transparent! Translucent beauty at a glance

Spirit Of Big Bang tourbillon 5-day chain sapphire watch, diameter 42mm / polished sapphire material / HUB6020 self-made manual winding skeleton tourbillon movement / power 115 hours.

The sapphire case is Hublot’s signature handwriting. It has two characteristics of transparency and hardness, providing a transparent viewing field without dead ends, fully revealing the mechanical structure and beauty of the skeleton movement. Through new 3D processing technology and more than 100 hours of precision grinding and cutting, Hublot has created a transparent and luxurious case for the Spirit of Big Bang tourbillon sapphire watch, fully releasing the pure and transparent beauty of sapphire.

To create an impeccable sapphire case is undoubtedly a difficult technical test. The upper structure of the case, the bezel, the two upper covers at the end, and the lower structure of the case back are composed of four precision-machined sapphires, all of which are transparent to reveal the mechanical movement hidden in the case. It is not easy to cut and polish a sapphire, which is as hard as a diamond, into a case, and it is even more difficult to make it into a barrel shape with a curvature. It is necessary to create all parts through special processing equipment and a new process to obtain the best quality. Clear effect. All parts must be completely transparent and flawless, without leaving any scars in the processing process, because in the transparent case, even tiny fine lines can become obvious shortcomings, and its production difficulty is by no means comparable to that of ordinary cheap watches.

This watch is equipped with the HUB6020 manual winding movement, and its unique base plate structure can be fully appreciated through the case back.

Not only that, but the annular rings used to indicate the hours/minutes and power reserve are also made of sapphire, with white numerals and scales, clear and pure, implementing the translucent aesthetics, and creating a richer penetration for the dial. Layering. In addition, Hublot also matches these two models with a transparent three-dimensional structure rubber strap. The pure and colorless transparency extends from the case to the strap around the wrist, perfectly defining the new generation of avant-garde mechanical aesthetics that spans luxury and trends. .

The annular ring used to indicate the hours/minutes and power reserve is made of sapphire and has a unique visual effect. When worn, under the contrast of the skin, the transparent beauty of this Online fake watch is more highlighted, and the layered layout is wonderful.

Winter Mood: Omega Globemaster Annual Calendar in Green, Burgundy and Gold

To coincide with this season, Omega replica has launched three new versions of the Globemaster Calendar in pastel colors. The first watch had a stylish green dial. The second has a burgundy dial and an Omega Sedna Gold bezel. Finally, the manufacturer introduced a variant with a Sedna Gold case and a dial of the same material. All three models offer an annual calendar with date and are powered by an in-house co-axial movement. Last but not least, they appear on a colour-coordinated strap made of alligator leather.

Clear lines and striking appearance
The three new models are also available in three different shell configurations. Stainless steel case with dark green dial. On the other hand, the bezel of the red version is made of Sedna Gold, and the crown is also made of this alloy. The most luxurious style comes in a case made entirely of 18-karat Sedna Gold. However, they all have the same shape and a diameter of 41mm. Straight lines and angular lugs are inspired by the Manufacture’s past. On the back, the mechanism is visible through the transparent case back. In the center, however, is a medallion of case material. The image of the observatory is embossed above, surrounded by a polished sky of eight stars. Price fake watch

Green, Burgundy and Sedna Gold Dial
The dial adopts the “pie plate” shape that has decorated the constellations since 1952. The dial of the gold version is indeed made of 18-karat gold, indicated by “Au750” below the hands. Like the hour markers, the hands on all Globemaster Annual Calendar models are luminous. OMEGA places the month in cursive form between the indices. There is also a date window at the 6 o’clock position. Last but not least, the dial is adorned with a constellation star.

Coaxial movement in the Globemaster Annual Calendar
The Omega 8922 calibre powers the steel Globemaster Annual Calendar. The gold-cased version is equipped with the 8923 movement, which excels with its higher-quality finish. Both have automatic winding and 55 hours of power autonomy. They also use Omega’s Co-Axial escapement, which increases the longevity of the mechanism. Additionally, manufacturers use non-magnetic components to ensure precision for everyday use. The performance of the watch is also supported by the METAS Master Chronometer certificate. This guarantees a maximum rate deviation of -0/+5 seconds per day.

Pricing and Availability of the OMEGA Globemaster Almanac
Three new versions of the Omega Globemaster appear on coloured straps made of alligator leather. The green and red dials are paired with a tonal leather strap, while the gold case version is paired with a black leather strap.


Globemaster Annual Calendar

refer to



case material

Stainless steel


Stainless Steel, Sedna Gold


Sedna King

Diameter: 41mm

10 bar (~100 m)

Green, Burgundy or Sedna Gold


green alligator


Burgundy crocodile leather


black alligator

green, burgundy

Omega 8922


Omega 8923

Movement type

power reserve
55 hours

25,200 times/hour (3.5 Hz)

Hour, minute, second, month, day

A detailed look at the Greubel Forsey Signature 1, an impeccable chronograph

Greubel Forsey replica went all out with its entry-level Signature 1, giving it an n-class movement in construction and finish.

Entry-level watches are all the rage right now, even among watchmakers like Greubel Forsey, a specialist in sophisticated and expensive tourbillon watches. Launched earlier this year at SIHH 2016, the Signature 1 is the entry-level Greubel Forsey. The Signature 1 doesn’t have any complications, it just shows the time, but the construction and finish are impeccable, as good as Greubel Forsey’s expensive timepieces.

The Signature 1 is hand-wound and displays hours, minutes and seconds. Despite its simplicity, the dial appears slightly complex in typical Greubel Forsey style. The time is displayed on an off-centre sub-dial, and the gold-plated wheels of the gear train are exposed.

One’s eye is immediately drawn to the large balance wheel, nearly 13mm in diameter, held in place by a long steel bridge. While the visuals of the watch are nothing special, the Signature 1 is quite handsome.

Even more impressive is the quality of the watch. The hand-finishing of the movement is excellent. Every component, even the tiniest and most inconspicuous, has been finished to a high degree. Take, for example, the blued steel hands, all of which have a mirror-polished, bowl-shaped countersunk center. The dial, although it looks ordinary, is actually a silver-plated solid gold disc. Even the edges of the dial are beveled and polished; the small cutout at seven o’clock to accommodate the balance wheel is a pleasing detail.

Another interesting detail is the escape wheel bridge, which is located below the balance bridge. While barely visible, it still has straight grain on the top and sides, polished bevels on all edges—and the chamfered edges of the heads of the screws that hold it in place.

Although small by replica Greubel Forsey standards, the Signature 1 is not a small watch. It is 41.4mm in diameter and just under 12mm thick. Even in stainless steel, it’s big enough to give it presence and weight. The case is also meticulously polished, with neatly brushed surfaces separated by polished bevels.

Conversely, the finish is more impressive because there’s more to see. Although uncomplicated, the movement is constructed to showcase most of the mechanics. The black-coated main board serves as a canvas, and the bridges are cut away to reveal the components below. On the top left is the barrel, topped by a striking serrated ratchet under the three-legged barrel bridge. The size and shape of the barrel bridge give it an architectural feel, a quality often found in Greubel Forsey movements.

The movement style is inspired by vintage pocket watch movements. All cleats have a smooth matte finish with wide polished bevels on the edges. Most bridges have a straight profile, although there are enough sharp inward angles between them to satisfy the grooming aficionado.

As expected, the spokes and rims of all gears are beveled, the jewels are set in gold sleeves, and the screws are neatly polished and chamfered.

The Signature 1 is the first in a series planned by the watchmakers of Greubel Forsey. Didier JG Cretin was the watchmaker responsible for conceiving the Signature 1, which is why his name is repeated twice on the front and back of the watch. The names of Mr. Greubel and Mr. Forsey are also repeated twice, perhaps unnecessarily.

The movement saves so little, it’s obvious. But can it be better?

Given the undeniable quality of the movement, the question seems a bit ungrateful. However, Signature 1 is still priced the same as a small apartment. Popular copy watch

One detail that could be improved – even though it’s been done perfectly – is the balance bridge. It is topped with an impeccable black finish, with wide polished bevels running along its length and admirably sharp corners on the pillars at each end. A more time-consuming trimming method is to round the profile of the bridge, as is done on the Patek Philippe ref. Take the 5101 10-Day Tourbillon as an example.

Then there is the question of compromise.

Greubel Forsey is known for its incredibly exotic tourbillon watches. Most Greubel Forsey watches are the best in their class, which is a convincing argument – they’re really that good.

On the other hand, the Signature 1 feels a bit of a compromise relative to other products made by Greubel Forsey. This is a problem Greubel Forsey created for himself by setting the bar so high. This problem is further compounded by the fact that alternatives to Signature 1, such as Voutilainen Vingt-8, are widely regarded as the best in their class.

The stainless steel Signature 1 is half the price of the second most expensive Greubel Forsey watch (tourbillon). Relative to the brand’s other offerings, the Signature 1 seems like a good deal, but it’s still hard to label this value for money.

Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Tourbillon Chronograph

In 2020, Vacheron Constantin replica draws inspiration from fashionable people in the city, but uses the predictable “Traditionnelle” packaging. In recent years, the most popular Swiss-made tourbillon chronograph watch that collectors talk about is produced by TAG Heuer. In fact, the Heuer 02-T movement is a high-performance Swiss-made automatic chronograph tourbillon. This year, Vacheron Constantin launched the Tradionnelle Tourbillon Chronograph… They added zero to the above price.

Generally speaking, the price of a chronograph tourbillon movement has always been relatively high-end, but it is almost definitely an ultra-modern (rather than classic) watch. The late BNB concept movement manufacturer specializes in exotic chronograph tourbillons, which were later transferred to Hublot when buying talent during the last recession.

Having said that, it is not that you can’t find some interesting chronograph tourbillon watches on the market, they taste more retro. For me, some of the best examples are produced by A. Lange & Sohne in Germany (which owns the same parent company as Vacheron Constantin). The 2020 Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Tourbillon Chronograph combines a chronograph and a tourbillon complication for the first time. This is the first time I recall in the brand’s series of production Review luxury watches. It uses the existing sports architecture, but uses a new mechanism that looks like a real winner on the wrist.

The movement is an internally manufactured Vacheron Constantin 3200 movement-a mechanism certified by the Geneva Seal. The movement is manually wound, has a power reserve of 65 hours and runs at a relatively small frequency of 2.5 Hz. This slower operating frequency does have an advantage, that is, there is a very beautiful heartbeat animation in the rotating tourbillon frame. For collectors, the true value of such a watch is that they can combine the visual appeal of watching a finely processed large-diameter slow-speed tourbillon with the tactile experience of a winding mechanism (as shown by the power reserve indicator). As specified)) and cycle the chronograph operation through the single push button placed on the crown handle. Yes, in other words, this watch is an extremely elegant toy that can calm anxious eyes and irritated hands.

The chronograph measures a special 45 minutes, which I believe is good for football games. The system uses a column-wheel drive system, and in terms of the activation system, Vacheron Constantin has created an all-or-nothing activator in a single button to prevent accidental pressing or damage to the movement. The movement composed of 292 parts is completely hand-decorated (high cost). The tourbillon is also placed at the 12 o’clock position, which is not common for brands-at first glance, one might think that this is a tourbillon model by Carl F. Bucherer. Interesting tip: Vacheron Constantin discussed how the tourbillon frame in the 3200 movement is powered by the seconds hand. This is the opposite of the fourth wheel on the gear train, as part of the open window on the dial, it obviously allows a clearer view behind the tourbillon frame. fake Vacheron Constantin

As the tourbillon chronograph belongs to the Traditionnelle series, the dial adopts elegant brand-style toffee hands and matching pink gold hour markers. The case width is 42.5 mm, but the thickness is only 11.7 mm, so the Traditionnelle Tourbillon Chronograph should not be worn too much. However, the waterproof depth of the case is only 30 meters.

Back to the dial, I know it is classic, but why does the brand seem to need to print the tachymeter scale on two-thirds of the chronograph? No one has used these scales for so long, and no one has considered using a certain type of scale for a chronograph that may have more modern relevance, which seems a shame. Think about it, we value these watches because they will not harass our eyes with unnecessary decorations or false design elements. We have always been crazy about the markings on the chronograph dial, and no one actually needed to use these markings for 40 years. I will let Vacheron Constantin slip because “Traditionelle” is the name of the product, but moving forward, I hope to see designers pretending that people today might want to use these watches for certain purposes instead of supporting the tycoon on the wrist.

Traditionnelle Tourbillon Chronograph is undertaken by Vacheron Constantin’s large-scale complication department. However, because its appeal is so heartfelt, it is very easy to understand intellectually. Of course, it has a high entry cost, but it is a traditional Swiss tourbillon with the Geneva Seal. If you are not the elite few who can afford all the hand-touching, then the TAG Heuer solution may be a viable option for you. I look forward to putting this Vacheron Constantin on my wrist.

Graham’s Chronofighter Superlight becomes super bright

The turbocharged color inspired by racing tires burns rubber on the wrist.

As Graham’s outstanding horse, Chronofighter is an oversized chronograph whose racing soul is known for its protruding lever on the left side of the case, which protects the chronograph trigger. This key identity feature has appeared time and time again in every iteration of this brand’s pillar, whether it is a retro-style pilot watch or an elegant GMT model. When the Chronofighter Superlight series was unveiled in 2017, the XXL 47mm Bad Boy Chronograph used a carbon fiber case (weighing less than 100 grams). The blue, red and yellow details on the dial and the matching rubber strap made the part brighter .

Burn rubber on your wrist
Carbon fiber and rubber are widely used in the structure of Formula One racing cars. The chassis and body of Graham Superlight are made of innovative ultra-light and elastic black carbon nanotube composite materials, and are equipped with a vibrant rubber strap. Now there are orange, green and purple combinations to choose from. As the brand promises us, these colors are not designed for “soft girls”.

As a brand that has sponsored many racing events-including the Isle of Man Travel Trophy, Baja 1000, GT Asian Series and Silverstone Circuit-the turbo color is inspired directly by the headache of tire color racing. The road flies. swiss watches for men

Time lap
The carbon fiber dial has an interesting black and gray checkerboard pattern, and the new colors stand out sharply on the tachymeter and minute scale. The chronograph function is highlighted in contrasting colors (red for green models, and yellow for purple and orange models), while the elapsed time counter has a snail-shaped design to increase contrast. Just above 8 o’clock is a small round date window, which completes the large amount of information provided on the dial, and is easier to recognize through the color-coded indicator. Large Arabic numerals and XXL 12 o’clock numerals, such as hour and minute hands, are treated with white SuperLumiNova to improve legibility under low light conditions.

Left-handers will love the position of the chronograph start/stop trigger on the left side of the case, and right-handed wearers will find the trigger to be comfortable and intuitive to operate. Unlike the classic configuration of the chronograph buttons at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock, the left position of the trigger means that you can use your thumb to hold the case firmly with four fingers at the same time. Graham copy

Engine under the hood
Equipped with the G1747 automatic chronograph movement based on the reliable Valjoux 7750, the movement can be seen through the back cover and provides a 48-hour power reserve. Water-resistant to 100 meters, the domed sapphire crystal mirrors on both sides of the case are coated with anti-reflective coating, and the crystal mirrors on the movement side are smoked.

The new rubber strap is decorated with the Paris nail pattern and is integrated with the 47 mm case. It is fixed on the wrist with a black carbon pin buckle or a black DLC folding buckle.

Case: 47mm-ultra-light black carbon composite case-hemispherical sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating on both sides-smoked sapphire case back-water resistance to 100 meters
Movement: Calibre G1747 (modified Valjoux 7750)-mechanical automatic winding-48 hours power reserve-28,800vph-25 jewels-Incabloc shock absorber-hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph, date
Strap: Orange, green or purple one-piece rubber strap-embossed Paris nail pattern and carbon pin buckle-includes additional black rubber strap

Inventory of new pilot watches in 2021

Large hands, sturdy casing, clear hour markers, these are the salient features of pilot watches, and it is these features that make pilot watches popular. Pilot’s watches originated in the last century and were essential equipment for pilots in the past. They have developed into one of the most important types of watches. This year, many watch brands have launched new pilot watches with outstanding performance and design.

IWC Pilot Series IW388101
Product model: IW388101
Watch diameter: 41 mm
Case thickness: 14.5 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Movement model: 69385
Case material: stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters

Speaking of pilot watches, I believe most watch friends will first think of IWC’s pilot series. This year IWC also launched a lot of new pilot series new products. I personally think that this blue watch in the picture is the most IWC brand temperament. The watch uses a stainless steel case with a blue dial and a blue calfskin strap. The colors match harmoniously and are very versatile. Compared with the previous pilot’s watch, the new timepiece has made some adjustments, such as the size is reduced to 41 mm, the water resistance is increased to 100 meters and so on. The movement of this watch uses IWC’s self-produced 69385 self-winding mechanical movement, which can provide the watch with a 46-hour power reserve after being fully wound.

Breitling Pilot 8 Series AB0119131C1P3
Product model: AB0119131C1P3
Watch diameter: 43 mm
Case thickness: 13.97 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Movement model: 01
Case material: stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters

This Breitling Pilot 8 B01 Chronograph 43 has a diameter of 43 mm, a stainless steel case with a blue dial, and is very versatile. It can be well integrated whether it is matched with formal wear or casual sports wear. The dial of the watch is equipped with a 30-minute and 12-hour cumulative timer and date display, which is highly practical. As the focus of the series, the watch is equipped with a Breitling self-made 01 movement. The charm of the movement can be appreciated through the transparent sapphire back. The power reserve of the movement can be as long as 70 hours after being fully wound.

Bell & Ross INSTRUMENTS series BR0394-PAF1-CE/SRB
Product model: BR0394-PAF1-CE/SRB
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Movement model: BR-CAL.301
Case material: matt black ceramic
Water resistance: 100 meters

Not long ago, Bell & Ross was appointed by the French Air Force as the designated watch partner of the Patrol Air Show Team, and launched a related cooperation chronograph, limited to 500 pieces. The dial is decorated with the badge logo of the patrol air show team: the circle represents the consistent action of the air show team and calmly face each task challenge; the gold background is the color commonly used in military badges; the shape of the nine aircraft is reminiscent of the Fouga Magister coach Aircraft, the aircraft’s array graphic is named “Concorde”; the three-color flag below the logo symbolizes the red, white and blue smoke emitted by the aircraft and the evolution of the aircraft fleet. The watch case is made of matte black high-tech ceramics. The material is lightweight, does not cause skin sensitivity, and has a temperature adjustment function. The watch is equipped with a BR-CAL.301 self-winding mechanical movement, which is water-resistant to 100 meters.

Summary: The above three pilot watches are new models launched this year. They have stable performance and unique appearance, friends who like them can pay more attention to them.

Panerai Luminor GMT Bucherer BLUE – PAM01176

Black ceramic Luminor GMT with electric blue tint

Bucherer BLUE is a unique lifestyle collection created by leading retailer Bucherer in collaboration with selected partners inside and outside the industry. So far, no less than 44 special editions have been launched. Since launching the concept in 2016, Bucherer has collaborated with Panerai to launch three limited edition watches, including the Panerai Luminor Marina Titanio/DLC Bucherer BLUE launched in 2019. This is the fourth chapter of this long-term cooperation, Panerai Luminor GMT Bucherer blue, reference PAM01176.

This new Bucherer BLUE limited edition is based on the classic Luminor GMT, with a black on black color scheme on the case, dial and strap, and is emphasized by the retailer’s signature blue hue. The 44 mm matt black ceramic case adopts the classic proportions and shape of this model, with a blue rubber crown, which is eye-catching; the small second hand, the tip of the GMT hands and the strap stitching are also blue. Last but not least, the Super-LumiNova coating of the markers and hands is electric blue in the dark.

Thanks to the screw-in caseback (printed with the Bucherer blue logo) and the trademark crown protection and locking device, this PAM01176 is water-resistant to 300 meters, making it a sturdy sports watch with a diving certificate.

Panerai Luminor GMT Bucherer BLUE is equipped with modern internal movement P.9010. This large automatic movement with a diameter of 37.10 mm runs at a frequency of 4 Hz and has a power reserve of 72 hours, thanks to two barrels. It displays hours, minutes, small seconds, central second time zone and date. The stop-second device can realize fast and accurate setting.

The watch is paired with an environmentally friendly black textile strap made of recycled PET. There is also a spare black rubber strap that can be installed using the Panerai strap replacement tool that comes with the watch.

Technical Specifications-Panerai LUMINOR GMT BUCHERER BLUE

Case: 44 mm diameter-matt black ceramic case-arched sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating-black coating screw-in solid back cover-patented crown guard and locking system-rubberized blue Crown-300 meters water resistance
Dial: Vertically brushed black dial, sandwich structure
White Super-LumiNova luminous blue
Movement: Automatic movement P.9010-37.10 mm x 6.0 mm-31 jewels-28,800 times/hour-3 days power reserve on two barrels-hours, minutes, small seconds, GMT hands And date
Strap: pin buckle
Interchangeable strap on black textile strap, blue stitching and extra black rubber strap
Reference: PAM01176

GRAHAM CHRONOFIGHTER VINTAGE 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Review

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Graham replica recreated the first iconic Chronofighter model with the Graham Chronofighter Vintage 25th Anniversary Limited Edition. This universal chronograph is inspired by the World War II bomb timer instrument, with a statement lever on the left side of the case, so you should not miss it. This careful placement pays tribute to the watches worn by flying officers, who need easy access to the crown and buttons to measure time during flight.

Graham watches are named after the outstanding British watchmaker Georges Graham, and continue to pay tribute to the inventor’s extraordinary past and his series of feats during his career. In addition to the non-bounce escapement, mercury clock and cylindrical escapement, he invented the historically valuable chronometer in 1725, which can measure 1/16 second intervals. It is this achievement that makes Graham known as the father of chronographs. Then in 1995, engineer student Eric Loth re-used the Graham name. For the past 25 years, Graham watches have been synonymous with fine watchmaking, Swiss mechanical movements, and chronograph complications.

Since its release in the early 2000s, the Graham Chronofighter has been the brand’s most successful and best-selling model. On its 25th birthday, they launched the Graham Chronofighter Vintage 25th Anniversary Limited Edition to commemorate its predecessor in 2001. The faithful reproduction looks great on the wrist, and like all Graham Chronofighter best replica watches uk, it is a complete conversation starter. It is equipped with a matching matte black dial and a dual composite layout with stunning snail-shaped registers. The large Arabic numerals, hour markers, and central hour and minute hands are all decorated with green Superluminova luminous coating, exuding a vintage atmosphere and making them more legible in low light.

The main difference between the Graham Chronofighter Vintage 25th Anniversary Limited Edition and its 25-year-old counterpart is the case size. The stainless steel case of the new model measures 44 mm, which is 1 mm larger than the original, which was still considered a considerable size at the time. The modern reissue is also equipped with a stunning exhibition back, showing the components of the Swiss-made G1722 mechanical automatic chronograph movement. In addition to having an impressive 48-hour power reserve and chronometer certification, the movement also provides hour and minute hands, a small second at 3 o’clock, a red pointed central chronograph second hand and a 30-minute counter.

The back of the Graham Chronofighter Vintage 25th Anniversary Limited Edition also displays a rare limited edition number and a special 25th anniversary logo. The smooth steel lugs of the case give way to a luxurious hand-stitched brown calfskin strap and elegant stainless steel pin buckle. In order to complete its retro-style aesthetics, Graham Limited Edition is equipped with anti-reflective domed sapphire crystal, of course, there are quick start and stop triggers and reset buttons on the left side of the case.

A guide to different types of watches: which one is best for you?

Watches are timeless fashion items and are essential to our daily outfits. They are both practical and beautiful, and effortlessly increase our sophistication a hundredfold.

However, choosing a watch that suits your style can be a difficult decision. Just like your taste in clothes, your choice of timepieces reflects your personality to a large extent. Therefore, your ideal timepiece must fit your lifestyle and convey the impression you want.

In this article, we introduce four kinds of watches for each category of people:


Fundamentally speaking, a chronograph is a watch that provides a short time interval measurement function. In simple terms, it can act as a stopwatch, in addition to displaying local time, it can also measure tenths of a second. Some modern chronographs are also equipped with a tachometer, which can quickly measure speed and distance.

Chronograph watches are very suitable for people in the fields of health and science. Since the chronograph also has some of the coolest constructions, it is also often worn by people with complicated machines.

We recommend: Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona 116508

Aviation watch

Another tool watch on the list, the aviation watch or pilot watch is a timekeeper known for its ridged rotating bezel. They were originally designed for airplane pilots who need large and clear timepieces that they can use for critical tasks ranging from timing landings to calculating fuel consumption.

The design of the aviation watch is easy to read, which explains its oversized crown and dial. They are a must for pilots, travelers, blue-collar workers and adventure athletes.

We recommend: Richard Mille RM 39-01 self-winding flyback chronograph

Formal watch

Simple and elegant-these are obvious gifts for identifying formal watches. They are usually slim, with small dials, and barely noticeable under the button cuffs. Under normal circumstances, formal watches are designed with leather straps.

Some formal watches are decorated with gemstones and go well with dresses and tuxedos. They are most suitable for bosses who often attend client meetings and gentlemen who like candlelight dates with their loved ones.

We recommend: Patek Philippe Nautilus 5724R Rose Gold

Tourbillon watch

As a precious horological masterpiece, the tourbillon watch is a timepiece with a continuously rotating escapement, which counteracts the influence of gravity on the movement of the watch by balancing position errors. This type of watch has been a dream item for avid watch collectors since its introduction in 1795.

In addition to its complex mechanism, tourbillon watches usually have a unique and complex aesthetic. Those who like gorgeous fashion will definitely want to own one.

We recommend: Jacob & Co. Astronomia Dragon Tourbillon

Did this article help you decide on the ideal watch?

Don’t know where to get the most collectible watches to start or add to your collection? We have them on

U-Boat – New in 2020

Well, this is very exciting and humble. Our good friends at U-Boat kindly asked us, Andrew Michaels Jewelers ( to pre-sell their latest works. Nine new Capsoil and five new ladies’ models.

Capsoil was originally released as a four-piece set in November 2018. Two steel or DLC limited-time models and two chronographs also use steel or DLC cases (respectively numbered 8110, 8108, 8111 and 8109). These brand new timepieces have one major difference from all other U-Boats in that the case is filled with oil. Unlike Bell and Ross Hydromax, it is filled with oil to enable it to withstand the pressure of the deepest part of the sea at 11,000 meters. Capsoils uses oil, coupled with curved sapphire glass, to create a unique aesthetic that allows the wearer to follow the order. People watch their watches with incredible sharp angles. It is as if the dial is printed on the bottom surface of the sapphire glass. The edge of the dial is in constant visual confusion (or TurmOil?). It is unique in terms of distraction.

As I mentioned in the previous article, making round sapphire crystals is very difficult and expensive. The crystal is grown in a long tube and then cut into the individual discs required for each watch. This process is suitable for flat glass. Historically, glass is a hard crystal or similar that can be molded. This process is suitable for round glass. The new Capsoil released this year has mineral glass. Therefore, for the reasons mentioned above, you would expect the price of the original Capsoil to drop. However, we are all impressed with the price of the new model between 770 and 990 pounds! This time there is also a bronze PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) model! It can only be assumed that U-Boat has been able to perfect the fuel-filled tank process to achieve this.

Despite the incredible price reduction, all new Capsoil models are equipped with Swiss Ronda 712.3 movement with oil bath lubrication, 38 mm or 44 mm diameter case, screw-in back cover, curved mineral glass and 50 Meter waterproof. The specifications of most originals, plus all the charm and personality, are only half the price.

Whether you think my usual articles are erudite articles or mediocre jokes, they exist for one purpose; to educate and incite readers to buy reasonable luxury watches. However, U-Boat did all the hard work for me. Only need five words: Capsoil for under a Grand.

There are seven dark moon models and two rainbow models. Introduced separately below.

Dark Moon 44mm, black dial and bronze PVD ​​case with laser-cut hand-crafted leather strap – reference number 8467

Dark Moon 44mm, black dial, synthetic rubber strap and steel case-Reference 8463

Dark Moon 44mm, red mineral glass, black IPB case on synthetic rubber strap-reference 8466

The above are examples of three extraordinary new versions released by U-Boat.

Also within the scope of the new Capsoil, we found:

Darkmoon, reference 8465, red mineral glass, black dial and 44 mm steel case and rubber strap

Darkmoon, reference 8464 black dial and 44mm black IPB case rubber strap

Dark Moon, reference 8470 black dial and 38 mm black IPB case mesh bracelet

Dark Moon, reference 8471, black dial and 38 mm steel case mesh bracelet

Rainbow, reference 8468, with orange nuanced dial and 44 mm bronze IPB case, mesh bracelet

Rainbow, reference 8469, with orange nuanced dial and 44 mm steel case mesh bracelet

These new models will eventually replace the original Capsoil in the current catalog, with reference numbers 8108/A and 8110/A. The original Capsoil Chrono 45 models, models 8109/A and 8111/A, will continue to be produced.

New Lady’s U-boat

In addition to the above-mentioned gentleman models, U-Boat also released some amazing ladies models. Please note that these models do not have an oil-filled housing. It is replaced by a mother-of-pearl dial and Arabic numerals with bright crystals. Presents the same elegant case design and domed mineral glass.

Rainbow, model 8472, with pink mother-of-pearl dial and 38 mm steel case, with pink alligator leather strap

The new lineup also includes:

Rainbow, model 8473, with pink mother-of-pearl dial and 38 mm bronze IPB case with mesh bracelet

Rainbow, reference number 8474, with blue mother-of-pearl dial and 38 mm steel case mesh bracelet

Rainbow, reference 8475, with blue mother-of-pearl dial and 38 mm bronze IPB case, blue alligator strap

The last addition is a new Lady’s Classico, which is already available for purchase. This stylized ladies watch adopts the strong aesthetics of the classic series, with an extraordinary dial and sapphire painting.

Classico, reference 8481, turquoise mother-of-pearl dial, 42 white sapphires and 38 mm steel case, turquoise alligator leather strap

The series also provides the following products:
Classico, reference 8480, with pink mother-of-pearl dial, 42 white sapphires and 38 mm steel case, pink alligator strap

Classico, reference 8482, black mother-of-pearl dial, 42 white sapphires and 38 mm steel case, white alligator strap

Every replica U-Boat watch is equipped with an excellent Swiss movement. Each watch is produced one by one. Assembled by skilled craftsmen at the Tuscan brand headquarters in Lucca. Most of their world-renowned watches use advanced and unusual design/manufacturing techniques to produce unique, high-quality final products.