A guide to different types of watches: which one is best for you?

Watches are timeless fashion items and are essential to our daily outfits. They are both practical and beautiful, and effortlessly increase our sophistication a hundredfold.

However, choosing a watch that suits your style can be a difficult decision. Just like your taste in clothes, your choice of timepieces reflects your personality to a large extent. Therefore, your ideal timepiece must fit your lifestyle and convey the impression you want.

In this article, we introduce four kinds of watches for each category of people:


Fundamentally speaking, a chronograph is a watch that provides a short time interval measurement function. In simple terms, it can act as a stopwatch, in addition to displaying local time, it can also measure tenths of a second. Some modern chronographs are also equipped with a tachometer, which can quickly measure speed and distance.

Chronograph watches are very suitable for people in the fields of health and science. Since the chronograph also has some of the coolest constructions, it is also often worn by people with complicated machines.

We recommend: Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona 116508

Aviation watch

Another tool watch on the list, the aviation watch or pilot watch is a timekeeper known for its ridged rotating bezel. They were originally designed for airplane pilots who need large and clear timepieces that they can use for critical tasks ranging from timing landings to calculating fuel consumption.

The design of the aviation watch is easy to read, which explains its oversized crown and dial. They are a must for pilots, travelers, blue-collar workers and adventure athletes.

We recommend: Richard Mille RM 39-01 self-winding flyback chronograph

Formal watch

Simple and elegant-these are obvious gifts for identifying formal watches. They are usually slim, with small dials, and barely noticeable under the button cuffs. Under normal circumstances, formal watches are designed with leather straps.

Some formal watches are decorated with gemstones and go well with dresses and tuxedos. They are most suitable for bosses who often attend client meetings and gentlemen who like candlelight dates with their loved ones.

We recommend: Patek Philippe Nautilus 5724R Rose Gold

Tourbillon watch

As a precious horological masterpiece, the tourbillon watch is a timepiece with a continuously rotating escapement, which counteracts the influence of gravity on the movement of the watch by balancing position errors. This type of watch has been a dream item for avid watch collectors since its introduction in 1795.

In addition to its complex mechanism, tourbillon watches usually have a unique and complex aesthetic. Those who like gorgeous fashion will definitely want to own one.

We recommend: Jacob & Co. Astronomia Dragon Tourbillon

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Swiss luxury watch brand FRANCK MULLER Christmas sparkle selection

Swiss luxury watch brand FRANCK MULLER selects two exquisite watches and jewellery collections to give you a warm gift for your longing Christmas day. These carefully selected products are all breakthrough innovations this year. They include the Vanguard 7 Days Power Reserve Skeleton series to highlight the masculine and sporty style, the Vanguard Lady Moonphase series with novel and unique designs that highlight feminine charm, as well as the beauty of beauty. Huan’s Talisman high-end jewelry series.

For Her- Vanguard Lady Moonphase

Paying tribute to women who love high-end watches and appreciate the craftsmanship of timepieces, the new Vanguard Lady Moonphase watch series are elegant and extraordinary, attracting everyone’s attention.

The diamond-encrusted case has elegant lines, and the sun-embossed dial has a diamond-encrusted moon phase display at 6 o’clock, which contrasts with each other. The moon phase display attracts the attention of the watch wearer, watching the changes of the moon phase until the night of the full moon arrives.

For Him-Vanguard 7 Days Power Reserve Skeleton

Vanguard 7 Days Power Reserve Skeleton is a masterpiece of the brand’s self-made mechanical watch, a vibrant luxury sports watch that also adapts to the style of daily sports.

The hand-polished bridge shows the factory-made movement and the small seconds at 6 o’clock. The hollow table bridge is rich in architectural and geometric beauty, allowing watch lovers to appreciate the entire mechanical structure of the watch. The exterior design is unique, and the iconic hollow hands match the dial perfectly, seamlessly, presenting innovative and extraordinary decoration details and the essence of watchmaking tradition.

Grand Seiko Spring Drive Refs. SBGA437, SBGA439, SBGA465 and SBGA467

SBGA437, SBGA439, SBGA465 and SBGA467 powered by Spring Drive are the four latest models debuting in the Grand Seiko Heritage Collection.

Shinshu in Nagano Prefecture, where all Grand Seiko Spring Drive watches are produced, was once the main center of silk production. Drawing inspiration from that period of history, Grand Seiko’s latest models include SBGA437, SBGA439 and SBGA467. Three Spring Drive models all use silk sun pattern dials, and SBGA465, whose special dials are inspired by gleaming frost.

The four models of stainless steel cases have a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 12.3 mm, representing a modern interpretation of the Grand Seiko style. The case uses long-faced lugs that extend from the middle of the case and bend down to the bracelet to provide a comfortable ergonomic design. The length from the tip of one lug to the other is only 46.6 mm, and the case is designed for various wrist sizes.

The geometry of the case is emphasized by its eye-catching finish, which combines a fine-grained brushed surface with a Zaratsu polished surface with mirror-like distortion-free reflections. Three screw-fixed crowns, the case has a rated pressure of 10 bar, and a solid back cover protects the internal movement. All in all, this case is designed for reliable everyday wear.

The silk sun pattern radiates outward, capturing light from all angles. It has a soft texture, no different from the best silk, it can only be created by applying soft silver using a special silver plating method.

The sky under the moonlight at night presents alluring and ever-changing tones, perfectly captured in this midnight blue sun dial. The color oscillates between the warm blue of some light and the black of other light.

This dynamic black dial is the ideal background for diamond-cut hands and hour markers, which is particularly eye-catching against the dark sun-grain texture.

The winter in Shinshu came suddenly. Frost on the trees at night, for a short and beautiful moment, gleaming in the morning sun before melting. The fleeting beauty of this phenomenon is captured here.

Spring drive 9R65
Spring Drive combines the high torque and non-stop power source of a mechanical watch with the high precision and stability of a quartz watch. The 9R65 movement is produced in the Shinshu Watch Studio in Nagano, with an accuracy of 1 second per day. The second hand advances in a smooth and sliding manner. This is a unique feature of Spring Drive.

Grand Seiko reference SBGA437, SBGA439, SBGA465 and SBGA467 are Mastershop models.

Corum Ti-Bridge Tourbillon: Daily (flying) tourbillon

Corum of La Chaux-de-Fonds is a small-volume art brand, famous for its “Bubbles”, “Feathers”, “Coins” and dodecagon Admiral’s Cup series of sports watches. But it is the Corum Bridge series that supports the street creed of high-end watches claimed by the brand. Like the “Golden Bridge” in 1980, Corum Bridge Ti-Bridge Tourbillon made an authoritative statement on Corum’s internal watchmaking acumen.

Think about what the Corum Ti-Bridge Tourbillon stands for; it is a golden bridge redesigned in titanium and a flying tourbillon redesigned as a sports watch. This avant-garde complication is not only an amazing insult to tradition, but it also provides the holy grail and the like for the most prestigious complication enthusiasts in the watch industry. Tourbillon, you can wear it every day, in any outfit.

Corum launched the first Ti-Bridge model in 2009, and in 2010 launched the bolder Ti-Bridge Tourbillon. Not only the tourbillon grafted to the internal Ti-Bridge movement, the manufacturing caliber CO 22 bypasses more flying tourbillon mechanisms for general-purpose tourbillons. The flying tourbillon is an innovation at the beginning of the 20th century, which omits the bridging structure on the visible side of the tourbillon frame. It is harder to execute and more spectacular.

Corum’s Ti-Bridge case provides a spacious gallery to showcase the main attractions. With its rectangular bridge with hairspring, hollow support rods and linear transmission system, CO-22 is an open book that can be read carefully with a magnifying glass, sight glass or even the naked eye. Like its predecessors of Golden Bridge, Ti-Bridge is a linear display of the various components that make up the mechanical essence of the Swiss lever movement.

Literally, the power is transmitted from the winding crown at three o’clock to the rotating carriage of the flying tourbillon at nine o’clock. The double barrels are located on both sides of the movement and provide a three-day (72-hour) power reserve. Although the alloy supporting this impressive watchmaking network uses PVD ​​coating and is officially called “ARCAP”, its chemical composition is very similar to the famous “German silver”, which is used for Old-fashioned watches and modern-famous nickel-copper alloy A. Lange & Sohne products.

Corum’s mechanical ballet revolves on the stage, which is bounded by an aggressive and ergonomic titanium shell. The original Golden Bridge was a slight prism resembling a fragile crystal shell, while Ti-Bridge passed through the wrist with the confident posture of a Richard Mille wine barrel.

The distance between the ears of the Corum Ti-Bridge Tourbillon is not less than 51 mm and the width is not less than 42 mm, but its curved bottom cover allows it to be firmly worn on wrists as small as 15 cm. The titanium case mainly uses a brushed finish to secure attention to the mechanical centerpiece, but the gunmetal gray form of Ti-Bridge is equally impressive. Moreover, this strange metal is very light on the wrist.

The superb black alligator leather strap is combined with the durable unfolding clasp to ensure safety and comfort. The fixing point of the strap starts before the border of the case lugs, so its downward bending starts before the edge of the case; small wrists benefit. All wrists will love the soft calfskin underside of the Corum watchband. The tank-like structure of the dual-trigger dual-deployment buckle meets Corum’s standards for its flagship models.

Want more? You are right; the Corum Ti-Bridge Tourbillon holder has comprehensive shock protection, and the case has a 5-ATM waterproof function. These two functions are rare in such complex functions, but combined, the exquisite series connection is extraordinary. Coupled with the strong anti-magnetic and anti-corrosion properties of the ARCAP movement, it is clear that the Corum titanium bridge tourbillon is designed to have a good time, not a baby. Indeed, for collectors who believe that watches are designed to be worn, this is a tourbillon. Breguet-men, not brands-will love it.

Antique sports car has been played new tricks by Breitling Top Time

As the so-called “car best price watches does not separate”, car culture has a deep influence on the development of watches. From co-branded models to cooperative models, we can always find car-related shadows in the bezel. With the warming up of various retro and replica watches in recent years, manufacturers’ eyes are not limited to modern cars, but like watches, they seek new inspirations from historical classics. At the 2021 Geneva Watch Day event that ended not long ago, Breitling launched a new retro car capsule series with the theme of three sports cars from the 1960s, using a highly saturated dial color, and the retro style is really eye-catching. .

The Top time series prototype watches can be traced back to the 1960s. The first watch (A23310121G1X1) was released as an online special offer in 2020. The watch boldly uses a contrasting retro dial, which is very expressive. The limited edition (A233101A1A1X1) launched in cooperation with the Deus ex Machina brand earlier this year was designed with a “panda plate” and received a good response. Continuing the series of design ideas, the new products are inspired by the sports cars of the 60s: Chevrolet Corvette, Shelby Cobra, Ford Mustang.

As an American “national treasure” supercar, Corvette represents the history, culture, and spirit of the United States, as well as the highest-end automotive technology, with beautiful and low-key body lines. In the 2011 Johnny Depp movie “Rum Diaries”, the male protagonist drives a 1959 Corvette, recreating the style of this legendary sports car.

The Corvette-themed A253102412K1X1 watch has a diameter of 42 mm. It uses a red dial that is similar to the car’s paint. The chronograph dial is also designed as an instrument panel. The dial has a pair of Chevrolet and racing cars at 12 o’clock. banner. The watch is equipped with a Breitling B25 movement with a 1/8 second chronograph function. This movement has previously appeared on the Premier Culture DATORA watch. According to the brand information, it is a self-produced movement. In addition to regular timekeeping, it also has a moon phase display function. The movement’s scalability is still quite high, but Top The time series does not use the moon phase module.

In 1962, Ford developed Mustang’s first concept car-the Mustang I concept car, whose name is to commemorate the US P-51 Mustang fighter jet during World War II. It is a two-seater sports car with a mid-engine, avant-garde and cool, full of personality.

The watch also uses bold green as the main color, adhering to the concept of precise timing, which is consistent with the pursuit of the ultimate speed concept of sports cars. The Mustang logo is engraved at the bottom of the cheap Breitling brand. It uses the same 42 mm diameter as the Corvette model. It can be said that in addition to the dial color and logo details, the two watches are different. But the blue Shelby Cobra mentioned next is more special.

Shelby Cobra must be indispensable for another superb sports car in the 1960s. The Shelby Cobra is as its name suggests, adhering to the design concept of the supremacy of speed, as fast as a cobra. American Shelby installed Ford’s top-level V8 engine on AC’s Cobra sports car, making it a maximum horsepower of 700 horsepower. It only takes 3.8 seconds to accelerate from 100 kilometers to 100 kilometers, and the maximum speed can reach more than 270 kilometers per hour. . With its powerful performance, it became an instant hit. Since then, Ford acquired AC Company and has been committed to the development of the Cobra series of sports cars.

Different from the previous two watches, the blue model uses a more compact diameter of 40 mm, and the movement is also replaced with a Breitling B41 movement. This is a chronograph movement developed in depth based on ETA 2892-A2. It has two small dials, one for the minute counter and the other for the small seconds display. Restricted by the movement structure, compared to the previous two models, the small plate above the 6 o’clock scale has been cancelled, and the cobra logo has been added to this position. Although there is no surprise from the B25 self-produced movement, this movement is certified by the observatory and is not inferior in terms of performance. Reliability and stability are its biggest advantages.

Compared with the previous online specials and DEUS limited editions of the series, the new Top Time retro car capsules are more eye-catching, especially the red Corvette and green Cobra models. The B25 movement is blessed with a larger 42 mm diameter. I am especially looking forward to it, and I believe that friends who are fascinated by retro sports cars will also be delighted.

New product: Corum Golden Bridge automatic winding sapphire case with panoramic view-celebrating the 10th anniversary of automatic winding

Thirty years after the advent of the Golden Bridge watch in 1980, Corum has released a version with a self-winding movement. That was in 2011. This year, Corum Watch celebrated the 10th anniversary of the advent of the self-winding watch, and released 4 new models with a panoramic integrated sapphire case.

Corum is an interesting brand that has always been at the forefront of design. They dare to take risks with bold aesthetics and innovative actions. Known for various icons from coin watches to Admirals and Bubbles and the legendary Golden Bridge. The Golden Bridge was released in 1980 as a collaboration with Vincent Calabrese. It was the world’s first in-line baguette movement. In 2011, Corum released an automated version. This year, to celebrate the ten years of the birth of the Golden Bridge automatic winding machine, they released 4 new series.

This new version features a one-piece panoramic sapphire case that extends from the top crystal to the side of the watch—allowing a 360-degree view of the inside. Judging from the photos released by the press, the new watch looks amazing. Gives the impression of a real-world bridge, not just a cartoon of a bridge. We look forward to seeing the sample sheet when we arrive in Singapore. And have booked our meeting to experience the Golden Bridge automatic watch shooting watch. The full report will be replied at that time.

The Golden Bridge of Corum fake Watch
Since its founding in 1955, Corum has been at the forefront of design and technology, often adventuring with bold looks and innovative movements. This may be why the brand is known for many different icons, from coin watches to admirals and bubbles. However, the most powerful legend in the Corum series is the Golden Bridge watch, which was first released in 1980 and is equipped with the world’s first in-line rectangular movement. Just 30 years later, in 2011, Corum released an automatic version of the inline movement that also swept the world.

The first generation, the hand chain Corum Miss Golden Bridge, together with the larger Corum Golden Bridge, are all set with diamonds,

Now, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Golden Bridge automatic winding machine, Corum has once again made a leap forward, launching a new Golden Bridge automatic winding series, equipped with an avant-garde case, allowing you to see the elaborate movement at a glance.

New product release: Corum’s 10th Anniversary Golden Bridge Automatic Watch Series

B313/04278 – 313.200.95/0F01 HS10 Black Ti/ Smoked Sapphire SGD 45,800 Limited Edition
B313/04279 – 313.200.86/0F01 HS15 5N Ti/Smoked Sapphire SGD 63,000 Limited Edition
B313/04280 – 313.200.77/0F01 HS15 Ti Diamond/Smoked Sapphire SGD 57,700 Limited Edition 25 pieces. 72 diamonds, approximately 0.65 carats
B313/04281 – 313.200.87/0F01 HS10 5N Ti Diamond/Smoked Sapphire SGD 66,200 Limited Edition 100 pieces. 72 diamonds ~0.65 carats

To commemorate the tenth anniversary of the self-winding movement, Corum Watch released a new Golden Bridge automatic winding series. The barrel-shaped case is composed of four models. With the panoramic sapphire crystal glass and the larger size of the case back, it can provide a moving view of the movement. In addition, Corum Watch made the sapphire crystal surface for the first time as a single sapphire piece extending from the top crystal mirror to both sides of the watch, so as to achieve a 360-degree panoramic view of the interior.

Sapphire is one of the most difficult materials to handle because it is very brittle and may crack during the manufacturing process. It also needs to pay special attention to the corners and metal case connection to make the watch waterproof. However, Corum’s internal engineers and watchmakers have mastered the single-piece craftsmanship covering the top and sides.

The new version of the best replica watch site case is made of polishable grade 5 titanium, the crown is located at 6:00, ergonomic comfort and beauty. They include a limited edition of 150 pieces in titanium and 18-carat gold models, as well as an all-titanium version with only 50 pieces. Each of these two materials also provides diamonds mounted on the case. Only 100 diamond-encrusted titanium versions are produced, and only 25 diamond-encrusted titanium watches are produced.

In addition, Corum also invented a discretely placed floating strap system for its hand-inlaid time scales, showing a highly modern and sophisticated style. The design is actually based on Functional needs. Since there is no dial to fix it, the strap system is connected to the base of the movement, so the mark seems to float in the space. As the name of the series-Golden Bridge shows-all versions of the movement of the main bridge and the bridge are made of 18 carat gold.

All 10th Anniversary Golden Bridge Automatic Watches use a sapphire caseback made of smoked crystal, which is almost mysterious in appearance. In addition, they are all powered by the original automatic movement, which is still very advanced even by today’s standards. All 194 parts of Corum Calibre C0313 are in one line, with a 40-hour power reserve, a variable inertia balance wheel that can achieve long-term accuracy, a miniaturized barrel and main board, and a splint made of 18-carat gold , And a platinum linear oscillating weight.

The Corum Golden Bridge Automatic 10th Anniversary Watch is water-resistant to 30 meters, with a soft-touch alligator strap and triple folding clasp. If the new case and the breathtaking side view are not enough, then the best part of this series may be the stunning new entry-level price of the Golden Bridge Automatic. https://www.moonphase-watch.com

U-Boat – New in 2020

Well, this is very exciting and humble. Our good friends at U-Boat kindly asked us, Andrew Michaels Jewelers (amjwatches.co.uk) to pre-sell their latest works. Nine new Capsoil and five new ladies’ models.

Capsoil was originally released as a four-piece set in November 2018. Two steel or DLC limited-time models and two chronographs also use steel or DLC cases (respectively numbered 8110, 8108, 8111 and 8109). These brand new timepieces have one major difference from all other U-Boats in that the case is filled with oil. Unlike Bell and Ross Hydromax, it is filled with oil to enable it to withstand the pressure of the deepest part of the sea at 11,000 meters. Capsoils uses oil, coupled with curved sapphire glass, to create a unique aesthetic that allows the wearer to follow the order. People watch their watches with incredible sharp angles. It is as if the dial is printed on the bottom surface of the sapphire glass. The edge of the dial is in constant visual confusion (or TurmOil?). It is unique in terms of distraction.

As I mentioned in the previous article, making round sapphire crystals is very difficult and expensive. The crystal is grown in a long tube and then cut into the individual discs required for each watch. This process is suitable for flat glass. Historically, glass is a hard crystal or similar that can be molded. This process is suitable for round glass. The new Capsoil released this year has mineral glass. Therefore, for the reasons mentioned above, you would expect the price of the original Capsoil to drop. However, we are all impressed with the price of the new model between 770 and 990 pounds! This time there is also a bronze PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) model! It can only be assumed that U-Boat has been able to perfect the fuel-filled tank process to achieve this.

Despite the incredible price reduction, all new Capsoil models are equipped with Swiss Ronda 712.3 movement with oil bath lubrication, 38 mm or 44 mm diameter case, screw-in back cover, curved mineral glass and 50 Meter waterproof. The specifications of most originals, plus all the charm and personality, are only half the price.

Whether you think my usual articles are erudite articles or mediocre jokes, they exist for one purpose; to educate and incite readers to buy reasonable luxury watches. However, U-Boat did all the hard work for me. Only need five words: Capsoil for under a Grand.

There are seven dark moon models and two rainbow models. Introduced separately below.

Dark Moon 44mm, black dial and bronze PVD ​​case with laser-cut hand-crafted leather strap – reference number 8467

Dark Moon 44mm, black dial, synthetic rubber strap and steel case-Reference 8463

Dark Moon 44mm, red mineral glass, black IPB case on synthetic rubber strap-reference 8466

The above are examples of three extraordinary new versions released by U-Boat.

Also within the scope of the new Capsoil, we found:

Darkmoon, reference 8465, red mineral glass, black dial and 44 mm steel case and rubber strap

Darkmoon, reference 8464 black dial and 44mm black IPB case rubber strap

Dark Moon, reference 8470 black dial and 38 mm black IPB case mesh bracelet

Dark Moon, reference 8471, black dial and 38 mm steel case mesh bracelet

Rainbow, reference 8468, with orange nuanced dial and 44 mm bronze IPB case, mesh bracelet

Rainbow, reference 8469, with orange nuanced dial and 44 mm steel case mesh bracelet

These new models will eventually replace the original Capsoil in the current catalog, with reference numbers 8108/A and 8110/A. The original Capsoil Chrono 45 models, models 8109/A and 8111/A, will continue to be produced.

New Lady’s U-boat

In addition to the above-mentioned gentleman models, U-Boat also released some amazing ladies models. Please note that these models do not have an oil-filled housing. It is replaced by a mother-of-pearl dial and Arabic numerals with bright crystals. Presents the same elegant case design and domed mineral glass.

Rainbow, model 8472, with pink mother-of-pearl dial and 38 mm steel case, with pink alligator leather strap

The new lineup also includes:

Rainbow, model 8473, with pink mother-of-pearl dial and 38 mm bronze IPB case with mesh bracelet

Rainbow, reference number 8474, with blue mother-of-pearl dial and 38 mm steel case mesh bracelet

Rainbow, reference 8475, with blue mother-of-pearl dial and 38 mm bronze IPB case, blue alligator strap

The last addition is a new Lady’s Classico, which is already available for purchase. This stylized ladies watch adopts the strong aesthetics of the classic series, with an extraordinary dial and sapphire painting.

Classico, reference 8481, turquoise mother-of-pearl dial, 42 white sapphires and 38 mm steel case, turquoise alligator leather strap

The series also provides the following products:
Classico, reference 8480, with pink mother-of-pearl dial, 42 white sapphires and 38 mm steel case, pink alligator strap

Classico, reference 8482, black mother-of-pearl dial, 42 white sapphires and 38 mm steel case, white alligator strap

Every replica U-Boat watch is equipped with an excellent Swiss movement. Each watch is produced one by one. Assembled by skilled craftsmen at the Tuscan brand headquarters in Lucca. Most of their world-renowned watches use advanced and unusual design/manufacturing techniques to produce unique, high-quality final products.

Zenith launches limited edition Defy Zero G sapphire and Defy 21 double tourbillon sapphire watches

Although humans are accustomed to the continued existence of gravity, its influence is a major obstacle to the mechanical watchmaking industry. When the movement is at a rest position, the pulling force of gravity through the movement’s gear train will eventually cause slight errors. For centuries, watch brands have devised complex solutions to counteract the effects of gravity. Although wristwatches (as opposed to pocket watches or clocks) are more mobile and can alleviate most static gravity problems, the traditional remedy for mechanical movement is the tourbillon escapement. By rotating the escapement around its axis, the force of gravity is distributed more evenly throughout the movement, thereby achieving higher accuracy. For its latest high-end version, Zenith uses this tried-and-tested method of counteracting gravity and a more novel gyro stabilizer device. By embracing the present and future of gravity compensation, the limited edition Zenith Defy Zero G Sapphire and Zenith Defy 21 Double-Tourbillon Sapphire make the brand’s watchmaking capabilities a compelling focus.

Zenith Defy Zero G Sapphire and Defy 21 Double Tourbillon Sapphire are designed with a full sapphire case, 46 mm wide. The rest of the Defy 21 series adopts a sharp faceted flat form, but its sapphire material helps to emphasize the futuristic and sporty characteristics of the design in the image. Although many case designs will fall into chaos when presented in sapphire, in these iterations, the narrow bezel, tapered side chamfers and flat half-cap lugs remain clear. Although these clear cases can indeed uninterruptedly view the complex movements inside, they are indeed affected in terms of durability compared to their conventionally produced cousins. The Defy Zero G Sapphire and Defy 21 Double-Tourbillon Sapphire are only 30 meters water resistant, which is disappointing.

Although the dials of Zenith’s Defy Zero G Sapphire and Defy 21 Double Tourbillon Sapphire are gorgeous skeleton displays of the brand’s movement manufacturing capabilities, each model uses a completely different approach. Defy Zero G Sapphire is the more concise design in this pair of series. It adopts an open and airy layout and makes full use of the wide diameter of the case to create dramatic negative space. Although the layout may be simple compared to its counterparts, the execution is by no means so. Materials and finishes range from exposed meteorites to aventurine glass, miniature paintings, carved midnight blue PVD ​​and brushed stainless steel used for skeleton bridges. The chronograph function is located on the 12 o’clock subdial, which combines a dark blue aventurine central part inspired by space and a bright exposed meteorite outer ring. Chemin-de-fer minute tracking. The small seconds dial at 10 o’clock is divided into a meteorite ring and a mottled orange part, which is hand-finished by a professional miniature artist to evoke the appearance of Mars. Zenith’s engraved navy blue PVD continued the starry sky effect of most of the dial in the image, but stopped for a short stay to draw attention to the iconic element of Defy Zero G Sapphire-its gyroscope at 6 o’clock. Module. This unique design does not rotate the escapement along the axis like a tourbillon, but uses a micro gyroscope to keep the escapement components level, regardless of the position of the watch. This is likely to produce an eye-catching spectacle on the wrist, even in the image, the complex frame around the balance wheel is visually impressive.

Zenith fans should be more familiar with the dial layout of the Defy 21 Double Tourbillon Sapphire because it follows the layout created by Zenith x Felipe Defy Double Tourbillon for Only Watch 2021. The complex skeleton design divides itself into three different visual levels, each of which is color-coded to make it easier to identify in the image. The top hollow bridge and the chronograph minute subdial at 3 o’clock are all engraved with blue PVD. The random star pattern highlights the zero-gravity inspiration of the design. For the lower bridge, the minute track, the power reserve indicator at 12 o’clock and the chronograph seconds at 6 o’clock, the brand chose a contrasting grainy silver tone, while the solid bridge forming the bottom layer is finished with pure midnight blue PVD, making them Fade into the background smoothly. The external decimal scale is a direct visual clue to the iconic feature of the Defy 21 Double Tourbillon Sapphire, which is a dazzling 1/100-second central chronograph hand that completes a dial cycle every second. When this unique chronograph element stops, a pair of skeletonized tourbillons at 8 o’clock and 10 o’clock will dominate. One of the tourbillons is used as the escapement of the basic movement, completing a complete rotation every 60 seconds at a beat rate of 36,000 bph, and is used as a running stopwatch. When the chronograph is activated, the second tourbillon is activated, vibrating at an extremely fast frequency of 360,000 bph, rotating once every five seconds. This sense of speed, coupled with the pure existence of a pair of tourbillons, wholesale watches replica

Zenith uses the self-produced El Primero 8812 S manual winding skeleton movement to power the Defy Zero G Sapphire. Viewed from the back side of the watch, the El Primero 8812 S contrasts the open simplicity of the dial side with the raised geometric mesh of engraved blue PVD ​​skeleton bridges and rhodium-plated gear train elements. However, like the dial side, the gyroscope module occupies the center of the image. For the back of this complex device, Zenith uses hand-carved platinum hemispherical weights, decorated with gorgeous craters, reminiscent of the surface of the moon, and decorated with the brand’s star logo on the top. In terms of performance, El Primero 8812 S provides a stable 50-hour power reserve with a steady beat rate of 36,000 bph. For the Defy 21 double tourbillon sapphire, the brand switched to its internal El Primero 9020 automatic tourbillon chronograph movement. Although the dial side uses a layered bridge structure and an eye-catching double tourbillon, the back cover side of the El Primero 9020 provides a relatively simple view. The wide engraved blue PVD bridge is cut away to show the elements of the gear train, but the matching oversized star rotor covers most of the visual space in the image. When the torque-requiring UHF chronograph and its accompanying tourbillon are not used, the El Primero 9020 can provide 50 hours of power reserve at El Primero’s iconic 36,000 bph beat rate, and COSC-certified chronometer-level accuracy . Zenith Defy Zero G Sapphire and Defy 21 Double Tourbillon Sapphire are paired with navy blue Cordura-effect textured rubber straps, and black lining creates a sharp contrast. As an added bonus, buyers of both designs were invited to participate in the exclusive zero-gravity parabolic flight of Novespace, a subsidiary of the French National Space Center. The flight is currently scheduled to take place in Bordeaux, France in February 2022, but the brand does not mention travel accommodation.

The limited-edition Zenith Defy Zero G Sapphire and Zenith Defy 21 Double Tourbillon Sapphire use two completely different but equally spectacular methods of counteracting gravity, both strikingly showcase the brand’s considerable expertise in fine watches. Defy Zero G Sapphire and Defy 21 Double Tourbillon Sapphire are each limited edition.

Two bold and beautiful timepieces from Corum

Corum GOLDEN BRIDGE automatic winding
This new Kunlun Golden Bridge Automatic Watch is bold, mysterious and beautiful, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Golden Bridge Automatic and the 41st anniversary of the original Golden Bridge. Today, the Golden Bridge has become a legend of the times, famous for its fascinating inline vertical rectangular movement. For this new black titanium and 18-carat gold anniversary edition, Kunlun also provides an avant-garde sapphire case and side, so that the inside of the watch is unobstructed. The crystal and the side of the case are all a sapphire, which takes hundreds of hours to complete. The CO313 movement that powers this watch consists of 194 individual hand-made and assembled parts.

Corum Admiral 45 Chronograph
Corum has created the iconic Admiral watch series for more than 60 years, but the brand still regularly recreates this coveted classic by adding visionary designs and materials. Inspired by the greatest sailing competition, the new Admiral 45 Chronograph is a classic example. This watch is made of grade 5 titanium, with a titanium bracelet and a striking blue dial, with an hourly nautical pennant on the flange of the dial. Although Corum has never deviated from the 12-sided case that made this watch a legend, it has updated this version with a unique pattern on the dial. The watch is powered by an automatic chronograph movement, which provides hour, minute, second and date indications. It is waterproof up to 300 meters. online cheap watch

Hands-on, the beast is back-the new Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph 26238ST

One of the most powerful designs ever returned in a form reminiscent of the early 1990s.

The Beast… This is the name of the Royal Oak Offshore Watch when it came out in 1993. If the classic Royal Oak series of 1972 has been subversive, then ROO is a shock, a real breakthrough, unprecedented and provocative. But nearly 30 years after its launch, the Royal Oak Offshore has proven to be a carefully adjusted formula, and multiple versions have been derived. However, nothing can beat the iconic status of the original. We saw a new version of this watch in 2018. This year, Audemars Piguet brought a new version of the Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph, once again paying tribute to ROO’s early days. There are also titanium and gold options. Let’s take a closer look at the classic steel blue version of this 26238ST. It has a significant improvement and is no longer restricted.

1993 Royal Oak Offshore
As with watches that pay tribute to past models, historical briefings are necessary. First of all, 1972 and the Royal Oak must be remembered. This watch adopts a new concept, which combines the quality of a sports watch with high-end watchmaking craftsmanship, and introduces the concept of integrated design, which is very provocative. In the early 1970s, even Audemars Piguet believed that the concept of a luxury watch was a small, thin, gold-coated watch that might have complicated functions. Under the writing of Gerald Genta, the Royal Oak was born and created a new market segment, namely luxury sports watches. Thin and sturdy, angular, textured, luxurious in a young and fresh way, over-designed, constructed as a single element…it is destructive but also very successful.

Twenty years later, it was transferred for the second time, still in the Royal Oak series. In the early 1990s, the watch industry was slowly recovering from the quartz crisis, and the watches produced were still quite shy and cautious. The comeback of mechanical watches has just begun, and the vast majority of high-end watches on the market-except for a few sports watches-are still classic designs with relatively small diameters. However, in 1993, Audemars Piguet once again launched the Royal Oak Offshore Watch.

What is this watch about? This is the testosterone version of the Royal Oak, using a 42mm case and a chronograph, with the words “massive” and “deconstructed”. Some people will remember how many collectors and industry insiders were disappointed with this new product when it was unveiled at the Basel Watch Fair in 1993. Even Gerald Genta was shocked. However, others were surprised by the new concept designed by a young man named Emmanuel Gueit (22 years old at the time). The vibration was so strong that the watch was immediately called a “beast”.

The Royal Oak Offshore 25721ST was a huge watch at the time. It was 42 mm in diameter and 15 mm in height. It was sharp and heavy. In fact, even with all the iconic design elements of the Royal Oak-the octagonal bezel, eight Hexagonal screws, raised bezel, tapestry dial, one-piece bracelet, the overall shape of the case-Offshore feels brand new and subversive. For example, it adopted the classic Royal Oak design and “deconstructed” it, for example by making the gasket between the case and bezel highly visible. It also introduced a new material mixed with metal—in this case, rubber. Later, ROO will be made of gold, ceramics and even forged carbon.

The return of the new Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph “The Beast”
This is not the first time Audemars Piguet has tried to bring back a modernized version of the classic 1993 Royal Oak Offshore, because in 2018, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of this model, the brand launched a limited edition watch-ref. 26237ST.OO .1000ST.01-quite faithful to the original in style and specifications. Although the original design remained until 2021, there were some notable changes, the first is a new internal movement, and the second is that this watch is now available as part of the permanent collection.

Watching this new version of the Royal Oak Offshore Automatic Chronograph 26238ST, fans of this concept will not be surprised. In fact, it is almost exactly the same as the ROO series of watches launched in 1993, at least visually, because some details have been updated, mainly on the back of the watch…let the original Royal Oak offshore model become Everything about the iconic model is kept alive: the oversized, multi-step shell; the classic Royal Oak elements; the combination of materials; the colors; the layout of the dial and its texture…but the first impression can be deceptive, Because this new version in 2021 has quite a few new features.

The case is basically the same as the old ROO. It has a diameter of 42 mm and a height of 15.2 mm, maintaining roughly the same proportions. The overall design is also quite similar to the original. The highly raised octagonal bezel has eight platinum screws, the exposed blue rubber washers between the case and the bezel, the blue rubber-coated buttons and the screws protected by the pointed tips. The classic combination of the locking crown guard and the vertically brushed surface is inspired by the large polished bevels on the side of the bezel and case. The case also retains the original 100m waterproof performance. Except for a few tenths of a millimeter here and there, as well as more precise adjustments to the parts and cleaner surface treatment (all thanks to modern production technology), this situation is very very familiar.

As you might expect, this new Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Automatic Chronograph has the same feel on the wrist. Even today, 28 years after its launch, we are accustomed to oversized watches. The impression of people is certainly not that shocking. Nevertheless, it still has an influential design and muscular feel on the wrist, plus considerable weight. This one was taken on Xavier’s 17.5cm wrist (sorry for not adjusting the bracelet to the proper length). There is no doubt that this new ROO is still a veritable “beast”. But remember, this particular model is now one of the most “introverted” versions offered by Audemars Piguet in the offshore series… Whether you like the concept behind ROO or not, it is difficult to argue with the resulting visual impact Watch endlessly.

What really connects this new version of the Royal Oak Offshore Automatic Chronograph 26238ST with the original model in 1993 is its dial. Over the years, we have indeed seen this watch with the so-called “Méga Tapisserie” pattern on the dial, with large embossed squares, while the original model has a more refined “Petite Tapisserie” pattern, thanks to the guilloche Pattern craftsmanship-almost the same as the Royal Oak Jumbo in 1972. The performance of this new ROO chronograph has returned. For this stainless steel version, it also brings back the classic dark blue.

Just like when you compare the modern Royal Oak Jumbo 15202 with the vintage 5402, the “Petite Tapisserie” dial of the new Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph is even more impressive in terms of execution. Indeed, after years of polishing the guilloche craft, the gaps between the squares are thinner, the texture is much clearer, the pattern is more regular, and the overall rendering is very clear. But in addition to being more refined, this dial has many minor updates, such as a newly applied AP logo or a slightly redesigned magnifying glass for the date window at 3 o’clock.

All white marks have also been better defined, but Audemars Piguet retains the same shape of platinum application marks and hands, still full of Super-LumiNova. The real difference comes from the display. Of course, it retains the classic 6-9-12 layout of the sub-counters (the result of the modular chronographs in the past), but since the movement is now produced in-house, the positions of these counters have changed because the small second hand is now at 6 The o’clock position, which used to be the 12 o’clock position, the hour register of the chronograph is located here. The 30-minute counter remains at the 9 o’clock position. Finally, this is an important detail, all the sub-counters are now the same size and spacing. The weird position of the counter at 12 o’clock is gone forever,

The reason behind this new layout is simple: this Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph is equipped with the brand’s internal integrated chronograph. The 44xx movement, originally introduced in code 11.59, is a modern, technologically advanced movement that originally adopted the classic 3-6-9 layout. In order to retain the iconic display, it must adapt to this watch. Other than that, the specifications are familiar. We are talking about a self-winding chronograph movement with a column wheel and a vertical clutch, as well as a flyback function, which resets the chronograph session during operation by simply pressing the button at 4 o’clock. perfect cheap watches

This large movement (32 mm in diameter) is called the 4404 movement, which can be seen through the bottom cover and includes a rather spectacular reset mechanism and its three aligned hammers. Decoration includes straight and round satin brushed, Geneva stripes, pearl patterns on both sides and large polished chamfers. It runs at 4Hz, has a power reserve of 70 hours, and is wound by a 22k gold oscillating weight.

Classically, this new Royal Oak Offshore Automatic Chronograph 26238ST is worn on an integrated RO bracelet, and all top surfaces (including the middle link) are brushed. There is a beautiful bevel on the side, and the bracelet is closed with a folding clasp. But if you look closely at the pictures of the movement, you will notice that there are pushers on the back of the links. In fact, this new ROO is equipped with an ingenious interchange system, so you can change the bracelet to a blue rubber strap (also included in the box) without tools.

Technical specifications-Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Automatic Chronograph 26238ST
Case: diameter 42 mm x 15.2 m-stainless steel, polished bevel-blue rubber gasket between case and bezel-rubber-coated button and screw-in crown-sapphire crystal and case back-water resistance up to 100 metres
Dial: Blue dial with “petite Tapisserie” pattern, blue counter and white gold coated hour markers-hour markers and minute hands treated with luminous coating-tachymeter bezel-date window with magnifying glass at 3 o’clock-12 There is a 12-hour counter at o’clock, a 30-minute counter at 9 o’clock, and a small seconds counter at 6 o’clock
Movement: AP caliber 4404, internal integrated automatic flyback chronograph, column wheel and vertical clutch-32 mm-381 parts-40 jewels-28,800 times / hour-70 hours power reserve-hours, minutes, small seconds , Date, chronograph with flyback, 30-minute and 12-hour counters
Bracelet: Integrated stainless steel bracelet with AP folding clasp and interchangeable system-includes additional blue rubber strap
Reference: 26238ST.OO.2000ST.01