Patek Philippe Ref. 5304/301R-001 Minute Repeater with Retrograde Perpetual Calendar

The new rose gold version of this Patek Philippe Minute Repeater and Retrograde Perpetual Calendar watch is decorated with 80 baguette diamonds and belongs to the “Rare Handicrafts” series of the Geneva family. This new complication watch is equipped with a transparent sapphire crystal dial, and the wearer can admire the movement from the front of the watch.

The first Patek Philippe complication with a transparent sapphire crystal dial was designated as Ref. 2006 5104; it had a platinum case with rose gold appliques. From 2014 to 2018, closely followed by Ref. 5304 rose gold with white gold intarsia. Now, Patek Philippe has released a new version of rose gold high jewellery. Its bezel, lugs and folding clasp are shining under the fire of 80 flawless top Wesselton baguette diamonds (approximately 6.22 carats).

For this timepiece, Patek Philippe has developed an ingenious system that displays the day, month, and leap year cycle through a transparent sapphire crystal plate, where each display is highlighted in white and contrasts with the black background of the small hole below. To fix the extremely thin sapphire crystal disc on its tiny steel mandrel, a unique and patented assembly process must be developed.

The hollow black lacquered white gold leaf-shaped hands also enhance the visual effect of the movement and its steel parts. Its beveled and polished edges contrast with the rose gold plate decorated with pearl powder. The hand of the flyback date display has a crescent-shaped tip, and numbers are marked on the scale on the outermost edge of the dial. The perpetual calendar has a moon phase display and small seconds at 6 o’clock.

To further enhance the charm of this timepiece, Patek Philippe integrated exquisite platinum inlays and carved leaf patterns on the side of the case and the timekeeping slide.

The sapphire crystal caseback shows the magnificent view of the self-winding calibre R 27 PS QR LU movement, especially the minute repeater with two gongs or the centrifugal governor under the perforated Calatrava cross pattern. The rose gold embedded eccentric micro-rotor is decorated with leaf patterns and rhodium-plated sink. good website

technical details
Calibre R 27 PS QR LU
Self-winding mechanical movement
Diameter: 28 mm
Height: 7.23 mm
Parts: 517
Splint: 12 pieces
Gems: 41
Power reserve: at least. 38 hours, up to 48 hours
22K gold eccentric mini
Oscillating weight: Gyromax®
Vibration/hour: 21 600 (3 Hz)
Hairspring: Spiromax®
Logo: Patek Philippe Seal

Minute repeater with classic gong
Perpetual calendar with retrograde date hand Date
, Month and leap year window manual
Moon phase
Small seconds

Transparent sapphire, date and minute markers, white printed with gold powder dots

Watch case
Rose gold
Sapphire crystal case back
Only moisture and dustproof (not waterproof)
Diameter: 43 mm
Height: 13.3 mm
Gem setting: 58 baguette diamonds: approximately 5.25 carats. (Baffle plate and lugs). 22 baguette diamonds: approximately 0.97 carats. (buckle). A total of 80 baguette diamonds: approximately 6.22 carats.

Crocodile leather with square scales, hand-stitched, shiny black
Diamond-studded folding clasp

Patek Philippe-Ref. 6002R-001 Sky Moon Tourbillon Haut Artisanat

After we launched the Reference 5374G three-question perpetual calendar yesterday, today we focus on introducing another timepiece in the “rare handicrafts” series launched by Patek Philippe this week, the Haut Artisanat Ref. 6002R-001.

Ref. was launched in 2001. The 5002 Sky Moon Tourbillon remains Patek Philippe’s second-complex watch and one of the most respected large-scale complications by collectors.

From 2013 to 2016, two more versions were created: a white gold case with blue enamel dial (6002G-001) and a white gold case with black enamel (6002G-010).

In the latest version of this double-sided watch, the warm tones of rose gold complement the brown Grand Feu enamel.

The periphery of the dial, the moon phase window and the moon on the rotating disc are all made of hollow enamel. Through this technique, the gold dial is hollowed out by hand according to the selected contour, and then the groove is filled with enamel compound by hand. Between each coating, the dial is fired at an extremely high temperature of 850°C.

The center of the dial is decorated with grand flame cloisonné enamel, made of thin flat gold thread.

The 44 mm x 17.35 mm case, crown, chime rail and folding clasp are all hand-engraved with volutes and arabesque patterns. It takes more than 100 hours of working time to complete this process.

The Sky Moon Tourbillon combines 12 complications, including a tourbillon and a minute repeater that strikes the cathedral gong. On the front dial, we found a perpetual calendar with retrograde date, moon phase display and leap year cycle.

On the other hand, we have an amazing picture of the celestial body: three overlapping discs move on different, accurately calculated trajectories to reproduce the apparent motion of the moon and stars as seen from the northern hemisphere.

The manual winding Calibre R TO 27 QR SID LUCL composed of 705 parts beats at a frequency of 3 Hz (21,600 vibrations per hour) and has a power reserve of 38 to 48 hours. The watch is moisture-proof and dust-proof, but not waterproof.

Replace reference. The new Patek Philippe Ref. 6002G-010 in white gold, with a black Grand Feu enamel dial. 6002R-001 Sky Moon Tourbillon Haut Artisanat comes with a pair of hand-carved rose gold cufflinks.

Patek Philippe top men’s watch

Patek Philippe cheap has produced luxury watches for more than 180 years, innovating through new designs, technologies and complications. The brand has even been included in the respected Trinity watch along with Vacheron Constantin and Audemars Piguet. In today’s watch market, Patek Philippe produces approximately 70,000 watches each year, covering 140 different models, including the coveted ladies’ watches.

Top 10 Patek Philippe Men’s Watches
Patek Philippe is known for its classic formal watches and precious metal complications, but they also produce some of the most popular stainless steel sports watches. Learn more about some of Patek Philippe’s most popular references.

  1. Nautilus 5711/1A
    Since its first introduction in the 1970s, Nautilus has always been a favorite of collectors. 5711 was launched in 2006 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this model. The blue dial 5711/1A refers to the striking blue/black gradient dial and the updated stylish steel case. Since then, 5711 is equipped with a white dial and precious metal materials. At the beginning of 2021, Patek Philippe announced that they would discontinue this highly sought after model.
  2. Aquanaut 5167/1A-001
    A new series of the Patek Philippe model series is Aquanaut, which was launched in 1997. It is regarded as a sports version of Nautilus, and the model series can be paired with a bracelet or a tropical rubber strap. Read a complete overview of Aquanaut’s history for more information. Model 5167/1A-001 perfectly matches the stainless steel bracelet. The dial style of the 5167 has been updated compared to the previous 5065A, with a more prominent curve in the embossing.
  3. Calatrava pilot travel time 5524G-001
    Calatrava Pilot Travel Time was launched in 2015 and is a unique addition to the other official styles of the Calatrava collection. Although pilot watches are usually made of steel, this model is only made of platinum. Since then, it was launched in rose gold. The watch is equipped with the CH 424 SC FUS movement, which can easily display local time and home time on the dial.
  4. Big complications 5270G-001
    5270G-001 is the first internal perpetual calendar chronograph. This dial configuration has no tachymeter scale, and the radial date at 6 o’clock is inside the railroad markings. Later generations of this model, such as 5270G-018, have a tachometer scale and a radial date, with the scale slightly lowered at the 6 o’clock position. Collectors and connoisseurs often refer to this as “chinless” and “chin” reference.
  5. Grand Complications Split Seconds Chronograph 5370P-001
    Another 5370P-001 in 2015 is equipped with a platinum case, showing the best style and craftsmanship of Patek Philippe. It has an internal two-second chronograph movement using a two-push button system. The distinctive black dial is also traditional Patek Philippe, which is enamel, giving depth and darkness.
  6. Grand Complications Celestial 5102J & 6102P
    Grand Complications Celestial was first launched in 2002 as a reference model 5102, available in platinum or gold. Since then, it has been re-released as 6102, available in platinum or rose gold. This is a bold style with a gold case and blue dial. The dial itself spins the stars in the night sky.
  7. Complication World Time 5130/1G-011
    The world time 5130/1G-011 is the final model of the 5130 watch. It was launched in 2006 as a white gold watch with an all white gold bracelet. Unlike the other variants of this reference, it has a mostly monochromatic color scheme and a gray sunburst dial. It does have some popular colors, which can be found in the red markings of the sun and moon indicators and the world time indicator.
  8. Complication Annual Calendar Chronograph 5960
    Without an annual calendar, no list will be complete. In fact, Patek Philippe has applied for a patent for the annual calendar, which only needs to be adjusted for leap years. Reference 5960 takes the annual calendar to a new level, combining it with a chronograph. The dial is easy to read and symmetrical, with an annual calendar day, date and month on the top arch, and a single counter chronograph in the lower half of the balance dial.
  9. Calatrava 5119 or 6119
    For more entry-level Patek Philippe, please see 5119G or 5119J. This white gold or gold watch features a clean white dial with classic Roman numerals and fine hands. The spiked bezel adds a layer of texture to the watch. This has a slightly smaller case with a size of 36 mm. Use a smaller case with a clean chronograph dial to make it a perfect dress watch. 6119G is the successor to 5119. This manual wind watch features a white gold case and a charcoal gray dial.
  10. Complication 5212A-001
    In this list, but by no means an extensive catalog of Patek Philippe men’s watches, it is reference number 5212A-001. This stainless-steel complex watch has hit the watch world hard. First of all, it is a stainless steel complex timepiece, not a sporty one. Secondly, the watch has unique weekly calendar complications. Starting from the ring in the center of the dial, you will see the day of the week and the date at 3 o’clock, which can be seen on many models. Continuing outward past the hours and minutes, is the first chapter ring, the week number is numbered 1-53. Along the outer ring of the dial is the month aligned with the correct week number.

Patek Philippe is known for its high complexity, impeccable finishing, formal watches and calendar complications. Looking for a different model?

Who wears one?
Patek Philippe caters to a wide range of collectors. Celebrities are often seen wearing Patek Philippe watches, including John Mayer, Ellen Degeneres and Jay Z. The brand is often mentioned in rap songs, even in the four songs on DJ Khaled’s album Grateful.

In addition to celebrities, Patek Philippe can be found on the wrists of many collectors, from merchants to CEOs, and those looking for special works. best fake watches

The new Patek Philippe Nautilus travel time chronograph reference. 5990/1R

The Patek Philippe Nautilus sports watch has different meanings to different types of watch collectors. For “Flippers”, it is free when purchased at retail prices. For historians, it is one of Gerald Genta’s best designs. For enthusiasts, it is a symbol of modern watchmaking, and its exquisite craftsmanship is enough to make angels cheer. No matter what it is, there is no doubt that Nautilus is one of Patek Philippe’s greatest achievements in recent history.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph Ref. 5990/1R
Among the many models that have added luster to the series, the Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph Ref. 5990 is one of the most complicated. The longest time, reference. 5990 is only available in stainless steel. Now, 7 years after its debut, Patek Philippe finally launched a new rose gold style, which may not only be influenced by Ref. 5990 but a general Nautilus sports watch. Here, we bring you the low-key and our thoughts on the Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph Ref. 5990/1R.

Case, dial and hands
New reference. 5990/1R retains the shell design and dimensions of the previous model. The size of this watch is 40.5 mm x 12.53 mm. It has a confident presence, but it is not clumsy. The change in this new reference is the material. referee. The 5990/1R is presented in full rose gold, making it the most gorgeous variant of the Nautilus travel time chronograph. On the wrist, it is definitely much heavier than the stainless steel brother. The best part of the case and bracelet—whether stainless steel or rose gold—is the perfect finish. From the bezel to the links of the bracelet, this watch is decorated with satin-brushed and polished finishes in an alternating manner, which is sure to attract the eye.

It is the same rich blue dial as the new Ref. 5990/1R. The surface is decorated with subtle sunburst patterns, and the imprinted dial is like a chameleon, changing the color tone as the angle of incident light changes. Another major change in the dial is the hour markers, window frame and hands, which are now also made of rose gold. Other aspects of the dial, especially the display and layout, remain unchanged. You can still get the same radial date at 12 o’clock, with a chronograph minute counter at 6 o’clock, and local and home day/night indicators at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock, respectively. This cross-shaped layout is very balanced. fake watches

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” Driving reference 5990/1R is the same 370 parts, 34 jewels caliber CH 28-520 C FUS, which powers the previous stainless steel model. The self-winding movement has an average power reserve of 50 hours and runs at a modern 4 Hz frequency. It is equipped with four of the most practical watchmaking complications: 60-minute flyback chronograph, dual time, day/night indication of local and home time, and of course the date.

Calibre CH 28-520 C FUS is valued not only for its function, but also for its appearance. Although the Calibre CH 28-520 C FUS does not have the evocative structure of a horizontal clutch chronograph (it is a vertical clutch chronograph), the movement still gains a lot of beauty due to its impeccable finish. Through the sapphire crystal back cover, you can see a 21k gold central rotor with circular Geneva waves, bridge plates with linear Geneva waves and polished bevels, polished screw heads, gold-plated engravings, and pearl patterns on the bottom plate.

referee. The 5990/1R is a luxury watch with the ultimate travel theme, and the reason is simple. This is a coveted Patek Philippe Nautilus. It has four super practical travel-related complications. It is flawless inside and out. Of course, it is all rose gold and indomitable. As you might expect, such excellent quality is not cheap. The Patek Philippe Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph Ref. 5990/1R is priced at US$106,452, which means that if you can buy one at a retail store.

referee. 5990/1R is very suitable for ordinary male wrists. The bracelet seamlessly fits the shape of the wrist, ensuring unparalleled comfort.

The new Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph Ref. 5990/1R is loud and proud. With its rose gold body and electric blue dial, Ref. 5990/1R must have fans and critics alike. However, everyone agrees on the quality of watchmaking involved and its role in satisfying the greedy appetite of the Nautilus market.

Patek Philippe fake

Built for the future

In 2020, fake Patek Philippe completed the construction of a new production building in Plan-Les-Ouates, Geneva. Focusing on the future, this modern facility brings all the studios of the brand together under one roof. The sizeable space includes 10 floors, accommodating their rare handicraft professionals and training facilities.

This new structure reaffirms Patek Philippe’s Geneva roots and its confidence in the future of watchmaking, a perfect combination of tradition and innovation. To celebrate this latest milestone in its long and rich history, they launched an exclusive timepiece, the commemorative Calatrava Ref. 6007.

Its case and wide curved polished steel bezel are eye-catching, which is a very rare material in the Patek Philippe series. This is a collector’s dream. Only 1,000 watches were produced, each of which was engraved with the Calatrava cross and the words “New Manufacture 2019”. This is the year when the first batch of working groups moved into the new production building.

It took about five years to complete the construction work. This expansion expects manufacturers to achieve growth in the next 20 to 30 years. At the beginning of the project, Patek Philippe President Thierry Stern said:

“We believe this building will help the future. Everything is under one roof, and it is much easier to work and ensure quality. This is the next generation of production vision.” replica watches usa

New era, Plan-Les-Ouates, Geneva

In 1996, Patek Philippe moved its manufacturing plant and headquarters to a new plant in Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva. This marked the entry of a new era for the family-owned haute watch company. In keeping with their traditions, they used two commemorative watches-the famous Ref. 5500 pagoda and reference. 5029 Three questions telling the time.

Soon after, a watch case and bracelet workshop was opened in nearby Perly in 2003. A new factory was established in Plan-les-Ouates in 2010 to produce the components used in the manufacturer’s movements.

From digging the foundation to completing the new production building last year, the seemingly risky move of the Swiss brand to move outside of Geneva seems completely reasonable. It is seen as the key to ensuring their survival during the difficult times in the watch world. This also allows them to innovate and create, enhancing their reputation as one of the best watchmakers in the world.

Special edition Calatrava Ref. 6007A-001

This one-of-a-kind stainless steel Calatrava has a unique design that pays tribute to the latest major development in Patek Philippe’s journey. Its diameter is 40 mm, and the sapphire crystal case back is specially marked with the Calatrava cross and inscription.

The design of the dial reflects a vibrant and dynamic face. The design includes bar hands for hours and minutes, a self-winding movement and the integration of the date display at 3 o’clock and the application of Arabic numerals.

The distinctive graphic style emphasizes the technical personality of the dial. At the same time, the gray-blue color is matched with a subtle round satin finish, which is in sharp contrast with the white dial imprint, three-dimensional numerals and white gold and white lacquered hands with luminous coating.

The calfskin strap with white decorative seams, claw clasps and delicate embossing patterns reminiscent of textile fabrics match the center of the dial in color and structure.

Like many other timepieces of the brand, aesthetics and engineering quality have reached the highest level, providing enjoyment not only for the present but also for the next generation. Just like the brand’s new production building, this is a flagship store for the creation, development and production of Patek Philippe watches, with an impressive scale.

Patek Philippe range of watches.

Thierry Stern – Patek Philippe today and tomorrow

The origins of the Manufacture

Patek Philippe Commemorative Calatrava Ref. 6007A-001

Patek Philippe Commemorative Calatrava Ref. 6007A-001

Patek Philippe launches Sky Moon Tourbillon Ref. 6002R

Cheapest Patek Philippe Watch Price Replica Grand Complications Sky Moon Tourbillon 6002 Rose Gold 6002R-001

Rose gold and brown enamel.

Patek Philippe unveiled the cover of a series of timepieces decorated with handmade techniques at the opening of the annual rare craftsmanship exhibition in Geneva, including the new version of its ultra-luxury complication Sky Moon Tourbillon Ref. 6002R.

Blue enamel is provided first, then black, Sky Moon Tourbillon ref. The 6002 is the most complicated watch in the Patek Philippe catalog until the Grandmaster Chime ref. 6300 and the Grand Sonnerie reference. 6301.

But the Sky Moon Tourbillon is still the most ornately decorated one of its kind. Every surface of the case—even the hands—is engraved with arabesque and cloisonné enamel dials.

The Sky Moon Tourbillon is huge, 44 mm wide and more than 17 mm high. It is an expensive and complicated watch that looks very expensive and complicated. For customers who find Richard Mille affordable but unrefined, it is usually a statement that the new rose gold variant makes sense.

This metal is the most popular metal for high-end watches, globally, especially in Asia. It is warmer and richer, making the watch look more luxurious-this is a useful feature of such a watch.

The reason for the rose gold sky and moon tourbillon is clear. As a watch, I am sure it will be impressive, and because of its brighter colors, it may be more impressive than earlier versions of the watch.

For most people, it is too baroque-of course can not afford-but the target audience will like it.

Handmade decoration
Rare Handcrafts is the label that cheap Patek Philippe puts on its timepieces, using traditional decoration techniques from enamel to inlay. Although the number is relatively small relative to the size of the company, rare handicrafts are a key part of the brand identity and an important part of its business.

Tianyue Tourbillon reference. 6002 not only embodies rare craftsmanship, but also embodies a variety of complex functions, making it the perfect embodiment of the brand’s contemporary watchmaking craftsmanship.

Its case is very extensively decorated-according to Patek Philippe, the engraving time is up to 100 hours. All surfaces of the large case are hand-engraved with “volute and arabesque”, including the edge of the case back and the minute repeater slide. Even the folding clasp is engraved, and each watch comes with a pair of matching cufflinks.

The front dial is decorated with two forms of enamel. The middle leaf is cloisonné-tiny gold threads that form a shape, then filled with enamel. replica watches china

On the other hand, the rest of the dial is champleve. Here, the base of the dial—naturally solid 18k gold—is carved to recreate the grooves and then filled with enamel, leaving only the relief part visible. For example, the minute track and the frame of the date and month are the raised parts of the dial base.

Leaf-shaped hands are in rose gold, engraved in the same style as the case

In terms of complications, hand wind calibration. There are 12 of R TO 27 QR SID LU CL displayed on both sides of the watch. The movement adopts a modular structure and consists of three main layers-the basic movement with minute repeater and tourbillon, the perpetual calendar module on the front and the astronomical display module on the back.

On the front is the time and a perpetual calendar with retrograde date, and on the back is a star map showing the sky and sidereal time over Geneva.

On the left side of the case is the slide rail of the minute repeater.

Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon Haut Artisanat
Ref. 6002R-001

Diameter: 44 mm
Height: 17.35 mm
Material: 18k rose gold
Crystal: Sapphire
Water resistance: Humidity and dust resistant; not water resistant

Movement: Cal. R TO 27 QR SID LU CL
Functions: Time, perpetual calendar with leap year and retrograde date, sky chart with sidereal time, minute repeater, and tourbillon regulator
Frequency: 21,600 beats per hour (3 Hz)
Winding: Hand wind
Power reserve: 38-48 hours

Strap: Alligator with engraved folding clasp

Patek Philippe Cheap watches

5711 may be leaving, but Patek Philippe will do it When we bid farewell to the iconic Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 steel, Patek Philippe once again proved that it is not just a steel integrated bracelet timepiece.

There is no doubt that Patek Philippe is a master watchmaker. And this year, the release of its “Watches and Miracles” proved this point. These new products prove that Patek Philippe does not need the 5711 to make waves in its product line. Recently, Watchonista had the opportunity to experience these novelties firsthand, this is our view.

5711 / 1300A-Farewell
So far, green dials are ubiquitous in 2021. Patek Philippe also embraces this trend for its famous 5711 steel swan-shaped dial, providing 5711/1300A with an olive-green dial with iconic reliefs Horizontal pattern. However, the color of the dial reminds me of the old Patek Philippe (Nautiluses?) when they saw it with the exquisite blue dial.

The real projector is the famous octagonal bezel with 32 flawless top Wesselton baguette-cut diamonds (approximately 3.6 carats). To make it even more unique, each of these 32 diamonds has a slightly trapezoidal shape to perfectly fit the rounded corners of the octagonal bezel. To some people, choosing one of the most expensive diamonds may seem strange on a stainless steel timepiece. But I think this is the perfect way to say a sincere goodbye to such iconic quotes.

5990 / 1R-the perfect match
Patek Philippe Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph ref. The 5990/1R is matched with rose gold and blue embossed dials. Although the watch has five complicated functions, the dial is clear and easy to read, and it is not too confusing. The rose gold 40.5 mm timepiece is a masterpiece. Its lines are as elegant as the 5711, but its notes are completely different.

The new Patek Philippe Ref. 5990/1R Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph

The two time zones are the flyback chronograph, the 60-minute counter, the analog date and the day and night indicator, all driven by the CH 28520 C FUS caliber that can be admired on the back of the watch. Although the height of the timepiece is still 12.53mm, it still fits well on the wrist. Overall, the new 5990/1R is very bold, but it reflects Patek Philippe’s superb skills in the field of sports watches.

5236P – Showstopper
In all Patek Philippe releases, the perpetual calendar reference number. So far, I like 5236P best. The first detail that caught my attention was the radial blue dial, which looked like an exquisite satin-brushed finish. Unlike most traditional QP watches, at 12 o’clock, the aperture of the date, date and month makes the dial extremely legible. To this end, Patek Philippe watchmakers and engineers have developed a new movement 31-260 PS QL, which has an additional embedded display module, for which the brand has applied for three patents.

On the wrist, it looks as good as you expect. This is a real conversation starter. Low-key and elegant, you won’t have a perpetual calendar at first glance. The 41.3mm platinum case is relatively thin (11.07mm), especially for the new movement design.

6119G-the new classic
Patek Philippe is known for its sophistication, elegance and understated luxury. All these descriptors are applicable to the new Calatrava. The new Patek Philippe Philippe Calatrava Ref has a more modern and fresh appearance. 6119G will definitely attract the audience.

The dial draws some inspiration from the 5236P, and its charcoal gray surface has a vertical satin finish. However, the diameter of this platinum timepiece is 39 mm, which is slightly larger than the 5236P. The 6119G is extremely thin, thanks to the manual winding movement of 30-255 PS, the thickness is only 8.1mm. And on the wrist, the “Clous de Paris” pattern on the bezel is particularly delicate. In fact, the new Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref. 6119G may be the perfect watch for celebrating businessmen or businesswomen!

The cool appearance of Patek Philippe Philippe Nautilus 5711 stainless steel may make collectors feel sad, but the future of the Geneva brand is bright. Now is the time to make other Patek Philippe series and skills brighter, and discontinuing 5711 is the right way.

These products released in 2021 show that there is something for every taste, and we should not crave the late stainless steel sports watch. Collectors of exquisite and traditional wrist watches for men rejoice!

Patek Philippe-Calatrava “Clous de Paris” Ref. 6119R and 6119G

Patek Philippe replica is updating one of its most iconic formal watches, Calatrava, whose bezel is decorated with a hollow “Clous de Paris” pattern.

This polished diamond pattern composed of small pyramid tips first appeared in Calatrava’s bezel Ref in 1934. 96D (decorated as D). Since then, it has been reinterpreted into multiple versions. The most successful model with this decorative element is probably the Reference 3919, introduced in 1985 and produced for 20 years: it has a manually wound 215 PS movement, an auxiliary second hand at 6 o’clock, with black lacquered Roman numerals and straight White dial with lugs. .

The Calatrava “Clous Paris” is now equipped with a decisively modern appearance, with 39 mm, hour markers and a slightly larger diameter for this model that has clearly developed a brand new manual winding Patek Philippe sports dial.

Two versions have been proposed. Model 6119R-001 combines a rose gold case and a silver dial, as well as hour markers and rose gold hands.

The reference 6119G-001 white gold features a charcoal gray dial enhanced by the vertical polishing interrupted by the attached snail-shaped seconds dial. The applied hour markers and hands are made of the same metal as the case.

The gold hour hand type hour and minute hands have three faces instead of two. Thanks to the track minute scale on the periphery of the dial, it is clear and easy to read. The slender “cheveu”-style second hand rotates on the subdial at 6 o’clock and is divided into four quarters.

The round bezel is decorated with a guilloche-shaped nail pattern, has a slightly wider chamfered profile, and the thin, smooth rounded corners of a polished frame-shaped sapphire crystal.

The shape of the ears has also been redesigned. They are now no longer straight, but curved to make the transition from the case to the strap smoother and make the wrist more comfortable.

A new hand-wound cheap Patek Philippe movement is specially designed for this model, with a power reserve of 65 hours. Its development is based on the requirements for a manual winding movement, which has a diameter greater than 215 PS.

In fact, the inner diameter of the new movement 30-255 PS is 30.4 mm (total diameter 31 mm), while the 215 PS (total diameter 21.9 mm) is 21.5 mm, and the height remains unchanged at 2.55 mm, which makes it possible to change The total thickness of the watch (from the crystal to the back) is limited to only 8.08 mm.

The new 30-255 PS movement is particularly robust and can provide a power reserve of 65 hours or nearly three days. The above result can be achieved by using two barrels arranged in parallel. In contrast to barrels that are connected in series to expand the power reserve, parallel barrels increase the torque of the movement by increasing the torque of two barrels.

Despite the slim structure, this solution still provides maximum force and allows the balance to be deployed at twice the moment of inertia of 10 mg/cm2. The higher moment of inertia improves rate stability and simplifies the precise adjustment of a movement that beats at a frequency of 4 Hz (28,000 vibrations per hour), with a maximum deviation of -3 / + 2 seconds in 24 hours. fake watches uk

The stop second function stops the balance when the crown is pulled, so that the time can be set with one second accuracy. After pushing the crown back to its original position, the mechanism will activate the balance to make it move again.

Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can see that the movement 30-255 PS is beautifully completed with six bridges-each wheel or each function has a bridge-with Geneva stripes and chamfered and polished edges.

The new Patek Philippe Calatrava “Clous de Paris” is paired with red metallic (Ref. 6119R) or white gold (Ref. 6119R) with a glossy chocolate brown or black alligator strap, and a pin buckle made of the same metal as the case. 6119G).

Patek Philippe announces the launch of the new Calatrava, steel annual calendar and complications

In the second round released in 2021, Patek Philippe cheap launched five new models, which left a deep impression on people.

After Patek Philippe shines at the “Watches&Wonders 2021” Geneva virtual exhibition, it continues the momentum of the Shanghai “Watches&Wonders” physics exhibition through five models. The new Calatrava, annual calendar and new Grand Complication were added to the Nautilus version last week.

Patek Philippe Calatrava launches “Clous de Paris”
Patek Philippe has updated the manual winding “Hobnail Bezel” Calatrava series. These new models drew inspiration from reference books. 3919 and proposed a more modern aesthetic. The size of the new 6119R-001 and 6119G-001 is 39 mm, and it is available in rose gold or white gold, which is very beautiful.

The brand has replaced the painted Roman numeral markings with the newly applied 18K gold “obus” markings. The new Calatravas also uses a new guilloch-shaped nail pattern bezel, which is twice as thick as ref. 3919.

Although the new references are a discussion point in themselves, attention must be paid to the new manual winding movement that powers them. The new 30-255 PS calibre is Patek Philippe’s beautiful new base movement. Adhering to the tradition of Patek Philippe, each wheel and each function of the movement has an independent bridge. The results are shocking. In addition, the movement has a 65-hour power reserve, accurate to -3 / + 2 seconds in 24 hours.

The new Patek Philippe Ref. 6119G-001 (Platinum) and 6119R-001 (Rose Gold).

Brand new stainless steel annual calendar
The brand also quietly released a new polished stainless steel annual calendar. New reference. The 4947/1A-001 calendar has a beautiful blue “Shandong” dial. This watch is powered by the 324 S QA LU movement and has an annual calendar complication and moon phase function.

The stainless steel case is 38 mm long and is equipped with a stainless steel five-row bracelet with a folding clasp. The new Patek Philippe ref. 4947/1A-001 annual calendar.

New complication: series perpetual calendar
Patek Philippe saved the best products to the end with a new reference number. 5236P-001 Embedded Perpetual Calendar. This unique complication displays a single-line perpetual calendar display directly below the dial at 12 o’clock. This new single-line calendar format displays the month, date, and date through discs that are clearly legible and are displayed in a single line in an elongated hole.

Patek Philippe had previously used this method to make annual calendars with a pocket watch from 1972, but this complexity was never included in the watch. In order to achieve this feat, the brand began to use 31-260 REG QA movement. Then it is reprocessed into 31-260 PS QL caliber. The brand clarified the abbreviation meaning of the new movement in the press release: “PS stands for subsidiary seconds, QL stands for “quantième perpétuelen ligne” [in-line perpetual calendar].

The four turntables jumped instantly, and the movement smoothly transitioned from the 31st to the 1st of each month. The new 31-260 PS QL movement received three patent protections.

New reference. The 5236P-001 embedded perpetual calendar comes with a 41.30 mm platinum case.

Peak and eternity: Patek Philippe’s masterpiece of perpetual calendar

As one of the most respected watch brands in the world today, cheap Patek Philippe has been able to stand the test of generations without losing its momentum, and it has achieved its status as an achievement today. There are naturally different reasons, but there is one of the most important factors. That is Patek Philippe’s top achievements in complex performance watches. Among the countless complex features that Patek Philippe has created, the perpetual calendar has always occupied an extremely important position, because the world’s first watch with perpetual calendar performance is the number 97’975 perpetual calendar that Patek Philippe first created in 1925.

Whether to have an accurate calendar is a necessary indicator to measure whether an ancient civilization is advanced. Whether to design and produce an accurate and beautiful perpetual calendar watch is a key project for evaluating whether a watch factory is excellent. Try to imagine the ancient astronomers who observe the ups and downs of the sun, the moon and the stars every night, and finally discover the unchanging law of eternity until ten thousand years, how great the excitement is, just like stealing the secrets of the creator. match. Similarly, since mankind invented the clock, countless watchmakers have been exploring how to use gears and levers to calculate the complex rules that indicate the four seasons of the sun and the moon. It started with a clock tower, followed by a pocket watch, and finally it was a watch that was scaled down to the wrist.

There are three key points in the appreciation of perpetual calendar watches. One is the precise and reliable perpetual calendar mechanism; the second is the ingenious arrangement of the wheel train and cams to make the movement slimmer; the last is the clear and easy-to-read display of each time, and each is appropriate and appropriate. Show the elegance of aesthetics.

Perpetual calendar watches are as important to the history of clocks as fire is to the history of Roman mythology. There are three key points in the appreciation of perpetual calendar watches. One is the accurate and reliable perpetual calendar mechanism, which can accurately display each date and month of the month and month, and display the leap year of four years; the second is the ingenious arrangement of gear trains and cams to make the movement The thinner the watch is, the more advanced the watchmaking process is; the last is the clear and easy-to-read display of each time, and each is appropriate and appropriate, showing the elegance of aesthetics. Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar watches have a lofty status among collectors, precisely because they bring together these three advantages in one. In the following pages, we will introduce to readers the masterpieces of Patek Philippe’s perpetual calendar watches in detail.

The elegant first choice for slim and thin: Ref.5140 and Ref.5139

At the beginning of this topic, we pointed out the three key points of appreciation of perpetual calendar watches. One is the precise and reliable perpetual calendar mechanism; the second is the clever arrangement of the wheel train and cams to make the movement slimmer; and the last is each The display of the time is clear and easy to read, each has its own right and appropriate, showing the elegance of aesthetics. Patek Philippe’s Ref. 5140 and Ref. 5139 perpetual calendar watches can be described as both of the three, rich in historical classics and legends. one.

The perpetual calendar, tourbillon and minute repeater have always been known as the three complex performances that best represent the essence of contemporary horological craftsmanship. Watch fans who are concerned about the dynamics of the watch world are not difficult to find: in recent years, the top watch manufacturers have invested in the field of minute repeaters, which has become a trend; and the first ten years of the 21st century are led by the tourbillon and swept the watch world. .

5140J perpetual calendar watch, 18K gold case, diameter 37.2 mm, hour, minute, 24-hour display, perpetual calendar performance (pointer date, week, month and leap year cycle), moon phase display, 240Q automatic winding ultra-thin machine Core, 22K gold mini self-winding rotor, power storage for 48 hours, sapphire crystal glass mirror, 18K gold back cover and sapphire crystal glass back cover can be replaced, alligator leather strap.

So what was the complex performance that led to the revival of mechanical watches in the 1990s and led to the blossoming of a hundred flowers? Yes, it is the perpetual calendar. Hundreds of gears, cams, and levers interact endlessly, dancing on the stage of time to show the passage of time. It records the changes of the sun, moon, week, and moon phases throughout the year. It is no wonder that the perpetual calendar watches will be used in many People began to get tired of quartz watches, exuding fatal attraction, which is fascinating. At that time, it was the 39.4 perpetual calendar watch published by Patek Philippe in 1985 that played one of the leading roles.

This watch has an unparalleled superb movement and an ultra-thin and slim body design. It is a classic in the perpetual calendar. It has been in service for 21 years before and after it was replaced by the revised 5140 series until 2006. The precious metal case of the 5140 is smooth and round, with simple and symmetrical lines. This style is the most classic element of Patek Philippe. The diameter of the case has increased from 36 mm of 3940 to 37.2 mm, and the thickness is only 8.9 mm. The overall appearance is slimmer. This is due to the use of an off-center miniature winding rotor with a thickness of only 3.88 mm. Caliber 240 Q automatic winding machine core. In addition, the convex bezel replaced the original concave bezel, and the geometric beauty of the case emerged spontaneously. The lugs have a soft curve and are elegantly and uniquely connected to the case and strap.

5139G perpetual calendar watch, 18K white gold case, diameter 38mm, hour, minute, 24-hour display, perpetual calendar performance (pointer date, week, month and leap year cycle), moon phase display, 240Q automatic winding ultra-thin machine Core, 22K gold mini self-winding rotor, power storage for 48 hours, sapphire crystal glass mirror, 18K white gold back cover and sapphire crystal glass back for replacement, alligator leather strap.

Also equipped with the 240Q movement is Ref. 5139, which was born out of the 5039 launched in 1996. The most impressive thing about this watch is, of course, its Paris stud pattern bezel. Its simple form fully radiates exquisite and rich texture. Ref.5039 was also the only Patek Philippe complex performance wrist with a Paris stud pattern bezel. table. The size of the 5139 case is slightly enlarged from 36 mm in 5039 to 38 mm. The date, month and week indications on the dial have been modified in detail, and the hour markers have been changed from sword-shaped to stick-shaped hour markers, which are more detailed elegant.

Long-distance taste and heirlooms: Ref.7140 and Ref.5940

If a good perpetual calendar can have the accuracy of a hundred years of operation, it has to display all the performances between square inches, and ensure good vision and readability. It is very difficult to make, and Patek Philippe is one of the best. . Not only are male watch fans who have a preference for machinery fascinated by it, more and more women are falling in love with the perpetual calendar. Patek Philippe first launched the Ref.7140 Ladies First perpetual calendar in 2012, which is the first choice for women with complex performance For. As for the tasteful men who like to jump out of the mundane, Patek Philippe also has a Ref. 5940 model with a cushion-shaped case.

7140R Ladies First perpetual calendar watch, 18K rose gold Calatrava round case, diameter 35.1 mm, bezel set with 68 top Wesselton diamonds of 0.68 carats, hour, minute, 24-hour display, perpetual calendar performance (pointer date, day , Month and leap year cycle), moon phase display, 240Q automatic winding ultra-thin movement, 22K gold mini automatic winding rotor, power storage for 48 hours, sapphire crystal glass mirror, 18K rose gold back cover and sapphire crystal glass back It can be replaced with a crocodile leather strap and an 18K rose gold pin buckle set with 27 top Wesselton diamonds of 0.2 carats.

For many years, the Patek Philippe ultra-thin self-winding perpetual calendar watch equipped with a 240Q movement has been one of the brand’s most popular timepieces with complex performance. The 240Q movement consists of 275 parts and is equipped with a 22K gold mini self-winding rotor. The thickness is only 3.88 mm. Although extremely thin, 240 Q is very accurate: Sun, moon, week and week do not need to be adjusted until 2100; the moon phase has an error of only one day every 122 years; the daily error of travel time is only -3/+2 seconds, an extraordinary achievement Cheers. As women’s love for mechanical timepieces and complexity is increasing day by day, Patek Philippe especially launched the Ladies First perpetual calendar watch with 240 Q movement and number 7140 in 2012, which fully reflects the feminine sense of femininity and style.

5940J perpetual calendar aaa replica watches, 18K gold cushion type case, diameter 44.6×37 mm, hour, minute, 24-hour display, perpetual calendar performance (pointer date, week, month and leap year cycle), moon phase display, 240Q automatic Winding ultra-thin movement, 22K gold mini self-winding rotor, power storage for 48 hours, sapphire crystal glass mirror, 18K gold back cover and sapphire crystal glass back cover can be replaced, alligator leather strap.

At a glance, the classic Calatrava 18K rose gold round case, curved and elegant lugs, ivory white surface and beautiful bezel, as well as the buckle inlaid with beautiful diamonds, every detail reveals the feminine beauty and makes the wrist more visible. The elegance of the watch. Also equipped with Caliber 240 Q movement, but the appearance is completely different from the 5140 and 7140 is the Ref. 5940 perpetual calendar with a cushion-type case. This kind of non-circular case watch originated from the Art Nouveau movement that emerged in Europe in the 1920s. At that time, art, architecture, furniture and product design were deeply influenced by its distinctive and innovative style. Patek Philippe has also been established since then The Gondolo series of “Geometric Watches” that has continued to develop to this day encompasses all non-circular cases such as square, rectangular, triangular, diamond, tonneau or cushion shapes. Patek Philippe’s contemporary cushion-shaped case style was first reproduced in the 5950 ultra-thin single-button split-second chronograph in 2001, then appeared in the 7071 Ladies First chronograph, and now reproduced in the 5940 ultra-thin perpetual calendar watch.

5940G perpetual calendar watch, 18K white gold cushion type case, diameter 44.6×37 mm, hour, minute, 24-hour display, perpetual calendar performance (pointer date, week, month and leap year cycle), moon phase display, 240Q automatic Winding ultra-thin movement, 22K gold mini self-winding rotor, power storage 48 hours, sapphire crystal glass mirror, 18K white gold back cover and sapphire crystal glass back cover can be replaced, alligator leather strap.

The 5940J discount replica watch has a light yellow frosted surface, which matches the golden brilliance of the 18K gold case. A track minute scale is added to the periphery along the contour of the bezel by a transfer method; the surface is equipped with Breguet-style numerals and fluent leaf-shaped gold hands to indicate the time; three auxiliary display panels are attached to display at 9-6-3 o’clock respectively The calendar data such as day of the week and twenty-four hours, moon phase and pointer date, leap year and month, etc., all instructions are arranged in an orderly manner, neat and easy to read.