Ulysse Nardin Freak X Carbonim Gold

Ulysse Nardin Freak X Carbonim Gold The Hour Glass (Reference 2303-270le / Carb) Swiss Deluxe Watch Manufacturers Ulysse Nardin celebrates the 40th anniversary of the luxury retail group to limit the glass with ulysse Nardin Freak X carbon gold coins.

Hour glass and Users Nardin have been working together for a long time. Based on Singapore’s luxury retail group has been more than 20 years. In other words; as the Ulysse Nardin led by Rolf W. Schnyder is a brand partner, because Rualf W. Schnyder leads the first brand and monster released in 2001. This is this, celebrating the celebration of this long-term cooperation.

Freak X complies with Sihh 2019 watch lovers, with 43mm diameter cases, 2 mm less than today’s generation of freaks and monsters. Carbenion is a very light and sustainable material for the body and wings of the aircraft. When the 7 μm carbon fiber of the carbon fiber is cut, the organic pattern is generated by the layer. Carbon gold means those layers that meet the gold materials. This model can reach 50 meters with the back of the sapphire crystal display.

Ulysse Nardin Freak X Carbinion Gold The HOUR Glass model is based on weird visual. Thereafter, the watch has a movement that involves the innovation of Ulysse Nardin from a freak visual transfer, for example, has a nickel flying chain and a stable microfalante of ultra-light and ultra-wide balance wheel.

A dark brown crocodile belt, decorated with Champagngne Tone’Point de Bride style stitching to supplement the model, look similar to the champagne dial. replica watches swiss

Ulysse Nardin breaks the sound barrier with the new Blast Hourstriker

“The rules are for those who don’t want to do it themselves.”-Chuck Yeager.

Take it from the legendary test pilot. Breaking the sound barrier is no easy task. Science has proven that in dry air, the accurate speed of sound is 343 meters per second. In order to break through invisible walls in the sky, the jet must fly at speeds exceeding 767 miles per hour or about 1,234 kilometers per hour. Although today’s topic is very “rooted”, it is also a breakthrough in the field of watchmaking and sound technology.

Introducing Ulysse Nardin Blast Hourstriker
Ulysse Nardin’s new minute repeater Blast Hourstriker, the latest in its music watch series, is an improved version of the United Nations Classico Hourstriker Phantom released in 2019. The modern updated case is inspired by the brand’s BLAST series, and has a certain watchmaking ability.

The brand’s CEO Patrick Pruniaux and his team of mad scientists…well, I mean, watchmakers…have reconsidered the entire concept of sound generation in the form of watches. In turn, they created a new movement designed to amplify the sound output of Blast Hourstriker to a level unheard of in traditional watches.

In essence, Blast Hourstriker deviates from the traditional wire gong hammer system that has been used for centuries in repeaters. Instead, there is a striking mechanism that is connected to a very thin titanium membrane by a torsion bar. The technology was designed in collaboration with the French audio technology company Devialet.

The new UN-621 movement is expected to reduce the sound attenuation caused by the watch case, back cover and movement materials. In traditional repetitive pockets and watches, the sound of gongs and hammers may be captured and therefore inaudible. With Blast Hourstriker, the striking mechanism is now located on the dial side of the watch, which also allows the wearer to appreciate the mechanical ballet that produces a unique sound.

Punch a hole in the air
The 330-piece movement of Blast Hourstriker is a mechanical marvel worth exploring. As you can see from Watchonista’s images, from the case to the case, you can see the hollow dial and the internal automatic blow-manufacturing movement. As if not complicated enough, Blast Hourstriker is also equipped with a flying tourbillon.

Not only the tourbillon! Ulysse Nardin (cheap Ulysse Nardin) is a master of silicon technology, so the movement’s variable inertia balance wheel with silicon hairspring, anchoring and escape wheel is a natural thing. It’s crazy when the least significant feature of the clock is the flying tourbillon, but this is really what makes Blast Hourstriker really impressive.

Blast Hourstriker has a case inspired by a 45mm stealth aircraft. The case is made of black DLC-treated titanium alloy and covered with 5N 18-carat rose gold. The rose gold caseback of this fake luxury watches is particularly eye-catching (do you see what I did there?), the case is shaped like the Blast’s iconic Double X badge, and the shape is hollow. This design ensures the safety of the membrane designed by Devialet and increases the sound amplification effect of the brand’s so-called “high-fidelity speakers”.

The wearer can choose to turn on or off the reminder function of Blast Hourstriker. The chime complication can be activated at any time via the button at 10 o’clock, and will be activated in half an hour and half an hour. After triggering, the hour rack and inertia adjuster will start to rotate. Then, the hammer at 12 o’clock will hit a separate gong designed to bypass the watch movement to prevent sound attenuation. The result is simply noble.

Ulysse Nardin Blast Hourstriker replica comes with three strap options, black alligator leather, waterproof velvet or rubber strap. There is no restriction on the watch, but it will be produced in small quantities.

Winter and the sea What does a lady’s diving watch that combines rigidity and softness?

We have endless reveries about the sea. It is the incarnation of mystery, which makes us yearn for. To explore the depths of the sea, diving watches play an important role in this process. In recent years, with its unique shape and sturdy and durable characteristics, diving watches have been favored by everyone. Among them, the replica Ulysse Nardin diving watches have also done a good job.

There are many men’s diving watches on the market, but women’s diving watches are relatively rare. The LADYDIVER ladies’ diving watches make up for this vacancy. Moreover, in addition to functionality, the ladies LADYDIVER diving watch is decorated with diamonds, which not only meets the needs of women for diving watches, but also takes into account the needs of beauty.

This limited edition of LADYDIVER great white shark uses white as the main color, pure and clean, and is decorated with diamonds on the hour markers, like a winter fairy.

The watch has a diameter of 39 mm and is made of stainless steel. The surface of the case is brushed with a large area and is equipped with a concave unidirectional rotating bezel.

The gray disc surface has a grainy texture, with diamond hour markers, which reminds people of the sparkling sea.

At 6 o’clock, there is a blue “GREATWHITE” (Great White Shark) words above the time scale, and a round date display window is set up to add another practical function to the cheap men watch. Under the impact of blue, gray, and white, we seemed to see a rough sea.

The hands are covered with a luminous coating so that the time can be read clearly at night.

The LADYDIVER Jaws Limited Edition comes with a white rubber strap, decorated with mermaid scale texture, and the strap is equipped with a stainless steel pin buckle. The overall style of the watch is simple and elegant, and it is suitable for different occasions, whether it is an elegant evening dress or daily casual wear, you can wear it.

The beautiful figure of a female diver is printed on the back of the watch. Here we have to mention the free diving champion Alessia Zecchini. She is the first female member of the Athens watch explorer team. Her image of a woman who dares to explore and has a strong heart makes us I saw the unlimited potential and personality charm of women. The movement adopts the UN-816 self-winding movement, using the silicon material technology that replica Ulysse Nardin is proud of, which greatly enhances the antimagnetic performance of the watch, and there is no need to lubricate the movement. The degree has improved the accuracy of the watch.

Summary: Bright and elegant, with softness and rigidity. This is my first impression of this watch. It not only breaks our stereotype of ladies’ watches, but also adds more feminine elements to the traditional diving watch. It better presents a diving watch suitable for modern urban women, and can express the modern spirit of freedom, boldness and exploration.

Ulysse Nardin Skeleton X

Hot summer: Check out Ulysse Nardin Skeleton X magma

The July 4th celebration officially kicked off in the United States, and the record-breaking heat wave spread across the European continent. I think it can be said that we have reached the summer. All the discussions about the hot weather on both sides of the Atlantic reminded me of a timepiece that arrived in my inbox a few months ago. The watch Ulysse Nardin Skeleton X Magma is an extremely bold interpretation of the Executive Skeleton X design, which debuted at SIHH in January.

Executive Skeleton X is an easier-to-use version of Executive Skeleton Tourbillon launched in 2016 for various purposes and purposes. Ulysse Nardin effectively adopted the design of a tourbillon-free watch and rearranged the structure of the movement until it is now fixed in place by a rectangular bridge that extends outward in four directions to form an “X”, so Named after. Four different versions of the watch were exhibited in the Geneva media earlier this year, namely titanium, titanium black DLC, rose gold and Carbonium gold-the appearance of each hollow case is different. The Carbonium gold iteration provides the most similar aesthetic effect to the new Magma watch. Carbonium is a lightweight material made of carbon fiber, usually associated with aerospace engineering (Ulysse Nardin also released the Freak X version with Carbonium case at SIHH 2019).

For Skeleton X Carbonium, the brand blended materials with gold to create an impressive stripe effect. For the Skeleton X Magma, UN used a similar method to combine carbon fiber with bright red marble marble epoxy resin to create a striking appearance of the case. According to Ulysse Nardin, this process means that each version of Skeleton X Magma will have a slightly different product, thereby providing a certain degree of personality to each produced watch. Similar to the Carbonium version, the Skeleton X Magma has a size of 43 mm, while other designs of titanium and rose gold are 42 mm. Inside this unique case is the hand-wound UN-371 movement with a four-day power reserve, ultra-wide 3 Hz silicon balance wheel, nickel flyweight, and silicon “minute” gear train. Ulysse Nardin Skeleton X Magma with black leather strap and black stitching.

With such a gorgeous design, I believe replica Ulysse Nardin will clearly find that the Skeleton Magma X will cause some controversy among the more conservative enthusiast crowd, but I also have no doubt that this watch will find a target audience. This new watch is not only an excellent substitute for trying to track one of Richard Mille’s latest creations at a quarter price, but it also has a five-year warranty and quality that can be purchased from a mature Swiss brand Trusted in.

Ulysse Nardin Skeleton X Magma

Few new cheap watches get a nickname immediately. I will continue to call it “DarthMaul®”. The smooth red and black lines of Skeleton X Magma are reminiscent of the skin and facial tattoos of villains. This is a step for the company to take a new world of watch design. When it comes to the soul of the watch, Ulysse Nardin is usually at the forefront of materials (see all the news about the integration of silicon and movement in the past decade), but has been stagnant for external materials Not move forward. This is not necessarily a bad thing (or a good thing), but just “yes”.

Today, cheap Ulysse Nardin released some very unexpected but cool things. DarthMaul® is the refreshing look of the Ulysse Nardin Executive style watch. The general layout of the Executive has received much-needed renovation in the new Skeleton X Magma.

In addition to the general color, Ulysse Nardin called it a carbon magma box, and now it also shows the appearance of more “experimental” materials. The red and black finishes create a watch, and the overall aesthetics will become the choice of many people who usually look to Hublot for a more “avant-garde” feel.

In addition, people who like the appearance of certain red Roger Dubuis Excalibur models, but those on a smaller budget, will immediately enjoy the appearance of the new DarthMaul®. Ulysse Nardin’s UN-371 movement also provides buyers with a 96-hour power reserve, which will never compromise the appeal of the fake men watch. The height of the watch is only 43 millimeters, which is enough to reveal the wrist, but not annoying.

A watch with a red and black case is not a very delicate accessory choice from the beginning, so the typical wearer may not want to soften it, but this watch does a good job, but the sound is loud but also very tame. In addition, for those who liked the “Stars and Stripes” version of the Ulysse Nardin Executive Skull Tourbillon a few years ago, this watch will be a more affordable choice, and its color scheme has similar uniqueness.

Ulysse Nardin can use this “exclusive” approach, but the price is high, especially considering that it is an increasingly saturated market segment. This is their current competition: most Hublot watches, Zenith’s new Defy watches, colorful Royal Oak Offshores, Omega’s endless Speedmaster and Planet Ocean ceramic color matching release and so on, these are Roger Dubuis (Roger Dubuis), fake Richard Mille, HYT, etc. before we reach higher prices. We will see what happens, but I think, even though this is a cool watch.

Ulysse Nardin GMT +/- perpetual calendar

Ulysse Nardin GMT +/- perpetual calendar, the ultimate calendar watch Since the beginning of the modern revival, Ulysse Nardin has been an innovator of complex luxury watches. Thanks to the vision of the watchmaker Ludwig Oechslin, Ulysse Nardin GMT +/- Perpetual continues this tradition.

There are many things here. The perpetual calendar is very complete (day, date, month, year, ten years), but it is also the most user-friendly perpetual calendar on the market. copy Ulysse Nardin considered travel, convenience, and accidental setting errors when designing the system.

For example, most perpetual calendars cannot be reversed. This poses a serious problem for passengers who may be traveling to a time zone behind their place of departure and one day in arrears. In addition, when new buyers try to adjust the perpetual calendar, setting errors are common, and the price that sets the watch price “prematurely” may be the cost of a Swiss vacation…watch.

Ulysse Nardin’s Greenwich Mean Time (GMT +/- Perpetual) eliminates this danger through elegant engineering that allows the calendar to be rolled back using the crown and buttons. This is an intuitive and simple method.

As a Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and dual chronograph watch, this Ulysse Nardin watch has an independently adjustable 24-hour hand, which provides the same practicality as any watch. Keep track of distant contacts and avoid making phone calls at awkward times of the day.

This 42mm 18-carat Ulysse Nardin white gold case uses complex refined craftsmanship, including stepped lugs, bizarre concave bezels and flared case sides, making the watch readability on the wrist of 43 or 44mm. Thanks to the classic combination of white metal and black dial, it has great influence.

Inside, the ETA basic movement certified by the observatory is combined with Ulysse Nardin’s industry-leading permanent components to form the Calibre UN32. Its round Geneva cover and rotor engraved with gold tourbillon can be viewed through the sapphire back cover. swiss watches

Ulysse Nardin Blast automatic tourbillon watch debut

In 2020, Swiss replica Ulysse Nardin launched a series of new sporty, relatively inexpensive and practical tourbillon watches and Ulysse Nardin Blast series timepieces. Explosive-themed watches have a friendly irony because they are positioned as items that can be worn by all types of explorers and bombers, although historically, their internal mechanisms are relatively refined. Alas, the tourbillon itself should never be pushed. I know that Richard Mille’s strategy of equipping celebrities like Rafael Nadal took a bit of effort on the traditional view of high complexity, but how much more real world there is It remains to be seen that watch lovers want to go out and get their approval. Luxury watches based on tourbillons are dirty. The brand claims that although Blast is not a diver’s watch, it is lightweight and durable, and can be worn on the wrist when the wearer is actively engaged in a lifestyle. Therefore, the robust posture shown by these new models with their novel actions really arouses people’s enthusiasm for adventure. The blast furnace exploded, see if this day might take you…

The 2020 Ulysse Nardin Blast series are brand new, and trained eyes can appreciate that they are an evolution of existing models. The 45 mm wide case and movement were born from the previous generation of Ulysse Nardin Executive Tourbillon watches. The case has been redesigned and the movement has been completely revised. To be sure, in 2020, the appeal of Blast will be higher than Executive Tourbillon, and the latter will never sit as firmly as a dress watch or a sports watch.

Let us focus on the eye-catching movement of this new Blast watch, which is the Ulysse Nardin movement UN-172 developed and produced in-house. Ulysse Nardin (Ulysse Nardin) said that this new mechanism is an improvement to the UN-171 movement, which is one of many tourbillon-based mechanisms developed by Le Lecle. In addition to the new (and carefully crafted) bridge and the “X” design theme, the movement also includes an automatic winding system based on a micro-platinum rotor above the barrel, which can be seen from the side of the dial. The geographical coordinates on the watch determine the location of Le Locle Switzerland in the world. The UN-172 movement uses Ulysse Nardin’s internal silicon technology. Silicon is used to produce the escape wheel, anchor and hairspring of the mechanical movement. These are not Diamonsil coated parts, this is another internal silicon technology used in some other UN products.

The movement itself runs at 2.5 Hz (18,000 bph) and has a power reserve of approximately 72 hours. Ulysse Nardin further commented on the incredible efficiency of the movement in automatic or manual winding mode. The movement is made of effective 137 parts and meets the antimagnetic performance of the NIHS standard. Each blast furnace watch comes with a “Ulysie Nadine (UN) certificate”, which exceeds the COSC timer standard. Like other companies such as Rolex, replica Patek Philippe and Omega, Ulysse Nardin performs its own internal tests on each movement, especially after it is installed in the case. These tests put the boxed watch (including the movement in the case and the movement outside the case in the case of COSC) through a long period of time, including various positions and temperatures. The key is to ensure that the movements are accurate and consistent.

The UN-172 movement seems to be the winner because it combines the practicality of self-winding and silicon parts, as well as the vast beauty of haute horology, and the visual effects of the hollow dial and movement. Ulysse Nardin (Ulysse Nardin) introduced four models to Blast, each model has a different color theme, the use of slightly different materials. The 45 mm wide case is waterproof to 50 meters, and is equipped with a series of specially assembled rubber straps with inlay materials ranging from fabric to crocodile leather.

Speaking of belts, Ulysse Nardin seems to be particularly keen on its new “self-deployment buckle”. This new buckle technology (developed with a Swiss partner) was first used on Blast watches. The idea is simple, but it is actually about making the closure (and opening) of the butterfly clasp more elegant. Ulysse Nardin showed me the action of the buckle through the video, but I wanted to try it myself. In general, I believe this new deployer will be a welcome new feature.

I am also interested in Blast’s angular case design, which seems to be reminiscent of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak offshore watches and Waltham Aeronaval watches. Ulysse Nardin demonstrated how the lines on the explosion shell are visually similar to the lines on the B-2 stealth bomber plane, and explained how to make complex curves and Finishing becomes possible. Case materials include titanium, ceramics and 18k rose gold, including mixtures of those materials used in various parts of the case.

Speaking of maverick, it must be mentioned-Ulysse Nardin!

Speaking of maverick, who do you think of? Since the launch of the replica Ulysse Nardin watch series in 2001, this series has become synonymous with maverick. Can you imagine a watch without a crown, dial and hands? Then take a look at the Freak Fantasy series!

Watch model: 2502-250LE

The Freak fantasy series of Ulysse Nardin, the “freak” of the watch industry, completely subverted people’s traditional perception of watches. The fantasy series has launched a lot of watches so far. The Freak Vision watch is the first self-winding watch in the entire series. With its subversive shape and advanced technology, the Freak Vision watch has become a needle and leads the tourbillon. Watch concept trend.

The watch has a diameter of 45 mm and the case is made of 18K rose gold, exquisite and beautiful. In particular, black rubber is applied to the lugs, bezel, and side of the case, which is refreshing and makes this watch more dynamic and sporty. There are also three rose gold marks on the bezel. On the whole, this watch is a versatile commuter.

After removing the traditional crown, how should the time be adjusted for the Fantasy series? At 6 o’clock, there is a pick in the center of the lugs, with the words “FREAK” engraved on it. The wearer needs to gently pick up the paddle and adjust the time by turning the bezel.

The curved dome crystal glass table mirror makes the middle part of the watch and the bezel become slim, enhancing the visual effect.

The dial of the watch is the highlight of the whole fake watch. It is not our common pointer, but a movement. The upper gear bridge of the bar-shaped movement is inspired by the 3D hull and rotates around the center to indicate the minutes. On the lower plywood, white triangle marks are used to indicate the hours.

From the front of the watch, we can also see the Carrousel device mounted on the movement. This device uses Ulysse Nardin’s famous silicon technology, uses hard nickel to make an ultra-light balance wheel, and adds silicon microchips to stabilize the swing of the balance, thereby effectively improving the accuracy of the swing. The time of the cheap watch is more accurate.

The replica men watch is equipped with a black imitation rubber leather strap with an 18K rose gold folding clasp, showing a low-key and calm temperament.

The UN-250 movement adopts a “grinding machine” type automatic winding system, which can make full use of any slight movement of the wrist to wind the watch, which greatly improves the efficiency of winding, and can provide 50 hours of power reserve when fully wound. . In addition, Ulysse Nardin also applied the Athenian anchor constant swing escapement to the Freak Vision watch. This device can maintain the balance wheel to swing at a constant speed and reduce the impact of changes in the winding torque on the watch. The UN-250 movement on which a number of advanced technologies are applied, fully demonstrates the watchmaking technology of Ulysse Nardin.

This Freak Vision replica watch is currently on sale, and interested watch friends can go to the Athens Watch Beijing International Trade Flagship Store to try and buy it. Whether it is the subversive interpretation of the watch, the application of silicon material, and the continuous evolution of the entire whimsical series, Ulysse Nardin’s watchmaking intentions are obvious. The watch is not only an expression of time, but also a transmission of the brand spirit.

You in 2021, there is still a maverick watch

Looking forward to looking forward to, 2021 is here! This year, which watch do you want to get the most (you are welcome to discuss in the comment section)? Fashion trendy people walking in the city, how can you not have a maverick watch to set off your temperament! The following are three watches recommended by everyone. Who will be your favorite?

Ulysse Nardin Executive Blast 45mm Replica Watch Price 1723-400-3A/00

Ulysse Nardin Blast Skeleton Tourbillon Watch 1723-400-3B/00

Product model: 1723-400-3B-00
Watch diameter: 45 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Movement model: UN-172
Case material: ceramic
Water resistance: 50 meters

The Ulysse Nardin Blast skeleton tourbillon watch has a very individual appearance, and is equipped with a complex tourbillon, coupled with the price advantage, this watch is a good choice. There are currently six models of the Athens Blast skeleton tourbillon watch, and this is the white ceramic model. The case is made of ceramic, and the bezel is made of titanium, creating a cooler feeling. The most outstanding design is of course the hollow dial, which can clearly see the movement of the movement. Another point is that Ulysse Nardin reinterprets the “X” element, and the double “X” shape has a stronger impact. The UN-172 movement is equipped with a tourbillon device. With the support of Ulysse Nardin’s advanced silicon material technology, the performance of this watch is very reliable and it has a 72-hour power reserve.


Product model: RDDBEX0830
Watch diameter: 45 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Movement model: RD630
Case material: technical titanium gray titanium alloy covered with rubber coating
Water resistance: 50 meters

As a young brand in the watchmaking world, Roger Dubuis squeezed the temperament to death. This Excalibur Huracán Performante watch is a collaboration between Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini. In this watch, you can see many elements about racing, such as the hollow dial, imitating the supercar engine and engine room lever . In addition, the hollow honeycomb design on the disk also makes this watch look more fashionable. Green elements have been added to the watch, and the temperament is more active. The RD630 self-winding movement can provide a 60-hour power reserve for the watch.

Audemars Piguet Watch Replica CODE 11.59 BY AUDEMARS PIGUET 15210BC.OO.A068CR.01

Audemars Piguet CODE 11.59 series 26393BC.OO.A068CR.01.99

Product model: 26393BC.OO.A068CR.01.99
Watch diameter: 41 mm
Case thickness: 12.6 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Movement model: Calibre 4401
Case material: 18k white gold
Water resistance: 30 meters

Audemars Piguet’s CODE 11.59 series overturned the impression left by the previous brand, presenting Audemars Piguet’s characteristic aesthetics with round watches. The case design of the CODE11.59 series is very special. It looks round from the front. In fact, the case is embedded with an octagonal middle layer. From the side, you can clearly see the layering of the case. The watch introduced above also uses a smoky burgundy dial, which presents a very beautiful gradient color, with 18K white gold hands and hand-inlaid hour markers. The Calibre 4401 movement is equipped with a flyback timing function and instantaneous jump date, with a power reserve of 70 hours.

The three watches introduced above are all very personal, and of course each has its own merits. When buying a replica watch, we don’t have to blindly follow the trend and chase popular models. Instead, we have to consider our favorite swiss watches design style and price (this is very important), and then slowly choose from the many watches that are most suitable for ourselves. Watch.

Ulysse Nardin Royal Blue Tourbillon

This timepiece from Ulysse Nardin Royal Blue Tourbillon is elaborate and a horological aficionados dream. The only Royal Tourbillon with a sapphire baguette-set bezel, this timepiece is a true stand out. The watch features a transparent dial that displays the standard hours and minutes indication alongside a tourbillon feature. The case back is also transparent to show off the watch’s mechanics, and the strap is a hardy blue alligator leather with a deployment buckle.

Replica Ulysse Nardin Royal Blue Tourbillon Watches For Sale By card. Our perfect Royal Blue Tourbillon replica watches usually are suitable to lots of people. The very affordable price is designed for those who find themselves in salary class. The tasteful appearance is designed for the persons whose glimmer is further than the account.

One of the best examples of this strategy was the Ulysse Nardin Marine Tourbillon, a steel watch with white enamel dial and very nice movement, priced at just (relatively speaking) CHF 28,000 – making it one of the most accessible tourbillons on the market. As a preview of the SIHH 2018, Ulysse Nardin has a new version of this Marine Tourbillon, this time with their classic Guilloche/Grand Feu Enamel blue Dial.

In the typical Ulysse Nardin philosophy of “Timekeeping Simplicity”, two launches have been annonced: the Marine Chronograph Annual Calendar with the new UN-153 caliber with an easy setting back and forth and the Marine Tourbillon Grand Deck evoking the golden age of yachting, a boom pulled by super-strong nanowires that incorporates a majestic tourbillon.

The Ulysse Nardin Marine Tourbillon Blue Grand Feu still relies on its 43mm steel case, with the signature “Marine” shape, meaning a large central container with thin fluted bezel, on which are attached massive lug modules. Complementing the elegant blue Grand Feu enamel dial, are the classical hands and Roman numerals of the Marine …

The Imperial Blue Tourbillon combines Ulysse Nardin’s expertise in chiming watches, a complication very few manufactures have shown they can master, with the stunning design of the Royal Blue Tourbillon. It’s a fan favorite and currently features in our Watch Madness competition, so make sure to vote for it, if you like it as much as we did.

At a certain point wealth becomes a mere number. Is there a huge different between a person worth 5 billion or 10 billion dollars? To them yes, but in the scheme of things perhaps not. Once you exceed a certain numerical limit, the figures all blend together like impressionist art — you know what you are looking at but the fine details are less important.

Wearing the Ulysse Nardin Royal Blue Tourbillon, I forget the numbers behind the name. It is a wildly expensive timepiece that is so far out of most people’s reach — the price no longer matters. Diamonds and sapphires cover the 950 platinum watch case that comes with a manually wound movement made mostly from sapphire crystal, and carries a price tag of $1,000,000. “Pretty nice” I remark as I model it on my wrist. See the video below as taken by John Biggs, with whom I do the HourTime Show podcast. You can hear me at the ending asking for the price.

I previously wrote about the Royal Blue Tourbillon here (where you can get more technical details). The timepieces is a statement-making watch for both the wearer and Ulysse Nardin as a brand. Without trying to piss off Ulysse Nardin, I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that this watch doesn’t need to cost a million dollars for Ulysse Nardin to make a profit. Instead, it is a sign that they can charge it. Popular among demographic groups with lots of money, the limited edition watch will enjoy sales — I know it.

Aside from being able to admire the large baguette cut diamonds and sapphires, I am impressed by the complex beauty of the flying tourbillion movement. Synthetic sapphire crystal cut in such shapes is prone to breaking during the manufacturing process. After the pieces are cut and remain in intact, they are less brittle. Ulysse Nardin mixes clear and blue sapphire crystals for the bridges of the movement, while creating a sort of “trick” winding system that has a ring around the movement that turns on several gears while winding the watch via the crown. The flying tourbillion looks just great. It is almost suspended in appearance and has a large sapphire in the middle of it. The bubbly hands aren’t super easy to see, buy they are there. This is a watch after all, but not one meant to have visibility necessary for tactical night missions.

The use of baguette cut blue sapphire crystals on the side of the bracelet and case is neat. It adds shape and depth to the design. One thing I really admire about the piece is that it isn’t designed as a crude showpiece for precious stones. Instead, the Royal Blue Tourbillon is designed to look like a relatively ordinary watch, but precious gems are used where metal might otherwise be — and then of course there is the less-than-ordinary movement. Overall the presentation of the watch is clever, and a hard trick to pull off. This watch doesn’t reek of bad taste as you might except a watch utterly covered with diamonds to possibly exhibit. Aside from giving my insurance agent a potential heart attack, I would gladly tote this watch around on my wrist proudly.

Quality is nice, and the exclusive, in-house movement impresses me. Ulysse Nardin might not have the finishing you’d find on a Patek Philippe, but it does have a heaps more character. For a showy watch that is tastefully glitzy, this Royal Blue Tourbillon is a member of a very small club.