New product: Corum Golden Bridge automatic winding sapphire case with panoramic view-celebrating the 10th anniversary of automatic winding

Thirty years after the advent of the Golden Bridge watch in 1980, Corum has released a version with a self-winding movement. That was in 2011. This year, Corum Watch celebrated the 10th anniversary of the advent of the self-winding watch, and released 4 new models with a panoramic integrated sapphire case.

Corum is an interesting brand that has always been at the forefront of design. They dare to take risks with bold aesthetics and innovative actions. Known for various icons from coin watches to Admirals and Bubbles and the legendary Golden Bridge. The Golden Bridge was released in 1980 as a collaboration with Vincent Calabrese. It was the world’s first in-line baguette movement. In 2011, Corum released an automated version. This year, to celebrate the ten years of the birth of the Golden Bridge automatic winding machine, they released 4 new series.

This new version features a one-piece panoramic sapphire case that extends from the top crystal to the side of the watch—allowing a 360-degree view of the inside. Judging from the photos released by the press, the new watch looks amazing. Gives the impression of a real-world bridge, not just a cartoon of a bridge. We look forward to seeing the sample sheet when we arrive in Singapore. And have booked our meeting to experience the Golden Bridge automatic watch shooting watch. The full report will be replied at that time.

The Golden Bridge of Corum fake Watch
Since its founding in 1955, Corum has been at the forefront of design and technology, often adventuring with bold looks and innovative movements. This may be why the brand is known for many different icons, from coin watches to admirals and bubbles. However, the most powerful legend in the Corum series is the Golden Bridge watch, which was first released in 1980 and is equipped with the world’s first in-line rectangular movement. Just 30 years later, in 2011, Corum released an automatic version of the inline movement that also swept the world.

The first generation, the hand chain Corum Miss Golden Bridge, together with the larger Corum Golden Bridge, are all set with diamonds,

Now, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Golden Bridge automatic winding machine, Corum has once again made a leap forward, launching a new Golden Bridge automatic winding series, equipped with an avant-garde case, allowing you to see the elaborate movement at a glance.

New product release: Corum’s 10th Anniversary Golden Bridge Automatic Watch Series

B313/04278 – 313.200.95/0F01 HS10 Black Ti/ Smoked Sapphire SGD 45,800 Limited Edition
B313/04279 – 313.200.86/0F01 HS15 5N Ti/Smoked Sapphire SGD 63,000 Limited Edition
B313/04280 – 313.200.77/0F01 HS15 Ti Diamond/Smoked Sapphire SGD 57,700 Limited Edition 25 pieces. 72 diamonds, approximately 0.65 carats
B313/04281 – 313.200.87/0F01 HS10 5N Ti Diamond/Smoked Sapphire SGD 66,200 Limited Edition 100 pieces. 72 diamonds ~0.65 carats

To commemorate the tenth anniversary of the self-winding movement, Corum Watch released a new Golden Bridge automatic winding series. The barrel-shaped case is composed of four models. With the panoramic sapphire crystal glass and the larger size of the case back, it can provide a moving view of the movement. In addition, Corum Watch made the sapphire crystal surface for the first time as a single sapphire piece extending from the top crystal mirror to both sides of the watch, so as to achieve a 360-degree panoramic view of the interior.

Sapphire is one of the most difficult materials to handle because it is very brittle and may crack during the manufacturing process. It also needs to pay special attention to the corners and metal case connection to make the watch waterproof. However, Corum’s internal engineers and watchmakers have mastered the single-piece craftsmanship covering the top and sides.

The new version of the best replica watch site case is made of polishable grade 5 titanium, the crown is located at 6:00, ergonomic comfort and beauty. They include a limited edition of 150 pieces in titanium and 18-carat gold models, as well as an all-titanium version with only 50 pieces. Each of these two materials also provides diamonds mounted on the case. Only 100 diamond-encrusted titanium versions are produced, and only 25 diamond-encrusted titanium watches are produced.

In addition, Corum also invented a discretely placed floating strap system for its hand-inlaid time scales, showing a highly modern and sophisticated style. The design is actually based on Functional needs. Since there is no dial to fix it, the strap system is connected to the base of the movement, so the mark seems to float in the space. As the name of the series-Golden Bridge shows-all versions of the movement of the main bridge and the bridge are made of 18 carat gold.

All 10th Anniversary Golden Bridge Automatic Watches use a sapphire caseback made of smoked crystal, which is almost mysterious in appearance. In addition, they are all powered by the original automatic movement, which is still very advanced even by today’s standards. All 194 parts of Corum Calibre C0313 are in one line, with a 40-hour power reserve, a variable inertia balance wheel that can achieve long-term accuracy, a miniaturized barrel and main board, and a splint made of 18-carat gold , And a platinum linear oscillating weight.

The Corum Golden Bridge Automatic 10th Anniversary Watch is water-resistant to 30 meters, with a soft-touch alligator strap and triple folding clasp. If the new case and the breathtaking side view are not enough, then the best part of this series may be the stunning new entry-level price of the Golden Bridge Automatic.