Ulysse Nardin’s new diver “Lemon Shark”

Ulysse Nardin’s new diver “Lemon Shark” is a watch as stylish as its eponymous watch Ulysse Nardin’s new dive watch-Diver ‘Lemon Shark’-is not only a vision of black carbon, but potential owners can buy one to help protect endangered species

Since Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws” appeared on the screen more than 45 years ago, sharks have been negatively reported-but because of a group of conservationists who want us to know, The important role of sharks in maintaining the balance of the marine environment has been widely recognized. Not all Selachimorpha should be tarred with the same brush as the terrible great white shark.

To commemorate today’s World Ocean Day, Ulysse Nardin replica launched this 300-piece limited edition Diver “Lemon Shark” watch as part of its ongoing cooperation with ocean data research charity Ocarch and Miami Florida International University, which operates a unique The underwater research station called Medina Aquarius is located 60 feet deep in the Florida Keys.

blacked out 42mm Diver Lemon Shark draws inspiration from the yellow tones of crustacean-eating fish (maximum record length is 3.4 meters), and its sandblasted dial and concave bezel are in sharp contrast. Matched with “Shark Grey” figures.

The case back of this 300-meter waterproof watch is printed with the pattern of three wandering lemon sharks and is equipped with an environmentally friendly nylon strap made of recycled fishing net material salvaged from the French coast.

Ocarch is currently tracking sharks of all species to compile data and will eventually try to re-establish the healthy balance of the ocean. The plan includes the launch of the Shark Tracker app, which enables scientists and the public to track flagged sharks in almost real time. moonphase-watch.com

Ulysse Nardin also hired Belgian underwater photographer Fred Buyle as a “friend of the brand” to give full play to his unusual skills as a photographer. Buyle, 49, is the world record holder for four free diving. Ten years ago, he began to combine his athletic ability with photography.

Now, his specialty is to use his camera to dive 60 meters below the surface of the water in one breath, without being restricted by diving equipment. After going down the mountain, he used only available light to quickly capture images-and often returned with extraordinary photos of hammerhead sharks, iron sharks, lemon and great white sharks, as well as sperm whales, humpback whales, and orcas.

By not using protective cages or gas tanks, Buyle can get closer to these creatures than ordinary divers, which means he can also collect DNA samples and perform acoustic and satellite markings. best replica watch site 2021