Chopard L.U.C XP 161902-5071 Replica Watch

As an elegant and exquisite master of traditional craftsmanship, l.u.c wrist watch once again integrates the outstanding craftsmanship of Asia to create chopard l.u.c XP replica painted wrist watch in the year of the ox. Chopard Chopin launched this exquisite and unique ultra-thin masterpiece, limited to 88 pieces, to welcome the year of Taurus, a symbol of harvest and wisdom. On the lacquer art dial painted by Japanese lacquer masters, there is an ancient idyllic scene of Petunia farming, which is reminiscent of Niu’s diligent and hardworking character, revealing meaningful and elegant characteristics. The watch is equipped with a self-made movement made by l.u.c 96.17-l watch factory, which is the result of the exquisite skills of Chopard manufacture watchmakers and craftsmen.

Since 2013, Chopard Chopin has launched a corresponding l.u.c senior Chinese Zodiac chronometer every year. Chinese Zodiac wristwatch has always chosen l.u.c XP series ultra-thin wristwatch as the basis, equipped with dill painted lacquer art dial, using the combination of lacquer painting and gold powder to present rich symbolic images, each limited to 88 pieces. This tradition continues to this day. 2021 coincides with the year of the ox in the Chinese lunar calendar. Chopard Chopin specially launched an extraordinary watch, the l.u.c XP dill painted watch for the year of the ox, which is made of 18k rose gold in line with ethical standards.

The lunar year of Taurus will begin on February 12, 2021 and end on January 31, 2022. In the Chinese zodiac, the five elements of the ox belong to the earth, which corresponds to the “Ugliness” in the twelve Earthly Branches, and represents the auspicious time for nature and manual labor. This kind and kind animal can make sure that the land is fertile, the crops are good, the weather is good and the life is happy.

Therefore, the “year of Taurus” indicates that we will usher in a peaceful and beautiful year. Let’s keep a wise and optimistic attitude in this year, and be modest without losing communication. In addition, it also reflects the respect and esteem for manual work in a broader sense, which makes Chopard Chopin take this opportunity to show his brand’s rich and brilliant achievements.

Following the tradition of Chinese Zodiac wristwatch making, Chopard Chopin has worked hand in hand with outstanding Japanese lacquer masters from the beginning to decorate the dial with traditional dill lacquer art. The 88 l.u.c XP painted wristwatches in the year of the ox were drawn by the lacquer master Sanjiao Koizumi in the 100 year old Yamada Ping’an hall workshop.

Following the characteristics of Dili painting process, gold foil is sprinkled between the lacquer layers made of raw lacquer from Japanese lacquer tree (Toxicodendron vernicifluum) to set off a golden bull pulling a cart with a shining background. This beautiful Bull has straight horns and bright golden hair. Taurus is made of gold, decorated with mother of Pearl and painted with colored lacquer. It is not only a symbol of farming, but also a subtle and ingenious way to show the spirit of the emperor.

50. Chopard’s ethical standard of rose shell is created by Chopard. The case is 39.5mm in diameter, with a slim mirror, so that you can see the dial at a glance. 50. U.C XP Niu Nian Shi painted wristwatch has elegant and delicate lines, exquisite and delicate decoration, with a thickness of only 6.80mm, which can be called the masterpiece of ultra-thin chronometer.

Such a thin and exquisite thickness is also due to the l.u.c 96.17-l watch movement, which is only 3.3mm thick. Although the size is limited, the movement can still achieve automatic chain function. The movement is equipped with a 22K Gold micro eccentric pendulum which conforms to the ethical standards. It is integrated with the upper part of the movement and has strong inertia. Therefore, it can effectively chain the double spring box of l.u.c 96.17-l movement.

The two stacked spring boxes built with Chopard Chopin twin? Patented technology provide power for the l.u.c XP Niunian Dili watch, enabling the watch to have a total of 65 hours of power storage. Even if removed from the wrist, the watch can still run accurately in two and a half days, so that the wearer can easily spend a long weekend without worrying about the chain.

As a family brand, Chopard Chopin firmly adheres to the spirit of independence. The whole process of making l.u.c watch was completed in watch factories in Geneva and Freire.

Chopard Chopin directly controls all the above processes of watch making, including movement design, finished product design, gold casting, case stamping and mold processing, making movement parts and strap, traditional manual carving and decoration, surface treatment, polishing, assembly, debugging and quality control. Every l.u.c series watch needs to go through these processes in order to achieve outstanding watch making belonging to Chopard Chopin.

These excellent wristwatches are the painstaking efforts of skilled craftsmen to meet the pursuit and expectation of contemporary gentlemen. These craftsmen are not ostentatious or pretentious, but skillfully integrate exquisite craftsmanship, elegance and rich emotion.

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