Zenith Academy Christophe

Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb pays tribute to Felix Baumgartner watchmake In October 2012, a man first broke the sound barrier outside the car while he jumped from a balloon floating on the edge of the outer space. The man felix baumgartner is the inspiration of the top in creating Christophe Colomb Tribute Watch. Wear El Primero Stratos in the jump, it will cause stunning feat.

The most spectacular aspect in this watch is a self-adjusted gyro module. This is the first time to use this system on the clock, and it substantially maintains the escapement of the horizontal position, no matter which way is placed. This may not seem to be crucial, but it brings perfect for this watch, allowing balance wheels and hair surgery to keep the level, which leads to almost perfect regulation.

Although Zenith has generated 10 in these miracles, the instanta of Felix Bobarna delivers a tribute to Christophe Colomb means. Although the dial is mostly turquoise, it is designed to represent the earth observed from space, then create an upper part with a barbaric silver river, because people can see it from the edge of the atmosphere. The feature in the ship is a 18K gold power supply, depicting capsules and earth.

Although sapphire crystal bubbles is an amazing element on the watch, it is designed to make the escapement to move in space. Although some people may want to know if the design is comfortable, just put it on the wrist and miracle. The watch is as suitable as gloves, allowing a significant view of exercise. 45 mm wide case polished in perfect and amazing.

The internal work of the clock is Zenith El Primero Caliber 8805 manual wrap movement.

The watch operates in units of 36,000 pounds, supporting this complex movement, only skilled craftsmen can assemble masterpieces. Divided into three main parts, chains, gyro, and of course the body movement, Christophe Colomb served by the works in the DLC coated platinum medium, and use this combination in the watch industry very little.

Therefore, as a collector, you will not want to miss such an elegant and exquisite art. Wearing history on your wrist, sportswatch, this is a type of watch, this replica watches wholesale has so many special properties, you won’t be disappointed.