ulysse nardin FREAK S NOMAD 2024

When we heard that Ulysse Nardin replica was going to release something new, we knew what to expect, and it wasn’t going to be a delicate 36mm steel tool watch. Every year, we see the Freak evolve, getting more and more bizarre, and this year, Ulysse Nardin is taking us into outer space.

For Watches and Wonders Geneva 2024, Ulysse Nardin unsurprisingly unveiled a new chapter in the Freak story in the form of the ultra-complex Freak S Nomad. Limited to 99 pieces, the watch is designed to mimic a sci-fi spaceship. It follows in the footsteps of previous Freak designs, completely breaking with convention and challenging the very nature of watchmaking, with no hands or dials as we know it.

The overall mechanical look is derived from the exposed Calibre UN-251 movement, which features a flying disc that rotates on an axis. It features two “launch pad” oscillators, a silicon balance wheel tilted at 20 degrees, and an escapement treated with high-tech DIAMonSIL for increased precision and durability. Winding is done by Ulysse Nardin’s innovative Grinder® (!) winding system, which they claim is twice as efficient as conventional automatic systems. luxury fake Watches

The movement’s bridges are dark grey PVD coated, and like the other Freaks, it has an incredible 373 parts and 33 jewels.

The 45mm case encases it, combining a variety of futuristic materials, such as titanium for the body, a dark grey PVD-coated titanium bezel, and carbon fiber sides that serve as the watch’s lugs. The strap is either dark grey “ballistic” rubber or matte dark grey alligator leather.

This watch has no real dial or hands. That sounds strange, but for a Freak, it’s normal. The Freak S Nomad indicates the minutes via a hand set on a flying one-hour orbital disc, and the hours via a hand set on a rotating hour disc beneath the movement.

The rotating hour disc behind the Freak S Nomad’s flying wheel is handcrafted in a diamond guilloché pattern and covered in a sand-colored CVD coating.

Ulysse Nardin has done its best work with the 2024 FREAK S NOMAD. It represents a marvel of unfettered design and technology. Interestingly, it also seems to be the exact opposite of the watch we saw at the British Watchmakers Day in London earlier this year. There’s a completely eccentric feel to this spaceship-inspired watch that bears little resemblance to any traditional manufacturing techniques.

Technical specifications
Movement – Manufacture UN-251 calibre, automatic winding, hours, minutes, flying disc movement rotating on its own axis, two oversized oscillators inclined at 20 degrees, with silicon balance wheel, DIAMonSIL escapement, vertical differential with ball bearings, Grinder® automatic winding system, Blades technology. 373 parts, 33 jewels. Frequency 2 x 2.5 hz, oscillations 2 x 18’000 vph. Power reserve 72 hours.

Case – Titanium case and buckle, dark grey PVD-coated titanium bezel, carbon fibre side plates, dark grey PVD-coated titanium case back, open sapphire crystal, thickness 13.66 mm, overall height 16.65 mm, diameter 45 mm. high quality fake watches

New Ulysse Nardin Diver Net OPS and Diver X Skeleton OPS

Two new diving products in fashionable camouflage colors, designed with environmental protection in mind.

One of the important trends in the modern fake watch industry is the emphasis on environmental protection. Especially when it comes to innovative materials, the production of which reduces CO2 emissions. For Ulysse Nardin, the debut in this direction was the Ulysse Nardin Diver Net watch, released in 2020. The two new products in the Diver series are also designed with environmental considerations in mind and feature a stylish camouflage design.

Ulysse Nardin Diver Net OPS
This model features a range of eco-friendly materials, including recycled fishing nets and carbon-carbon composites. The latter is commonly used in the manufacture of aircraft fuselages and wings. In the new product, the side parts of the case and the back cover are made of it. Case dimensions – 44 x 14.81 mm. Waterproof depth is 300 meters.

Everything else is made from recycled stainless steel. Ulysse Nardin claims that with this approach they are able to reduce their environmental impact by 40%. Visually, the cheap watch features a rotating carbon alloy bezel with a marble pattern. In addition to the khaki strap made from recycled fishing nets, there is also an optional green rubber strap with a black ceramic buckle.

The dial is sandblasted in khaki with an X-shaped cutout in the center. Beige Super-LumiNova luminous paint with a green glow makes your index finger gleam in the dark. There is a seconds counter and integrated date window at 6 o’clock, balanced by a power reserve indicator at 12 o’clock.

This model is powered by the Ulysse Nardin UN-118 base movement, equipped with a DiamonSil escapement and silicon hairspring. The mechanism is assembled from 50 jewels, is self-winding, has a balance frequency of 28,800 vph and a power reserve of 60 hours.

Ulysse Nardin Diver X Skeleton OPS
This is essentially a skeleton version of the previous model. Therefore the water resistance is low (200 meters). Also 44mm in diameter, the case is slightly thicker (15.7mm). There are also carbon alloy details here, especially on the bezel and movement. However, in order to reduce weight, the case and case back are made of titanium and have been sandblasted and DLC coated.

This model has an X-shaped element in the center of the dial, which is also backlit with beige Super-LumiNova. The khaki fabric strap is partly made from recycled fishing nets. As an alternative, the watch also comes with a green rubber strap. It is secured to the wrist via a folding clasp made of black ceramic and PVD-coated titanium.

This model is powered by the UN-372 movement. If you turn the copy watch over from the back, you will notice that the large X-shaped rotor has a cutout area so as not to obscure the view of the mechanism. The balance oscillates at 21,600 vph and has a power reserve of 72 hours.

Ulysse Nardin FREAK ONE watch

Both “entering the circle” and “breaking out of the circle”, choose one of these Qixiang ONE

In 2023, Ulysse Nardin fake released a FREAK ONE watch, which is called a masterpiece. It continues the classic “Three Nothings” design of Phantasy, and also integrates the aesthetic features and advanced watchmaking technology of the previous models of the Fantasy series. Won the “Best Iconic Watch” at the Geneva Watch Awards. During the Dubai Watch Week in November, Ulysse Nardin once again wrote a new chapter in fantasy, using khaki green and black as a blend and a new interpretation of pioneering materials to launch the FREAK ONE OPS fantasy watch. Watch House also I recently photographed this new work, and let’s enjoy it with my friends through real-life pictures. (Watch model: 2403-500-8A/3A)

Although this new FREAK ONE OPS fantasy watch still adheres to the design of no dial, no hands, and no crown, in appearance, it actually has the same theme as FREAK X OPS, and is designed with innovative materials and green. This creates a completely different tough style and heroic spirit from conventional fantasy works. The new watch chooses black DLC-coated titanium as the case material. The diameter of the watch is 44 mm, and the decoration is mainly brushed. Looking at the casing alone, there is no difference between the OPS and the black gold model.

The difference lies in the bezel of the new watch, which was specially made by Ulysse Nardin using Carbonium® carbon ion material. I often introduce Ulysse Nardin’s carbon fiber material to watch friends, which is known as aviation-grade equipment for the wrist. This is indeed true. This carbon fiber material is widely used in the manufacturing of modern aircraft fuselages and wings. The raw materials of Athens will also directly use scraps of aviation parts, which will be re-cast under high temperature and high pressure after post-processing.

There are many benefits to this approach. For example, the performance requirements for aviation-grade materials are extremely stringent, and reprocessing also takes into account sustainable development. Judging from the actual bezel, compared to the mottled texture appearance of conventional carbon fiber watch cases, the Ulysse Nardin’s carbon fiber texture will be like ocean waves, with its own flowing effect. The crownless design also allows the bezel of the flagship model of the Fantasy series to have the function of operating and adjusting the time. By unlocking the 6 o’clock dial under the bezel, you can rotate the bezel to complete the adjustment. fake watches for sale

Inheriting the iconic dial-less design of the Ulysse Nardin Fantasy series, the dial of the watch is actually the center-mounted spring box cover design of the Freak ONE. This time Ulysse Nardin uses a special touch of khaki green, paired with unique sunray patterns and striped decorations, making the color just like the design of the Fantasy series itself, making the watch more individual. Previously, I also saw Jean-Christophe Sabatier, Chief Product Officer of Ulysse Nardin, talking about why he chose this green color in an interview. In his opinion, green is a popular dial color in the field of watches, but Ulysse Nardin does not want to make ordinary green. After all, there are too many people doing it, so Ulysse Nardin chose the rare khaki green as the green theme. Easily reminiscent of outdoor and tactical styles, it represents the color of adventure and exploration. Introducing this visual concept into watch design also coincides with the DNA and creative thinking of Fantasy watches.

The pointerless design of the Ulysse Nardin Fantasy watch is turned into a minute hand through the Carrousel strip movement, and the triangular hour markers are linked at the bottom to indicate the time. FREAK ONE also references the nautical elements of the Fantasy Cruiser in the movement shape. Judging from the real photos, FREAK ONE’s Carrousel movement, from the balance wheel to the escapement to the hairspring, is all made of silicon. Silicon material is also the watchmaking technology that Ulysse Nardin is most proud of. Ulysse Nardin pioneered the silicon era of watches two thousand years ago, making this watch non-lubricating, light, efficient, anti-magnetic, and low in temperature sensitivity. High-tech materials have been popularized in the field of watches. At the same time, silicon parts are not only good in performance. Taking the running and beating effect of the large-size silicon balance wheel as an example, its ornamental value is also excellent. zenith pilot replica watches

The UN-240 self-winding movement is also equipped with a Grinder® automatic winding system with extremely excellent winding efficiency. This component is also made of silicon and uses four symmetrical pawls to reduce the slightest movement on the wrist. Movement is sensitively captured by the silicon grinder system, converting momentum into energy storage in the watch movement. The movement can provide 90 hours of power reserve when fully wound.

Ulysse Nardin also provides two strap options for the watch, namely a “ballistic” textured rubber strap and a two-tone one-piece rubber strap. The straps also use a color combination of black and khaki green to match the watch design theme.

Summary: This subversive work of contemporary high-end watchmaking, FREAK ONE OPS fantasy watch, has been introduced to watch friends. Although the new work only changes the design theme, Ulysse Nardin has given it a truly refreshing effect. In the previous generation of fantasy flagship products, innovative materials such as color and carbon fiber were rarely used. Originally, they were more blue or black, paired with titanium and traditional precious metals. In fact, after adding a carbon fiber bezel, the new watch is matched with a khaki green dial. Like FREAK X OPS, it presents a more sporty, youthful, trendy and fashionable design, making a breakthrough in the usual design style. , when people see new products, they will think of tough design styles such as tactics, outdoor, and adventure. It also proves the success of this series of masterpieces for FREAK ONE watch, which is enough to accommodate more possibilities. audemars piguet royal oak skeleton

Ulysse Nardin Freak X OPS

Since releasing the original Freak, replica watch brand Ulysse Nardin has used the collection to push the boundaries of time display and use of materials. When the Freak X debuted a few years ago, the brand created what it called an “everyday Freak,” with a traditional crown and a lower price point. It recently added Freak X OPS to the Freak X series. I’ve always found this line interesting and was excited to use it myself.

As with all other Freak models, the distinction between the traditional dial, hands and movement is almost indistinguishable. Green luminous hour markers extend outward from a track with machined gear teeth and meet a slanted machined metal scale ring with minute markers. The time is displayed by “hands” extending from the movement itself, most of which can be seen from the front of the watch. The visible silicon escapement beats at 21,600 vph as the entire mechanism rotates over time. The assembly is located beneath the boxed sapphire crystal and consists of 405 parts. Despite the massive mass of this mechanism, the UN-230 in-house movement offers a 72-hour power reserve (helped by the self-winding rotor visible through the sapphire case back).

The hour indicators protrude from the center, while the one-hour orbital rotating tourbillon forms the balance of the minute hand. You might think that this complication would make reading the time difficult, and you’d be right. Although the green tips of the indicators have lume applied to them, they are still quite dark during the day, and the lume isn’t particularly bright either. The hour hand may also be obscured by the tourbillon at certain times of the day. I do think I’ll get used to it over a longer period of time, but this isn’t a tool watch. It is more like a piece of mechanical art that can tell time.

I do find this app to be nicer looking than a typical skeleton replica watch. It has an extreme sense of depth for a watch that’s not too thick, and I still found it sharper than many such watches. Plus, because it has a solid dial, there’s no arm hair amplification that often occurs in other dialless watches.

While I find reading the time inconvenient, I do find the Freak X OPS a pleasure to wear. The first thing you notice when you pick it up is how light it is. The outer shell (complete with numbered side panels) is made from the brand’s “Magma” carbon fiber. The watch’s tactical-looking green and black pattern (made from a mix of carbon and green resin) surrounds an internal titanium skeleton. The green nylon hook and loop strap further reduces weight and makes the watch more comfortable to wear. It’s very light but still has the feel of a solid build quality.

At 43mm wide and 13.88mm thick, the Freak X is no small watch. However, its dark color and feathery weight make it visually constricted. It feels like it wraps around the wrist rather than sitting on it.

Ulysse Nardin Freak X OPS is not cheap for most people. That being said, it’s priced lower than the original Freak but still offers a tourbillon, a visible movement, and a novel time display. I love watches right out of the box and unique colors and case materials, so I could immediately see the appeal of the Freak X OPS. While I wouldn’t consider this to be someone’s only watch, I find it to be a compelling alternative to more obviously sporty watches from more popular brands. It’s unique, but not as eye-catching as a Hublot.

Ulysse Nardin Limited Edition Ocean Race Dive Chronograph

Ulysse Nardin Limited Edition Ocean Race Dive Chronograph

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of The Ocean Race, Ulysse Nardin fake has launched a special limited edition chronograph called Ocean Race Diver Chronograph. Unveiled ahead of the Newport Incoming Race, this timepiece not only serves as the official timekeeper of the event, but also pays homage to the spirit of adventure, shared love of the sea and commitment to protecting the Athenian watch and the ocean race.

This chronograph has a 44mm sandblasted black DLC titanium case with a unidirectional rotating bezel and Carbonium® finish. The bezel features upcycled fibers from aircraft fuselage trim, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability. luxury fake watches

This watch exudes a cool and sporty vibe with its electric blue, white and black color scheme. The black sandblasted dial has rhodium-plated hour markers and hands, all coated with Super-LumiNova. It also includes sub-counters at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock. The self-winding UN-150 chronograph movement can be seen through the open case back and is water-resistant to 300 meters. The sapphire caseback and the ceramic parts of the rubber strap are embossed with the “50” signature.

Patrick Pruniaux, CEO of Ulysse Nardin, expressed his enthusiasm for the launch, saying: “The new Diver watch celebrates this legendary regatta, its commitment to protecting the marine environment, and the research and development that Ulysse Nardin fake watches for sale is proud to support. Ocean Conservation Project.”

What kind of experience is it to wear the great white shark in the deep sea?

We all know that Ulysse Nardin copy watches started from sailing. In the early days of the brand, they were famous for creating high-quality marine astronomical clocks. Today, the deep relationship between Ulysse Nardin and the ocean can be continued in Ulysse Nardin’s traditional and classic nautical MARINE series and diving watch DIVER series. As a symbol of the ocean, sharks have naturally become an important design element of Ulysse Nardin watches. In the past, diving watches with sharks as the theme were launched almost every year. Last year’s new product was the DIVER diving series chronograph watch “Great White Shark”. Limited edition, today let us once again take a look at this watch through real photos. (Watch model: 1503-170LE-1A-GW/3B)

The size of this Great White Shark watch is 44 mm. Although it is relatively large, because the watch is made of titanium, it has its own lightness and the excellent ergonomic design of Ulysse Nardin. Not only is it not very demanding on the wrist , but also a very comfortable wearing experience.

The screw-in crown on the other side is tightly protected by the shoulder guard design to prevent accidental collisions underwater and cause water to open. The upper and lower timing buttons are also designed with a lock handle. To perform timing, you need to open the lock handle before operating. As for the titanium shell, Ulysse Nardin has done a brushed finish for it.

This diver’s watch draws inspiration directly from the white-gray back and belly of the great white shark. When we look at the theme color of the watch, we restore the main color of white to match the gray dial and the silver-gray luster of the titanium case. And like the diving bezel, it also uses a white rubber rotating bezel with a record pattern, which is common in Athens diving watches.

The gray dial is not only embellished with blue and white elements, but also adds a sense of refreshment to the watch. At the same time, Ulysse Nardin has made a very fine grain texture effect for the gray dial, which is reminiscent of the great white shark with teeth. Scaly skin. As a diving watch with a chronograph function, it adopts a three-eye layout, and the sub-dial at 6 o’clock has a built-in round date window.

As a professional diving tool, we can see that this great white shark performs very well in terms of the necessary clarity and readability. You can see that the hands, time scales, and the starting position of the bezel at 0 o’clock are all coated with light blue Color Super-LumiNova™ luminous coating.

The bottom cover of the watch is engraved with the pattern of the great white shark. Compared with the previous special editions such as the blue shark, hammerhead shark, and lemon shark, the great white shark is definitely the most ferocious bottom cover design in the shark series. Under the bottom cover, Ulysse Nardin is equipped with a UN-150 self-winding movement, equipped with a silicon escapement device, which is accurate and reliable. The full chain can provide a 48-hour power reserve. Its performance is excellent, but some watch friends may I don’t know much about the UN-150 movement. In fact, this movement has a great background and has an interesting history. In fact, it was purchased from Ebel. If we go back to the source, the original version of the movement is the Lemania 1340 automatic timing In theory, it has the same origin as the Breguet 582 movement. Regarding the content of this movement, if there is a chance in the future, I will give you a detailed introduction again. fashion replica watches

The watch is equipped with a white rubber strap, which distinguishes two buckle styles, namely pin buckle and folding buckle. The tape of Athens is very comfortable, whether in terms of covering or softness. I often tell everyone that I like it very much. The rubber strap of the Ulysse Nardin diving watch is connected to the lugs. The extra link piece design is equivalent to an extra extension surface to touch your wrist, so that you can actually experience it with your hands, so that it can be well compatible with different sizes of wrist circumference.

Ulysse Nardin, the great white shark, has been introduced to watch friends. I once talked about this watch with you, saying that it actually shows the mature use and matching of colors in Athens, which makes the great white shark both sporty and elegant. It has a stylish style, making it not only suitable for professional underwater adventures within 300 meters of water resistance, but also suitable for daily wear. review cheap watch

Twenty-two years of fantasy, the new FREAK series of Ulysse Nardin Watch comes out

In 2001, with the birth of FREAK fantasy, Ulysse Nardin Watch created the silicon era in the field of watches and clocks. At the same time, Ulysse Nardin also used silicon parts and carrousel devices to run through the aesthetic and mechanical core of the entire FREAK fantasy series. Here comes a highly recognizable design.

At the just-concluded 2023 “Watches and Miracles” Geneva Watch Fair, in order to pay tribute to the first generation of fantasy 22 years ago, Ulysse Nardin decided to use it as a prototype to create a new FREAK ONE fantasy watch.

The new work continues the three iconic features of the fantasy buy replica watches: no dial, no hands, no crown design, but its appearance and performance hardware assembly, in fact, it has also achieved the highlights of new products in recent years.

Let’s look at the exterior design first. The case is made of black DLC-coated titanium and is equipped with a rose gold pitted bezel. This set is taken from the Freak S flagship watch released last year. On the dial, it inherits the nautical element design of the 2013 FREAK CRUISER. The entire carrousel strip-shaped anchor movement will be transformed into a minute hand, with a triangular hour arrow on the lower layer, and a newly added four-point Arabic numerals. Indicates the time.

In terms of performance, Ulysse Nardin has adopted a full set of silicon escapement for FREAK ONE, from the balance wheel to the escapement to the hairspring, all of which are made of silicon, and adopts DIAMonSIL diamond silicon crystal technology to make the silicon parts of the watch movement more wear-resistant and Anti-seismic, this is a demonstration of the technical strength of Ulysse Nardin. At the same time, the beating effect of the large-size silicon balance wheel will be particularly brisk and highly recognizable.

However, I think the most noteworthy point for watch friends is that FREAK ONE integrates a “grinder” automatic winding mechanism. It is also integrally formed of silicon parts, which can sensitively capture the subtle movements of the wearer and convert them into energy, which is twice the efficiency of the traditional winding structure.

FREAK ONE, can be said to be the most outstanding “integrator” of comprehensive technology in the current FREAK series. It also makes the grinding upper chain that was once only available on flagship models, and realizes the popularization of technology. The public price of the watch is 495,700 yuan, and it is sold in unlimited quantities. The 500,000 yuan level has also completely filled the vacancy of the flagship model FREAK S to the entry-level model FREAK X, the vacancy of the backbone products.

Ulysse Nardin El Toro GMT Permanent

As I mentioned in my previous article, Ulysse Nardin is one of my favorite brands. I’ve had several models in the past and I carry my Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Black Ocean with me on almost every occasion.

What we have here today is the Ulysse Nardin El Toro GMT Pepetual.

The 43mm diameter case is made of 18K solid gold. A Ulysse Nardin classic, the serial number plaque is attached to the right side of the case. The experimental design details that dominate the style of timepieces in general are also evident in the details of the case.

The lugs are designed to fit custom to the end of the strap. The slightly curved case form and high lug design perfectly balance the weight of the watch and provide great wearing comfort.

It appears that Ulysse Nardin has put a lot of effort into incorporating the GMT and perpetual calendar functions into a sporty case with a distinctive look. The most notable result of this work is the robust shell construction, which is rated WR100M, unlike common dress complications.

The fixed 24-hour bezel is engraved with gold-filled numerals at 12 o’clock and features a moon-shaped graphic. The bezel and pushers are made of blue ceramic.

The double-sided sapphire crystal provides an unobstructed view of the exquisite movement.

The independent dual time zone hands can be advanced or reversed by pressing a blue ceramic pusher located on the case. Each of these buttons has a plus or minus sign for easy access to independent dual time zone hands. The minus button is located directly below the winding crown at 4 o’clock, and the plus button is located directly under the serial number plate at 8 o’clock.

The dial form is a bit complicated. The lower part of the dial is designed with a T-shaped window, which mainly accommodates the GMT and perpetual calendar functions. While very unique, the design is certainly not for everyone. Interestingly, the Côtes de Genève decoration we are familiar with from the movement is used on the dial. The silver dial is perfectly matched with the blue tone, which is radiant with the help of Côtes de Genève. Large date-style date window at 1 o’clock with a blue-backed date disc. Large skeleton hands filled with SuperLuminova display are one of the unique design details.

The beating heart in the Ulysse Nardin El Toro GMT Perpetual is the patented perpetual calendar automatic movement UN-032, with quick settings for all perpetual calendar functions, local time/dual time mechanism, 34 jewels, and 45 hours of operation when fully wound Power reserve. The beautifully decorated movement is fully visible through the case back. The waterproof rating of the watch is 100M.

El Toro comes on an elegant blue alligator leather strap with an 18K solid gold deployant clasp. The leather strap feels a little stiff, but I’m sure it will break after a while of use.

I believe a rubber strap would suit the sporty look of this watch better than alligator leather.

When we saw the El Toro, we had a lot of positive details about the watch, like a super sporty perpetual calendar and 100M water resistance that lets you swim with it, and more. The brand itself is almost enough to buy a watch. However, I have one reason it’s not for everyone: design.

Such an experimental and boldly designed fashion watch cannot be suitable for the majority of watch lovers.

If you’re after a complicated watch that can be worn comfortably on a daily basis, and you’re good at bold designs and plenty of wrist presence, then the El Toro is for you. We recommend trying the rubber band version too when you stop for a coffee at the beautiful Quadran boutique.

ULYSSE NARDIN: Introducing the Marine Torpedo

Introducing the Marine Torpilleur, a lightweight, modern nautical timepiece for those who control their own destiny.

In the 19th century, when explorers roamed the oceans, the pocket timepiece was the captain’s watch, a sign of his status on shore and at sea. Ulysse Nardin’s pocket-sized chronometers are among the most coveted – prized by naval officers and merchant captains around the world. A vibrant nautical history has resulted in an iconic nautical chronometer, the ultimate expression of technical performance and beautiful design.

Now, there is a new generation of chronometers designed for the modern age: the Ulysse Nardin Marine Torpilleur.

Named after the small, fast boats of that early era, whose agility ensured they could easily outrun larger vessels, this is a timepiece for the contemporary explorer. The Marine Torpileur is a lighter, thinner version of the iconic Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer, designed for a younger, less formal age. Sure, it has a dynamic appeal, but it’s also backed by generations of craftsmanship and performance that loyal customers know they can expect from the Swiss watchmaker. Like the marine chronometer from which it was inspired, the Torpilleur is powered by an in-house self-winding UN-118 movement with the same 60-hour power reserve and proprietary silicon anchor escapement. Marine Torpileur is also COSC certified and meets the same exacting standards, allowing it to proudly receive the Ulysse Nardin Certificate of Performance.

The outstanding design is also evident on the dial, where the iconic features of the Marine collection are evident: Roman numeral hour markers and the iconic “1846” emblem with flashing red. While the elegant hands have the recognizable shape of a marine timepiece, they are also redesigned for the marine Torpilleur.

The small seconds at 6 o’clock surrounds the date window, and the 60-hour power reserve indicator is at 12 o’clock. fashion cheap watch

Sophisticated and modern logo. This is the new Marine Torpileur. Initially available in three different models and two different dials, in stainless steel and 18 karat rose gold. Three successful visions of our times that embody the modern spirit:

– 42mm Marine Torpilleur in 18 karat rose gold with white dial and leather strap with folding clasp.
Screw-down safety crown, sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 50 m.

– 42mm stainless steel Marine Torpilleur with white dial and leather strap with folding clasp.
Screw-down safety crown, sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 50 m.

– 42mm stainless steel case with blue dial and stainless steel bracelet. Screw-down safety crown, sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 50 m.

Absolutely modern, bold and brilliant, the Marine Torpilleur joins the outstanding Marine Collection Observatory collection.

It may have been designed for the city, but its heart — like every true adventurer — belongs to the sea.

Ulysse Nardin – Marine Chronograph Year Calendar

While integrating the annual calendar complication into a nautical chronograph, Ulysse Nardin’s main goal was to combine elegance with an easy-to-use solution.

The new Ulysse Nardin Nautical Chronograph Annual Calendar is actually very simple to use.

Between a perpetual calendar that requires no corrections before 2100 and a simple calendar that requires five manual adjustments a year, the annual calendar recognizes months of 30 and 31 days, with the exception of February. So it only needs to be corrected manually once a year.

Simplicity begins with the UN-153 movement. Ulysse Nardin’s watchmakers succeeded in reducing the annual calendar mechanism to a dozen add-ons, which on average required at least thirty elements. This movement requires only three additional wheels. The movement allows the time and date hands to move in either direction.

Made entirely in-house, including a silicon hairspring, this self-winding movement beats at a frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations/hour) and has a power reserve of approximately 52 hours. Shopping replica watches

In addition to the central hands indicating the hours, minutes and seconds, the dial – available in white or blue – features a 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock, a 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock and a continuous seconds counter at 6 o’clock 9:00. The latter also features a month display, thanks to a red hand that indicates the current month. Finally, the date is displayed in a circular aperture at 6 o’clock.

The design of the 43mm stainless steel case features elements typical of the Marine collection, including a ribbed bezel and a rubber-covered screw crown to ensure water resistance to 100 meters/330 feet.

The Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronograph Year Calendar is available with a folding clasp strap (rubber or alligator leather) or a steel bracelet.