Richard Mille RM 038 Tourbillon Bubba Watson

As I entered, Bubba Watson leads farmers’ open PGA Championships in San Diego. [Update: He continued to win the victory. This year Bubba joins Rafael Nadal and Felipe Massa as Richard Mille Ambassador. Bubba is the longest driver on the PGA Tour. If you want to know if you wear the golf course safe, Bubba will prove that you can wear RM 038. Find pricing and pictures internally.

Bubba is a rare professional golfer, he likes to wear a watch or bracelet. This will combine his reputation to make him a ideal candidate for RM 038 under real world conditions. Given the needs of the game, Richard Mille focuses on designing this watch is light, extreme impact and comfort. RM 038 is an athlete who appreciates high Horlogerie for golfers and athors, and requires an rare and unique wattock that is difficult to withstand extreme conditions.

RM 038 case measurement 48mm x 39.70mm x 12.80mm. Internal, the bottom plate of the caliber RM 038, the bridge and the balanced cock are made of 5-stage titanium. This creates a powerful rigid platform, as well as precise surface flatness, available for optimal gear system.

The RM 038 Tetaway has a fast rotating bar, which significantly reduces the periodic internal wire adhesion, which increases performance. Furthermore, it provides an ideal power reserve / performance and a law-specific wire curve. In addition to winding tubular teeth and the central progressive shape of the third round of pinion, a 20 ° optimum pressure angle is provided. This promotes effective rotational movement and allows compensation for possible changes in the engagement of heat dissipation training to ensure excellent torque transmission of different improvements in performance. replica watches on sale

The RM 038 housing is made of a rug-resistant alloy called magnesium-aluminum AZ91. The alloy was 8.9% from 90% magnesium and aluminum aluminum. The magnesium density is 1,74g / cm3, which means it is one of the lightest metals for the structure. After a long and exquisite processing stage, the alloy is given the electrophache oxidation treatment of Tiliyat II. The white color of the housing is due to this treatment: it is a reference oxide ceramic having a high ratio of high resistance composites such as Mgal2O4 spinel. This improves the hardness and scratch resistance of this alloy, and its wear resistance and corrosion resistance. This treatment is applied to magnesium aluminum is biocompatible. It is used in aerospace, automotive industry and medical fields.

The triplet housing is 50 meters from two nitrogen O-ring seals to ensure. In 316L stainless steel, 12 spline screws in 12 titanium and wear-resistant washers were assembled.


Tonneau case – numbered Limited Edition- available in Magnesium-Aluminium alloy AZ91.

CALIBER RM038 : manual winding tourbillon with hours and minutes.

Dimensions: 48 mm x 39.70 mm x 12.80 mm.


Circa 48 hours.

The free-sprung balance provides better reliability in the event of shocks, movement assembly and disassembly. It also guarantees better chronometric results over an extended period of time.

This device permits a profitable winding gain (circa 20 %), especially during the winding start. It is also helpful in the distribution of the mainspring’s internal tension.

– Dimensions of movement: 30.60 mm x 29.37 mm
– Thickness: 7.55 mm
– Tourbillon diameter: 10.90 mm
– Balance diameter: 9.12 mm
– Number of jewels: 19
– Balance: Glucydur, 2 arms, 4 setting screws, inertia moment 11.50 mg.cm2, angle of lift 53°
– Frequency: 21,600 vph (3Hz)
– Balance spring: Elinvar by NIVAROX
– Shock protection: KIF ELASTOR de KE 160 B28
– Barrel shaft in nickel-free chronifer (DIN x 46 Cr13 +S) with following characteristics: stainless, antimagnetic, suitable for tempering.

Minute flange in white carbon fiber.

Bezel side: In sapphire (1800 Vickers) with anti-glare treatment (both sides)
Thickness: 1.20 mm
Case back: In sapphire with anti-glare treatment (both sides)
Thickness: at the center 1 mm and outer edges 1.73 mm


– Baseplate and bridges in micro-blasted grade 5 titanium
– Anglage and polishing by hand
– Sapphire blasted milled sections
– Straight line grain finish of the upper surfaces
– Polished sinks

– Sapphire blasted surfaces
– Satin finished surfaces
– Anglage and polishing by hand
– Straight line grain finish of the upper surfaces
– Straight line grain finish of the upper surfaces
– Polished sinks

– Lapped and polished ends
– Burnished pivots

– Concave chamfering with a diamond tool
– Circular finished faces
– Rhodium-plating (before cutting the teeth)
– Minimum correction applied to the wheels in order to preserve geometry and performance

Reasons to treasure Richard Mille watches

Richard Mille replica was established based on the principles of aesthetics and high-end watchmaking technology innovation, and has now become a leading brand in the watch industry.

What is the reason? Let’s explore Gia Bao Luxury in this article!

In Swiss watchmaking, traditional principles have existed since ancient times, but it is not the only one. Brands such as Patek Philippe and Rolex have long dominated the retail industry and active auctions, but the fact is that recently, many young watchmakers are brewing. Richard Mille is the pioneer of today’s mature independent watchmakers, and it provides many timepieces that customers consider to be symbols of wealth.

Unique watchmaking art
Richard Mille founded a brand of the same name in 1999 with the support of Audemars Piguet and the legendary development company Renaud et Papi. The task proposed by Richard Mille is to promote the production of high-end handmade watches in an attempt to break through the limitations of manufacturing technology.

Two years later, Richard Mille RM 001 was released. It was not made of gold, nor was it added with diamonds or gems. Has the watch been well received? Answer: Richard Mille RM 001 series watches.

In September 2018, the first horology forum held in London gave an overview of the watch industry. Among luxury watch buyers, one of the hottest topics is their desire for Richard Mille watches. When asked why, the watchmakers of these companies emphasized that the movement in Richard Mille’s watch is indeed very good.

If the RM 056 is still considered one of the most complicated watches in the Richard Mille brand, then the RM 008 is the manufacturer’s first model to incorporate a second hand chronograph.

Richard Mille’s differentiated watch design
Richard Mille stands in the traditional haute watch industry, always distinctive and widely recognized. Inspired by the design of powerful and luxurious cars, Forbes magazine envisioned that “buying a Richard Mille watch is like buying a sports car that hits the wrist.” Or as Richard Mille himself said: “I hope more people will see my watch move.”

Richard Mille watches are always scarce
Richard Mille watch. To be honest, this is a relatively high number for a young brand, but the market demand for watches always exceeds the output that the manufacturer can provide. The proof of this trend is that the price of Richard Mille watches is always higher than the retail price, and even rises at auctions.

M 052-01 comes with a rose gold and white ceramic wine barrel case. It is an extremely exquisite watch, full of charm, and really rare. The skeleton model on this skeleton dial was launched in 2015. The RM 052-01 replica watch is 42.7 mm wide and 50 mm long.

The hand worn on a Richard Mille watch is extremely comfortable
More or less, those who first saw the Richard Mille watch felt that the design was a bit sturdy and asked a question: Will the watch on hand be uncomfortable?

In fact, even if you try the seemingly clumsy Richard Mille McLaren F1 RM 50-3 watch, what you might scream at first is how light it is. The manufacturer claims to have functions such as a seconds chronograph and tourbillon, but the Richard Mille McLaren F1 RM 50-3 weighs only 40 grams. Lightweight, but exceptionally strong in a stylish barrel box.

In order to produce this revolutionary watch and case, the Richard Mille brand collaborated with the University of Manchester and McLaren-Honda, two companies known for their research and expertise in objects .

Brand of success, wealth
Richard Mille watches are nicknamed “Billionaire’s Handshake” and are decorated with the owner’s wrist in the most unique form of the Handicraft Village. Richard Mille brand cooperates with the former world Formula One driver Felipe Massa (Felipe Massa), former Formula One driver, champion or star and other world-renowned ambassadors, in the tennis village Rafael Nadal (Rafael Nadal) shines, which further strengthens this message.

Mille developed the RM006 tourbillon for Massa in 2004. The watch is only a little heavier than a credit card and can withstand up to 500G. The driver Massa was wearing RM006 in the accident. His car knocked down the tire bar before the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix. At that time, the Brazilian driver was seriously injured. The watch is not damaged at all.

Nadal and Mille hope to develop a special watch for athletes to wear in fierce competitions. The Spaniard broke five prototypes before the final RM027 (weighing only 20 grams) was completed. Rafael Nadal actually wore a RM027 watch when he won his first US Open and his 9th professional Grand Slam championship in 2010.

In addition, American golfer Bubba Watson wore Richard Mille when he won the 2012 Masters Championship in Augusta National Park. At the London Olympics, Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake wore a striking green, yellow and black Richard Mille watch. The uniqueness of Richard Mille watches lies in the importance of people and names.

Richard Mille RM 67-02 High Jump and Sprint

The latest spectacular entry of the RM series is Richard Mille RM 67-02 high jump and sprint. Simply: the sports version of RM67-01. Choose RM 67-01 because of its weak, light and great ergonomics. The distance is 7.8 mm, which is a very slim case.

The first is Richard Mille’s latest RMUD jump RM 67-02 high jump, from Qatar, seeking Walra Baris watch, nodding the Olympic medal home, nicknamed high jump. The case of RM 67-02 is made from quartz TPT, which is known to a material known to high temperature, strength, and anti-magnetic resistance.

The second watch is Richard Mille RM 67-02 Sprint, making 300 meters and 400 meters for the Olympic gold medal and world record holders, Wayde Van Niekerk. The green and yellow of the quartz TPT case is because Van Niekerk’s Heritage.

It itself indicates that the skeleton CRMA7 caliber can admire through the front and housing sapphire crystals. One should also pay special attention to the comfort of the tape. The strap is completely seamless, non-slip and super elastic quality. The brightness of the strap makes the Richard Mille RM 67-02 high jump weight and sprint to only 32 grams. This makes it the lightest automatic replica watch in Richard Leli collection.

Take a look at Richard Mille’s most professional supermarks. Use exotic materials and create special versions, such as this Richard Miller 50-03 McLaren F1 or Richard Miller (Richard Mille RM) 27-03 Touring Raffael Nadal. These new Richard Miller RM 67-02 high jumps and sprints may not be the last one.

Replica Richard Mille RM 67-02 McLaren Prototype Orange Women watch

RM 67-02 McLaren Prototype Orange

Case: Carbon,titanium,Tonneau
Case diameter : 47.52 x 38.70 mm
Thickness: 7.8 mm
GLASS: Sapphire
Dial: Skeletonized
Movement: Automatic
STRAP: Orange Textile
Year: 2021
BUCKLE: Folding Clasp
Water Resistance Depth: 30 m
Boxes: common box package without paper
FUNCTIONS: Hours,Minutes

RM 35-02 Automatic Rafael Nadal

Exciting challenge

Developing Nadal Series is always an attractive prospect, which means that ambitious pursuit of continuous technical improvements, while maintaining the aesthetics of shopping watch by providing new materials such as Carbontpt® Series and new colors.

Released by RM 35-01, RM 35-02 appears in the request of Richard Mille customers, which require Nadal movements of the heart of the Nadal movement.

Move RMAL1
A hollow automatic upper chain head with hours, minutes, seconds and variable geometric shaped rotors.

5-stage titanium matrix and bridge
Like the previous product, RM 35-02 Rafael Nadal, Rafael Nadal, concomings, continuously pursuing the results of unique design innovation.

The bottom plate and the bridge use 5 wet spray titanium metal, treated and stretched with PVD / Titalyt® to ensure the highest rigid and impeccable smooth surface.

The backbone-based flooring and bridges have been widely validated to ensure they meet stringent strength requirements. Therefore, RM 35-02 can withstand the acceleration of up to 5,000 g.

Variable geometric rotor

The emergence of RM 35-02 is the requirements of a number of Richard Mille customers, and automatic upper chain mechanism is equipped with the core of Nadal movements. Richard Mille Automatic Movement is a variable geometric rotor that uses the brand to obtain patents. This decision is self-evident.

Rotor specification
• 5-stage titanium arm
• High palladium content 18k white gold weight segment
• Screws in 5 titanium alloy can be adjusted by 6 possible locations
• Ceramic ball bearings
• Counter clockwise

Richard Mille‘s unique design allows it to accommodate the user’s activity level in the motion or non-moving environment. By adjusting the six-stage rib, you can change the inertia of the rotor so that the process of accelerating the string is accelerating in the arm leisurely, or slowing the rotation speed in sports activities.

Motion characteristics

Movement Size: 30.25 x 28.45 mm
Thickness: 4.45 mm
Quantity: 32 gun
: Adopt AP 20 Steel
Tianping: Glucydur®, 2 arms and 4 fixed screws, rotation inertia 4.8 mg • cm 2, increase angle 53 °
Frequency: 28,800 Vph (4 Hz)
游 丝: Elinvar provided by Nivarox®
Shock absorption device: incabloc 908.22.211.100 (transparent)
Gem on the escape wheel: RubiFix (transparent)
Two-position spool: manual upper chain and time setting

CARBONTPT® and QuartztPT® are exclusive materials with unique appearance. Their outstanding surfaces show a very rule of Damascus visual pattern because they consist of a multi-layer parallel filaments, which are obtained by dividing carbon fibers or silica gel wires.
These maximum thickness of 45 microns are impregnated by the resin and then woven on a special machine, the machine changes the fibers between the layers 45 °. These materials are heated to 120 ° C under pressure of 6 bar and then prepared on the CNC machine of the Richard Mille’s housing plant.

In another first creation in the Nadal series, the bottom cover uses sapphire crystal glass for anti-reflection treatment, so that the caliber can be enjoyed from all angles.

The outer casing of replica RM 35-02 is 50 meters, which is sealed by two nitrile O-ring. The case is equipped with 20 5th-stage titanium lane screws and 316L stainless steel wear-resistant washers.

Free spring balance with variable inertia

This balance represents the ultimate goal of innovation. It guarantees higher reliability during the impact and during the movement assembly or removal, so the timing is better over time. The regulator index is eliminated, and more accurate and repeatable calibration can be performed due to four adjustable small weights directly on the balance.

Double barrel system

Double barrel systems help to increase torque stability over a longer period of time. This is achieved by assigning the stored energy into two rather than a spring box, which increases the number of revolutions and reduces the pressure on the teeth, bearings, and pivots, thereby obtaining better long-term performance.

5-level titanium spline screw for bridge and housing

This can better control the torque applied to the screw during assembly. Therefore, these screws will not be affected by physical operations during assembly or removal, and can be well aging.

New RM 65-01 automatic split-second chronograph

The core technology and innovation of the new RM 65-01 automatic split-second chronograph Richard Mille‘s relentless pursuit of the latest achievement of innovation, the latest RM 65-01, is a highly complex sports timepiece, a masterpiece of superb technology designed for daily use and various situations .

After about five years of development, this automatic chronograph is the most complicated timepiece ever built in the Richard Mille workshop. After limited production, it showed the true value of watchmaking. This model fully embodies the brand’s technical approach, thanks to a number of additional functions, a very special structure and high aesthetic value. All in all, the great challenge of mechanical watchmaking requires patience, skill and absolute perseverance.

This chronograph developed for the 21st century with high frequency balance and variable inertia-5 Hz or 36,000 vibrations per hour-was developed to extend timekeeping accuracy and accurate stopwatch calculations to 1/10 of a second. This is really a real racing machine with a second hand for calculating the intermediate time. This is the first use of Richard Mille on an automatic movement. replica men watches

The integrated movement developed in cooperation with Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier, its six-column wheel structure and vertical coupling have consistent consistency. Like a mechanical brain, this toothed fragment can coordinate controls and can be seen through the base. The Mechanical Cathedral is located on a grade 5 titanium chassis supported by a grade 5 titanium bridge. It receives energy from a rapidly rotating barrel that maintains ideal torque transmission energy during its entire 60-hour power reserve. The automatic winding device of the barrel also ensures that the watch maintains the best torque when worn on the wrist. This is further enhanced by the variable geometry of the pendulum of the movement, which can change the inertia of the rotor, thereby increasing the yield of the clockwork according to the active status of the person who depends on the watch.

The chronograph has also undergone a series of relentless tests to prove its function in any situation. This includes everything from shock and drop simulation to accelerated 10-year aging for all functions, including water resistance testing and magnetic field resistance testing.

But the best Richard Mille team did not stop there. Indeed, for a sturdy, sturdy and reliable racing engine mounted on the CarbonTPT® case, it is both light and strong, but adds complexity and thus improves the ergonomics of the model. Another milestone is that Richard Mille (Richard Mille) developed its first internal patented fast-winding mechanism, which was activated by a push rod at 8 o’clock. Under 125 pressures, the barrel was fully tightened, ready for the next game. Engineers at Richard Mille described this highly practical feature as “very fun”, which is particularly difficult to develop due to its high level of torque transmission. During the burn-in test, this function was activated thousands of times.

The model has also been enhanced with a new gearbox, using a function selector located in the crown. The system can switch between “traditional” clockwork (W), semi-instantaneous date adjustment (D) or set time (H), and all operations can be completed by simply pressing the crown.

For extremely clear dials, RM 65-01 uses color coding to match watch functions to buttons. Yellow represents the time: hours, minutes, small seconds at 6 o’clock, and green represents the date display. Orange represents the sweeping second hand of the chronograph and the total of 30 minutes and 12 hours. The red color is related to the winding mechanism. To avoid all confusion, the second hand is blue. Here, function is the factor that drives aesthetic choice.

As for the situation, every surface of it has extremely elegant details. It uses a CarbonTPT® frame, strap and caseback. It has a grade 5 titanium crown that has been micro-sprayed, polished and satin-finished, and is framed by a chronograph button. It is also made of polished and satin-finished grade 5 titanium. to make. The nameplate with RM 65-01 engraved on the case uses the same material and surface treatment. The fast-winding button has a red QuartzTPT® button.

RM 65-01 replica has a total of more than 600 components, available in CarbonTPT®, Gold and CarbonTPT® versions, which further proves the technical expertise of the development team. RM 65-01 upholds the ancestral code of the brand, and at the same time establishes its own identity, and will surely occupy a place in the superb Richard Mille model gallery with its exquisite craftsmanship.

Richard Mille RM035 Rafael Nadal

Richard Mille RM035 Rafael Nadal: How to “Go Pro”

This is how you tell time at the “speed of light”. Richard Mille RM035 Rafael Nadal eliminated everything you thought of bomb-tough sports watches, as well as the “Grand Slam” sport.

Start with the obvious; this magical watch weighing 50 grams was stress tested on the wrist of global tennis professional Rafael Nadal in actual matches.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price of more than $100,000 may be just a matter of mortals, but it is only a small part of Wimbledon’s victory, so please rest assured that Nadal has no obstacles in passing the RM035 prototype through the factory. Even Rolex has no chance to resist this fierce attack.

But Richard Mille operates on another level of clocks and technology. Although in a typical Breitling Chrono Avenger, the weight is not as good as the Valjoux 7750 chronograph (movement) (approximately 56 grams), the magnesium-aluminum RM035 Rafael Nadal is as tough as the legend.

Reducing quality and reducing impact is the key. Regarding 90% magnesium and 10% aluminum Richard Mille barrel case as “Attachment A”, “A” stands for “alloy”. This ultra-light combination even makes titanium look rough, and Richard Mille cheap through the plasma adjustment of the two-component metal ceramic oxide to ensure unparalleled scratch resistance. Only diamonds can wear it reliably.

Inside the case of Richard Mille RM035, the technical tour continues. The calibrated 60-minute carbon fiber flange frames the RMUL1 masterpiece. Although it is a manual winding movement, its advantage lies in its simplicity. The bone structure is cut from titanium plates, and all components are isolated on a raft suspended from synthetic elastomers.

Durability is guaranteed, but please don’t say swiss Richard Mille; the watchmaker tested this movement with the Labratoire Dubois SA “Chronofiable” 21-day battery test. Between freezing temperature, roasting heat, 20,000 shocks, and “before” and “after” tests, the timing test is not running COSC milk. RM035 passed amazing colors.

The free spring-loaded balance wheel with fixed adjuster and variable inertia weight ensures that even terrible knocks will not interfere with accurate timekeeping. Make no mistakes; “Little Nadal” is as tough as a nail, and Nadal can guarantee this.

But Richard Mille is an advanced game, not just high-tech. Richard Mille is different from technology obsessed with smart watches that are relentlessly assembled on printed circuit boards. Richard Mille combines technology with tradition and completed the masterpiece RM035. The design, the details of which are worthy of the origin of its Vallee de Joux.

Each element of the titanium alloy bridge has PVD blackening and sandblasting or impressive straight-grain dressage. The wheels have round textures, black polish on keyless work, and special attention to all edges to remove men watches

Richard Mille-RM 27-04 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal

Replica Richard Mille RM 27-04 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal Watch

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of cooperation with Rafael Nadal, Richard Mille launched the new RM 27-04 tourbillon Rafael Nadal, which is a dedication The latest timepiece for the Spanish tennis champion, this is the 9th special series we have listed.

The new RM 27-04 is an innovative timepiece with multiple angles that balances a lightweight design – 30 grams including the strap! -Has excellent resistance.

The tourbillon movement suspended in the case can resist accelerations of more than 12,000 grams, a record set by cheap Richard Mille. The movement is completely supported by a microspray screen with a surface of only 855 square millimeters, including a single cable of braided steel with a diameter of 0.27 mm, and is fixed in place by two 5N gold tensioners treated with PVD. This structure is the first in the watchmaking industry.

Inspired by the same principles as tennis racket strings, the watchmaker anchored the steel cable to the tensioner at 5 o’clock and then started making the grid, tying each main string together before adding the cross strings. Braided above and below the main string, the cable is passed through a hollow frame of grade 5 titanium 38 times and then sorted in a tensioner at 10 o’clock.

The movement is placed obliquely and connected to the mesh by five grade 5 polished titanium hooks, which extend from the back of the base plate and have a 5N gold PVD coating.

Once the watchmaker tightens the cable by loosening the socket screws, the assembly of the movement on the movement is complete.

TitaCarb’s case size is 38.40 x 47.25 x 11.40 mm, water-resistant to 50 meters / 165 feet, and the surface is sandblasted and polished, which is very innovative. This high-performance polyamide has been reinforced with a carbon fiber content of 38.5%. This addition of carbon gives TitaCarb an excellent tensile strength-370 MPa (3,700 kg/cm2)-making it one of the most durable polymers in the world.

In addition to having high fracture resistance (close to steel), this material is also used in the most demanding industries. Due to its robustness and rigidity, low thermal expansion coefficient and high strength, it is an ideal choice for processing parts in this situation. Humidity and high temperature resistance.

The manual winding movement RM27-04 beats at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour (3 Hz) and has a power reserve of 38 hours (±10%).

Richard Mille RM 11-02 Le Mans Classic

Replica Richard Mille RM 11-02 Le Mans Classic Watch

The eighth world-famous Le Mans Classic will be held on the Bugatti circuit from July 8th to 10th. The main partner and official timekeeper replica Richard Mille will use it as the color.

The 2016 race will start on Friday. The opening ceremony will be: Group C Racing, which is the first major breakthrough of this race.

Looking back at the past 24 Hours of Le Mans, 2014 attracted more than 110,000 people to participate. This is also an opportunity to participate in one of the largest special car gatherings in the world, bringing together 60 car manufacturers represented by 160 car clubs Business, a total of 8,000 cars.

Since its establishment in 2002, Richard Mille has become a partner of the event, creating a new watch for each competition to celebrate the Le Mans Classic. This year, the brand will launch the RM 11-02 Le Mans Classic, which is a grade 5 titanium automatic movement with variable geometry rotor, annual calendar, UTC display, 24-hour flyback chronograph and Countdown function.

The RM 11-02 Le Mans Classic not only has the color of competition on the movement, it also has the color of competition on the rubber collar of its white ATZ ceramic strap and NTPT carbon fiber crown.

The RM 11-02 is a limited edition. From the design of the push rod to the retro pedal surface, there are grooves, and the casing is ribbed like an engine crankcase. The machined crown is reminiscent of a clutch mechanism.

The classic Le Mans logo appears on the dial at 12 o’clock with the number “16” to indicate the start time of the endurance race.

Technical specifications:

-Self-winding movement
-Power reserve: about 55 hours
-Titanium base plate and machine bridge, processed by PVD and wet sandblasting
-Flyback chronograph
-6 o’clock 24-hour timekeeping
-9 o’clock countdown function clock
-UTC display
-Free balance spring with variable inertia
-Double barrel winding system
-The bezel and the back cover are white ATZ ceramics, and the strap is NTPT carbon fiber
-Chamfering and polishing by hand
-Micro-blasted surface with sapphire beads