corum ti bridge tourbillon

Corum ti bridge tourbillon just sent me shout-out on this new Tourbillon watch that will be released a few days at Basel 2010. Thus, there will be at least two new tourbillon watches from Corum this year – this Ti-Bridge Tourbillon, and the Admiral’s Cup Minute Repeater Tourbillon. While I have really only noticed that “Corum key” logo on the Admiral’s Cup models, now it shows up on this new Corum Ti-Bridge, as the top of the cage over what appears to be a flying tourbillon. I must admit that it looks pretty cool. The in-house made movement is very thin in the standard horizontal fashion of the timepiece line. The movement should be made of mostly titanium, and looks to have double barrels (for at least 50-60 hours of power reserve), and of course is manually wound.
Like all corum ti bridge watches the case is going to be beautifully finished. It is really a piece of art and feels so smooth in the hands. You can see all the different forms of titanium in various polishes. The dial looks like it is a screen being framed by the case. A nice “Corum” logo is engraved into bridge on the movement – I like the slightly restyled logo. Looks pretty sharp next to the key emblem.
It is hard to convey just how cool a design the Corum Ti-Bridge watches are. They are fashioney watches, but nice ones at that. What I mean is that they aren’t function first designs. You have the hands on the dial but no scales for them. This is a watch that is all about how it looks on the wrist and the beauty of the very small movement.
Corum is being intentionally scant about the details. Not sure about the dimensions or price, or other special features. But here is the sneak peek and the goodness that is coming up. I look forward to checking it out in a few days.