Richard Mille and Jean Todd: Eternal Friendship

One comes from the world of fast cars, and the other comes from high-end watches. But French racing giant Jean Todt and Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille fake both praise impeccable engineering and precise performance.

Although occupations may make them unique, the friendship between the two is not surprising. After all, Mille is a famous collector of sports cars and car memorabilia, and Todt is one of the most well-known names in motorsports. But it was Nicolas, the 71-year-old son who really brought this friendship, who introduced Todt to Richard Mille’s dreamy world of avant-garde timepieces. The rest, as we know, is history.

“Richard became a friend; he is a member of the family. He is a creative genius, he has successfully used techniques that no one has mastered so far,” said Todt of the watchmaker, and then listed Richard Mille’s Examples of technological breakthroughs achieved by its Rafael Nadal timepieces, which are equipped with a tourbillon weighing only 18.83 grams.

Miller is his industry guru, and so is Todd. His achievements in the automotive industry over the years are as impressive as the miracles of watches made by Mille. To call him a legend of motorsport is not an understatement. The Frenchman is the chairman of the International Automobile Federation (FIA). He was originally a professional rally co-pilot before becoming the director of Peugeot Talbot Sport in 1982. After playing for the racing team, Todt continued to run Scuderia Ferrari for more than 15 years, and then resigned as a member of the board of directors in 2009 to assume his current position.

Richard Mille launched a timer named after Todt in 2012: RM 036 Tourbillon G-Sensor Jean Todt. Using Todt to participate in the FIA ​​road safety campaign, Mille set out to make a watch to provide practical solutions to road safety problems. Therefore, he worked with Todt and his team to develop a mechanism to help explain the physical limitations of the human body due to rapid deceleration, in order to make the driver more aware of the dangers on the road.

The G sensor system, developed and patented by Renaud Papi specifically for Richard Mille, consists of more than 50 components, but the size is only 17 mm. It converts the movement of a small internal mechanism into an indicator, and visually displays the accumulated G value of the wearer on the scale on the dial. This ruler also has a range of colors to indicate whether the deceleration is safe (green area) or unsafe (red). Only 15 pieces of this watch were produced, and it was officially unveiled at the FIA ​​Awards Ceremony in Istanbul. The sales profit was used for the two programs closest to Todd’s heart: FIA Road Safety Action Global Campaign and ICM Brain and Spine Research Place.

RM 58-01 World Timer Jea​​n Todt

Its success prompted Richard Mille (Richard Mille) to issue a second stock symbol shortly afterwards to commemorate the man. RM 58-01 World Timer Jean Todt alludes to Todt’s busy travel schedule, and has a world time function in 24 time zones on the dial. Interestingly, unlike most other time zone watches, the RM 58-01 does not need to press a button to switch between time zones. Instead, simply rotate the bezel counterclockwise and move the name of the current city at 12 o’clock to set the time. In addition, the 24-hour scale engraved on the flange is divided into white and black, indicating day and night respectively. Its impressive 10-day power reserve also makes this timepiece especially suitable for frequent travelers.

RM 056 Jean Todt 50th Anniversary

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Todt’s participation in motorsports, Richard Mille launched not a watch, but three timepieces to commemorate him. The title of the trilogy is RM 056 Jean Todt 50th Anniversary. This is a very visually striking model with a completely transparent case machined from a whole piece of solid sapphire crystal. Sapphire crystal is not easy to process, so each case requires more than 1,000 hours of production time, of which nearly 430 hours are used to polish it into the desired shape, and another 350 hours to polish it into a high light. This skeleton chronograph is equipped with a manual winding movement RMCC1. It also provides a split-second chronograph function and is adjusted by a one-minute tourbillon. There is also a power display (the watch has a reserve of approximately 70 hours) and a torque indicator on the dial to provide information about the tension of the mainspring.

RM 050 Jean Todt 50th Anniversary

There is also RM 050 Jean Todt 50th Anniversary, which comes with a TPT quartz case. Blue is Todt’s favorite color. Its chassis is extremely lightweight but durable. It is made up of 600 layers of silica stacked, each about 45 microns thick, and then injected with blue resin and heated to over 120 degrees Celsius. Like the RM 056, it is powered by the RMCC1 movement, but its weight is reduced by 20% (9.5 grams to be precise) due to the extremely hollow bottom and bridge plates and ultra-light materials such as carbon nanofiber and titanium.

RM 11-03 Flyback Chronograph Jean Todt 50th Anniversary

The last of the series is the RM 11-03 Flyback Chronograph Jean Todt 50th Anniversary, which debuted at the brand’s Chantilly Art and Elegance Festival last year. Inspired by the car and its rich history, it is equipped with an automatic flyback chronograph. The 12 o’clock position is a large semi-momentary date display window, which can automatically adjust the month of 30 or 31 days. This timepiece is powered by a double barrel and can provide up to 55 hours of reserve. All of these are housed in the same blue TPT quartz case as the RM 050 Jean Todt 50th anniversary commemorative model.

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Richard Mille RM 40-01 automatic tourbillon McLaren Speedtail

Richard Mille RM 40-01 automatic tourbillon McLaren Speedtail. A new case shape that follows the design of the car.

For Richard Mille, a future involving the McLaren car brand is almost written on the stars. As a lifelong car enthusiast, his passion can be traced back to 1966 when he was only 15 years old. His father took him to the Monaco Grand Prix, where he saw Bruce McLaren driving his M2B. It was the first McLaren Formula One car. He vividly recalled the “absolutely terrifying” sound of the Ford engine, the real purpose of which was to power the McLaren Can-Am in the Indianapolis 500. Part of this personal experience instilled a deep-rooted enthusiasm for the automaker, which led to Richard Mille’s long-term partnership with McLaren in February 2016.

As Richard Mille fake and the British luxury supercar manufacturer McLaren Motors have continued their cooperation for the fifth year, the two brands are pleased to present their latest and most ambitious collaboration to date-the new model. Chad Miller RM 40-01 automatic tourbillon McLaren fast tail. A watch can be summarized as five prototype development, 8,600 hours of movement structure development, 672 components, 5000 g impact test and 18 months of new case shape development.

As the name suggests, this extraordinary and unique watch pays tribute to the futuristic Speedtail, the fastest, most advanced and most exotic road car ever produced by McLaren. Based on the shape of teardrops, which is the most aerodynamically efficient shape in nature, the Speedtail is a model of streamlined super sports cars. This is a three-seater luxury station wagon, becoming the fourth car in the McLaren Ultimate series.

The Richard Mille RM 40-01 watch combines its shape, material and the concept behind it with Richard Mille’s own outstanding technical spirit and unique and ground-breaking design to complement this most special car. To reflect the 106 McLaren Speedtails manufactured, only 106 Richard Mille RM 40-01 Automatic Tourbillon McLaren Speedtail watches will be manufactured.

McLaren Speedtail is known as one of the most remarkable and amazing car designs ever. It is considered radical in form and function. It is a man-made machine inspired by one of the purest forms-teardrops. Viewed from above, the outline of the car resembles the outline of a single water drop. This is the most aerodynamically efficient shape in nature and the starting point for the final streamlined luxury station wagon. A carefully selected team of no less than a dozen aerodynamic experts studied the form of Speedtail, which involved designing and creating some of the most advanced airflow systems seen in any type of car.

Scientifically developed wind protection enhancements-from the air intakes on the side of the Speedtail headlamps to the NACA ducts installed on the roof, from the streamlined bottom to a pair of flexible rear ailerons-making it a 1,055-horsepower hybrid system It can propel an all-carbon car to a top speed of 250 miles per hour (402 km/h), making it the fastest McLaren vehicle ever. Due to its central driving position and three-seater configuration reminiscent of the legendary F1 in the 1990s, Speedtail is known as the “spiritual successor to the original Ultimate Series car. Like F1, production is limited to 106 examples starting in February 2020. During the 12-month operation period, it was built in McLaren Automotive’s state-of-the-art production facility in Woking, England.

“In addition to drawing inspiration from Speedtail’s teardrop shape, we also faced the challenge of seamlessly integrating the existing Richard Mille cue with McLaren cue.” Julien Boillat, Casing Technical Director.

The bezel and back cover are made of grade 5 titanium, while the strap is made of carbon TPT. This is an extraordinary material with a unique finish, which changes the direction of the weft yarn between layers by layering hundreds of carbon fibers using an automated process. Heated to 120 degrees Celsius in an autoclave similar to that used for aerospace parts, the material is then ready for processing at Richard Mille. The tripartite case-titanium and carbon TPT-is water-resistant to 50 meters and is sealed by 2 nitrile rubber O-rings. The case size is 41.80 x 48.25 x 14.15 mm and is assembled by 12 grade 5 titanium spline screws and 316 L stainless steel wear-resistant washers. imitation watches

Richard Mille’s casing department is led by Julien Boillat, and it took an unprecedented 2,800 hours to perfect these production lines in 18 months. Due to the unprecedented complexity of the design, five prototypes were created before reaching the optimal shape. The challenge is that the case is significantly wider at 12 o’clock than at 6 o’clock.

In order to protect the most advanced movement of the RM 40-01, Richard Mille has developed a unique upper crystal glass with a “triple profile” to reduce the taper and thickness of the bezel. The attention to detail is extreme, with mirror polishing, plain and satin finishes in different areas, and the combined use of titanium and carbon TPT. The case itself is made of 69 separate parts. The date can be easily corrected with a button, and the McLaren logo is located at 8 o’clock.

The crown design uses a control in the car’s cockpit. It is based on Speedtail’s drive mode selector and is a real engineering marvel, made of a combination of carbon TPT and titanium. The function selection button at 4 o’clock allows you to choose between neutral, winding and manual setting functions with a single touch-just like using a paddle shifter.

The sapphire crystal above is very complicated, and the cost is 15 to 20 times that of the “classic” Richard Mille sapphire watch glass-already very expensive and complicated. The reason is the triple contour formed by the special shape of the bezel and the gradually decreasing thickness. It is very difficult to grind the three radii of sapphire to a measurement value of plus or minus two-half millimeters.

The crystal design alone required 18 months of work, because they had to find a way to grind the sapphire into a perfect shape and seal it to ensure a water resistance of 50 meters. Sapphire is a very hard material and cannot be milled using, for example, a five-axis machine that might be used to make bezels. The only way to process sapphire is by grinding, and we now have this knowledge inside Richard Mille, using stones that gradually erode the surface over hours, so that the crystal has a very precise geometry.

The new automatic movement architecture requires an astonishing 8,600 hours of development time, most of which is spent on completing the ultimate details. Grade 5 titanium has been used for key components such as bridges, bridge screws, base plates and rotor cores. The CRMT4 movement introduces the complication of a power reserve display and a large date and function selector, all of which are the first of Richard Mille’s internal tourbillon.

The wheels are machined with the McLaren logo and decorated on the Speedtail hood, while the dome parts introduce new surface contours required to transform the car’s curves. The platinum and red gold winding rotors are inspired by the McLaren Speedtail’s hood and the barrel setting of the roof line.

The design and execution of the watch demonstrates a holistic approach to the movement, case and dial concepts. Therefore, everything is built according to extremely strict specifications. For example, the casing ring is no longer used, and the movement is mounted on the chassis and the rubber-ISO SW-is fixed by titanium screws. The movement can provide a power reserve of 50 hours after being fully wound.

“The complexity of the components, the many details, and most importantly, the attention to surface treatment makes the RM 40-01 firmly occupy the pinnacle of Swiss-made watches. For example, the rims are polished and have progressive angles-among other elements. -And the bevels are gradually polished by hand.” Salvador Arbona, Movement Technical Director.

Richard Mille RM 11-02 Automatic Flyblack Chronograph

Richard Mille RM 11-02 Automatic Flyblack Chronograph Dual Time Zone Jet Black Limited Edition Watch

The Richard Mille RM 11-02 automatic Flyblack chronograph dual time zone spray black limited edition watch is a black DLC brand touted as a “traveler’s most practical, comfortable and invisible companion”. Although it is unexpected to call any of Richard Mille’s work “invisible”, it may be smaller than the typical bold work of the brand because most of the things you use are black. As for travel, having a flyback chronograph, annual calendar, 60-minute countdown timer, and GMT function (tracked by a dedicated red hand on the dial and set by a black carbon pusher at 9 o’clock) may be a bit too much. Although In this way, this watch is limited to 88 pieces, and once it is exclusively sold in the Americas, it will definitely arouse people’s interest.

Richard Mille RM 11-02 Automatic Flyblack Chronograph Dual Time Zone Jet Black watch is powered by a titanium RMAC2 automatic movement with hollow PVD ​​treatment and has a 50-hour power reserve. The size of the case is 50.0 mm ear-to-ear, 42.7 mm wide and 16.2 mm thick. It adopts a recognizable tonneau-shaped case made of NTPT (Northern Thin Layer Technology) carbon. It is equipped with a black rubber strap and a black DLC (diamond-like coating) titanium buckle. replica watches price

Personally, I found that this Richard Mille 11-02 Jet Black has a darker overall color, which makes the details of the NTPT case really shine. On other Richard Mille models that use NTPT, the red strap or larger red patch on the crown or dial takes the eye away from the interesting pattern created by the case material. It also prevents the dial from becoming too crowded. Although it is a very crowded dial, its function can be checked when needed, rather than suddenly appearing and demanding attention. A dial that can be attracted rather than distracted.

As David Bredan pointed out in the article about Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa Black Night NTPT Carbon, one of the beauty of Richard Mille is that the price is determined by the cost of developing the watch, not by the internal pricing committee or marketing hype. Yes, so you will definitely get something very special. As shown on the dial, Richard Mille RM 11-02 Automatic Flying Black Chronograph Dual Time Zone Jet Black Limited Edition.

Richard Mille RM 60-01 Les Voiles De St Barth

As the main sponsor of the Les Voiles De St Barth Regatta, Richard Mille launched the limited edition RM 60-01 Les Voiles De St Barth. As the event cannot be held this year, the brand reiterated its commitment and intends to donate all proceeds from the sale of RM60-01 to St. Bart’s initiative. This watch has a 50mm case made of titanium and carbon TPT. It also has a flyback chronograph and annual calendar. With its rotating bezel, this watch can also be used as a compass.

Housing and materials for RM 60-01 Les Voiles De St Barth
Richard Mille chose a round case of 50 x 16.33 mm. It consists of four separate parts, including long titanium lugs. The middle part is also made of titanium, but with carbon TPT blades. In addition, 46 titanium screws hold the case together. Richard Mille can also lock the two chronograph buttons by turning the black ring on the crown. However, UTC pushers that add pointers to the second time zone are not affected by this.

The case also has a rotating bezel made of titanium and carbon TPT with four base points, a 360° measuring disc and a 24-hour scale. Together with the red UTC pointer, sailors can determine their direction as if they were using a compass. First, the red hand is aligned with the sun. Then turn the bezel so that the hands correspond to the current hour in local time. Now, the correct direction of North, East, West, and South will be shown to the wearer.

The dial of Richard Mille RM 60-01 Les Voiles De St Barth is made of sapphire crystal, so the mechanism can be seen. In addition, the manufacturer placed a turquoise flange with a dot index around the dial. Two large hands with luminous material indicate the time. There is also a small second hand with a yellow pointer at 3 o’clock. The watch has an annual calendar that can distinguish between 30-day and 31-day months. To this end, a large date window is set at 12 o’clock, and the current month is displayed from 4 o’clock to 5 o’clock.

The time measurement of the flyback chronograph is displayed on the countdown subdial at 9 o’clock. Here, the pointer is replaced with a disc, which can be used to read the elapsed minutes and the remaining time of an hour. In addition, there is a 24-hour totalizer at 6 o’clock. Replica discount swiss watches

Caliber RMAC2
Through the sapphire crystal caseback, you can see the Manufacur movement RMAC2 in Richard Mille RM 60-01 Les Voiles De St Barth. It also provides a 55-hour power reserve provided by two barrels. The winding rotor has a system that can adjust its geometry according to the wearer’s activity level. The watchmaker believes that this will optimize the performance of the winding mechanism. In addition, Richard Mille uses a free-spring balance wheel with screws. The bottom plate, bridge and balance bridge are made of grade 5 titanium with PVD ​​coating, which gives the mechanical device greater stability.

Richard Mille cheap

RM 60-01 automatic flyback chronograph Les Voiles De St Barth

refer to
not applicable

Case material
Titanium and carbon TPT

Diameter: 50 mm

Height: 16.33 mm

Water resistance
10 bar (~100 m)

Sapphire crystal (anti-reflective coating on both sides)

Rubber with pin buckle

Richard Mille RMAC2

Movement type
Automatic winding

Power reserve
55 hours

28,800 vph (4 Hz)

Hours, minutes, small seconds, second time zone, flyback chronograph with countdown totalizer, annual calendar with date and month, rotating bezel with compass, locking crown

Richard Mille RM 029 Le Mans Classic: 24 hours on the track

On the occasion of the classic car event Le Mans Classic, Richard Mille launched a limited special edition RM 029 Automatic Le Mans Classic. The event is co-founded by the manufacturers and is held near Le Mans, France, every two years. The watch celebrates the return of the event in 2022 and is therefore equipped with a green and white case-the color of the event. However, this watch also provides several other references to the car and the impressive mechanic under the hood.

Incident story
The Le Mans Classic is usually held every two years in July at the famous 24 heures du Mans venue. In this race co-founded by Richard Mille, drivers from all over the world will compete with classic racing cars. The car must be at least 40 years old. Since the first edition in 2002, swiss Richard Mille has launched seven special models specially designed for this event. The RM 029 Le Mans Classic is the eighth watch that celebrates motorsports.

The case and materials of the RM 029 Automatic Le Mans Classic
Richard Mille RM 029 Le Mans Classic uses a three-piece 40.10 x 48.15 x 13.10 mm case. The white middle part is composed of a solid block of white quartz TPT. This material is composed of hundreds of layers of interwoven quartz fibers that form a unique pattern after heating. The front and rear baffles are made of green quartz TPT at the same time, and are fixed in the middle part with screws. Two white stripes are embedded on the top-a tribute to the colors of the racing event. copy watches for men

In fact, the dial is just a sapphire glass panel, and the mechanism can be seen. Above is a hollow pointer with a green tip, which can display the time together with Arabic numerals. Around the dial is a green ring with a fluorescent point index. In addition, there is a large date display at 4 o’clock. The 24-hour display at 2 o’clock has a blue dot at 4 o’clock. This is the start time of the game. The watch factory mentioned the incident again at 7 o’clock. The classic Le Mans logo with a green and white checkered flag is decorated on the front.

Under the hood of RM 029 Le Mans Classic
The RMAS7 movement powers the watch. The automatic winding system provides energy for the two barrels. Together, they provide a power reserve of approximately 55 hours. At the same time, the variable geometry rotor allows the winding speed to be adjusted according to the wearer’s activity level. Elsewhere, free spring screw balance ensures reliability. The latter operates at a typical frequency of 4 Hz.

Richard Mille’s history

Replica Richard Mille RM 27-02 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal Watch

2001: Richard Mille fake launched his first timepiece, creating a new trend in watchmaking. At the beginning of his business, a bold vision was to apply the technologies and materials used in the most innovative fields to watches, such as F1 racing cars or airplanes.

From the very beginning, Richard Mille watches were born out of experimental research on high-tech materials, and their unique design reinforces the concept of performance. In fact, the brand’s first slogan is: “Racing machine on the wrist”.

But at the same time, Richard Mille showed great respect for the Swiss haute watchmaking tradition, creating an extremely complex mechanical movement, which was assembled and completed by hand.

Richard was born in Draguignan, France in 1951. He started his watchmaking career in 1974 and held management positions in several watch brands. Then in the early 1990s he became a member of the Mauboussin watch division of the famous French jewelry company. Managing Director (and shareholder).

It was during these years that Richard Mille met Giulio Papi, one of the most talented watchmakers of our time, the R&D director of Audemars Piguet Renaud et Papi (APR&P), and the high-end watchmaking department of Audemars Piguet.

In 1999, best Richard Mille decided to create his personal luxury watch brand, aiming to break the traditional codes associated with high-end watches, usually associated with baroque style and precious materials such as gold and platinum.

His extensive experience in the industry and numerous contacts have helped him establish active partnerships with some of the best movement and component manufacturers in Switzerland.

The main legal entity of the brand-Horometrie SA-was established in 2001 by Richard Mille and Dominique Guenat and is headquartered in Les Breuleux, a small village 1,038 meters (3,406 feet) above sea level in northwestern Switzerland, in the Jura Canton, a short distance from the famous watchmaking center La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle are not far away.

Replica Richard Mille RM 56-01 Tourbillon Sapphire Watch

Audemars Piguet also joined the project as a minority shareholder. From the beginning, Audemars Piguet Renaud et Papi was the technical partner in the development of the most complex movements in the Richard Mille series, including tourbillons and dual-second chronographs.

The first timepiece is not simple. In fact, Richard Mille RM 001 is a tourbillon model, one of the most prestigious masterpieces of timepieces.

RM 001 is followed closely by RM 002, which is an evolution of its predecessor, with the addition of a torque indicator, and RM 003 also has a second time zone.

In 2003, the RM 004 split-second chronograph was a natural development of a brand with sports genes, and was the first in a series of high-performance chronographs.

RM 006 is the first timepiece with a carbon fiber soleplate. Carbon fiber has completely changed the aviation and automotive worlds because of its qualities: it is strong, rigid, lightweight, and has strong resistance to shrinkage and expansion when exposed to temperature changes. Its dark appearance was a big advantage for Richard Mille, and he wanted a black base plate for this model. On the other hand, manufacturing such a bottom plate is extremely challenging and costly because it is extremely difficult to cut and drill with the precision required for watchmaking.

A number of models were launched in 2004, including the extraordinary RM 008, which combined all the features of the RM004 chronograph and added a tourbillon, which is the brand’s first combination. This model also has torque and power reserve indicators.

The following year, Richard Mille launched the brand’s first ladies’ watches, RM 007 and RM 009, which are experimental models of ALUSIC, a material often used to build satellites and space stations.

In 2006, the tourbillon RM 012 with tubular structure, minimal structure and extreme manufacturing complexity was introduced. This watch is limited to 30 pieces of platinum. Its clear goal is to completely change the traditional concept of the plate. The plate is equipped with wheels and replaced with a tube to create a 3D building as a whole, reliable and efficient, but very light and airborne.

RM 012 won the prestigious “Aiguille d’Or” award at the 2007 Geneva Watch Grand Prix-the equivalent of the Oscar in watchmaking. With the RM 011 Felipe Massa Flyback Chronograph, Richard Mille created a chronograph that has been the company’s most successful chronograph over the years and will compete with other sports celebrities such as Roberto Mancini and Jean Todt. Cooperate to develop a variety of styles.

In the same year, a brand-new case shape was unveiled with the super flat and rectangular RM 016. There are a variety of materials to choose from, including a titanium version with Titalyt, which uses an electric plasma treatment to increase crystalline oxides. Ceramic coating for metal hardness.

With the RM 020 tourbillon, Richard Mille reinterpreted the classic pocket watch and expressed his love for watchmaking tradition. In 2009, Richard Mille launched the ladies tourbillon RM 019, responding to women’s growing interest in complex timepieces. Over the years, the brand has developed a rich collection of ladies’ watches, which currently account for approximately 25% of the brand’s total sales.

The first round timepiece produced by the brand was the RM 025 tourbillon chronograph “Diver’s Watch”. This watch uses a titanium and rose gold triple case and is water-resistant to 300 meters/1000 feet, a depth that can only be achieved by a round shape.

Richard Mille launches several new products every year, constantly showing extraordinary creative vitality. From a technical and marketing point of view, an important milestone was the release of the RM 027 tourbillon in 2010, which is the world’s lightest mechanical watch, measuring only 19 grams, including the strap. This super expensive watch was created exclusively for Rafael Nadal and was once worn by this famous tennis player.

The lightness of the watch is not only for comfort reasons, but also because lighter watches are more resistant to shocks. RM 027 evolved from RM 27-01 in 2013. This model is inspired by suspended civil engineering infrastructure, in which the movement bottom plate is connected to an anthracite carbon fiber case through four braided steel cables with a diameter of only 0.35 mm .

Partnerships have always been a key aspect of Richard Mille’s entry into the market and often lead to the development of surprising works. More than a simple recommendation, Richard Mille’s partners actually participate in the development phase by testing and challenging the reliability of the watch.

Among them, it is of course worth mentioning that the RM 053 Tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough launched in 2013. This watch is specially designed for the world’s number one polo player. It is characterized by an unconventional case made of micro-sandblasted titanium and titanium carbide. The new case design is inspired by the shape of the wine barrel. To withstand the extreme shocks that may occur in a polo match.

Later that same year, the first Richard Mille aviation watch came out. The RM 039 tourbillon flyback chronograph provides the pilot with the possibility to continuously time different durations and a second time zone dial in multiple directions.

RM 056 was launched in 2012 and caused a sensation due to its completely transparent pure sapphire case. Considering that the process required to process sapphire into complex shapes such as tonneau-shaped cases is extremely difficult, this is an extraordinary achievement.

Through this model, Richard Mille clearly proved that the product can always be perfect. In fact, when Richard Mille improved the RM 56-01 for the first time, he raised the bar by adding a sapphire base plate, a splint and a third round.

The RM 56-02 sapphire watch created for the 2014 Watch and Miracle Exhibition went a step further, incorporating the cable-suspended movement originally developed for the RM 27-01 Rafael Nadal, creating an amazing transparency, lightness and complexity. combination.

The second factory, the ultra-modern ProArt SA, opened in April 2013 and is dedicated to the production of Richard Mille watch cases and other components, including base plates, buttons, splints and bracelet parts made of precious metals, titanium and composite materials . The building is constructed with environmentally friendly materials and is the first building in Jura that utilizes geothermal heating and cooling systems.

Over the next few years, Richard Mille continued to push the boundaries of innovation, introducing unconventional and often unprecedented materials and new production methods. You can learn more about this through the link at the end of the article.

An example of the constant pursuit of new challenges is the tourbillon RM 27-02 Rafael Nadal launched at the 2015 French Open. This watch uses the first hollow one-piece bottom plate, where the case and bottom plate have been fused into a whole, without the need to connect the two components together: this solution requires a wealth of knowledge and experience in micromachining new materials. Inspired by the racing chassis, this structure significantly improves rigidity and impact resistance.

The RM 67-01 exhibited at the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon in 2016 became the most fashionable model of all tonneau-shaped Richard Mille timepieces.

The latest outstanding achievement is the RM 50-03 McLaren F1 launched in early 2017. This is a masterpiece produced in collaboration with the famous McLaren Formula One car manufacturer, which created the lightest mechanical chronograph ever. Extraordinary record. The RM 50-03 combines a tourbillon with a two-second chronograph and weighs less than 40 grams, including the strap.

Since its establishment in 2001, in a relatively short period of time, Richard Mille has been able to create a timepiece that becomes the ultimate symbol of wealth and success without the need to shine or rely on the intrinsic value of precious metals or gems.

Based on three key elements-the best technological innovation, the best art and architecture, the best haute watchmaking tradition and culture-Richard Mille’s success is also attributed to the ability to continuously surprise the market, so we absolutely I can’t wait to see what happens next. replica watches usa

Richard Mille introduced RM11-04 Roberto Mancini

The coach world-class football team requires accuracy. This is the most popular club in Robert Mamini to convert FC Zenith St. Petersburg to Russia. Now he returns home, his goal is to transform Italy into a football. Richard Mille launched the promotion of this exercise, launched 11-04 rcerto mancini.

The latest skeleton series, which is available for 45 hours of running a chronograph. It is very suitable for football coaches because facial highlights 45 minutes, stopped for 15 minutes, or even overtime. If your team gets an additional time, you can reactivate to display 15 minutes.

Like all skeleton models, the case is 5 titanium alloys, mixed with vanadium. One of the best features is the balance wheel, which has 4 centrifugal weights hanging on the spring. This makes the exercise of water do not contradict or high pressure. Yes, more accurate than anything else in the collection.

Pharrell Williams X Richard Mille Watch is not in this world

Pharrell Williams and Richard Mille work together to create a new RM 52-05 Touring Pharrell Williams. This is not just a glimpse, knowing the space is the inspiration behind it. Its face shows an astronaut who looks to the Earth of Mars, and the only artistic performance can be seen by art.

For a watch mechanic, it has a manual winding gynewheel movement from the RM52-05 caliber. By turning your watch, you can get a glimpse and bottom plate. For the bottom plate, Richard Mille is often used in the aerospace and aviation industry in the aerospace and aviation industry at 5-stage titanium. Blue Aventurine glass can also be seen by the back of the watch, which is similar to outer space.

Richard Mille copy watches

Richard Mille launches Flaming Red RM 011 TPT Quartz made of carbon-silica-quartz composite material Richard Mille (Richard Mille) continues to use unusual composite materials for the watch case, launching the RM 011 TPT Quartz, which is made of a bright red composite material that is a mixture of carbon, silica and quartz.

Exotic composite materials are Richard Mille’s spot, the new RM 011 TPT Quartz is an example. The entire case of the RM 011 TPT Quartz presents a very bright red. It is the first watch to use a carbon-silica-quartz composite material, which is light, hard and unusually red. This composite material was developed by North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT), a composite material specialist that typically manufactures parts for automobiles and aircraft. First used in the RM 27-02 Rafael Nadal tourbillon, TPT Quartz is made of carbon sheet with a silicon dioxide layer in the middle to form a wood grain pattern. Quartz is mixed to give the material a smooth surface, while the resin is used as a binder for the material, baked in an autoclave, and then processed into shape.

Except for the case material, the rest of the RM 011 TPT Quartz is the same as the RM 011. This is a self-winding chronograph with a flyback function and a large date display. RM 011 TPT quartz limited edition.

Richard Mille adds summer colored ceramics to the RM 07-01 series

Ceramics are quickly becoming one of the most exciting materials in the watchmaking industry. Not long ago, your choices were black, gray, and possibly white, but recently you named a color and you might find a super hard, almost scratch-resistant material in it. So far, Hublot has dominated the color conversation with bright blues and reds, but now Richard Mille is turning their avant-garde hands to the softer RM 07-01 colored ceramics.

RM 07-01 is the brand’s more feminine interpretation of its iconic cutout, tonneau-shaped shell, and high-performance sports style. Although slimmer and more elegant, they are still very much like Richard Mille. This means visible screws, multilayer structure and top industrial appearance.

However, here, the color is center stage, not the flyback chronograph or tourbillon. First of all, the TZP ceramic case is available in light blue, lavender or pink, all of which are very feminine and summery. But this is just the beginning.

Each dial is made of four distinct parts, using materials of different colors. Of course, there are ceramics that match the case, but there are also textured rubber and guilloche patterns. Depending on the color of the case, there are different shades of orange, red and lavender or turquoise, black and blue. The guilloche pattern is particularly cute, with decorative plant art patterns, and different parts of the three models can be seen.

The dial itself is supported from below rather than from the side to achieve a floating effect. I guess you would call them flight dials. To complete the look-and add to the chaos of the rainbow-each best luxury replica watches has a two-tone strap that splits in half.

All three watches are equipped with a CRMA2 movement. Although there are fewer black and silver colors and a rose gold variable geometric oscillating weight, they have adopted a hollow bridge made of micro-sandblasted and plasma-treated titanium. Yes, it’s not just ceramics Richard Mille has a way.

To be honest, I like these works. They are too feminine for me-if they are bolder rather than soft, although I may be tempted, especially the 45.23 mm (ear to ear) size is a good choice. Even better, no piece of candy can be seen.

Model: Richard Mille RM 07-01 Automatic Coloured Ceramics
Case/Dial: 31.40 x 45.23 x 11.85mm, pastel pink, pastel lavender or pastel blue ceramic case, rhodium plated dial with a guilloché centre surrounded by microblasted ceramic and coloured rubber appliqués
Water resistance: 50m (5 bar)
Movement: Calibre CRMA2, automatic, 25 jewels
Frequency: 28,800 vph (4 Hz)
Power Reserve: 50h
Functions: Hours, minutes
Strap: Bi-colour strap in Cerulean-lilac, coral-tangerine or olive-aqua

Richard Mille watches cheap

Richard Mille replica pays tribute to Olympic medalists with a beautiful new watch Founded in 1999, Richard Mille has always done things differently. Therefore, it quickly established itself as a luxury watch manufacturer, producing high-end, hand-made watches, pushing the limits of technological innovation and excellence. In recent years, the Swiss watch manufacturer has applied its expertise to the sports world, cooperating with international stars to produce special edition watches tailored for world-class athletes.

Just a few months after the launch of the limited edition RM 27-03 for the tennis professional Rafael Nadala, Richard Mille’s latest editions-the RM 67-02 high jump Mutaz Barshim and the RM 67-02 Sprint Wayde Van Niekerk-will be earlier this month At the time, at the 2017 World Athletics Championships in London, Olympic medalists Wayde van Niekerk and Mutaz Essa Barshim put these watches on their wrists for the first time.

In the event, the Olympic champion Van Nicok, who currently holds two world records in the 300-meter and 400-meter dash, successfully defended his 400-meter dash record with a time of 43.98 seconds. “Mr. High Jump” Bashim-two-time Olympic medalist, national record and Asian record holder-won the gold medal in the high jump with the best time of 2.43 meters. Both athletes wore versions of the RM 67-02 fake watch during the competition. Each special edition was decorated with colors inspired by their respective national flags: Qatar for Barshim and South Africa for Van Niekerk.

In order to create these watches, Richard Mille started with the concept of creating a sports version of the RM 67-01. Its lightness, slimness and ergonomic design make it the perfect choice. Using this as a starting point, the team redesigned the lines to highlight its sporty qualities, and combined four extensions-the logo of the brand’s sports watches-to strengthen the case structure.

At the same time, this case is produced using Richard Mille’s unique quartz and carbon TPT composite material, which is reported to be the lightest and most shock-resistant case material in the world. Each RM 67-02 weighs only 32 grams, which is only the total weight of three Hong Kong ten dollar coins; at the same time, the slimness is equally impressive, only 7.8 mm.

RM 67-02 High Jump Mutaz Barshim, designed for the high jumper Mutaz Essa Barshim.

Although the RM 67-02 is small and light, it is durable and able to withstand all the stress caused by physical activity. In order to further demonstrate the sporty quality of this watch, all RM 67-02 watches are equipped with a new comfortable strap, which is highly elastic, completely seamless and non-slip.

The RM 67-02 is also equipped with a new internal CRMA7 movement, which is exceptionally flat with a satin finish, beveled hands and sharp lines. At the same time, the bottom plate is made of DLC-coated grade 5 titanium, with a highly hollow design, which is very extreme. It takes hundreds of hours to program and adjust this professional machine.