Jacob & Co. and Steet Artist Alec Monopoly create astronomical models

This is not the first time Jacob & Co fake has turned the field of haute horology into a playground. The Astronomia model is the brand’s favorite experimental place.

A miniature godfather statue and a roulette wheel have been found under the domed sapphire glass of the Astronomia hollow dial. However, the Astronomia Alec Monopoly watch may have the boldest dial ever built by Jacobs.

This may be related to the young blood infusion that the brand received in March when Jacob Arabo’s 28-year-old son Benjamin took over. Or it may be the graffiti artist himself and his iconic characters, who collaborated with Jacob & Co. to transform them into miniature sculptures and give Astronomia a new look.

Alec Monopoly has also worked with TAG Heuer in the past. He is one of the few outstanding graffiti artists whose works have been taken to the streets and hung on the walls of the gallery. Alec grew up in New York and started out as an illegal street artist, which is why he covered his face for a long time. Online cheap watch

However, he was not as good at keeping a low profile as Banksy, and was accidentally shot at a party. This lifted his veil and thwarted his days of illegal labeling. Monopoly is now a prolific producer of fine art.

The board game banker who symbolizes the power of money in our world also appears on the astronomical watch. In addition to the Monopoly mascot named Rich Uncle Pennybags, some of the artist’s favorite characters also appear on the dial. There is Scrooge McDuck and a dollar sign full of graffiti with the Jacob & Co. logo on it.

Another figure wearing a top hat is similar to Alec himself, he used to cover half of his face with a headscarf. All figures are hand-carved according to the artist’s drawings, then cast in gold and painted by the artist. Next to the frame of the double-axis tourbillon of the Astronomia movement, stands the image of the artist’s vivid imagination.

The time display subdial and the dual-axis tourbillon are located at both ends of a shaft. At the end of the second axis is a miniature globe and a one-carat Jacob-Cut diamond. One shaft rotates every five minutes, while the second one takes one minute.

The 288 jewels and the globe rotate every 60 seconds. The canvas of this work is provided by an aventurine dial that is reminiscent of the starry sky. The diameter of the case made of rose gold is 50 mm, and the height of the highest point of the sapphire crystal dome is 25 mm. Only nine people who have an appreciation for fine street art are lucky enough to be the owners of this masterpiece. Shopping fake watch