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Vacheron Constantin replica watches

Historical name 1921

Historiques 1921 Collection

Vacheron Constantin historical name is 1921 series, and a hundred-year commemorative launches 36.5 mm, 40 mm two sizes of 18K platinite style.

One hundred years ago, I have passed, and the most famous historical name of Vacheron Constantin is 1921 to the 100th anniversary. For this special year, there are many 1921, which has been launched, and has also launched three commemorative style. One of the ultimate version of all platinum gold, the most drunk: all 950 platinum case, dial and buckle (digital time standard with pointer is 18K platinum), a handmade suture on a blue crocodile leather strap It is made of platinum. 1921 The table has a unique pillow design, although the square is very popular in the age of it, the river temple Dandin historical name is in the 1921 watch, just in the chapter of the chapter, it will be in this way: unique, skewed the disk design, and The crown of 1 o’clock in the strange position is amazed, even if it has been one hundred years, it is still one of the centuries in my heart. The full platinum version of 1921 watches, with a black track scale small second dial with pure platinum sandblasting, such a small change in the unique classic, indeed surprising and worry.

Vacheron Constantin Historiques Historical Cooperative Series American American 1921 Watch, Platinum Shell has a diameter of 40 mm, the thickness of 8.06 mm, equipped with 4400 AS manual upper chain head, vibration frequency 4 Hz, storage capacity 65 hours, Geneva print, waterproof 30 meters, dark blue Mississippi crocodile leather strap with platinum sheet buckle, the handwire on the strap is made of 950 platinum wire.

In addition to the noble pure platinum limited edition, 1921 manual upper chain watch 100th anniversary watches also launched two 18K white gold materials: 40 mm and 36.5 mm styles. Creating a case with a total 18K white gold, and is equipped with a black-processed 18K white gold material, the timeliner is equipped with a second needle, 40 mm is mixed with snow, 36.5 mm with Bremen red calf leather strap. aaa swiss movement replica watches

Vacheron Controvedon Historiques History Cooperative Series American American 1921 Watch, 18K Platinum Case Diameter 36.5 mm, 8.06 mm, Equipped with 4400 AS Manual Locomic Move, Radix 4 Hertz, Independent Industry, Waterproof 30 meters, SeraPian calf skin with 18k white gold table buckle.

Vacheron Constantin Historiques Historical Martial Artist American United States 1921 Watch, 18K Platinum Case Diameter 40mm, 8.06 mm, Equipped with 4400 AS Manual Locomic Mix, Vibration 4 Hertz, Botility 65 hours, Geneva Print, Waterproof 30 meters, SeraPian calf skin with 18k white gold table buckle.

Since 1921, Vacheron Constantin‘s historical name has been launched in 2008, which launched several commemorative versions of the style. In 2017, a 36.5 mm rose gold model was launched, and several times of cooperation with important distribution partners There are many white gold materials with black time standard, and also showing the specialty of the 1921 manual upper chain of the 1921 anniversary, and Vacheron Constantin also specializes in Italian historic leather workshop SeraPian special table, charming The smoke is toned, and the history of 1921 watches is more beautiful.