Bell and Ross BR 05 CHRONO

The new Bell & Ross BR 05 Chrono continues the brand’s unique round dial and square case combination. Compared with BR 03, BR 05 contains more curves, but the similarities in the family can be clearly seen. If you look closely at the dial and case, you will see many details, which are undoubtedly the product of protracted thinking. The addition of a chronograph enhances the appeal of BR 05.

Bruno Belamich and Carlos Rosillo established the “Four Design Principles” when they founded Bell & Ross in 1992. These basic brand pillars, including “performance”, “precision”, “readability” and “water resistance” have always been the core of brand creation.

Bell & Ross (Bell&Ross) watches are relatively traditional, but it is synonymous with square watches. In 1995, the company released the first square replica watch BR 01. The design was influenced by the appearance of aviation instruments. BR01’s extremely original design language immediately distinguishes it from other watches.

At the time of its release, the BR 01 with a diameter of 46mm was in fashion, following the trend of oversized watches. However, like many trends, they also have a tendency to come and go, so oversized watches are a thing of the past. Bell & Ross astutely predicted this change and went on to release the BR 03 in a 42mm case.

Over the years, the creative type of the brand’s Paris headquarters has conceived multiple versions of BR 03, including different colors, dial patterns and different luminosity. In addition, replica Bell & Ross also released BR 03 models with different complications, and even a very popular diving watch.

In 2019, this luxury brand launched BR 05 with an integrated bracelet.

The combination of the round dial and square case of BR 03 is very obvious, but the edge of BR 05 is more rounded and soft, especially when the strap flows into the strap. There are four decorative screws between the bezel and the wide shoulder of the crown guard. However, despite the sturdiness of certain elements, the BR 05 looks very sophisticated and is a good match for suits and ties.

This year, the aforementioned creative types in Paris have been burning midnight oil. In the past 12 months, several new variants of BR 05 have been released. Bimetal, gold and frame are just some of the recently released watches that have attracted the attention of enthusiastic watch fans, not to mention the many novelties of BR 03. Indeed, my Gmail inbox is under the weight of numerous Bell & Ross press releases.

Now, there is a new kid in the town, Bell & Ross BR 05 Chrono. Similar to the BR 03 chronograph model, this new Bell & Ross composition has a dual coaxial turntable layout. Compared with the three-compass design, this new method makes the dial appear more balanced and cohesive. The dial of the Bell & Ross BR 05 Chrono is rich in detail. For example, the counter is a square with rounded corners, imitating the shape of a box. The tracks that make up each counter are presented at different heights in different tones. The hour and minute hands and the corresponding indexes all have rounded tips, and the indexes are capsule-shaped. Finally, the chronograph button is integrated with the crown protector to create a neat and beautiful aesthetic.

Press release of the brand (October 2020)

City explorer’s time

Bell & Ross continues to expand its new BR 05 series, designed specifically for urban explorers, this series has an iconic square model inspired by flying tools and is a leading benchmark in the field of aviation watches.

There is no doubt that Bell & Ross is adhering to the brand’s slogan in terms of legibility, functionality, reliability and accuracy. Based on its prestige, the BR 05 series has now enriched the chronographs, and its style and technical complexity are very complex. Suitable for use in absolute urban environments.

BR 05 is the new logo of Bell & Ross, and is now equipped with a chronograph movement-a mechanical complication that perfectly matches the rhythm of urban life. This function was invented to measure and control short time. It is a loyal ally for those who wear it in order to grasp the short nature of time.

The lines of its 42mm case combine a circle and a square, and the basic geometric shape constitutes the logo of the Bell & Ross brand.

The BR 05 chronograph is the latest gem of Bell & Ross’s masculinity: full of personality and meticulously finished appearance, this sculptural seductive instrument is chic and powerful, exuding power and elegance.

The surface treatment of the BR 05 chronograph has no chance: the satin-polished surface is very flat, and the polished bevel adds to the volume of the case. As the saying goes, perfection is reflected in the details. The logo of the BR 05 chronograph is also based on many subtle technical and aesthetic details, which really enhances its status.

The new BR 05 chronograph belongs to the 1:1 Quality Replica wathes series with an integrated bracelet. The design is the same, with the case and bracelet fused into one.

Bruno Belamich, the brand’s creative director, explained: “The case and the bracelet are a whole.” “This type of design can be traced back to a type of watch that appeared in the 1970s, when it merged with the signature identity of Bell & Ross. , The final graphic style is both eye-catching and modern.”

The angle of the attachment on the wristband is carefully designed to conform to the contour of the wrist, ensuring that it can be worn safely and comfortably throughout the day under any circumstances. The pusher, the crown guard and the crown are integrated and fit perfectly into the volume of the case. By fusing fluidity and robustness, the continuity of the lines of this work becomes part of its identity.

The dial of the BR 05 chronograph is another sign of its individuality. Thanks to its graphics and contrast, it ensures the best readability.

The middle position between the circle and the square is another subtle reference to the 1970s. The shape of its two snail dials (the chronograph minute hand at 9 o’clock and the small second at 3 o’clock) give the new BR05 The new retro appearance does not detract from its modernity.

The dial is available in two colors of dark blue or black, giving each piece of urban fashion a sporty style. The BR 05 chronograph integrates a stainless steel bracelet and is equipped with a blue or black rubber strap, which is a truly stylish choice. aaa replica watches