Jacob&Co Astronomia Casino & Maestro

Giving up your anonymity and discretion doesn’t mean being ostentatious or disrespectful, it just means you’re brave enough.

Jacob&Co embodies this philosophy well, let us know now.

In astronomy, time is in 4 dimensions.
Since its first launch in 2014, it has become a true Jacob&Co icon, attracting the interest of collectors around the world.

The concept is brilliant and expressive: hours and minutes are displayed on the dial, while everything else changes!

Technically, we’re talking about an in-house manual movement, the Casino has a two-axis tourbillon, and the Maestro has a three-axis tourbillon.

In both examples, the case is in rose gold, set with a large number of sapphires, and processed using expensive and advanced techniques to achieve extra-wide domes and ultra-pure transparency.

The two versions don’t have much in common technically. Aesthetically, they share concept, arm movement, painted magnesium sphere and one carat Jacobs cut diamond (288 facets)… Signature of Mr. Arabo.

Astronomia Casino: A successful gamble.
There have been many watches that pay tribute to gambling in history, each with its own innovation.
But when you pair the mechanical roulette with the Astromia and its features, the jackpot is a sure thing.

What’s fascinating about this watch is the incredible amount of detail it hides, so much so that the owner can discover new things at a glance.

Mechanical roulette is not fiction.
The rotation of the plate, as well as that of the ball, works perfectly and is activated by the pusher at 8 o’clock.

The genius behind this watch is useful and enjoyable play: operating the roulette wheel is an effective way to charge the watch. A remarkable idea, introducing an interesting “complication” to create momentum instead of wasting it.

The 47mm case, with its 27.9mm height, is a key aspect of the watch, and the author of this article has a small wrist (under 6.3 inches). Believe it or not, the size of the watch is a negligible aspect if one compares it to the astounding number of complications.

During its rotation, the dial is always perpendicular to the wrist.
As usual, let’s focus on what really matters: the actual use of the timepiece.

In typical Astronomia style, the dial maintains a fixed orientation during its 10-minute rotation around the centre, making it easy to read no matter where it is located.

On the wrist, it’s incredible. It’s almost a shame to wear it and not just stare at it for hours, discovering every detail.

The glow of diamonds and globes contributes to the vividness and synchronization of the drama created by the movement of the arms and the entire mechanism. Dear Jacob, if your goal is to amaze, you have achieved it.

Astronomia Maestro: The 50mm Universe.
The absolute winner of our Basel session (though the choice was nearly impossible) was the Maestro, sublime in every way, the Picasso of horology.

We’re talking about the minute repeater tourbillon, moon phases, date and Astronomia’s classic four-armed rotating mechanism.

If you think that’s enough, you may be misunderstanding what we’re talking about…

Minute Repeater: Yes, but don’t underestimate it.
For the first time in history, we discover that the chime of the minute repeater has a three-dimensional spiral shape, which is breathtaking through the side of the sapphire case.

The hours, quarters and minutes are struck by three pitches. This is much more complicated than the traditional two-pitch mechanism, since the three notes must be very precise (C, D, E).

Using three pitches instead of two, creates a melody that requires accurate pitch picking, not the difficulty of improving harmony.

The end result is stunning, especially for new listeners.

The moon phase display features a unique Jacob-cut diamond, divided into half a sphere and encircling the starry night on its arm. The date revolves around the periphery of the moon phase, moving together with the other 4 parts, and completes a circle in 10 minutes.nice watches shop

A feature of this piece is that the hours and minutes are located on the dial in the middle of the watch, in stark contrast to other Astronomias.

On the fourth arm, we find a hand-painted astronaut floating in a meandering motion around the watch, completing one rotation every 40 seconds.

On the wrist, the effect is the same as that of the astronauts…
It’s impossible not to get lost in the beauty of this new universe that Jacob’s company is projecting on us.

Forming the aventurine dial in the constellation background, not to mention the purity of the tourbillon and sapphires… everything is designed to wow the audience, offering innovation and luxury at the highest level.

Again, 50mm is a lot, but the generous size of the watch is quickly forgiven by looking at one of the infinite details on the dial and thinking of the complexity of things we appreciate.

Jacob&Co timepieces, on the other hand, are masterpieces of engineering, design and innovation, not just complicated watches or striking devices.

What’s truly astonishing about this brand is the amazingly incredible effort to never lose sight of what’s really important: the performance.
From what Marco told us, the whole intent of Jacob&Co is to create timepieces that are stunning to wear and easy to use.

The winding, hour setting and various functions are very easy to set up and operate, not an easy job if we consider the complexity we are in.

We’d really like to know your thoughts on some of Basel’s most complicated and luxurious watches selection replica, and we promise to bring you lots of new articles about this brand full of surprises soon!