Innovative independent HYT returns with Davide Cerato as CEO

Today there are two exciting news. Since 2012, we have been reporting on the exciting new independent brand of HYT since 2012. The company went bankrupt in 2020, but insiders urged us to be aware that the brand will return. This morning, while we were sleeping, we received news that this did happen. fake HYT is back.

Davide Cerato, who once managed the Montblanc watch business and former creative director of Tudor and Panerai, has been appointed as CEO. The brand has been taken over by Kairos Technology Switzerland SA, which has taken over all assets.

A quick search reveals that Kairos Technology Switzerland (KTS) SA is a company incorporated in June 2021, and Vincent Periard has been president since June 2021. In 2012, Vincent played an important role in bringing HYT into the world of haute horology with his highly infectious enthusiasm and unique dynamic personality. We personally know Vincent and respect his abilities very much. Davide Cerato has also served on the board of directors since October 2021. We have known Davide since his days in Panerai, but he was more familiar when he was in Tudor and Montblanc.

HYT Watches: the return of independent brands
In 2012, the HYT copy watch brand caused a sensation in the watchmaking world with its hybrid mechanical fluid technology, which allows the use of fluid to display time. This unique module is driven by a manufactured mechanical movement. Therefore, HYT combines superb mechanical technology with avant-garde technology.

The technology used in HYT watches originates from the aerospace and medical fields, but HYT now has in-house expertise and is able to manufacture these fluid systems in-house.

In 2021, Kairos Technology Switzerland SA took over all assets of HYT and appointed Davide Cerrato as CEO. This veteran in the watchmaking industry with a successful track record in brands such as Panerai, Tudor and Montblanc/Minerva accepted this new challenge.

«I am very happy to take over the overall management of this magnificent brand. With its innovative and groundbreaking content, HYT luxury watches has successfully brought a new dimension to the watch industry. Therefore, the brand is clearly positioned as the “pioneer” of the fine watchmaking industry in the new millennium. We have already begun to work hard to continue this commitment to innovation, to re-engage watch lovers and collectors, and to break the existing technological limitations by realizing new pleasures in wearing luxury watches. A fun that combines «maestria» with mechanical exquisite, smooth display and avant-garde design. »