.

In jazz, the individual technical talent of the musicians is of course highly respected, but the truly moving phrases only emerge when the parts and instruments blend together; just like clockwork, each component is of course of vital importance. The angles and corners are all part of an excellent timepiece, and only when the mechanical structure is perfectly engaged and operates accurately can the delicate hand-finished polishing of the parts and the calculated perfect visual proportions be meaningful.

On the jazz stage, superb skills, unique personalities, interactions between musicians, audiences, and band members trigger unique encounters one after another; is this experience the same as what AUDEMARS PIGUET watches bring to us? The emotions are quite similar? This year, the brand collaborated with brand ambassador Mark Ronson to jointly plan a unique music experience on the closing night of the Montreux Jazz Festival, writing a new chapter in cross-border cooperation. audemars piguet royal oak skeleton

To make people excited, you must first interact with them
Watches and music can create legends by connecting with people

If you like jazz, you must be a person who is willing to explore infinite possibilities and has an open and diverse taste perspective, because there are so many aspects that can be appreciated in jazz, such as melody, rhythm, harmony, improvisational interaction of musicians, and dazzling skills; it can be closely related to Various music styles merge and intersect with each other. At the same time, jazz always has its own style, which sounds like a unique “jazz flavor”. This characteristic of being both integrated and overflowing with individuality, pursuit of excellence and courage to innovate may be one of the reasons why AUDEMARS PIGUET joins hands with the Montreux Jazz Festival.

In the minds of music fans around the world, the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland is a legendary international stage. Since its inception in 1967, it is the oldest and second largest jazz festival in the world. Every year in early July, the city of Montreux, located on the north shore of Lake Geneva, Switzerland, holds a 16-day music festival. Up to 250,000 audiences flock to this Swiss town, and countless top musicians and emerging musicians in the music world will appear one after another. Performance.

Nothing is more exciting than music’s interaction with people. Just like the most fascinating thing about jazz is the moments when the musicians perform “out of sequence”. The freer rhythm tests the tacit understanding of the band members, thereby giving different styles of interpretation of classic music and gorgeous dazzling skills. It is also most likely to explode at this moment! Whether it is the sparks of interaction between band members or the mutual exaggeration and blending of the audience’s emotions, the connection with people is the key to achieving a perfect performance and creating classic works.

Since 2010, AUDEMARS PIGUET has begun to support the Montreux Jazz Festival’s digital collection project. The goal is to digitize all the audio and video materials of the music festival to preserve this batch of songs selected for UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register. “A priceless treasure. In 2019, the two parties not only became global partners, but the brand further promoted the music sponsorship program and promoted cooperation with brand ambassador Mark Ronson.

Due to the increasingly grand scale of today’s Montreux Jazz Festival, the content of the performances is no longer limited to jazz music, but includes a variety of different types of musicians to perform on the stage. Paying attention to historical inheritance, while being able to advance with the times and be brave in innovation, these are the same core values ​​that AUDEMARS PIGUET is proud of. audemars piguet royal oak offshore diver replica

How does a watch pay tribute to music?
Move people’s hearts with rhythm through scenes most familiar to musicians

AUDEMARS PIGUET’s support and love for music and art have not only become a partner of the music festival, but also become the exclusive design vocabulary of the watch. The brand understands that watches, like music, are worthy of perseverance and idealism. These arts that constantly pursue excellence are certainly very suitable to be given a lofty image, but the most important element is always the close connection with people and the sincere interaction of emotions – —that is, how to move people’s hearts. The Royal Oak Offshore Music Limited Edition watch is the brand’s tribute to the world’s music scene and the musicians who devote themselves to creation and work tirelessly.

The brand chose a very bold design that can even be said to be a brand precedent. The Royal Oak Offshore’s classic “Tapisserie” plaid surface is printed with a colorful audio equalizer pattern; the strap resembles an audio plug. The interface and the crown guard bridge, which is like a mixer pusher, directly express the inspiration that music brings to watch creation through scenes that are all too familiar to musicians. Prior to this, this music limited edition watch has been launched in five different material styles. This year’s new model is a black ceramic case with a diameter of 37mm, paired with a black easy-to-change “mosaic” textured rubber strap. Among monochromatic tones, the ups and downs of the color equalizer make it more dynamic.

Brand Ambassadors Steering the 2023 Music Festival Show
A live performance is a wonderful journey

At this year’s Montreux Jazz Festival, AUDEMARS PIGUET invited brand ambassador Mark Ronson to jointly plan a unique music show on the closing night. This currently active producer and composer who has won seven Grammy Awards has collaborated with top singers and bands: Bruno Mars, Adele, Paul McCartney, Miley Cyrus, Duran Duran… too many to mention The single “Shallow” he co-wrote for the movie “A Star Is Born” won an Academy Award. He served as the album’s executive producer and co-composer of the soundtrack for this year’s “Barbie” live-action movie.

If a music performance simply pursues smoothness and excitement, then a gathering of top performers from all fields will surely satisfy the audience; but being on the historic and legendary stage of the Montreux Jazz Festival, it was once the springboard for many music superstars before they became famous. Mark Ronson and AUDEMARS PIGUET both hope to create a more meaningful performance.

Therefore, Mark Ronson invited many music industry masters who have jointly recorded the classic songs of superstars such as Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, and Bruno Mars to gather together and perform on the same stage; at the same time, he spared no effort to support the underachievers, and with the new singer Yebba who can write and sing, and Rhythm and blues singer Lucky Daye collaborates, drawing on the rich experience of senior musicians to help newcomers in the music industry who are preparing to climb to the top. replica watches Best

We often say that watch collection is like a journey, and the music show of AUDEMARS PIGUET and Mark Ronson’s “Dream Band” is not only a live performance of dozens of minutes, but also a period of inspiration, generational support and extraordinary creation. The creative process. This musical experience conveys to the audience about the talents of musicians, collaboration and the final moving results. What makes all this happen is the wonderful moments experienced by the brand, ambassadors, band members, watch fans and audiences around the world.

Patek Philippe high quality watches replica

What makes Patek Philippe high quality watches replica so valuable? Seven reasons for brand success Patek Philippe is generally considered the top brand among all major Swiss watch manufacturers. Why is this true? Rüdiger Bucher, editorial director of WatchTime’s German sister magazine Chronos, lists seven reasons for Patek Philippe’s success in this latest visit to the WatchTime archives.

Reason #1: Expertise

Patek Philippe mastered every aspect of fine watchmaking – from hand-wound two-hand watches and “standard” complications with functions such as an annual calendar or a second time zone, to watches with minute repeaters, tourbillons and split-seconds chronographs. A complex masterpiece. Exquisite craftsmanship is closely combined with the use of modern high-tech machinery. replica luxury Watches

Reason #2: Tradition

This level of expertise cannot be achieved overnight. Patek Philippe has been around for 177 years and has continued to produce watches during that time, generating a wealth of experience that has been passed down from generation to generation of watchmakers.

Reason 3: Vision for the future

Although Patek Philippe has such a storied heritage, the manufacturer is not bound by its past. On the one hand, the company maintains the values of the traditional art of watchmaking while investing heavily in the use of new materials, technologies and production methods. The brand has also made conscious choices, creating new designs like the 2015 pilot watch Calatrava Pilot Travel Time (which we cover in detail here ). men replica watches

Reason #4: Quality

Quality is Patek Philippe’s most valuable resource. The entire company is designed to support it. With the introduction of the Patek Philippe Seal in 2008, the company implemented strict standards that often exceeded normal industry standards. But the commitment to quality doesn’t just apply to the watches themselves. Patek Philippe sets the highest standards for employee training – from watchmakers to sales staff, including customer support from sales to service. Review replica watches

Reason #5: Family Business

Founded in 1839, Patek Philippe has been led by the Stern family for more than 80 years and is currently owned by the fourth generation. This results in a high degree of consistency in the company’s philosophy and policies. It also rules out the possibility of a fundamental shift in direction due to a change in management, so the path to success is sure to continue. This ensures sustainability, which is closely related to the following points.

Reason #6: Value

Anyone who buys a Patek Philippe high quality replica watches knows that if he chooses to sell it later, he probably won’t lose any money. It is entirely possible that the value of a watch will increase over time, although this cannot be predicted in individual cases. But it’s a comforting fact, even though most people buy online shop for watch just for their own enjoyment and have no immediate plans to resell them.

Seven reasons for Patek Philippe’s success: perfect decoration

Handmade decorations are made with high quality both in technique and style. Even something as inconspicuous as a wheel requires about 40 to 60 steps. Artisan techniques such as enamel painting, extremely delicate engraving, gem setting and setting all play an important role. luxury replica watches