Franck Muller Vanguard Crazy Time

Before the World Fine Watch Fair (WPHH), Franck Muller launched its latest collection, which looked like it took advantage of the best products offered by the Genthod manufacturer.

One of its most famous works is undoubtedly Crazy Hours-a time-jumping complication in which the numbers on the dial are arranged in a seemingly random order. Therefore, the hour hand will jump to the corresponding number instead of sweeping the dial in the usual way.

Then there is the brand’s latest watch series-the sporty Vanguard series launched in 2015. With its integrated leather strap and intarsia numbers, Vanguard quickly became one of the most popular collections in Franck Muller in the curved barrel-shaped case.

This year, the brand combined these favorites in the new Vanguard Crazy Hours (above) and Vanguard Crazy Hours Lady. The former uses a lightweight black carbon fiber case with lemon-yellow numbers on the dial, presenting bright pop colors. The contrasting yellow stitching on the black leather strap gives the watch a sporty, almost racing beauty, while the brushed black dial adds a touch of elegance.

On the other hand, Vanguard Crazy Hours Lady is all about shining. Glittering diamonds and rose sapphires decorate the case and fully paved dial, bringing the total number of gemstones to a staggering 348 diamonds and 124 rose sapphires. We admit that it is a bit flashy for everyday watches, but then again, you will never have too much bling, right?

Franck Muller Gravity Skeleton

Some watches use the “more is more” approach to increase their appeal, but Gravity Skeleton has chosen the opposite route, exploring how much it can take out. After all, many people think that skeletonization itself is a complication. With this advantage, this manual-winding timepiece can be said to set a new benchmark for the skeletonized chronograph, because its internal movement has a five-day power reserve, so there is almost no room for imagination. Another highlight is the oval tourbillon bridge, which enhances the three-dimensionality of the watch.

Franck Muller Pioneer Blue Ocean

Although inspired by the ocean, we think this is not a watch that people want to wear and go deep into the ocean. That said, with its eye-catching design, it is certainly ideal for an outing at the marina or a funky pool party. Imitating the sea, its blue PVD ​​coated steel case and dial are decorated with 3D wave patterns, attracting admirers to approach it for a better appearance, and its nylon-rubber combination strap ensures that it is ready for action. Powered by an automatic movement, it is also available in chronograph and tourbillon versions.

Franck Muller Vanguard 7 Days Power Reserve Skeleton

Skeleton movement is no easy task, but Franck Muller seems to be here lightly, abandoning traditional Baroque hollows and creating original contemporary aesthetics. The hand-polished bridges form eye-catching geometric lines, subtly attracting attention to the highlights of the watch-a barrel with a 7-day power reserve on the top, a small seconds dial at six o’clock, and a beating heart timepiece. 8.30 location. It is available in a variety of materials, including pink gold or platinum, titanium, carbon and steel.

Franck Muller Vanguard Hollow Sapphire

Not content to show off the hand-wound movement of the Vanguard Skeleton through the skeletonized dial, Franck Muller decided to place it in a complete sapphire crystal case to allow light to enter the movement from all directions. Each tonneau-shaped case is cut from a whole piece of sapphire, and it takes more than four months to build-two for processing the case, and the other two for polishing and perfecting it. This enhances the visual appeal of the timepiece, and its excellent breathability masks the structural strength of its flying tourbillon movement. used watches for sale