HYT H1 watch

The new HYT H1, launched by the hydromechanical watchmaker HYT Watches, is the first watch with mechanical and fluid dynamic time indication.

The watch uses two liquids to indicate the time. The second liquid is transparent and the second is green. They flow through the tube along the outer hour scale.

The idea that led to H1 is simple, it consists of two flexible reservoirs fixed at six o’clock on both ends of the capillary. When the first one compresses, the second one expands, and vice versa, causing the liquid to move in the capillary.

The repulsive force of the molecules in each liquid keeps them separate and has a meniscus to mark the boundary between the two.

As time goes by, the fluorescent liquid continues to develop. The half-moon-shaped half-moon-shaped elbow marks the breaking point along with the other fluids in the pipe and indicates the time. At 18:00, the fluorescent liquid returns to its original position and moves backward.

The secret to make the reservoir work? The two bellows are made of high-strength, flexible electroplated alloy, and each bellows is driven by a piston. This is where the watchmaking industry starts to activate the system.

HYT H1 replica is equipped with an exclusive self-made manual winding mechanical movement, operating at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour.

The center of the dial is equipped with a minute adjuster, overlapping with a spectacular small seconds display, reminiscent of a water wheel. On 02.30, a 65-hour power reserve pointer indicated the remaining available energy on three arcs of an arc.

Diameter: 48.8 mm Thickness: 17.9 mm.

HYT H1 hydraulic machinery: go with the flow

Unless you live in ancient Egypt, China or Greece, you may never have seen the otherworldly HYT H1. Welcome to the past, welcome to the past. HYT’s hydraulic machinery H1 combines Swiss mechanical haute horology with the first fluid-based time interface since the ancient leaking “water clock”. popular swiss watch

The bimetallic bellows constitutes the technical and aesthetic core of the revolutionary HYT 101 movement. Each bellows acts as a reservoir for high-viscosity fluids: one kind of fluorescent green, one kind of transparency. The calibrated circumferential tube connecting the reservoir serves as a time trace, while the visible meniscus between the two fluids serves as a flow time scale or “hour hand.”

In addition, HYT H1 is a traditional Swiss regulator and retrograde device. A traditional 60-minute hand is located at 12 o’clock, which can track the movement of the meniscus. The dynamic and static turbine display at 9 o’clock provides a constant indication of the number of seconds, and at 2:30, it displays a 65-hour power reserve with a conventional sweep indicator.

When the fluorescent oil fills the display for the entire 12 hours and reaches six o’clock, the retrograde function of HYT H1 will “jump up”. At this point, the green fluid quickly receded to 360 degrees of the origin on the other side of its six-point index. The entire calibrated hourly track will be cleared, and the green liquid will begin to track the progress of the next 12 hours of the day.

The 49mm HYT H1 titanium watch may be inspired by the classical era, but its size and wrist breath are obviously 21st century. The layered aesthetics ensures that every structural element in the case structure is fully expressed; this is a watch that celebrates the appearance and characteristics of the original machinery. HYT added a rubber strap with suitable end pieces to ensure seamless integration with the side of the case. Its reading is a constant flow of modern materials.

HYT’s ultra-comfortable rubber strap team uses short lugs, a flat back cover and the inherent lightness of titanium alloys to produce excellent ergonomics. H1’s 49mm case seems practical; HYT fits well for wrists as small as 5.5 inches in circumference.

In addition, HYT H1 is a real-world watch designed to give you a feeling of confidence and comfort. It has established its ergonomic excellence, but the practicality of the H1 stems from its screw-in crown, 100-meter (330-foot) water resistance and shockproof movement. Although the HYT H1 is similar to a concept watch or a Baselworld prototype, it is designed to withstand the harsh tests of real life on the wrist: in every way, it is a serious sports watch.

The manually wound HYT 101 movement combines the revolutionary meaning of time and the best traditions of Swiss mechanical watchmaking. Designed in collaboration with boutique sports expert Chronode and Cal’s Jean-Francois Mojhon. 101 has the expected stripes of Geneva timepieces, set off by mirror-quality glazed materials and compact chassis. Similarly, the moving brushed gears and 28,800 VpH escapement components show strict attention to finishing details.

But the hydraulic system is its highlight, and HYT keeps it visible in the center of the hollow dial and movement. This mechanism takes a full ten years from concept to market, and it is one of the few real breakthroughs in the last two decades of the development of high-end watches.

Others rearranged the same regulator hands (Patek, JLC, Chronoswiss, etc.), retrograde (Gerald Genta, Daniel Roth, Vacheron), wandering time (Urwerk, AP) and jumping time (Vianney Halter, AP, Lange, De Bethune) ), only HYT can truly break the shackles of the past, and H1 is a blue sky dream realized in metal, fluid and crystal. www.moonphase-watch.com

HYT H1 watch hands-on

At the press conference, it was crowded on replica HYT. Many people go to listen to Vincent Perriard discuss the internal working principle of H1, which is a new watch launched by his new brand HYT. After several months, HYT made its debut recently. It is a high-end geek watch designed to combine traditional mechanical watches with liquid watches. H1 is the first version of the brand, and more liquid-themed watches will be launched in the future. After the meeting, I caught up with Perriard and got a special hands-on look and demonstration from the man of the new watch himself.

If you know Perriard’s past work, you will be familiar with his passion and design decisions. Futurism and “doing things differently” are the factors that motivate him. When explaining watches, he speaks French very quickly, and when showing off his toys, English has the same insight and enthusiasm. H1 is an extremely cool and unnecessary watch – a precise formula to reach this level can contribute to the success of the industry. When I first presented replica HYT H1 to the world, I introduced it here.

Hands-on H1 almost met my expectations-very good. Bold futuristic design, big on the wrist, but still very wearable. The case is 48.8 mm wide and 17.8 mm thick. With lobed ears, it means it fits most wrists well. You can’t help but notice the two bellows in the movement and the glowing green liquid ring, which indicate the hours. The conceptual execution seems to be flawless, especially when you adjust the number of hours back and forth and the green consistency quickly moves on the scale. It basically uses pressure, but as far as I know, I have never done anything with a crown so far, maybe not on such a small scale.

The part we want to check is a titanium alloy coated with black DLC. There are uncoated titanium versions, as well as full 18k rose gold and 18k rose gold and black versions mixed together. These four models will launch the brand and apparently sell its first few batches to retailers who will sell replica HYT watches worldwide.

As I mentioned, Perriard likes to make high-end toys. H1 feels exactly the same. It’s like something a smart kid would dream of. This is also something that an adult child will wear happily. It takes a lot of technical experts to fully understand the functions of the movement, but the concepts in actual operation can be enjoyed by almost everyone. I think Perriard understands this concept best-if you want to have a successful new watch brand to sell high-priced goods, then it must be admirable by ordinary people.

On the dial, you can see the retrograde liquid indicator for the hours and the dial for the minutes-both are easy to read. There is an auxiliary seconds hand and a useful power reserve indicator for manual winding. Perriard turned to the back of the watch and explained how he wanted the movement to be finished and decorated in a relatively classic way-core watch lovers who didn’t want to potentially alienate consumers. The heavy accordion bellows on the dial is something you have never seen on the dial before. Such signature elements will surely become the logo of the brand.

For most people, the price is still completely impossible, but it does provide a better opportunity for the rich and super-rich to own and enjoy highly exotic watches. I and others are enjoying the fashion, demeanor and technological innovation that H1 provides. Perriard promises to be more and more complex in the future, so I expect the H1 to be the entry-level model in the next few years. Usually, brands like this start with ultra-high flagship models, but the right technology may be the most important thing to start with HYT. I really like what they are doing, and CEO Perriard’s passion for the product undoubtedly made this deal more successful. Find HYT H1 watches in selected retailers now.

HYT skull

The brand new Hyt skull lamp, another luxury watch brand from Switzerland, is eye-catching timepiece.

Neuchâtel’s Swiss watch brand HYT has been working hard to innovate another amazing timepiece. HYT skull lamp combines three ingenious ideas of the brand, including the smooth expression of hours, vivid skull and mechanical light source.

At first glance, Skull Light looks similar to its older sibling, Skull Green Eye, but it is quite different from the new watch.

Between each hour mark are various parts of Clou de Paris, giving the dial’s perspective a wonderful three-dimensional appearance. The hour markers and bezel are highlighted in 5N gold, in sharp contrast with the adjacent black surface.

The shell of the skull lamp is made of black DLC titanium with the aforementioned golden highlights. Black DLC titanium has a stealth effect and reduces weight. Around the skull is a hand-beveled edge of 5N gold. replica watches for sale

The core of Skull Light is the same movement as the first HYT model Calibre 101. The movement is completely developed in-house and uses the typical movement finishing in traditional watchmaking techniques.

Looking at the skull’s eyes, as the energy in the spring barrel is consumed day by day, the right eye socket becomes darker and darker. At the same time, the left eye socket has a second hand indicator to show the wearer that the watch has started to work.

Similar to HYT H4 Alinghi, Skull Light is equipped with a mechanism that captures the energy generated from winding the crown at 04:30 and converts it into electrical energy. Press the button at the end of the crown, and the two LEDs at the bottom of the dial will light up the skull lamp, “bath the watch for 15 seconds with a soft blue luminous effect.” There is no battery to generate power, the micro generator is completely powered by a mechanical device similar to a generator.

HYT replica once again explores the limits of creativity and dazzling with its amazing creativity.

HYT H1 Cigar Limited Edition

The H1 Cigar is HYT’s first bespoke watch, which showcases the almost limitless possibilities of developing unique cases that combine “polyepoxy” resin with the solid elements that the brand chooses for these special customers.

For more than two years, HYT and its partners have been working to create a material that integrates external elements chosen by future owners. Therefore, the owner can incorporate the solid elements of his personal universe into his HYT under certain technical conditions.

The HYT replica watches is a place where emotion and technology meet, which is a rare and unique object. The exercise should come to a natural conclusion: present a case that combines elements with the emotional weight of each owner.

As the first example of the customized HYT series, the case of the H1 humidor is decorated with the most beautiful Rodolfo Vitola cigar leaves. By making customized and unique pieces, each piece of HYT will be able to reflect the passion and life of new watchmaking enthusiasts, as well as the intimate personal passions they choose.

technical details
Model: H1 CIGAR
Ref. 148-NC-RO-GF-AB

Cigar Rodolfo Vitola multi-epoxy case leaf
Diameter: 48.8 mm
Thickness: 17.9 mm
Titanium bronze PVD rubber-covered screw-in crown
Titanium bronze PVD crown screw fixed watch
Titanium bronze PVD dome at 06:00
Curved sapphire crystal glass mirror with reflective coating on the inside
Screw-in sapphire back cover
Water resistant to 30 meters

Countercurrent oil hours; minutes, seconds

Manual winding mechanism, HYT exclusive movement
28,800 vph, 4 Hz, 35 jewels
Hand-chamfered and decorated with Geneva corrugated bridge, rhodium-plated corrugated tube
65 hours power reserve

Unstructured, variable hours
Brown hour dial, white indexes and Roman numerals,
White minute dial, black indexes and numbers, rose gold 5N hands
Illuminated minute hand and hour markers
Adjust at 12:00
The second hand is at 09:30
Power reserve indicator at 02:30

Brown crocodile leather, titanium bronze PVD pin buckle