Corum Golden Bridge Dubai Special Edition

Swiss luxury watch brand Corum has teamed up with Dubail to launch a special edition Golden Bridge watch. This is the second collaboration between the two iconic brands and this timepiece is released in a limited edition.

In 2010, the family-owned Parisian retailer teamed up with Corum for a limited-edition Admiral’s Cup watch of 25 pieces, black with red accents. This rare timepiece forms the basis of the unique Dubail collection: very few pieces, engraved and numbered, with black and red accents. Since then, Dubail has become the main partner of Corum.

So when Corum luxury and Dubail wanted to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their first joint limited series, the Golden Bridge was naturally imposed. The model chosen is the golden bridge round 43mm. An atypical piece created in 1980, a perfect circle extending the brand’s famous baguette movement.

Its bridge and main plate are made of gold, engraved with the brand name, and the crown at 6 o’clock sets the time and winds a 40-hour power reserve. Four symmetrical series of cables are deployed on either side of this movement. For Dubail, they have the same black PVD ​​​special treatment as the black PVD ​​​​titanium case.

These cables continue the architectural inspiration of the aptly named “Bridges” series. The show connects the “bridge” that keeps its gears in place with the “bridge” that crosses towns and rivers to connect people. luxury watches cheap

The bridge is a symbol of openness and one of the most complex structures ever built by mankind, a feat capable of defying centuries and elements. The building suspended in the air evokes the beauty of the largest bridge ever built by man. It also emphasizes the aerial character of the oblong movement: the Calibre CO113 and its 16 seatstays manage to combine the performance of a light and suspended movement with the strength and resistance of a wired construction.

For Dubail, Corum has equipped its Golden Bridge with an alligator leather strap instead of a rubber one. This engraved and numbered piece will only be available at Dubail Paris.

Franck Muller Vanguard Casablanca: A Beautiful Friendship

Franck Muller copy adds life and energy to his classic Casablanca, now in the Vanguard collection.

When we first heard that Franck Muller was bringing his Casablanca model into the 21st century, we immediately thought of the 1998 Cintree Curvex model, which embodies everything that makes a watchmaker refreshing and exciting. After flipping through the books on this subject and doing a frantic search online, we learned that the new Frank Muller is actually a Vanguard series, and we have to start from scratch!

To be fair, the Vanguard (launched in 2013) is a 21st century iteration of the Cintree Curvex, so the brand might choose it over the traditional Cintree Curvex. The Vanguard is perhaps more sporty, open and enthusiastic than the typical quirky Cintree Curvex.

All in all, there are two time and date versions – one larger than the other – for the initial launch, but the manufacturer says there’s also a chronograph. The size of the three-hand watch makes the Franck Muller Vanguard Casablanca news to watch: the new stainless steel cases of 41mm and 43mm are firsts in the Vanguard collection and exclusive to Southeast Asia.

Garrik Low, general manager of replica Franck Muller Southeast Asia, explains the significance as follows: “We have developed a completely new case size with the brand’s unique style and code, which our collectors have long desired.” Proportionally, the Vanguard’s 43mm option is really good news, but we’ll get to that later.

To properly mine this model, the name Casablanca needs some explanation. Of course, this is a reference to the classic 1942 film starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman that inspired Franck Muller to conceive the original Cintree Curvex model complete with Art Deco figures. The original colorways of the models, such as salmon and sand, are clearly inspired by the aesthetics of the film (and also coincide with certain contemporary tastes). The young watchmaker went on to achieve bigger and better, and the company that bears his name took the elegance and luxury of watchmaking to a new level. For 2022, the Casablanca model returns, this time with all the advantages of a Vanguard design.

Cintree Curvex are all curves, and Vanguard adds lines that help make the biomorphic barrel design more flexible (as we cover in more depth here), and arguably more masculine. It can be said that the pioneer is the source of vitality for Cintree Curvex. This is a matter of opinion and we leave it to you to decide.

What’s certain here is the immediate appeal of the larger size and four new colorways (black, brown, salmon, and the boutique’s exclusive black-and-blue hue). Even more controversial will be the way the word Casablanca appears on the dial, although it’s worth remembering that it’s always been around, even in 1998. Another thing worth remembering is finding a way to try on the watch, as the Vanguard is a full size, larger version at 42.5mm x 52.7mm. It is 12.6mm thick. The smaller version is 41mm x 49.95mm and is 12.2mm thick. This watch has to be worn just right or the effect will be ruined.

Jacob & Co. luxury watches

Celestial Series Tourbillon Art Watch – Spider

A great success for the realistic sculpture – the spider’s body rests on four satellites, which needs to be light enough not to interfere with the movement of the movement. The skeleton it carries is made of titanium alloy and platinum wire, while the spider itself is made of duck feathers. The realism presented by this surreal sculpture is enough to make your heart beat.

The ultimate luxury jewelry watch
Jacob & Co. Jack & Bao founder, Mr. Jacob Alebo, has an extraordinary understanding of luxury. In 2001, Jacob & Co. Jack Bao began to transform and create watches, but at the same time, he continued to be active in the field of high jewelry. Precious gems and ingenious inlay art make the brand outstanding in the customization service of gemstone watches, which is also the field that Jake & Bao is good at. All gemstones are carefully selected in terms of quality, volume, color, brightness, etc. Only those gemstones that meet the brand’s strict selection standards and quality control will be used for manual Harry Winston watches

Jacob & Co. Jackpot Astronomia Tourbillon High Jewelry Watch Style

So we can see that the advanced watchmaking technology of the Astronomia celestial body series is naturally matched with the gorgeous and eye-catching high-end jewelry craftsmanship.

Jackpot cut diamonds are striking enough on their own. The raw material must be at least 2 carats, and the excess part of the rough stone is removed with a superb cutting process to form a perfectly symmetrical diamond with 288 facets. This is definitely an excellent demonstration of the rich experience and unparalleled professionalism of gem-working technicians.

The gem-set craftsmanship watch of replica Jacob & Co. Jake Bao celestial body series high jewelry watch shows Jake Bao’s extraordinary craftsmanship, many inspirations and design elements, showing the charming style in each gem, and the charming machine. The core collocation sets off the charm and complements each other.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Automatic Chronograph 42mm (1993)

Audemars Piguet has launched a new evolution of the original Royal Oak Offshore in 1993

Swiss high-end watch manufacturer Audemars Piguet released a new evolution of the original Royal Oak Offshore in 1993, which includes three materials: stainless steel, titanium metal or 18 carat rose gold. Although retaining the essence of the original timepiece, the three 42mm models are equipped with the manufacturer’s latest self-winding flyback chronograph, a new interchangeable strap system and slightly modified dial design. The sapphire caseback has also returned, bringing extraordinary vision to the hand-made integrated chronograph.

Constantly improving performance
Three new Royal Oak Offshore watches are equipped with a new self-winding integrated chronograph Calibre 4404, equipped with a column wheel and flyback function.

Unlike ordinary chronographs, the flyback function allows the wearer to stop, reset and start the chronograph with a simple action. The column wheel and the vertical clutch system work together. When the chronograph is started or stopped, the hands will react accordingly without any signs of beating. In addition, the button feels smooth when pressed. The patented reset mechanism ensures that each counter pointer instantly resets to zero. Audemars Piguet fake

The extraordinary vision of the 4404 movement
This new evolution has an anti-glare sapphire back cover that reveals the inner workings of Calibre 4404, including its column wheel and the so-called “dance” of the chronograph hammer when its chronograph function is activated.

Visitors can also admire the special 22-carat rose gold oscillating weight and exquisite hand-modification of the movement, including “Côtes de Genève”, satin-brushed and polished chamfers.

Reinterpreted in stainless steel, rose gold or titanium
The new Royal Oak Offshore watch offers stainless steel and two new case options: one is titanium and the other is 18-carat rose gold. Audemars Piguet released a previous model made entirely of titanium in 2004 (reference number 25721TI), but this is the evolution of the first 18-carat rose gold “Petite Tapisserie” watch. The cases and bracelets of the three timepieces are hand-decorated alternately with the manufacturer’s signature satin brushed and polished chamfers.

The stainless steel and rose gold models have blue rubber buttons and crowns, as well as blue rubber gaskets that seal the bezel to the case. In contrast, the crown, washers and buttons of a titanium timepiece are made of black rubber.

Unique design combining past and present
Three new Royal Oak Offshore watches are faithful to the original aesthetics and incorporate the “Petite Tapisserie” pattern. The stainless steel model uses the iconic blue dial of the Royal Oak Offshore in 1993. This color is called “Night Blue, Cloud 50” in the archives of the watch factory. The rose gold reference model highlights the “Night Blue, Cloud 50” dial, with a rose gold timing counter that echoes the color of the precious case. Last but not least, the titanium version is decorated with a light gray dial, and the black counter and black inner bezel are more prominent.

Although the timepiece retains the original Royal Oak Offshore vertical chronograph display, the hours and small seconds have been inverted: the hour counter is now at 12 o’clock and the small seconds at 6 o’clock. For its part, the minute counter has been kept at the 9 o’clock position. In addition, all counters are now equidistant from the center of the dial to increase visual appeal.

To pay tribute to the original watch, the gold application AP initials and the transferred “Audemars Piguet” signature are located at 3 o’clock. There is also a magnifying glass integrated in the dial at the top of the date window to enlarge the date numbers, just like the 1993 timepiece.

Interchangeable bracelet and strap
These new models complement the factory’s new interchangeable strap system-appearing on metal bracelets for the first time. Interchangeability is directly integrated into the buckle and the rivets of the case, perfectly blending with the aesthetic criteria of the case. Review copy watch

Customers can easily and efficiently replace the bracelet and buckle of a new timepiece with a quick click and release, while the double push system provides the best safety when wearing the watch on the wrist.

The metal strap can be replaced with a rubber strap for a more sporty look and lifestyle, because the latest 42mm version is equipped with a second interchangeable rubber strap-the stainless steel and rose gold versions are blue; black Of titanium flakes. Completely waterproof, when wearing a rubber strap, these three models can travel to a depth of 100 meters underwater.

The 42mm Royal Oak Offshore 2021 Interchangeable Strap Collection also includes light blue and khaki textured rubber straps, as well as black calfskin straps.

A more modern but enduring watch
The Royal Oak offshore model designed by Emmanuel Gueit entered the world of high-end watches in 1993. Although its octagonal bezel and hexagonal screws retain the Royal Oak’s aesthetic guidelines, the Royal Oak Offshore challenged the established traditional bezel with its amazing 42mm case size. The huge visible black gasket and rubber bag underneath the traditional bezel Cover the crown and buttons, and the curved links of the bracelet. The Royal Oak, nicknamed “The Beast”, is sturdy and muscular, leading the trend of large-scale watches. Over time, the Royal Oak Offshore has become a platform for innovation, with a large number of new materials, case sizes, complications and colors, while still being faithful to the timeless design of the original model.

In 2013, the original Royal Oak Offshore watch underwent a major redesign for the first time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the watch. This limited edition of 20 pieces (model 26218) is equipped with the 3126/3840 movement, which was first introduced in the Royal Oak Offshore Collection (model 26170) in 2006. The watch is also equipped with a sapphire back cover, you can see the hand-made self-winding mechanical movement ticking inside. This work also witnessed the extraordinary return of the “Petite Tapisserie” pattern, which decorated the original Royal Oak and was used in the Royal Oak Offshore series for the last time in 2008.

The Royal Oak Offshore has undergone another design evolution in 2018 for the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the series. As the last anniversary model, this model uses the original “Petite Tapisserie” pattern, marking its official return to the Royal Oak offshore core series. The 2018 edition is another tribute to the original timepiece, with the words “Royal Oak Offshore” engraved on its solid caseback. However, this special edition presents subtle differences in dial aesthetics, especially the logo renamed in 2012 and the unified layout of the entire dial.

The latest watch released this year adopts the manufacturer’s latest integrated chronograph technology, interchangeable strap system and slightly updated dial aesthetics, once again improving this iconic timepiece, as a timeless Royal Oak offshore watch Provide continuously improved performance and efficiency.

Franck Muller launches Vanguard Casablanca

Revive retro bestsellers.

Now in its third decade, Franck Muller cheap is a successful example of independent watchmaking, growing from a small company centered on the founder of the same name to a brand with nine-figure annual revenues.

In addition to a steady stream of innovations and highly complicated watches, the brand is best known for its tonneau-shaped cases – the Cintrée Curvex – which were so successful in the 1990s that tonneau-shaped cases became a staple of contemporary watchmaking.

The new Vanguard Casablanca is an evolution of the barrel shape while taking the palette and styling of the best-selling Cintrée Curvex Casablanca when it was launched in 1998. While the Vanguard was launched in 2014, the Casablanca debuted with a new 43mm size to fill the gap between the 41mm and 45mm cases.

The original Casablanca got its name from the 1942 film starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. To evoke the era of steamboat travel and exotic port cities, Casablanca has oversized Arabic numerals and dials in vintage colors like salmon and sand.

This has been translated into the Vanguard Casablanca, which blends the retro style of the original with a decidedly modern case in a sporty, masculine size. It’s a powerful and attractive design, arguably more typical of Franck Muller than earlier versions of the Vanguard.

Because the look is very typical of Franck Muller, this will appeal most to those who like the brand, especially if the existing 41mm and 45mm case sizes don’t fit. With Casablanca, Vanguard is available in 43mm for the first time.

Still very much like a tonneau case, the Vanguard case is essentially a modern take on the classic Cintrée Curvex. A prominent recessed bezel filled with black rubber runs along its perimeter, dividing the case lengthwise into the upper half. The break between the upper and lower halves reduces the perceived thickness of the case, while also making its lines more pronounced.

The Vanguard Casablanca is available in two sizes, 41mm and 43mm, the larger size being exclusive to South East Asia.

The Vanguard Casablanca is available in four colours inspired by the originals from the 1990s – blue, black, caramel and salmon. All the colours date back to the history of the brand as they are modelled on dials that Franck Muller has supplied in the past. high quality replica watches

Particularly attractive are the dials with warm tones, namely caramel and salmon. But for those who prefer a bolder look, the boutique version with a blue-black palette is the way to go.

The FM 800-DT is the standout among the chronograph versions, a movement that has the same diameter and power reserve as the ETA 2892, but is slightly thicker. It is produced in-house by Franck Muller, but was originally designed by German watchmaker Martin Braun.

Like most Franck Muller automatic movements, it has a solid platinum rotor, although it is completely hidden under a solid caseback.

Franck Muller Vanguard Casablanca (time-only)
Ref. V 43 SC DT CASA
refer to. V 41 SC DT Casa

Diameter: 41 mm x 49.95 mm, or 42.5 mm x 52.7 mm
Height: 12.2 mm, or 12.6 mm
Material: Steel
Glass: Sapphire
Water resistance: 30 m

Movement: FM 800-DT
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds and date
Frequency: 28,800 beats per hour (4 Hz)
Chain: self-winding
Power reserve: 42 hours

Strap: Alligator leather covered with rubber

transparent! Translucent beauty at a glance

Spirit Of Big Bang tourbillon 5-day chain sapphire watch, diameter 42mm / polished sapphire material / HUB6020 self-made manual winding skeleton tourbillon movement / power 115 hours.

The sapphire case is Hublot’s signature handwriting. It has two characteristics of transparency and hardness, providing a transparent viewing field without dead ends, fully revealing the mechanical structure and beauty of the skeleton movement. Through new 3D processing technology and more than 100 hours of precision grinding and cutting, Hublot has created a transparent and luxurious case for the Spirit of Big Bang tourbillon sapphire watch, fully releasing the pure and transparent beauty of sapphire.

To create an impeccable sapphire case is undoubtedly a difficult technical test. The upper structure of the case, the bezel, the two upper covers at the end, and the lower structure of the case back are composed of four precision-machined sapphires, all of which are transparent to reveal the mechanical movement hidden in the case. It is not easy to cut and polish a sapphire, which is as hard as a diamond, into a case, and it is even more difficult to make it into a barrel shape with a curvature. It is necessary to create all parts through special processing equipment and a new process to obtain the best quality. Clear effect. All parts must be completely transparent and flawless, without leaving any scars in the processing process, because in the transparent case, even tiny fine lines can become obvious shortcomings, and its production difficulty is by no means comparable to that of ordinary cheap watches.

This watch is equipped with the HUB6020 manual winding movement, and its unique base plate structure can be fully appreciated through the case back.

Not only that, but the annular rings used to indicate the hours/minutes and power reserve are also made of sapphire, with white numerals and scales, clear and pure, implementing the translucent aesthetics, and creating a richer penetration for the dial. Layering. In addition, Hublot also matches these two models with a transparent three-dimensional structure rubber strap. The pure and colorless transparency extends from the case to the strap around the wrist, perfectly defining the new generation of avant-garde mechanical aesthetics that spans luxury and trends. .

The annular ring used to indicate the hours/minutes and power reserve is made of sapphire and has a unique visual effect. When worn, under the contrast of the skin, the transparent beauty of this Online fake watch is more highlighted, and the layered layout is wonderful.

Winter Mood: Omega Globemaster Annual Calendar in Green, Burgundy and Gold

To coincide with this season, Omega replica has launched three new versions of the Globemaster Calendar in pastel colors. The first watch had a stylish green dial. The second has a burgundy dial and an Omega Sedna Gold bezel. Finally, the manufacturer introduced a variant with a Sedna Gold case and a dial of the same material. All three models offer an annual calendar with date and are powered by an in-house co-axial movement. Last but not least, they appear on a colour-coordinated strap made of alligator leather.

Clear lines and striking appearance
The three new models are also available in three different shell configurations. Stainless steel case with dark green dial. On the other hand, the bezel of the red version is made of Sedna Gold, and the crown is also made of this alloy. The most luxurious style comes in a case made entirely of 18-karat Sedna Gold. However, they all have the same shape and a diameter of 41mm. Straight lines and angular lugs are inspired by the Manufacture’s past. On the back, the mechanism is visible through the transparent case back. In the center, however, is a medallion of case material. The image of the observatory is embossed above, surrounded by a polished sky of eight stars. Price fake watch

Green, Burgundy and Sedna Gold Dial
The dial adopts the “pie plate” shape that has decorated the constellations since 1952. The dial of the gold version is indeed made of 18-karat gold, indicated by “Au750” below the hands. Like the hour markers, the hands on all Globemaster Annual Calendar models are luminous. OMEGA places the month in cursive form between the indices. There is also a date window at the 6 o’clock position. Last but not least, the dial is adorned with a constellation star.

Coaxial movement in the Globemaster Annual Calendar
The Omega 8922 calibre powers the steel Globemaster Annual Calendar. The gold-cased version is equipped with the 8923 movement, which excels with its higher-quality finish. Both have automatic winding and 55 hours of power autonomy. They also use Omega’s Co-Axial escapement, which increases the longevity of the mechanism. Additionally, manufacturers use non-magnetic components to ensure precision for everyday use. The performance of the watch is also supported by the METAS Master Chronometer certificate. This guarantees a maximum rate deviation of -0/+5 seconds per day.

Pricing and Availability of the OMEGA Globemaster Almanac
Three new versions of the Omega Globemaster appear on coloured straps made of alligator leather. The green and red dials are paired with a tonal leather strap, while the gold case version is paired with a black leather strap.


Globemaster Annual Calendar

refer to



case material

Stainless steel


Stainless Steel, Sedna Gold


Sedna King

Diameter: 41mm

10 bar (~100 m)

Green, Burgundy or Sedna Gold


green alligator


Burgundy crocodile leather


black alligator

green, burgundy

Omega 8922


Omega 8923

Movement type

power reserve
55 hours

25,200 times/hour (3.5 Hz)

Hour, minute, second, month, day

A detailed look at the Greubel Forsey Signature 1, an impeccable chronograph

Greubel Forsey replica went all out with its entry-level Signature 1, giving it an n-class movement in construction and finish.

Entry-level watches are all the rage right now, even among watchmakers like Greubel Forsey, a specialist in sophisticated and expensive tourbillon watches. Launched earlier this year at SIHH 2016, the Signature 1 is the entry-level Greubel Forsey. The Signature 1 doesn’t have any complications, it just shows the time, but the construction and finish are impeccable, as good as Greubel Forsey’s expensive timepieces.

The Signature 1 is hand-wound and displays hours, minutes and seconds. Despite its simplicity, the dial appears slightly complex in typical Greubel Forsey style. The time is displayed on an off-centre sub-dial, and the gold-plated wheels of the gear train are exposed.

One’s eye is immediately drawn to the large balance wheel, nearly 13mm in diameter, held in place by a long steel bridge. While the visuals of the watch are nothing special, the Signature 1 is quite handsome.

Even more impressive is the quality of the watch. The hand-finishing of the movement is excellent. Every component, even the tiniest and most inconspicuous, has been finished to a high degree. Take, for example, the blued steel hands, all of which have a mirror-polished, bowl-shaped countersunk center. The dial, although it looks ordinary, is actually a silver-plated solid gold disc. Even the edges of the dial are beveled and polished; the small cutout at seven o’clock to accommodate the balance wheel is a pleasing detail.

Another interesting detail is the escape wheel bridge, which is located below the balance bridge. While barely visible, it still has straight grain on the top and sides, polished bevels on all edges—and the chamfered edges of the heads of the screws that hold it in place.

Although small by replica Greubel Forsey standards, the Signature 1 is not a small watch. It is 41.4mm in diameter and just under 12mm thick. Even in stainless steel, it’s big enough to give it presence and weight. The case is also meticulously polished, with neatly brushed surfaces separated by polished bevels.

Conversely, the finish is more impressive because there’s more to see. Although uncomplicated, the movement is constructed to showcase most of the mechanics. The black-coated main board serves as a canvas, and the bridges are cut away to reveal the components below. On the top left is the barrel, topped by a striking serrated ratchet under the three-legged barrel bridge. The size and shape of the barrel bridge give it an architectural feel, a quality often found in Greubel Forsey movements.

The movement style is inspired by vintage pocket watch movements. All cleats have a smooth matte finish with wide polished bevels on the edges. Most bridges have a straight profile, although there are enough sharp inward angles between them to satisfy the grooming aficionado.

As expected, the spokes and rims of all gears are beveled, the jewels are set in gold sleeves, and the screws are neatly polished and chamfered.

The Signature 1 is the first in a series planned by the watchmakers of Greubel Forsey. Didier JG Cretin was the watchmaker responsible for conceiving the Signature 1, which is why his name is repeated twice on the front and back of the watch. The names of Mr. Greubel and Mr. Forsey are also repeated twice, perhaps unnecessarily.

The movement saves so little, it’s obvious. But can it be better?

Given the undeniable quality of the movement, the question seems a bit ungrateful. However, Signature 1 is still priced the same as a small apartment. Popular copy watch

One detail that could be improved – even though it’s been done perfectly – is the balance bridge. It is topped with an impeccable black finish, with wide polished bevels running along its length and admirably sharp corners on the pillars at each end. A more time-consuming trimming method is to round the profile of the bridge, as is done on the Patek Philippe ref. Take the 5101 10-Day Tourbillon as an example.

Then there is the question of compromise.

Greubel Forsey is known for its incredibly exotic tourbillon watches. Most Greubel Forsey watches are the best in their class, which is a convincing argument – they’re really that good.

On the other hand, the Signature 1 feels a bit of a compromise relative to other products made by Greubel Forsey. This is a problem Greubel Forsey created for himself by setting the bar so high. This problem is further compounded by the fact that alternatives to Signature 1, such as Voutilainen Vingt-8, are widely regarded as the best in their class.

The stainless steel Signature 1 is half the price of the second most expensive Greubel Forsey watch (tourbillon). Relative to the brand’s other offerings, the Signature 1 seems like a good deal, but it’s still hard to label this value for money.

Chopard introduces the new Alpine Eagle oversized flyback chronograph

Chopard fake launches the new Alpine Eagle Extra Large Flyback Chronograph, the third watch in the series since its launch in 2019 (the previous two were the big three-pin watch and the big three-pin attachment). calendar watch). The new watch is available in three models, two in Lucent Steel A223 and one in Lucent Steel A223 and ethical 18K rose gold.

The case measures 44mm x 13.15mm and is satin-finished and polished. The round bezel is embellished with eight screws, in two groups, and the grooves of the screws are in the same direction as the curvature of the bezel. The crown is engraved with a compass rose and has a symmetrical guard. Consisting of a polished central link and satin-finished side links, the one-piece bracelet tapers to the wrist with a triple folding clasp.

The rocky dial texture is reminiscent of an eagle’s iris, another common feature of many Alpine Eagle fake watches. The dial is available in Aletsch Glacier Blue and “Pitch” Black, with a 30-minute counter, small seconds counter and 12-hour counter at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, respectively. In addition, there is a date window between 4/5 o’clock and a tachymeter scale on the outer edge of the dial. The three chronograph hands are decorated in red, and the central chronograph second hand has a tail that resembles a bird of prey feathers. The applied hour-markers and the bar-shaped hour and minute hands are rhodium-plated and coated with Super-LumiNova® Grade X1 luminescent material.

Through the sapphire crystal on the back of the watch, you can admire the 03.05-C self-winding flyback chronograph movement built into the watch. This movement has four patents and is equipped with a one-way gear system to prevent energy loss, a vertical clutch device and a flyback chronograph function to ensure accurate start of time measurement and continuous smooth timing, respectively. The movement is also equipped with a Variner hairspring, which ensures movement rate stability by compensating for changes in inertia. The movement is self-winding with a skeletonized tungsten oscillating weight, beating at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz) and providing a power reserve of up to 60 hours.

It is reported that Lucent Steel A223 stainless steel with Aletsch glacier blue dial (ref: 298609-3001) or “Pitch” black dial (ref: 298609-3002), Lucent Steel A223 stainless steel and ethical 18K rose gold material With “Pitch” black dial (ref: 298609-6001).

The cheapest AP at entry level is the rarest of things: The Royal Oak of the Value Proposition

is steel. It is 34mm. While it’s still very expensive, the lowest-priced machinery on the menu is a bargain for an Audemars Piguet house, where prices can soar into the stratosphere.

At the entry level, we consider the cheapest watches from luxury watchmakers. They’re still not cheap, but hey – every brand has to start somewhere.

A famous observation about German automaker BMW is that it makes the same sausages, just different lengths. While Audemars Piguet has moved away from its most famous collection — the Royal Oak — which recently launched the CODE 11:59 — Gérald Genta’s designs remain the company’s most recognizable watches.

The Royal Oak also represents the gateway into the world of AP. Technically, the real entry point is the 33mm Quartz Royal Oak in stainless steel. Now, not that there’s anything wrong with quartz, but I bet if you’re reading , you’re more interested in learning about the most affordable mechanical watches in the stable.

As it happens, that’s also the Royal Oak. Specifically, the 34mm Royal Oak Automatic is currently priced at $21,500. In terms of diameter (34mm), thickness (8.8mm) and automatic movement (cal. 5800), this is functionally equivalent to one of the hottest watches of 2021, the 34mm AP Royal Oak Automatic Ceramic, Dimepiece by Brynn Wallner was recently reviewed in Splendid Fashion. The watch you see here is not the hyped ceramic watch. It is stainless steel.

AP Royal Oak Automatic Winding Reference. The 77350ST.OO.1261ST.01 is a new addition to the Royal Oak series, which we covered back in April 2020. At launch, AP showcased four styles, including a two-tone style and two diamond-set bezel styles. At the time, AP didn’t directly say it was a ladies’ watch, but with a plain steel case with a large silver check pattern dial and two-tone variation, it could be said that it was a royal oak for every ratio. NFL linebacker small man. A year later, we got the ceramic version with gold trim. There’s also frosted gold, but it’s a bit more expensive.

Perhaps the 34mm Royal Oak is shrugged as a women’s watch by some male potential buyers, but the market effect of the hype has yet to take over the cheapest automatic Audemars Piguet currently produced. It’s a watch online – in common places I won’t name – for less than you might think.

I haven’t had a chance to see a Royal Oak of this size in person, but someone I know has. I’ve heard that the 34mm Royal Oak is perfectly fine to wear on a man’s wrist. I’m still not under the illusion that wearing this 34mm RO is like wearing the 15202, but for those of us with smaller wrists, it’s a watch worth knowing.

Under the hood, you have the Vaucher cal based AP calibre 5800. 3002, equipped to display the hours, minutes, seconds and date, with a 50-hour power reserve and automatic winding via a solid gold rotor. It’s a compact movement, measuring 23.3mm from edge to edge, for a Review fake watch that has to bridge the gap between the 33mm Quartz Royal Oak and the 37mm Royal Oak Automatic. A scrupulous purist might object to cal. The 5800 isn’t entirely built in-house, but Vaucher itself is a manufacturer of quality movements. It is jointly owned by Parmigiani Fleurier (majority) and Hermès (minority), and in addition to supplying movements for Richard Mille and other high-end brands, it also serves both.

You have to jump up to the 37mm Royal Oak and its 3120 movement to get a fully in-house developed movement, but I don’t think that’s a major hit against the 34mm Royal Oak. Just discontinued reference. The 15202 is the king of the 39mm Royal Oak Collection and is powered by the automatic 2121 movement, originally developed by JLC and used by Holy Trinity members Vacheron Constantin and Patek Philippe.

This watch may be the smallest and most affordable Royal Oak Automatic, but it doesn’t seem to be particularly cut or underwhelmed considering the Royal Oak Automatic’s full range of dates.

Still, the 34mm size is bound to polarize. Still, the watch is the exact same size as the 34mm Ceramic Royal Oak, a watch that excites at least as many guys and girls as I know. AP’s use of ceramics now attracts all the attention it does because of the sheer amount of detail it applies to this difficult-to-machine material. It’s just that this steel watch can be said to be a more core fake Audemars Piguet, and its hype train hasn’t quite left the station.