JACOB & CO ASTRONOMIA Mount Everest watch

There is no doubt that the Astronomia Tourbillon launched by Jacob & Co in 2014 completely changed the watchmaking process. But this is not completely regarded as a watch for outdoor sports, but this has not stopped the famous Swedish explorer and adventurer Johan Ernst Nilson from carrying the astronomical tourbillon with him during his recent expedition to the Himalayas. in.

Nelson said: “The last time I climbed the Himalayas, wearing an ordinary astronomical tourbillon, under extreme conditions of -30°C, I climbed 6,200 meters (nearly 20,000 feet).” “I used astronomy on the climb. In order to test it. You would think that such a complicated watch would be delicate and fragile, but that is not the case, and it performs well under all conditions. I use it to climb ice walls and hit it with my ice axe On the rocks and ice, and maintained very well.”

Nilson has climbed seven summits, and his “three-shot challenge” put him in the Guinness World Records. best replica watches

Therefore, when designing the new astronomical Mount Everest, Jacobs and Nielsen seemed to be the right choice. The astronomical tourbillon tri-pole/Mount Everest is based on the astronomical sky. One of the four satellites is equipped with Jacob’s iconic biaxial gravitational tourbillon, and the other one holds a 288 Carat, rotatable Jacob cut diamond. Display and a rotating magnesium globe.

The power of this remarkable timepiece comes from the iconic Jacob & Co. dual-axis tourbillon movement with four satellite arms. The tourbillon is located on one arm and rotates on two axes, one in 60 seconds and the second in five minutes.

On the second satellite is a 288-faceted Jacobs cut diamond that can rotate in 60 seconds. On the third satellite directly opposite the tourbillon is the time display, and on the fourth satellite is the magnesite globe, which rotates in 60 seconds.

In the center of the clock is a stunning piece of Mt. Everest itself. Nelson discovered Mount Everest with two hands. jacob and co astronomia spider

To celebrate the earth and emphasize its fragility, astronomical Mount Everest provides miniature and transparent buckets, which are collected by Nielsen in the north and south poles. When you move the watch, you can actually see the shaking water in the bucket, clearly marking the “North Pole” and “South Pole”.

For easy identification at night, this is the first astronomical clock with the words Super-LumiNova on the dial, the constellation on the dial, the rotating globe, the Jacob & Co. logo on the side of the dial, and even the strap on the dial. So whether you are in the mountains or not. Everest base camp or home from an elegant evening party, you can now read the clock in the evening.

Astronomical Mount Everest is equipped with a special rubber strap with luminescent material inside, so it will also glow in the dark.

The box of this particular timepiece matches its complexity because it is shaped like Mount Everest itself, with lines indicating ascent. Open the box, the astronomical Mount Everest seems to be embedded in the ice, and the speaker plays the sound of Mount Everest wind, which is recorded live on the mountain.