Jacob & co. Twin Turbo Furious Gaguette White Diamonds & Tsavorites Rose Gold

Double turbocharged: next level

Story Twin Turbo Frious features an exceptional cool and unique dual turbine boost concept, and adds a single hole time timer and pit board time difference calculator to the original double-three-axis tether and decimal minutes, Brought to the next level. With its carefully decorated and hand-assembled 832 components, the double turbocharged is a true magnificent complications, providing the singular combination of ultra-high-end mechanisms, all by Jacob & Co.

Two turbocharger and twin turbine growth angryly in the world’s fastest automotive energy in the universe of Haute Horlogerie, unparalleled improvement and mechanical complexity. Pushing the main time display and single hole chronograph function of twofolding tweeter-turbine-championships: the most complicated, technically challenging, and the most attractive in the history of the gyro. Wrapped in their exquisite completion and ultra-light cage, rapid speed of lightning, and calculated motion in the continuous speed of lightning, the anger of the twin turbocharged anger can depend on the two regulatory organs.

Each of these three-axis gyro is composed of amazing 104 components – but weighs 1.15 grams. The 832 component of the twin turbocharger JCFM05 manufactures Jacob & Co Caliber is a decimal minute repeater – the most out of common, most rare mixing complications. The slide is placed on the left side of the tweeter-turbine enhanced left side, produced from 18K rose gold and carbon fiber, and composed with diamonds and drunkenness – hearing the clear voice of its cathedral. Double turbocharged is another breakthrough Jacob and co-creation, just like any other person in exquisite tab. It is a person who feels its two energy to defeat the soul, hear its dynamic beautiful bells .

Double three-axis gourn
Double-three-axis gourmet is the most complicated, and the most challenging technology is the most in all gyro. The present invention is an uniaxial, rotating platform, is used to carry mechanical pocket watch regulatory organs to increase timing performance, and double turbocharged will bring this 220-year-old invention into the future of fine tabulation. Through cutting-edge engineering design and state-of-the-art manufacturing and manual assembly technology, double turbine enhanced dual three-axis gyro has become a limit solution for the enhanced programming performance of Tetaway. The rapid speed of the three rotating shafts and the flash fast speed is 24, 8 and 30 seconds, and the engineering improvement of this configuration is substituted by its visual impact: seeing this refinement of this refinement in this high-speed and precise movement. The holy cup of the superfine wrist watch appreciates.

Differential division repeater
Minutes trials are the most precious complications of collectors, and they are one of the most difficult complications of pregnancy. Despite this, the Jacob & Short Committee tried to drive the feasible boundaries that enhance the double turbine into the life. Most minutes of repeaters meet time, quarter hours and minute standards, but the double turbocharged bells have time interval for hours after demand, minutes ago, decisive repeaters in high Very rare in performance. In fact, you can count on the number of manufacturers of decimal minutes in one hand and leave some fingers.

Twin Turbo Frious Studs stand out from its single-hole chronograph. The horizontal clutch system is operated by the push of the push for the chronograph, which is integrated into the crown / crank system on the right side of the housing. Unlike normal timing code tables, there are two actors, single-turbocharged single hole time timers use only one pusher, the pusher starts, stops and resets the chronograph.

The pitboard function brings supermovable twin turbocharge or even the fastest car world being its built-in mechanical pit board, which is a simple method to compare two times. Inspired by the old pitboard of the car racing, you can use the crank (pull out the first position and expand) Move color, rotate the disk, and the central digital display to set the reference time. Then, when you operate a single hole time timer, you can easily see the difference between the current time and the reference time you set. A few seconds greater than the red (+) portion of the pit plate of the reference time, and the number of seconds below the reference time is the yellow and green (-) portion. Unlike today’s pit board, this is electronic, all of which is mechanically.

Case and crystal
Bugatti Gaguette White Diamonds & Tsavorites is a completely unique case of excellent visual and technical complexity, and wearing comfortable comfort must be considered to be believed. The case size is 57 mm 52 mm, the thickness of 17 mm, including the front special curved sapphire crystals, and the back provides an exception completed 832 component JCFM05 caliber with complete inorganic glass. A separate 18K white gold and carbon fiber cartridge consists of 88 parts. 18K rose gold box and baffle invisible setting, equipped with 153 bread cut diamonds (≈7.99cts) and 191 Pantan cutting Tsavorites (≈9.3cts).

Dial and hand
In order to obtain the optimal identification of the timeline table, the double turbocharged is introduced into the smoky deep gray sapphire crystal, and the part reveals the following components, while allowing enhanced readability. The periphery of the dial is made from rare exotic rare and heteroosic substances, super Lowena’s glow index. The time and minute of the special skeleton and the two-color master replica automatic watches, driven by the exquisite finished gear, connect them to the double three-axis gyro.