HYT H0 Orange

HYT – An Exclusive Club
The club, as the name suggests, is exclusive. To join the club, you must have talent, experience or financial resources. The club of ultra-high-end super replica watches on sale owners is an elite society that requires enough financial freedom to buy the latest horological wonders.

I have never hidden my love for HYT watches, but I admit that these super-complex watches are expensive and worth every penny. However, the Swiss watch brand from Neuchâtel has now launched its most affordable watch, the H0.

The HYT H0 is available in three versions: black, silver and orange. The latter is the one I recently tried out, and I can say that it is quite stunning and probably my favorite HYT pump-action watch.

HYT H0 Orange Dial
As with other HYT models, the hours are indicated by the meniscus formed between two liquids inside a glass capillary. In this case, the colored liquid is black, while the other is colorless. The chemical reaction required to keep the two liquids stable is not insignificant. In fact, HYT scientists had to take into account UV rays, temperature, the adhesion of the liquid to the capillary walls, and countless other factors. I discuss the numerous technical implications in detail in my article “Behind the Scenes of the Preciflex”.

The H0 has a different look than other HYT models. The sapphire crystal is domed and wraps around the dial plane and sides. The hours are displayed in a 24-hour format on the upper part of the dial and on the sides.

While other HYT replica models partially cover the capillary near 6 o’clock, the H0 exposes the glass freely. Personally, I like to see the curved contour of the capillary here and feel that it adds to the aesthetic.

The bellows pump is partially visible through two holes, rather than being fully exposed like the H1 and H2 models. I’m a little curious what the H0 with an exposed bellows pump would look like, but I do like the vista presented regardless.

The small seconds display is located between 9 and 10 o’clock, and the main minute display is located below noon. The power reserve indicator is located between 2 and 3 o’clock, creating a certain degree of symmetry with the aforementioned small seconds display.

While I am a big fan of HYT and love the H1 and H2 models, the H0 looks simpler and easier to understand. Plus, the sapphire crystal is a nice touch. luxury Watches for sale

HYT H0 Orange Case
The H0 is a large watch, measuring 48.8mm in diameter and 17.9mm in case thickness. While these dimensions seem massive, the lack of lugs causes the trajectory of the strap to extend south and wrap around the wrist.

I found the watch to be incredibly comfortable to wear despite its large girth, further proving the wisdom of ditching the lugs.

The H0 redefines the case structure of a watch. The sapphire crystal curves downward to form the sapphire case on the vertical sides of the watch. Below the vertical surface of the sapphire crystal, the case extends outward to form two parts. The case shape is simple and lovely, but I think it may be more complicated than it looks.

HYT H0 Orange Movement
The caseback reveals the movement in action.

Interestingly, the H0 is powered by the same HYT Calibre 101 as the HYT H1 model. Firstly, this movement is tried and true, needless to say, and I have discussed it in detail in my previous article.

Secondly, despite its modern feel, the Calibre 101 does not shy away from traditional watchmaking. The bridges are decorated with a Côtes de Genève pattern and feature shiny bevels, while the gears are circular-grained. It is indeed a beautiful movement. discount replica watches

HYT H0 Orange

As mentioned before, the H0 is by far my favourite HYT model. I am mesmerised by its simple look.

A beautiful sapphire crystal envelops the dial and the upper part of the case. I suspect the complex shape of the sapphire crystal presents many technical challenges, but HYT, with its exceptional creativity and impressive expertise, has once again proven that it is able to use all the available grey cells to create another outstanding timepiece.

The movement is a known device that has served the brand well so far, having been initially used in the company’s first model, the H1. shopping replica watch