Is it the perfect hollow watch in your heart?

We are always keen to explore the small mechanical world in the watch, and we keep imagining the regular movement in the mechanical world. The hollow watch seems to understand our little thoughts. It reveals all the mysteries hidden in the watch before our eyes. What you see is what you get. Ulysse Nardin’s SkeletonX skeleton watch takes the hollowing process to a new level. The structure and mechanical functions of the watch are clear at a glance, and the charm of the machinery is unstoppable. (Watch model: 3715-260/CARB)

The watch introduced this time is the most amazing carbon gold model (Carbonium®Gold) among SkeletonX skeleton watches.

Aerospace-grade carbocation material is a new and ultra-light environmentally friendly material, which is mostly used in the manufacture of the latest generation of aircraft fuselage and wings. The materials used in the SkeletonX skeleton watch are all made of aerospace parts. Other carbon composite materials should be more environmentally friendly. Because the carbon-gold composite material is made of carbon fiber and gold particles fusion, so the surface of the case will have flowing golden lines, shimmering waves, and the visual effect is quite amazing.

Ulysse Nardin cheap is the first to apply this special carbon composite material to a wrist watch. The carbon-gold composite material is light, strong and durable, and is a very rare watchmaking material.

Observing from the front of the watch, we will first be attracted by the superimposed geometric structure above. The X shape formed by the four hour markers is located in the rectangular frame, and the rectangle is located in the ring. The lines are neat and there is no sense of muddy water.

The powerful and “transparent” movement reveals every detail and every part of the machine without any doubt. The machine that keeps running is like a beating heart, full of power. This movement is the brand’s self-made movement UN-371 movement, which has been redesigned based on the UN-171 movement. It consists of only 173 parts, and the number of parts is small, so that it can better create a super power. The effect of translucency, and this movement adopts a manual winding mechanism, which can also reduce the space occupied by the movement.

The super-large silicon balance wheel at 6 o’clock is spinning, as if turning the passing of time into something concrete and visible, allowing us to grasp time.

The hour markers and hands are covered with a luminous coating, which is convenient for the wearer to read the time even in a dark environment.

From the back of the replica aaa watch, you can also see the golden parts of the movement, shining with luxurious light. The watch is equipped with a black alligator leather strap, decorated with gold stitching, and a rubber strap to choose from.