Grand Seiko Evolution 9 Spring Drive Ushio Diver SLGA023 Watch

200-meter water resistance, +/- 10-second monthly accuracy, five-day power reserve, ceramic bezel and a dial reminiscent of the dynamic undulations of ocean waves, all wrapped in “high-strength titanium”: Grand Seiko Evolution 9 Spring Drive Ushio Diver The SLGA023 watch really seems to have it all, and we checked it out for ourselves at Watches & Wonders 2023 to see how it fares in the metal.

In 2020, Grand Seiko launched the SLGH002, a limited-edition timepiece powered by the next-generation caliber 9SA5, and a new design language now called Evolution 9 Style. As Grand Seiko explains: “The goal of Evolution 9 is to take the best elements of Grand Seiko’s design and improve upon it in a way that respects the brand’s history and embraces the future.” Its designer, Kiyotaka Sakai, started working on it in 2017 Develop this new design code and turn the clock back to 1967, back to the original epic 44GS. Like last year, 2023 will also expand the collection with more sporty styles, Sakai added: “I see no reason why we can’t use the Evolution 9 Style approach, which is the pointer and pointer approach and the lower gravity in the center, in the The same is true in sports watches.

The 44GS from 1967 was a rather unremarkable watch – until you saw the shape. It’s as angular, cool, and distinctive as Darth Vader’s helmet, and frankly, many Grand Seiko watches from the past decade have shown a similar approach to case profile design, well before the Evolution 9 Appear. That said, the concept of the Evolution 9 is not just for a single mid-century reference, but also for more contemporary pieces (both formal and sporty). Nonetheless, Grand Seiko seems excited about the “Evo 9” case style, which features arched quarters, pronounced crown protection and faceted treatment with flat brushed upper elements and distortion-free mirrored lugs on the top and sides .

While Grand Seiko prices have been rising over the years—nearly doubling in some cases in the past five years—the quality and sophistication of the Grand Seiko Zaratsu case finishing can hardly match that of the competition, Even over the $10,000 mark. Oddly enough, the bracelet finish is not always the same, as the brand more frequently opts for full brushed bracelets without any polished links, not even the narrow links on either side of the center link. These may seem more technical and purposeful, but, when seen in metal, they rarely, if ever, match the sophistication of the watch heads, which feature smooth ceramic bezels, polished Bezel profile, crown and lug bevels. The SLGA023 is in this configuration, and we can’t help but think a little more bling on the bracelet would have been nice.

The dial of the Grand Seiko Evolution 9 Spring Drive Ushio Diver SLGA023 is as much a piece of jewelry as it is a functional part, like its case. Japan’s coastal waters are influenced by the Kuroshio Current, one of the world’s major ocean currents, and the nutrient-rich waters of the Oyashio form one of the most diverse marine areas in the world. It is the dynamic ebb and flow of these ocean currents that the Ushio dial pattern expresses – ushio means tide in Japanese (which is also a name). Grand Seiko has been mastering these crease dials for years – think fan favorites Birch and Snowflake, or the gorgeous Shosho – but with its softer, less processed and more natural patterns, this might just be the best yet one of.

The hands and hour markers of the SLGA023 are coated with LumiBrite, one of the brightest and therefore most interesting luminescent paints used on watches today. The hands are shaped differently, making them easier to distinguish and read, while the hour markers are applied and stand quite high from the plane of the dial, giving this dial its own high-end look. The high-strength titanium bezel is very wide, with blue ceramic inserts inside, and some pretty serious cutouts around its perimeter for a better grip. Only dots are illuminated on the bezel, the rest of the markings are white.

On the wrist, the SLGA023 is big — probably too big, unless you have really wide wrists. Measuring 43.8mm wide, 51.5mm lug-to-lug and 13.8mm thick, the Grand Seiko Evolution 9 Spring Drive Ushio Diver SLGA023 is a chunky dive replica best watches. A decade or more ago, few people would have rolled their eyes at hearing those measurements, but, with ushio taking the big watch trend, Grand Seiko may hope to start rolling out more compact dive watches soon.

On the plus side, the SLGA023 uses all that real estate to pack some serious tech, and is actually some of the best in its class. The Grand Seiko Evolution 9 Spring Drive Ushio Diver SLGA023 is powered by a 9RA5 Spring Drive movement – to learn everything you need to know about Spring Drive’s incredible history and performance, read my post on the subject here authoritative article. The 9RA5 is the latest major development in this technology and the most powerful Spring Drive base movement to date. It is 0.8mm thinner than the 9R6 series (down from 4.2mm to just 3.4mm), but offers an extended 5-day power reserve and features an indicator at 9 o’clock on the dial. Grand Seiko claims that its one-piece center bridge gives it “significantly greater durability and higher transmission efficiency,” and that it still boasts an accuracy of +/-10 seconds per month (also known as the daily maximum tolerance +/-0.5 seconds) per day). Unfortunately, the SLGA023 comes with a solid bottom cover, so you can’t see the 9RA5 inside.

A stunning dial, a beautiful titanium case, and one of the most innovative and high-performance spring-driven movements is exactly what we’ve come to expect from a Grand Seiko. SLGA023 meets all these requirements, but still has some shortcomings. While the market for large dive cheap men watches is still huge, we’d like to see Grand Seiko shift its focus to more compact and therefore less bulky ways to enjoy all this unfiltered horological greatness.

Grand Seiko Introduces 44GS 55th Anniversary Limited Edition

Flagship movement in a 44GS case.

Launched in 2020 in the all-new Evolution 9 collection, fake Grand Seiko‘s top-of-the-line 0f-the-line mechanical and Spring Drive movements are now housed in a unique 44GS case, which turns 55 this year.

The 44GS case, with its wide, flat lugs, is a familiar, typical Grand Seiko (GS) design, but the Heritage Collection 44GS 55th Anniversary Limited Edition pairing brings a relatively new feature: the case is made exclusively by the brand The Ever Brilliant Steel was machined for the first time, and the dial now has an unusually distinct woodgrain pattern.

Typical of the brand’s recent launch, the 44GS 55th Anniversary Edition iterates on familiar elements but makes a difference with a few tweaks. It’s a subtlety that appeals to enthusiasts who cherish thematic changes, although the casual observer will find it difficult to distinguish the models. But the fundamental appeal of the GS remains, which is top execution in its price segment.

That said, the latest pair is arguably even more special. One factor in their favor is the patterned dial. This is a new addition to the GS collection, and an exclusive so far, for only two models, both of which are expensive watches in precious metals. Of course, the new 44GS is steel, so it’s more affordable. Seiko Heritage fake

That said, the latest pair is arguably even more special. One factor in their favor is the patterned dial. This is a new addition to the GS collection, and an exclusive so far, for only two models, both of which are expensive watches in precious metals. Of course, the new 44GS is steel, so it’s more affordable.

Retro design, modern movement
Debuted in 1967, the 44GS case is probably the most iconic case of the GS, thanks to its recognizable style centered on the wide faceted lugs, demonstrating the brand’s prowess in flat finishes. Notably, Ever Brilliant Steel may further enhance the polished finish GS is known for, as the alloy has a more silvery appearance. The latest Seiko watch with the Ever Brilliant Steel case is a no-nonsense diver’s watch that downplays the visual appeal of steel.

Unlike the streamlined and modern Evolution 9 case, the 44GS is very retro in style. Unfortunately, the retro case comes with an outdated five-link bracelet, although this is easy to fix as the case looks just as good, if not better, on a leather strap.

The movements in the new pairing are the brand’s flagship self-winding Spring Drive and Hi-Beat movements. Launched two years ago, both movements are technically superior to their predecessors, boasting longer power reserves and new features that improve timekeeping.

Both movements are also slimmer than their predecessors, giving the 44GS case a slimmer, elegant profile previously only possible with the brand’s quartz fake watches.

Spring Drive cal. For example, the 9RA2 has a power reserve of 5 days, up from 3 days for the cal. 9R65, and improved accuracy to within 10 seconds per month through a redesigned oscillator IC.

And Spring Drive cal. The 9RA2 is the same in all models, mechanically calibrated. The trim of the 9SA5 varies according to the price of the respective model (in part because the automatic and Spring Drive movements are produced in different factories).

For example, hot blue screws are only used for calibration. The 9SA5 is mounted on a precious metal watch. But that seems to have changed with the new 44GS, which also features blue screws in its movement – a small upgrade, but a big plus in terms of visual appeal.

Grand Seiko Heritage Collection 44GS 55th Anniversary Limited Edition Spring Drive
Ref. SLGA013

Diameter: 40mm
Height: 11.7 mm
Material: Ever Brilliant Steel
Crystal: Sapphire
Water resistance: 100 m

Movement: 9RA2
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds and date
Frequency: Spring driven winding
Power reserve: five days (120 hours)

Strap: Ever Brilliant Steel bracelet

Grand Seiko Spring Drive Refs. SBGA437, SBGA439, SBGA465 and SBGA467

SBGA437, SBGA439, SBGA465 and SBGA467 powered by Spring Drive are the four latest models debuting in the Grand Seiko Heritage Collection.

Shinshu in Nagano Prefecture, where all Grand Seiko Spring Drive watches are produced, was once the main center of silk production. Drawing inspiration from that period of history, Grand Seiko’s latest models include SBGA437, SBGA439 and SBGA467. Three Spring Drive models all use silk sun pattern dials, and SBGA465, whose special dials are inspired by gleaming frost.

The four models of stainless steel cases have a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 12.3 mm, representing a modern interpretation of the Grand Seiko style. The case uses long-faced lugs that extend from the middle of the case and bend down to the bracelet to provide a comfortable ergonomic design. The length from the tip of one lug to the other is only 46.6 mm, and the case is designed for various wrist sizes.

The geometry of the case is emphasized by its eye-catching finish, which combines a fine-grained brushed surface with a Zaratsu polished surface with mirror-like distortion-free reflections. Three screw-fixed crowns, the case has a rated pressure of 10 bar, and a solid back cover protects the internal movement. All in all, this case is designed for reliable everyday wear.

The silk sun pattern radiates outward, capturing light from all angles. It has a soft texture, no different from the best silk, it can only be created by applying soft silver using a special silver plating method.

The sky under the moonlight at night presents alluring and ever-changing tones, perfectly captured in this midnight blue sun dial. The color oscillates between the warm blue of some light and the black of other light.

This dynamic black dial is the ideal background for diamond-cut hands and hour markers, which is particularly eye-catching against the dark sun-grain texture.

The winter in Shinshu came suddenly. Frost on the trees at night, for a short and beautiful moment, gleaming in the morning sun before melting. The fleeting beauty of this phenomenon is captured here.

Spring drive 9R65
Spring Drive combines the high torque and non-stop power source of a mechanical watch with the high precision and stability of a quartz watch. The 9R65 movement is produced in the Shinshu Watch Studio in Nagano, with an accuracy of 1 second per day. The second hand advances in a smooth and sliding manner. This is a unique feature of Spring Drive.

Grand Seiko reference SBGA437, SBGA439, SBGA465 and SBGA467 are Mastershop models.

GRAND SEIKO SLGH007 140th Anniversary Limited Edition

Read the memories on the annual rings, imagine the future|GRAND SEIKO SLGH007 140th Anniversary Limited Edition GRAND SEIKO coincides with two very important anniversaries in 2020 and 2021. It is natural to launch a commemorative watch, but this SLGH007 “annual ring”, as a commemorative style for the 140th anniversary of SEIKO’s founding, can be said to be more appropriate. Taking the tree rings as the theme of the face plate, through it, not only can you appreciate the GS watchmaking craftsmanship, it is also a watch that implies crossing the time dimension and moving from memory to the future.

Time is meaningful only if it is recorded, and what is recorded becomes a memory. But when the memories are year after year, the impression in my mind will gradually fade, let alone SEIKO’s 140-year history of entrepreneurship, which seems to be a legend written on the pages of an ancient book, which can be seen from afar and cannot be touched. But we know that the past is only reclusive and never disappeared. It flows in the brand’s watchmaking craftsmanship, just like the annual rings of trees, sealing the story of growth on a circle of tracks. Today’s GRAND SEIKO releases precious memories of time for watch fans on the occasion of its 140th anniversary. Along the texture on the dial, you can read the brand’s entrepreneurial story and feel the excellent watchmaking craftsmanship, and more importantly In the deep and shallow context, GRAND SEIKO especially hopes to accompany the watch owner to spread out his personal time memory and portray his own life story.

New generation Series 9 design
In addition to innovation, the ultimate

With the “annual ring” as the core of the design, the first instinct may be to link the watch with the nostalgic theme, but GRAND SEIKO is obviously unwilling to do so. SLGH007 adopts the latest Series 9 design style released in 2020, including shell, The pointers and time scales are different.

The number “9” has been in the spirit of the GS brand for a long time, such as their three major movements: 9F quartz, 9R Spring Drive and 9S mechanical movement, and the online community GS9 Club. In Japanese, the pronunciation of the number “9” (kyū) is similar to “Kyūkyoku” (kyūkyoku). It was named like that at the beginning, which implies that watchmaking craftsmanship will be brought to the top, and even become the ultimate goal of watch fans. Therefore, the various details of the Series 9 design have been rethought once again from the feel of wearing and legibility.

Although SLGH007 is an anniversary watch, it is not a retro nostalgic route, but a new generation of Series 9 design, shaping a new generation of classics for the next century. The interlocking use of the hairline polishing of the case and the Zaratsu super mirror polishing is the focus of the Series 9 case.

In order to make the brand new design impress, the watch designer Kiyotaka Sakai first emphasized the contrast and balance between the wide hour hand and the slender minute hand. It is as different as possible from the minute hand with the narrowed tip; in addition, the width of the hour marker at 12 o’clock is increased by 2.5 times that of other hour markers (the previous model was twice that), which is not only more recognizable, but also the cut surface of the hour markers. Increase, the reflected light shines more. The reference line in the center of the hour hand is the same width as the groove of each hour marker. The lines that are perfectly aligned at the hour of the watch look really delicate.

The interlaced application between the hairline polishing and the polished polish of the case is especially the focus of the new Series 9 case. The side of the case, the front of the bezel and the front of the lugs are all treated with hairline; the sides of the bezel and the corners inside and outside the lugs are Zaratsu ultra-mirror grinding, the overall gloss is subtle, elegant and even with a little Japanese aesthetics The tranquil atmosphere. The width of the lugs of this 40mm watch is increased to 22mm. Through the new movement, the center of gravity of the watch is also lowered and fits the wrist better. It is believed to bring good stability and firmness when worn. feel. luxury fake watches

“Lightning S shape” annual ring texture
Realize the footprint of time

The biggest highlight of the watch, of course, is the dial craftsmanship based on the concept of tree rings. For GRAND SEIKO, which is good at making a variety of different face textures, it can be said that the processing technology has been used to the extreme long ago. A face plate may require as many as 20 processes from multiple embossing, plating, repeated painting and polishing. Since the depth of the engraving on the “Annual Ring” is deeper than other styles, it needs to be embossed more times. After plating, more layers of clear varnish must be applied to complete the engraving and avoid subsequent polishing. Sometimes the paint layer was too thin and was smoothed.

The image of the annual ring on the face plate comes from the cedar of the shrine near Shizukuishi Workshop, and is specially designed to resemble the “S” lightning shape to echo the S trademark used by the founder, Hattori Kintaro, when he established Seikosha. GRAND SEIKO, who is good at making a variety of face textures, takes the processing technology to the extreme. A face plate may require as many as 20 processes to create a shiny or dazzling, or subtle, colorful surface.

The image of annual rings on the face plate comes from the cedar trees growing near the shrine near the Shizukuishi high-end timepiece workshop in Iwate Prefecture. The concentric rings are one after another. Each density marks the trajectory of the existence and growth of life. In addition, GS specially designed the curved lines of the annual rings to resemble the “S”-shaped lightning shape, in order to echo the S trademark used by the founder, Hattori Kintaro, when he established Seikosha in 1892. In addition to the depth of the embossing and engraving, repeated painting, drying, and then painting, up to 7 layers of transparent varnish create a clear visual depth, so that the small face plate can also have a 3D three-dimensional layer.

High vibration frequency 9SA5 movement
Gorgeous and colorful, with good specifications

Compared with the steady and reserved feeling created by the black annual ring texture on the surface, the 9SA5 self-winding movement can be seen on the case back. The blue steel screws, ruby ​​bearings and gold-plated lettering are gorgeous and colorful, and the splint lines are winding and smooth, as if implicitly. With a fiery heart under the outside, compared with the positive attitude, you are bound to admire the intentions of Japanese craftsmanship. At the same time, you have to admit that this is indeed a watch made by the Japanese.

This replica GRAND SEIKO‘s latest self-made movement published in 2020 has a brand-new dual-impact escapement system that leads the industry and is exclusively developed in terms of specifications. It has a fine adjustment of the axis of the balance wheel without card degree hairspring, double hairspring, and balance bridge. Devices, etc., are also the brand’s self-breakthrough and the first device used. All of the above have created a more precise and higher-end movement with a daily difference of +5 to –3 seconds per day, which is better than the certification standard of the Swiss Observatory. . The vibration frequency of 36,000 rpm is also one of the few high vibration frequency movements produced in the industry. Its performance stability and manufacturing and warranty experience are worthy of trust.

There are many ways to commemorate the grand anniversary. This SLGH007 “Annual Ring” is the most interesting one. Its black dial embodies the implicit and slender standard Japanese aesthetics. The brand-new Series 9 design and 9RA5 movement, at the same time, It reveals the extraordinary ambitions of being an international army and looking at EMI. At first glance, it seems low-key, but in fact it is high-spirited. The watch case is made of noble platinum material, and the price is naturally high, but in order to echo the year when SEIKO was founded, it is also limited to 140 pieces. The joy of birth, the glory of growth, and the admiration and tribute to nature, time, and the world can only be shared with destined collectors.

Grand Seiko Heritage cheap watches

Time, nature and processes. A new big opera creates the spirit of Clinto Hathami. Unique dial, powerful design and a significant tap speed caliber. luxury replica watches

In 1881, Kintaro Hattori established the company, which later will be referred to as precision and causing it in 1934 at 73 years old. His creed is his company should “always lead the rest”, just like their responsibilities, he is promoted to his colleague, his life class “Don’t run, but always move forward.” His words There is always a powerful resonance and incentive company. Although not created until 1960, there is no unique design, leading edge manufacturing and exquisite finishing than luxury Grand Seiko. In order to commemorate the 140th anniversary of the founding of the Company, Daji Island announced a superior creation that reflects the spirit and vision of Kintaro Hattori. The watch contains a dial design that captures the natural beauty of the tree ring.

As if stretched back to expose the roots of Kintaro’s story, a series of exquisite and organic routes responded to complex rings that represent annual growth.

Unique and natural dials are perfect for a unique overall design.

The hairline finishing of the series of warm 9 case designs is the perfect harmony with exquisite wood grain patterns.

The dial is a happy, so that the soul is full of vitality, and bring the great seiko concept of life. Almost haptic effects are produced by the multidimensional texture of the light capture dial. The microcansy of the dial depth reveals the subtle of the dark and light tones of the wood grain. This high-shot watch adopts a powerful and unique design called 9 series, which is set to become part of the future signature of Grand Seiko. One-hour hand is very large in size, is designed to be completely consistent with the trench and highlight hours, enhance time readability. The non-twisting mirror faces and exquisite hairline are alternate to keep this situation to maintain quiet and harmonious glow. With its spacious lugs and satisfactory large belts, the watch provides perfect comfort and solid and neatly suitable for wrists.

Hi-beat 36000 9S5. Magnificent Seiko’s future driving force.

The beauty of the sports finish is revealed by the back of the sapphire crystal box.

With its efficient two-pulse escapement, Grand Seiko Free-Sprung Balance and Twinbarrel Constructal, Calibre 9SA5 are a high-shot that provides accurate rates of +5 to -3 seconds and 80 hours of power reserves. This caliber represents the highest quality in modern tab, combining unique technologies with the highest orders.

Limited edition in platinum 950.

Special commemorative people ask precious metals to celebrate it. The case of the watch is made from platinum 950, while the star of 6 o’clock shows that the star marker indicates that the index is pure gold, and the GS letter and calendar frame are also the same.

Grand Seiko Heritage Collection
Seiko 140th Anniversary Limited Edition

Mechanical Hi-Beat 36000 80 Hours Caliber 9SA5
Driving system: Automatic
Vibrations: 36,000 vibrations per hour (10 beats per second)
Accuracy (mean daily rate): +5 to –3 seconds per day
Power reserve: 80 hours
Number of jewels: 47

Platinum 950 case and clasp
Box shaped sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
See-through screw case back
Water resistance: 10 bar
Magnetic resistance: 4,800 A/m
Diameter: 40.0mm, Thickness: 11.7mm
Crocodile strap with three-fold clasp with push button release

Introduction Seiko Prospex LX Line Limited Edition SNR045

Prospex high-end diver’s watch with textured green dial.

Seiko’s LX Line was released in 2019. It is a brand new watch series that represents Prospex’s best product in terms of quality and performance as well as the innovation of the Spring Drive movement. The real Prospex model is designed for use on land, sea and sky, and is a timepiece specially made for action. Today, Seiko released a limited edition watch based on the diver model, including the new Prospex LX Line SNR045.

LX Line is sharp, strong, high-performance, and to prove Seiko’s superb skills in sports watches, it is the best product in the Prospex series. In fact, in many respects, it is almost on par with the products in the Seiko version of the brand. These include the use of Zaratsu polished titanium case, high-tech materials and innovative Spring Drive technology. And the design follows the same rules. Indeed, the LX series is a subsidiary of Ken Okuyama Design-famous for designing many Ferrari cars, including the Ferrari Enzo or the first generation Honda NSX. There is no doubt about the sportiness of this series of watches.

The brand has released three versions, namely a dive watch, a GMT model and a third model with a compass. Today, the brand released the first limited edition based on the series and relies on the existing aquatic reference SNR029, And has a unique sense of color. And texture makes it a special model.

The new Seiko Prospex LX Line limited edition SNR045 is inspired by Antarctica, especially the Skarvsnes foreland, which is about 55 kilometers away from Showa Station, an Antarctic Japan Research Station. There, Japanese researchers discovered a mysterious underwater moss forest covering the bottom of a nearby lake. The unique moss pillar has been formed underwater for centuries and is affectionately named “kokebozu”, which is a Japanese word that combines Coca-Cola (moss) and little boy (bouzu). This new limited edition brings the mysterious scenery of underwater forest and moss to life.

The inspiration is easy to understand when looking at the new green dial with a unique texture and an aftertaste of the moss pillars. The ceramic bezel of the 60-minute diving scale also uses the same color scheme, giving this model a unique character and bold appearance. The dial is punched by oversized hands (with a typical Seiko shape) and applied hour markers. All hands are filled with high-performance Lumibrite material.

The case of this new reference SNR045 is the same as the non-limited edition, it is made of high-density titanium alloy with a hard coating-lightweight and durable. The case is large and strong, with a diameter and angle of 44.8mm. There is no doubt that this model of sports career. It is equipped with sapphire crystal, one-way bezel, screw-in crown, and water resistance to 300m. This cheap watch is worn on a titanium bracelet, and has a three-fold buckle and a strong lock, with a diving extension button release.

One of the characteristics of the LX Line watch is that it uses Seiko’s innovative hybrid technology for power supply, and SNR045 is no exception. Inside the case is a movement that combines the best performance of a mechanical self-winding movement and the accuracy of a quartz adjustment mechanism. The accuracy level is ±1 second per day or ±15 seconds per month. The movement displays hours, minutes, seconds, as well as the date and remaining power (in the current case, it is 72h when fully tightened).

Seiko Prospex LX series limited edition SNR045 is a limited edition.

Technical Specifications-Seiko PROSPEX LX Series Limited Edition SNR045
Case: diameter 44.8 mm x height 15.7 mm-high-density titanium case, brushed and polished-titanium alloy unidirectional bezel with green ceramic inlay-sapphire crystal glass with A/R coating-screw-in Case-back-screw-in crown-waterproof to 300m
Dial: Green textured dial, inspired by the lake near Skarvsnes Foreland, Antarctica-applied hour markers and hands are full of Lumibrite
Movement: Seiko 5R65 movement, internal-automatic winding, mixed with Spring Drive-30 jewels-quartz adjustment with automatic winding function-72 hours power reserve-accuracy of ± 1 second per day-hours, minutes, Seconds, date and power reserve
Bracelet: 3-link high-density brushed titanium bracelet-triple clasp, with safety lock, button release with diving extender
Reference: SNR045J1

Grand Seiko Spring Drive

Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT Steel SBGE209 Men Replica watch for sale

Case: Stainless Steel
Cuts: 39.40 mm
Glass: Sapphire
Movement: self-winding
Dial Color: White
Thickness: 13.60 mm
Water Resistance:100 m
Water Resistance:Hours, Minutes, Seconds,Date

SBGC-9R96 Spring Drive Chronograph
SBGC237 is a professional choice limited edition of 30 units. This model is equipped with a silver dial with gold hands and hour markers, while the 9R96 movement is mounted in a stainless steel case with a black ceramic tachymeter ring.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Seiko, SBGC238 was released. This model is limited to 100 pieces and is equipped with a 9R96 spring-driven GMT chronograph movement. It has a rose gold case and chronograph hands, with a Katsu-iro indigo blue bezel and a dial with lion mane.

SBGD-9R01 spring driven manual winding
Another Seiko 60th anniversary commemorative model is SBGD205. The watch uses a platinum 950 case and a beautifully decorated white gold dial. The center part of the dial is decorated with diamond whitewash, the surface is engraved with the GS logo and text, and the Leo constellation is also engraved on the dial, which clearly quotes the great Seiko lion. The outer edge of the dial is surrounded by 96 diamonds (2.25 carats) and separated by 25 sapphires (1.09 carats) as hour markers. It is very unusual to see the Grand Seiko model inlaid with gemstones, but it is impressive, reminiscent of company features that are usually reserved for Credor models.

SBGE-9R66 Spring Drive GMT
In addition to the Grand Seiko Sport series, the series also introduced three new models. They are black SBGE253, blue SBGE255 and green SBGE257. Each dial has a fixed ceramic bezel that matches the color of the dial. They all have a 9R66 spring-driven movement with GMT complications in the stainless steel case.

Following the 60th anniversary commemorative model, another 60 SBGE261 Wako Ginza limited edition models were produced. The dial is dark blue, inspired by the “Rindo” flower of Nagano Prefecture, producing the Grand Seiko Spring Drive model. The dial is surrounded by blue and red dials, which complement the red GMT hands.

The limited-production special model is SBGE262, and the production quantity is 30 units. The watch has a stainless steel case and a 24-hour gold bezel. The black and white frame contrasts sharply with the silver dial, golden hands and hour markers. In addition to the bracelet, the watch also comes with a belt.

The American exclusive SBGE263 has joined the Grand Seiko Sport series. It has a brown ceramic bezel, a brown pattern dial and gold GMT hands, and is placed in a stainless steel case. This model is limited to 110 units to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Grand Seiko’s launch in the US market. According to the official website, “the dial pattern represents the eagle’s free glory soaring in the distance, diving down to the valley below, or diving up to the boundless space above.” The model will be shipped in January 2021.

Another limited edition product is the SBGE265 produced for Yokohama Takashimaya Department Store, only 30 sets were sold. This model has a blue rotating bezel that matches the blue GMT hands. The blue and white redesign connects the bezel to the white lion mane dial. This model comes with a bracelet and a silicone strap.

The product released for the year’s 9R66 Spring Drive GMT is the SBGE267 produced for Asian distributor Thong Sia. There are 140 limited editions in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Macau. It has a brown 24-hour rotating bezel, a brown sunburst dial with gold hands and graduations, and is placed in a stainless steel case.

Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT

A trio of Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT

Three new color references for the mid-sized Spring Drive GMT.

Grand Seiko is one of the most beloved watchmakers. Focusing on the dial, the unparalleled movement technology in Spring Drive and the design language that really belongs to them are just a few reasons why Japanese brands have attracted our attention. Perhaps because the brand originated outside the traditional Swiss watchmaking ecosystem, it was able to draw a unique logo based on its own unique principles, standards and techniques. Today, the three new watches we launched are really good examples, showing that we continue to be so attractive to Grand Seiko.

Grand Seiko fake divides the watch into logical lines-elegant, traditional and sporty-so that enthusiasts can choose according to their specific tastes and needs. If you want something that enhances Japanese traditions, then here is Heritage. Something delicate and low-key? Check out the elegance. As you can see from these colorful, highly waterproof stainless steel bracelets, they fall right into the Sport collection. One of the most significant advantages of the Sport Collection series models is legibility, from the wider layout to the gloss of the dial and other details. The watches we have here today fully illustrate this point and are one of the best ways to perform in terms of wear resistance and versatility.

What we have today are three similar products of three large Seiko models-a spring-driven movement and a GMT complication case, measuring 40.5 mm, which is very wear-resistant. There is no doubt that Spring Drive is a mechanically powered movement that incorporates a smooth sweeping second hand with quartz precision. For these three watches, this is the standard. 9R66. Spring Drive is one of the most compelling technologies developed by Seiko so far, and Grand Seiko often puts it into use. To be honest, there is nothing better than this in the watch industry. GMT watches are another feature of GS. Many styles can be found in its Spring Drive, Quartz, Hi-Beat and traditional speed mechanical products.

With the new 40.5mm x 14.7mm GMT launched in the store today, Grand Seiko offers the very wear-resistant Spring Drive GMT option in the Sport series. These compact travel watches are by far our favorite Grand Seiko models some.

Each offers stunning color schemes and ceramic bezels, adding a lot of personality and scratch resistance to the formula. These cases are perfectly polished by Zaratsu and of course have bold beveled edges. The crown position at four o’clock ensures a comfortable wearing experience for left-handers and left-handers. This is particularly important because these are sports watches that you want to get active. Did we mention that they are waterproof to 200 meters?

The dial will not disappoint. They have a power reserve indicator (72 hours) and a well-integrated date window for a harmonious and balanced display-integrating these additional elements into the design is not easy. Nowadays, the diamond polishing process, which has been regarded as a great precision calling card, is on display. After all, the dial is the interface of the watch. Even if you find that you just glanced at your watch without noticing the time, this is what you see the most. This may be another feature of Seiko: it inspires watch lovers to cock their wrists and appreciate the beautiful dial, even if they don’t really want to know the time. It is one thing to remove it with a wearable dial, making it feel like a greater challenge when paired with a sports watch like this, and Grand Seiko has undoubtedly met this requirement.

SBGE253 pairs the black dial and black ceramic bezel with the contrasting red GMT hands, which is a classic combination of Grand Seiko. SBGE255 makes things messy by pairing the blue dial and blue ceramic bezel with the light blue 24-hour hands. There is a lot of contrast between the two blues to ensure legibility. From a design point of view, this is obviously well thought out, but it also has the ability to attract people by surprise. The last thing I felt was obvious. At first, it looks like Summer Greenwich Mean Time and has real stellar potential, although its cool blue hue also complements the energy of winter. SBGE257 brings the third color of ceramics to the mix, with a green dial and yellow 24-hour hands. In addition, all three new Spring Drive GMTs use Grand Seiko bracelets, which provide plenty of options for fine-tuning to make the size just right.

Grand Seiko has done a lot on so many different levels, so it is difficult to think of any watch that can impress so many cases, and the three models we have here today are perfect examples. Grand Seiko SBGE253, SBGE255 and SBGE257.