Corum Golden Bridge

Corum replica has been a highly regarded avant-garde watchmaker since the 1950s. Their design choices draw inspiration from fashion, art and architecture. Respected for their ability to master women’s and men’s watch design. The risk they take with the case sets them apart. Since its inception, Corum watchmaking has been ahead of its time.

The Corum Golden Bridge watch dates back to 1980 when it was first introduced. This model is considered a unique creation of fine watchmaking, with its original design featuring a linear movement and most of the dials. Corum made a bold choice to design the first fully transparent watch. This skeleton watch showcases the watchmaker’s masterpiece and its mechanical beauty. Vincent Calabrese used his talent to create movements with linear gear trains, mounted on a transparent exterior and isolated in space, with no visible connections.

The Golden Bridge is poised, technical, and an icon in its own right. The 113.160.55/002 0000 model has a skeletonized dial; the signature tonneau-shaped rose gold case and a contrasting brown alligator strap. Equipped with an automatic winding mechanism, this timepiece is calibre CO 113 with a 40-hour power reserve when fully wound. The watch is water-resistant to 30 meters and has a watch-like transparency.

Corum Golden Bridge The Corum Golden Bridge uses four sapphire crystals, framed above, below and on the sides by four slender gold ribs, almost like a crystal window that opens the time. The sapphire crystal caseback of the Corum Golden Bridge is secured by four golden screws, ensuring the watch is perfectly water-resistant to a depth of three atmospheres. The latest technological discoveries are used in the production of the replica Corum Golden Bridge watch. The winding and time-setting crown at 6 o’clock, engraved with the CORUM key, extends straight down from the movement and activates the “sliding spring” winding system that avoids stress on the delicate mechanism. The Corum Golden Bridge movement is fully wound and has a power reserve of 40 hours.