Hands-on: Limited Edition Chopard LUC Full Strike Sapphire Watch

Haute Horlogerie is largely a visual spectacle. Much of the experience of a fake luxury watches is in its appearance – the quality of the finish, the shapes that make up the design, the use of colors. Aside from the tactile wearing experience (and the very occasional scented rubber strap), timepieces are generally not designed to stimulate our other senses, but the minute repeater is the dramatic musical exception to this rule. First released at Watches and Wonders 2022, the limited-edition Chopard LUC Full Strike Sapphire takes the classic minute repeater design in a spectacular new direction, offering a full sapphire watch that is as pleasing to the ears as it is to the eyes, and introduces a Series of new horological innovations.

Normally a sapphire case would be a clear (no pun intended) visual highlight of any watch, but it’s a testament to the finishing and movement work of the Chopard LUC Full Strike Sapphire, an exotic case that doesn’t overshadow the rest the design. The 42.5mm wide case design itself is clean and classic, with elongated tapered lugs, a narrow round bezel and a manageable 11.5mm thick profile. However, this is the pinnacle of the Chopard collection, which the brand aims to differentiate from its sapphire rivals through attention to detail. The most obvious example of this fine detail work on the case is undoubtedly the crown. Many sapphire case designs compromise on the cost or practicality of the crown, choosing to take this extremely complex and wear-resistant shape in metal rather than laboriously molding the grippable toothed edges into superhard sapphire crystal. Chopard not only created a full crystal crown for the LUC Full Strike Sapphire, but added an integrated minute repeater pusher, also made of sapphire, to this complication. It’s a subtle force move on top of the more public spectacle, but one that stands out given the difficulty of making small, complex sapphire parts.

However, the minute repeater case is more than just a standard case, and another Chopard achievement with the LUC Full Strike Sapphire is its quality as an instrument. Any minute repeater case can act as a resonator for the internal striking mechanism, and while watchmakers have centuries of experience in creating full, rich sounds with metal cases, sapphire cases are a relatively new phenomenon. At first glance, this may seem like a sound engineering question – how does Chopard create a pleasing tone from untested materials? In fact, sapphire crystal has excellent acoustic properties (recall any time someone draws attention to themselves at a crowded wedding by simply tapping a crystal barware). LUC Full Strike Sapphire provides a clear, even and exceptionally loud ringtone.replica Chopard L.U.C Watch

Although the layout is carried over from an earlier version of LUC Full Strike, the execution of the Chopard LUC Full Strike Sapphire dial is quite different. Although at first glance it appears to be a completely hollowed-out design, the use of a partial sapphire dial layer gives the overall look both a sense of visual depth and a clearer basis for legibility, without detracting from the drama of the hollowed-out movement below. Chopard has chosen the iconic rhodium-plated stepped dauphine mobile phone of the LUC series, combined with the railway outer minute track and the slender pointed applied hour markers, making the design a unique fusion of classic and futuristic charm. The seconds hand running at 6 o’clock is more or less standard fare, but the dual power reserve indicator at 2 o’clock makes it clear that something special is going on under the hood (if the skeletal layout and sapphire case haven’t already made the case). you know). The internal Poser reserve scale tracks the usual winding progress of the mainspring, while the external scale provides a way for the wearer to monitor the second concentric mainspring barrel of LUC’s Full Strike Sapphire, designed for the power-hungry three. Ask for complications and keep it.

The Chopard LUC Full Strike Sapphire‘s in-house LUC 08.01-L hand-wound minute repeater movement features sheer visual complexity and ornate decoration, making it a true horological spectacle without the need for a striking mechanism. From the dial side, an intricate web of skeleton bridges can be seen, finished with clean vertical brushing and polished corners above the warm pearl-finish nickel silver (sometimes called German silver) main plate. Of course, what really stands out is the pair of large axe-shaped minute repeater hammers from 9 to 11 o’clock. These, combined with Chopard’s patented sapphire crystal gongs, create a beautiful bright, clear tone. From the rear of the car, LUC 08.01-L is simpler and more classic.high quality copy watches

However, the LUC 08.01-L movement is more than just a visual display. Chopard has introduced several unique innovations to this movement, mainly designed around the protection of the precise minute repeater mechanism. First, if the dedicated mainspring barrel for the minute repeater does not have enough energy to complete the striking sequence, the movement includes an automatic safety disconnect to prevent the pusher from engaging the striking and potentially damaging the assembly for part of the cycle. Related to this, once the complication is activated, the integrated crown minute repeater pusher is automatically disengaged by another proprietary safety system, preventing the pusher from accidentally stopping the striking cycle and damaging the components. Chopard’s patented variable inertia balance also helps the movement maintain a steady 60-hour power reserve at a beat rate of 28,800 bph. The dedicated mainspring barrel for the minute repeater also provides a considerable power reserve, enough to play the longest chiming sequence (12 hours 59 minutes) before it needs to be wound. Chopard has mounted the LUC Full Strike Sapphire on a high-impact grey alligator strap with dramatic highlights and lowlights to match the bright quality of the sapphire case and inner movement.

With an elegant, striking design, the limited edition Chopard LUC Full Strike Sapphire elevates the visual and aural aspects of the timepiece and is one of the most visually and technically impressive editions of 2022 to date.

Chopard LUC Time Traveller One Black In Ceramized Titanium

This is a bit of a headache. Over the years, I’ve come to love Chopard more and more, from its relatively more affordable “car lovers’ watch” Mille Miglia collection to its competitive high-end LUC line of watches, all the way to its haute horlogerie creations that give a dull Historical names run for their money in performance. Frankly, I really like this Chopard LUC Time Traveler One Black Ceramic Titanium – if not for the price, it seems a little ambitious even compared to the competition inside.

The world timer is great. This look, in which the city scale and the two-tone 24-hour scale surround the stunningly small central dial, is often associated with Patek Philippe, although it is not a Patek Philippe design, but Louis Cottier with his calibre 1931. This elegant solution The scheme attracted Patek Philippe, Rolex, Vacheron Constantin and countless others over the next few decades to use the feature to cater to a rapidly globalizing world. Even the design of the two crowns is believed to have been his around 1950.

Still, it retains every bit of its appeal, like a two- or three-sub-dial chronograph, despite the use of the world’s timepiece dial by countless small and large watchmakers over the decades. As such, Chopard LUC Time Traveler One Black is a crisp, monochromatic rendition of this formula, made with Chopard’s own small details that have become beautifully rounded over time, in Chopard and Supreme The unique characteristics of Chopard LUC watches are found on the level.

Highlights of Chopard LUC Time Traveler 1 Black
Let’s see how the Chopard LUC has done right with impressive consistency of late, including in this “Time Voyager One”. First off, the “Chrysler Building” hands – I’m not sure if anyone shares the name, but these fantastic hands always remind me of the Chrysler Building, for some reason. A beautiful design is useless without high-quality execution, especially on luxury watches. The hands are polished on both sides and have a protruding ridge along the center, which requires two large angled flats and a triangular cross-section. This means you almost always have at least one side of each hand reflecting and thus protruding on the dial, ensuring excellent legibility – another thing Chopard has an impressive hit between its designs is correct.

Second, a custom font style is used for every script on the dial, right down to the tiny SWISS MADE text flanking the 6 o’clock hour markers. The 24-hour clock, city names and company logos are all consistent, and you don’t have to struggle to find the same expensive watch, but you can’t apply a novel font so evenly. Typography is grossly underrated in watch design in general, but that’s another discussion. This approach reminds me of the Patek Philippe 5212A-001 (hands on here), although I find it a little tried and lovely. In my opinion, Chopard is more mature in a pleasing way, like the handwriting of a 50-something architect versus the handwriting of a skilled 8-year-old.

Third, the overall quality of execution and attention to detail (a caveat to be discussed shortly), right down to the pin buckle and its beveled edges and laser-etched markings, in titanium, to match the case. Again, if a detailed and neat clasp was given at this price point, we wouldn’t stress it – but no price range guarantees that nuance will match the case and dial (I’m looking at you and you Shiny belt buckle, Panerai). The sapphire crystal front is in the top 1% of crystals I’ve seen or photographed on any watch. Obviously, I found myself pressing my finger on it to see if it was still there – happened dozens of times, and I really didn’t want to believe that there was still a crystal in front of that dial. well done.

Fourth, abrasion resistance is good, thanks to the 12.09mm overall case thickness and the lightness of the titanium case and pin buckle (no thick folding clasp digging deep into the wrist). The strap could be a little more flexible and the edges less sharp. Fifth, the overall function and feel of the movement inside the Chopard LUC 01.05-L is great. As I spin the city disc, every new setting delivers a pleasant click, so nice and easy that I often find myself turning the disc 360° just to feel that luxurious touch (yes, that) . The power reserve is 60 hours, complemented by quiet running full-size rotors, matching the modern stable 4 Hz operating frequency. The decor is nice, although I’m far from a fan of the “smoky” dark grey exhibition caseback. Maybe the vignette effect would be fun, but this full-screen tease where I can barely see anything even in direct sunlight is more frustrating than stunning. Oh, and if you want to brag, the Chopard LUC Time Traveler One Black watch is a 291-part movement and 39 jewels – a fairly high component count that implies a rather complicated movement to drive the hours, minutes, seconds, Date and 24 hour display.

Cons of Now Chopard LUC Time Traveler 1 Black
I’ve already mentioned that the straps, especially those close to the case, could use a little extra flexibility, and it could have a softer edge for better wearing comfort. The titanium case, which I laud for its light weight and comfort, can, and, I think, should be more refined at this price point. Its blocky lugs and versatile finish make the aesthetics too basic for my tastes. Suffice to say, it draws attention to the beautifully crafted dials and hands—really outstanding—but I can’t help but wish there were a little more of those lugs.

The surface is “ceramicized” and is said to be very durable – in fact, the Chopard LUC Time Traveler One Black showed no wear after two weeks of continuous wear, which is more than enough for a regular titanium watch, Tinkerbell, in my experience. In a way – and I’ll stop bashing this one – the buckles allow the case to have wide sloping sides on either side. A similar thing might happen with lugs, while still allowing “ceramicization” to be applied. That said, I’m sure some people will find the blocky case a plus – a masculine design so to speak, which again brings attention to the dial and, in fact, goes well with the monochromatic theme.

I think the general feeling associated with worldtimer watches is that you get “a lot of watches” because of the visual and mechanical complexity. However, I feel that Chopard offers strong in-house competition for the LUC Time Traveller One Black in the form of the Alpine Eagle, which is “more noteworthy” in terms of value. It offers the most spectacular case and bracelet material in its class (well above that) in an incredible white Lucent Steel A223. The case, bezel, and bracelet are all at a level that surpasses the Time Traveler One, and it undeniably sacrifices a low-key, stealthy monochromatic look in favor of the best of habits (case and bracelet) again in this segment. The eagle eye dial is also very neat, plus you get a similar caseback aesthetic (no Côtes de Genève) since the Time Traveler uses the same 0.01 caliber for its base. No matter how I look at it, the Alpine Eagle looks like a watch and is 50% more expensive than the Time Traveler One Black. Let me know below if you agree.

Essentially, the Chopard LUC Time Traveller One Black is a great-looking watch and a great everyday watch for someone—one that you buy and wear for years. The movement, almost two decades old, with a “ceramicized” titanium case, an all-encompassing sense of sturdy quality, and a timeless monochromatic design ensure that the Time Voyager 1 will age gracefully. Not what can be said about most luxury watches today.

The new Chopard Superfast Racing watch

Chopard’s longstanding partnership with motorsport has inspired watches such as the luxury Mille Miglia and more recently the Monaco Historic Grand Prix – continuing at this year’s Baselworld with the release of three new timepieces from its classic racing collection , called Superfast.

The new timepiece – which Chopard calls its “bold lines” and “vibrant design” appeals to “thrill-seeking sports car drivers” – is the first in the brand’s racing collection to feature a movement developed in-house by Chopard Workshop in the Swiss town of Fleurier. The collection includes the Superfast Automatic, a three-hand watch with a date function; the Superfast Chrono, a chronograph with flyback and tachymeter; and the Superfast Power Control, with a small seconds subdial and an unconventional power reserve display .

The design of the collection includes several references to the world of competitive racing, such as the brushed silver vertical lines against the black background of the dial, similar to the cooling fins on an air-cooled racing engine. Additionally, the inner ring displays minute numerals, similar to the type found on sports car tachometers and speedometers.

The natural rubber strap has a smooth tread pattern reminiscent of the slick tires used in high-speed track racing. These watches feature other hallmarks of the Chopard Classic Motorsport collection, such as the “steering wheel” logo on the rubber-moulded gold crown, fin-like grooves engraved on either side of the lugs, rubber-coated pushers for better grip, and The screws on the Allen bezel are similar to those on the rim of a wheel.

The vent pattern even extends to the movement, whose skeletonized bridges are decorated with the same pattern of thin parallel lines. All movements in the Superfast collection are COSC-certified chronometers, all displayed under a sapphire window on the back of the steel case.

The Superfast Automatic features a traditional central display of hours, minutes and seconds and a date window at 6 o’clock. The case is 41 mm in diameter, water-resistant to 100 meters, and powered by the Chopard 01.01-M self-winding movement with a power reserve of 60 hours.

The Superfast Power Control model uses an improved version of the automatic movement base movement, called the Chopard Calibre 01.02-M, to power a range of functions including central hours and minutes, small seconds on the subdial at 6 o’clock, 3 o’clock A window at the clock position shows the date, and an unusual power-reserve indicator appears to have been copied from a car’s dashboard, with pointer hands on the semicircular sub-dial reminiscent of the look of a fuel gauge. The Power Control has a larger steel housing with a diameter of 45mm.

The Superfast Chrono also comes with a 45mm diameter case and contains the automatic Chopard Calibre 03.05-M. The watch also shows the seconds on the subdial at 6 o’clock, but moves the date window to 4:30. Chronograph with central sweep seconds and flyback; 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock and 12-hour counter at 9 o’clock. A tachymeter scale is also engraved on the bezel, once again paying homage to the racing car.

Karl-Friedrich Schuefele, co-president of Chopard, sees the new Racing Collection watches with in-house movements as another important step in the brand’s continued vertical integration and determination to produce more movements in-house.

Chopard introduces the new Alpine Eagle oversized flyback chronograph

Chopard fake launches the new Alpine Eagle Extra Large Flyback Chronograph, the third watch in the series since its launch in 2019 (the previous two were the big three-pin watch and the big three-pin attachment). calendar watch). The new watch is available in three models, two in Lucent Steel A223 and one in Lucent Steel A223 and ethical 18K rose gold.

The case measures 44mm x 13.15mm and is satin-finished and polished. The round bezel is embellished with eight screws, in two groups, and the grooves of the screws are in the same direction as the curvature of the bezel. The crown is engraved with a compass rose and has a symmetrical guard. Consisting of a polished central link and satin-finished side links, the one-piece bracelet tapers to the wrist with a triple folding clasp.

The rocky dial texture is reminiscent of an eagle’s iris, another common feature of many Alpine Eagle fake watches. The dial is available in Aletsch Glacier Blue and “Pitch” Black, with a 30-minute counter, small seconds counter and 12-hour counter at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, respectively. In addition, there is a date window between 4/5 o’clock and a tachymeter scale on the outer edge of the dial. The three chronograph hands are decorated in red, and the central chronograph second hand has a tail that resembles a bird of prey feathers. The applied hour-markers and the bar-shaped hour and minute hands are rhodium-plated and coated with Super-LumiNova® Grade X1 luminescent material.

Through the sapphire crystal on the back of the watch, you can admire the 03.05-C self-winding flyback chronograph movement built into the watch. This movement has four patents and is equipped with a one-way gear system to prevent energy loss, a vertical clutch device and a flyback chronograph function to ensure accurate start of time measurement and continuous smooth timing, respectively. The movement is also equipped with a Variner hairspring, which ensures movement rate stability by compensating for changes in inertia. The movement is self-winding with a skeletonized tungsten oscillating weight, beating at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz) and providing a power reserve of up to 60 hours.

It is reported that Lucent Steel A223 stainless steel with Aletsch glacier blue dial (ref: 298609-3001) or “Pitch” black dial (ref: 298609-3002), Lucent Steel A223 stainless steel and ethical 18K rose gold material With “Pitch” black dial (ref: 298609-6001).

Chopard Alpine Eagle XL Chronograph

Chopard’s luxury sports watch collection reinforces its sporty style with chronographs.

The Alpine Eagle collection is a luxury sports watch, because it was hosted in 1972 with the time and date, only the time-only model that hit the market in 2019 has never weakened Chopin’s interpretation of the genre, the Alpine Eagle collection strengthens its sports credentials With this brand new The introduction of the 44 mm automatic flyback chronograph. The core of the three new models is Chopard’s column-wheel chronograph movement, which has 60-hour autonomy and COSC certification. The new Alpine Eagle XL Chrono is available in a Lucent steel case with a blue or black dial, or a two-tone ethical rose gold and black dial stainless steel version. Let’s look at it, on the wrist.

From the holy. Moritz vs. Mountain Eagle
With the advent of Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak in 1972, almost all veritable watchmakers are involved in this category. Chopard tried this luxury sports watch long before the Alpine Eagle appeared. Chopard’s first luxury sports watch was St. Moritz, designed by Karl-Friedrich Scheufele in 1980. St. Moritz was a model that successfully captured the top luxury of the 1980s, with a very delicate bezel with eight screws, and was eventually discontinued. Although there are many sports watches related to the classic racing world (such as Mille Miglia), the brand’s product portfolio lacks a steel sports watch with an integrated bracelet and powerful design.

Since 2013, Chopard has been adopting the concept of sustainable luxury goods, using ethical gold (Fairmined gold) in its watches and jewelry. When this idea was approved to reinterpret St. Moritz in a more modern way, the theme of the environment was basic. To prove that Chopard is not just playing with the vital “environmental sustainability” label, the brand is also a founding member of the Eagle Wings Foundation. The foundation recorded the impact of climate change on the Alps in a unique way. When a white-tailed eagle soars over the Alps, it has a camera on its back to provide a unique perspective on the impact of global warming on glaciers.

Alpine Eagle series watches have common features: eight screws on the round bezel; unique crown guard on the tonneau-shaped central case; 100m water resistance; integrated bracelet; textured sunburst dial inspired by the eagle’s iris ; Feather-shaped counterweight on the central seconds hand; date window between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock; compass rose engraved on the crown; and super hard and shiny Lucent steel.

XL chronograph case
This chronograph is the third watch to join the Alpine Eagle series and the first super-sized watch with a diameter of 44 mm and a height of 13.15 mm, which is large enough to accommodate a complex movement. Once again, Lucent A223 steel is the material of choice for watch cases. This material is equivalent to surgical steel, 50% harder than ordinary steel, anti-allergic and highly reflective. Two models are made of solid Lucent steel, while the third model is a mixture of Lucent steel and 18k rose gold decorations on the bezel, crown and central link of the bracelet.

Like many luxury sports watches, the case structure uses a round bezel, with eight aligned screws mounted on the top of the tonneau-shaped case, and is completed with a combination of brushed and polished surfaces. The Alpine Eagle’s crown guard mirrors the similar structure on the other side of the case, now on both sides are brushed rectangular buttons and the crown. The one-piece bracelet uses a polished ingot-shaped central link and two exterior links with brushed finishes. It uses a triple-folding clasp to fix the beveled polished edges on the wrist, and the case finishes are used.

Hawkeye dial
The eye-catching sunburst pattern on the dial and the eye-catching texture in the form of an eagle-eye iris is another common feature of many Alpine Eagle watches. Interpreted in Aletsch Blue in the past, the novelty of this chronograph is the new Pitch Black dial color. There are two colors to choose from. The richly textured surface of the dial has two raised and snail-shaped horizontal counters with rhodium-plated rims (30 minutes at 3 o’clock and 12-hour counters at 9 o’clock) ), at 6 o’clock there is a clock with a running seconds dial with a snail-shaped inner and rounded edges, a date window between the 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock marks, and a tachymeter on the periphery. The three chronograph hands are red, and the central chronograph second hand is equipped with the iconic feather weight. buy watches online

The white tachymeter scale used to measure the average speed ranges from 60 to 400 with red dots at 100, 160 and 240. The Roman numeral 12 and hour markers are rhodium-plated, treated with X1 Super-LumiNova and applied to the dial. The rod-shaped hour and minute hands are also rhodium-plated and glow.

Automatic chronograph
Below the deck, through the sapphire crystal back cover, you can see Chopard’s 03.05-C automatic flyback chronograph movement, which has been certified by the COSC Observatory. This column wheel movement has four patents and is equipped with a one-way gear system to prevent energy loss.

The vertical clutch ensures accurate time measurement starts, while the flyback function ensures smooth and continuous timing. The movement is also equipped with a Variner hairspring, which ensures the stability of the movement speed by compensating for its inertial changes. With a frequency of 28,800vph and a hollow tungsten rotor, the movement can store up to 60 hours of autonomous operation time.

Technical specifications-CHOPARD ALPINE EAGLE XL CHRONO
Case: 44 mm diameter x 13.15 mm height-Lucent A223 steel or Lucent A223 steel and 18k ethical rose gold, brushed and polished-100 meters water resistance-Anti-glare sapphire crystal glass on dial and case back
Dial: Brass dial, printed with Aletsch blue or dark black sunburst pattern-Super-LumiNova luminous coating numerals and hour markers-Super-LumiNova rhodium-plated hour and minute hands-Red chronograph hands
Movement: Chopard 03.05-C-Automatic flyback chronograph with column wheel and vertical clutch-310 components-28,800vph (4Hz)-60 hours power reserve-Skeleton tungsten rotor-Variner balance-COSC certified chronograph
Bracelet: Lucent steel or Lucent steel and rose gold one-piece bracelet, satin-finished and polished-triple folding clasp
References: 298609-3001-Lucent Steel A223 material, Aletsch blue dial
298609-3002-Lucent Steel A223 material, dark black dial
298609-6001-Lucent Steel A223 and 18k rose gold, deep black dial

Chopard LUC

2005: Chopard LUC Lunar One, the first modern perpetual calendar watch with orbital moon phase

Matching legibility with design is often one of the great challenges faced by watch designers when using precious perpetual calendar complications. After all, it is a good line to fit the day, date, month, and leap year in a dial with a diameter of more than 40 mm while maintaining the internal code of the design.

Chopard first experienced perpetual calendars in the 80s and 90s, when it first started to develop its own perp cals. The earliest example of its full calendar watch is the Luna d’Oro series, which is a complete calendar with moon phase display, date and month windows, and date hands. What’s interesting is the brand’s experiment in case materials: bimetallic titanium and gold models are some of the references created.

Chopard replica and Sven Andersen
Independent watchmaker Svend Andersen is known for his creation of the Perpetual Secular Calendar, which is accurate to 400 years. what does this mean? Most perpetual calendar watches are accurate to the year 2100. In fact, this is not a leap year because it is a century-old year that is not divisible by 400. Andersen’s perpetual calendar is accurate to 2400 years.

However, in the 1990s, Andersen hoped to industrialize another perpetual calendar, the retrograde date perpetual calendar. The date display on the retrograde display will jump back to “1” when it reaches the end of the month, whether it is the 28th, 29th, 30th, or 31st. Really impressive design.

Chopard obtained the rights to Andersen’s design and developed it with Frederic Piguet’s basic movement and adjusted it according to its standards. This became Luna d’Oro, a special edition with a golden moon and a limited series. Released gold and platinum versions of watches. Other variants of Luna d’Oro also introduced a 48-month leap year indicator.

Chopard goes further on the road of complex timepieces. Refer to 36-1224. This is a chronograph and perpetual calendar driven by Jaeger-LeCoultre 889/1 movement, with overlapping indicators. Although the dial is complex, it can still Keep it clear and easy to read. After all, if you can’t decipher them, what is the point of wearing all these instruments on your wrist?

All these developments led Chopard to launch its own LUC 96 QP perpetual calendar movement in 2005, which is based on the brand’s 1.96 automatic base movement. A large date window, together with a date and month counter, make the watch very easy to read. What’s more noteworthy is that the calendar operation is an instantaneous jump display. The day and night indicator and the orbital moon phase display make the watch more interesting. You can choose the northern or southern hemisphere constellation on the moon phase.

The 2012 version of Lunar One introduced new improvements. The LUC 96.13-L automatic movement has the Geneva Seal and COSC certification, a 70-hour power reserve, a moon phase display accurate to one day in 122 years, and an instantaneous calendar display. There are many styles of this watch, including gem-set styles.

However, the most surprising release of the Chopard perpetual calendar may be in 2016, the last leap year, when the brand launched the steel watch LUC Perpetual Twin with a 43 mm stainless steel watch and double hair Bar box (hence the name)) and provides a 65-hour power reserve.

In the same year, the brand also released the LUC Perpetual Chrono, which combines two of the most popular complications in the industry-a vertically coupled flyback chronograph and a perpetual calendar, and a Fairmined gold case equipped with a manual winding movement, LUC 03- 10-L. This dual-certified movement uses a familiar dial design, with the chronograph disc stacked on the display of the perpetual calendar to ensure clarity and legibility.

Recently, the 2017 version of the Lunar One platinum watch has a dark blue sunray finish, which adds beauty to the watch. This is an eye-catching timepiece, and is still a rare industry standard because it is self-winding and has an chronometer and Geneva seal certification.

It has been several years since we saw Chopard’s perpetual calendar, although other models of the brand have added complications. However, for perpetual calendar lovers, Lunar One is a model worth admiring, especially considering that the brand has not only kept the name of the Discount watch unchanged, but its design and style have been steadily evolving over the years.

Discount Chopard

Chopard Alpine Eagle XL Chrono

Chopard is extending its Alpine Eagle Collection, launched in October 2019, providing three-hand models in various iterations, and flying in the new large 44 mm diameter housing.

There are three versions – in Langxun Steel A223 (special steel alloy developed by Chopard, it is developed by its anti-allergic energy), using aletsch blue or pitch black dial and double material, will Lucent Steel A223 and Rose Gold with pitch black dial merge – Alpine Eagle XL chrono watch with integrated bracelets is driven by self-entangled depression 03.05-C.

Equipped with a column wheel, these 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour) guarantees a 60-hour power reserve and is adjusted by the official Swiss Electronic Measurement Detection Research Institute (COSC).

By promoting the zero setting of the counter with the three pivot hammers of the resilient arm, the flyback function of the smooth continuous time series can be achieved. discount swiss watches

The right pusher is integrated on both sides of the crown shield to repeat on the left to maintain symmetry. 13.15 mm thick shell water to 100 m / 330 feet.

The blue or black dial is characterized by a typical Senburst mode to evoke the iris of the eagle in some way, and the arterial scale appearing on the inner baffle ring. The feather-shaped second-stroke has a protruding counter swept away from the display of the display.

The cone bracelet has a broadband having a broadband liner side and a polishing center cover, secured to the wrist. swiss replica aaa watches

Chopard Mille Miglia 2021 Race Edition

Chopard Mille Miglia 2021 Race Edition Replica Watch 168571-3009

The elegant chronograph with an automatic movement certified by the Observatory celebrates cheap Chopard‘s continued commitment to the legendary 1000 Miglia race car.

As Chopard’s co-president, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele’s passion for mechanical watches matches his passion for collecting and racing vintage cars. What could satisfy his two passions better than the famous 1000 Miglia race car in Italy? Since 1988, Chopard has been the official timekeeper and partner of the classic 1000 Miglia race car, and each year new models are released to celebrate its partnership. For the 2021 1000 Miglia to be held from June 16th to 19th, Schaefer will drive his Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR with racing legend and close friend Jacky Ickx. To commemorate the brand’s 34 consecutive years of commitment, Chopard has released two versions of the Mille Miglia 2021 Race Edition chronograph certified by the observatory: a limited edition of 1,000 pieces in stainless steel and 250 pieces in two-tone steel and ethical rose gold.

Classic beauties
The 1000 Miglia race in Italy is a dream come true of classic car lovers. Originally a 1,000-mile (1,618 km) race from Brescia to Rome, racing legends Tazio Nuvolari and Sir Stirling Moss are part of the 1000 Miglia folklore. In 1955, Moss and his navigator Dennis Jenkinson created an undefeated historical record. After 10 hours, 7 minutes and 48 seconds, Moss drove his Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR ahead of the experienced F1 driver Juan Manuel Fangio by a full 30 minutes. The 1000 Miglia was interrupted in 1957 after a tragic crash and was revived in 1977 as a time and reliability test. The 375 cars approved to participate in the 2021 race meet the rules that only allow the “1000 Miglia 24 speed version of the main car from 1927 to 1957” to participate. best replica watches uk

Scheufele drove a red Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Gullwing in the 1000 Miglia race in 1989 with Icks as his co-pilot. This is a spectacular display showing some of the best, rarest and most valuable history car. Participated in more than 15 1000 Miglia races, this year’s history repeats itself, because Scheufele and Icks joined forces to lead a team of five Chopard cars-including a 1954 Ermini Sport 1100 and Fiat 1100 Zagato Coupe-by The guests of the team drove the figure of French endurance champion Romain Dumas.

This year, there are some novelties about this event: for the first time since its revival in 1977, the 1000 Miglia will take a counterclockwise route, including the mountain pass. Starting from Viale Venezia in Brescia at 1:30 on June 16, the oldest car will leave the starting ramp, and the other cars will be staged at one-minute intervals in order of age. From Brescia, the car will go to the Tyrrhenian coast via Passo della Cisa (mountain pass) and stop in Viareggio. The next day, it will travel 350 kilometers to Rome. The third stop will be the most challenging. It will cover the 400 kilometers from Rome to Bologna, including two mountain passes-Passo della Futa and Passo della Raticosa. Finally, in the final race on Saturday, June 19th, the drivers will depart from Bologna to the finish line in Brescia.

MILLE MIGLIA 2021 Racing Edition
The outline of the Chopard Mille Miglia 2021 Race Edition watch is the same as the beautiful historic car in the race, bringing the spirit of the classic car rally to the wrist. In order to highlight the racing style, the 44mm large case has a height of 13.79mm and is equipped with a tachometer bezel and a piston-type chronograph button. The bezel is made of stainless steel or 18k rose gold, with polished black ceramic inserts and white lacquered tachymeter scales. Depending on the model, the buttons and crown are made of stainless steel or rose gold, and are polished, which contrasts sharply with the sporty satin-brushed finish on the case. This chronograph is equipped with a screw-in crown and screw-in back, and is water-resistant to 100 meters. In addition, details such as the pattern on the button head of the chronograph and the steering wheel on the crown will also make the gasoline head happy.

Gray dial with red accents
Both versions of the dial are in elegant gray, obtained by electroplating on the brass base, with a charming round satin-brushed decoration, emanating from the small seconds dial. Red is used to indicate the central chronograph second hand and the hands of the 30-minute and 12-hour sub-dials at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock respectively. Two silver timing counters are arranged vertically, protruding from the gray snail-shaped interior of the dial and the small seconds counter at 9 o’clock. The snail pattern on the small seconds dial is actually the center of the round satin brushed finish, adding vitality to the gray dial. The red arrow 1000 Miglia sign points to the date window at 3 o’clock, covered with a practical magnifying glass. The large application hour markers with silver or gold-plated frames, as well as the hour and minute hands are treated with Super-LumiNova. Finally, a silver or flange with black markings of minutes/seconds framed the dial. CHOPARD MILLE MIGLIA cheap

Automatic chronometer certified movement
Under the back cover is engraved with the Brescia-Rome-Brescia inscription and a checkered flag with 1000 Miglia arrow logo. It is an automatic chronograph movement with Valjoux 7750 architecture. The movement composed of 240 parts beats at a speed of 28,800vph, provides a power reserve of 48 hours, and is certified by the COSC Observatory.

The Mille Miglia 2021 Race Edition stainless steel model comes with a perforated black calfskin strap with red stitching and a black rubber lining with a 1960s Dunlop racing tire tread. Two-tone steel is similar to rose gold but without red stitching; both are fastened to the wrist with satin-finished and polished steel folding clasps. Stainless steel model, Ref. 168571-3009.


Case: 44mm diameter x 13.79mm height – stainless steel or two-tone steel and 18k ethical rose gold, satin-brushed and polished- screw-lock crown in steel or gold – bezel in steel or gold with black ceramic insert and white lacquered tachymetre scale – screw-down caseback with 1000 Miglia logo – glare-proof sapphire crystal – 100m water-resistant

Dial: grey with circular satin-brushed finishing – inner bezel with minutes and seconds – applied indices and hour and minute hands treated with Super-LumiNova – red-tipped hands for chronograph indications – 30-min counter at 12, 12-hour counter at 6, small seconds at 9 o’clock – date window with magnifier at 3 o’clock – red 1000 Miglia arrow logo

Movement: automatic chronograph with Valjoux 7750 architecture – 240 components – 25 jewels – 28,800vph/4Hz – 48h power reserve – chronometer-certified by COSC

Strap : steel model: black calfskin with perforations and red stitching, rubber lining with Dunlop racing tyre tread pattern and steel folding clasp
steel and rose gold model: black calfskin with black stitching and perforations, rubber lining with Dunlop racing tyre tread pattern and steel folding clasp

Reference: Ref. 168571-3009 steel
Ref. 168571-6003 steel and rose gold

Chopard – Alpine Eagle

Chopard replica watches has entered a luxury sports watch market with a new Alpine Eagle. Inspired by Maison’s St. Moriz Watches in the 1980s, it is inevitably to recognize the impact of the iconic timepiece such as love Tibeon, Patek Philippe Nautilus and the first Vacheron Constantin.

The new model has steel, gold, double material or diamonds, there are two sizes (41 mm and 36 mm), which introduces a variety of references in the eagle and its surroundings, including a textured dial to call the iris, pointer Calling to pay attention to the feathers of the raptor, pay attention to the glacier with ice-cold steel.

This Alpine Eagle cheap watch adopts an integrated case and a chain, and has polished and matte effects, which are characterized by eight screws on the circular surface, four base points are packet, and their slots and laps are The circle is tangent.

These screws also functions by ensuring that the watt waterproof is 100 m / 330 feet.

Another feature of the case is that the protruding part protects a large crown of compass roses. The steel used by Chopard is called Lucent A223, which is the result of re-smelting the process, which has a high degree of dermisal compatibility, stronger wear resistance and special reflexivity.

The cone Alpine Eagle bracelet includes a single spindle chain ring and a polished central cap. Steel triple folding dome is fixed on the wrist.

When the hour hand and the minute needle are coated with the time-up, it is coated with Super-Luminova X1 to enhance the readability of the night. The two automatic upper chain headers embedded in the Alpine Eagle movement are manufactured by Switzerland and certified by Swiss official timer.

41 mm reference model is equipped with 4 Hz (28,800 Vph) 01.01-C movement, with 60-hour power reserves, and 36 mm models are equipped with 3.5 Hz (25,200 Vph) 09.01-C movement, with 42 hours of power reserves. . Both are visible through a transparent sapphire crystal base. fashion cheap watches

new Chopard Alpine Eagle

Wempe commemorates the 40th anniversary of Fifth Avenue with the new Chopard Alpine Eagle Wempe Fifth Avenue Edition For Wempe, a watch and jewelry retailer founded in Germany, 2020 is a full anniversary. The dawn of ten years marks the 20 years since the launch of its By Kim Jewelry series. In the 30 years since Ruediger Albers, president of Wempe’s US division, the most important thing is that the brand has been in business in New York City for 40 years. To celebrate this third milestone, the luxury retailer has partnered with one of the most important brands, Chopard, to launch a new limited edition Alpine Eagle Wempe 5th Avenue Edition.

This replica men watch is based on the original Alpine Eagle sports luxury watch with date and time launched last year, with a new dial color and a special commemorative back cover to commemorate Wempe’s 40-year history on the famous Fifth Avenue in New York City . Wempe also shared some retro advertisements, announcing its location on Fifth Avenue and news about watches, emphasizing the competitiveness of the New York market about 40 years ago, which was earlier than the popularity of Wempe boutiques in the city.

The 41mm “Alpine Eagle Wempe Fifth Avenue Edition” case is made of Chopard’s ultra-durable, reflective Lucent A223 steel, which was specially developed during a four-year development process. The top of the case is engraved with brushed polishing, the style side is alternately polished, and there are eight fixing screws on the large frame. The multi-textured case finish is designed to evoke the sun set on the ice-covered glacier. The case is integrated into a three-link bracelet, the bracelet also has alternating brushed and polished treatments, and has a large right crown with stylized shoulders on both sides.

The dial is similar to the previous Alpine Eagle dial, although the difference in this special edition is that it uses silver and blue accents. On the outer edge, each hour has a small circle engraved with a square, while the main part of the inner part evokes the iris of the eagle named after the series. The applied Roman hour numerals mark the position of each quarter, and the applied rectangle appears at each intermediate hour. At 4:30 is a striking date window. Also worth noting are the Chopard brand logo at 12 o’clock and the special Wempe logo at 6 o’clock; passing these two hour and minute hands are two matching, rounded, round baton pointers, and A feather-balanced second hand.

Chopard replica 01.01-C movement is located in a 100-meter waterproof case, which is used throughout the Alpine Eagle series. The self-winding movement has passed the chronometer certification and has a 60-hour power reserve. The stylized Chopard signature rotor powers the mechanism. The sapphire back cover is printed with a commemorative stamp, which is printed with a stamp and an organic core, the most conspicuous of which is the large-scale “Fifth Avenue” style text printed on the exhibition crystal.