GRAND SEIKO SLGH007 140th Anniversary Limited Edition

Read the memories on the annual rings, imagine the future|GRAND SEIKO SLGH007 140th Anniversary Limited Edition GRAND SEIKO coincides with two very important anniversaries in 2020 and 2021. It is natural to launch a commemorative watch, but this SLGH007 “annual ring”, as a commemorative style for the 140th anniversary of SEIKO’s founding, can be said to be more appropriate. Taking the tree rings as the theme of the face plate, through it, not only can you appreciate the GS watchmaking craftsmanship, it is also a watch that implies crossing the time dimension and moving from memory to the future.

Time is meaningful only if it is recorded, and what is recorded becomes a memory. But when the memories are year after year, the impression in my mind will gradually fade, let alone SEIKO’s 140-year history of entrepreneurship, which seems to be a legend written on the pages of an ancient book, which can be seen from afar and cannot be touched. But we know that the past is only reclusive and never disappeared. It flows in the brand’s watchmaking craftsmanship, just like the annual rings of trees, sealing the story of growth on a circle of tracks. Today’s GRAND SEIKO releases precious memories of time for watch fans on the occasion of its 140th anniversary. Along the texture on the dial, you can read the brand’s entrepreneurial story and feel the excellent watchmaking craftsmanship, and more importantly In the deep and shallow context, GRAND SEIKO especially hopes to accompany the watch owner to spread out his personal time memory and portray his own life story.

New generation Series 9 design
In addition to innovation, the ultimate

With the “annual ring” as the core of the design, the first instinct may be to link the watch with the nostalgic theme, but GRAND SEIKO is obviously unwilling to do so. SLGH007 adopts the latest Series 9 design style released in 2020, including shell, The pointers and time scales are different.

The number “9” has been in the spirit of the GS brand for a long time, such as their three major movements: 9F quartz, 9R Spring Drive and 9S mechanical movement, and the online community GS9 Club. In Japanese, the pronunciation of the number “9” (kyū) is similar to “Kyūkyoku” (kyūkyoku). It was named like that at the beginning, which implies that watchmaking craftsmanship will be brought to the top, and even become the ultimate goal of watch fans. Therefore, the various details of the Series 9 design have been rethought once again from the feel of wearing and legibility.

Although SLGH007 is an anniversary watch, it is not a retro nostalgic route, but a new generation of Series 9 design, shaping a new generation of classics for the next century. The interlocking use of the hairline polishing of the case and the Zaratsu super mirror polishing is the focus of the Series 9 case.

In order to make the brand new design impress, the watch designer Kiyotaka Sakai first emphasized the contrast and balance between the wide hour hand and the slender minute hand. It is as different as possible from the minute hand with the narrowed tip; in addition, the width of the hour marker at 12 o’clock is increased by 2.5 times that of other hour markers (the previous model was twice that), which is not only more recognizable, but also the cut surface of the hour markers. Increase, the reflected light shines more. The reference line in the center of the hour hand is the same width as the groove of each hour marker. The lines that are perfectly aligned at the hour of the watch look really delicate.

The interlaced application between the hairline polishing and the polished polish of the case is especially the focus of the new Series 9 case. The side of the case, the front of the bezel and the front of the lugs are all treated with hairline; the sides of the bezel and the corners inside and outside the lugs are Zaratsu ultra-mirror grinding, the overall gloss is subtle, elegant and even with a little Japanese aesthetics The tranquil atmosphere. The width of the lugs of this 40mm watch is increased to 22mm. Through the new movement, the center of gravity of the watch is also lowered and fits the wrist better. It is believed to bring good stability and firmness when worn. feel. luxury fake watches

“Lightning S shape” annual ring texture
Realize the footprint of time

The biggest highlight of the watch, of course, is the dial craftsmanship based on the concept of tree rings. For GRAND SEIKO, which is good at making a variety of different face textures, it can be said that the processing technology has been used to the extreme long ago. A face plate may require as many as 20 processes from multiple embossing, plating, repeated painting and polishing. Since the depth of the engraving on the “Annual Ring” is deeper than other styles, it needs to be embossed more times. After plating, more layers of clear varnish must be applied to complete the engraving and avoid subsequent polishing. Sometimes the paint layer was too thin and was smoothed.

The image of the annual ring on the face plate comes from the cedar of the shrine near Shizukuishi Workshop, and is specially designed to resemble the “S” lightning shape to echo the S trademark used by the founder, Hattori Kintaro, when he established Seikosha. GRAND SEIKO, who is good at making a variety of face textures, takes the processing technology to the extreme. A face plate may require as many as 20 processes to create a shiny or dazzling, or subtle, colorful surface.

The image of annual rings on the face plate comes from the cedar trees growing near the shrine near the Shizukuishi high-end timepiece workshop in Iwate Prefecture. The concentric rings are one after another. Each density marks the trajectory of the existence and growth of life. In addition, GS specially designed the curved lines of the annual rings to resemble the “S”-shaped lightning shape, in order to echo the S trademark used by the founder, Hattori Kintaro, when he established Seikosha in 1892. In addition to the depth of the embossing and engraving, repeated painting, drying, and then painting, up to 7 layers of transparent varnish create a clear visual depth, so that the small face plate can also have a 3D three-dimensional layer.

High vibration frequency 9SA5 movement
Gorgeous and colorful, with good specifications

Compared with the steady and reserved feeling created by the black annual ring texture on the surface, the 9SA5 self-winding movement can be seen on the case back. The blue steel screws, ruby ​​bearings and gold-plated lettering are gorgeous and colorful, and the splint lines are winding and smooth, as if implicitly. With a fiery heart under the outside, compared with the positive attitude, you are bound to admire the intentions of Japanese craftsmanship. At the same time, you have to admit that this is indeed a watch made by the Japanese.

This replica GRAND SEIKO‘s latest self-made movement published in 2020 has a brand-new dual-impact escapement system that leads the industry and is exclusively developed in terms of specifications. It has a fine adjustment of the axis of the balance wheel without card degree hairspring, double hairspring, and balance bridge. Devices, etc., are also the brand’s self-breakthrough and the first device used. All of the above have created a more precise and higher-end movement with a daily difference of +5 to –3 seconds per day, which is better than the certification standard of the Swiss Observatory. . The vibration frequency of 36,000 rpm is also one of the few high vibration frequency movements produced in the industry. Its performance stability and manufacturing and warranty experience are worthy of trust.

There are many ways to commemorate the grand anniversary. This SLGH007 “Annual Ring” is the most interesting one. Its black dial embodies the implicit and slender standard Japanese aesthetics. The brand-new Series 9 design and 9RA5 movement, at the same time, It reveals the extraordinary ambitions of being an international army and looking at EMI. At first glance, it seems low-key, but in fact it is high-spirited. The watch case is made of noble platinum material, and the price is naturally high, but in order to echo the year when SEIKO was founded, it is also limited to 140 pieces. The joy of birth, the glory of growth, and the admiration and tribute to nature, time, and the world can only be shared with destined collectors.