Zenith Academy Christophe

Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb pays tribute to Felix Baumgartner watchmake In October 2012, a man first broke the sound barrier outside the car while he jumped from a balloon floating on the edge of the outer space. The man felix baumgartner is the inspiration of the top in creating Christophe Colomb Tribute Watch. Wear El Primero Stratos in the jump, it will cause stunning feat.

The most spectacular aspect in this watch is a self-adjusted gyro module. This is the first time to use this system on the clock, and it substantially maintains the escapement of the horizontal position, no matter which way is placed. This may not seem to be crucial, but it brings perfect for this watch, allowing balance wheels and hair surgery to keep the level, which leads to almost perfect regulation.

Although Zenith has generated 10 in these miracles, the instanta of Felix Bobarna delivers a tribute to Christophe Colomb means. Although the dial is mostly turquoise, it is designed to represent the earth observed from space, then create an upper part with a barbaric silver river, because people can see it from the edge of the atmosphere. The feature in the ship is a 18K gold power supply, depicting capsules and earth.

Although sapphire crystal bubbles is an amazing element on the watch, it is designed to make the escapement to move in space. Although some people may want to know if the design is comfortable, just put it on the wrist and miracle. The watch is as suitable as gloves, allowing a significant view of exercise. 45 mm wide case polished in perfect and amazing.

The internal work of the clock is Zenith El Primero Caliber 8805 manual wrap movement.

The watch operates in units of 36,000 pounds, supporting this complex movement, only skilled craftsmen can assemble masterpieces. Divided into three main parts, chains, gyro, and of course the body movement, Christophe Colomb served by the works in the DLC coated platinum medium, and use this combination in the watch industry very little.

Therefore, as a collector, you will not want to miss such an elegant and exquisite art. Wearing history on your wrist, sportswatch, this is a type of watch, this replica watches wholesale has so many special properties, you won’t be disappointed.

Jacob & Co. Epic X Chronograph

The sporty new styles in the Epic X series combine functionality and seasonal appeal.

The four new Epic X chronograph models launched by Jacob & Co. have a 47 mm diameter case, and their aesthetic design will appeal to a wide range of tastes, from the all-black “invisible” appearance to white and gold tones. Very suitable for the beach. The different appearance is achieved through different color combinations of titanium, rose gold and ceramic.

The new Epic X chronograph is powered by the Jacob & Co. JCAA05 skeleton self-winding chronograph movement. This high-end chronograph movement is equipped with a column wheel to control the timing function. Once the chronograph is started by pushing the red rubber button at 2 o’clock, the elapsed seconds will be read from the central red chronograph second hand. As a useful additional feature, the Epic X chronograph has a rotatable inner flange that can be controlled by a separate crown (also made of red rubber) at 10 o’clock to set a countdown timer. The movement has a 48-hour power reserve and high-end finishes, which can be admired through the transparent sapphire crystal case back.

The “X” in the name of Epic X comes from the design elements formed by the lugs and vertical elements on the dial. The color combination of this X makes the new model unique: two rose gold with white ceramic bezel, rotating inner flange and chronograph disc are available in red or black; a grade 5 titanium with red inner flange And the counter to match the red rubber buttons; the last model is all black with DLC-coated titanium, black ceramic bezel, and contrasting red counters and buttons.

The screw-in crown helps to ensure a water resistance of up to 200 meters, and the rubber elements (including the natural rubber strap) are an easy-to-equipped sports watch. Nevertheless, there is still a subtle but unmistakable reminder that Jacob & Co.’s jewelry tradition has a unique red mineral crystal dial base. Fake Luxury Quartz Watches

Zenith El Primero A386

Original but is completely new.

Although Zenith celebrates its 50th anniversary of its iconic chronograph table in 2019, long-term successful people will take a while from the original EL Primero takes time.

It looks like another refurbished surface – design is almost 1969 A386’s dead forest, which is the new Chronomaster original rebound to the latest EL Primero, brand new CAL. 3600 has a low lightstock.

Orthodox original originally finally repackage retro A386, retaining a unique design when installing modern movements. Therefore, this watch is familiar with and attractive in a wide range of strokes, but there are some surprises.

Dial, for example, two consultants. One is the traditional “three colors” in 1969, and the other is an unusual and gorgeous “panda” dial, stand out from the peers. Ironically, the black and silver dial looks more retro, partly because there is no original palette.

The case is a compact 38 mm, which is the same as the original original. This is exciting – but surprisingly, seeing the return of 38 mm cases, this is hardening soon. Returning to a 38 mm case is reasonable because it adapts to the size of the original size of the retro, and catering for the prevalence of classical elegant style.

Although the diameter of 1969 is the same, the movement is brand new, technical and functional. The new EL Primero 3600’s highlight is a central count second second, flying over the dial, allowing it to measure the time, accuracy of 1/10 seconds.

However, new motion does not change Zenith is usually accessible pricing. For steel tapes on the steel belt of 8,400 US dollars, orthodox original is a small and reasonable premium on the other chronological codes on the brand and the original EL Primero movement.

In short, orthodox original trial is important, it is important, while maintaining other large amounts of disgusting.

Lightning second
The maximum actual difference between the new and old El Primero movements is reading the counting time. Constant seconds remains in a subtop dish of 9 o’clock, but the number of seconds migrate from its traditional central hand to three o’clock to register.

The losses that read the number of seconds are composed of a central lightning second, which is still titrated within 10 seconds of the original EL Primero motion, but is titrated in an enlarged manner. swiss watches

In order to allow 1/10 of 1/10 of 1/10, the outermost scale on the dial is enlarged to have 100 hash exaggeration. 100 polarizations plus 10 seconds or 100 segments are 1/10 seconds, interpreted the numerical scale. It uses the central second hand using a speed of speed every 10 seconds, or six times.

Double second indication of the chronographic table requires a separate gear train that performs the opposite role.

In order to drive the fast travel center second, a secondary gear train is added to the top of the escape. The gear ratio of the secondary train increases the rotation rate of the timing second wheel. www.moonphase-watch.com

However, the traditional chronograph (in the register within three o’clock) must move in a minute, this requires another gear system to be coupled to the central counting wheel, which reduces the rotation speed to a revolution. second.

It is worth pointing out that two additional gear train are a simple solution, but the extra load on the escape wheel is itself the fastest wheel in traditional sports.

Since this setting may result in more wear and tear – drive the timer, with a slower wheel, such as the fourth round, may induce less wear – but only time will tell the second generation EL Primero how to exercise Perform it over time.

Zenith Chronomaster Original
Ref. 03.3200.3600/69.M3200 (steel, white dial, bracelet)
Ref.03.3200.3600/69.C902 (steel, white dial, strap)
Ref. 03.3200.3600/21.M3200 (steel, black dial, bracelet)
Ref. 03.3200.3600/21.C903 (steel, black dial, strap)
Ref. 18.3200.3600/69.C901 (gold, white dial, strap)

Diameter: 38 mm
Height: Unavailable
Material: Stainless steel or 18k rose gold
Crystal: Sapphire
Water resistance: 50 m

Movement: El Primero 3600
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, date, and chronograph with lightning seconds
Frequency: 36,000 beats per hour (5 Hz)
Winding: Automatic
Power reserve: 60 hours

Strap: Bracelet or calfskin strap

Omega Seamaster 300m Chronograph

It’s time to show off the dive watch again, tasting the Omega Seamaster 300m Chronograph

The history of Omega can be traced back to 1848, when a watchmaker named Louis Brandt opened a small watchmaking workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, which later became Omega, which is constantly advancing and developing. In China, Omega watches have become the most popular watches in the world, and have a pivotal position in the watchmaking world. There is still a deep relationship between Omega and the ocean. In 1932, the Omega Marine watch was tested at a depth of 73 meters under Lake Geneva and became a professional commercial diving watch. In 1957, the Seamaster 300 was born. Today, Omega The Seamaster 300m watch has also become one of the most popular diving watches on the market. Next, we will come to appreciate a watch in the Seamaster 300m watch. (Watch model:

Omega Seamaster 300m diving watch is popular with the public due to its outstanding performance and moderate price. This Seamaster 300-meter diving watch introduced for everyone is also equipped with a chronograph function. The movement is upgraded to a 9900 movement, which adds practical functions and competitiveness to the watch.

This watch is made of two different materials, stainless steel and yellow 18K gold, adding a distinctive charm to the watch. At the same time, the watch is equipped with a polished blue ceramic bezel, which is decorated with OMEGA Ceragold® technology. Made into a diving scale, the details can be seen with originality.

The helium exhaust valve at 10 o’clock is also a classic design of the hippocampus 300-meter diving watch. It is engraved with the “He” logo to ensure the internal safety of the swiss watches prices.

The screw-in crown on one side has a shoulder guard design and a non-slip texture design to ensure that the wearer is not easy to slip when operating the watch. There are timing buttons made of polished blue ceramic on both sides, highlighting the overall aesthetic style of the brand.

The blue dial is decorated with a laser-engraved ripple pattern, which reminds people of the rough waves on the sea. Two time counters are symmetrically distributed at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions on the dial, and a date display window is set at 6 o’clock. The hour markers and hands are covered with a white luminous coating, so that the time can be read clearly even in poor light conditions.

The watch is equipped with a blue rubber strap, full of sporty atmosphere and vitality, very suitable for summer wear.

The movement is equipped with the Omega 9900 movement, which has excellent performance and excellent anti-magnetic and shock resistance. The movement is also equipped with two tandem barrels, which can provide a 60-hour power reserve for the watch.

The Omega Seamaster 300-meter diving watch opened a legendary chapter. The exquisite watchmaking technology and fashionable and versatile watch design have created a model of modern diving watch. This watch is also equipped with a chronograph function. , And showed the charm of the other side of the diving watch.

Corum Golden Bridge Automatic

Corum Golden Bridge Ceramic Replica Watch 113.161.15/0001 0000R Black Ceramic - Alligator Strap

The luxury watch manufacturer Corum is Rene Brannwart Braindhild, and he is a savvy business student in Geneva, then joined Ji’an Berme and Omega ranks, where he created the first creative department and unveiled still Cherish the treasure of the brand. Prior to his branch, Brandvall spent decades and hinds his skills in Patekafelibia and Omega, and created his brand with his uncle. With years of experience, he got a senior watch manufacturer and engineer with his background, and he looked up with his uncle and created a brand called Golan.

Brandwalt is related to the term “legal person”, which means holding discussion and necessary minimum number, and make effective decisions, and decides to name his brand after the expression, but it is more simple to spell . A key to their brand symbolism represents the mystery of many mystery in innovation and life. The brother brand was launched in 1955, and their first watch was released in recent years and inspired many people’s interests with their creativity and unique design, such as Hard tube, Chinese hat and feathers.

It is early, Corum cheap creates the public through the aim of incorporating a watch, some of these most excellent and unique watches. These days, Corum is still designing excellent watches, while still in line with their excellent crafts, cases in point, updated version of brand iconic gold bridge watches, gold bridge automatic.

Corum Golden Bridge fake is automatically a grand hour, 51.8 Take 37.2mm 18 Karat red or white gold box with black crocodile belt. The Jinqiao watches have 194, 40-hour power reserves, 26 jewels, 28,800 vibrations per hour, water to 99 feet.

The watch is completely transparent to the gold bridge in the center of the watch. The original gold bridge watches released in 1980 have the same “floating” rectangular gem, but manually winding the device. The automatic Jinqiao watches have a slightly large tonnage box, making the gold bridge more obvious, and the highlights of the watch. Corum has not yet been paying attention to details, even if the back of the housing contains some anti-glare coating crystals, it can be found in front to more visible motion.

Vacheron Constantin Replica watches

Vacheron Constantin replica watches

Historical name 1921

Historiques 1921 Collection

Vacheron Constantin historical name is 1921 series, and a hundred-year commemorative launches 36.5 mm, 40 mm two sizes of 18K platinite style.

One hundred years ago, I have passed, and the most famous historical name of Vacheron Constantin is 1921 to the 100th anniversary. For this special year, there are many 1921, which has been launched, and has also launched three commemorative style. One of the ultimate version of all platinum gold, the most drunk: all 950 platinum case, dial and buckle (digital time standard with pointer is 18K platinum), a handmade suture on a blue crocodile leather strap It is made of platinum. 1921 The table has a unique pillow design, although the square is very popular in the age of it, the river temple Dandin historical name is in the 1921 watch, just in the chapter of the chapter, it will be in this way: unique, skewed the disk design, and The crown of 1 o’clock in the strange position is amazed, even if it has been one hundred years, it is still one of the centuries in my heart. The full platinum version of 1921 watches, with a black track scale small second dial with pure platinum sandblasting, such a small change in the unique classic, indeed surprising and worry.

Vacheron Constantin Historiques Historical Cooperative Series American American 1921 Watch, Platinum Shell has a diameter of 40 mm, the thickness of 8.06 mm, equipped with 4400 AS manual upper chain head, vibration frequency 4 Hz, storage capacity 65 hours, Geneva print, waterproof 30 meters, dark blue Mississippi crocodile leather strap with platinum sheet buckle, the handwire on the strap is made of 950 platinum wire.

In addition to the noble pure platinum limited edition, 1921 manual upper chain watch 100th anniversary watches also launched two 18K white gold materials: 40 mm and 36.5 mm styles. Creating a case with a total 18K white gold, and is equipped with a black-processed 18K white gold material, the timeliner is equipped with a second needle, 40 mm is mixed with snow, 36.5 mm with Bremen red calf leather strap. aaa swiss movement replica watches

Vacheron Controvedon Historiques History Cooperative Series American American 1921 Watch, 18K Platinum Case Diameter 36.5 mm, 8.06 mm, Equipped with 4400 AS Manual Locomic Move, Radix 4 Hertz, Independent Industry, Waterproof 30 meters, SeraPian calf skin with 18k white gold table buckle.

Vacheron Constantin Historiques Historical Martial Artist American United States 1921 Watch, 18K Platinum Case Diameter 40mm, 8.06 mm, Equipped with 4400 AS Manual Locomic Mix, Vibration 4 Hertz, Botility 65 hours, Geneva Print, Waterproof 30 meters, SeraPian calf skin with 18k white gold table buckle.

Since 1921, Vacheron Constantin‘s historical name has been launched in 2008, which launched several commemorative versions of the style. In 2017, a 36.5 mm rose gold model was launched, and several times of cooperation with important distribution partners There are many white gold materials with black time standard, and also showing the specialty of the 1921 manual upper chain of the 1921 anniversary, and Vacheron Constantin also specializes in Italian historic leather workshop SeraPian special table, charming The smoke is toned, and the history of 1921 watches is more beautiful.