Urwerk Introduces the UR-220 “Project Falcon” Watch

Few luxury watch brands capture the look and feel of science fiction quite like Urwerk. Even in the rare and fantastic ranks of haute horlogerie, Urwerk has built a line over the past few years that feels more at home on the bridge of the Romulan Warbird than any other from Switzerland. When the brand announced earlier this year that it would be discontinuing its iconic Wanderlust UR-210 series, it left a gap in the lineup that audiophiles were eager to see filled. Now, after months of uncertainty, Urwerk has returned to the roaming time concept with the improved UR-220, internally dubbed “Project Falcon” during development. While outwardly similar to the previous UR-210, nearly every element of the watch has been redesigned, from the slimmer, more ergonomic case to the redesigned movement from the ground up. Thus, the Urwerk UR-220 “Falcon Project” continues one of the brand’s signature looks while redesigning it for the new decade.

The first iteration of the Urwerk UR-220 featured a 43.8mm x 53.6mm lugless oval case made of carbon thin-layer composite. This multi-layered material (the case has a total of 81 layers of ultra-thin carbon material) results in a dark, striped look reminiscent of Damascus steel, with a uniform pattern of circular stripes. While the distinctive polygonal bezel and sapphire crystal and 12 o’clock crown are carried over from the UR-210, judging by the initial images, the UR-220 is much more profiled than its predecessor. While this is still a relatively thick watch at 14.8mm, it’s still a full 3mm thinner than the UR-210. A party piece for the UR-220 is located on the caseback, where a small sapphire display window highlights the “Oil Change” counter. This is a rotating display that tracks the number of months since the last service and reminds you of the recommended 39-month service interval. This is a fun way to remind the owner of the importance of service, and might make for a great talking point. The water resistance of the UR-220 may become a less popular topic, as this complex case is only water resistant to 30 meters.

Like its predecessor, the real heart of the Urwerk UR-220 is the skeletonized dial with the instantly recognizable ‘satellite’ roaming hour display. While the general layout is carried over from the UR-210, initial images show a narrower, more angular and visually cleaner design for the new series, with each rotating hour markers and retrograde minute hand dominated by a new serrated edge. Used for numerals and The font of the dial text has also undergone major changes, and the UR-220 has chosen a militaristic, angular steel stamp appearance. However, in addition to the font change, the retrograde minute scale on the bottom third of the dial also features a ribbed surface detail. While the proportions may appear confusing at first glance, the combination of the large central hands with the current hour markers and the current minute quickly becomes intuitive. The UR-220 also features dual power reserve indicators at 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock, the model at 10 o’clock covers the movement’s entire 48-hour reserve capacity, while the indicator at 2 o’clock focuses on Last 24 hours reserved.

Despite more visual resemblance to the UR-210’s movement, the UR-7.20 hand-wound caliber inside the UR-220 has undergone significant changes from its predecessor. In addition to removing the automatic winding system found in the UR-210, the UR-7.20 also increased the power reserve to 48 hours while maintaining a single mainspring barrel. Power reserve has traditionally been Urwerk’s Achilles’ heel, as the sheer mass of the wandering hour and retrograde minute hands requires extra torque to move, and while 48 hours at a beat rate of 28,800 bph isn’t groundbreaking by any means, it’s important one step forward. Discount fake watches

In keeping with the slimmer, more detailed, more aggressive aesthetic of the UR-220 series, Urwerk paired this new model with its first-ever rubber strap. There’s a wealth of visual detail here, from the angle-scaling layers that flow into the integrated case to the woven canvas pattern on the main face. Urwerk claims the strap is Vulcarboné-cured for extra softness, and the strap is secured with Velcro for quick attachment and removal.

With the UR-220 “Falcon Project”, Urwerk brings a series of powerful updates to one of its iconic series without compromising the series’ techno-sci-fi spirit. Popular cheap watch

Hublot Introduces Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Repeater Ceramic

ceramic acoustics.

After launching a series of candy-coloured ceramic integrated bracelet watches at Watches & Wonders 2022, Hublot has launched a ceramic “high complication”, the Big Bang Integral Cathedral minute repeater ceramic watch.

While complex end-to-end ceramic watches already exist, striking watches in ceramic are rare, with only Hublot and Audemars Piguet making such watches. The Big Bang Integral is a novelty combining a tourbillon and a minute repeater, in fact, one of them has a longer than usual cathedral gong.

It manages to be water resistant in contrast to most attention-grabbing watches that are merely resistant to moisture, due to the challenge of sealing the slider while allowing for maximum sound transmission.

The latest Big Bang Integral perfectly sums up Hublot as a brand, showcasing its strengths (and some weaknesses). Powered by a complex in-house movement, paired with a case and bracelet, it showcases the brand’s mastery of unusual materials – all thanks to the brand’s extensive and flexible manufacturing.

In typical Hublot fashion, the watch is loud visually rather than audibly — even in black. It looks like a Hublot, and the brand essentially has one aesthetic. It has a technically modern aesthetic that complements the open dial, a feature uncommon in minute repeaters but useful because it reveals the chiming mechanism in its entirety.

Good value for money for such a watch. At the same time, it has a higher finish on the ceramic case and bracelet than older Hublot models, which makes it even more attractive.

Ceramics and One
The Tourbillon Repeater is the flagship model of the Big Bang Integral collection, the brand’s first integrated bracelet watch, but only two years ago. Although recently introduced, the watch still feels familiar thanks to the well-designed bracelet integrated into the case.

While open dials are common for Hublot Review best watches, this is relatively rare for classic haute horlogerie complications such as the minute repeater. Here, it can reveal the striking mechanism usually hidden under the dial, giving you a glimpse of the rack and snail mechanism responsible for promoting the minute repeater to strike the time.

And the minute repeater utilizes a cathedral gong that wraps twice around the circumference of the movement, rather than once like a traditional minute repeater. The extended length makes a louder chime.

It is worth noting that the movement structure also incorporates thoughtful details. The tourbillon is not hindered by any gears like a tourbillon movement. Instead, the center wheel sits just on the edge of the tourbillon cage. This shows the attention paid to the aesthetics of the tourbillon, although it is tempered by the relatively simple frame.

It can be observed that the decoration of the movement is a mixture of machined and hand-finished.

For example, most of the bridges feature wide, flat bevels with faint machining marks indicating that the angles were done on a CNC machine. At the same time, more critical parts such as the hammers and bridges of the governor are decorated with circular polished chamfers that can only be done by hand.

On the front, however, the visible steel components are neatly finished with ruled surfaces and hand-chamfered edges. perfect cheap watch

Hublot Big Bang Integral Minute Repeater Ceramic
Ref. 458.CX.1170.CX.YOS (Black)
Ref. 458.HX.1170.HX.YOS (white)

Diameter: 43 mm
Height: 14.15mm
Material: Ceramic
Crystal: Sapphire
Water resistance: 30 meters

Movement: MHUB8001.H1.RH
Functions: hours, minutes, tourbillon, minute repeater
Clockwork: automatic
Frequency: 21,600 beats per hour (3 Hz)
Power reserve: 80 hours

Strap: matching ceramic bracelet

Hard to find a watch Omega Gold Speedmaster

At the beginning of last year, Omega (OMEGA) launched a Speedmaster series professional moon watch made of Moonshine 18K gold, which raised the design of this watch to a new dimension. With its unique material, soft retro color and precise and excellent movement, this Speedmaster series professional moon best replica watch site Moonshine 18K gold has attracted a lot of attention from watch lovers and has become one of the most popular models of Speedmaster. one.

In addition to the classic stainless steel models, the Speedmaster series of professional moon watches also have a series of rare models made of Omega’s original 18K gold material, including the blazing and warm Sedna 18K gold models and the dazzling Canopus 18K gold models. And this Moonshine 18K gold model that exudes lunar light. Moonshine 18K gold is one of the precious metals developed by Omega. This material is made of a variety of precious metals such as gold, silver, copper and palladium. Its unique ratio makes Moonshine 18K more elegant than traditional gold, and it is more resistant to corrosion, not easy to fade, and lasts forever.

The case of this watch has a diameter of 42 mm and is polished and brushed. The same material as the case, the dial is also made of Moonshine 18K gold. The “stepped” dial design presents the polished effect of the sun’s rays, and the gold sub-dials are blackened, in sharp contrast to the soft Moonshine 18K gold color.

The black ceramic bezel is decorated with a tachymeter scale made of OMEGA Ceragold technology, and has the iconic “Dot over 90” of the early Speedmaster models (the dot of the scale 90 is located above the number). replica watches for sale

The design of this professional moon watch is inspired by the iconic style of the fourth-generation Speedmaster watch that landed on the moon. The three small dials are symmetrically arranged, located at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock respectively. The gold hour and minute hands are also treated with black PVD, which echoes the blackened gold small dial, showing an elegant and retro look as a whole. style.

The luminous display effect of the watch in a dark environment, the thickness of the watch is 13.2 mm, the crown and the timing button are made of Moonshine 18K gold, and the bracelet of the watch is also made of Moonshine 18K gold, which is developed by Omega. The push-pull design has a bracelet adjustment function, which allows the watch to fit the wearer’s wrist better when worn.

The polished Moonshine 18K gold case back is designed with double slopes and engraved with the words “FIRST WATCH WORN ON THE MOON” (the first watch that accompanied man to the moon) in black.

This professional moon watch is equipped with the Omega 3861 Master Chronometer movement, which can resist strong magnetic fields up to 15,000 Gauss, and is equipped with a free-sprung balance wheel with a silicon hairspring. It can be seen from the real shot of the details that the movement of the watch is rhodium-plated and the splint is decorated with vertical Côtes de Genève. It is a movement with both aesthetics and practical performance. Through the back of the flat sapphire glass, you can appreciate the beauty of the 3861 Master Chronometer movement in more detail. moonphase-watch.com

This Speedmaster series professional moonshine 18K gold model not only inherits the classic style of the moon watch, but also is made of Omega’s unique precious metal. It is equipped with the 3861 movement known as the “most beautiful movement”. The quality is impeccable.

Cartier (Cartier) launched three metal Santos-Dumont skeleton watch

Cartier’s boldest yet, the Santos-Dumont, also features a new in-house movement (oh, and the lacquer is back, too).

Over the past dozen years, Cartier cheap has made a habit of releasing eye-catching skeletonized watches. It started with the Santos 100 in 2009, and this year Cartier launched the Santos-Dumont skeleton watch in three metals.

The three Santos-Dumont skeleton models are equipped with Cartier’s new 9629 MC movement, a micro-rotor movement composed of 212 parts, which Cartier said took two years to develop at its La Chaux-de-Fonds factory. become.

The flagship of the new Santos-Dumont Skeleton collection is the yellow gold version, limited to 150 pieces. The case and bezel have a blue lacquer finish, a bit like the lacquer of last year’s Santos-Dumont Limited Edition, and it looks just as good. In addition, Cartier also launched rose gold and stainless steel Santos-Dumont.

Movement aside, to be clear, this is a gigantic aside, the skeletonized Santos-Dumont is familiar: case thicknesses of 31mm and 8mm (“big” in Cartier’s dictionary), bezel with exposed screws, each This model features Cartier’s signature blue cabochon and blued steel hands.

Cartier’s in-house caliber 9629 MC is a beautifully crafted self-winding movement. Most notable is the tiny rotor at 8 o’clock in the shape of the Demoiselle, a series of light aircraft designed by pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont himself (he was a friend of Louis Cartier, who designed the original Santos -Dumont Discount watches for him). No one should miss a little romance with this tiny model airplane soaring above the globe.

Cartier has been working on designing skeleton movements from the ground up since 2009, and it shows. Let’s remember that Cartier only reintroduced the Santos-Dumont in 2019 as a decent entry-level quartz watch.

Four years later, we have Santos-Dumont’s skeletonized micro-rotor – and we’ve all come a long way. The painted gold version won’t set the watch internet on fire like last year’s trio due to its limited nature, but the blue and gold combo is just right (I grew up watching Reggie Miller wear the Indiana Pacers tormenting the Knicks’ yellow and blue jerseys, but I know my Golden State Warriors, Notre Dame, Los Angeles Rams and many others fans will nod). Of course, I could do it without that little model plane (miniature rotor) that circles the globe, but that’s Cartier – blending its historical narrative into its modern brand, sometimes even wrongly.

Every time Cartier makes a hollow copy watches, it is a little different. The structure of the movement is just right for Cartier’s famous shaped watches. Asymetrique is not the same as Cloche, not the same as Chinoise; not at all the same as last year’s Masse Mystérieuse. Of course, it’s a formula. But the magic is in execution.

By the way, this is not the only skeleton design Cartier has made this year. This year’s complex skeleton Cartier pocket watch is a pocket watch that combines a minute repeater, a flying tourbillon and a perpetual calendar. It measures only 35mm. Seeing a beautiful modern pocket watch like this only makes me appreciate the minimalist Santos-Dumont even more.

Brand: Cartier
Model: Santos-Dumont
reference number:

Case Material: Yellow gold with blue lacquered bezel (limited edition); stainless steel; rose gold hours
Water resistance: 30 meters
Strap/Bracelet: Dark blue alligator (yellow gold case); gray and blue alligator (steel); burgundy alligator (rose gold)

Movement: Caliber 9629 MC
Function: hollow out
Diameter: 23.3mm
Thickness: 4.4mm
Power reserve: 44 hours
Winding: automatic
Frequency: 25,200 per hour
Other details: Microrotor movement composed of 212 components

Tudor watch original movement MT5400

Biwan 54 is equipped with the original Tudor watch movement MT5400, which has the display function of hours, minutes and seconds. The movement adopts the classic finish of the original Tudor watch movement. The one-piece hollowed-out tungsten automatic rotor is frosted, with sandblasted details, and the splint and main splint are interlaced with polished and sandblasted surfaces, embellished with laser decoration.

The inertia fine-tuning balance wheel is fixed on both sides by a strong horizontal splint to ensure stability and precision, and is equipped with a non-magnetic silicon hairspring. After the watch is assembled, it is tested that the travel time error of the original Tudor watch movement MT5400 is only within 6 seconds (-2+4).

Another notable feature of the original Tudor caliber MT5400 is its power reserve of up to 70 hours, allowing the wearer to have “no worries on weekends”. In other words, if you take off your watch on Friday night, you only need to put it on your wrist to use it normally on Monday morning, without needing to rewind and adjust. Give it “working time” and return “rest time” to yourself. high quality watches replica

Steel or rubber strap

The Biwan 54 watch is equipped with a frosted three-link steel strap with a Tudor “T-fit” quick-adjust buckle. This device is equipped with five holes, and the wearer can make quick and fine adjustments without using tools. The adjustment length of 8mm can be realized on the buckle, which is very convenient and practical. The buckle adopts ceramic ball bearings, which can be operated flexibly and smoothly, ensuring that the buckle can be fastened smoothly and safely.

The Black Bay 54 watch is also available with a black rubber strap, available in three sizes, all equipped with a Tudor “T-fit” buckle. The strap can be precisely cut according to the width of the wearer’s wrist to ensure a good wearing experience. The inner side of the strap is decorated with the iconic snowflake pattern, which is specially designed for the Black Bay 54 watch and can also effectively improve the grip.

The essence of Biwan type

Inspired by the classic aesthetic style of Tudor diving watches in the 1950s, the Biwan series incorporates the angular hands known to collectors as “snowflakes” in the dial design. A watch with this characteristic pointer appeared in the brand’s 1969 catalogue. The unprotected winding crown and unique case features are even more reminiscent of the first generation of Tudor diving cheap replica watches.

The Biwan series cleverly combines the brand’s traditional aesthetics with contemporary watchmaking craftsmanship. It is not simply a replica of classics, but condenses the essence of Tudor’s diving watch production for more than 60 years, and at the same time takes root in the present and reflects the trend of the times. Although its design concept embodies a kind of neo-vintageism, it follows the stricter requirements of modern watchmaking in terms of craftsmanship, reliable performance, solid quality and detailed finishing.

Tudor Watchmaking Center

Every Tudor watch, including the Biwan 54, strictly follows the brand’s excellence standards and is assembled and fully tested at Tudor’s new watchmaking center in Le Locle, Switzerland. After three years of construction, the watchmaking center will be officially completed and put into use in 2021, bringing together cutting-edge watchmaking skills, efficient production management and automatic testing systems. Its exterior is shown in eye-catching ‘Tudor Red’, covering four floors with a total area of 5,500 square meters, which complements the adjacent Kenissi watchmaking center. Founded in 2016, the Koenigs Watchmaking Center is dedicated to the production of Tudor watch movements. Based on the Koenigs Watchmaking Center and other self-operated organizations of the brand, Tudor has successfully integrated the R&D and production capabilities of high-performance mechanical movements. So far, Tudor has been able to fully control the production of core components and ensure stable quality.

Tudor Watch Warranty Terms

In order to realize the vision of making outstanding fashion watches, Hans Wilsdorf (Hans Wilsdorf) founded the Tudor watch brand in 1926. Since then, Tudor has been committed to making high-quality watches that are durable, accurate and reliable. With rich watchmaking experience and full confidence in the quality of its watches, Tudor watches provide a five-year warranty for all products. This warranty does not require registration of the watch, does not require periodic inspections, and is transferable. In terms of watch use, Tudor recommends that the watch should be sent for maintenance every ten years, and the specific model and daily use shall prevail.

Tudor watch

In 2017, Tudor launched a new brand manifesto(#BornToDare), inheriting the rich tradition of the brand and presenting the current value concept. It adheres to the watchmaking vision of Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Tudor. Even in the face of harsh environments, Tudor still performs well and is chosen by every brave man. It pays tribute to every unknown and fearless brave man who has made extraordinary achievements in the four major fields of land, ice, air and water. It is also a proof of Tudor’s unique style, keeping Tudor at the forefront of the watchmaking industry, and the brand’s watchmaking spirit of striving for innovation and continuous breakthroughs has now become a basic criterion. Since the announcement of the manifesto, the spirit of Tudor Watch has set off a wave around the world, and has won the support and endorsement of countless celebrities who dare to do it. Just like the spirit of Tudor watches, their lifelong achievements also come from their daring attitude towards life.

Tudor watch

Tudor is an award-winning Swiss high-end watch brand. Its mechanical watches are exquisite in style, precise and reliable, and of excellent quality. They are the choice of excellent value for money. The origin of Tudor watches can be traced back to 1926, when the founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf (Hans Wilsdorf) registered the “The TUDOR” trademark. In 1946, he founded Montres TUDOR SA Tudor watch company. The watches produced follow the quality concept respected by Rolex, but the price is more acceptable to the public. Since its inception, Tudor watches have been worn by brave people who are not afraid of challenges on land, under the sea and on ice. Today, Tudor watches include classic series such as Black Bay, Pelagos, 1926 and Royal. Since 2015, Tudor watches have launched high-quality original mechanical movements with different functions.

Model 79000N

37 mm diameter, polished and brushed stainless steel case

Outer ring
60-minute stainless steel unidirectional rotatable bezel, aluminum word ring without minute scale

winding crown
Stainless steel screw-down crown with embossed TUDOR rose logo

domed black dial

Domed sapphire mirror

waterproof performance
Water-resistant to 200 meters (660 feet)

Stainless steel three-link strap, polished and satin-brushed, or rubber strap, both with TUDOR “T-fit” buckle

Tudor watch original movement MT5400 (COSC)
Bi-directional oscillating weight system self-winding mechanical movement

Swiss official observatory certification (COSC) observatory precision timepiece

Central hour, minute and second hands
Stop seconds function for accurate time adjustment

balance with hairspring
Inertia micro-adjust balance wheel, micro-adjustment screw
Non-magnetic silicon hairspring
Oscillation frequency: 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz)

overall diameter
30.3 mm

5 mm

number of gems
27 pieces

power reserve
Power reserve about 70 hours

First Look: Zenith Defy Revival Shadow Watch

Since its launch in early 2022, the Zenith Defy Revival collection has quickly won over enthusiasts with its ultra-faithful 60s proportions, brightly faceted case design and archetypal integrated trapezoidal bracelet. Zenith has been eager to capitalize on the model’s success since its initial launch, so it’s no surprise that the new Defy Revival model joins the brand’s Watches and Wonders 2023 new arrivals list. Zenith aims to illustrate the success of the blackout 2020 Chronomaster Revival “Shadow,” which is hardly surprising (given that the model still has a strong fan base). With that in mind, it looks like the new Zenith Defy Revival Shadow is sure to be a hit for the brand on paper, and if initial images are any indication, the new model certainly lives up to the hype.

Brand: Zenith
Model: Defy Revival Shadow
Dimensions: 37mm wide
Water resistance: 300 meters
Case Material: Microblasted Titanium
Crystal/Lens: Sapphire Crystal Movement: Elite 670 Automatic Power Reserve:

Although the Zenith Defy Revival Shadow’s 37mm wide case is identical in shape and proportions to previous Defy Revival models, the new matte sandblasted titanium case material lends a bold dimension to this funky-familiar shape in the initial photos. modern. While the “Shadow” name might suggest some sort of black treatment, the case’s dark graphite-gray hue comes from the titanium itself, as the microblasting process tends to accentuate the dark undertones of the metal. In stark contrast to the bright, highly reflective polished surface of the stainless steel model, here the darker matte titanium case removes some of the late ’60s idiosyncrasies from the design in favor of a more modern, aggressive visual style. Functionally, however, this case remains the same as the stainless steel case,for luxury watches replica

The new Zenith Defy Revival Shadow opts for a simple matte black dial, rather than the colorful retro-inspired gradient dials of previous Defy Revival iterations. While this simpler dial layout might feel straightforward or brutal, the use of a khaki fauxtina lume adds a welcome sense of warmth to the initial image. Like the case, aside from the color change, this dial should look familiar to fans of the brand. The ribbed, rhodium-plated applied hour markers and the large luminous dauphine earpieces are mainstays of the collection, as are the intricate outer seconds scale and the adorable skeletonized date window at 4:30.

The Elite 670 automatic movement inside the Zenith Defy Revival Shadow is another familiar series staple. A common choice for Zenith’s less exotic offerings, the Elite 670 is a solid and reliable powerplant with a 50-hour power reserve at a beat rate of 28,800 bph. Naturally, no Defy Revival model would be complete without a Gay Frères-inspired trapezoid bracelet, and the Defy Revival Shadow is no exception. Like the case, the new microblasted titanium material gives this design a more modern edge, and it should also feel extremely light on the wrist.

Combining retro and modern visual elements with a light, angular design, the new Zenith Defy Revival Shadow is the biggest style leap in the Defy Revival collection to date and a truly striking statement piece. nice watches shop

Introducing the Panerai Luminor Due Luna 38 mm

The new Luminor Due Luna, with its 38mm case and moon phase complication, showcases Panerai’s grandeur, but is more wearable and as close to a dress watch as possible

Italian luxury watchmaker Panerai has once again raised the bar with a compact, more wearable version of its popular Luminor Due collection, complete with Lunar styling. First launched in 2016, the Luminor Due timepieces are robust, sporty and bold, with diameters ranging from 44mm to 47mm (there’s even a huge 50mm moonphase model). The new Luminor Due Luna 38mm timepiece is smaller in size, more elegant in hand, and fits almost any wrist.

Is it gold or copper? This is gold technology
The Luminor Due Luna 38mm collection differs from its large case size, but in keeping with Panerai’s masculine beauty, it is aimed at women or men with smaller wrists. The collection is as close to a dress watch as Panerai is, with design elements that combine a moon phase complication with a smaller dial size, while still retaining the brand’s DNA.

The new Moonphase iteration comes in a 38mm case and comes in a Goldtech (Panerai’s rose gold alloy) version and three steel versions. Interestingly, only the former allows the user to see the movement through the display case back, while the other versions feature a solid steel case back. When paired with the brand’s ‘safety lock’ crown, the case is water resistant to 30 meters.

Unlike traditional gold, Panerai’s Goldtech contains copper, which gives it a rich rose gold color. The alloy also contains platinum, which protects the material from oxidation and prolongs the life of the timepiece. Unlike the standard rose gold case, the distinctive strength of Goldtech gives it a more modern side. Due Luna model PAM01181 is set in a Goldtech case with a mother-of-pearl dial and comes on a blue alligator strap with a Goldtech pin buckle.

Lume shines through the dial
Three stainless steel models have sun-brushed laminated dials, one in blue and two in white. The numerals and hour markers — beige Super-LumiNova on the white dial, white on the blue version — sit on the bottom layer of the sandwich dial, while the top layer has a stencil effect that lets the luminescence shine through, revealing the indices.

The bold PAM01180 has a white dial with a deep pink alligator strap, while the PAM01301 has a Luminor Due steel bracelet matching the crown protection. A third stainless steel model, the PAM01179, completes the collection with a sunray brushed blue sandwich dial and matching blue alligator leather strap, giving the watch a monochromatic aesthetic suitable for everyday wear.

starry sky golden moon
These timepieces feature a moon phase complication at three o’clock, with a 24-carat moon mounted on a rotating disc against a starry midnight sky, complemented by a small seconds subdial at nine o’clock. In all four timepieces, “Luna” – meaning “moon” in Italian – appears at six o’clock. The gold-tone hands and hour markers are coated with Super-LumiNova for excellent visibility in low-light conditions. The dial is covered with a corundum sapphire crystal, and the case back of the steel timepiece is polished stainless steel. One side of the crown is decorated with Panerai’s iconic protective bridge, adding an avant-garde design to the timepiece.

These timepieces are equipped with an easy-to-change strap mechanism, which allows the wearer to change the strap without using any tools. Panerai offers the Luminor Due satin straps, essentially leather straps that look and feel like satin, as well as alligator straps in a variety of colors to expand the wearing possibilities of the Luminor Due collection.replica Tourbillon watches

Rugged, durable, automatic, compact
These watches are powered by self-winding mechanical movements with a power reserve of up to 72 hours and require no manual winding. Made with high-quality materials and sturdy construction, these novelty items are durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear. All four versions are powered by the brand’s in-house P.900/MP movement, a flat movement measuring just 5.9mm high, with hours, minutes, seconds and moon phase modules.

The Panerai Luminor Due Luna 38mm fake men watch is a wonderful addition to the brand’s collection. They offer a new moon phase complication that is both highly accurate and easy to adjust. The dial size makes it an excellent choice for those who prefer a more compact watch with a reliable movement built in, the stainless steel case ensures durability and corrosion resistance, and a variety of dial and strap color options are available to personalize these timepieces. If you’re looking for a new formal timepiece with attitude, the Luminor Duo Luna is a great choice.

New Arrival: Tudor Pelagos 39. Ideally sized dive watch?

Tudor copy updates its line of Pelagos dive watches with a new model in a 39mm case size.

All early releases came in 42mm boxes and this is the first time Tudor has released 39mm Pelagos. The case is always in titanium, and the watch is available with two straps or a matching titanium bracelet. Since 2015, the bracelet version has 8mm fine adjustment as well as 25mm wetsuit extension. This model features a ceramic-polished titanium unidirectional rotating bezel, making this series the norm for dive watches. The exception is the FXD with its bi-directional bezel, which is not certified for diving as it is designed for underwater navigation.

The new watch looks almost identical to its larger 42mm cousins, especially the Ref. M25600TN-0001. The difference is that the ceramic inserts on the Pelagos 39 are given a sun-ray satin-brushed finish, which is unique in the Pelagos collection. Also, the Pelagos 39 has no date, a feature it shares with FXD.

That movement is now the MT5400, which is a smaller version of the MT5612 used in the larger Pelagos. Manufactured by Kenissi, this movement is a shared movement used by Tudor as well as Chanel, Breitling and Norqain.

With its new Pelagos 39 model, Tudor offers a versatile watch at the crossroads between the world of technical diving and urban sophistication.

Equipped with grade 2 titanium, luminescent ceramic composite monobloc hour markers, buckle quick adjustment system and diver’s extensions, the Pelagos 39 model combines Tudor’s professional dive watch heritage with the versatility of a 39 mm case and the striking appeal of a radial satin finish. The blend of light is done on its bezel and dial. The result is a sports watch that combines cutting-edge watchmaking technology with a chic aesthetic that is as comfortable in the city as it is on shore.

key points

Satin-brushed grade 2 titanium case, 39 mm in diameter, with unidirectional rotating bezel and radial satin-finish ceramic insert with Swiss Super-LumiNova® grade X1
Black dial with radial satin finish, monobloc hour markers in ceramic composite with luminescent material
“Snowflake” hands, one of the hallmarks of TUDOR diving watches launched in 1969, with X1-grade Swiss Super-LumiNova® luminous material
In-house movement MT5400, certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC), with silicon hairspring and 70-hour power reserve
Grade 2 titanium bracelet with Tudor “T” clasp for quick adjustment and diver’s extension. Comes with a black rubber strap with grade 2 titanium buckle in the box
Five-year transferable warranty with no registration or scheduled maintenance checks required

The Pelagos 39 model joins TUDOR’s line of technical divers’ watches in a versatile and complementary design. While the Pelagos, Pelagos LHD and Pelagos FXD models continue the pure aquatic technical tradition, offering features designed for highly specialized and relatively niche professional diving, the Pelagos 39 is a compact, versatile traditional mechanical dive watch, It has a sunray satin inlaid on the dial and bezel, which is dazzling.

matte contrast

The aesthetic balance of the Pelagos 39 model is achieved by a fully satin-brushed case that complements the Tudor product line. This contrasts subtly with the radiance of the bezel insert, which is made of black ceramic with an enhanced sunray satin finish, and has indexes in white luminescent material. The diameter of the bezel exceeds the middle case slightly for maximum grip.

The three-dimensional hour markers on the dial are made of monolithic luminescent ceramic composite material, a feature that enhances the technical aesthetics while significantly increasing the luminous surface of the hour markers. The dial is composed of two main elements, a sunray satin-finished flat disc whose subtle sheen contrasts with the matt finish of the 45° conical sandblasted flange. Last but not least, the name Pelagos stands out in a shiny cherry red at 6 o’clock, breaking up the model’s two-tone palette.

Self-made movement MT5400

The Pelagos 39 model is equipped with the original factory movement MT5400. Its construction is designed to ensure robustness, longevity, reliability and precision thanks to its variable inertia balance held in place by a solid beam with two fixing points. Thanks to this balance wheel and non-magnetic silicon hairspring, the manufacturer Caliber MT5400 has been certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) as a chronometer whose performance exceeds the standards set by this independent institution. In fact, COSC allows an average variation of a watch’s daily travel time between -4 and +6 seconds relative to the absolute time of a single movement, while Tudor insists on a variation of -2 to +4 seconds in its travel time when it is fully assembled. watches hot replica

Another notable feature is the power reserve of the in-house movement MT5400 which is “weekend proof” of around 70 hours, which allows the wearer to take off the watch on a Friday night and put it back on on a Monday morning without winding it.

Titanium Bracelet and Rubber Strap

The Pelagos 39 model comes with a fully satin-brushed titanium bracelet with a TUDOR “T-fit” clasp for quick length adjustment. The system is easy to use, requires no tools and offers five positions, allowing the wearer to make fine, on-the-fly adjustments to the overall length of the bracelet along an 8mm adjustment window. The clasp also features a 25mm bracelet extension to allow the watch to be worn over a wetsuit.

The Pelagos 39 comes with a second black rubber strap with a titanium pin buckle, connected to the case by titanium end links. A rubber extension is also included to extend the strap further, up to 110mm.

PELAGOS family

The TUDOR Pelagos collection offers a wide range of high-tech mechanical diver’s watches at the forefront of the field. The product line now consists of four models and is the worthy successor to the Tudor tool watch, used by pioneers of underwater exploration all over the world since the 1950s. Suitable for right-handed and left-handed divers respectively, the Pelagos and Pelagos LHD models offer an ergonomic solution that is not only suitable for most underwater environments, but is also specially designed for so-called “saturation” diving thanks to the helium escape valve. Developed with combat swimmers from the French Navy, the Pelagos FXD model is an instrument that allows easy countdown during so-called “oxygen” dives, where the user does not need to descend to depths requiring decompression stops . at last,

Tudor diving watch

The history of Tudor diving watches can be traced back to the reference 7922 launched in 1954. Water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet), a first for many dive watches. Affordable, durable, reliable and precise, it perfectly embodies the brand’s tool watch philosophy. Tudor diving watches have been continuously improved in the seventy years since their inception, and have won praise from industry professionals, including some of the greatest military navies in the world.

Tudor Guarantee

Since its founding by Hans Wilsdorf in 1926, adhering to his vision of an ideal watchmaking product, Tudor has never stopped producing the most robust, durable, reliable and precise nice watches shop available today. With this experience and confidence in the superior quality of its watches, Tudor offers a five-year warranty on all its products. This guarantee does not require the watch to be registered or submitted for periodic inspection and is transferable.

Tudor Pelagos 39 Specifications
Model 25407N


39mm grade 2 titanium case with satin finish


Unidirectional rotating bezel in grade 2 titanium with sunray inset satin-finished ceramic and luminescent material

winding crown

Screw-down crown in grade 2 titanium with embossed TUDOR shield


Black sunburst satin finish with sandblasted flange


sapphire crystal


Water-resistant to 200 meters (660 feet)


Titanium three-link bracelet with TUDOR “T-fit” folding clasp, safety clasp and diver’s extension. Black rubber strap with pin buckle and diver extension included in the box


Homemade caliber MT5400

Self-winding mechanical movement with bidirectional oscillating weight


Swiss Chronometer officially certified by COSC (Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute)


Central hour, minute and second hands

Stop-seconds mechanism for precise time setting


Variable inertia balance, fine-tuning screws

Non-magnetic silicon hairspring

Frequency: 28,800 beats/hour (4 Hz)

overall diameter



5 mm


27 gems

power reserve

about 70 hours

Rolex 2022 key new watches at a time: GMT-Master II left crown green and black circle, Yacht-Master Platinum Eagle Eye Edition

In the past two years, Rolex cheap has been attacked by collectors in the market because of its over-priced hype. In addition, last year’s models were relatively flat, so it seemed that no matter what surprises Rolex presented, it could be treated calmly and calmly; until the official website was refreshed, this year’s new models The moment I jumped into my eyes, I have to admit that Rolex is indeed unparalleled in creating topics and catching the eyes of watch fans. The new version is the most popular version washing king in the community: GMT-Master II 126720VTNR, which has two rare features: the left crown + green and black circle; the second is Air-King, which has a revised dial scale and is equipped with a new generation of movement; as for the pocket is deep enough Strong collectors must pay attention to the Day-date of the first platinum triangular pit ring.

Rolex’s first green and black circle + mass-produced left crown 126720VTNR

ROLEX GMT-Master II 126720VTNR-0001 Model information Diameter 40mm, stainless steel / 3285 automatic winding movement / date, dual time zone, 24 hours / solid bottom cover / waterproof depth of 100 meters

ROLEX GMT-Master II 126720VTNR-0002 Model information Diameter 40mm, stainless steel / 3285 automatic winding movement / date, dual time zone, 24 hours / solid bottom cover / waterproof depth of 100 meters

Rolex’s brand new model: 126720VTNR, it is difficult to decide whether the green and black circle is more topical, or the left crown is more surprising? Following the red-black, red-blue, blue-black and brown-black, GMT-Master II launched the fifth color: green and black circle, which is also the fourth Cerachrom ceramic word circle of the two-color circle, conforming to the configuration of the left crown, The date window is also adjusted to the 9 o’clock position, and the Oyster oyster belt and the Jubilee five-bead belt are launched at one time. In view of the fact that the two-color circle has always had its own nickname, such as Pepsi circle, Coke circle, and SARS circle, what will this one be called? At present, foreign friends call it “Sprite” Sprite, or “Starbucks” Starbucks (but Starbucks seems to have been preempted by 126610LV), and the naming competition is another kind of fun.

Distance from “5” to “05”
Air-King 126900

ROLEX Air-King 126900-0001 Model Information Diameter 40mm, stainless steel / 3230 automatic winding movement / hour and minute display / solid bottom cover / waterproof depth of 100 meters

Air-King, which was very popular before the exhibition, really launched a new model, but it is not a new color dial, and the diameter of the watch remains 40mm. The new model changes the “5” on the minute scale of the dial to “05”. Recognition, on the one hand, also makes the dial more symmetrical; in addition, the difference in appearance also includes the addition of crown shoulder guards and the 3230 movement.

The first triangular pit ring in platinum
Day-date 40 228236

ROLEX Day-date 40 228236-0012 Model information Diameter 40mm, platinum material / 3255 self-winding movement / date, week / solid bottom cover / 70-hour kinetic energy display / waterproof depth of 100 meters

Ice blue face is a face plate color that has been popular with brands and markets since last year, and Rolex has long been adept at using this bright color. The Day-date series has always limited precious metal watches, and only platinum materials can be matched with ice blue surfaces, so in Rolex ice blue is synonymous with luxury. And this highly recognizable color, a new triangular pit pattern bezel style, with a diameter of 40mm, with 18K white gold three-dimensional Roman hour markers, blue second hand and the iconic President-shaped chain belt, makes this luxurious style even more shine.

The first time to see the gold material Yacht-Master
And the platinum eagle eye dial

ROLEX Yacht-Master 42 226658-0001 Model information Diameter 42mm, gold material / 3235 automatic winding movement / date / solid bottom cover / 70-hour kinetic energy display / waterproof depth of 100 meters

ROLEX Yacht-Master 42 226659-0004 Model information Diameter 42mm, platinum material / 3235 automatic winding movement / date / solid bottom cover / waterproof depth of 100 meters

Yacht-Master is also a series based on precious metals. In 2022, it launched a gold case for the first time, with a diameter of 42mm, with a black dial and all white letters; in addition, there is a new 226659-0004 “Eagle Eye” face The disc hidden version, compared with the old model 226659-0002, the new black dial has more blue lines, which is a very rare Rolex style, and of course the price is also more expensive than the general version.

Brand New Flower Finish
Date just 31

ROLEX Datejust 31 278274-0035 Model information Diameter 31mm, half gold material / 2236 automatic winding movement / date / solid bottom cover / 55-hour kinetic energy display / waterproof depth of 100 meters

Datejust 31’s new flower pattern surface is treated with three finishes: sunray, matte or grained. The three different materials are matched with different color dials and chain strap styles. Two-tone white gold model, with sky blue flower pattern dial, triangular fluted bezel and Oyster strap; 18ct yellow gold model with diamond-set bezel, olive green dial and President bracelet; Two-tone rose gold model Bezel set with diamonds (a combination of Oystersteel and Everose gold), with a silver dial and a commemorative Jubilee bracelet. for luxury watches replica

The 2022 World Cup players and their luxury watches

The quadrennial World Cup officially kicks off in Qatar. In the next month, I believe that the headlines of major news will be inseparable from the hot topic of “World Cup”.

In addition to winning or losing, there are other scenery.

In fact, many celebrities have studied the replica Watches uk field, shared photos on social media, and sometimes pursued some new watch models. So today, let’s take a look at the watches worn by some football stars.

Certainly no player will wear it while playing. However, players will wear watches on the way to Qatar, they will wear watches during interviews, during games, referees will wear watches, coaches on the sidelines will wear watches, and many people in the audience wear watches.

Therefore, we have made some inventory of the watches that appeared in the World Cup in the past few days, and briefly shared them with you. Among them, Rolex is definitely the most, and the frequency of departure of Hublot is also very high.

When Messi landed in Qatar, he was wearing a Rolex Platinum Ice Blue Daytona at the airport. This watch has been discontinued and replaced by this year’s new model, model 128236, dog ring. The new dog ring is also the first time Rolex has used it on a platinum Daytona.

But when it came to the World Cup interview, Messi wore a Patek Philippe 5740G on his wrist.

Ronaldo’s habit of wearing watches has always been from a local tyrant, all kinds of fancy big diamond watches. During the World Cup interview, he wore the latest Epic Baguette skeleton watch specially created by his old friend Jacob & Co. The watch is set with 4.6 carats of diamonds, and on the front is a picture of his classic header against Manchester United when he played for Real Madrid.

Beckham is the spokesperson of Tudor and is very dedicated. When he appears in front of the public camera, he basically wears a Tudor watch. In this World Cup, he wore Tudor M79250BM with a bronze case and a bronze bracelet when watching the game in the auditorium.

French striker Kylian Mbappe also wore a Hublot during World Cup interviews. Hublot Soul of Big Bang moon phase Best Cheap Replica Watches.

England’s next-generation midfielder Declan Rice wears a Rolex Meteorite Daytona for a makeup shoot.

Brazilian striker Neymar was wearing a Rolex Daytona rainbow diamond ring version when he got off the plane. There are two other versions of this watch, one with a dog tooth ring and the other with a super baby’s breath that is also set with diamonds on the bracelet.

Dutch striker Memphis Depay was photographed wearing a very unpopular Rolex Platinum Daytona before the game, with a platinum case, dog tooth ring, and diamond lettering.

Belgian striker Lukaku wore a Rolex Day-Date model: 228348 when he got off the plane for an interview.

When the Croatian midfielder Modric got off the plane, he was wearing a very ordinary Rolex Datejust mint green DJ, which is the aperture version.

Ballon d’Or winner Benzema wears a Richard Mille RM055 Bubba Watson with twin barrels. ATZ baffle has the characteristics of stable color and high hardness. The bezel and bottom bezel are made of grade 5 titanium. material and comes with a white rubber protector. Unfortunately, Benzema will miss this World Cup due to a quadriceps injury in his left thigh.

Tang Anju, who scored the first goal for the Japanese team, wore a Hublot watch. This is the Big Bang e Smart Watch Qatar World Cup Japan National Team Special Edition.

After the Saudis won Argentina, their sports minister was as happy as a child. He wears IWC IW506003 on his wrist.

Saudi coach Herve Renard wore a Hublot green ceramic BIG BANG watch during the game. I can’t tell which one it is, but the one that looks like a rhinoceros is limited to 100 pieces worldwide.

England coach Southgate also wore a Hublot watch during the game, but he wore a Hublot smart watch.