The Alpine Eagle wasn’t the first steel sports watch, but it might be the best

Chopard cheap posed a challenge when creating this watch.

It’s the eagle eye, it’s the thrill of flying, challenge your opponents! Excuse the lyrical levity of this moment before we get into the clockwork heroes of our story, but the Survivor writing works really well here. Released only a few years ago in 2019, the Alpine Eagle is a latecomer to the stainless steel sports watch scene. When it did hit the market, Chopard didn’t do anything with this model. Instead, it took up the challenge to create a timepiece that could stand up to the best in Switzerland.

how we got here
The Alpine Eagle is not Chopard’s first foray into the world of integrated bracelet sports watches. As early as 1980, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, a 22-year-old new member of the Chopard family business, designed the St. Moritz watch.

It has all the sports watch notes common to both the Nautilus and the Royal Oak, with a distinctive bezel, intricate bracelet and slim profile. This is a watch that used to perform well but the tune eventually ended. Young Karl-Fredrich’s father was proud of his design and would continue to wear it to work when his grandson Karl-Fritz happened to come across the buy luxury replica watches one day. He exclaimed, “This is the watch we should be making today!” He was right.

Chopard since St. Moritz
St. Moritz was the inspiration, but Chopard in 1980 was not the same as Chopard today. In the intervening decades, Karl-Fredrich has pushed its watchmaking to be as in-house as possible as early as the early 1990s, long before the practice became popular. The result is a movement-making factory that can design, produce and finish movements to a standard that few can match. Chopard also has its own foundry, is able to produce its own gold and steel, and focuses on ethical sourcing and sustainability.

The first thing anyone notices about a stainless steel sports watch is the steel. Chopard manufactures its own steel for the Alpine Eagle, called A223 Lucent Steel. Consisting of 70% recycled steel, with the remainder mined near European countries to reduce the carbon footprint, it offers some advantages over the typical 316L steel used by most of the watch industry. Lucent Steel is less corrosive, more reflective, and most importantly. Harder than 316L, making it 50% more resistant to scratches and abrasions. This special steel might not be obvious at first, but it’s reassuring if you own one of these bad boys.

Watch bracelets take up the most space on your wrist, yet many people treat them as an afterthought. Chopard is going in the exact opposite direction, focusing on every facet of the bracelet. The sides are brushed vertically to add visual weight to the thinner side of the bracelet. At the top, the brushed links are polished on each side and between each other, and the center section is fully polished and slightly raised. The bracelet tapers for comfort and ends with a hidden clasp that simply says “Chopard” to let you know where to open it.

The Discount replica watches itself is balanced by two sets of notches on either side. The right side serves as a small crown guard, while the left side is just visual balance. The brushed bezel features practical mirror-polished screws, all of which outline the highlight: the dial.

The etched stripes on the dial are not quite the traditional sunburst pattern. It’s deep and wide, with slight curves in every line. This dial is where the Alpine Eagle gets its name because it looks like an eagle’s iris. It’s certainly more abstract than it sounds, though the result will keep you staring at the dial for years to come. Applied markings use Roman numerals at the quarters and hourly markings. The hands seem to float over the dial because their polish contrasts so strongly with the texture that it looks more like part of the companion phone than tethered to the Hawkeye.

inside the watch
The 41mm Alpine Eagle gets the internal 01-01-C. Designed and produced in its own manufacturing facility, this movement is COSC (Observatory) certified and spares no expense in setting a ruby set with 31 jewels. A 60-hour power reserve keeps everything running, giving you plenty of time to take the watch off so you can turn it over and admire the movement’s polished edges and Côtes de Genève through the display case back.

The 36mm Alpine Eagle is powered by the 09.01-C, a movement similar to its big brother but with 27 jewels set inside, but slightly fewer. COSC certification and a 42-hour power reserve will keep you on time, unless you can’t appreciate this equally well-crafted movement.

Chopard is finally late to the sports watch party in style. While others produced watches decades ago with little change over time, Chopard has used this time to improve its own watchmaking. It created facilities, hired engineers and trained watchmakers, all to be able to deliver a watch in the future that is not too different from the past. Chopard is on the rise, back on the streets, seize the moment, seize the opportunity. The result is that the Alpine Eagle is a watch that is always ready to take on the competition.

Chopard’s new chronograph, full of retro and gorgeous atmosphere

2023 Geneva Watch Fair “Watches and Miracles”, during this year’s Geneva “Watches and Miracles” Haute Horlogerie Fair, Chopard launched a series of new top luxury replica watches and high-end jewelry. This article recommends the Chopard Mille Miglia series to everyone, and appreciate how Chopard interprets the classic Mille Miglia chronograph with a new design; then let’s take a look at the performance of Chopard’s new timepieces today.

The new timepiece is made of Chopard’s unique material, Lucent Steel™, which is naturally anti-allergic, has high compatibility with the skin, and is very comfortable to wear. In addition, compared with the previous generation, the case size of the new product is smaller, with a diameter of 40.5 mm. This size is very suitable for us Asians, and there is no pressure to wear it; at the same time, it is more in line with the participating cars in the 1000 Miglia Antique Car Competition. The aesthetic design concept, worn on the wrist, is also very generous and decent.

The crown is made of grooved knurled buttons, which can achieve precise adjustment. The knurling process not only helps to achieve the anti-slip effect when gripping and manipulating, but also adds beauty to the best swiss replica watches. It is worth mentioning that the two ends of the case of the new watch are welded lugs, which is also one of the exquisite details favored by serious watchmaking enthusiasts; based on the previous model, the new product adds an innovative pin buckle The design echoes the alternating polished and satin-brushed finishes on the case.

The dial is protected by a convex sapphire crystal. The convex mirror not only makes the watch more beautiful, but also allows the dial to be seen at a glance. At the same time, light can penetrate from the top and sides of the watch, reflecting the shining light and shadow on the dial, making the dial layout and color levels more vivid and full of three-dimensional effect.

The light green round dial and the bright dial color can also make reading more legible. The dial is also equipped with an exquisite “glass box” design, which can fully show the retro and gorgeous style of the watch. Between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock on the dial, a calendar display window is set up; in addition, there are three timing dials distributed on the dial at the same time – small seconds dial, 12-hour timing dial and 30-minute timing dial, at 3 o’clock, 6 One o’clock and 9 o’clock; look carefully, the tip of the central second hand is red, which is both practical and beautiful, and also echoes the red 1000 Miglia logo on the dial.

Equipped with two basic elements for calculating vehicle speed and distance – white minute scale ring and tachymeter scale, hour markers and hour and minute hands are covered with SuperLuminova® Grade X1 fluorescent coating to ensure maximum clarity when driving at night when reading.

Through the sapphire crystal glass mirror on the back of the replica watches swiss, you can see the “beauty” of the movement. The self-winding chronograph movement of this new product has been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), and has a power reserve of up to 54 hours; it demonstrates Chopard’s unique precision performance and elegant style. See-through case back with 1000 Miglia logo on the outer edge; the perfect blend of sporty looks and performance.

With a retro brown perforated calfskin strap, it fits the curve of the wrist more and is very comfortable to wear; and the old-fashioned strap is very retro in color, and can be matched with a dark suit jacket. This watch on the wrist must be It can add a bright spot to the overall collocation.

There are a total of 4 colors to choose from for this new product, and watch friends can choose a watch that suits them according to their needs; at the same time, these four watches are all equipped with Lucent Steel™ stainless steel buckles.

Summary: Chopard has ingeniously created the Mille Miglia series of watches. These new products released during the watch exhibition will exude a calm and calm temperament in casual gestures, reflecting Chopard’s unique elegant gentleman style; at the same time, the new timepieces The watch also interprets the brand’s consistent enthusiasm for racing and its meticulous pursuit of watchmaking craftsmanship.


The Chopard Alpine Eagle XL Chrono makes its debut in 2020. All three debut models feature a Raptor-themed dial, a case made of Lucent steel A223 and a state-of-the-art in-house Chopard caliber 03-05-C. Chopard initially offered steel bracelets and recently introduced two rubber straps. Looking at these latest styles, Angus Davies reflects on the extraordinary success of the Alpine Eagle collection.

The advent of the luxury sports watch
Until the 1970s, watches tended to be either formal or utilitarian items (such as dive watches or sports chronographs). In the 1970s, however, the lines between formal and casual wear, classic dress watches and utilitarian watches suddenly blurred.

The 1970s saw a new breed of sports watch capable of straddling the world of blazers and jeans. In addition, stainless steel has completed its studies in Switzerland and presents a noble temperament similar to precious metals such as gold and platinum.

Chopard St. Moritz
Recognizing the paradigm shift that was taking place at the time, Chopard Co-President Karl-Friedrich Scheufele masterminded a new form of watch, the luxury sports best replica watches. In 1980, Geneva Maison launched St. Moritz, named after the high-end, glamorous Alpine resort.

The choice of the name was inspired by the fact that it evokes the idea of a stylish person who wears a ski suit by day and a tuxedo by night. Chopard St. Moritz watches are versatile and adapt to their surroundings.

The St. Moritz model was designed in keeping with Louis Sullivan’s “form follows function” philosophy. For example, the bezel is held in place by eight screws, which is also a style feature. Chopard is also “steel like gold”, the case is brushed and polished, the bracelet is integrated, and the movement includes automatic movement and quartz movement. The decision to make St. Moritz was a brave one. While rival companies have also released their interpretations of luxury sports watches, there’s no guarantee the genre will continue to be popular. Over time, people’s love for luxury sports watches has never waned.

In 2019, in consideration of St. Moritz and its remarkable success, Chopard released a new luxury sports watch “Alpine Eagle”. In this case, the Geneva brand was inspired by nature. It seeks to capture the majesty of eagles soaring above the Swiss Alps, taking advantage of thermals as they glide peacefully.

Chopard references these regal creatures with a number of aesthetic elements, including a dial that mimics the iris of an eagle and a seconds hand with an arrow-feather-like weight that mimics the feathers of an eagle.

Similar to the St. Moritz, the Alpine Eagle uses a combination of Roman numerals and simple batons to indicate the hours. Likewise, the bezel is again equipped with utility screws, and the bracelet is integrated into the case. And when it comes to the bracelet, Chopard has spent incredible effort creating an elegant way of integrating the watch with its wearer. Shortly after the first model was announced, I wrote two in-depth features on the Alpine Eagle, one of which was about the model’s modifications.

Both the case and bracelet are made of stainless steel, but Chopard did not settle for the usual 316L or 904L grades. Instead, the brand has teamed up with Voestalpine, an Austrian company that specializes in cutting-edge steel technology. After four years of research and development, a new generation of steel Lucent Steel A223 was born.

Made from 70% recycled steel, the new steel is similar to surgical stainless steel and therefore hypoallergenic. Lucent Steel A223 is 50% harder than regular stainless steel and less likely to scratch. In addition, its purer structure gives the metal its white appearance.

The first version of the Alpine Eagle came in two sizes, 36mm and 41mm. Both models are equipped with COSC-certified automatic movements manufactured in the company’s Fleurier Ebauches factory.

A strong sign of a product’s success is the brand’s choice to extend a range of models. In 2020, after receiving a positive response to the first Alpine Eagle, Chopard cheap released the Alpine Eagle XL Chrono.

Wearers can choose between an Aletsch Blue dial or a Pitch Black dial, both paired with a Lucent Steel A223 case and matching bracelet. Additionally, a third model was released with the same jet-black dial, but this time it features a bi-metal case made of Lucent Steel A223 and 18-karat ethical rose gold. This luxurious combination extends to the bracelet and buckle, with precious metals being used exclusively for the bezel and crown.

Chopard 03.05-C
In addition to its attractive face and sculpted torso, the Alpine Eagle XL Chrono is equipped with a remarkable movement, the Chopard 03-05-C. This self-winding chronograph movement is again produced in-house at the company’s Fleurier factory and has many features, including some very impressive patented technology.

The COSC-certified movement has a flyback function. For a normal chronograph, the stopwatch is started by pressing the pusher at 2 o’clock and stopped by pressing the same pusher again. To reset the register (return to zero), the wearer simply presses the pusher at 4 o’clock. Everything is very simple and logical. However, imagine if you needed to time consecutive events and suddenly the index numbers had to start, stop, reset, and start again very quickly. It’s a challenge for even the most dexterous of people.

A flyback chronograph takes the hassle out of timing consecutive events. It can be used like a traditional chronograph, but its flyback function provides additional convenience. Assuming the chronograph is running, the wearer simply presses the pusher at 4 o’clock and in the blink of an eye the chronograph is stopped, reset and starts from zero. The flyback function of this particular movement is patented and uses three rotating hammers with elastic arms to reset the counter to zero.

top luxury copy watches lovers will be pleased to hear that the Chopard 03-05-C is a fully integrated movement with column wheel and vertical coupler. This gives the putter a creamy smoothness. Furthermore, when the chronograph is activated, the central chronograph seconds hand begins its journey without hesitation or hesitation. In addition, Chopard has equipped the movement with a patented unidirectional transmission system that “prevents energy loss while ensuring rapid winding, a feature highly regarded in the inherently power-hungry chronograph category”.

The oscillating weight is partially skeletonized and made of tungsten. The balance beats at 28,800 vph (4Hz) and the movement has a power reserve of 60 hours.

Earlier this year, Chopard launched two other Alpine Eagle XL Chrono watches at the Watches & Wonders show. Clearly, the success of the eagle-themed model shows no signs of abating.

Familiarity is the order of the day. The 44mm case is also made of Lucent Steel A223. Aletsch Blue and Pitch Black dials recreate performance, while the tried and trusted Chopard 03-05-C is on hand to offer another chronograph performance.

However, this year’s Chopard Alpine Eagle XL Chrono ditches the elaborate bracelet found on previous models in favor of a color-coordinated blue and black strap. Each strap has a titanium insert and has a pin buckle made of Lucent Steel A223.

These differences may sound insignificant, but in fact, they give the Chopard Alpine Eagle XL Chrono a completely different look. Arguably, these latest styles are more casual with a touch of sportiness that brings a little something new.

Throughout Chopard’s history, the company has considered the wants and needs of the watch-buying public, creating watches that meet those demands and inspire enthusiasm in the process. In fact, it was this careful attitude that led Karl-Friedrich Schaefer to conceive the St. Moritz watch at the age of 22. This previous model blends elegance with everyday versatility and practicality.

Alpine Eagle continues the St. Moritz legend and now attracts a new generation of brand advocates. The success of the inaugural Alpine Eagle and subsequent iterations of the Raptor-inspired model is evidence of this.

I can’t honestly say that I prefer a Chopard Alpine Eagle XL Chrono with a steel or rubber strap, but, like all watch lovers, I’m certainly glad to have more options.

technical specifications
Model: Chopard Alpine Eagle XL Chrono
Ref: 298609-3003 (Lucent Steel A223 with Aletsch Blue dial)
Ref: 298609-3004 (Lucent Steel A223 with jet black dial)
Case: Lucent Steel A223, diameter 44.0 mm, height 13.15 mm, sapphire crystal and display case back
Functions: Hours, minutes, small seconds, semi-instantaneous date, stop-seconds, tachymeter, chronograph
Movement: Chopard 03.05-C, automatic, 28,800 vph (4Hz); 310 components; 45 jewels, 60-hour power reserve, certified chronometer (COSC)
Bracelet: Blue or black rubber strap with titanium inlays, Lucent Steel A223 pin buckle

Hands-on Chopard has just released a new gold Alpine Eagle and we’re basking in its light

The cheap watch gods answered my prayers with a gold version of the brand’s iconic sports watch.

I’ve spent a lot of time, more like an unhealthy borderline time actually, complaining about the prominent use of rose gold in the watch market today. Frankly, I just don’t like this stuff. But I’m a sensible, empathetic person when I need it – and I understand that rose gold, despite being an inferior precious metal in my eyes, must somehow appeal to a broad crowd. Those people certainly weren’t in my social circle, but I guess every Swiss watch exec in attendance couldn’t be entirely wrong.

The use of rose gold wouldn’t bother me so much if it weren’t for the fact that gold seems to have been completely annihilated at the hands of these executives. So I went out on an investigative mission, one driven by anger and sheer confusion.

“Dear CEOs, why the rose gold agenda?” I ask every chance I get. My friends love gold, every fashion editor I know loves gold, and gold has historically been worn by some of the most famous and glamorous fashion icons; Paloma Picasso, Bianca Jagger and Elizabeth Taylor (especially Her Cleopatra) to name a few.

Earlier this year I wrote an article for Houdinki Magazine
Sadly, so few brands produce their novelties in the precious metals I love. At the beginning of this whole article, I had an incident with Chopard’s PR representatives after the 2019 Alpine Eagle had just launched. She appeared in the photo shoot with two iterations of the watch; one in stainless steel and one in, yes, you guessed it, rose gold. I am clearly unhappy with this product and I simply cannot understand why there is no gold model. I reacted to her as if the whole thing was a personal attack; luckily for me, she took it lightly and we remained friends.

Readers, I am happy to say that after a long and bumpy journey, we are back where we started. The watch gods answered my prayers: the 41mm Chopard Alpine Eagle is made of gold, and I can’t believe it.

Despite the famous rose gold event in 2019, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Alpine Eagle. This is a very well made and beautiful looking watch. Which brings me to my next point, the brand Chopard doesn’t always get the credit it deserves, it often feels underrated among many of its watch peers. Acquired by the Scheufele family in the early 1960s, the house as we know it today is more associated with its prominence in high jewelry and its sponsorship of the Cannes Film Festival. But Chopard started out as an actual watchmaker, founded in the 19th century by its eponymous founder, Louis-Ulysse Chopard.

The brand is currently run by the German-born Schaefer family, which launched the Alpine Eagle predecessor St. Moritz back in 1980. Then 22-year-old Karl-Friedrich Scheufele (now co-president of the brand) insisted that the family join the dominant market trend of stainless steel sports watches. While I admit that 1980 is the deadline for such product concepts, I, like you, are probably as weary of Gérald Genta’s design purist arguments. I admit, of course, that he is solely responsible for the concept of the trend, and let me be clear: I love and admire Royal Oak and Nautilus, and often feel a strong desire for it. But can we agree to move on and accept that the field welcomes other watches? Especially those watches that were conceived in and around Genta’s heyday.

St. Moritz is Chopard’s take on sexy, youthful, luxury lifestyle products; an identity that sits alongside the infamous Alpine ski resort town from which the line is named. Back in 1980, when the brand was primarily focused on jewelry and gold dress watches, I discussed with Mr. Scheufele his decision to take the brand in a whole new direction. “I really feel we need to open up to a more casual lifestyle. My thesis is that people are getting more and more addicted to [lifestyle] sports: tennis, golf, skiing — that was my case, and it still is. I can’t go skiing with a gold watch.” I then asked him if he felt the decision was a response to changing trends in the watch world. “I’m a firm believer that we need to evolve with the times, yes.

The story of St. Moritz began in 1980, then announced in Basel in 1982 and launched in late 1983 and sold in three colours: stainless steel, two-tone (steel and gold) and solid gold. “We’re obviously very good at making gold cases and bracelets,” Mr. Schaeffer muses with a laugh. “But stainless steel cases and bracelets. That’s the real novelty. That’s something that takes some convincing.”

We talked about my obsession with gold, and Mr. Schaefer seemed to get it right from the start of my explanation. In fact, he got it with almost no prompting from me. The reaction from Swiss watch executives was refreshing. “When I started in the watch industry, every gold watch was basically gold, and I think we can now palpably feel the comeback.” That’s probably the best message I’ve heard from any watch CEO, or Really hear it from anyone who works at any swiss watch brand. I’m trying to keep my cool and not get super New York and rant. He continued, “Yellow is more edgy in a way. Or you could even say, more modern.” I did let out a little squeal, but I think Mr. Schaefer might be a little looser because I had such a strong reaction. Take a breath.

Chopard is opening a new flagship boutique in the historic Crown Building on Fifth Avenue in New York. The city has sentimental value to the Scheufele family. The first St. Moritz campaign was shot on a studio in New York, a day Mr. Scheufele still remembers vividly. He also explained that his grandfather’s wish was to open a boutique in Fifth: “My grandfather went to America for 18 months in his 20s. He worked as a goldsmith in New York to fund a trip he wanted to go to the West Coast .” Already in 1976, Chopard opened its first American subsidiary in Rockefeller Center.

I got my hands on the new 41mm model in time for it to debut tomorrow at the brand new Fifth Avenue boutique. The watch functions nearly identically to the 41mm rose gold and stainless steel versions. The satin-finished bezel with beveled edges rests on the tonneau-shaped case (9.7 mm thick) and is screwed in to ensure water resistance to 100 meters. The compass rose motif on the crown is located at three o’clock, between the polished crown guards, as is at nine o’clock. While this feature does have similarities to the Nautilus design, it keeps things looking symmetrical. fake luxury watches

The screws on the bezel sometimes have a tendency to be slightly misaligned, but this seems to apply to all screw heads in watch design – except the Royal Oak, which features bolts rather than screws, and the turn nuts that hold them from behind are often misaligned . So there, we solved the problem! I personally don’t care much about tiny screw misalignments, but if you’re a stickler for this kind of detail, it’s forgivable considering the quality of the watch’s finish: vertical satin-brushed strap, tapered bracelet, mostly brushed surfaces , offset by a polished center cap (each individual link can actually be easily removed with a screwdriver, bonus!), and polished facets on the edges of each link. And, of course, the textured dial, reminiscent of an eagle’s iris, a feature Mr. Scheufele confirmed was inspired by the name.

The dial is certainly what makes this model stand out from its competitors in the market. It is more similar to the dial one would normally find on a Grand Seiko; the deep ridges are (intentionally) uneven to evoke a more natural look. The swirl pattern is almost hypnotic to me – well, I’m not sure if it’s the pattern or the fact that I’m staring down at a chunk of 18-karat gold, but either way, the dial is impressive. There is a sapphire crystal display case back through which you can see the in-house movement Chopard 01.01-C which offers a power reserve of 60 hours. Movement with engraved central rotor in 22-carat gold.

The Alpine Eagle features an anti-glare flat sapphire crystal that helps the wearer appreciate all the fine details on the textured dial, as well as the Super-LumiNova-enhanced gold-plated applied hour markers and numerals such as the gold-plated baton hour and minute hands. The arrow-shaped seconds hand with eagle-feather weight is made of bronze and plated with gold. The date window displays between four and five o’clock, and the gold disc complements the dial.

The bracelet, while attractive, is very rigid and expands the case significantly. While it’s definitely too big for my 6″ wrist, if you’re playing with a watch in this size range, I think it’s important to consider that it’s more like a 42mm than a 41mm. There is a sequentially folded butterfly clasp which, when closed, is engraved with a very small and understated Chopard logo.

This watch is 18 karat solid gold; that’s quite a heft. The bracelet feels very refined on the steel version and chunkier on the gold version. The specs are the same, but the weight just gives the watch a different quality. Mr Scheufele explained that Chopard fake was one of the first brands to use “fair mined gold” – gold that comes directly from mines the brand is familiar with, operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, or gold as early as 2013 , it sources into jewelry and watch production from a supplier with the correct certification. As of 2018, the brand was able to announce that they now only use fair-mined gold.

Perhaps my overall rating for this watch is to be expected? I made a case for very specific changes to a watch I already liked, and got what I wanted (well, I still wanted the 36mm, but Mr. Scheufele told me to be patient!). I just hope other brands take note of this shift in consumer tastes. I will wait. You know where to find me.

Chopard – LUC Full Strike Tourbillon

At the end of 2016, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the watch factory, Chopard launched the first minute repeater watch belonging to the LUC series. This timepiece won the 17th Geneva watch industry’s highest honor “Golden Needle Award” watchmaking award The competition (GPHG) was held in 2017.

For 2022, their flagship collection is further enriched with the LUC Full Strike Tourbillon, an exclusive creation that adds a tourbillon with sapphire bridges to a monolithic sapphire minute repeater.

The 42.5mm x 12.58mm round case in ethically sourced 18-carat rose gold (Chopard guarantees its gold comes from cooperatives certified as fair and sustainably managed) is paired with a ruthenium-plated gray hand-guilloché rose gold dial highlighting two complication.

The LUC Full Strike tourbillon strikes the hours, quarter hours and minutes on transparent crystal gongs. These sapphire rings are an integral part of the crystal, forming a perfect speaker that faithfully transmits the sound of the hammer striking the sapphire, visible at 10 o’clock.

During striking, the crown is disconnected from the movement, so any time setting that could damage the movement cannot be made. The starter pusher built into the crown is also deactivated at this time, as a second attempt to trigger the mechanism could force the striking mechanism to couple the clutch.

The crown winds the movement in one direction and the striking mechanism in the other, thanks to a differential gear that transmits the force exerted by the hand to the corresponding barrel.

The dual power-reserve indicator at 2 o’clock features two coaxial hands, the first indicating the movement’s power reserve and the other indicating the number of strikes that can be started.Discount replica watches

The tourbillon is revealed at 6 o’clock. Its crossed sapphire crystal tourbillon bridge is a tribute to the patented monolithic sapphire technology inherent in the Full Strike collection.

The mechanical hand-wound LUC 08.02-L caliber is also revealed through the transparent sapphire crystal case back.

Beating at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and offering a power reserve of 60 hours, this chronometer-certified hand-wound movement is the first time Chopard has combined a minute repeater with a tourbillon The ultimate precision of the core.

State-of-the-art finishing techniques have been applied to both the movement and the case, earning it the Poinçon de Genève quality seal.

The Chopard LUC Full Strike Tourbillon limited edition is entirely developed, produced and assembled in-house.

Chopard Alpine Eagle Watch Review

The biggest trend in the wholesale luxury watch industry today is to produce products that look like watches that brands think the market wants to buy. In some fundamental ways, this is the opposite of the more traditional (if nostalgic) approach to design for a brand that aims to bring unique (i.e. unique) watch products to the market (rather than those that feel too familiar) market designed. ). Today, if a style, material, color or price point looks hot, the biggest brands want a piece of it. Quality branded steel or mostly steel watches with integrated bracelets are hot these days. Chopard’s answer to this craze was the Alpine Eagle. All in all, it’s an everyday-wear luxury watch that’s good-looking, well-crafted, affordable, and overly branded.

Chopard has every right to enter the realm of contemporary bracelet watches with a brand new product (that is, a product that looks like an old one). Chopard has acquired sensuality through its pedigree in Geneva, through the legitimacy of its luxury sports watches and Haute Horlogerie LUC collections, and through its various celebrity relationships and success in women’s jewelry. Consumers shouldn’t be surprised that the brand’s products are competing in a space that includes the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, Patek Philippe Nautilus, Rolex Submariner (yes) and some upcoming new contenders, each with their own “bracelet watch” “.

Deciding to produce a luxurious “sport” steel watch (although in this review I saw the two-tone Alpine Eagle in Lucent Steel and 18k rose gold) was only half the battle, as Chopard still had to decide what it would look like. Chopard is delighted to have present the new line of Alpine Eagle watches here. In that article, our David Bredan explains in detail the Alpine Eagle and its design inspiration, a vintage bracelet watch by Chopard called the St. Mortiz. David’s article is where you should know the background of this watch, as well as its more intimate technical details. This Chopard Alpine Eagle review is my assessment of its greater desirability and its positioning in the competing product space.

I wore the dual-tone Alpine Eagle for a long time and then waited a while to post a review. When that happens, it means I’m not quite sure how to best summarize my experience with the watch, especially if I’ve had a positive experience with a product that’s known to be controversial. Is Mountain Eagle Controversial? No less than any other new high-end luxury watch, but it’s Chopard’s most important release of 2019, and it’s probably a platform on which the company will continue to invest in it for at least five to ten years (at least, I hope). A major problem for people who don’t like the Alpine Eagle is that they think it looks too much like a Royal Oak or other similar watch. now it’s right. People don’t care about price or quality; their only complaint with the Alpine Eagle is that it looks a bit like another popular watch.

Let’s look at this from the point of view that is most beneficial to Chopard – because the logic makes sense. First, let’s start with an important rule of the luxury watch industry (and other “design” industries): Original and creative designs are almost universally shunned or criticized at first because they are new. By definition, there are far fewer design ideas that are familiar, but more accessible to consumers. This is a hard and fast rule. What might happen is that over time, if a novel design ends up being a good design—that is, it stands the test of time, it might end up being adopted. Not all novel designs become classics, but all good novel designs have the potential to become classics if they exist long enough. In the world of design, albeit a simplification, it’s a good rule of thumb.

In this case, Chopard cheap could choose to create a new watch called the Alpine Eagle and design it to look like never before. By doing so, they might allow critics to celebrate the enduring elegance of their watches 10 years later and engage in an uphill battle with well-deserved stubborn luxury watch consumers in the first few years. Option two is Chopard said, “We know we want to get into bracelet watches, but we also don’t want to wait a few years to be profitable. Let’s make a product that matches market expectations and themes and see how it works. If it works, then in the future With each iteration of the , we improve it and make it more distinctive.” Such remarks may well be in the minds of Chopard’s managers, and there is nothing wrong with that in itself. Like I said, the Alpine Eagle is a well made product. So they did succeed on many levels.

Also, I wanted to put “design originality” in some context. It’s easy to claim that So-and-so copied Gerald Genta and that So-and-so watch model was just trying to look like a Royal Oak. If you look back at many bracelet watches from the 1970s and 1980s, they also looked similar at the time. Perhaps there simply aren’t that many practical ways to produce a timepiece with an integrated bracelet. You might think the Alpine Eagle looks too much like a Royal Oak. It’s true that there are similarities, but the same is true of Chopard St. Moritz and countless other watches of that era.

For the rest of the Alpine Eagle, Chopard has simply taken a cross-section of various manufacturing techniques, as well as some of their brand’s visual DNA, and attempted to combine timepiece and jewelry polish into one satisfying product. What items in the “Bracelet Watch” category have in common is a lot of shiny surfaces. As a result, Alpine Eagle’s contrasting polished and brushed surfaces are mostly flat, which helps them work well with light. The unmistakable sparkle you want from a luxury watch is definitely part of the Alpine Eagle experience.

Chopard definitely missed a chance to work with Alpine Eagle. Nothing in the bracelet watch rulebook says you have to have screws on the bezel or that you have to have sides. Alas, Alpine Eagle has both. They certainly did a good job (and the screws were all lined up correctly), but they felt compelled. I know the original St. Mortiz watch also had bezel screws, but I’m just saying that since this design feature is used so often, the brand needs to highlight them in a very original way.

The 41mm wide case (a 36mm wide female model is also available) is a good all-purpose size, and the case thickness also manages to be less than 10mm (water resistant to 100 meters), allowing for a slim wrist profile. I would say the bezel (18k rose gold here) looks a bit like a scratch magnet (especially due to the brushed finish). Aesthetically, it looks gorgeous, but I can’t help but feel that Chopard might consider scratch-resistant metal alloys, ceramics, or other materials for the bezels of some future Alpine Eagle models.

Worrying about wear and tear on a watch is reserved for making the most perfect timepiece. So it just means that I admire the enormous effort that goes into polishing each alpine eagle. This steel is not regular 316L stainless steel, but something called A223 Lucent Steel, which is whiter in color and has a unique finish. It definitely helps the Alpine Eagle reflect light in some really attractive ways.

Another beauty of replica Alpine Eagle is the bracelet. Its visual design isn’t to everyone’s taste, but the tight tolerances and overall engineering are truly impressive. Unfortunately, it all started with the original St. Moritz watch, but for the Alpine Eagle, Chopard really put the bracelet on steroids and overdrive for a very refined and flawless jewelry style bracelet. This is probably my favorite part of the watch. The bracelet is elegantly closed with a “mysterious” hidden deployant clasp. However, it’s nice to see a fine-tuning feature or similar system that, in addition to convenience, can help Chopard have more of a functional edge over the competition.

Grand Seiko helped remind the watch world that everyone loves a good dial texture. Chopard has created a new spiral deep sunburst dial for this Alpine Eagle watch in grey tones. This (or similar look) may have been used on some older Chopard watches, and the texture really helps give the watch dial a lot of character. The hybrid indexes and Roman numeral hour markers are legible and filled with Super-LumiNova – but they don’t have much personality beyond their functional value. Hands are strong, athletic and well-proportioned. They also look like their cousins ​​(compliments) made in the same factory as the latest generation Royal Oak hands, with angled edges.

One of the best features on the dial is the date window. Not that this is a terribly exciting complication, but you can see how clearly Chopard struggled to make it look as clean and harmonious as possible. The result is a custom date disc with custom date fonts and colors. The window is custom positioned and has a custom shape. While we’ve all seen date windows before, Chopard took the pains to design an entirely new window just to make it look right for the Alpine Eagle. While some of the Alpine Eagle’s design philosophies can be confused from time to time, this watch isn’t subject to a series of very attentive glances to ensure it stands out in the market.

Inside the Chopard Alpine Eagle is one of the brand’s in-house movements – Caliber 01.01-C. Slim 4Hz self-winding movement with a power reserve of up to 60 hours. You can also view the movement through the caseback window. The movement is very respectable, but it is not from the most exquisite collection of movements produced by Chopard. Besides Ferdinand Berthoud, Chopard LUC movements are the best looking.

You can buy a LUC watch with Alpine Eagle money, but the base movement of the Alpine Eagle is the same as the Classic Racing models (those with in-house movements). Knowing how lovely the LUC calibre looks, it’s hard not to want that level of finishing of the 01.01-C calibre. Again, assuming the Alpine Eagle collection is a hit, there’s no reason Chopard couldn’t play around with and include a variety of movements in future models.

Another way to see the Alpine Eagle as a luxury watch market product is a vibrant love letter to the Royal Oak. It doesn’t want to be a Royal Oak per se, but it wants to live up to Royal Oak standards and be recognized by the same group of people. To do this, Chopard will have to go beyond just writing a visual love letter to the Genta icon – it has to replicate the years when the Royal Oak really hit the market, and it has to give it before enough consumers try to adopt it Time Alpine Eagles into their timepiece collection.

Chopard offers a great motivating factor for early Alpine Eagle adopters, and that is price. The all-steel Alpine Eagle is especially attractively priced compared to the Patek Philippe 5711 Nautilus. It is also more expensive than the Royal Oak. Personally, I really appreciate this watch and sincerely hope Chopard invests in giving the collection the patience and personality it needs to be successful.

The men’s Alpine Eagle line of releases (currently outnumbering women’s styles by a wide margin) consists of only three styles. One is an all-steel with a blue dial (predictably true, but still a valid palette), then the same model, but with a grey dial (like this two-tone model).

Hands-on: Limited Edition Chopard LUC Full Strike Sapphire Watch

Haute Horlogerie is largely a visual spectacle. Much of the experience of a fake luxury watches is in its appearance – the quality of the finish, the shapes that make up the design, the use of colors. Aside from the tactile wearing experience (and the very occasional scented rubber strap), timepieces are generally not designed to stimulate our other senses, but the minute repeater is the dramatic musical exception to this rule. First released at Watches and Wonders 2022, the limited-edition Chopard LUC Full Strike Sapphire takes the classic minute repeater design in a spectacular new direction, offering a full sapphire watch that is as pleasing to the ears as it is to the eyes, and introduces a Series of new horological innovations.

Normally a sapphire case would be a clear (no pun intended) visual highlight of any watch, but it’s a testament to the finishing and movement work of the Chopard LUC Full Strike Sapphire, an exotic case that doesn’t overshadow the rest the design. The 42.5mm wide case design itself is clean and classic, with elongated tapered lugs, a narrow round bezel and a manageable 11.5mm thick profile. However, this is the pinnacle of the Chopard collection, which the brand aims to differentiate from its sapphire rivals through attention to detail. The most obvious example of this fine detail work on the case is undoubtedly the crown. Many sapphire case designs compromise on the cost or practicality of the crown, choosing to take this extremely complex and wear-resistant shape in metal rather than laboriously molding the grippable toothed edges into superhard sapphire crystal. Chopard not only created a full crystal crown for the LUC Full Strike Sapphire, but added an integrated minute repeater pusher, also made of sapphire, to this complication. It’s a subtle force move on top of the more public spectacle, but one that stands out given the difficulty of making small, complex sapphire parts.

However, the minute repeater case is more than just a standard case, and another Chopard achievement with the LUC Full Strike Sapphire is its quality as an instrument. Any minute repeater case can act as a resonator for the internal striking mechanism, and while watchmakers have centuries of experience in creating full, rich sounds with metal cases, sapphire cases are a relatively new phenomenon. At first glance, this may seem like a sound engineering question – how does Chopard create a pleasing tone from untested materials? In fact, sapphire crystal has excellent acoustic properties (recall any time someone draws attention to themselves at a crowded wedding by simply tapping a crystal barware). LUC Full Strike Sapphire provides a clear, even and exceptionally loud ringtone.replica Chopard L.U.C Watch

Although the layout is carried over from an earlier version of LUC Full Strike, the execution of the Chopard LUC Full Strike Sapphire dial is quite different. Although at first glance it appears to be a completely hollowed-out design, the use of a partial sapphire dial layer gives the overall look both a sense of visual depth and a clearer basis for legibility, without detracting from the drama of the hollowed-out movement below. Chopard has chosen the iconic rhodium-plated stepped dauphine mobile phone of the LUC series, combined with the railway outer minute track and the slender pointed applied hour markers, making the design a unique fusion of classic and futuristic charm. The seconds hand running at 6 o’clock is more or less standard fare, but the dual power reserve indicator at 2 o’clock makes it clear that something special is going on under the hood (if the skeletal layout and sapphire case haven’t already made the case). you know). The internal Poser reserve scale tracks the usual winding progress of the mainspring, while the external scale provides a way for the wearer to monitor the second concentric mainspring barrel of LUC’s Full Strike Sapphire, designed for the power-hungry three. Ask for complications and keep it.

The Chopard LUC Full Strike Sapphire‘s in-house LUC 08.01-L hand-wound minute repeater movement features sheer visual complexity and ornate decoration, making it a true horological spectacle without the need for a striking mechanism. From the dial side, an intricate web of skeleton bridges can be seen, finished with clean vertical brushing and polished corners above the warm pearl-finish nickel silver (sometimes called German silver) main plate. Of course, what really stands out is the pair of large axe-shaped minute repeater hammers from 9 to 11 o’clock. These, combined with Chopard’s patented sapphire crystal gongs, create a beautiful bright, clear tone. From the rear of the car, LUC 08.01-L is simpler and more classic.high quality copy watches

However, the LUC 08.01-L movement is more than just a visual display. Chopard has introduced several unique innovations to this movement, mainly designed around the protection of the precise minute repeater mechanism. First, if the dedicated mainspring barrel for the minute repeater does not have enough energy to complete the striking sequence, the movement includes an automatic safety disconnect to prevent the pusher from engaging the striking and potentially damaging the assembly for part of the cycle. Related to this, once the complication is activated, the integrated crown minute repeater pusher is automatically disengaged by another proprietary safety system, preventing the pusher from accidentally stopping the striking cycle and damaging the components. Chopard’s patented variable inertia balance also helps the movement maintain a steady 60-hour power reserve at a beat rate of 28,800 bph. The dedicated mainspring barrel for the minute repeater also provides a considerable power reserve, enough to play the longest chiming sequence (12 hours 59 minutes) before it needs to be wound. Chopard has mounted the LUC Full Strike Sapphire on a high-impact grey alligator strap with dramatic highlights and lowlights to match the bright quality of the sapphire case and inner movement.

With an elegant, striking design, the limited edition Chopard LUC Full Strike Sapphire elevates the visual and aural aspects of the timepiece and is one of the most visually and technically impressive editions of 2022 to date.

Chopard LUC Time Traveller One Black In Ceramized Titanium

This is a bit of a headache. Over the years, I’ve come to love Chopard more and more, from its relatively more affordable “car lovers’ watch” Mille Miglia collection to its competitive high-end LUC line of watches, all the way to its haute horlogerie creations that give a dull Historical names run for their money in performance. Frankly, I really like this Chopard LUC Time Traveler One Black Ceramic Titanium – if not for the price, it seems a little ambitious even compared to the competition inside.

The world timer is great. This look, in which the city scale and the two-tone 24-hour scale surround the stunningly small central dial, is often associated with Patek Philippe, although it is not a Patek Philippe design, but Louis Cottier with his calibre 1931. This elegant solution The scheme attracted Patek Philippe, Rolex, Vacheron Constantin and countless others over the next few decades to use the feature to cater to a rapidly globalizing world. Even the design of the two crowns is believed to have been his around 1950.

Still, it retains every bit of its appeal, like a two- or three-sub-dial chronograph, despite the use of the world’s timepiece dial by countless small and large watchmakers over the decades. As such, Chopard LUC Time Traveler One Black is a crisp, monochromatic rendition of this formula, made with Chopard’s own small details that have become beautifully rounded over time, in Chopard and Supreme The unique characteristics of Chopard LUC watches are found on the level.

Highlights of Chopard LUC Time Traveler 1 Black
Let’s see how the Chopard LUC has done right with impressive consistency of late, including in this “Time Voyager One”. First off, the “Chrysler Building” hands – I’m not sure if anyone shares the name, but these fantastic hands always remind me of the Chrysler Building, for some reason. A beautiful design is useless without high-quality execution, especially on luxury watches. The hands are polished on both sides and have a protruding ridge along the center, which requires two large angled flats and a triangular cross-section. This means you almost always have at least one side of each hand reflecting and thus protruding on the dial, ensuring excellent legibility – another thing Chopard has an impressive hit between its designs is correct.

Second, a custom font style is used for every script on the dial, right down to the tiny SWISS MADE text flanking the 6 o’clock hour markers. The 24-hour clock, city names and company logos are all consistent, and you don’t have to struggle to find the same expensive watch, but you can’t apply a novel font so evenly. Typography is grossly underrated in watch design in general, but that’s another discussion. This approach reminds me of the Patek Philippe 5212A-001 (hands on here), although I find it a little tried and lovely. In my opinion, Chopard is more mature in a pleasing way, like the handwriting of a 50-something architect versus the handwriting of a skilled 8-year-old.

Third, the overall quality of execution and attention to detail (a caveat to be discussed shortly), right down to the pin buckle and its beveled edges and laser-etched markings, in titanium, to match the case. Again, if a detailed and neat clasp was given at this price point, we wouldn’t stress it – but no price range guarantees that nuance will match the case and dial (I’m looking at you and you Shiny belt buckle, Panerai). The sapphire crystal front is in the top 1% of crystals I’ve seen or photographed on any watch. Obviously, I found myself pressing my finger on it to see if it was still there – happened dozens of times, and I really didn’t want to believe that there was still a crystal in front of that dial. well done.

Fourth, abrasion resistance is good, thanks to the 12.09mm overall case thickness and the lightness of the titanium case and pin buckle (no thick folding clasp digging deep into the wrist). The strap could be a little more flexible and the edges less sharp. Fifth, the overall function and feel of the movement inside the Chopard LUC 01.05-L is great. As I spin the city disc, every new setting delivers a pleasant click, so nice and easy that I often find myself turning the disc 360° just to feel that luxurious touch (yes, that) . The power reserve is 60 hours, complemented by quiet running full-size rotors, matching the modern stable 4 Hz operating frequency. The decor is nice, although I’m far from a fan of the “smoky” dark grey exhibition caseback. Maybe the vignette effect would be fun, but this full-screen tease where I can barely see anything even in direct sunlight is more frustrating than stunning. Oh, and if you want to brag, the Chopard LUC Time Traveler One Black watch is a 291-part movement and 39 jewels – a fairly high component count that implies a rather complicated movement to drive the hours, minutes, seconds, Date and 24 hour display.

Cons of Now Chopard LUC Time Traveler 1 Black
I’ve already mentioned that the straps, especially those close to the case, could use a little extra flexibility, and it could have a softer edge for better wearing comfort. The titanium case, which I laud for its light weight and comfort, can, and, I think, should be more refined at this price point. Its blocky lugs and versatile finish make the aesthetics too basic for my tastes. Suffice to say, it draws attention to the beautifully crafted dials and hands—really outstanding—but I can’t help but wish there were a little more of those lugs.

The surface is “ceramicized” and is said to be very durable – in fact, the Chopard LUC Time Traveler One Black showed no wear after two weeks of continuous wear, which is more than enough for a regular titanium watch, Tinkerbell, in my experience. In a way – and I’ll stop bashing this one – the buckles allow the case to have wide sloping sides on either side. A similar thing might happen with lugs, while still allowing “ceramicization” to be applied. That said, I’m sure some people will find the blocky case a plus – a masculine design so to speak, which again brings attention to the dial and, in fact, goes well with the monochromatic theme.

I think the general feeling associated with worldtimer watches is that you get “a lot of watches” because of the visual and mechanical complexity. However, I feel that Chopard offers strong in-house competition for the LUC Time Traveller One Black in the form of the Alpine Eagle, which is “more noteworthy” in terms of value. It offers the most spectacular case and bracelet material in its class (well above that) in an incredible white Lucent Steel A223. The case, bezel, and bracelet are all at a level that surpasses the Time Traveler One, and it undeniably sacrifices a low-key, stealthy monochromatic look in favor of the best of habits (case and bracelet) again in this segment. The eagle eye dial is also very neat, plus you get a similar caseback aesthetic (no Côtes de Genève) since the Time Traveler uses the same 0.01 caliber for its base. No matter how I look at it, the Alpine Eagle looks like a watch and is 50% more expensive than the Time Traveler One Black. Let me know below if you agree.

Essentially, the Chopard LUC Time Traveller One Black is a great-looking watch and a great everyday watch for someone—one that you buy and wear for years. The movement, almost two decades old, with a “ceramicized” titanium case, an all-encompassing sense of sturdy quality, and a timeless monochromatic design ensure that the Time Voyager 1 will age gracefully. Not what can be said about most luxury watches today.

The new Chopard Superfast Racing watch

Chopard’s longstanding partnership with motorsport has inspired watches such as the luxury Mille Miglia and more recently the Monaco Historic Grand Prix – continuing at this year’s Baselworld with the release of three new timepieces from its classic racing collection , called Superfast.

The new timepiece – which Chopard calls its “bold lines” and “vibrant design” appeals to “thrill-seeking sports car drivers” – is the first in the brand’s racing collection to feature a movement developed in-house by Chopard Workshop in the Swiss town of Fleurier. The collection includes the Superfast Automatic, a three-hand watch with a date function; the Superfast Chrono, a chronograph with flyback and tachymeter; and the Superfast Power Control, with a small seconds subdial and an unconventional power reserve display .

The design of the collection includes several references to the world of competitive racing, such as the brushed silver vertical lines against the black background of the dial, similar to the cooling fins on an air-cooled racing engine. Additionally, the inner ring displays minute numerals, similar to the type found on sports car tachometers and speedometers.

The natural rubber strap has a smooth tread pattern reminiscent of the slick tires used in high-speed track racing. These watches feature other hallmarks of the Chopard Classic Motorsport collection, such as the “steering wheel” logo on the rubber-moulded gold crown, fin-like grooves engraved on either side of the lugs, rubber-coated pushers for better grip, and The screws on the Allen bezel are similar to those on the rim of a wheel.

The vent pattern even extends to the movement, whose skeletonized bridges are decorated with the same pattern of thin parallel lines. All movements in the Superfast collection are COSC-certified chronometers, all displayed under a sapphire window on the back of the steel case.

The Superfast Automatic features a traditional central display of hours, minutes and seconds and a date window at 6 o’clock. The case is 41 mm in diameter, water-resistant to 100 meters, and powered by the Chopard 01.01-M self-winding movement with a power reserve of 60 hours.

The Superfast Power Control model uses an improved version of the automatic movement base movement, called the Chopard Calibre 01.02-M, to power a range of functions including central hours and minutes, small seconds on the subdial at 6 o’clock, 3 o’clock A window at the clock position shows the date, and an unusual power-reserve indicator appears to have been copied from a car’s dashboard, with pointer hands on the semicircular sub-dial reminiscent of the look of a fuel gauge. The Power Control has a larger steel housing with a diameter of 45mm.

The Superfast Chrono also comes with a 45mm diameter case and contains the automatic Chopard Calibre 03.05-M. The watch also shows the seconds on the subdial at 6 o’clock, but moves the date window to 4:30. Chronograph with central sweep seconds and flyback; 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock and 12-hour counter at 9 o’clock. A tachymeter scale is also engraved on the bezel, once again paying homage to the racing car.

Karl-Friedrich Schuefele, co-president of Chopard, sees the new Racing Collection watches with in-house movements as another important step in the brand’s continued vertical integration and determination to produce more movements in-house.

Chopard introduces the new Alpine Eagle oversized flyback chronograph

Chopard fake launches the new Alpine Eagle Extra Large Flyback Chronograph, the third watch in the series since its launch in 2019 (the previous two were the big three-pin watch and the big three-pin attachment). calendar watch). The new watch is available in three models, two in Lucent Steel A223 and one in Lucent Steel A223 and ethical 18K rose gold.

The case measures 44mm x 13.15mm and is satin-finished and polished. The round bezel is embellished with eight screws, in two groups, and the grooves of the screws are in the same direction as the curvature of the bezel. The crown is engraved with a compass rose and has a symmetrical guard. Consisting of a polished central link and satin-finished side links, the one-piece bracelet tapers to the wrist with a triple folding clasp.

The rocky dial texture is reminiscent of an eagle’s iris, another common feature of many Alpine Eagle fake watches. The dial is available in Aletsch Glacier Blue and “Pitch” Black, with a 30-minute counter, small seconds counter and 12-hour counter at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, respectively. In addition, there is a date window between 4/5 o’clock and a tachymeter scale on the outer edge of the dial. The three chronograph hands are decorated in red, and the central chronograph second hand has a tail that resembles a bird of prey feathers. The applied hour-markers and the bar-shaped hour and minute hands are rhodium-plated and coated with Super-LumiNova® Grade X1 luminescent material.

Through the sapphire crystal on the back of the watch, you can admire the 03.05-C self-winding flyback chronograph movement built into the watch. This movement has four patents and is equipped with a one-way gear system to prevent energy loss, a vertical clutch device and a flyback chronograph function to ensure accurate start of time measurement and continuous smooth timing, respectively. The movement is also equipped with a Variner hairspring, which ensures movement rate stability by compensating for changes in inertia. The movement is self-winding with a skeletonized tungsten oscillating weight, beating at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz) and providing a power reserve of up to 60 hours.

It is reported that Lucent Steel A223 stainless steel with Aletsch glacier blue dial (ref: 298609-3001) or “Pitch” black dial (ref: 298609-3002), Lucent Steel A223 stainless steel and ethical 18K rose gold material With “Pitch” black dial (ref: 298609-6001).