corum ti bridge tourbillon

Corum ti bridge tourbillon just sent me shout-out on this new Tourbillon watch that will be released a few days at Basel 2010. Thus, there will be at least two new tourbillon watches from Corum this year – this Ti-Bridge Tourbillon, and the Admiral’s Cup Minute Repeater Tourbillon. While I have really only noticed that “Corum key” logo on the Admiral’s Cup models, now it shows up on this new Corum Ti-Bridge, as the top of the cage over what appears to be a flying tourbillon. I must admit that it looks pretty cool. The in-house made movement is very thin in the standard horizontal fashion of the timepiece line. The movement should be made of mostly titanium, and looks to have double barrels (for at least 50-60 hours of power reserve), and of course is manually wound.
Like all corum ti bridge watches the case is going to be beautifully finished. It is really a piece of art and feels so smooth in the hands. You can see all the different forms of titanium in various polishes. The dial looks like it is a screen being framed by the case. A nice “Corum” logo is engraved into bridge on the movement – I like the slightly restyled logo. Looks pretty sharp next to the key emblem.
It is hard to convey just how cool a design the Corum Ti-Bridge watches are. They are fashioney watches, but nice ones at that. What I mean is that they aren’t function first designs. You have the hands on the dial but no scales for them. This is a watch that is all about how it looks on the wrist and the beauty of the very small movement.
Corum is being intentionally scant about the details. Not sure about the dimensions or price, or other special features. But here is the sneak peek and the goodness that is coming up. I look forward to checking it out in a few days.

Corum Golden Bridge

Corum Golden Bridge. When it was founded in 1955 in La Chaux de Fonds, Corum adapted the upright key symbol as a hallmark of its commitment to unlock the mystery surrounding time measurement. The realization of the Corum Golden Bridge from the drawing board to production in 1980 shows it has succeeded. Distinguished for its intricate linear movement which seems to hang suspended on a golden bridge
Both the new rose gold and white gold Corum Golden Bridge Rectangle watches measure 29.50mm x 42.20mm, and pay tribute to the Art Deco period from which Mr Bannwart first drew inspiration. The hand-decorated finishes seen in both timepieces not only honour the 40th anniversary of the famed Golden Bridge design, but also the artisanal heritage of Corum’s birthplace
Golden Bridge Rectangle 40th Anniversary in 18k rose gold ‍ “We were inspired by the Art Deco period,” explained Boon Chong Soon(Corum Marketing and Sales Director), “which formed the basis for some of the first pieces designed by Mr. Bannwart.In including our iconic emblem of the Corum Key on the sapphire case back for the Rose Gold version, and hand-engraving on the entire case of
Corum celebrates unique and emblematic Golden Bridge collection’s 40th anniversary with the original rectangular case. The refined rectangular look of the Golden Bridge is the original case shape of this iconic in-line baguette movement that was introduced 40 years ago by the avant-gardist founder of Corum, René Bannwart.
Corum’s bridge to fame Back in 1980, Corum launched the revolutionary Golden Bridge, the world’s first linear movement in a watch (also referred to as a baguette-movement because of its elongated shape), mounted in a transparent case. Designed by Vincent Calabrese, the Golden Bridge proposed a different way of viewing time.
The Golden Bridge is easily one of Corum’s most distinct movements and timepiece concepts, but has had a tough time appealing to Western males despite a really interesting visual presentation. For 2016, Corum might have found a new sweet spot when it comes to the Golden Bridge collection with the new Corum Golden Bridge Round.
the Golden Bridge Artisan model, limited to 50 pieces, featured a hand painted portrait of Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden where the mere design of the dial took 36 hours. If you can afford one, Corum is unlikely to be a boring choice.
The Replica Corum Golden Bridge Rectangle is a watch that will be catering to a very specific set of watch enthusiasts, to say the least. An art-deco, gold watch with a skeletonized dial that still feels as solid as, well, a bridge blends together a real
Corum’s universally recognised rectangular watch, which took its title from the golden bridge that held its baguette-shaped motion in. Corum’s universally recognised rectangular watch, which took its title from the golden bridge that held its baguette-shaped motion in place, has been revisite.
The Corum Connection. Calabrese’s patented prototype won a distinguished award at the 1977 Geneva International Inventor’s Show. There he met then-owner and founder of Corum, Rene Bannwart, who acquired the patent and, in 1980, introduced the first Corum Golden Bridge watch.
I have always been a big fan of the Corum Golden Bridge thanks to its mechanical beauty, austere minimalism, and trademark transparency, which paradoxically almost seems mysterious, even though it doesn’t hide a thing. The Golden Bridge has gone through very few changes since its introduction in 1980. Until a dragon was added.
Corum Golden Bridge Rectangle. Corum enriches its iconic Golden Bridge collection with a new rectangular case shape. The new refined rectangular look of the Golden Bridge Rectangle was created by renowned designer Dino Modolo, who emphasised the fascinating play of geometries where shapes and materials remind the architecture of a bridge in many details. The new Corum Golden Bridge replica