Zenith: Defy Extreme Watches and Miracles 2021

Expressive variant of the thousandth of a second chronograph

The defiant extreme is the youngest member of the replica Zenith series, in which the hundredth second is measured and displayed. Due to the improved case and dial, it is the most expressive of Defy so far.

The outline and details of the micro-jetted titanium case (enlarged to 45 mm) are more eye-catching than other Defy models, thanks to the sharper lines, more pronounced edges and numerous facets. Under the new Defy bezel, there is a twelve-sided ring that extends to the back cover of the twelve-sided case. Zenith also modified the shape of the pusher. The 15.4 mm high housing can withstand pressures up to 20 bar.

The dial of the replica Defy Extreme is made of transparent sapphire crystal and provides a view of the El Primero chronograph automatic winding movement 9004 for free measurement of hundredths of a second. To this end, it is equipped with a module whose escapement can emit 360,000 vibrations per hour. The frequency of 50 Hz allows hundredths of a second to be displayed on the side of the dial, while the center pointer rotates around the dial once every second. The tenth of a second is also integrated in the display on the height ring on the edge of the dial. On the other hand, the basic El Primero movement works normally at 36,000 half-vibrations per hour, and displays the time when the chronograph is used and the seconds and minutes when the chronograph is stopped. The display is carried out on the dial through the applied, slightly overlapping large timers-60 seconds at six o’clock, 30 minutes at three o’clock, and nine o’clock is the permanent second lap.

Zenith: Defy Extreme
In order to achieve optical depth, the movement-the version adapted to the Defy Extreme-is electroplated: black represents the matte titanium version, blue represents the polished titanium version, gold represents the titanium two-tone version, and rose gold.

Each Defy Extreme is equipped with three different belts, including a quick change system: a belt made of micro-sprayed titanium, matt or polished, a belt made of rubber, and a foldable buckle that matches the case, and -Zenith and Defy’s first belt range-waterproof Velcro belt, which can be adjusted quickly and precisely. perfect Fake Watches