What is the charm of “Aurora Green”

Blancpain fake Bathyscaphe, the prototype watch was born in the 1950s, as the first manned watch to dive into the Mariana Trench, it is of extraordinary commemorative significance. It should be noted that deep submersibles did not belong to the Fifty Fathoms series in history. It was not until 2013 that Blancpain launched a replica of the deep submersibles again and included this new product in the Fifty Fathoms series. So far, with its classic shape and tough style, the submersible has kept pace with the traditional Fifty Fathoms and has become the two ace of Blancpain diving watches.

Throughout the limited editions of the Fifty Fathoms that Blancpain has launched in recent years, they have all been hailed, such as hygrometer, pike, and non-radiation models that have received good market response. This time the Aurora Green Deep Submersible is issued in a limited domestic edition, and its scarcity is higher than that of the previous limited edition models, so it is natural that it is highly sought after.

People’s acceptance of the dial color reflects the changes in popular culture to a certain extent. Green is a hot spot in the watch world, and we can always see it in recent years. For the new products released this year, the Rolex Datejust “Olive Green”, IWC 41mm Flying Gauge, Glashütte Original Off-centre and other series are all equipped with green dials. The “Aurora Green” deep submersible is well integrated with this trend of color matching. Catering to the aesthetic trend is also one of the reasons for its popularity.

The “Aurora Green” dial blooms with green light and shadow like an aurora, and can change according to the change of the light angle, presenting a gradual metallic tone, and the visual effect is very gorgeous. The manufacturing industry is also particularly complex, requiring polishing of the dial in two stages. The first stage of sanding is mainly to make the surface smooth; the second stage is to present a softer and smoother appearance. Next, in order to create the solar radiation pattern, a series of processes are required. During the coloring, several layers of nano-material coatings are applied to the dial, and finally the “Aurora Green” effect is presented. copy watches for sale

In the watch industry, Blancpain has the title of “Heaven and Earth Conscience Amber”, which to a certain extent reflects the affirmation of Blancpain’s watchmaking craftsmanship. In addition to the complicated process of the dial, the exquisite movement is also one of the important factors. The Blancpain Cal. 1315 movement equipped with the “Aurora Green” is to better integrate the dial color, and the calendar dial is adjusted to green accordingly. The movement adopts a non-caliber hairspring design, the overall polishing is exquisite, and the chamfers of every screw and part are polished with high gloss. Thanks to the 3-barrel design, it has a power reserve of up to 120 hours. The automatic rotor is made of 18k gold and decorated with a very low-key charcoal black. It can be described as very “conscientious” in the material and workmanship of the movement.

Compared with the ordinary deep submersible (model: 5000-1110-B52A), the “Aurora Green” limited edition has the same public price.

Luxury Panerai Luminor Chrono

Panerai Luminor Chrono Mikino series counting watch

Panerai Time Wrist Stakes Shocking, with three new work to help adventure heroes, accompanying sports and health, the second must, conquer the world record.

Since the 1940s, Panerai has entrusted the use of superb mechanical skills to create a reliable high-performance precision timing tool, and thus established an outstanding reputation. Continuing this deep thick accumulation, Panerai continues to deep farm watch, with time-tamp that will still maintain precise performance, accurately record each wonderful moment in life.


Panerai can be traced back to 1943 in the field of Timing. At that time, Piner Sea developed a “Mare Nostrum” special timing watch for the Royal Naval Operators of Italy, but only prototypes, no production. One of the works is now collected in the Panerai Museum in Florence. After entering the 21st century, Panerai continued to carry forward this deep skill inheritance, launched a series of accurate and efficient high-performance patent timing cores, the innovation and creative source of Piner Har Tailne Plant – Pena Sea Creative Workshop (Laboratorio Di Idee).

Based on the exquisite skills recorded in the brand history file, Panerai smashed the complex function of this extremely moving breath and smart into the landmark design of the Luminor in the Lusno series, launched three new chronograph: Luminor Chrono rice The Nuo series timer watch PAM01109, PAM01218 and PAM01110, the pure integration of the performers of the performers.

The new LUMINOR chrono, Makino series, the watch, the watchmark design element of the Panerai, equipped with a sandwich dial, and the table shell is equipped with a table crown bridge device, and it is also very originally placed in the table. On the left side of the shell, the timing pointer adopts a striking blue design, highlighting the distinctive style. In addition, the dial outer edge printed with the “Base 1000” speed scale, which is convenient to calculate the average speed within a predetermined distance between kilometers or miles.

As a symbol of homologous, three new works are equipped with a new P.9200 automatic upper chain timing, equipped with a bin box, which provides 42-hour power storage to ensure efficient operation of this high performance movement.

The waterproof performance of three swiss luxury watches reaches 10 bar (more than 100 meters deep). Among them, the LUMINOR chrono Mikino series timer watch PAM01109 and PAM01218 are equipped with two straps, which are all crocodile skin and rubber material, and are equipped with a frosted steel trapezoidal buckle.

Panerai Luminor Chrono Mikino series counting watch
Movement: P.9200 Automatic upper chain mechanical movement, 13/4 grade, 6.9 mm, 41 stone, 28,800 times per hour, glucydurtm balance balance, IncablOctM shock absorbing device, one hair box.
Function: Time, minute, small second disk and timing function.
Power storage: 42 hours.
Shell: Scrubbine steel case middle, diameter 44 mm, thickness of 15.65 mm; polishing lap; table crown protection bridge device (protected), lock rod, crown and timing button are matte steel material; sapphite crystal Glass homoscope; 12-sided screw-in frosted steel sheet back.
Dial: Black matte dial, sandwich structure, Arabic number and hourly marked with white super-luminovatm luminous coating, green luminous display; 9 o’clock position set small second disk, 3 o’clock position set minute clock, dial The central design is a second needle, and the outer edge of the dial is printed.
Tablet: Black crocodile leather strap with linear colored suture; matte steel trapezoidal buckle. Black rubber strap with another black.
Waterproof performance: 10 bar (about 100 meters).