Jacob & Co. Astronomia Flawless Imperial Dragon

The ability to combine high-end watchmaking craftsmanship with other types of craftsmanship, whether it is inlay, engraving, hand-painting, music box making or enamel art, is a major feature of the famous American brand copy Jacob & Co.. Continuing this tradition, the company has added an incredible novelty to its watch collection-the Astronomia Flawless Imperial Dragon watch.

In this high-end watch, the unusual Astronomia mechanism is intertwined with a flexible dragon pattern made by hand lacquering and hand engraving in 18 carat rose gold. The miniature sculpture of the dragon consists of four parts (head, body, tail, and water around the dragon), which must be connected in an invisible seam. Considering that the image of the mythological creature is made of gold and therefore heavy, and the screws connecting the various parts of the dragon are very small, this task is indeed daunting. Not to mention that the watchmaker needs to be very careful not to damage the characters during the assembly process and bring them safely to the final stage, where the designer hand-completes the smallest details: scales, teeth, tongue and eyes.

Since the launch of the Astronomia series in 2014, a mandatory attribute of the models of the product line includes a huge sapphire glass case. Thanks to the transparency of the case, all the glory of the dual-axis tourbillon mechanism can be seen from different sides. The complex concept of the monolithic case design gives rise to the illusion that the complicated functions under the sapphire dome are floating in the air.

Replacing the individual metal parts used in previous models of this series with sapphire glass elements helps to achieve this effect. In particular, we are talking about case rings and lugs. The production of the “mythical” case (50 x 25.45 mm) took more than 1,000 hours in total!

This proud representative of the Jacobs company’s top timepiece is equipped with a manual winding movement and a 60-hour power reserve device. In addition to the hours and minutes, it also supports the operation of a two-axis tourbillon. The rotation speed of the latter is 60 seconds on one axis and 2.5 minutes on the second axis. In this model, the famous manufacturer retains the concept of the four-axis turntable module, fixing all functions and pure decorative elements at its end. In addition to the sub-dial and tourbillon frame, a 1-carat Jacob Cut® diamond and a lacquered magnesium alloy ball that symbolize the earth can also be seen under the dragon’s body. Both elements rotate around their axis at a speed of two revolutions per minute.

The unique timing device Astronomia was released in a single version, perfectly embodying the motto of Jacobs-“Inspired by the Impossible”.

Jacob & Co. luxury is one of the few brands that often amaze customers with their incredibly beautiful and reliable watches.

Jacob & Co.

Minute repeater in a sapphire crystal case

The brand has just released three timepieces in its Twin Turbo Furious series, all equipped with a fully transparent sapphire crystal case and a decimal minute repeater, which is the first time in the world of high-end watches

Jacob & Co. has just released three timepieces in its Twin Turbo Furious series, all of which use a fully transparent sapphire crystal case and a decimal minute repeater, which is the first time in the high-end watch industry.

These include the “Bugatti Blue” timepiece, which pays tribute to the iconic manufacturer of high-performance sports cars. Each watch is inspired by the speed and beauty of super sports cars and is limited to six pieces.

Jacob Arabo, founder of Jacob & Co, said: “Even after 35 years, we continue to create groundbreaking and innovative timepieces.” Reached. We are proud to be the first watch brand to achieve this arduous feat. “

The sapphire crystal case allows you to fully understand the complex mechanism of Twin Turbo Furious. It is powered by the manual winding JCFM05 movement and has a 50-hour power reserve. This includes a set of groundbreaking and exclusive complications, such as the decimal minute repeater, dual high-speed tourbillons, single-button chronograph and pit-plate reference indicator.

When it comes to contemporary high-tech watchmaking, the creation of a sapphire crystal case is one of the pinnacles of achievement. The unique shape of the Twin Turbo Furious sapphire crystal case makes it a more challenging project. It took nearly nine months to develop the design. First, sapphire crystals were grown from alumina to produce the case, and then the case was shaped by combining the most advanced digital machinery and meticulous hand polishing. Each case took another six months.

There are many obstacles. Generally, a pentagonal 57 mm x 52 mm shell consists of 88 components. This has been reduced to only a few parts, including the main case, front and rear sapphire crystal covers, and a slider at 8 o’clock, which activates the decimal minute repeater. The only part of the watch that is not made of sapphire crystal is the 18k white gold crank at 3 o’clock, which can be wound and set many complications.

The case has several geometric planes and angles, which makes the processing of the case, especially manual polishing, very difficult. The unique dual bezel design of the watch brings additional challenges. Hand polishing is the most important part of the process because it gives the sapphire crystal its transparency. This is also the most difficult to achieve. Every technique used to polish crystals by hand 1 is integrated into different parts of the case. It is the back cover that is as difficult to complete as the main case, also because of the different angles and planes.

Some compromises were made in the design of the online shop for watch to allow the gong and hammer for the decimal minute repeater. This is the first watch ever to have a minute repeater in a sapphire crystal case. The complexity of putting this complication inside the watch and ensuring high-quality sound makes it a unique achievement.

These new limited edition models have all the exclusive complications and functions that made Twin Turbo Furious a groundbreaking timepiece when it was first released in 2018, including:
● Hours and minutes dial with small seconds at 9 o’clock;
● Single-button chronograph, with a minute counter and a centered small second at 3 o’clock;
● Reference time indicator, the minutes are displayed at 6 o’clock, the second hand is displayed at 12 o’clock, the reference time difference is displayed by the chronograph seconds, and the hands are located on the “pit plate” of the dial training;
● Minute repeater in decimal, telling the time every 10 minutes and minutes;
● Dual three-axis high-speed tourbillon; and
● Power reserve indicator at 6 o’clock.

What separates the three watches is the Neoralithe chapter ring that surrounds the dial of each watch. One is bright red and the other is green. Neoralithe is an artificial material made of resin and developed in Switzerland. As we all know, it can resist ultraviolet and thermal shock or physical shock. It also forms a sharp color contrast with the transparent sapphire crystal case.

This watch designed for Bugatti has a “Bugatti Blue” Neoalithe chapter ring. This color pays homage to Bugatti’s history and French tradition. The sapphire crystal case of Bugatti models also bears the company’s logo on the front.

These watches continue the tradition of Twin Turbo Furious, it is a sports watch inspired by the speed and beauty of high-performance cars, with a new set of complex functions in the world of haute horology. Sapphire crystal is another example of how luxury Jacob & Co. turned the impossible into reality.

The Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo Furious Sapphire Crystal

It’s performance time again, Jacob & Co. is the world’s first with the decimal minute repeater in the sapphire crystal case.

Jacob & Co. adhering to the brand’s reputation for luxurious performances, launched the world’s first decimal minute repeater watch with a transparent sapphire crystal case. This is not the first minute repeater watch with a transparent sapphire crystal case; this distinction is attributed to Speake-Marin’s Légèrete, a disposable product produced in 2019. However, Twin Turbo Furious Sapphire is the first minute repeater with a series-produced sapphire crystal case. Please note that it is not just any sapphire crystal case, but a complex case from Twin Turbo. The Furious series is equipped with dual tri-axes. Tourbillon and single button chronograph. Similarly, it is not just any minute repeater, but a decimal minute repeater, which is rarely seen in the complications of ringing. The three timepieces in the Twin Turbo Furious series are limited to six, including a “Bugatti Blue” model, which convincingly demonstrates the complex machinery that promotes complex functions.

As a master of extreme limit watches, Jacob Arabo is not afraid of “impossibility.” The more the better, seems to be the basic idea of ​​Jacob & Co., where the craziest complication and the craziest combination of cases come to life. Twin Turbo Furious has amazing complex functions and is not a new product. It was released during Baselworld 2018. It uses a black DLC titanium and carbon fiber case. Features: noon dial with small seconds at 9 o’clock; single-button chronograph with minute counter at 3 o’clock And the central seconds hand; the reference time is inspired by the racing pit plate; the decimal minute repeater tells the time every 10 minutes and minutes; the dual three-axis high-speed tourbillon; and the power reserve indicator at 6 o’clock.

The next step is to take the complex hodgepodge and store them in a transparent sapphire crystal case. Inspired by super sports cars and high-performance cars, the streamlined case of Twin Turbo Furious is widened and raised at the bottom to accommodate the 3D spectacle of the double tourbillon. There is a slider on its left side that activates the decimal repeater, and the crank on the crown can adjust complication.

Sapphire crystal case
The intricate sapphire crystal case of Twin Turbo Furious poses a huge challenge. The “regular” Twin Turbo Furious unique pentagonal 57mm x 52mm housing has 88 components; this sapphire version has 89. The development of the sapphire crystal case took 15 months to design, produce and perfect, including growing the sapphire crystal from alumina, and then shaping the case through a combination of high-tech digital machinery and traditional manual polishing. Machining the different geometric planes and angles of the case, including the iconic double bezel, is a complex task, but hand-polishing the crystal to achieve its transparency is also a complex task. The only part of the case that is not made of sapphire crystal is the 18k white (or rose) gold crank at 3 o’clock for winding and setting complications. The difference between these three watches is the colored chapter ring made of Neoalithe, which is a material made of resin and developed in Switzerland. The material can be selected from red, green or blue, and can resist ultraviolet, heat and physical shocks. The Bugatti watch has a “Bugatti Blue” Neoalithe ring with the company logo on the front.

Minute Repeater
Installing an exotic decimal minute repeater inside the sapphire crystal case-the world’s first-is another complicated task, making compromises in the design of the watch to allow for gongs and hammers while ensuring high-quality sound. The decimal minute repeater is more intuitive than the traditional minute repeater. Instead of telling the time in hours, quarters, and minutes, it tells the time by the hour, at ten-minute intervals after the last hour, and then the minutes. The crystal lever on the left side of the case activates the crystal clear sound of the cathedral gong of the decimal repeater. At 12 o’clock, you can see the hammer of the minute repeater in decimal.

Dual three-axis tourbillon and single button chronograph
The double tourbillon and chronograph that adjust the time display spin in space in a lightning-fast but controlled continuous motion. Relying on two adjustment mechanisms, the ultra-light cage rotates along three rotation axes at a speed of 24, 48 and 180 seconds. Each three-axis tourbillon consists of 104 parts and weighs only 1.15 grams. copy watches for men

Likewise, simple solutions are not the hallmark of Jacob & Co. watches. As you might expect, the chronograph is a one-button type, equipped with a traditional column wheel and horizontal clutch. However, the stopwatch mechanism incorporates an original reference time indicator in minutes and seconds that can be set on the crown. The pit board function is inspired by the timing panel used in racing events and is a simple way to compare two elapsed times. The elapsed seconds that are greater than the reference time are located in the red part (+) of the pit plate, and the seconds that are lower than the reference time are located in the yellow and green parts (-). The dial opening directly above the double tourbillon indicates the minutes and seconds reference time that can be set via the crown (up to 5 minutes and 59 seconds).

In order not to miss any movement inside this stunning timepiece, the dial is made of dark gray sapphire crystal, partially revealing the 832 components of the manual winding motor. Hours and minutes are indicated by two-tone skeletonized hands driven by gears connected to a dual three-axis tourbillon. The hour markers corresponding to the central seconds hand are applied to the outer track of the dial, made of green, blue or red Neoralithe, and are treated with Super-Luminova, just like the hour and minute hands.

Jacobs Corporation JCFM05
The hand-wound movement-the JCFM05 movement-is exposed from all sides of the case and deserves admiration. The movement operates at a speed of 21,600vph and can generate a power reserve of up to 50 hours. With 832 components, 75 jewels and advanced watchmaking craftsmanship-manually tilted and polished plates and bridges, round grains and polished screws-the integrated chronograph movement is equipped with a patented dual mechanical safety function, which starts at the time. .

Technical Specifications-JACOB & CO. TWIN TURBO FURIOUS Sapphire Crystal

Case: 59.23 x 53.27-height 19.23 mm-anti-reflective sapphire crystal Twin Turbo Furious case-18k rose gold or white gold crown/crank-repeater slider on the left, chronograph button on the right-30m water resistance

Dial: Skeleton-Available in blue, green or red Neoalithe chapter ring-Smoked sapphire crystal plate with reference time +/- pit plate-Small seconds at 9 o’clock, chronograph minutes at 3 o’clock-Skeleton rhodium-plated Hour and minute hands Super-LumiNova-Minute repeater gong at 12 o’clock-Double three-axis tourbillon at 5 o’clock and 7 o’clock-Power reserve indicator at 6 o’clock

Movement: JCFM05 movement-manual winding mechanical movement 34 mm x 46 mm x 13.7 mm-75 jewels-21,600 vibrations per hour-50 hours power reserve-hours, minutes, small seconds, with “reference time indicator “Integrated single-button chronograph, decimal minute repeater, dual three-axis tourbillon (24, 8 and 30 seconds rotation) and power reserve indicator-832 parts

Strap: Black rubber strap-18k white gold or rose gold folding clasp

Reference materials: TT220.80.AA.AB.ABVEA Bugatti Blue
TT220.80.AA.AA.ABVEA red
TT220.80.AA.AC.ABVEA green

Bugatti Chiron 16-cylinder tourbillon from Jacob & Co.

Just last year, Bugatti and Jacob & Co. signed an agreement to create timepieces that pay tribute to the power and performance of the two brands. Initially, two timepieces were created: Twin Turbo Furious and Epic X Chrono. Now, although the two companies have launched a new product line: Bugatti Chiron, to commemorate Bugatti’s super sports car.

In order to capture the spirit and energy of the high-performance Bugatti Chiron, Jacob & Co. spent only about a year in the development phase, and then launched a new Bugatti Chiron tourbillon worth $280,000. The watch is equipped with a movement imitating a Bugatti 16-cylinder engine, equipped with a crankshaft and pistons. In fact, the 16-cylinder piston engine of the hand-wound movement consists of a large number of 578 hand-assembled parts.

It not only provides hours and minutes, but also a newly designed one-minute tourbillon frame, tilted 30 degrees, provides a spectacular view of the constantly rotating escapement, and compensates for timing errors caused by the gravity effect of the watch on the watch. In certain positions of the wrist. Jacob & Co. worked with the movement designer to develop this extraordinary new escapement, which itself took a whole year. It can be seen through a hole similar to a Bugatti grill.

Even more impressive is that this watch is equipped with a pusher on the right side of the case. When it is activated, it rotates the crankshaft and pushes the movement’s piston up and down-just like in a car engine. There are two turbochargers in the watch, which also rotate when the engine is running to increase the impact. According to Jacob & Co., the solid stainless steel crankshaft is one of the smallest and most complex parts manufactured in the watchmaking world.

The movement of the Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon is suspended in the case, with four shock absorbers similar to those of a car. Due to these vibrations, when the wearer moves, the movement actually floats slightly up and down inside the case. The creation of this patented design is also challenging, because it requires a special traverse system, so the crown column can withstand the up and down movement of the upper case in the case. The JCAM37 movement is further equipped with Incabloc anti-shock system-all of which is to pay tribute to the super sports car that inspired it.

The powerful black titanium case is inspired by Chiron’s lines, and thanks to the impressive and difficult-to-manufacture sapphire crystal, the wearer can see the engine inside. Even the sides of the case are made of sapphire to improve the visibility of all moving parts. You can see the EB (Bugatti) logo on the engine compartment and the Jacob & Co. logo on the flying tourbillon. At the bottom of the case is the crown for setting the time and winding movement, which provides a power reserve of 60 hours. high luxury store

The black rubber strap further emphasizes the secret appearance of the black case. Apart from black and steel, the only color is the bold Chiron blue for the hands and certain moving parts. With a 16-cylinder piston engine, one might say that this Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon “fires on all cylinders.”

Jacob & Co. BUGATTI CHIRON RED AND BLACK Watch Replica BU200.21.AI.UA.BBRUA Jacob and Co Watch Price


Black Titanium
20 mm
55×44 mm
Exclusive Jacob&Co. Manual Winding JCAM37
30 meters
Hours and Minutes

Jacob & Co. Epic X Chrono “Messi”

Did you know that Jacob & Co. made a watch specifically for Lionel Messi?

We all know that athletes and luxury watches have a relationship that needs no introduction. This is a legend as great as time itself. Star athletes have something charming and likable to themselves. It makes you love them, admire them, and respect them. Maybe they represent the lifestyle we all desire deeply. Speaking of athletes and luxury watches, we are not surprised that a particular football icon recently received a watch named after him. Enter, Lionel Messi x Jacob & Co.

Lionel Messi may be a football master and the greatest player in the history of the sport, but he has become something greater than football. Lionel Messi has become an ideal for people to fight for. Therefore, when a watchmaking giant like Jacob & Co. came up with a watch designed specifically for Lionel Messi.

Epic collaboration – Jacob & Co. Epic X Chrono “Messi”
Football icon Lionel Messi made a surprising decision when he decided to collaborate with watch master Jacob & Co. in 2019. This watch is a simple and excellent way to celebrate the achievements of football players on and off the field. In Messi’s own world, Jacob & Co. is the most innovative watchmaker he knows.

Lionel has brought a lot of enthusiasm to the limited edition Epic X Chrono sports watch.

About the watch
If the dynamics of the timepiece did not impress you, then the 47 mm wide titanium case will impress you. The watch is bathed in white and blue and has a very cool aesthetic. Using the flag colors of the Argentine flag, Lionel Messi’s homeland is a polite act by the watchmaker. The bezel and chronograph buttons are made of white ceramic. The horn has blue rubber inserts, and the strap is all white rubber. However, the only contrasting tone can be seen in the red rubber crown. men watches cheap

This watch is inlaid with 36 rectangular-cut blue sapphires on an 18-carat white gold bezel, which is not all. This limited edition timepiece is equipped with a self-winding double composite hollow column wheel chronograph device.

Jacob & Co. created this watch to support the “Only Watch 2019” charity auction. The winning bidder was given the opportunity to meet and take a photo with Lionel Messi himself. The winner also had a unique opportunity to take a photo with the football player himself, both of whom were wearing an Epic X chronograph “Messi” timepiece.

Jacob & Co. Epic X Chronograph

The sporty new styles in the Epic X series combine functionality and seasonal appeal.

The four new Epic X chronograph models launched by Jacob & Co. have a 47 mm diameter case, and their aesthetic design will appeal to a wide range of tastes, from the all-black “invisible” appearance to white and gold tones. Very suitable for the beach. The different appearance is achieved through different color combinations of titanium, rose gold and ceramic.

The new Epic X chronograph is powered by the Jacob & Co. JCAA05 skeleton self-winding chronograph movement. This high-end chronograph movement is equipped with a column wheel to control the timing function. Once the chronograph is started by pushing the red rubber button at 2 o’clock, the elapsed seconds will be read from the central red chronograph second hand. As a useful additional feature, the Epic X chronograph has a rotatable inner flange that can be controlled by a separate crown (also made of red rubber) at 10 o’clock to set a countdown timer. The movement has a 48-hour power reserve and high-end finishes, which can be admired through the transparent sapphire crystal case back.

The “X” in the name of Epic X comes from the design elements formed by the lugs and vertical elements on the dial. The color combination of this X makes the new model unique: two rose gold with white ceramic bezel, rotating inner flange and chronograph disc are available in red or black; a grade 5 titanium with red inner flange And the counter to match the red rubber buttons; the last model is all black with DLC-coated titanium, black ceramic bezel, and contrasting red counters and buttons.

The screw-in crown helps to ensure a water resistance of up to 200 meters, and the rubber elements (including the natural rubber strap) are an easy-to-equipped sports watch. Nevertheless, there is still a subtle but unmistakable reminder that Jacob & Co.’s jewelry tradition has a unique red mineral crystal dial base. Fake Luxury Quartz Watches

Ice, ice baby: look at Jacob’s most dazzling timepiece

Jacob & Co‘s eponymous brand is creating a clear path to the legitimacy of watches.

I have been racking my brains, trying to express Jacob & Co.’s influence on the world of haute horology. Because there is really no one in this industry like Jacob Arable. Arabo came to New York from Russia at the age of 14. He started as an apprentice as a jeweler when he was 16 to help support his family. While making jewelry for other brands, he sold his work as a side business, and then hung up his shingles 1986 York in New York.

His design quickly attracted the attention of singer Faith Evans, who turned her husband’s notorious B.I.G. to the work of Arabo. Soon, he became the immortal “Jeweler Jacob” in hip-hop lyrics. But it’s not just celebrities who are attracted to Jacob & Co.-collectors have also noticed his luxurious timepieces, because Arabo focuses on highly complex timepieces whose designs are made of precious materials such as rare gems.

As a self-made man, Arabo treats the fashion watch industry like he chooses the best gems: with superb technique and a certain attitude towards decadence. Some people may say that it is too much, but at the same time, Jacob’s works also have some dazzling places. The following five timepieces perfectly embody this unconventional manufacturing process.

Jacob & Co 3-D Astronomical Minute Repeater
It is indeed an extraordinary watch. 3-D Astronomia was first introduced at Baselworld in 2014, and it gets more exciting and complicated every year. This year, Jacob & Co. launched the Minute Repeater version, just to increase the value of this ultra-rare watch.

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar Zodiac
Jacob’s Astronomical Gambler
Jacob & Co 3-D Astronomical Minute Repeater

It has Carillon repeaters with three gongs and hammers (instead of the usual two). The gongs are stacked vertically so that you can better see their operation through the side of the sapphire case. The chimes sounded in the familiar Doh Re Mi tones to mark the hours, minutes, and 15-minute intervals. Innovative safety features prevent the wearer from winding when the watch sounds, thereby protecting the mechanism. The four arms radiating from the central cradle support a three-axis tourbillon.

On the icy side, the 3-D Astronomia is inlaid with 15.44 carats of two blue sapphires, with baguette diamonds inlaid on the bottom plate and case. The display also features a 1-carat spherical diamond and a rotating globe with a lacquered dial. The coolest part? A flying astronaut rotating around the 3D earth on its axis!

On the icy side, the 3-D Astronomia is inlaid with 15.44 carats of two blue sapphires, with baguette diamonds inlaid on the bottom plate and case. The display also features a 1-carat spherical diamond and a rotating globe with a lacquered dial. The coolest part? A flying astronaut rotating around the 3D earth on its axis! Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo Furious: Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti Edition

The same destructive commercial move as Jacob & Co.’s luxury watches is that the manufacturer announced in March that it had established a long-term partnership with the automaker Bugatti on a series of exclusive co-branded products. According to the press release, the partnership hopes to push “the limits of mechanically possible.”

This news marked the end of Bugatti’s long-term partnership with Parmigiani Fleurier, who also produced some excellent timepieces. But with Twin Turbo Furious: Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti Edition, Jacob & Co. once again seeks to raise the stakes technically. This watch is driven by two three-axis tourbillons (to ensure precise timing). Other additional features under the hood include a column wheel chronograph and a decimal repeater that sounds at 10 minute intervals.

The appearance is also slightly higher. Its turquoise blue outer ring is a tribute to Bugatti’s 110th anniversary blue Chiron. It also has a Bugatti logo in the center of the dial between the time counters. The power reserve indicator at 6 o’clock is called the “fuel” indicator.

There will be 18 pieces made of carbon fiber, 18 pieces made of rose gold, and three pieces will have diamonds. Each of the 39 pieces will be individually numbered. In order to make it more elusive, you can only buy this watch if you own Bugatti.

Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chrono Limited Edition 100 Years
The second work of Jacob & Co./Bugatti collaboration is Chrono Edition Limitée 100 Years, but it is not so unique. To pay tribute to the 100th anniversary of Ettore Bugatti in 1909, only 110 pieces will be produced.

This watch is also inspired by Jacob & Co.’s original Epic X Chrono column wheel movement. This version is made of forged carbon, with a black matte dial, the colors of the French flag are arranged vertically between the subdials. It is equipped with a rubber strap, also paying tribute to Chiron. Because it is not inlaid with diamonds, its price (for the brand) is 36,000 Swiss francs, which can even be regarded as an entry-level Jacob & Co.

Jacob & co. Twin Turbo Furious Gaguette White Diamonds & Tsavorites Rose Gold

Double turbocharged: next level

Story Twin Turbo Frious features an exceptional cool and unique dual turbine boost concept, and adds a single hole time timer and pit board time difference calculator to the original double-three-axis tether and decimal minutes, Brought to the next level. With its carefully decorated and hand-assembled 832 components, the double turbocharged is a true magnificent complications, providing the singular combination of ultra-high-end mechanisms, all by Jacob & Co.

Two turbocharger and twin turbine growth angryly in the world’s fastest automotive energy in the universe of Haute Horlogerie, unparalleled improvement and mechanical complexity. Pushing the main time display and single hole chronograph function of twofolding tweeter-turbine-championships: the most complicated, technically challenging, and the most attractive in the history of the gyro. Wrapped in their exquisite completion and ultra-light cage, rapid speed of lightning, and calculated motion in the continuous speed of lightning, the anger of the twin turbocharged anger can depend on the two regulatory organs.

Each of these three-axis gyro is composed of amazing 104 components – but weighs 1.15 grams. The 832 component of the twin turbocharger JCFM05 manufactures Jacob & Co Caliber is a decimal minute repeater – the most out of common, most rare mixing complications. The slide is placed on the left side of the tweeter-turbine enhanced left side, produced from 18K rose gold and carbon fiber, and composed with diamonds and drunkenness – hearing the clear voice of its cathedral. Double turbocharged is another breakthrough Jacob and co-creation, just like any other person in exquisite tab. It is a person who feels its two energy to defeat the soul, hear its dynamic beautiful bells .

Double three-axis gourn
Double-three-axis gourmet is the most complicated, and the most challenging technology is the most in all gyro. The present invention is an uniaxial, rotating platform, is used to carry mechanical pocket watch regulatory organs to increase timing performance, and double turbocharged will bring this 220-year-old invention into the future of fine tabulation. Through cutting-edge engineering design and state-of-the-art manufacturing and manual assembly technology, double turbine enhanced dual three-axis gyro has become a limit solution for the enhanced programming performance of Tetaway. The rapid speed of the three rotating shafts and the flash fast speed is 24, 8 and 30 seconds, and the engineering improvement of this configuration is substituted by its visual impact: seeing this refinement of this refinement in this high-speed and precise movement. The holy cup of the superfine wrist watch appreciates.

Differential division repeater
Minutes trials are the most precious complications of collectors, and they are one of the most difficult complications of pregnancy. Despite this, the Jacob & Short Committee tried to drive the feasible boundaries that enhance the double turbine into the life. Most minutes of repeaters meet time, quarter hours and minute standards, but the double turbocharged bells have time interval for hours after demand, minutes ago, decisive repeaters in high Very rare in performance. In fact, you can count on the number of manufacturers of decimal minutes in one hand and leave some fingers.

Twin Turbo Frious Studs stand out from its single-hole chronograph. The horizontal clutch system is operated by the push of the push for the chronograph, which is integrated into the crown / crank system on the right side of the housing. Unlike normal timing code tables, there are two actors, single-turbocharged single hole time timers use only one pusher, the pusher starts, stops and resets the chronograph.

The pitboard function brings supermovable twin turbocharge or even the fastest car world being its built-in mechanical pit board, which is a simple method to compare two times. Inspired by the old pitboard of the car racing, you can use the crank (pull out the first position and expand) Move color, rotate the disk, and the central digital display to set the reference time. Then, when you operate a single hole time timer, you can easily see the difference between the current time and the reference time you set. A few seconds greater than the red (+) portion of the pit plate of the reference time, and the number of seconds below the reference time is the yellow and green (-) portion. Unlike today’s pit board, this is electronic, all of which is mechanically.

Case and crystal
Bugatti Gaguette White Diamonds & Tsavorites is a completely unique case of excellent visual and technical complexity, and wearing comfortable comfort must be considered to be believed. The case size is 57 mm 52 mm, the thickness of 17 mm, including the front special curved sapphire crystals, and the back provides an exception completed 832 component JCFM05 caliber with complete inorganic glass. A separate 18K white gold and carbon fiber cartridge consists of 88 parts. 18K rose gold box and baffle invisible setting, equipped with 153 bread cut diamonds (≈7.99cts) and 191 Pantan cutting Tsavorites (≈9.3cts).

Dial and hand
In order to obtain the optimal identification of the timeline table, the double turbocharged is introduced into the smoky deep gray sapphire crystal, and the part reveals the following components, while allowing enhanced readability. The periphery of the dial is made from rare exotic rare and heteroosic substances, super Lowena’s glow index. The time and minute of the special skeleton and the two-color master replica automatic watches, driven by the exquisite finished gear, connect them to the double three-axis gyro.

Jacob & Co. swiss watches

Hand – Jacob & Co. Pump Touring

Trust luxury Jacob & Co. Production of the six-forked gold watches depicting the oil pump. It is equipped with two drills, a pipeline, oil meter, and a tank fuel tank. The micro entertainment of this oil rig is so detailed. It will definitely win heavy petroleum Tyson’s heart. In addition, as a show created as a Jacob and Co., there are two wells that can be pumped on demand. Even when Derricks is not activated, the animation on the dial is still thankful for the brand of Hallmark Double-Axis Tourbillon. Let’s take a closer look at this Jacob & Co Co Co Litbillon Automaton.

Any family of familiar brands know that the Maverick founder of Jacob Jacob is not the advocate of low-key conservative luxury goods. Overgrowred customers (including oil Baron), his jewelry and watches wrapped a different “Rubik”. At the top, for others, it is a pleading, Jacob & Co’s creation will never leave a deep impression. Let’s take a closer look at one of the unusual watches in the brand’s track, with extra bonuses with pumping oil, with 100% environmental machinery.

Automatic organ
Well fracket pump, also known as the pump, horse head and rocking horses in the oil term for oil from underground mechanically. Once the wisdom of the western Texas, the unique characteristic of the wellbore pump is its large anvil head. From a motor (running on oil, diesel or electricity), the head of the pump is attached to the polishing rod, moving upwardly to force the liquid to the surface.

This nice watches may copy the rigging and action of the oil pump, but its power is green. Just like the revolutionary 18th century automatic machine of Pierre Jaquet Droz, those automatic changes that leave Kings and Queens, because they cannot explain the magical movement, the oil pump is provided by the traditional mechanical technology of the automaton – an automatic automatic machine Machine motion. The push bus on the shell belt is not only in the dial, but also a special power supply reserve in which moving is also set – you can see it in the top of this article.

The largest long rod in the two wells in the foreground of the oil pump is mounted on the head of its head, and the pump is in the inside of the gold reservoir, while the opposite end of the beam is rotated at 9 o’clock time and minutes. dial. The smaller wells in the background perform similar motion, although their counterweight moves along a temporary needle movement.

The real micro entertainment package of this petroleum drill is in 49.5mm rose gold and sapphire crystal case, height is 20mm. In order to ensure that there is no action hidden, there is an additional sapphire glass window on the side of the housing, and there is a small aperture on the case to admire the Gyene. Rose Gold Team returns two extractable arcuades, you can wind a watch and set time, and there is a pusher on the side of the housing to activate the automaton and charge the power supply.

Each element in this microscopic device is connected to a petroleum rig with a miniature tube, a pole or even gear. The background of the dial is a gray grid, with an inflatable cellular pattern, a glimpse of machinery. The hours and minutes of the 9 o’clock smokeless coal ring are equipped with gold Arabic numbers. If you look closely, you will see two golden pipes, with silver connectors and red wheels, control flow, and a few minutes after hours, and then disappear into exercise. Represents the division between the land structure and the underground structure, the central platform on the dial maintains the well shelf and the oil pressure gauge, and can be doubled as the power reserve indicator. The polishing rod attached to the head of the wellbook passes through the platform, with a shaped rose gold reservoir, with the brand name and red warning sign reminds the presence flammable material. The big pore diameter of 6 o’clock has extended to the ship, which is the stage of Jacob & Co. Iconic double-axis gyro. Increase the fun of fun, the first gyro is completed in 60 seconds in 60 seconds in 2.5 minutes.

All details, such as bright polished rose gold tubes and reservoirs or drawings, Dacin’s tilt edges prove the impressive process level of Jacob & Co.

Mechanical motor
The action provided on the dial disc is a manual winding caliber JCAM33. With 510 components, the motion frequency is 21,600 VPH, which can store a power reserve for up to 60 hours. Although this part can be glued by the intake grill on the dial, most of the movement is a rose gold table back to its two extraction bows and set time behind it. Naturally, surface treatment is the highest level and shot and black PVD coated bridge and plate, on the edge of a bucket round and hand-chamfered mirror.

Like other Jacob cloth and the company’s watch, the reaction is always extreme, not everyone who is passionate or wasting on the board. However, this is precisely this: These watches are not all suitable. Their purpose is to push expensive, extravagant, playful miracles. And I can definitely be injecting the Isolated Pacific Theme Impression of Yakugui and the company’s potential pose like oil drilling platform. Excellent details, miniaturization and all the animations of the above cannot be impressed. Although this is not a model I will choose myself – I have my name on the astronomical Touri wheel typhoon – I know that many people will succumb to pure scenes and exquisite rendering the flare oil pump. jacob and co astronomia casino

Jacob & Co Fast & Furious Twin Turbo

Jacob & Co fake is fast and angry with large style watches Jacob & Co. It will make “fast violent twin turbocharge”, a limited version of the watch combined with the popular picture of DNA record, local movie legend – fast and angry – and luxury brands.

The design team said that the new clock is designed for speed.

Large sapphire crystal surface is an image of the first “fast and passion” movie in 2001. It depicts a checkered flag of the feature, behind her is a hot rod car preparing bolts – one muscles, another muscles, and another supercharger is fast and passionate.

The struck theme of the watch is the most obvious, and the double-three-axis gourmet is 24,48 and 180 seconds in lightning, providing amazing visual impact.

The power reserve indicator of the fuel table style between the two.

This topic continues using a single hole time timer using a horizontal clutch system operating by the column wheel.

The complications are associated with the pushers of the timer, integrated into the coronate crank system on the right side of the housing. A pusher starts, stops and resets the chronograph. This is different from most timing code tables, using two pushers. Shopping cheap watches

In addition, the mechanical time reference indicator on the dial is based on the hand-held pit plate, and the racing team has used the driver and the driver’s communication.

It mechanically determines the difference between the current and preset reference times.

All complications are powered by 832 components Jacob & Co. Caliber JCFM05 manual wound motion.

The sapphire transistor with “fast and passion twin turbine boost” is returned, and a movie view is provided, which is in a black texture of 88 pieces of forging carbon. Texture 57mm.

The wrist is based on the original Jacobi turbine turbine growth, the world’s first phase combined with high-speed biaxial gyro, decimal repeater, single hole timer, and mechanical reference indicator. jacob and co astronomia tourbillon

The CEO of Benjamin Arabov, Jacob & Co said: “Our double turbocharge is a natural health, suitable for fast and fierce franchise rights.”

Add: “Not only the name of our watches, but also the overall emphasis on speed and excellence. Jacob & Co. It has been in many important and successful partnerships, but we have never been working with an entity that is so closely suitable for our DNA. New fast and A fierce twin turbocharged angry watch will be great. “

To celebrate the latest chapters of the “Fast and Passion Movie Legends”, its release will meet the movie in the United States in accordance with June 25.

For Jacob & Co., it will be a series of partnerships’s latest partnerships, including Hyper Lifestyle brand-up KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV and Lionel Messi and other sports goats. Jacob & Co Fast & Furious Twin Turbo