Common ground as legends: AUDEMARS PIGUET and Montreux Jazz Festival

It is often heard that Buy replica watches brands cooperate with famous cars. After all, it is easy to intuitively understand the common concept of seeking the speed limit and precise minutes and seconds; as for the compatibility of watches and music? They are all extended from theoretical calculation to emotional expression. They also share the incomparable enthusiasm for creation and the endless pursuit of technology. After careful exploration, there are so many echoes of ideas. Therefore, the cooperation between AUDEMARS PIGUET and the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland not only guides us to discover some commonalities between music and watch art, but also highlights the core values that both parties value equally.

In jazz, the personal skills and talents of the musicians are of course highly respected, but the truly moving phrases will only emerge when the voices and instruments blend with each other; Angles and horns are all part of an excellent timepiece, and only when the mechanical structure is perfectly fastened and operated precisely, the delicate hand-polished and polished parts and the calculated perfect visual proportion can be meaningful.

On the stage of jazz, exquisite skills, unique personality, interaction between musicians, audience and band members trigger unique encounters one after another; whether this experience is the same as AUDEMARS PIGUET Audemars Piguet’s watch brings us the touch Quite similar? This year, the brand joined hands with brand ambassador Mark Ronson to plan a unique music experience on the closing night of the Montreux Jazz Festival, writing a new chapter for cross-border cooperation.

To be exciting, you must first interact with people
Watches and music, connecting with people, can make legends

If you like jazz, you must be a person who is willing to explore infinite possibilities and have an open and diverse taste perspective, because there are so many aspects to appreciate in jazz, such as melody, rhythm, harmony, improvisational interaction of musicians and showing off skills; it can be compared with Various music styles blend and intersect. At the same time, jazz always has its own style, which sounds like a unique “jazz flavor”. This kind of characteristic that is both integrated and full of self-individuality, the pursuit of excellence and the courage to innovate may be one of the reasons why AUDEMARS PIGUET joined hands with the Montreux Jazz Festival. perfect replica watches

In the minds of music fans around the world, the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland is a world-class legendary stage. It has been held since 1967 and is the oldest and second largest jazz festival in the world. Every year at the beginning of July, Montreux, located on the northern shore of Lake Geneva, Switzerland, will hold a 16-day music festival. As many as 250,000 spectators flock to this Swiss town, and countless top musicians and emerging musicians will appear one after another. Performance.

What makes music so exciting is the interaction with people. Just like the most fascinating part of jazz, there is nothing more fascinating than the moment when the musicians perform “out of sequence”. The freer rhythm tests the tacit understanding of the band members, thereby endowing classic music with different styles of interpretation and gorgeous show-off skills. It is also most likely to erupt at this moment! Whether it is the spark of interaction between band members or the mutual rendering and blending of the audience’s emotions, the connection with people is the key to achieving a perfect performance and creating classic works.

Since 2010, AUDEMARS PIGUET fake has supported the digital collection project of the Montreux Jazz Festival. “The priceless treasure. In 2019, not only did the two parties become global partners, but the brand further promoted the music sponsorship plan, resulting in a cooperation with brand ambassador Mark Ronson.

Today’s Montreux Jazz Festival is becoming more and more grand, and the content of the performances is no longer limited to jazz music, but a wide range of different types of musicians to perform on stage. Emphasizing historical heritage while being able to keep pace with the times and be brave in innovation are the same core values that AUDEMARS PIGUET is proud of.

How does the watch pay homage to music?
Through the scenes most familiar to musicians, move people’s hearts with rhythm

AUDEMARS PIGUET’s support and love for music art not only becomes a partner of the music festival in essence, but also turns into the exclusive design vocabulary of watches on the other hand. The brand understands that wristwatches are just like music, which deserves persistence and ideals. These arts, which are constantly pursuing excellence, are of course very suitable for being endowed with a lofty image, but the most important element is always the intimate connection with people and the sincere interaction of emotions— — that is, how to touch people’s hearts. The Royal Oak Offshore Royal Oak Offshore Music Limited Edition watch is the brand’s tribute to the world music scene and the tireless musicians who have devoted themselves to creation.

The brand has chosen a very bold design that can even be said to have set a brand precedent. The classic “Tapisserie” check surface of the Royal Oak Offshore is printed with a colorful audio equalizer pattern; the strap resembles an audio plug. The interface and the crown guard bridge like a mixer pusher directly express the inspiration of music for watch creation through scenes that musicians are all too familiar with. Prior to this, this music limited edition watch has launched five styles of different materials. This year’s new model is a black ceramic case with a diameter of 37mm, with a black easy-to-change “mosaic” textured rubber strap. Among monotones, the undulating rhythm of the color equalizer is more dynamic.

The brand ambassador will hold a show at the 2023 Music Festival
A live performance is a wonderful journey

This year’s Montreux Jazz Festival, AUDEMARS PIGUET Audemars Piguet invited brand ambassador Mark Ronson to jointly plan a unique music show on the closing night. This producer and composer who has won seven Grammy Awards and is currently active has worked with top singers and bands: Mars Bruno Mars, Adele, Paul McCartney, Miley Cyrus, Duran Duran… too many to list ; he co-wrote the single “Shallow” for the film “A Star Is Born” and won an Academy Award. This year’s “Barbie Barbie” live-action film has him as the executive producer of the album and the co-composer of the soundtrack.

For a music performance, if you simply pursue smoothness and excitement, then the gathering of top performers in various fields will surely satisfy the audience; but at the legendary stage of the Montreux Jazz Festival, which was once the springboard for many music superstars to become famous, Mark Both Ronson and AUDEMARS PIGUET hope to create a more meaningful performance.

Therefore, Mark Ronson invited a number of music masters who have co-recorded Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and other superstar classics to come together and perform on the same stage; Rhythm and blues singer Lucky Daye cooperates, drawing on the rich experience of veteran musicians to help rookies who are preparing to climb the peak.

We often say that Best replica watches collection is like a journey, and the music show of AUDEMARS PIGUET and Mark Ronson’s “Dream Band” is not only a live performance of tens of minutes, but also a period of inspiration, generational support and extraordinary creation. course. This music experience conveys to the audience about the talents of musicians, cooperation and the final birth of moving results, and all of this is achieved by the wonderful moments experienced by the brand, ambassadors, orchestra members, watch fans all over the world and the audience.