HYT Hastroid Cosmic Hunter: The New Bronze Age

A new type of spaceship travels across time and space, relentlessly exploring the watchmaking galaxy in search of new and unique expressions of the art of watchmaking…by fake HYT

Designed modern timepieces, exclusive owners of mecafluid technology, a symbiotic marriage of science and micromechanics, is driving the creativity of fine watchmaking into a new universe. HYT changes common perceptions and develops extraordinary measuring instruments. Together with HYT, preparing for the future, the transformation of the watchmaking industry begins.

This fall, HYT Hastroid arrives in a warm and sensual hue in a bronze shell. An original variation to say the least, as it combines the futuristic nature of Hastroid with a material texture dating back to the most ancient times. Elegant and refined, the new Hastroid Cosmic Hunter is the perfect complement to HYT’s bold approach.

“What we have worked on is a masterful craft, a perfect marriage of fluid technology and mechanical sophistication,” said Davide Cerrato, HYT CEO and Creative Director.

Hastroid, Retro Hunter Skin
This craftsmanship is clearly reflected in the bi-material case design of the new Hastroid Cosmic Hunter, which measures 48mm in diameter, 52.3mm in overall length and 17.2mm in case thickness. The originality of this piece lies in the combination of carbon and titanium, plated with a PVD bronze treatment and microbeaded finish. This bronze electroplated finish has the advantage of a retro hunter look with the surprising lightness of Hastroid.

For thousands of years, bronze has traditionally been an alloy of copper and tin, which has a color close to that of gold, but is often altered by oxidation. It is not uncommon for the bronze to turn black or take on a patina. To make its new Hastroid Cosmic Hunter timeless, HYT decided to use a stabilized finish to keep the bronze color. By anchoring its beauty and lightness, using a resolutely modern approach, without any nostalgia or attempt to create an artificial retro effect, HYT is bringing bronze into a new futuristic era. HYT Hastroid Cosmic Hunter

Offering a beautiful contrast, this variation of case color accentuates the optimal readability of the dial, with its beige numerals in state-of-the-art Lumicast® material, a three-dimensional Superluminova® application emphasizing brilliance, its matte black-treated hands, and of course There are also liquids that show time retrograde. This black fluid, within its ultra-fine borosilicate capillaries, is the strikingly unique feature of the mecafluidic timepieces designed by HYT.

“Mecafluidic technology is a new term in scientific research for luxury watchmaking. We have the ability to highlight the symbiotic nature of these two technologies (mechanical and fluidic),” said Davide Cerrato, CEO and Creative Director of HYT.

The Hastroid’s multi-layered middle case presents a subtle openwork, while the watch as a whole has a sandwich construction, is water resistant to 50 meters, and has a central protective titanium case for the movement that optimally handles the tasks assigned to this new spacecraft . Wholesale replica watch

Like the flight deck, the watch is topped by a domed sapphire crystal, allowing a mostly unobstructed view of the entire dial. Of course, the heart of the mecafluid mechanism remains the fluid system, with its two central “bellows” reservoirs, whose design is unique to HYT’s creations, enhancing the character and sense of strength around the dial and the capillaries.

It is driven by a hand-wound mechanical movement, caliber 501 CM, beating at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz) and has a power reserve of 72 hours.

The movement was designed by Eric Coudray®, renowned master watchmaker and winner of the 2012 Prix Gaïa. With the assistance of PURTEC (part of the TEC Group) and his longtime friend and watchmaker Paul Clémenti (Gaïa 2018), the movement is elegantly satin-finished or laser-treated or sandblasted for a more refined look and finishes.

Underscoring the character of this modern haute horlogerie, the black rubber bracelet with green Alcantara® inlays has a military touch and embossed Corioform® design inspired by the spacesuits worn by astronauts.

HYT Hastroid Cosmic Hunter Specifications
Model H02756-A


retrograde fluid time
central minute hand
small seconds
power reserve pointer

Caliber 501-CM (352 parts)
Type: Mechanical
Frequency: 28’800 Hz
Gems: 41
Winding: Manual
Power reserve: 72 hours
Surface treatment: fine sandblasting and satin finish
Coating and Color: Black Coating

Bronze-coated satin-finished titanium and carbon case (64 parts)
Bronze and black coated titanium crown
Domed sapphire crystal (case) with anti-reflective coating
Green background with black border
Width: 48.00mm
Length: 52.30mm
Thickness: 17.20mm
Waterproof: 50 meters

Black Coated Brass and Clear Plate (50 pcs)
3D Black Coated Decal with Beige Luminous Numbers (Lumicast)
black grid
Black liquid inside borosilicate capillary
strap buckle

Black Rubber Strap
Army green embossed strap trim with green stitching
Black coated titanium buckle with satin and sandblasted finish

HYT HASTROID GREEN NEBULA, a watch from space

Give a child a piece of paper and a pencil and have him draw a watch and he will draw a circular case with two thin lines for hands. Davide Cerrato is presumably the exception to the so-called confirmation rule, since with a HYT Hastroid in his hand, it’s hard to believe he drew round watches as a child. As an adult, he did, setting the first Tudors and Montblancs over the years, but when HYT gave him a blank sheet of paper and a pencil, this kid who grew up on bread, Star Wars and superheroes created something almost alien.

The HYT brand may not sound new to watch lovers, but the company and new management are taking a completely different route than in the past, and so are its products. The first model, due out in early 2022, is called the Hastroid Green Nebula, and it already hints that the inspiration isn’t entirely from our planet; a first glance only confirms that conjecture. The watch’s case shape is hard to pin down: the angular, layered and machined titanium and carbon look is reminiscent of a space shuttle, and it smoothly integrates a rubber or Alcantara strap, despite its 48mm diameter , which guarantees the unexpected new wear resistance of HYT cheap watches.

The Hastroid isn’t exactly slim, barely 18mm thick, but it’s certainly wearable, especially considering what it’s packed into. The mechanism itself consists of two modules: the first is a “classic” 4Hz mechanical module that guarantees a power reserve of 72 hours, and the second is a fluid module that represents the HYT brand and the true soul of this watch: impossible not to notice, at least On the Skull dial, so to speak, is a tiny tube filled with an alien green liquid. HYT’s patented way and “signature” to indicate the time. In fact, the watch has a central minute hand, more imposing and striking than in the past, flanked by a second hand and a power reserve indicator; the rest of the stage is at six o’clock. Occupied by two cylindrical “artifacts”, they are connected to microtubes that run around the entire circumference of the mechanism.

HYT HASTROD Green Nebula: A Masterpiece of Chemistry and Precision
This is not the place to discuss chemistry and fluid dynamics (the author doesn’t know about the subject either), but imagine two miniature tanks, one containing a very dense green liquid and the other a clear liquid. Connect them with a tube the thickness of a human hair, put the whole thing in a vacuum, and attach it to the mechanical module so that the split wheel precisely compresses the barrel containing the green liquid into the tube ( push transparent) to precisely indicate the passage of time. complete? Well, now all you have to do is set up a return system that allows – at the 6 o’clock stroke – the two barrels to reverse the flow so that the green liquid returns to its original position, resetting the hour. Ah, this time it must have happened suddenly, not gradually like before.

Completed? Almost, because one of the biggest enemies of fluids – hence our superhero watches – is temperature change: cold makes it cool down, heat makes it liquefy further. These can cause problems for a cheap watch with only a few drops of lube on the pinion and ruby, imagine what happens to the Hastroid, which is a tanker by comparison: HYT solves the problem, we can be concise Briefly referred to as a micro-condenser, it is placed inside a micro-tank and is able to expand or compress at the slightest temperature change, thus guaranteeing a constant pressure inside the micro-tube and the watch always working precisely. The easiest but also the most complicated part is that it can be adjusted simply by turning the crown at 2 o’clock.


HYT x Brillantine

Visions of the future: HYT luxury and Brillantine Pictures predict the future of watchmaking discovery

HYT today announced an important partnership with the Swiss institution, a prelude to a spectacular new project. A showcase of future visions shared by Davide Cerrato, CEO and creative director of HYT, and Brian Tornay, director and founder of Brillantine Pictures. Unveiled in Geneva in March 2022, the new HYT Moon Runner watch benefits from 3D projection mapping designed by Brillantine Pictures. More than just a classic “display”, this visualization module heralds a revolution in the way Haute Horlogerie is explored in the future.

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In 2022, HYT best has launched a unique and original collaboration with Swiss agency Brillantine Pictures to develop a revolutionary project to showcase the visualization of its innovative timepieces.

The visualization module designed by Brillantine Picture, with its exclusive innovative 3D projection device, attracted much attention in Geneva at the unveiling of the new HYT Moon Runner watch. This spacecraft-like capsule features a unique and innovative video-mapping system that can be used to animate the timepiece, especially to showcase its technical features, such as the unprecedented visualization of the lunar volume. But this device can also go further by showing the creative world and inspiration associated with contemporary timepieces.

“It’s obviously more than just a showcase.” “Thanks to this device, we can take our audience with us on an unprecedented journey that we’ve offered for Haute Horlogerie 4.0: that is, our quest for mutation, allowing Haute Horlogerie to enter Keeping pace with the times.Our meca-fluidic technology is a unique combination of science and watchmaking and the way we intend to revamp classic complications through our vision of expressing new forms of futuristic design, perfectly staged and as HYT CEO Official and creative director Davide Cerrato says this is understandable not only for the discerning connoisseur or collector, but for a wider audience as well. buy good replica watches

“3D projection, also known as video mapping, is the art and science of using physical space and objects as projection surfaces instead of traditional screens. The end result is a magical, visually striking effect that changes our perception , must be seen live. Immersive multimedia entertainment has the ability to strengthen social cohesion, infuse spaces with new energy, attract new audiences, and magic happens…” said Brian Tornay, founder of Brillantine Pictures.

The exclusive partnership launched by HYT and Brillantine Pictures opens up endless possibilities for new expressions of watchmaking skills in the future.

HYT H2 Tradition: Like a passionate first kiss

HYT fake draws inspiration from watchmaking history in the design of its latest creations. Both majestic and moving, its youthful beauty makes one’s blood boil.

Wearing the H2 Tradition is like an eternal bachelor, falling in love for the first time – when you do realize there is no turning back, you find yourself desperately trying to stay free. When HYT’s first classic model was launched at the last SIHH, there was a lot of interest in the watchmaking world. HYT may have anticipated this reaction, as its production to date has only included dynamic, technological and futuristic pieces.

Enamelled Roman numerals around the hour circles and sub-dial, as well as other references to watchmaking traditions, exude a soft touch. This is a very new genre for a start-up whose design and uniqueness have always been bewildering – and that’s the price to pay for being a true exception in watchmaking. However, things have changed.

an amazing dive
Getting a first look at a watch means getting to know its amazing mechanics. Two curved pistons form the basis of the dial. They are used to control the movement of two liquids – one royal blue and one transparent – and they replace the hour hand in the HYT’s inherent properties. Any internal combustion engine enthusiast will understand this, while wild-road purists may recognize the V-engine, which is often seen on Harley Davidsons. The resemblance is so striking that we can almost smell the used leather and burnt rubber in Hell. By the way, it’s worth reading what the crazy and ebullient Hunter Samuel Thompson has to say about it.

HYT H2 Tradition

However, despite the engine’s 48.80mm diameter, there is no potential provocation. The H2 Tradition is a technological breakthrough in terms of the assembly of its movement – not only because of its layers, but above all because of its solid curved piston. They taper outwards from the bottom. This started the production of the majestic curved support bridge. These excellent micro-mechanical touches and the technology developed by Preciflex, which produces hydraulic displays, are truly remarkable. To cynics and skeptics, the watchmaking legitimacy of this method is nothing but a futile debate.

But this watch is not only scientifically innovative. Its time display mode takes some getting used to. Time passed slowly and quietly. Tranquility is a whole new feeling for such an avant-garde watch. At the end of its cycle, after 6 am or 6 pm, the retrograde system slides the fluid in the opposite direction. As a bonus, this special and unusual display offers unprecedented time reading flexibility and comfort.

The H2 Tradition has a lighter caliber than in the first H2 introduced in 2013. The balance has been replaced with a sub-dial to indicate the minutes, now fixed and hidden under this dial. Small seconds have also been added. Therefore, this watch is not a revolution, but presents some changes that completely change the character of the movement. The component fleet is fastened to the guilloche trim, which is the basis for assembly. What a wonderful work!

The H2 Tradition protects its lion heart with sapphire and titanium glass windows. This sleek cocoon is surrounded by a domed sapphire crystal. The silhouette of the piece has a slight slope, is flat in the middle, and reveals unexpected angles. The back is also sapphire, extending all the way to the edge of the middle, where it stops and forms the gear train for energy storage. The size of the large and rare H2 Tradition is not an issue, as the watch is actually quite light, and its height/weight ratio confirms this. We might even say it gives a slight weightlessness.

The H2 Tradition was first and foremost a fundamental game-changer for HYT, creating the perfect cheap watch of the future and now interested in its origins. Given the effort put into its development, the same power can be used to master the depths of the great traditional watchmaking art.

HYT skull

HYT Bespoke, a truly customized experience

Adding a custom touch to a timepiece allows the owner to create a watch to commemorate a special moment in their life, or have a timepiece that is unique and will not be worn on another person’s wrist. Today HYT launched HYT skull.

The goal of the team is to meet the needs of watch lovers with a personal creative vision. HYT Bespoke provides solutions ranging from personalized options to creating ultra-exclusive and unique works. All of HYT’s artistic, scientific and technical expertise is integrated into these one-off creations.

Upon request, hold creative meetings and visit HYT’s laboratory, allowing customers to discover in detail the full potential of HYT and its ecosystem-the combination of creativity and engineering.

There are two personalization programs available:

Custom one:
In addition to the imagination of the customer, there are almost no restrictions. The plan has only one goal: to make the customer’s dream a reality. Personalization and development of sports, modification of component shapes, materials, glass capillary shapes, fluid colors, etc.: all options are available. If the customer wants and is possible, fake HYT will do it!

Customized two
This module provides customers with the opportunity to personalize the appearance of HYT by modifying some existing components or materials: coating, material, engraving, and color are some of the available options. As you can see from the picture below, if you want your HYT timepiece to reflect your patriotism, you can customize the watch to match the color scheme of your home country’s national flag. Wholesale fake watches

Innovative independent HYT returns with Davide Cerato as CEO

Today there are two exciting news. Since 2012, we have been reporting on the exciting new independent brand of HYT since 2012. The company went bankrupt in 2020, but insiders urged us to be aware that the brand will return. This morning, while we were sleeping, we received news that this did happen. fake HYT is back.

Davide Cerato, who once managed the Montblanc watch business and former creative director of Tudor and Panerai, has been appointed as CEO. The brand has been taken over by Kairos Technology Switzerland SA, which has taken over all assets.

A quick search reveals that Kairos Technology Switzerland (KTS) SA is a company incorporated in June 2021, and Vincent Periard has been president since June 2021. In 2012, Vincent played an important role in bringing HYT into the world of haute horology with his highly infectious enthusiasm and unique dynamic personality. We personally know Vincent and respect his abilities very much. Davide Cerato has also served on the board of directors since October 2021. We have known Davide since his days in Panerai, but he was more familiar when he was in Tudor and Montblanc.

HYT Watches: the return of independent brands
In 2012, the HYT copy watch brand caused a sensation in the watchmaking world with its hybrid mechanical fluid technology, which allows the use of fluid to display time. This unique module is driven by a manufactured mechanical movement. Therefore, HYT combines superb mechanical technology with avant-garde technology.

The technology used in HYT watches originates from the aerospace and medical fields, but HYT now has in-house expertise and is able to manufacture these fluid systems in-house.

In 2021, Kairos Technology Switzerland SA took over all assets of HYT and appointed Davide Cerrato as CEO. This veteran in the watchmaking industry with a successful track record in brands such as Panerai, Tudor and Montblanc/Minerva accepted this new challenge.

«I am very happy to take over the overall management of this magnificent brand. With its innovative and groundbreaking content, HYT luxury watches has successfully brought a new dimension to the watch industry. Therefore, the brand is clearly positioned as the “pioneer” of the fine watchmaking industry in the new millennium. We have already begun to work hard to continue this commitment to innovation, to re-engage watch lovers and collectors, and to break the existing technological limitations by realizing new pleasures in wearing luxury watches. A fun that combines «maestria» with mechanical exquisite, smooth display and avant-garde design. »

HYT watch-H1 Alinghi

The new H1 Alinghi from HYT Watches is the result of a collaboration between the Swiss brand and Alinghi-now in its third year-Alinghi is the two-time Copa America champion of the world-famous sailing team and the first European team to win a historic championship. prize.

The new H1 Alinghi is limited to 20 pieces and is the most technologically advanced model in this special partnership.
Many elements of the vessel that inspired it.

The most striking of these elements is the rigging crisscrossing the lower half of the dial. Customized design, it passes through the four holes on the flange, and then is fixed to the three central holes. The result is an unmistakable nod to the yachting world. best fake watches

On the back, the structure of H1 Alinghi echoes the deck of the yacht. The gray sandblasted finish emphasizes the high-tech DNA.

The dial can read the time through the liquid in the capillary to create the iconic fluid time.

Two liquids—the first is transparent and the second is black—flow through a tube along the outer hour markers. Two flexible reservoirs at six o’clock are fixed at each end of the capillary. When the first one compresses, the second one expands, and vice versa, causing the liquid in the capillary tube to move. The repulsive force of the molecules in each liquid separates them, and the meniscus marks the boundary between the two.

In order to improve the readability in the dark, fake HYT installed it on a channel full of Super-LumiNova. At night, the translucent part of the capillary will reflect light so that the opaque time display can be read.

To achieve the best lightness and rigidity, this timepiece is equipped with offset lugs and crown guards, made of folded and forged carbon, and assembled on a titanium middle piece.

Other elements specifically designed for H1 Alinghi include the small seconds of the mainsail roller blind at 9 o’clock, the power reserve in the shape of a winch at 3 o’clock, the jumper Alinghi logo at 6 o’clock, and the power reserve and the ball on the minute hand. The team’s iconic red.

The 48.8 mm x 17.9 mm case is equipped with a manual winding mechanical movement. The HYT movement vibrates 28,800 times per hour and has a power reserve of 65 hours.

HYT H1 Alinghi (model 148-TC-09-NF-RC) is made of a reinforced fabric made of fire-resistant and anti-allergic fibers, and is equipped with a dark charcoal gray strap with black topstitching and a titanium folding clasp.

HYT Watch-H2 Titanium and White Gold Blue

HYT fake Watches launched a new version of the HYT H2 model, which we first introduced here on March 30, 2013.

This new deflection angle of fake HYT H2 uses a titanium and white gold case, and its dimensions have not changed: the diameter is 48.8 mm and the thickness is 17.9 mm.

The blue minute hand and the blue liquid flowing through the tube along the outer hour markers create a charming contrast with the silver dial.

The hand-wound movement vibrates 21,600 times per hour and provides an extraordinary power reserve of 192 hours.

HYT H2 titanium and platinum (model 248-TW-00-BF-RA) with a rubber gray alligator strap.

HYT Watch-HYT H2

Last year we wrote about HYT H1, a sensational watch with mechanical and fluid dynamic time indication.

With the successful launch of H1, HYT Watches has further broken the limits of hydraulics through HYT H2.

With H2, the entire architecture of the hybrid movement has been redesigned to seamlessly integrate and close the bellows. After deconstruction, it coexisted, integrated, and closed the bellows and the cam, antenna and piston system.

The bellows is now at 6 o’clock, in a “V” shape and an upward trend, reminiscent of automotive and aerospace engineering.

The 3 o’clock position is the “T-N-W” crown position indicator, which is reminiscent of the gear lever of a racing car and is balanced with the other hand. This is also a temperature indicator unique to fake HYT. After wearing the watch, this function allows the user to know exactly when the fluid reaches the optimal temperature range.

In the center, the minute hand is designed in stages, which perfectly fits the structure of the fluid system, and jumps after 30 minutes, avoiding the bellows.

At the 6 o’clock position, the two bellows are made of a very strong and soft electroplated alloy and are propelled by a piston. When the first one is compressed, the other is stretched, and vice versa, driving the fluid in the capillary.

The movement is housed in a black DLC titanium case with a diameter of 48.8 mm and a thickness of 17.9 mm.

The double barrel visible through the back of the watch provides an 8-day power reserve.

HYT 248-DL-00-GF-RA H2 Black DLC titanium Replica watch

Brand :HYT

Model :248-DL-00-GF-RA

Range : H2 Black DLC titanium

Movement :Hand winding

Gender :Mens

Case material :Titanium,PVD

Case size :48.8 MM

Crystal :Sapphire

Thickness :17.9 mm

Features :Hours,Minutes,The power reserve indicator

Bracelet material : Alligator

The case shape :Circle

Dial Color :Black

Strap features:With titanium inlay

Water resistance :50 m

HYT Watch-H2 Titanium and White Gold Blue

HYT Watches launched a new version of the HYT H2 model, which we first introduced here on March 30, 2013.

This new deflection angle of HYT H2 uses a titanium and white gold case, and its dimensions have not changed: the diameter is 48.8 mm and the thickness is 17.9 mm.

The blue minute hand and the blue liquid flowing through the tube along the outer hour markers create a charming contrast with the silver dial.

The hand-wound movement vibrates 21,600 times per hour and provides an extraordinary power reserve of 192 hours.

HYT H2 titanium and platinum (model 248-TW-00-BF-RA) with a rubber gray alligator strap.

Take a look at the new Hy H1 and Hyt H2 watches

HYT fake, the so-called “hydraulic machinery watch home” introduced a considerable color change in this year’s Basel World Watch Expo. The H1 and H2 collections are used in various metals, have and non-coated, various metals for the housing, and fluids of various colors to indicate time. Two: h1’iceberg, “H1 changes have white and ice blue combination, the coolest H1 collection version; and HYT H2 titanium and platinum, perhaps the best new piece of the entire HYT line.

The new HYT H1 iceberg has a similar color scheme for the “dial” and Hyt H1 for the name. As HYT refers to: “The complexity of the azure fluid compliance mechanics, and the breathing of a lightweight and fresh air.”

Some specifications:

Case: Titanium with brushed, shot and satin; diameter = 48.8 mm; thickness = 17.9 mm; blue rubber cladding screw lock; titanium crown guard; titanium round at 6 o’clock; curved sapphire crystal, interior Non-refractive coating; rotating sapphire case; water to 100 meters

Function: Retrograde Blue Separation; for a few minutes, seconds

Sports: Mechanical manual entanglement, exclusive HYT caliber; 28,800 Vph (4 Hz); 35 jewelry; hand-chamfer, with Côtesdegenève; galvanized bellows; 65 hours power reserves
Tablet: White rubber, there is also a black adhesive crocodile; titanium pin buckle. (Photo by Watchonista.)

HYT H2 replica is launched last year, soon, in BaselWorld 2013, it is only 50 limited editions only. H2 new titanium and white gold blue version is more limited.

“Dial” provides high-tech grand show with gears, leverage, bridges and a beautiful balance wheel, which is installed by a very elegant and robust balance bridge. Of course, the iconic bellows and tentacles, cams and pistons are also exposed in all technical beauty. All new HYT meters are equipped with a compensator for temperature changes. This means that all H1 models and H2 models will always display the correct time, with instructions of the tube through the fill flow by means of a central minute. At the time, it is a blue liquid in the tube and white metal, which is so incredible “cute”.

HYT H2 provides more functions than H1: Add a power reserve indicator, a temperature indicator, and an “H-N-R” indicator. The latter is connected to the crown and tells the wearer H of the crown portion for setting time, n for neutral, R winding (in French inversion). For more technical explanations, see the previous article on the first H2.

Some specifications:

Case: titanium and platinum, microbes and satin finished products; diameter = 48.8 mm; thickness = 17.9 mm; dome blue gem crystal (box) has a non-refractive coating; tighten blue gem case; water to 50 meters

Sports: Exclusive HYT manual winding movement; 21,600 Vph (3 Hz), 28 jewelery, 192 hours (8 days) power reserves; titanium bridge

Function: Retrograde Blue fluid hours; a few minutes with jump 30 minutes; crown position indicator (H-N-R); temperature indicator

Tablet: leather with blue sewing; black DLC titanium pin buckle

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