The common thread of being a legend: AUDEMARS PIGUET joins hands with Montreux Jazz Festival

We have heard of collaborations between luxury automatic watches brands and famous cars. After all, the common concepts of seeking speed limits and minute-to-second precision are easy to understand intuitively. As for the mutual symbiosis between watches and music? They all extend from theoretical calculations to perceptual expressions. They also share the incomparable passion for creation and the endless pursuit of technology. If you look closely, you will find that there are so many echoes of concepts in them. Therefore, the cooperation between AUDEMARS PIGUET and the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland not only guides us to discover some commonalities between music and watch art, but also highlights the core values ​​that both parties attach equal importance to.

In jazz, the individual technical talent of the musicians is of course highly respected, but the truly moving phrases only emerge when the parts and instruments blend together; just like clockwork, each component is of course of vital importance. The angles and corners are all part of an excellent timepiece, and only when the mechanical structure is perfectly engaged and operates accurately can the delicate hand-finished polishing of the parts and the calculated perfect visual proportions be meaningful.

On the jazz stage, superb skills, unique personalities, interactions between musicians, audiences, and band members trigger unique encounters one after another; is this experience the same as what AUDEMARS PIGUET watches bring to us? The emotions are quite similar? This year, the brand collaborated with brand ambassador Mark Ronson to jointly plan a unique music experience on the closing night of the Montreux Jazz Festival, writing a new chapter in cross-border cooperation. audemars piguet royal oak skeleton

To make people excited, you must first interact with them
Watches and music can create legends by connecting with people

If you like jazz, you must be a person who is willing to explore infinite possibilities and has an open and diverse taste perspective, because there are so many aspects that can be appreciated in jazz, such as melody, rhythm, harmony, improvisational interaction of musicians, and dazzling skills; it can be closely related to Various music styles merge and intersect with each other. At the same time, jazz always has its own style, which sounds like a unique “jazz flavor”. This characteristic of being both integrated and overflowing with individuality, pursuit of excellence and courage to innovate may be one of the reasons why AUDEMARS PIGUET joins hands with the Montreux Jazz Festival.

In the minds of music fans around the world, the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland is a legendary international stage. Since its inception in 1967, it is the oldest and second largest jazz festival in the world. Every year in early July, the city of Montreux, located on the north shore of Lake Geneva, Switzerland, holds a 16-day music festival. Up to 250,000 audiences flock to this Swiss town, and countless top musicians and emerging musicians in the music world will appear one after another. Performance.

Nothing is more exciting than music’s interaction with people. Just like the most fascinating thing about jazz is the moments when the musicians perform “out of sequence”. The freer rhythm tests the tacit understanding of the band members, thereby giving different styles of interpretation of classic music and gorgeous dazzling skills. It is also most likely to explode at this moment! Whether it is the sparks of interaction between band members or the mutual exaggeration and blending of the audience’s emotions, the connection with people is the key to achieving a perfect performance and creating classic works.

Since 2010, AUDEMARS PIGUET has begun to support the Montreux Jazz Festival’s digital collection project. The goal is to digitize all the audio and video materials of the music festival to preserve this batch of songs selected for UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register. “A priceless treasure. In 2019, the two parties not only became global partners, but the brand further promoted the music sponsorship program and promoted cooperation with brand ambassador Mark Ronson.

Due to the increasingly grand scale of today’s Montreux Jazz Festival, the content of the performances is no longer limited to jazz music, but includes a variety of different types of musicians to perform on the stage. Paying attention to historical inheritance, while being able to advance with the times and be brave in innovation, these are the same core values ​​that AUDEMARS PIGUET is proud of. audemars piguet royal oak offshore diver replica

How does a watch pay tribute to music?
Move people’s hearts with rhythm through scenes most familiar to musicians

AUDEMARS PIGUET’s support and love for music and art have not only become a partner of the music festival, but also become the exclusive design vocabulary of the watch. The brand understands that watches, like music, are worthy of perseverance and idealism. These arts that constantly pursue excellence are certainly very suitable to be given a lofty image, but the most important element is always the close connection with people and the sincere interaction of emotions – —that is, how to move people’s hearts. The Royal Oak Offshore Music Limited Edition watch is the brand’s tribute to the world’s music scene and the musicians who devote themselves to creation and work tirelessly.

The brand chose a very bold design that can even be said to be a brand precedent. The Royal Oak Offshore’s classic “Tapisserie” plaid surface is printed with a colorful audio equalizer pattern; the strap resembles an audio plug. The interface and the crown guard bridge, which is like a mixer pusher, directly express the inspiration that music brings to watch creation through scenes that are all too familiar to musicians. Prior to this, this music limited edition watch has been launched in five different material styles. This year’s new model is a black ceramic case with a diameter of 37mm, paired with a black easy-to-change “mosaic” textured rubber strap. Among monochromatic tones, the ups and downs of the color equalizer make it more dynamic.

Brand Ambassadors Steering the 2023 Music Festival Show
A live performance is a wonderful journey

At this year’s Montreux Jazz Festival, AUDEMARS PIGUET invited brand ambassador Mark Ronson to jointly plan a unique music show on the closing night. This currently active producer and composer who has won seven Grammy Awards has collaborated with top singers and bands: Bruno Mars, Adele, Paul McCartney, Miley Cyrus, Duran Duran… too many to mention The single “Shallow” he co-wrote for the movie “A Star Is Born” won an Academy Award. He served as the album’s executive producer and co-composer of the soundtrack for this year’s “Barbie” live-action movie.

If a music performance simply pursues smoothness and excitement, then a gathering of top performers from all fields will surely satisfy the audience; but being on the historic and legendary stage of the Montreux Jazz Festival, it was once the springboard for many music superstars before they became famous. Mark Ronson and AUDEMARS PIGUET both hope to create a more meaningful performance.

Therefore, Mark Ronson invited many music industry masters who have jointly recorded the classic songs of superstars such as Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, and Bruno Mars to gather together and perform on the same stage; at the same time, he spared no effort to support the underachievers, and with the new singer Yebba who can write and sing, and Rhythm and blues singer Lucky Daye collaborates, drawing on the rich experience of senior musicians to help newcomers in the music industry who are preparing to climb to the top. replica watches Best

We often say that watch collection is like a journey, and the music show of AUDEMARS PIGUET and Mark Ronson’s “Dream Band” is not only a live performance of dozens of minutes, but also a period of inspiration, generational support and extraordinary creation. The creative process. This musical experience conveys to the audience about the talents of musicians, collaboration and the final moving results. What makes all this happen is the wonderful moments experienced by the brand, ambassadors, band members, watch fans and audiences around the world.

Patek Philippe high quality watches replica

What makes Patek Philippe high quality watches replica so valuable? Seven reasons for brand success Patek Philippe is generally considered the top brand among all major Swiss watch manufacturers. Why is this true? Rüdiger Bucher, editorial director of WatchTime’s German sister magazine Chronos, lists seven reasons for Patek Philippe’s success in this latest visit to the WatchTime archives.

Reason #1: Expertise

Patek Philippe mastered every aspect of fine watchmaking – from hand-wound two-hand watches and “standard” complications with functions such as an annual calendar or a second time zone, to watches with minute repeaters, tourbillons and split-seconds chronographs. A complex masterpiece. Exquisite craftsmanship is closely combined with the use of modern high-tech machinery. replica luxury Watches

Reason #2: Tradition

This level of expertise cannot be achieved overnight. Patek Philippe has been around for 177 years and has continued to produce watches during that time, generating a wealth of experience that has been passed down from generation to generation of watchmakers.

Reason 3: Vision for the future

Although Patek Philippe has such a storied heritage, the manufacturer is not bound by its past. On the one hand, the company maintains the values of the traditional art of watchmaking while investing heavily in the use of new materials, technologies and production methods. The brand has also made conscious choices, creating new designs like the 2015 pilot watch Calatrava Pilot Travel Time (which we cover in detail here ). men replica watches

Reason #4: Quality

Quality is Patek Philippe’s most valuable resource. The entire company is designed to support it. With the introduction of the Patek Philippe Seal in 2008, the company implemented strict standards that often exceeded normal industry standards. But the commitment to quality doesn’t just apply to the watches themselves. Patek Philippe sets the highest standards for employee training – from watchmakers to sales staff, including customer support from sales to service. Review replica watches

Reason #5: Family Business

Founded in 1839, Patek Philippe has been led by the Stern family for more than 80 years and is currently owned by the fourth generation. This results in a high degree of consistency in the company’s philosophy and policies. It also rules out the possibility of a fundamental shift in direction due to a change in management, so the path to success is sure to continue. This ensures sustainability, which is closely related to the following points.

Reason #6: Value

Anyone who buys a Patek Philippe high quality replica watches knows that if he chooses to sell it later, he probably won’t lose any money. It is entirely possible that the value of a watch will increase over time, although this cannot be predicted in individual cases. But it’s a comforting fact, even though most people buy online shop for watch just for their own enjoyment and have no immediate plans to resell them.

Seven reasons for Patek Philippe’s success: perfect decoration

Handmade decorations are made with high quality both in technique and style. Even something as inconspicuous as a wheel requires about 40 to 60 steps. Artisan techniques such as enamel painting, extremely delicate engraving, gem setting and setting all play an important role. luxury replica watches

RM 30-01 automatic

The new work “Controlled Energy” will be released in 2023. Richard Mille RM 30-01 Automatic Detachable Rotor The RM 30-01 automatic trip-out rotor is new for 2023 from Richard Mille. The RM 30-01 automatic clutch rotor expresses a strong emotion of the brand’s technical prowess. The attention to detail on the twin dials combining titanium and sapphire give this watch a refined tone.

Like its predecessor, this model also benefits from the aesthetic fusion and technological advancements incorporated into the new design. However, the RM 30-01 does not neglect to inherit them, but reinforces their merits with a reinterpreted skeleton design and helps to establish a graphic balance. Grade 5 titanium cleats and main plate combine parallel sections to create perspective and depth. Eliminating the curves of the previous model, a diamond-based geometry emerged, adding dynamic energy to the viewing display. The power reserve, winding and function selector indicators are arranged in an unprecedented way and highlighted in color. replica cheap watch

Furthermore, the complication of the new RMAR2 automatic movement does not preclude aesthetic constraints in order to optimize ergonomics and usability. Components such as the function selector cam and the oversized date disc represent this dynamic engraving.

When the power reserve reaches 55 hours, the RM 30-01’s variable moment of inertia oscillating weight automatically disengages from the winding mechanism to eliminate excess tension associated with winding. This allows the RMAR2 movement to run with optimum barrel torque and a constant torque/power ratio. When the energy starts to run out and the power reserve is reduced to 40 hours, the oscillating weight re-engages and winds the barrel. It also allows the rotor to run while providing excellent timekeeping performance. The clutch engagement indicator at 11 o’clock indicates whether the rotor is engaged (open) or loose (closed).

The function selector is convenient for everyday life, just press the button at 2 o’clock to select the desired mode. An indicator above the large date on the dial lets you know which function is selected. W is for winding, D is for date correction, and H is for pointer setting. perfect luxury watch

Available in two styles, both feature a sculptural tonneau-shaped case. One has a 5N red gold caseback and bezel with a middle in grade 5 titanium, while the other is made entirely of this hypoallergenic, corrosion- and impact-resistant material. As light as possible (96 grams including the strap) and ergonomically designed, this model stands out for its comfort on the wrist. The grade 5 titanium watch, as well as the grade 5 titanium and 5N red gold models, are beautiful cases with the same finishes (satin, polished, etc.). In both versions, the tight lines and complex geometry of the case make it one of the most difficult cases to develop and manufacture in the entire watchmaking industry. The RM 30-01 is the result of artistic and technical research and development by Richard Mille.

A true synthesis of the collection’s identity, the RM 30-01 faithfully reproduces the key values of Richard Mille: ergonomics, pure lines and exceptional finishes. The RM 30-01 automatic clutch oscillating weight not only embodies the essence of the brand, but also embodies the aesthetic exploration of Richard Mille for more than 20 years.

RM 30-01 automatic gearbox with clutchable rotor
Model: RM 30-01
Case Dimensions: 42.00 x 49.94mm
Case Thickness: 17.59mm
Case material: 5N red gold, grade 5 titanium
Water resistance: 30 m Strap: Rubber
Movement: Automatic, calibrated ±10%), 28,800 vibrations per hour, 38 jewels
Specifications: Hours, minutes, seconds, date display, function selector, clutch engagement indicator, power reserve indicator

Skeleton watches add fun to reading time RICHARD MILLE, Zenith play with colors

The watch is like a miniature art. The hollow design of the dial and the delicate color decoration add to the fun of reading. RICHARD MILLE launched a new RM 30-01 clutch rotor self-winding watch, equipped with a brand-new RMAR2 movement. The structural oscillating weight will automatically separate from the winding mechanism; on the contrary, when the power reserve is less than 40 hours, the oscillating weight will automatically re-engage, so that the barrel can be wound again, which is an easy-to-use complex mechanical device. The details can be seen through red, blue, and white painting on the scale and pointer, which makes reading clearer and enhances the appreciation value. There are two materials: 5N red gold version and grade 5 titanium alloy. The latter weighs only 96 grams including the strap, allowing the wearer to feel extremely comfortable.

RICHARD MILLE RM 30-01 clutch oscillating weight self-winding watch, grade 5 titanium alloy, size 42.00×49.94×17.59mm, waterproof depth 50 meters.

RICHARD MILLE RM 30-01 clutch oscillating weight self-winding watch, 5N red gold model, size 42.00×49.94×17.59mm, waterproof depth 50 meters.

On the dial of the RICHARD MILLE RM 30-01 clutch oscillating weight self-winding watch, bright saturated colors such as red and blue are used to make the function indications clearer.

ZENITH also launched new works. The new DEFY 21 Chroma II colorful watch is an evolution of the first-generation DEFY 21 Chroma in 2022. There are white and black ceramic models. The two new watches have different color configurations, and the black ceramic model The color is bright and even, and the white ceramic model has blue and pink as the main bright details. From the hour markers to the 1/100 second scale on the outer edge of the dial, the hollow movement structure, and even the rubber clip ring of the crown and the sewing thread of the cordura-effect rubber strap, etc., all create exquisite and smooth color decorations. Equipped with a uniquely structured El Primero 21 1/100 second high-vibration self-winding chronograph movement, it creates a precise timing function.

Vacheron Constantin Traditionelle Retrograde Open Tourbillon Watch

Vacheron Constantin offers a masterclass in combining ultra-modern design codes with its acclaimed watchmaking heritage

As they say, if you have it, show it off. Vacheron Constantin’s latest tourbillon and retrograde date display combination does exactly this, and presents its exquisite mechanism in a modern multi-layer skeleton dial. A long-established manufacturer in tune with current trends, Vacheron Constantin welcomes another watch into its Traditionelle collection with an ultra-modern yet refined 21st century aesthetic. wholesale watches replica

There’s no doubt that skeletonized or skeletonized watches are in vogue, and we tend to think of them as a novel way to showcase a mechanical movement. However, if you are a 268-year-old company like Vacheron Constantin, you might even have some skeletonized models in your archives. It turns out that VC’s archives do have a 1918 skeletonized pocket watch with an astronomical calendar (Ref. 10937). After a nearly 100-year hiatus, VC revisited the concept of a skeleton dial and introduced ref. 47247 in 2002, followed by watches like the Traditionnelle Twin Beat Perpetual Calendar in 2019 and the Traditionnelle Openface Complete Calendar in 2021. payment.

The stepped case with fluted caseback and slim bezel, signature Traditionelle style, is crafted in polished 18K rose gold and measures 41mm in diameter by 11.07mm in height. However, the dial presents a fascinating fusion of old and new, with classic gold dauphine hands, railway minute track and gold baton hour markers, and the presentation of modern functions on four different planes.

The upper part of the dial has a cream flange with a railroad minute track, behind which is an arched gray hand-guilloche ring with gold hour markers and a retrograde date track. The retrograde date display doesn’t complete a full revolution of the dial; it travels along an arc, then springs back to 1 to begin the countdown to the new month. Here the retrograde date hand is made of 18K black gold and is highlighted with a white arrow-shaped tip. BUY replica WATCHES

Below the retrograde date is a skeletonized area, protected by sapphire crystal, showing the various parts of the retrograde mechanism. The board has a modern slate gray finish with vertical hand brushing.

This is followed by another recessed guilloche engraved plate and the large aperture of the spectacular tourbillon framed by the seconds track. A skeletonized Maltese cross is adorned above the tourbillon, forming a well-like structure that runs through the dial and case back. The decoration of the tourbillon frame is very delicate, the surface is hand-chamfered and hand-polished.

Viewed from the back, it is possible to see the other components of Caliber 2162 R31, an automatic movement developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin. The caliber 2161 R31 is protected by slate gray bridges with NAC finish, is only 6.25mm thick and is powered by a gold peripheral oscillating weight. The movement beats at 18,000 vibrations per hour, offers a 72-hour power reserve, and is certified by the Hallmark of Geneva.

The Traditionelle Tourbillon Retrograde Date Openface comes on a hand-stitched gray alligator strap with a pink gold folding clasp in the shape of a half Maltese cross. Online replica watch

Technical Specifications – Vacheron Constantin TRADITIONELLE Tourbillon Retrograde Date OPENFACE
Case: 41mm diameter x 11.07mm thick – 18k rose gold, polished – fluted case back – 30m water resistance
Dial: Skeletonized – Assembled from 4 parts – Applied gold hour markers – Railway minute track – Retrograde date with arrow indicator in upper half of dial – Tourbillon at 6 o’clock – Rose gold Dauphine hour and minute hands – Small seconds on the tourbillon
Movement: Caliber 2162 R31 – developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin – automatic – 31 mm x 6.25 mm – 242 components, 30 jewels – 18,000 vph/2.5 Hz – 72 hours power reserve – Hallmark of Geneva certification – hours, minutes , small seconds, tourbillon, retrograde date
Strap: Gray hand-stitched alligator leather with alligator leather lining – 18K rose gold folding clasp with polished half Maltese cross
Reference number: 6010T/000R-B638

Audemars Piguet collaborates with designer Matthew Williams

Audemars Piguet Replica Watch Royal Oak Chronograph 41 1017 ALYX 9SM Yellow Gold 26240BA.OO.1320BA.01

A minimalist collaboration from the designer’s own collection.

Four new timepieces for the Royal Oak and Royal Oak Offshore have been released, including a unique piece that forms part of this latest collaboration. Made in a mix of gold, white gold and two-tone, all pieces feature the Audemars Piguet and Matthew Williams own brand 1017 ALYX 9SM logo on the dial and rotor.

initial thoughts
It’s great to see a collaboration like this happen. When Matthew Williams, with his fashion and design pedigree, enters the world of watches, it is always worth keeping an eye out, as they are bound to bring a fresh and unique perspective. Here, however, he appears to have simply taken designs he had previously made at MAD Paris and asked Audemars Piguet to make them. The only visual difference is that the original had a round brushed dial whereas these are vertical brushed dials.

While the diversity of case sizes and metals is appreciated, it’s clear that the designs are not original, with the only real difference perhaps being that the date window has been removed from the standard Royal Oak.

The Royal Oak Chronograph and Royal Oak Offshore Chronographs share the same aesthetic treatment that is pleasing to the eye and makes for a cohesive collection. With its two-tone case and dark PVD-coated dial, this unique piece offers a pleasing contrast and looks just right for streetwear maverick Williams.

No price has yet been revealed for the pieces, nor how many will be produced. All we know for sure is that they’re hard to come by for all but the brand’s top customers.

street smart
Releasing five new models at once for a limited time is an unusual move for Audemars Piguet. All five dials feature a vertical brushed, minimal dial with no markings. Each dial bears the Audemars Piguet and 1017 ALYX 9SM branding, as does the movement rotor. Everything else is as you’d expect from the original model.

Starting with two Royal Oak models, a chronograph-only watch. 15550BA in yellow gold with matching dial. The main difference from the standard model is the absence of the date window, in fact the date function is said to have been completely removed from the movement rather than just covered by a solid dial. The movement is a self-winding movement. The 5909 fits into a case that is 37mm wide and 9.1mm thick.

The Royal Oak Chronograph is a variant of ref. 26240BA is made of all gold, and its appearance matches the pure chronograph version. Likewise, the date window is gone, and there are no markers to read the time or chronograph functions. It’s slightly oversized at 41mm in diameter and 12.4mm deep, and it comes with an auto-calibration feature. 4409 inside.

Moving on to the two Offshore models, the only difference between the two is the case metal, one being white gold and the other yellow. They have a distinctive Offshore style for the case, buttons, and strap, but unlike the other two, they retain the date window. Run off calibration. 4404, slightly larger in size than the Royal Oak Chronograph, at 42 mm wide and 15.2 mm thick.

Finally, this unique piece comes in two-tone – gold and stainless steel – Royal Oak Chronograph. Dimensions and functions are the same as the limited edition, but the gold dial is treated with a black PVD coating and all text and hands are in gold for a good contrast. The single watch will be auctioned off at the launch event in Tokyo to help raise funds to support charities that educate and entertain disadvantaged children.

Overall, the design influence Williams has created is palpable, and Audemars Piguet’s trust in him spreads across four limited editions and one unique piece.

Audemars Piguet x 1017 ALYX 9SM Royal Oak Automatic Ref. 15550BA.OO.1356BA.02
Diameter: 37mm Height: 9.1mm Material: Yellow Gold Crystal: Sapphire Water Resistance: 50 m
Movement: Cal. 5909 Functions: Hours and minutes Winding: Automatic Frequency: 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz) Power reserve: 60 hours
Strap: matching bracelet

Audemars Piguet x 1017 ALYX 9SM Royal Oak Automatic Chronograph Ref. 26240BA.OO.1320BA.01
Diameter: 41 mm Height: 12.4 mm Material: Yellow Gold Crystal: Sapphire Water Resistance: 50 m
Movement: Cal. 4409 Functions: Hours, minutes, small seconds and flyback Chronograph Winding: Automatic Frequency: 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz) Power reserve: 70 hours

Audemars Piguet x 1017 ALYX 9SM Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph Ref. 26238BC.OO.2000BC.01
Diameter: 42 mm Height: 15.2 mm Material: Platinum Crystal: Sapphire Water resistance: 50 m
Movement: Cal. 4404 Functions: Hours, minutes, small seconds and flyback Chronograph Winding: Automatic Frequency: 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz) Power reserve: 70 hours
Strap: matching bracelet

Audemars Piguet x 1017 ALYX 9SM Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph Ref. 26238BA.OO.2000BA.01
Diameter: 42 mm Height: 15.2 mm Material: Yellow Gold Crystal: Sapphire Water Resistance: 50 m
Movement: Cal. 4404 Functions: Hours, minutes, small seconds and flyback Chronograph Winding: Automatic Frequency: 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz) Power reserve: 70 hours
Strap: matching bracelet

Audemars Piguet x 1017 ALYX 9SM Royal Oak Automatic Chronograph Ref. 26240SA.OO.1320SA.01
Diameter: 41 mm Height: 12.4 mm Material: Gold and stainless steel Crystal: Sapphire Water resistance: 50 m
Movement: Cal. 4409 Functions: Hours, minutes, small seconds and flyback Chronograph Winding: Automatic Frequency: 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz) Power reserve: 70 hours
Strap: matching bracelet

Jacob and Co. The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone

Inspired by Family Heirlooms
This is the watch story where it all started. This fashion watch opened the world and the world of watchmaking to Jacob Arabo.

The World Is Yours Dual Time is a tribute to the Arabov family heirloom, inspired by the Wakmann Dual Time, which Jacob Arabov acquired from his father, Nison Arabov, at the age of 13. ) inherited the painting.

This watch was so special to him that he longed and determined to one day create his own. This is the original spark that inspires every Jacob & Co. watch that remains in the family today, waiting to be passed on to the next generation. While it waited, it became inspiration The world is your dual time zone.

family heritage
Neeson Arapoff’s gift to his son is a symbol, a reminder that the world is an open possibility that can be reached and conquered.

So when Jacob Arapov received it, he decided that one day he would make a watch, his own. There is always an element of intimacy in Jacob & Co.’s creations. Design never comes out of thin air. It stems from a story, one that for Jacob Arapov was always about passion.

Whatever he does, he does exactly what he does. Whatever he designs, he designs with all his heart. In this respect, The World Is Your Dual Time Zone is the most authentic creation he has ever made. It comes from within.

In a touching gesture of respect, gratitude, love and care, Jacob and Benjamin Alaboff decided that this new series would be titled The World Is Yours, in tribute to Mr. Neeson Alaboff, who gave the true North in their lives. The true north “World Is Yours Dual Time” watch is presented in the shape of a wind rose, which acts as the small seconds hand. The master craftsman dial is a highly domed brass plate. The outlines of the continents are laser-engraved with high precision.

Their surfaces are stamped using special high-precision dies. All three sub-dials are engraved on the dial. The entire piece is then galvanized and overlaid with rose gold.

The ocean is painted blue and its operation is very detailed and completely handmade. Finally, the minute track with Roman and Arabic numerals is affixed to the blue lacquered surface with a gold stamp. After finishing touches, “The World Is Your Dual Time Zone” becomes a profound technical, aesthetic and emotional creation.

Jacob Arapov, 13, with his father. Significant exchanges Imagine the scenario. The place is Tachkent in Uzbekistan, then a republic in the Soviet Union and the birthplace of the Alabov family.

Inside the room were 13-year-old Jacob Arabov and his father, Nison Arabov. There is an exchange between them. from one hand to Plus, a watch was given along with strong emotion. A watch that is passed down from father to son holds unique importance. They are not just an object, they are symbols of things that are really being conveyed: values, love, wisdom, blessings and the pressure to succeed.

This particular timepiece bears the once famous Wakmann brand name and it continues to inspire every watch Jacob & Co. produces. Powered by orbit, The World Is Yours Dual Time is the first watch in the new The World Is Yours collection.

It is powered by a new exclusive Jacob & Co. movement. It indicates two time zones, including hours and minutes, with small seconds aligned vertically on either side. Each time zone can be set at will using the crown, accurate to the minute. This feature is very rare, but in Jacob’s company point of view. This is one of the only ways countries with unusual UTC time offsets can display local time alongside other times.

Its small seconds hand is rose-coloured and has four main arms, one of which is painted red as a pointer. It symbolizes a person’s need for a compass to navigate the world. It helps us find our way, just like M provides a moral compass.

Neeson Arapoff. Everything Is Curved The World Is Yours Dual Time is housed in a 43 mm rose gold case with all parts curved. Its bezel is stepped, round and very thin in order to provide the largest possible dial. Next is a large, highly domed sapphire crystal. This is a necessary feature because the dial itself is curved, like the globe it represents. The height difference in its lower part is an astonishing 3.7 mm at its highest point. As a result, the hand is also bent. The crown is short and integrated into the case. Contoured, rounded, polished and discreet. best swiss watch

What to look for in your next dive watch

Some perfect replica watches are designed for fashion and look stylish and elegant on the wrist. Others are designed to fit easily into our modern lives. There are also watches that are there when you need them most and can make the difference between life and death. That’s when you need meticulous engineering and world-class craftsmanship.

The most obvious example is a dive watch; a timepiece designed to be worn on the wrist during underwater dives, and in uncompromising environments where time is of the essence. They have a variety of features to help you stay in control and accurately monitor your time underwater. Of course, dive watches aren’t just useful underwater, and the aesthetic has become popular even for those who prefer to stay on land.

Bremont Argonaut being tested as Royal Navy clearance divers

Over the years, Bremont has worked with organizations such as Royal Navy Clearance Divers, Special Forces, North Sea Deep Sea Divers and the Royal Marines to develop the Supermarine range of dive watches to meet the exacting specifications required by professional divers and military personnel . Bremont also works closely with open water swimmers, freedivers, scuba divers and professional sailing teams to ensure our Best fake watches are reliable in any nautical environment. As a result, our watches have achieved an enviable track record in this field and we are extremely proud to have created a product that is trusted by the very best.

If you’re looking for your first dive watch or simply upgrading your existing model, certain features are essential. Here are four must-haves for any good dive watch.

water resistance
Perhaps the most obvious and important feature of any dive watch is its water resistance. When you’re diving, a splash-resistant watch isn’t enough. You need a watch with high water resistance for deep water diving. Usually, the safe diving depth of the watch will be displayed on the dial. For diving, the watch should be suitable for use at depths from 200m to 500m. Of course, not many divers can go that deep, but it’s best to over-spec your dive watch to ensure its robustness. For deep sea diving, you need a watch suitable for use at depths of 1,000m. Bremont tests its dive watches well beyond the limits stated on the dial, and our dive watches are tested from 300m all the way up to 2,000m.

Superocean S300

A dive watch needs to resist not only contact with water, but also pressure. The deeper you go underwater, the greater the weight or pressure of the water above. This puts a lot of stress on your watch, so it needs to be able to withstand these challenges. ATM or bar ratings tell you how deep you can safely go. For reference, 1 ATM or 1 bar is equivalent to 10 m of water depth. For example, a 20 ATM rating means your watch can safely go down to a depth of 200m. To combat this pressure, the S500 and S2000 series are equipped with a helium release valve to prevent the crystal glass from being blown out due to the increase in internal pressure caused by the infiltration of helium into the case.

Super Ocean Descent II

precise timing
Since the first underwater high quality copy watches was introduced more than 100 years ago, almost every diver has relied on a watch as an essential part of their dive gear. In short, you need to know exactly how long you’ve been lying down to make sure you’re getting enough air. This is why you really need your watch to be accurate and reliable, and why investing in quality always pays off.

Bremont watches are based on precise timekeeping. Only the highest quality components are used in our movements. Every core watch bearing the Bremont name is chronometer tested and then further subjected to a rigorous quality control program. Results are recorded in detailed records securely stored at our head office.

Every watch in our core collection is accompanied by a certificate of performance certifying that the mechanical movement has passed every rigorous precision test required for ISO 3159 certification. For example, ISO 3159 certification takes 15 days to complete across several different temperature ranges and watch positions. The average daily rate of change must be between -4 and +6 seconds. There are 86,400 seconds in a day, which means that every Bremont watch is 99.998 percent accurate.

Superocean S500

rotating bezel
This is another key feature that distinguishes diving watches from ordinary watches. This device allows you to mark the time you enter the water or measure how many minutes you have been in the water on the watch face. This can help you calculate how much air supply you have left and how long you can stay underwater. Dive watches have two types of bezels; unidirectional bezels (rotate in one direction) and bidirectional bezels (rotate in both directions). A unidirectional bezel has certain advantages in that it cannot be accidentally bumped back and starved of air. Since it can only move in one direction, the worst you can do is get up early. It is for this reason that many watches in the Supermarine collection feature unidirectional bezels.

Diving often comes with low visibility, and the deeper you go, the darker it gets. You need to make sure you can see your watch if you fall. Ideally, you’d have a flashlight on hand if you’re diving at any depth, but you can’t always rely on it, and it can be difficult to use if you’re carrying something else. This is why luminescent dots on the luminescent hands and hour markers, as well as bezel markers, are crucial. Even in low visibility, you should still be able to see the current time, and the bezel dots will tell you when the time is up. The hour markers, numerals and hands of the Superocean watch are coated with multi-layer Super-LumiNova®, and the luminescent markers on the bezel allow for quick and easy reference even in dark conditions. Plus, the sapphire crystal has nine layers of anti-reflective coating on both sides, so you can always count on excellent visibility.

There are several other features that are very useful for a dive watch. These include a screw-down crown that prevents the ingress of water and a screw-down caseback that ensures the watch is extra water-resistant. In addition, Bremont has incorporated “shock-resistant” movement mounts into its diver’s watches, which are water-resistant to over 500m, which helps protect the movement from severe shocks and jolts.

Originating in the military field, diving best replica watches are durable and powerful. However, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be classy and stylish. A diver’s watch can also be a great everyday watch, with superior engineering and mechanics that are just as attractive underwater as it is in water. However, if you wear a watch while diving, you need to be able to rely on its accuracy.

Dive watches have a fascinating history, built on technical developments and needs. For a watch that strikes the right balance between function and style, take some time to explore the Bremont Supermarine collection. These well-made and beautifully designed watches are also available in a variety of design options to suit any professional diving requirement. Attractive and collectible, the Supermarine collection can be the perfect start to your watch journey or a great addition to your collection.

Greubel Forsey Grande Sonnerie – Haute Horlogerie and the best innovations

The Grande and Petite Sonnerie have a special place in the world of Haute Horlogerie. Only a handful of watchmakers are able to manufacture (and present in their catalogs) such works of art, often regarded as the pinnacle of complex watchmaking. Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey had been thinking about this major move for years, beginning an 11-year research and development effort that culminated in their own interpretation of the complication, which A “self-contained” creation is undoubtedly one of the highlights of SIHH 2017.

The Grande Sonnerie is one of the most complex watch mechanisms (for more on chiming watches, read our Technical Viewpoint). Both the grande sonnerie and the petite sonnerie strike the time and quarters at the same time, but only the grande sonnerie repeats the time every quarter of an hour. Not surprisingly, Greubel Forsey’s interpretation of this complication – the dynamic duo’s first striking watch – is unlike any other in the history of horology: it is a A masterpiece, with a super-complex movement composed of 855 parts (with several noteworthy innovations), first-class craftsmanship, excellent acoustics and unparalleled Greubel Forsey style.

The GreubelFors Grande Sonnerie is equipped with mode selectors GS (Grand Sonnerie), PS (Small Sonnerie) and SL (Silent), all operated by a pusher at 4 o’clock. It is also a minute repeater, able to tell the time by pressing a button in the crown. In such mechanisms, the management of functionality and power is crucial so that all parts can interact simultaneously and tell the time perfectly, while managing energy consumption. The movement is powered by two energy sources: the first energy source is used for the chronograph part of the movement, with two coaxial series quick-rotating barrels (one of which has a sliding spring – 72 hours power reserve).

Although the Review fashion watch is water resistant to 30m, the sound quality of the chime is excellent, loud and pure. The case is made of titanium, which has good resonance properties. The hammer strikes the steel gong of the cathedral. The silent governor eliminates any unsightly background noise. The chimes are optimized without pauses, eliminating the usually perceptible tiny silence between the chimes of the hours and minutes.

Another notable and useful feat is the addition of 11 safety features. For example, when the timekeeping is in progress, the time setting is disconnected, and the timekeeping cannot be sounded during the time setting. In fact, striking watches need to be handled with care, as improper handling can damage the movement… and repairing such a mechanism is a long and complicated process (the assembly of the movement takes months)!

To enhance the timekeeping performance of the watch, Greubel Forsey added a 24-second tilting tourbillon to its impressive Grande Sonnerie. Of course, it’s up to the standard you’d expect from a brand: 86 perfectly handcrafted parts, weighing just 0.37 grams in total, light alloy cage struts, titanium cage bridges, gold counterweights, variable inertia pendulum with gold screws Wheel, hairspring with Philips terminal curve and Geneva-style studs…running at 21,600 vibrations/hour, inclined at 25° angle, and making one revolution every 24 seconds.

In traditional luxury Greubel Forsey style, the multi-layered black dial shows the hours and minutes by the brand’s skeletonized gold hands with arrow-shaped luminous tips. All applied indicators/markers are gold. Around the dial, small seconds at 6.30, chronograph power reserve at 5, chiming power reserve at 2 and chime mode selector at 3. The hollow position allows easy observation of the hammer and gong.

Despite its mechanical complexity, the watch is enduring because Greubel Forsey housed all 855 parts of the movement in its signature asymmetrical case measuring 43.5 mm in diameter and 16.13 mm high (relatively compact) middle. Crafted in titanium, it features a hand-finished case and a side window that reveals the tourbillon and steel cathedral gongs.

As always, the movement finishing is top notch. Bridge in nickel silver, brushed with embossed inscriptions, micro-rotor in black finish (also with embossed inscriptions), black-polished hammers, olive dome jewel set in gold-tone rhinestones.

The Greubel Forsey Grande Sonnerie is fitted with a black hand-stitched alligator strap secured by a titanium folding clasp. wholesale watches replica

Technical specifications of the Greubel Forsey Grande Sonnerie

Case: 43.5mm x 16.13mm – Titanium – Front and back sapphire crystal – Sapphire side windows – 30m water resistance
Movement: 36.40 mm x 11.13 mm – Manual winding – 72 hours power reserve – 21,600 vibrations/hour – 85 jewels – Hours, minutes, small seconds, small sonnerie, minute repeater, chime mode selection, tilting tourbillon 24 Seconds, movement power reserve indicator, chiming power reserve indicator.
Strap: Hand-stitched alligator leather with titanium folding clasp

Richard Mille RM 53-01 Tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough: Resistant to hammering!

This year, Richard Mille continues its collaboration with polo player Pablo Mac Donough with the RM 53-01 Pablo Mac Donough Tourbillon, which houses a foolproof horological mechanical movement in a black carbon TPT case. Pure Richard Mille for this masculine and ultra-sporty timepiece.

Richard Mille was a loyal friend. Its ambassadors are not just the men and women who wear their watches for photographs during a certain season. These are real, lasting collaborations. Rafael Nadal, Felipe Massa, Sebastien Ogier, Bubba Watson and Pablo Mack · Dono (Pablo Mac Donough) is not just an ambassador, before becoming the brand image of Richard Mille (Richard Mille), they are all relatives of Richard.

The last watch to emerge from these watchmaking and sporting friendships? RM 53-01 Pablo MacDonough Tourbillon. There is a long story between polo and watchmaking… It begins with Jaeger-LeCoultre and its famous Reverso watch, whose famous reversing case was designed at the time to protect the “glass within glass” “Save from the watches worn by athletes in competitions… the rest of the story will continue with Piaget and its famous Polo watch, and then Hublot and its Infinity Limited series.

Richard Mille has been Pablo Mac Donough’s partner since 2010. This man is literally one of the best polo players in the world. Back then, during their first collaboration, Richard Mille envisioned a copy men watch with a “caparison” case that would protect the watch during a polo match, which can be particularly violent!

This new watch from Richard Mille has been designed in the same spirit. Offers polo players the possibility to wear their watches during matches! But, as you can imagine, polo is one of the most demanding sports on a tourbillon movement (we advise all sane watch lovers not to wear their favorite watch during games). With or without swirls! ).

Sudden turns, violent swings, violent collisions between horse and rider: so much power goes well beyond the norm usually encountered in other sports. Polo, the “king of sports”, is a very elegant but also very physical game.

It’s not a miracle that one of polo’s greatest champions is able to wear a watch, and it’s a tourbillon, fully operational, it’s the product of years of research and research into the performance’s resistance in the face of violent conflict. As experts in the field, the brand designed the RM 53-01 around one goal: to make it extremely durable while exalting its performance.

“Polo is a dangerous game, with shocks and impacts. It’s a game of great grace but also very physical,” explains Richard Mille. Pablo has broken bones many times during his career. Considering this At one point, I asked our team to design a best fashion watch that could withstand the various shocks during a polo match, but the movement had to be visible”.

Realizing that standard crystal could not provide the necessary resistance against the blows of a mallet, the brand’s engineers collaborated with Stettler, a great specialist in the field of sapphire crystal, inspired by the practice of laminated glass for automotive production. The use of this crystal mirror composed of two sapphire crystal mirrors and polyethylene film is the first time in the watchmaking industry. By the way, same as RM…

In the face of the strong shock wave from the impact of the mallet, the glass will crack, but not crack. The glass is treated with UV protection and anti-reflection to protect it from the external environment and is an exclusive patent of Richard Mille.

The case is machined from carbon TPT with serrations of a reinforced structure, an armored case with an astonishing and almost unalterable resistance. Recognized for its excellent resistance to microfractures and microcracks, this material is increasingly used by RM.

Any enemy with whirlwind motion (beyond the gravitational effects it compensates for) is a shock. What is Richard Mille’s solution? Movement suspended by cables. The atypical architecture of the building required the development of two slabs. The first, called the peripheral, is attached to the frame and supports the tensioning mechanism. The second, called the central, is connected to the peripheral plate by cables and contains all the movement’s gear trains as well as the winding mechanism.

The central plate, like a spider in the middle of a spider’s web, rests on 2 braided steel cables with a diameter of 0.27mm. These cables (see photo below) are woven into a three-dimensional structure through 10 pulleys, connected to 4 tensioners. The watchmaker himself puts the cables in tension by turning a splined screw in the center of each tensioner. Richard Mille copy

By ensuring its constant tension, “this pulley system guarantees a perfect balance of the whole. The grade 5 titanium used in the suspended movement and its components (bridges and double bridges) increases rigidity while ensuring a very smooth running of the gear train and optimal shock absorption,” the brand said in its press release.