The new Patek Philippe Nautilus travel time chronograph reference. 5990/1R

The Patek Philippe Nautilus sports watch has different meanings to different types of watch collectors. For “Flippers”, it is free when purchased at retail prices. For historians, it is one of Gerald Genta’s best designs. For enthusiasts, it is a symbol of modern watchmaking, and its exquisite craftsmanship is enough to make angels cheer. No matter what it is, there is no doubt that Nautilus is one of Patek Philippe’s greatest achievements in recent history.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph Ref. 5990/1R
Among the many models that have added luster to the series, the Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph Ref. 5990 is one of the most complicated. The longest time, reference. 5990 is only available in stainless steel. Now, 7 years after its debut, Patek Philippe finally launched a new rose gold style, which may not only be influenced by Ref. 5990 but a general Nautilus sports watch. Here, we bring you the low-key and our thoughts on the Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph Ref. 5990/1R.

Case, dial and hands
New reference. 5990/1R retains the shell design and dimensions of the previous model. The size of this watch is 40.5 mm x 12.53 mm. It has a confident presence, but it is not clumsy. The change in this new reference is the material. referee. The 5990/1R is presented in full rose gold, making it the most gorgeous variant of the Nautilus travel time chronograph. On the wrist, it is definitely much heavier than the stainless steel brother. The best part of the case and bracelet—whether stainless steel or rose gold—is the perfect finish. From the bezel to the links of the bracelet, this watch is decorated with satin-brushed and polished finishes in an alternating manner, which is sure to attract the eye.

It is the same rich blue dial as the new Ref. 5990/1R. The surface is decorated with subtle sunburst patterns, and the imprinted dial is like a chameleon, changing the color tone as the angle of incident light changes. Another major change in the dial is the hour markers, window frame and hands, which are now also made of rose gold. Other aspects of the dial, especially the display and layout, remain unchanged. You can still get the same radial date at 12 o’clock, with a chronograph minute counter at 6 o’clock, and local and home day/night indicators at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock, respectively. This cross-shaped layout is very balanced. fake watches

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” Driving reference 5990/1R is the same 370 parts, 34 jewels caliber CH 28-520 C FUS, which powers the previous stainless steel model. The self-winding movement has an average power reserve of 50 hours and runs at a modern 4 Hz frequency. It is equipped with four of the most practical watchmaking complications: 60-minute flyback chronograph, dual time, day/night indication of local and home time, and of course the date.

Calibre CH 28-520 C FUS is valued not only for its function, but also for its appearance. Although the Calibre CH 28-520 C FUS does not have the evocative structure of a horizontal clutch chronograph (it is a vertical clutch chronograph), the movement still gains a lot of beauty due to its impeccable finish. Through the sapphire crystal back cover, you can see a 21k gold central rotor with circular Geneva waves, bridge plates with linear Geneva waves and polished bevels, polished screw heads, gold-plated engravings, and pearl patterns on the bottom plate.

referee. The 5990/1R is a luxury watch with the ultimate travel theme, and the reason is simple. This is a coveted Patek Philippe Nautilus. It has four super practical travel-related complications. It is flawless inside and out. Of course, it is all rose gold and indomitable. As you might expect, such excellent quality is not cheap. The Patek Philippe Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph Ref. 5990/1R is priced at US$106,452, which means that if you can buy one at a retail store.

referee. 5990/1R is very suitable for ordinary male wrists. The bracelet seamlessly fits the shape of the wrist, ensuring unparalleled comfort.

The new Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph Ref. 5990/1R is loud and proud. With its rose gold body and electric blue dial, Ref. 5990/1R must have fans and critics alike. However, everyone agrees on the quality of watchmaking involved and its role in satisfying the greedy appetite of the Nautilus market.