Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Depth diving: original Olympic Games piglet royal oak offshore and its re-release

When Royal Oak is launched in 1972, the observation world does not really understand it. This is a bold design and expensive luxury watches, but it is also a sports watch made of stainless steel. Today may not be strange, but later, it is almost unheard. It is only suitable for the royal oak near the sea, which was initially considered to respect the royal oak and misunderstand its launch. Like its ancestors, the sea finally discovered its foundation and became one of the most popular watches of the ear. Here, we have two references, the original Royal Oak Sea References 25721st.00001 from 1993 and its modern re-issue opponents, reference 46237st.oo.1000st.01, this is launched in 2018 of. They are together, they help tell the story offshore and why this is an important part of the Audemars Piguet lineup.

I will not completely restore the history of royal oak, because this story is told and reproduced. If you want to speed up the speed. However, the royal oak is offshore is, as you said, closely related to the original Royal Oak. Therefore, it is impossible to discuss offshore without discussing the original situation. The overall driving force to create royal oak offshore is the 20th anniversary of celebrating Royal Oak. Designer Emmanuel Gueit’s mission is responsible for the new iteration of Rehabilience Genta design and proposes a larger, a warm watch version.

He retains the original core design characteristics, such as the exquisite octagonal baffle and Tapisserie dial, but retest the robustness of the watch to it “Beast”. There is now a rounded, beet bracelet, a large rubber gasket under the baffle, and the rubber crown and timer promoters have contributed to the aquatic and positive atmosphere of the swiss watches brands. This first-generation sea has a thickness of 42mm, a thickness of 14 mm, which is undoubtedly greater than the original – this is 7 mm of 39mm – but it will not exceed the modern watch, and the size of the size will definitely meet the trend of the time, bulk not only Just look.

The original royal oak always means a luxury sports table, but pays more attention to luxury goods rather than this movement. The offshore increases the water resistance to 100 meters, increasing some magnetoresistance and timecutical table complications. The added size is used to make the situation more durable, and the internal AP caliber 2126/2840 requires more space because it is based on JLC-based 888 and adds the Dubois-DEPLAZ timer module. Then, it is considered that the motion is also used for the soft iron inner cage of the magnetoresistance, and the dial must be expanded to include the rhythm scale on the outer flange. All of this will greatly increase the size of the watch, so all of these can easily prove its increased ratio. Personally, personally, the growth of quality is worth increasing durability and functionality. I don’t feel comfortable with standard royal oak surf, but I like it. Baby children do not have necessary, I think this is one of the main values.

However, like the original Royal Oak, this early offshore has accepted a lot of criticism. Even Gerald gentlemen did even disclose the watch, and I thought it had destroyed his original design. Cruel. However, although traditional watch fans criticize this new design, it slowly grasped new demographics and gave an Audemars Piguet brand. Athletes, movie stars and other trend and other people like the modern athletes of royal oak. Because of this, it should be a souvenir eventually become more memorable.

This reference 25721st.O.1000ST.01 is a very early and mouth-watering D series example. In terms of their perfect observations, the first few sea has experienced a variety of updates, resulting in a 1993 watch, rather than the 20th anniversary of 1992. As you said, this D series model has a lot of Patina from the ’90s, because the D series uses a slightly different, more unstable blue paint, now give us this unique purple tones, a bit of brass display . Another unique characteristic of the D series is that the iconic smaste noodles are completed, meaning that the squares on the dial are getting smaller and smaller, and I think, more elegant aesthetics. The D series watches are especially collected due to these aesthetics, but it is also because they are the former 000 royal Royal Oak European oak.

This early sea has become a unique work of piglets. This is a starting point that can change the trajectory of the brand again and lead to one of the most popular luxury brands in the past 30 years. Now, Audemars Piguet has more than 40 different maritime models in their queue, and has various complications and materials. This model has become an innovative breeding basis, and allows the brand to use many other traditional formulas that have been far away – Royal Oak Concepts may not exist, no offshore. Like the original royal oak, the offshore, not only keep the brand, but also extend to the future. But despite continuous innovation, the piglet pigs did not forget where they came from.

2018 Audemars Piguet restarted the original Royal Oak in all glory, but has modern improvements. With so many originals look very different than they leave the factory, this refers to the 26237st.oo.1000st.01 allows lovers to be afraid of fear, and enjoy the latest design of the watchmakes. Reference. Re-released offshore has no original production issues, and has new sports techniques to start.

The new caliber 3126/3840 is completely in the automatic winding movement of the home, the power reserve is 5 hours, with a total of 50 hours – and 21 jewels, not the caliber used in the original sea. In aesthetics, this is a perfect first overseas entertainment, its ornate blue dial and beautiful light reflection work. With the overtime development of the Royal Oak Sea, this once loud and sturdy design seems to be more conservative. I am not seeing some more extreme offshore design today, but this re-issuance is the point I can backward. I think it completes the original goal of Audemars Piguet, which improves royal oak, while maintaining the best quality and providing higher functionality and durability. This is a watch that “has your cake and eat it”.

See this original offshore side by side and take a resended peer is a watchmaker dream. The original design and production process behind the story is the performance of the current interesting map, and now, the example shows that despite the recent recent in the 1990s, after that, the players are really long. This will make a great two watch collection for maritime fans. Retro makes a bold but elegant formal watch, and there is anything that modern wearer is ready. These two watches tell one of the most important stories in Audemars Piguet history. Due to any watch of the original Royal Oak, there is any fake watch for a well-known piglet. If history is any indication, it will continue to have a lasting legacy, which will encourage the next breakthrough watch from one of the world’s greatest observing manufacturers.