Breitling PREMIER B09 CHRONOGRAPH 40 AB0930D41K1P1

Replica Breitling PREMIER B09 CHRONOGRAPH 40 AB0930D41K1P1 Men Watch


40 mm
Stainless Steel
Dial Colour :Burgundy

Type : Automatic




100 m


Is Breitling’s 2021 new product their most classic watch?

It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since Breitling’s last web summit, but here we are! After a crazy year of stop and start, global uncertainty and general turmoil, as we begin to enter the life we ​​once knew, there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel. With this, the brand began to release their watches as usual again, free from the craziness of last year! Before this year’s Watches and Wonders, Breitling provided us with a series of new fake watches, continuing to push this Swiss watchmaker towards a retro style in 2017.

New premium series
Designed for “the impeccably modern and discerning people”, the newest member of the Breitling catalog may be their most elegant and sophisticated timepiece in a long time. With seven variants spanning three sub-series, these exciting complications, colors and design languages ​​are guaranteed to meet almost everyone’s preferences.

Premier Heritage Chronograph
Inspired by Breitling’s early chronographs in the 1940s, Willy Breitling understood that his customers wanted elegant timepieces with charm and purpose. Our Premier Heritage chronographs here combine elegant retro-style design with modern 21st century features and engineering. The combination creates a wonderful performance of Breitling’s heritage. Both models are powered by Breitling’s in-house movement B09, are manually wound, and provide excellent sturdiness. Based on Breitling’s self-made 01 movement, you can get the comfort of an old movement and at the same time obtain modern engineering technology that pushes these timepieces to a higher level.

These chronographs are available in two styles, with a gorgeous pistachio green dial, wrapped in a 40mm stainless steel case, or a silver dial, wrapped in an 18k red gold case. In addition, the Premier Chronograph sub-series also includes Breitling’s latest product into the high-end market-Premier B21 Chronograph Tourbillon 42 Bentley Limited Edition. The beauty of this 18kt red, gold and green dial is undoubtedly different from the watches usually produced by Breitling. We like it!

Premier Heritage Datora
Among the series of popular modern watch designs that permeate all corners of watchmaking enthusiasts, there are some retro-style designs that never seem to age or become outdated. At the top of the list are the humble triple calendar chronographs from the 40s to the 60s. These timepieces are aged like fine wines, provide excellent functions, and at the same time present themselves as fashionable and avant-garde timepieces, always suitable for any style that is considered modern at a given moment.

Breitling seems to have caught this and released one of the hottest three-calendar chronographs in a long time. Inspired by Breitling’s 1940s design, like all these timepieces, the 42mm Premier Heritage Datora stands out for its clarity, practicality and downright complexity. There is a date and month indicator below the 12 o’clock numerals, and a moon phase display in the date hand subdial. The design of this timepiece is very symmetrical and easy to see. Datora is powered by Breitling B25 in-house movement, equipped with a 30-minute chronograph, and is available in two styles. The copper dial version is matched with a stainless steel case, while the silver dial is matched with an 18k red gold style.

Premier Heritage Duograph
Finally, to enter another retro style beauty, we have the Premier Heritage Duograph, which has one of the most complex complications in the watchmaking industry; the split-second chronograph. Thanks to its two independently operated stacked chronograph hands, its rattrapante function enables the wearer to measure two independent events at the same time.

Duograph is powered by Breitling’s self-made movement B15, based on Breitling’s self-made movement B03, with manual winding (reminiscent of the series inspired by vintage chronographs) and a power reserve of approximately 70 hours. The 42mm Duograph adopts a stainless steel case with a blue dial and an 18kt red gold with a black dial. It provides a stylish design and impressive mechanical device. It looks exquisite and few people would refuse.

By using a consistent design language in all these novelties, with consistent case shapes, shared fonts and similar forms of inspiration, luxury Breitling hit the nail on the head and continues to rise in the ranks of the watchmaking industry. Although they may have been criticized for some lackluster years, Georges Kern (Georges Kern) has made full use of their strong assets in the archives, and Breitling is even better.