Hands-on: Jacob & Co. Astronomy Solar

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar is the latest version of the Astronomia tourbillon. The tourbillon made its debut at Baselworld in 2014 and is one of the most watched watches. The exhibition, and the fact that a company famous for high-end jewelry and watches created such a complicated mechanical device that is visually eye-catching has caused many people to turn their eyes and their tongues tremble. Of course, this is not the first high mechanical complexity of Jacob & Co., but from a design point of view, this is undoubtedly the most amazing, and it does have the collective imagination of the watchmaking world. Many companies have adopted this truly top, minimalist, large or large watch design,

Since the introduction of the first model, the design has continued to evolve. One of the most interesting models is the Astronomia Sky, which includes real-time display of stars and star maps (we conducted hands-on experiments earlier this year). We are also very happy to work with Jacob & Co. founder Jacob Arabo and watchmaker Meet Luca Soprano of the watch design studio Studio 7h38 (the movement and watch partner of Jacob & Co.) in the office to talk about “Astronomy” in a video.

The latest version of astronomy is astronomy solar. Solar is different from other astronomical watches in many ways. The first thing you may notice is that the center bracket has three arms instead of four. The time is visible on a dial (the dial is mounted on a differential gear system, which ensures that 12:00 is always placed on the top for easy reading of the time), while the tourbillon is located on the second swing arm. The earth representing the earth is on the third arm. The center of the carrier is a 1.5 carat citrine with 288 facets.

Jacob’s astronomy sky. Jacobs Corporation Astronomical Solar.

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Sky AT110.40.AA.SD.A


18K Rose Gold
Exclusive Jacob & Co. Manual Winding JCAM11
30 meters

Blancpain Villeret series full calendar moon phase half hunting watch 6664

The ultimate ideal of “the creator of classic timepieces” is to present and even shape the perception of time with Fake men watches. Blancpain’s brilliance is attributed to its insistence on digging out the connotation of time as the starting point, and finally returning to the position of the wearer after exploring and releasing mechanical aesthetics. Blancpain’s full calendar moon phases, it is the embodiment of this idea that has become the well-deserved “most classic moon phase watch”.

The phases of the moon have existed since ancient times. It used to appear in various timepieces, either as a single function, or combined with a single calendar and a dual calendar. It wasn’t until Blancpain creatively combined it with the three calendars that the moon phase watch truly gained inner and systematic life. Because, in the current universal timekeeping system, the moon itself is the decisive force. Based on its operation, the three concepts and units of week, month, and day are formed to help us distinguish and master time.

Therefore, the phase of the moon is the trader behind the scenes of time. Time is derived from the movement of the sun and the moon. Without the sun and the moon, there is no time. Blancpain believes that when the moon phase appears on the dial, it should dominate the three calendars, and it is indispensable to call it the most classic moon phase watch. In the quartz storm of the 1980s, Blancpain became the first brand in modern times to combine full calendar and moon phases. The full calendar and moon phases were also regarded by later generations as guiding the traditional mechanical watchmaking industry and highlighting the important side. banner. Blancpain’s full calendar moon phase watch is both a classic moon phase and an industry sentiment.

The way of the universe hidden deep in it is a beautiful expectation: the time on the wrist is complete, the details of the craftsmanship are perfect, and the years of life have no regrets.

So far, Blancpain has developed a rich and complete moon phase family in the industry, covering three categories: classic moon phases, complex moon phases, and women’s moon phases. Today, we come to appreciate the Blancpain Blancpain Villeret series full calendar moon phase watch another classic 6664.

A moon phase with a story: half hunting tradition

The hunting wholesale watch is a member of the pocket watch family. It is generally equipped with a watch cover to protect the watch mirror. In order to facilitate the reading of the time, the hunting watch without the watch mirror is called a “half hunting watch.” According to legend, the first half-hunting watch was made by Napoleon. During the Fa-Austrian War, he was eager to see the time and cut off the upper cover of his pocket watch with a saber. More than a hundred years later, this watch designed by the master Blancpain, who follows the “origin” of the semi-hunting watch, also has a strong classic pocket watch style.

Of course, in addition to the attractive historical complex, the semi-hunting watch is equipped with a rose gold safari case on the transparent case back, which also adds details for the wearer to play and remember.

Perfect profile

Some people say that Blancpain has the most perfect case side in the watch industry, and its DNA is mostly manifested on the side. Blancpain’s surface is slightly curved. In order to take into account practical needs, the angle and contour edges of the lugs are made extremely detailed, not only looking very full, but slightly extending to the bottom of the surface. It feels warm and fit to the touch and extremely comfortable. In addition, anti-glare coating is also made on the mirror surface, so that the time can be read accurately under strong light.

Blancpain’s “signature” aesthetic style, smart sun pattern dial

The 6664 semi-hunting watch still continues the aesthetic style of Blancpain’s “signature” of 6654-willow-shaped hands, round double-layer bezel, concave and convex Roman hour markers, blue steel snake-shaped hands. The entire disk is visually soft and soft, with a balanced and beautiful layout. The month and week windows are centered and symmetrical, echoing the smart and magical moon face at 6 o’clock, which is unforgettable at a glance.

However, what distinguishes the two at a glance is the meticulously processed radial sun pattern decoration on the dial. The delicate texture exudes a slight luster, which makes it more agile than 6654 and more suitable for younger ones. Wearer.

Stable and powerful Cal.6654 movement

The self-winding movement Cal.6654 carried by the 6664 is one of Blancpain’s proud self-made movements. It has 2 barrels, ensuring a 72-hour power reserve, and the balance wheel vibration frequency is as high as 28,800 times per hour. . The movement supports the full calendar moon phase function and is waterproof up to 30 meters.

The Way of Pointers

Blancpain best willow-shaped hollow pointer is widely praised in the industry for its elegant, one-stop arc, and has the reputation of “the first needle in the world”. The hour and minute hands are already slender, but they have been hollowed out to make them lighter and lighter; the second hand is the thinnest and longest, slender, so the end is marked with “JB” to avoid being too light. One release and one collection, uneven. The top of a snake-shaped blue steel hand is treated with a “curved arc”, and its length fits the inside of the date circle. Its fresh blue and winding shape not only add a vivid touch to the main color of rose gold, but also make the reading time more efficient. The four slender hands are of different lengths and are scattered and stacked, which are quite three-dimensional. They are matched with the brand’s “JB” logo for consistency. The details hide Blancpain’s respect and love for traditional craftsmanship.

Blancpain Villeret Reveil GMT review

Blancpain cheap brings you exquisite and beautiful things, awakening every day.

It’s not every day that we need to review something so amazing but so elegant at the same time. Many watchmakers believe that to break through this boundary, they need to break through the traditional and timeless parameters of watchmaking and design. Blancpain is not the case, the most certain is Villeret Reveil GMT. Let’s take a closer look and take a closer look at this watch.

Blancpain Villeret Reveil GMT review
At first glance, this watch may most attract your attention is the dial and its multi-dimensional. It is built on fine texture layers ranging from wavy sunburst guilloche patterns to applique Roman numerals. It looks rich, refined and classic.

Beautifully printed black Arabic numerals surround the inner dial and are printed on the smooth and untextured chapter ring. These printed numbers are used for Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and are located between the Roman numerals on the periphery of the dial and the center of the dial.

One of the reasons that makes this turntable so enjoyable is the use of textured and non-textured selective areas. For example, the above area for printing GMT numbers, the alarm power reserve indicator, the alarm setting sub-dial and the alarm on/off indicator, and the date window. Despite the asymmetrical design, the contrast and position of these functions give the dial an excellent visual balance.

The hour and minute hands use polished rose gold leaf-shaped hands, which are slightly like the eye of a skull. The curved blue-steel arrow-shaped pointer is located on the center post below the hour and minute hands, from which the pointer rotates. The width of the end of the GMT hand slightly protrudes on both sides of the hour and minute hands, making you slightly bluish. moonphase-watch.com

You will see polished rose gold Arabic numerals on the dial of the alarm clock setting at three o’clock. The sub-dial and power reserve indicator use baton-shaped polished rose gold. The Roman numerals used in the main time dial have interesting fonts, almost in retro style. It uses the slightly hourglass-shaped Roman numeral “I” and the watchmaker’s four o’clock (IIII) to indicate the 4 o’clock position, not “IV”.

I can actually continue dialing for a few days, so let’s move on. The round polished 18kt rose gold case has a thickness of 40.3 mm and a thickness of 12.1 mm. This is a size that is more consistent with classic watches, rather than developing with the trend of oversized or oversized watches, which may or may not become a permanent way of designing watches in the future.

It has the weight you are looking for in a pure gold luxury men watch, and is related to the case material used by this model, but the series also has a model with a leather strap on a stainless steel strap, which is slightly lighter. A large part of this weight comes from the pure gold self-winding rotor, which can be seen through the transparent and delicate sapphire bottom cover.

This Blancpain Villeret Reveil GMT watch is powered by an internal automatic movement. The production movement 1240h is equipped with an antimagnetic silicon hairspring. This 36 jewels self-winding movement can beat 28,800 vibrations per hour and has a power reserve of about 45 hours at full wind.

For people who travel frequently, especially in other time zones, this exercise provides some very useful complications. The Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) complication enables a second time zone, which is indicated by the curved blue arrow-shaped pointer in the center of the watch.

Another excellent feature is the alarm clock function, which is not as common in mechanical timepieces as Greenwich Mean Time. However, these two complexities are complementary to the problem of global travelers and jets that require time zones and alerts. The sound of the alarm clock is struck by a small hammer that strikes the small gong inside the Review copy watch.

The power reserve indicator on the dial is located between 10 o’clock and 11 o’clock, which is very useful to ensure that the watch is tightened tightly.

Setting up and operating Blancpain Villeret Reveil GMT is very simple. On the left side of the case, you will find the on/off button of the alarm clock at 8 o’clock. The crown used to set the alarm clock is at 2 o’clock on the right side of the case. The watch has another crown below the 4 o’clock position on the right side of the case, which is used to set the date, time and GMT/dual time zone.

The watch comes with a brown crocodile leather strap, which is connected between the lugs at a distance of 22 mm, and you can easily find other straps that need to be replaced. Not that you want to replace this belt. It has matching brown stitches and a soft beige inner side, so it is quite attractive.

The strap is secured by 18kt rose gold folding clasps folded together. This folding buckle is decorated with the brand Blancpain, with the Blancpain logo engraved on the end of the buckle. A pair of rose gold three-dimensional B on both sides of the unfolding buckle is used in the Blancpain logo.

Overall, this is a best swiss watch that is impressive in both aesthetics and function. There is one more thing worth mentioning about this watch. It is packed in a wooden box with a parquet floor of appropriate size, which can be converted into a cigar box by removing the black vinyl material inside and inserting two wooden partitions. The box is equipped with a CREDO humidifier system, which can convert the box into a fully functional cigar box. You may find that many people wear Blancpain watches, but not everyone has a Blancpain cigar box.

Grand Seiko Spring Drive

Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT Steel SBGE209 Men Replica watch for sale

Case: Stainless Steel
Cuts: 39.40 mm
Glass: Sapphire
Movement: self-winding
Dial Color: White
Thickness: 13.60 mm
Water Resistance:100 m
Water Resistance:Hours, Minutes, Seconds,Date

SBGC-9R96 Spring Drive Chronograph
SBGC237 is a professional choice limited edition of 30 units. This model is equipped with a silver dial with gold hands and hour markers, while the 9R96 movement is mounted in a stainless steel case with a black ceramic tachymeter ring.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Seiko, SBGC238 was released. This model is limited to 100 pieces and is equipped with a 9R96 spring-driven GMT chronograph movement. It has a rose gold case and chronograph hands, with a Katsu-iro indigo blue bezel and a dial with lion mane.

SBGD-9R01 spring driven manual winding
Another Seiko 60th anniversary commemorative model is SBGD205. The watch uses a platinum 950 case and a beautifully decorated white gold dial. The center part of the dial is decorated with diamond whitewash, the surface is engraved with the GS logo and text, and the Leo constellation is also engraved on the dial, which clearly quotes the great Seiko lion. The outer edge of the dial is surrounded by 96 diamonds (2.25 carats) and separated by 25 sapphires (1.09 carats) as hour markers. It is very unusual to see the Grand Seiko model inlaid with gemstones, but it is impressive, reminiscent of company features that are usually reserved for Credor models.

SBGE-9R66 Spring Drive GMT
In addition to the Grand Seiko Sport series, the series also introduced three new models. They are black SBGE253, blue SBGE255 and green SBGE257. Each dial has a fixed ceramic bezel that matches the color of the dial. They all have a 9R66 spring-driven movement with GMT complications in the stainless steel case.

Following the 60th anniversary commemorative model, another 60 SBGE261 Wako Ginza limited edition models were produced. The dial is dark blue, inspired by the “Rindo” flower of Nagano Prefecture, producing the Grand Seiko Spring Drive model. The dial is surrounded by blue and red dials, which complement the red GMT hands.

The limited-production special model is SBGE262, and the production quantity is 30 units. The watch has a stainless steel case and a 24-hour gold bezel. The black and white frame contrasts sharply with the silver dial, golden hands and hour markers. In addition to the bracelet, the watch also comes with a belt.

The American exclusive SBGE263 has joined the Grand Seiko Sport series. It has a brown ceramic bezel, a brown pattern dial and gold GMT hands, and is placed in a stainless steel case. This model is limited to 110 units to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Grand Seiko’s launch in the US market. According to the official website, “the dial pattern represents the eagle’s free glory soaring in the distance, diving down to the valley below, or diving up to the boundless space above.” The model will be shipped in January 2021.

Another limited edition product is the SBGE265 produced for Yokohama Takashimaya Department Store, only 30 sets were sold. This model has a blue rotating bezel that matches the blue GMT hands. The blue and white redesign connects the bezel to the white lion mane dial. This model comes with a bracelet and a silicone strap.

The product released for the year’s 9R66 Spring Drive GMT is the SBGE267 produced for Asian distributor Thong Sia. There are 140 limited editions in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Macau. It has a brown 24-hour rotating bezel, a brown sunburst dial with gold hands and graduations, and is placed in a stainless steel case.

Jacob & Co. Grand Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti TT200.21.AA.AA.A

Replica Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti TT200.40.AB.AB.A watch

Replica Jacob & Co. Grand Complication Masterpieces Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti TT200.21.AA.AA.A watch

Item Type: Replica Grand Complication Masterpieces Watches
Case Material: Titanium / Carbon / PVD,Rectangle
Model Number: TT200.21.AA.AA.A
Brand Name: Jacob & Co.
Movement: Self winding
Dial Diameter: 52 mm
Dial: Skeletonized,Black
Glass: Sapphire
Clasp Type: Deployment Buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Gender: Unisex
Band Material Type: Leather strap
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Functions: Hours / Minutes / The power reserve indicator

This watch is equipped with a W16 Bugatti Chiron engine!

Bugatti partnered with the legendary watchmaker Jacob & Co to create a watch specifically for Chiron owners. Its name is Jacob & Co Buggatti Chiron Tourbillon, and it has a replica of the Chiron W16 engine.

Bugatti has a tradition of making super exclusive watches and its super exclusive cars. When Bugatti launched the Veyron in 2005, they collaborated with luxury watch manufacturer Parmigiani to create a watch called Model 370. This is a very expensive watch, a compliment to the car, only for Bugatti Veyron owners. In fact, the release of the car should coincide with the release of the watch. However, the Veyron encountered many problems, so the launch was delayed. Therefore, the watch was finally launched a year before the launch of the car.

Fast forward 15 years and Bugatti now owns Chiron. Bugatti’s partnership with Parmigiani lasted until 2019, but now, the French car manufacturer has partnered with legendary watchmaker Jacob & Co. to create another watch that matches the Chiron. Bugatti had previously cooperated with Jacob & Co. and produced some very radical exclusive watches, such as Twin Turbo Furious and Epic X Chrono. However, what they are building for Chiron now is simply outside the world. This is the Jacob & Co Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon.

The watch is actually equipped with a replica of the Bugatti Chiron W16 engine. The details are incredible, and even the engine movement is integrated with the watch movement. If the crown on the right is pressed, the turbine will rotate, the crankshaft will rotate, and even the tiny piston pump will be rotated. There are 578 independent mechanical parts, and all are placed under a huge sapphire crystal, you can clearly see the masterpiece.

Jacob & Co copy spent a year on dust-free paper design to replicate the legendary 1,500bhp W16 engine. The crankshaft is made of a single piece of steel. In addition, the entire mechanism is suspended on four shock absorbers for more car reference. Moreover, because the mechanism is hung on the shock absorber, it can make the mechanism move freely in the housing and move by itself, thereby producing a floating effect.

The battery life of the Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon is only 60 hours. Even so, it can be monitored through fuel gauges such as meters to obtain more car references. The table can also be fully customized, and you will find many other references to the original Chiron in the table. The case is made of black titanium with a rubber strap and titanium buckle. Any guesses on the price? Shopping fake watches

New functions and features: Patek Philippe 5004G-013 Perpetual Split

The Patek Philippe 5004 Perpetual Calendar Chronograph was launched in 1994 and is an extremely complex watch. It is so complicated that Patek Philippe (arguably the most complex watch manufacturer in the world) can only produce twelve models a year during the 17-year regular production run of the watch. A total of 50 stainless steel watches celebrating the advent of this model and a single titanium watch from the Only Watch charity are included, while the 5004 has less than 250 models. This complex, exquisite timepiece is one of Patek Philippe’s most collectible modern watches. The Philippe watch already exists, even if you rule out its rarity, it is definitely an excellent watch. This particular example is the platinum Patek Philippe 5004G-013.

Powered by the Lemania-based CHR 27-70 Q, this hand-winding perpetual calendar dual-second split-second timer has a power reserve of 60 hours. Combine the perpetual calendar with the moon phase and the second chronograph to become a watch, the highest echelon of complex movements.

If you are not familiar with the timing function of the stopwatch, you can actually combine the two stopwatches into one. For example, suppose you find that you want to time a period of time such as lap times in a race; after triggering the timer, both hands will start at the same time, and then you can isolate and pause one hand by pressing the button on the crown . When you pause one hand, the other hand continues, so you are given a little time to be on the first lap while you are still continuing on the second lap. It is intuitive and easy to use, but difficult to build. Coupled with a permanent calendar and moon phases that can track the date, day, moon, moon phase and leap year until 2100, you will begin to understand why this watch is so highly valued. Review replica men watches

From the appearance, this 5004 is doing a lot of work. It seems that this is a complicated instrument. The first thing that stands out is the crown, which itself will be very large, but with a push rod inside, it is too heavy. In comparison, the timing button on the side looks like war. The stepped architecture, prominent lugs and large crown and buttons give a huge photo impression. But the diameter of this watch is only 37 mm and the thickness is only 15 mm. It’s a bit thicker, but it’s too small by modern standards. The modest size and the weirdness of the crown make this watch approachable and fun. Without these two design features, this watch would be intimidating.

There is a good balance between the silver dial and the clean modern San Serif Arabic numerals in white gold and the small gold markings. All numbers will take up too much space. Patek Philippe excellently completed the assembly of all the information on the dial. There is no “chin” or half a number to complain about here. The printed numbers on the outer rails and the sub-dial have the classic stylized appearance that I really unearthed, especially the fashionable 7-shaped. The hierarchical structure is designed so that the dial is not too busy and ensures that the basic content (time and chronograph) can be read immediately.

5004 is the best example of Patek Philippe. This is an elegant, beautiful, and insanely complex timepiece, made even better due to its scarcity. This watch pushed the boundaries of one of the world’s greatest watchmakers to the limit, so much so that they began to dig after making more than 200 examples. This alone is enough to make this stunning platinum recognition the crown of all audiophile series. In addition, the second hand chronograph is also very interesting.

Jacob&Co Astronomical Tourbillon

Jacob & Co. swiss launches exclusive titanium astronomical solar tourbillon tourbillon The way to make luxury handmade watches at Jacobs & Co., Ltd. is to think outside the box, which continues to connect the watch industry with the rest of the world. Jacob & Co. went out of the world and released a new astronomical solar zodiac. The smooth frosted appearance of the case is derived from the DLC-treated 44 mm titanium case, which completely changes the appearance of traditional astronomy. With the help of the internal hand-wound JCAM19 movement, it rotates around the dial coated with the Milky Way star, thus integrating into the entire solar system.

The seven planets are represented by semi-precious hemispheres: white granite represents Mercury, Rhodonite represents Venus, Red Jasper represents Mars, Pietersite represents Jupiter, Tiger Eye represents Saturn, Blue Calcite represents Saturn, and Lapis Lazuli represents Neptune. The time display displayed by the zodiac symbol platform is driven by the infinitesimal differential system, which provides a clear and easy-to-read way for keeping time. The large blue alligator leather strap and the black PVD titanium deployment buckle contrast the dark appearance of astronomy. Jacob & Co. once again broke the limits of watchmaking by releasing Astronomia Solar Zodiac Black.

Jacob&Co Astronomical Tourbillon

It is a sacrifice to let Jacob & Co’s astronomical tourbillon, which was unveiled at Baselworld earlier this year, go downhill under the radar. Now that the dust has settled and the collections of major watch brands have made headlines, let us now give this amazing timepiece the attention it deserves.

Jacob & co Astronomy Tourbillon Watch – Gorgeous and complicated

You can rely on Jacob & Co to bring more drama works, no matter where they show their watch products. However, to appreciate the advantages of the astronomical tourbillon, readers (readers) need to provide some information. First of all, put aside any prejudice against Jacob & Co-temporarily forget about fine jewelry watches, celebrity identities and animated (brilliant) colors. The astronomical tourbillon is still gorgeous, but it is also a complex manifestation of watchmaking skills. Whether you are a cash-rich football star or a watch purist, this is just a watch that will attract your attention and attract your attention.

Jacob & Co Astronomical Tourbillon – Fascinating panorama

Under the dome of a behemoth submarine ceiling, a four-armed turntable surrounds the dial. The end of each arm is equipped with hour and minute hands. The earth represented by the platinum ball is a carat Briolet diamond representing the moon. At least there is no three-axis tourbillon. The tourbillon rotates every sixty seconds, the second axis that carries the entire cage rotates every five minutes, and the arm that carries the tourbillon rotates every 20 minutes. Is this a fascinating dial? You bet that even so, the tourbillon itself will bring sustained attention to the wearer, but coupled with other arm movements (around the dial every twenty minutes), this is a true panoramic display.

The proposal of such a bill is not without challenges. The structure of the tourbillon cage is a large spiral balance wheel with a speed of 18,000 vph and an over-coil balance spring with a Phillips end curve. Despite the power-consuming dial operation, this watch still maintains a 72-hour power reserve. To achieve this, a strong spring was used that filled the diameter of the astronomer’s 47 mm case. To develop this mechanism, Jacob & Co used the services of Studio 7H38 Watch Studio.

Jacob & co Astronomy Tourbillon Watch

Surprisingly, hints of traditional watchmaking are found in this amazing work. Hand-made for making the earth sphere, using the Grand Feu enamel process to achieve extraordinary details on it, and the Roman numerals of the hours and minutes add a classic touch. In order to make the parts wear-resistant, the structure of the watch case is made of polycarbonate composite material, which can be wound through its 18k rose gold case back to ensure that the outline remains perfectly round. The ultimate success was the diamond cut by Briolette, whose 56 facets promised to capture great light when rotated-very Jacob & Co, but for the added luxury, we will forgive them.

New RM 65-01 automatic split-second chronograph

The core technology and innovation of the new RM 65-01 automatic split-second chronograph Richard Mille‘s relentless pursuit of the latest achievement of innovation, the latest RM 65-01, is a highly complex sports timepiece, a masterpiece of superb technology designed for daily use and various situations .

After about five years of development, this automatic chronograph is the most complicated timepiece ever built in the Richard Mille workshop. After limited production, it showed the true value of watchmaking. This model fully embodies the brand’s technical approach, thanks to a number of additional functions, a very special structure and high aesthetic value. All in all, the great challenge of mechanical watchmaking requires patience, skill and absolute perseverance.

This chronograph developed for the 21st century with high frequency balance and variable inertia-5 Hz or 36,000 vibrations per hour-was developed to extend timekeeping accuracy and accurate stopwatch calculations to 1/10 of a second. This is really a real racing machine with a second hand for calculating the intermediate time. This is the first use of Richard Mille on an automatic movement. replica men watches

The integrated movement developed in cooperation with Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier, its six-column wheel structure and vertical coupling have consistent consistency. Like a mechanical brain, this toothed fragment can coordinate controls and can be seen through the base. The Mechanical Cathedral is located on a grade 5 titanium chassis supported by a grade 5 titanium bridge. It receives energy from a rapidly rotating barrel that maintains ideal torque transmission energy during its entire 60-hour power reserve. The automatic winding device of the barrel also ensures that the watch maintains the best torque when worn on the wrist. This is further enhanced by the variable geometry of the pendulum of the movement, which can change the inertia of the rotor, thereby increasing the yield of the clockwork according to the active status of the person who depends on the watch.

The chronograph has also undergone a series of relentless tests to prove its function in any situation. This includes everything from shock and drop simulation to accelerated 10-year aging for all functions, including water resistance testing and magnetic field resistance testing.

But the best Richard Mille team did not stop there. Indeed, for a sturdy, sturdy and reliable racing engine mounted on the CarbonTPT® case, it is both light and strong, but adds complexity and thus improves the ergonomics of the model. Another milestone is that Richard Mille (Richard Mille) developed its first internal patented fast-winding mechanism, which was activated by a push rod at 8 o’clock. Under 125 pressures, the barrel was fully tightened, ready for the next game. Engineers at Richard Mille described this highly practical feature as “very fun”, which is particularly difficult to develop due to its high level of torque transmission. During the burn-in test, this function was activated thousands of times.

The model has also been enhanced with a new gearbox, using a function selector located in the crown. The system can switch between “traditional” clockwork (W), semi-instantaneous date adjustment (D) or set time (H), and all operations can be completed by simply pressing the crown.

For extremely clear dials, RM 65-01 uses color coding to match watch functions to buttons. Yellow represents the time: hours, minutes, small seconds at 6 o’clock, and green represents the date display. Orange represents the sweeping second hand of the chronograph and the total of 30 minutes and 12 hours. The red color is related to the winding mechanism. To avoid all confusion, the second hand is blue. Here, function is the factor that drives aesthetic choice.

As for the situation, every surface of it has extremely elegant details. It uses a CarbonTPT® frame, strap and caseback. It has a grade 5 titanium crown that has been micro-sprayed, polished and satin-finished, and is framed by a chronograph button. It is also made of polished and satin-finished grade 5 titanium. to make. The nameplate with RM 65-01 engraved on the case uses the same material and surface treatment. The fast-winding button has a red QuartzTPT® button.

RM 65-01 replica has a total of more than 600 components, available in CarbonTPT®, Gold and CarbonTPT® versions, which further proves the technical expertise of the development team. RM 65-01 upholds the ancestral code of the brand, and at the same time establishes its own identity, and will surely occupy a place in the superb Richard Mille model gallery with its exquisite craftsmanship.

Audemars Piguet-Royal Oak Offshore 25th Anniversary

In 2018, Audemars Piguet replica will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Royal Oak Offshore. The watch made its debut at the 1993 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show.

Offshore aims to satisfy the tastes of sports enthusiasts and young people. In fact, offshore designer Emmanuel Gueit was only 22 years old when he just completed the task.

The concept behind this model is a “deconstruction” approach to the clock, aiming to reveal its structure and key elements, such as the huge visible black washer on the bezel. The size of the watch case is 42 mm, which is the normal size today, but it was shocking at the time, which made the watch nicknamed the “beast”.

Many purists were disappointed when the new model was introduced (including Gerald Genta, the creator of the original Royal Oak himself), but since then Offshore has been a huge success, launching more than 120 reference books.

As a preview of the novelty that will be shown at the upcoming Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva in 2018, Audemars Piguet will now launch three new editions of iconic sports watches: the original Royal Oak offshore automatic winding The precise revision of the chronograph, as well as two brand new Royal Oak Offshore Tourbillon chronographs. These commemorative models will be issued in a limited edition of three, each with only 50 pieces.

The reprint of the first Royal Oak Offshore (ref. 26237ST.OO.1000ST.01) has a 42 mm stainless steel case, blue rubber-covered push rod and screw-in crown to ensure water resistance to 100 meters / 330 feet. The “Royal Oak Offshore” logo is engraved in the center of the sturdy bottom cover.

The AR-coated sapphire crystal glass dial has a small “Petite Tapisserie” pattern, a blue dial, white gold hour markers and Royal Oak hands with luminous coating, and a blue inner ring to protect the blue dial.

The selected movement is the Swiss automatic winding Audemars-Piguet 3126/3840 movement with a speed of 21,600 volts per hour and a power reserve of 50 hours.

After redefining, Audemars Piguet launched a new special series, available in stainless steel (ref. 26421ST.OO.A002CA.01) or rose gold (ref. 26421OR.OO.A002CA.01). These two watches are inspired by the previous Royal Oak Offshore Tourbillon Chronograph (reference numbers 26388PO and 26288OR), with bold design details (bezel first and first) and a completely redesigned movement developed for the occasion .

Although the Royal Oak Offshore watch has a typical material combination, the crown and push rod are now made of ceramic instead of metal and rubber.

The case is 45 mm long, water resistant to 100 meters/330 feet, and has a double anti-reflection coating, sapphire crystal and a sandblasted titanium protective cover.

The two new Royal Oak Offshore Tourbillon Chronographs are powered by a manual winding internal movement 2947, beat at 21,600 vph, and have an extraordinary power reserve of 7 days. Functions include: hours, minutes, seconds, timer with 30-minute timer, tourbillon.

new Chopard Alpine Eagle

Wempe commemorates the 40th anniversary of Fifth Avenue with the new Chopard Alpine Eagle Wempe Fifth Avenue Edition For Wempe, a watch and jewelry retailer founded in Germany, 2020 is a full anniversary. The dawn of ten years marks the 20 years since the launch of its By Kim Jewelry series. In the 30 years since Ruediger Albers, president of Wempe’s US division, the most important thing is that the brand has been in business in New York City for 40 years. To celebrate this third milestone, the luxury retailer has partnered with one of the most important brands, Chopard, to launch a new limited edition Alpine Eagle Wempe 5th Avenue Edition.

This replica men watch is based on the original Alpine Eagle sports luxury watch with date and time launched last year, with a new dial color and a special commemorative back cover to commemorate Wempe’s 40-year history on the famous Fifth Avenue in New York City . Wempe also shared some retro advertisements, announcing its location on Fifth Avenue and news about watches, emphasizing the competitiveness of the New York market about 40 years ago, which was earlier than the popularity of Wempe boutiques in the city.

The 41mm “Alpine Eagle Wempe Fifth Avenue Edition” case is made of Chopard’s ultra-durable, reflective Lucent A223 steel, which was specially developed during a four-year development process. The top of the case is engraved with brushed polishing, the style side is alternately polished, and there are eight fixing screws on the large frame. The multi-textured case finish is designed to evoke the sun set on the ice-covered glacier. The case is integrated into a three-link bracelet, the bracelet also has alternating brushed and polished treatments, and has a large right crown with stylized shoulders on both sides.

The dial is similar to the previous Alpine Eagle dial, although the difference in this special edition is that it uses silver and blue accents. On the outer edge, each hour has a small circle engraved with a square, while the main part of the inner part evokes the iris of the eagle named after the series. The applied Roman hour numerals mark the position of each quarter, and the applied rectangle appears at each intermediate hour. At 4:30 is a striking date window. Also worth noting are the Chopard brand logo at 12 o’clock and the special Wempe logo at 6 o’clock; passing these two hour and minute hands are two matching, rounded, round baton pointers, and A feather-balanced second hand.

Chopard replica 01.01-C movement is located in a 100-meter waterproof case, which is used throughout the Alpine Eagle series. The self-winding movement has passed the chronometer certification and has a 60-hour power reserve. The stylized Chopard signature rotor powers the mechanism. The sapphire back cover is printed with a commemorative stamp, which is printed with a stamp and an organic core, the most conspicuous of which is the large-scale “Fifth Avenue” style text printed on the exhibition crystal.