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Richard Mille launches Flaming Red RM 011 TPT Quartz made of carbon-silica-quartz composite material Richard Mille (Richard Mille) continues to use unusual composite materials for the watch case, launching the RM 011 TPT Quartz, which is made of a bright red composite material that is a mixture of carbon, silica and quartz.

Exotic composite materials are Richard Mille’s spot, the new RM 011 TPT Quartz is an example. The entire case of the RM 011 TPT Quartz presents a very bright red. It is the first watch to use a carbon-silica-quartz composite material, which is light, hard and unusually red. This composite material was developed by North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT), a composite material specialist that typically manufactures parts for automobiles and aircraft. First used in the RM 27-02 Rafael Nadal tourbillon, TPT Quartz is made of carbon sheet with a silicon dioxide layer in the middle to form a wood grain pattern. Quartz is mixed to give the material a smooth surface, while the resin is used as a binder for the material, baked in an autoclave, and then processed into shape.

Except for the case material, the rest of the RM 011 TPT Quartz is the same as the RM 011. This is a self-winding chronograph with a flyback function and a large date display. RM 011 TPT quartz limited edition.

Richard Mille adds summer colored ceramics to the RM 07-01 series

Ceramics are quickly becoming one of the most exciting materials in the watchmaking industry. Not long ago, your choices were black, gray, and possibly white, but recently you named a color and you might find a super hard, almost scratch-resistant material in it. So far, Hublot has dominated the color conversation with bright blues and reds, but now Richard Mille is turning their avant-garde hands to the softer RM 07-01 colored ceramics.

RM 07-01 is the brand’s more feminine interpretation of its iconic cutout, tonneau-shaped shell, and high-performance sports style. Although slimmer and more elegant, they are still very much like Richard Mille. This means visible screws, multilayer structure and top industrial appearance.

However, here, the color is center stage, not the flyback chronograph or tourbillon. First of all, the TZP ceramic case is available in light blue, lavender or pink, all of which are very feminine and summery. But this is just the beginning.

Each dial is made of four distinct parts, using materials of different colors. Of course, there are ceramics that match the case, but there are also textured rubber and guilloche patterns. Depending on the color of the case, there are different shades of orange, red and lavender or turquoise, black and blue. The guilloche pattern is particularly cute, with decorative plant art patterns, and different parts of the three models can be seen.

The dial itself is supported from below rather than from the side to achieve a floating effect. I guess you would call them flight dials. To complete the look-and add to the chaos of the rainbow-each best luxury replica watches has a two-tone strap that splits in half.

All three watches are equipped with a CRMA2 movement. Although there are fewer black and silver colors and a rose gold variable geometric oscillating weight, they have adopted a hollow bridge made of micro-sandblasted and plasma-treated titanium. Yes, it’s not just ceramics Richard Mille has a way.

To be honest, I like these works. They are too feminine for me-if they are bolder rather than soft, although I may be tempted, especially the 45.23 mm (ear to ear) size is a good choice. Even better, no piece of candy can be seen.

Model: Richard Mille RM 07-01 Automatic Coloured Ceramics
Case/Dial: 31.40 x 45.23 x 11.85mm, pastel pink, pastel lavender or pastel blue ceramic case, rhodium plated dial with a guilloché centre surrounded by microblasted ceramic and coloured rubber appliqués
Water resistance: 50m (5 bar)
Movement: Calibre CRMA2, automatic, 25 jewels
Frequency: 28,800 vph (4 Hz)
Power Reserve: 50h
Functions: Hours, minutes
Strap: Bi-colour strap in Cerulean-lilac, coral-tangerine or olive-aqua

Richard Mille watches cheap

Richard Mille replica pays tribute to Olympic medalists with a beautiful new watch Founded in 1999, Richard Mille has always done things differently. Therefore, it quickly established itself as a luxury watch manufacturer, producing high-end, hand-made watches, pushing the limits of technological innovation and excellence. In recent years, the Swiss watch manufacturer has applied its expertise to the sports world, cooperating with international stars to produce special edition watches tailored for world-class athletes.

Just a few months after the launch of the limited edition RM 27-03 for the tennis professional Rafael Nadala, Richard Mille’s latest editions-the RM 67-02 high jump Mutaz Barshim and the RM 67-02 Sprint Wayde Van Niekerk-will be earlier this month At the time, at the 2017 World Athletics Championships in London, Olympic medalists Wayde van Niekerk and Mutaz Essa Barshim put these watches on their wrists for the first time.

In the event, the Olympic champion Van Nicok, who currently holds two world records in the 300-meter and 400-meter dash, successfully defended his 400-meter dash record with a time of 43.98 seconds. “Mr. High Jump” Bashim-two-time Olympic medalist, national record and Asian record holder-won the gold medal in the high jump with the best time of 2.43 meters. Both athletes wore versions of the RM 67-02 fake watch during the competition. Each special edition was decorated with colors inspired by their respective national flags: Qatar for Barshim and South Africa for Van Niekerk.

In order to create these watches, Richard Mille started with the concept of creating a sports version of the RM 67-01. Its lightness, slimness and ergonomic design make it the perfect choice. Using this as a starting point, the team redesigned the lines to highlight its sporty qualities, and combined four extensions-the logo of the brand’s sports watches-to strengthen the case structure.

At the same time, this case is produced using Richard Mille’s unique quartz and carbon TPT composite material, which is reported to be the lightest and most shock-resistant case material in the world. Each RM 67-02 weighs only 32 grams, which is only the total weight of three Hong Kong ten dollar coins; at the same time, the slimness is equally impressive, only 7.8 mm.

RM 67-02 High Jump Mutaz Barshim, designed for the high jumper Mutaz Essa Barshim.

Although the RM 67-02 is small and light, it is durable and able to withstand all the stress caused by physical activity. In order to further demonstrate the sporty quality of this watch, all RM 67-02 watches are equipped with a new comfortable strap, which is highly elastic, completely seamless and non-slip.

The RM 67-02 is also equipped with a new internal CRMA7 movement, which is exceptionally flat with a satin finish, beveled hands and sharp lines. At the same time, the bottom plate is made of DLC-coated grade 5 titanium, with a highly hollow design, which is very extreme. It takes hundreds of hours to program and adjust this professional machine.

Richard Mille – RM 07-01 and RM 037 Snow Environment

Richard Mille cheap is rich in women through a new type of decoration. Experts with talented gems add aesthetics and bracelets in using techniques called “snow environment”.

Choose the shape of the watch, surface coverage, and the required brightness, set-media, see you can’t see, whether it is diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire, etc., is a well-selected stone.

The only obvious arbitrary random arrangement of the stone has reappeared the influence of snowflakes random flash in the sun. aaa replica watches

The difficulty of this setting is to select and arrange the stone, which has a diameter of 0.5 to 1.6 mm. They are only held by a slim pointed tip made from craftsmen, completely covered with surface.

Gems must be close to the accuracy of the micron and keep the illusion of random patterns. Therefore, the snow is set to lay a pride to the bold and experience of each GEM setter. Every snowflake is unique, just like each stone.

This particular setting emphasizes these exclusive timelines, especially in various explanations of RM 07-01 and RM 037 models. Just like the RM 07-01 shown below, the diamond inlay on the baffle is continued on the entire dial.

Richard Mille RM27-01 Rafa Nadal

Experience the incredible Richard Mille RM27-01 Rafa Nadal

This is not new. But it is great.

This is not a new watch, it was shown last year. Most importantly, all 50 pieces of Richard Mille’s RM27-01 Rafa Nadal have already been sold. However, yesterday we had the opportunity to see this incredibly lightweight and ultra-casual watch, and every time we encounter it, it will surprise us.

RM27-01 is probably the coolest casual watch on the planet. It is as light as a feather (like, you don’t know), and it was developed specifically for Rafa Nadal to wear when participating in professional competitions. The entire movement is suspended by four braided steel cables with a thickness of only 0.35 mm. Each cable is fixed to a tensioner, tightened by the watchmaker and adjusted as needed. Thanks to this system, RM27-01 can withstand accelerations up to 5000 G.

The case is a gray anthracite polymer infused with carbon nanotubes, specifically designed to withstand shocks from external and internal movements. The case is one-piece and the strap is fully integrated. The bottom plate is made of titanium and the bridge plate is made of aluminum alloy.

RM27-01, this watch is indeed one of the most incredible things you can wear on your wrist, and it also happens to be one of the more compact watches in RM products. This is a watch that I can really say I encourage all watch fans to look for a one-time trial. There is no such thing in the world.


Screen legend, tough guy…High Quality Replica watches collector? As one of the most well-known faces in the film industry, Sylvester Stallone’s career includes not only nominations for acting but also nominations for screenwriters (he wrote the screenplay for Rocky and was nominated in 1976, which made He became one of only three actors nominated for Academy Awards) acting and screenwriter). What many people don’t know is that Stallone studied at the American Academy (and worked as a physical education teacher) in Reising, Switzerland, before the American actor shined. He believes that the changes in the landscape in his youth stimulated his interest in acting and screenwriting, but does living in Switzerland also stimulate his interest in watch collection?

Not only a performing artist, but also an excellent artist, Stallone’s passion for design is definitely deep-rooted. His early enthusiasm for Panerai and his relationship with watchmakers can be traced back to 1994, almost single-handedly helping to enhance the brand’s current global and celebrity appeal (the actor told his friend Arnold Schwartz in 1996). Singh presented a customized golden Luminor, which is very famous). The Panerai Luminor he wore in the 1996 disaster film Daylight was one of the auction items. Stallone is also an admirer of Richard Mille’s work, and the two collaborated in 2018 to develop an “ultimate survival watch.” One of Stallone’s RM-25-01 personal version is also on auction.

Richard Mille RM 11-04 Automatic Flyback Chronograph Roberto Mancini

Richard Mille showed off the new RM 11-04 automatic flyback chronograph Roberto Mancini, developed in cooperation with the current manager of the Italian national football team.

The new model reproduces the RM 11-01 Roberto Mancini released in 2013. The idea is to create a mechanical watch with a dedicated dial to track the time of football matches.

The dial shows the game time based on two 45-minute half-times and a maximum of 15 minutes of stoppage time.

The user can start or stop the chronograph function with the button located between 1 o’clock and 2 o’clock. Pressing the button at 4 o’clock will activate the flyback function and reposition the hands at 12 o’clock, ready to start the second half. If you get extra time, you can reactivate the flyback function so that the watch displays 15 minutes of extra game time and up to 5 minutes of stoppage time.

RM 11-04 incorporates Richard Mille’s latest style codes, such as the new crown lines, variable geometry rotors and carbon TPT ultra-sports case with raised scallops. The case size is 49.94 mm x 44.50 mm x 16.15 mm. Thanks to two nitrile rubber O-ring seals, the case is water-resistant to 50 meters/165 feet.

These colors are a tribute to the Italian flag (green, white and red) and the light blue jersey used by the Italian football team, nicknamed “Azzurri”.

With simultaneous, minute, second and flyback chronographs, the hollow self-winding Calibre RMAC3 also provides power for the annual calendar, with a large date window at 12 o’clock, and a smaller date window at 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock. The month is displayed. For months with 30 or 31 days, the date is automatically adjusted.

When the chronograph is running, the movement provides approximately 55 hours (± 10%) or 45 hours of power reserve. The double barrel system helps to improve torque stability over a longer period of time. This is achieved by distributing the stored energy into two barrels instead of one, thereby reducing pressure and friction on the teeth, bearings and pivots, thereby improving long-term performance. Richard Mille cheap watches

The free-spring balance wheel with variable inertia ensures higher reliability in the event of impact and during assembly and disassembly of the movement, resulting in better timing results over time. Due to the 4 small adjustable weights directly on the balance, no regulator indicator is required, allowing for more accurate and repeatable adjustments.

The rotor with variable geometry is designed to optimize its winding movement. This solution allows the rewinding of the mainspring to be most effectively adapted to the user’s activity level. By adjusting the setting of the rib position, the inertia of the rotor is modified to speed up the winding process when the arm is moving at a leisurely pace, or to slow down the winding process when performing sports activities. The rotor is made of titanium with 18K white gold weights. best replica watches uk

Richard Mille RM 27-03 Rafael Nadal

Replica Richard Mille RM 27-03 Manual Winding Tourbillon Rafael Nadal Watch

Coinciding with the French Open in Paris, Richard Mille gave Rafael Nadal a brand new model from his own collection. I hope that the brightly colored and technologically innovative “tourbillon anti-vibration” timepiece can provide the champion with the stamina to win again and bring new ambitions to our watch lovers.

Since 2010, Richard Mille has been developing timepieces specifically for Rafael Nadal, and this is their fourth watch collaboration. The Spanish tennis star has seen all this on the playing field at different moments in his career. We reviewed the previous model “RM 35-02 Rafael Nadal Quartz-TPT” on our blog, which was launched last year. Back to Roland Garros, we also reviewed the ladies’ watch designed by Steffi Fraff for Longines.

However, this latest work not only maintains the high standards of the brand, but also breaks the watch record by pushing the industry standard forward in terms of shock resistance. After years of repeated pendulum impact tests and simulating the linear acceleration caused by sudden movements, they finally reached the milestone of watchmaking and became the first model that can withstand and resist shocks up to 10,000g!

In scientific terms, g-force (representing gravity) is a measurement used to calculate how the level of acceleration changes the perception of weight. Therefore, in essence, when an object is pushed by the surface of another object to produce g-force acceleration, the reaction force of this push will produce equal and opposite weight for each unit of the object’s mass. So, for example, when a pilot says that he is flying at “8 grams”, it means that he feels his weight is 8 times his actual weight.

There is no doubt that this is a work worthy of being recognized by one of the greatest athletes in the history of tennis. This may only be made by Richard Mille fake and their R&D pioneers!

The 40 mm case is made of the patented Quartz TPT ® with a strong back cover. Its alternating red and yellow waves are clearly a tribute to Rafah’s motherland, Spain. However, the process of achieving this color mixing is achieved by impregnating a thin layer of silica that is only 45 microns thick with a colored resin, which follows a proprietary process developed by North Thin Ply Technology in Switzerland, which combines The threads are stacked in layers to reach 120°C. These quartz fibers provide the best strength/weight ratio, in addition to their anti-allergic and high UV resistance.

It is also equipped with a torque-limiting crown, which has an additional safety system to prevent accidental over-winding and damage to the winding stem, or simply exerting extremely unfavorable pressure on the main barrel. The crown is also made of carbon quartz TPT and carved to resemble a tennis ball. This fake watches form china is water resistant to 50 meters (164 feet).

The time is displayed on the hollow dial with small red dotted hour index markers and a series of smaller yellow minute index markers, which surround the dial near the bezel. There are also two grade 5 titanium alloy splints that span the rapidly rotating barrel and the winding tourbillon, realigned to form a stylish V shape on the dial; and the upper flange of the dial is also made of Carbon PT®.

Richard Mille RM 27-03 Rafael Nadal
This “Richard Mille RM 27-03 Rafael Nadal” (reference number: RM27-03 CA-FQ) is driven by a manual-winding mechanical tourbillon movement with a 27-03 caliber, 19 jewels and 21,600 vph. It has a free-spring balance wheel with variable inertia and shock resistance of up to 10,000 G. When fully wound, this timepiece has a power reserve of up to 70 hours.

NEW Richard Mille RM 74-02 & RM 74-01

Two new gourdnes in replica Richard Mille

In the high-tech world, beauty and innovation in Richard Mille. This is verified over again through two new gyro, RM 74-01 and RM 74-02, which combines automatic tether core and innovative materials.

The new RM 74-01 is preferably described as ultra-light elegance. This is first in sports, Richard Mille uses 5-stage titanium bottom plate and bridge. The oscillation weight of the active level of the owner can be adjusted is made of platinum, with a weight segment made of platinum to increase the winding efficiency. This situation is achieved by using gray metal ceramics. This material is specifically used in the tabulation of Richard Mille, combining the lightness of titanium with the hardness of the ceramic. Although challenges, it not only contains its quality, but also because the material has amazing gray colors.

RM 74-02 is more outward than RM 74-01. This watch can be regarded as a caring of gold. The baffle and bucket are made of gold carbon TPT. This material is Richard Mille, from not less than 600 layers of carbon, each thickness of less than 30 microns. They are placed on top of each other, and each layer is rotated at an angle of 45 degrees than one of the following to achieve optimum strength. By adding pure golden leaves between the two, the most precious carbon TPT version comes to life, is also the most difficult carbon structure, because this is a full challenging carbon protection, ensuring materials in this way. In order to continue to caring, it is also from the backplane and bridge made from this precious metal. This makes RM 74-02 are a unique and precious appearance, which gives the gold center stage in the high-tech world of Richard Mille.

When Richard Mille best replica watch announces the release of its super exclusive model, this is always a special occasion, which tends to have a rich retail amount to go to the day. Today, Richard Mille is proud to launch two new luxury examples to join them. The first is that the appearance is RM 74-02, which is an automatic tourmate wheel, focusing on the combination of lightweight design and the most advanced technology. The golden carbon TPT case is the place where the internal skeleton automatic winding gym movement can accommodate a power reserve of 50 hours. Join lightweight design, Richard Mille installed RM 74-02 with a comfortable custom nylon strap.

The second watch makes it introduced to the head turn RM 74-01. The latest sports model of the brand has a matte titanium box that shows an intricate skeleton dial. Driving Richard Mille RM 74-01 is the internal CRMT6 Touring Motion, providing daily functionality and 50-hour power reserves. Complete the sport style of 74-01 RM RM 74-01, Richard Mille is suitable for new watches, with vibrant red leather straps and white gold buckles.

New Richard Mille RM 40-01 McLaren

Eye Candy: RM 40-01 automatic tourbillon McLaren Speedtail equipped with CRMT4 movement Richard Mille RM 40-01 at a price of millions of dollars

The brand new Richard Mille RM 40-01 automatic tourbillon McLaren Speedtail was released yesterday, which is the assembly process of its impressive caliber CRMT4. The movement is a self-winding tourbillon movement with hours, minutes, variable geometry rotor, oversized date, power reserve indicator and function selector. The new automatic movement architecture requires a staggering 8,600 hours of development time, most of which is used to finalize the extremely high level of detail. Grade 5 titanium has been used for key components such as bridges, bridge screws, base plates and rotor cores.

The CRMT4 movement introduces a power reserve display and a large date and function selector function, all of which are hot Richard Mille‘s first innovations on the internal tourbillon. The wheels are machined with the McLaren logo decorated with the Speedtail hood, while the arched parts have new surface contours that are necessary to translate the curve of the car. The movement measures 30.48 mm x 35.35 mm x 6.81 mm, includes 37 jewels, and is equipped with a free spring balance wheel with variable inertia. This balance wheel represents the ultimate goal of innovation. It guarantees higher reliability when subjected to shocks and during assembly or disassembly of the movement. Therefore, as time goes by, the timing is better. The regulator index is eliminated, and because of the four small adjustable weights directly on the balance, more accurate and repeatable calibrations can be performed.

The casing ring is no longer used, and the movement is installed on the chassis mounting rubber (ISO SW) fixed by titanium screws. The variable geometry rotor is the symbol of Richard Mille timepieces. It has a platinum oscillating weight with a core made of grade 5 titanium and a center of gravity made of red gold. The platinum and red gold winding rotors are inspired by the hood of McLaren Speedtail, while the top cover of the roof is the setting of the barrel. The guide rail is black PVD treated metal, with ceramic ball bearings, and has a Oneway automatic winding device.

Through this variable geometry rotor, the clockwork function can be adjusted to the owner’s activity level. Adjust the weight, slide it sideways to the correct position, and fix it in place with two spline screws to change the setting. When the weight is close to the outer edge, the inertia of the movement is best, so the barrel retreats faster. If the weight is placed in the center of the rotor, the inertia will decrease and the winding speed of the barrel will be slower.

Richard Mile RM 40-01 automatic tourbillon McLaren Speedtail can be summarized into five developed prototypes, 8,600 hours of development of the movement structure, 672 components, 5000 g shock absorption test and 18 months of development of the new case shape . Every component of the movement is exquisitely crafted, including hand-polished patterns, hand-polished bevels, micro-jet milling cut surfaces, micro-jet water tanks, PVD treatment of bridges, and plasma treatment of the bottom plate.

The whole operation process of the Wholesale Fake watches is the main power transmitter of the whole movement, and its gear teeth adopt a special contour to ensure a pressure angle of 20 degrees. This system eliminates possible differences between the centers of each wheel caused by thermal changes and normal use, and promotes the smooth transmission of torque to the balance wheel, thereby supporting excellent timing results. In addition, the use of grade 5 titanium spline screws on the bridge and housing can better control the torque applied to the screws during the assembly process. These screws are not affected by physical operations during assembly or disassembly and are well aged.

2021 NEW Richard Mille RM 40-01 Automatic Tourbillon McLaren Speedtail

Nice Replica Richard Mille RM 40-01 Automatic Tourbillon McLaren Speedtail Men watch

Based on the form of tears, the most air kinetics in nature, SPEEDTAIL is a streamlined dottom, which is a third large tourist that has become a third vehicle in the McLare.

With its 1,070 horsepower hybrid power dynamic power, the speed scale covers an area of ​​112 meters in its top speed of 250 miles / hour / 402 miles (402 miles), making it the fastest McLaren road car so far. McLAREN’s unremitting pursuit of aerodynamic efficiency offers the starting point of RM 40-01 automatic gyro McLarene Speedail design.

Rob Melville, Director of McLarlen Car, said that RM 40-01 shows why these two brands have ideal partners. “Richard Mille watch is called a” racer on the wrist “, which is in the way we approach the problem, such as savings, reducing vibration impact and minimizing resistance. When it comes to 40 -01 RM, we have a considerable input in sharing the highlight of the car. Through the speed title, we set up a car that produces an art quality. This is definitely through the watch, it is finished, Materials and their uncompromising design are exquisitely mirrored in many details. “

Custom and unprecedented exercise

Despite the extraordinary anatomy of the case, Salvador ARBONA, the SARVo, the SALVo, the “engine”, which creates a watch, seamlessly occupying all available space, and introduces a mechanical complexity, making RM 40-01 a proper extraordinary Partner speed title.

The 5-stage titanium has been used for key components such as bridges, bridge screws, bottom plates and rotor cores. The CRMT4 caliber of the drive RM 40-01 describes the first internal development of the power reserve display, and the oversized date and function selector complications. All of this is the first place in Richard Mille in the internal trees.

The new sports architecture requires excellent 8,600 hours of development, most of which finally determines extreme details. The complexity of the components, many details, most importantly, the attention to the finishes of the finger is firmly placed in the peak of the watch made by the Switzerland.

Nice Replica Richard Mille RM 40-01 Automatic Tourbillon McLaren Speedtail Men watch

Internal caliber CRMT4
Automatic winding gym motion with hours, minutes, variable geometric rotors, overtime, power reserve indicators, and function selectors.

Electric reserve
About 50 hours (± 10%) indicate at 9 o’clock and is powered by planetary differences.

Bridge made of bottom plate and 5-stage titanium
The bottom plate and the bridge are made into 5-stage titanium, a biocompatibility, highly corrosion resistance, and a significant rigid alloy that enables the gear train to operate illegally. The alloy is 50% level titanium, 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium.

This combination further enhances the mechanical properties of the material, which explains frequently used in aerospace, aviation and automotive industries.

Skeleton-based bottom plates and bridges have been independent and widely verified to ensure they meet stringent intensity requirements.

Oversized date display

Semihood, horizontally is placed at 12 o’clock, operate on the white field through the calendar discs of the two skeletons.

These dates can be easily corrected by a pusher at 8 o’clock.

Function selector

The pusher located at 4 o’clock allows one of which to select neutral, winding, and manual settings to simply promote the way to gearboxes.

The aperture in 3 o’clock shows the selected function:
n (neutral) – W (winding) – h (hand setting).

Free flow balance with variable inertia

This type of balanced wheel represents the ultimate in innovation. When it is subjected to impact and motion assembly or removal, it guarantees higher reliability, so better programming results over time. The regulator index is eliminated by directly located four small adjustable weights on the balance, and can be more accurate and repeatable calibration.

Variable geometric rotor

  • Platinum oscillation quality
  • Core is made from 5-stage titanium
  • red gold weight segment
  • Black PVD Treatment Metal Guide
  • Oneway® automatic winding using ceramic ball bearings and inversion system mechanisms
  • Two-way winding system

This variable geometric rotor allows the winding function to adjust to the owner’s activity level. Adjusting weight, you can place the transverse direction into the correct position and secure it in place with two spline screws, modify the setting.

When the weight is closer to the outer edge, the inertia of the movement is optimal, so the lens barrel is faster. If the weight is located at the center of the rotor, the inertia is reduced and the tube is slower.

Motion characteristics

  • Sports Size: 30.48mm x 35.35 mm
  • Thickness: 6.81 mm
  • Jewelry quantity: 37
  • Balance: cubic, 4 arm, 4 adjustable weight, inertial torque is 7.5 mg.cm2, 50 ° angle angle
  • Frequency: 28,800 Vph (4 Hz)
  • Balance spring: AK 3
  • Shockproof protection: incabloc 908.22.211.100 (transparent)


From high speed to super observation

It uses FAKE Richard Mille‘s casing department, from Julian Boillat Technology, an unprecedented 2,0000 hours of spreading more than 18 months to improve the line. Just like its based speed title, the strip of the watch mimics the form of water droplets, and the baffle is bursting the valve opening, the push is awakened the air outlet behind the front wheel.

RM 40-01 has one of the highest levels of Richard Mille. Our fishermen and Poles have a lot of development. The attention of the details is extreme, mirror polishing, common and satin effects in different regions and titanium and carbon TPT. The case itself is made of 69 separate parts.

Due to the unprecedented complexity of the design, five prototypes were generated before achieving the best shape. The challenge laid a large wider fact that the titanium baffles and housings are further tapered between the titanium baffles and the housing.

Nice Replica Richard Mille RM 40-01 Automatic Tourbillon McLaren Speedtail Men watch

The design and execution of the watch show the overall method of the concept of sports, cases, and dial.

Therefore, everything is built according to extremely stringent specifications. For example, a sleeve ring is no longer used, and the movement is mounted on a chassis that is fixed by titanium screws (ISO SW).

The baffles and buckets are made of 5-stage titanium, while the shell belt is made of carbon TPT. This is a significant material having a unique terminated termination obtained by using hundreds of carbon fibers in the number of automated process layers, which can change the direction of the weft yarns between the layers. The autoclave is heated to 120 ° C, which is similar to the autoclave for the aviation component, and then prepares the material in Richard Mille.

The tripartite is to ensure 50 meters of waterproof with 2 nitrile O-ring seals. The housing is assembled in 316L stainless steel with a 12-stage 5-stage titanium pollen screw and a wear-resistant gasket.

The strap is also a unique design that uses the rubber version of Vulculor® technology using BIWI SA. This is a unique design that is a special process that enables color rubber to excessively mold – so allowed in 6 o ‘ Symbolic macquelion orange spoofed color striped color stripes extended to the wrist in motion.

Under the leadership of Technical Director Julien Boillat, Richard Mille’s shell department took more than 18 months and took 2,800 hours to complete the production line. replica Richard Mille RM 40-01 McLaren

Like the Speedtail on which it is based, the lines of the watch imitate the shape of water droplets, while the indentation of the bezel evokes the opening of the hood, and the push rod reminiscent of the air outlet behind the front wheel.

Boillat explained: “In addition to drawing inspiration from Speedtail’s drop shape, we also faced the challenge of seamlessly integrating the existing Richard Mille cues with McLaren’s cues.”

“This watch has one of the highest standards accomplished by Richard Mille. Our fishing machines and polishing machines have also developed a lot. The attention to detail is extremely high, and the different areas are mirror polished, flat and frosted, and titanium and CarbonTPT® are used in combination. The case itself is made of 69 parts. “

Due to the unprecedented complexity of the design, five prototypes were created before reaching the optimal shape. The challenge is that the case is much wider at 12 o’clock than at 6 o’clock, the taper between the titanium bezel and the back of the case is greater, and the straps made of carbon TPT® are separated by different lengths. . Titanium pillars.

In order to protect the latest movement of the RM 40-01, Richard Mille has developed a unique upper crystal with a “triple profile” to reduce the taper and thickness of the bezel. It took only 18 months to be perfect.

The strap is also a unique design, asymmetry, and a rubber version made with Biwi SA’s Vulculor® technology. This special process allows the colored rubber to be overmolded-so the iconic can be seen at 6 o’ McLaren orange accented colored stripes. The clock on the movement extends to the wrist.

Despite the unusually complex structure of the watch case, Salvador Arbona, the technical director of the Richard Mille movement, created a watch “engine” that seamlessly occupies all available space and introduces a certain degree of mechanical ingenuity to make the RM 40-01 automatic rotor The flywheel becomes the companion of the appropriate extraordinary Speedtail.

Grade 5 titanium has been used for key components such as bridges, bridge screws, base plates and rotor cores. The CRMT4 movement that drives the RM 40-01 introduces the movement’s first power reserve display and the complication of a large date and function selector, all of which are Richard Mille’s first introduction of an internal tourbillon.

In pursuit of perfection, before the final version came out, three power reserve systems had been developed and integrated into the watch.

The new movement architecture requires an amazing 8600 hours of development time, most of which is spent on finalizing the extremely high level of detail.

The complexity of the components, the many details and most importantly, the attention to finishes put the replica RM 40-01 firmly at the pinnacle of Swiss-made watches. For example, the rim is polished, and the progressive angle (among other elements) and the bevel are progressively polished by hand.

A detail that is often forgotten is that finishing is applied not only to visible parts, but also to hidden parts (such as the surface of the lower part). Some wheels are machined with the famous iconic McLaren logo, which is decorated with a Speedtail engine cover, while the dome parts have new surface contours that need to translate the curve of the car (you can see it on the tourbillon bridge) To).

In order to maintain the overall balance of the watch and the smoothness of the lines, positioning the date corrector at 8 o’clock-an easier option than positioning it at 11 o’clock, which is much more technically complicated, and aesthetically Also more pleasant. bell.

The platinum and red gold winding rotors are inspired by Speedtail’s hood, while the receiver’s setting is inspired by its roof line. The mechanism has a gentle downward curve from 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock, reminiscent of the brushed metal divider between the cockpit and the body of a car. McLaren’s dividing line is due to the predecessor Richard Miller (Richard Mille) was inspired by the design of the watch, and the orange wire extending from the lower part of the movement to the strap mimics the vertical brake lights installed on the screen at the rear of the Speedtail.

In order to reflect the 106 McLaren Speedtail watches manufactured, it is planned to produce 106 RM 40-01 McLaren automatic tourbillon watches.