Corum Ti-Bridge Tourbillon: Daily (flying) tourbillon

Corum of La Chaux-de-Fonds is a small-volume art brand, famous for its “Bubbles”, “Feathers”, “Coins” and dodecagon Admiral’s Cup series of sports watches. But it is the Corum Bridge series that supports the street creed of high-end watches claimed by the brand. Like the “Golden Bridge” in 1980, Corum Bridge Ti-Bridge Tourbillon made an authoritative statement on Corum’s internal watchmaking acumen.

Think about what the Corum Ti-Bridge Tourbillon stands for; it is a golden bridge redesigned in titanium and a flying tourbillon redesigned as a sports watch. This avant-garde complication is not only an amazing insult to tradition, but it also provides the holy grail and the like for the most prestigious complication enthusiasts in the watch industry. Tourbillon, you can wear it every day, in any outfit.

Corum launched the first Ti-Bridge model in 2009, and in 2010 launched the bolder Ti-Bridge Tourbillon. Not only the tourbillon grafted to the internal Ti-Bridge movement, the manufacturing caliber CO 22 bypasses more flying tourbillon mechanisms for general-purpose tourbillons. The flying tourbillon is an innovation at the beginning of the 20th century, which omits the bridging structure on the visible side of the tourbillon frame. It is harder to execute and more spectacular.

Corum’s Ti-Bridge case provides a spacious gallery to showcase the main attractions. With its rectangular bridge with hairspring, hollow support rods and linear transmission system, CO-22 is an open book that can be read carefully with a magnifying glass, sight glass or even the naked eye. Like its predecessors of Golden Bridge, Ti-Bridge is a linear display of the various components that make up the mechanical essence of the Swiss lever movement.

Literally, the power is transmitted from the winding crown at three o’clock to the rotating carriage of the flying tourbillon at nine o’clock. The double barrels are located on both sides of the movement and provide a three-day (72-hour) power reserve. Although the alloy supporting this impressive watchmaking network uses PVD ​​coating and is officially called “ARCAP”, its chemical composition is very similar to the famous “German silver”, which is used for Old-fashioned watches and modern-famous nickel-copper alloy A. Lange & Sohne products.

Corum’s mechanical ballet revolves on the stage, which is bounded by an aggressive and ergonomic titanium shell. The original Golden Bridge was a slight prism resembling a fragile crystal shell, while Ti-Bridge passed through the wrist with the confident posture of a Richard Mille wine barrel.

The distance between the ears of the Corum Ti-Bridge Tourbillon is not less than 51 mm and the width is not less than 42 mm, but its curved bottom cover allows it to be firmly worn on wrists as small as 15 cm. The titanium case mainly uses a brushed finish to secure attention to the mechanical centerpiece, but the gunmetal gray form of Ti-Bridge is equally impressive. Moreover, this strange metal is very light on the wrist.

The superb black alligator leather strap is combined with the durable unfolding clasp to ensure safety and comfort. The fixing point of the strap starts before the border of the case lugs, so its downward bending starts before the edge of the case; small wrists benefit. All wrists will love the soft calfskin underside of the Corum watchband. The tank-like structure of the dual-trigger dual-deployment buckle meets Corum’s standards for its flagship models.

Want more? You are right; the Corum Ti-Bridge Tourbillon holder has comprehensive shock protection, and the case has a 5-ATM waterproof function. These two functions are rare in such complex functions, but combined, the exquisite series connection is extraordinary. Coupled with the strong anti-magnetic and anti-corrosion properties of the ARCAP movement, it is clear that the Corum titanium bridge tourbillon is designed to have a good time, not a baby. Indeed, for collectors who believe that watches are designed to be worn, this is a tourbillon. Breguet-men, not brands-will love it.