U-Boat – New in 2020

Well, this is very exciting and humble. Our good friends at U-Boat kindly asked us, Andrew Michaels Jewelers (amjwatches.co.uk) to pre-sell their latest works. Nine new Capsoil and five new ladies’ models.

Capsoil was originally released as a four-piece set in November 2018. Two steel or DLC limited-time models and two chronographs also use steel or DLC cases (respectively numbered 8110, 8108, 8111 and 8109). These brand new timepieces have one major difference from all other U-Boats in that the case is filled with oil. Unlike Bell and Ross Hydromax, it is filled with oil to enable it to withstand the pressure of the deepest part of the sea at 11,000 meters. Capsoils uses oil, coupled with curved sapphire glass, to create a unique aesthetic that allows the wearer to follow the order. People watch their watches with incredible sharp angles. It is as if the dial is printed on the bottom surface of the sapphire glass. The edge of the dial is in constant visual confusion (or TurmOil?). It is unique in terms of distraction.

As I mentioned in the previous article, making round sapphire crystals is very difficult and expensive. The crystal is grown in a long tube and then cut into the individual discs required for each watch. This process is suitable for flat glass. Historically, glass is a hard crystal or similar that can be molded. This process is suitable for round glass. The new Capsoil released this year has mineral glass. Therefore, for the reasons mentioned above, you would expect the price of the original Capsoil to drop. However, we are all impressed with the price of the new model between 770 and 990 pounds! This time there is also a bronze PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) model! It can only be assumed that U-Boat has been able to perfect the fuel-filled tank process to achieve this.

Despite the incredible price reduction, all new Capsoil models are equipped with Swiss Ronda 712.3 movement with oil bath lubrication, 38 mm or 44 mm diameter case, screw-in back cover, curved mineral glass and 50 Meter waterproof. The specifications of most originals, plus all the charm and personality, are only half the price.

Whether you think my usual articles are erudite articles or mediocre jokes, they exist for one purpose; to educate and incite readers to buy reasonable luxury watches. However, U-Boat did all the hard work for me. Only need five words: Capsoil for under a Grand.

There are seven dark moon models and two rainbow models. Introduced separately below.

Dark Moon 44mm, black dial and bronze PVD ​​case with laser-cut hand-crafted leather strap – reference number 8467

Dark Moon 44mm, black dial, synthetic rubber strap and steel case-Reference 8463

Dark Moon 44mm, red mineral glass, black IPB case on synthetic rubber strap-reference 8466

The above are examples of three extraordinary new versions released by U-Boat.

Also within the scope of the new Capsoil, we found:

Darkmoon, reference 8465, red mineral glass, black dial and 44 mm steel case and rubber strap

Darkmoon, reference 8464 black dial and 44mm black IPB case rubber strap

Dark Moon, reference 8470 black dial and 38 mm black IPB case mesh bracelet

Dark Moon, reference 8471, black dial and 38 mm steel case mesh bracelet

Rainbow, reference 8468, with orange nuanced dial and 44 mm bronze IPB case, mesh bracelet

Rainbow, reference 8469, with orange nuanced dial and 44 mm steel case mesh bracelet

These new models will eventually replace the original Capsoil in the current catalog, with reference numbers 8108/A and 8110/A. The original Capsoil Chrono 45 models, models 8109/A and 8111/A, will continue to be produced.

New Lady’s U-boat

In addition to the above-mentioned gentleman models, U-Boat also released some amazing ladies models. Please note that these models do not have an oil-filled housing. It is replaced by a mother-of-pearl dial and Arabic numerals with bright crystals. Presents the same elegant case design and domed mineral glass.

Rainbow, model 8472, with pink mother-of-pearl dial and 38 mm steel case, with pink alligator leather strap

The new lineup also includes:

Rainbow, model 8473, with pink mother-of-pearl dial and 38 mm bronze IPB case with mesh bracelet

Rainbow, reference number 8474, with blue mother-of-pearl dial and 38 mm steel case mesh bracelet

Rainbow, reference 8475, with blue mother-of-pearl dial and 38 mm bronze IPB case, blue alligator strap

The last addition is a new Lady’s Classico, which is already available for purchase. This stylized ladies watch adopts the strong aesthetics of the classic series, with an extraordinary dial and sapphire painting.

Classico, reference 8481, turquoise mother-of-pearl dial, 42 white sapphires and 38 mm steel case, turquoise alligator leather strap

The series also provides the following products:
Classico, reference 8480, with pink mother-of-pearl dial, 42 white sapphires and 38 mm steel case, pink alligator strap

Classico, reference 8482, black mother-of-pearl dial, 42 white sapphires and 38 mm steel case, white alligator strap

Every replica U-Boat watch is equipped with an excellent Swiss movement. Each watch is produced one by one. Assembled by skilled craftsmen at the Tuscan brand headquarters in Lucca. Most of their world-renowned watches use advanced and unusual design/manufacturing techniques to produce unique, high-quality final products.