Hublot Big Bang MP-11 Red Magic

One of the flagship timers of the Yubika has achieved surprising successful ceramic performance.

As early as 2006, I happened to see a very unexpected company produced by a very unexpected company. The table is from replica Jacob & Co. The Quentetin Touring, is (and) a large-scale time meter, with an unprecedented 31-day power storage and vertical gym. QuentinTin began a new competition between players. In the watch before Quirltin, the longest power storage is usually found in the ponytick, usually takes eight days. For longer power reserves means multiple hair strips or a very large hair box, while longer power reserves typically mean a rough timing in any of the extremes of the runtime. The ultimately breaking record is Hublot, and La Ferrari has launched in 2013, which has launched 50 days of power reserves; according to I know, from then, no one tried absolute record to keep watch Long-term power storage.

Of course, there is also two independent oscillators, which can be switched between the two oscillators, and the watch will run 65 in the case of using a lower frequency balance (1.2 Hz). day. However, this does not mean wearing this way, nor for special accurate holding time. swiss replica watches usa

Instead, this is basically a standby mode of the watch. If the watch is not worn for a long time, the multimetric calendar can maintain the latest state. Even with modern technology, more than La Ferrari can also cause the watch that cannot be worn (La Ferrari is already the watch of Ursine Heft, borrowing a sentence) and may require an escape technology. (Parmigiani Fleurier GeneQuand Oscillator Concept Table Theoretical Power Reserve is 70 days, but Pamma Qiang Ni has apparently gave up the project, at least this is the case.)

Hold the brass ring tightly, and the Yubei seems to have a further absolute record after pursuing dynamic storage, but in the niche market of the long-powered storage watch, it is still active. Currently, their flagship products are MP-11 watches that have seven series of halves and 14-day power storage. Despite the size of 45mm x 14.50mm, their wear resistance is much higher than those such as La Ferrari (or QUENTTI). Since the launch of the platform of the HUB9011 movement, MP-11 has appeared in several different case materials, and in January this year, I received a patented Red Magic ceramic in Tubai’s LVMH fake men Watch Week in Dubai.

Now, before further introduction, I think it must be pointed out that the long-powered reserve table must not need to become a red visual exterior-shaped fire truck red visual device. Jiang Shi Doint has made a long-powered reserve table, and its appearance is as considerable to the board of directors of the white shoe, or it is as considerable to this type of seat in the past. More powerful is more than the long power storage watch given, but the fact is that the MP-11 Red Magic is like this, there is no way necessary to be necessary, but because this is Hublot I hope that it appears (by way of inciting, people assume how the Hubkist thinks that customers want this watch to look like this).

The reason why I am saying is because, although you can compare the Vacheron Constantin and the Hubki, I think there is almost no place in the world, no matter what people are still in the future, anyone is difficult in both. The head is made when choosing. For Hublot customers, it is likely not only repeating the Hublot client, but a burden on them, it is not a burden, nor an accident, but an asset, in fact, the reason for the entire existence Watch.

Although it is the holder of technical records, I think it is aesthetic from aesthetic point, no one will call La Ferrari’s climax for modern watchmakes. Despite the long-term power reserves to leave a deep impression, its design always shocked me, followed by the technical complexity of the watch, and the biological case seems to be a quite aperly abuse, both It looks cool and has a feeling.

Therefore, when I saw the first photo in Jon Buss in January, Big Bang MP-11 Red Magic made me surprised me. I have hoped that if someone just describes this table, even if there is no forgotten, it is not convincingly to find it. However, it seems to work in some way, in a way (although in its own unique way), other MP-11 watches, of course, Ferrari watches, but no. I personally face-to-face – just like ceramics – I finally succeeded successfully through my firm beliefs.

I think the success of MP-11 Red Magic is largely due to the amazing depth and richness of red ceramics. With different materials, the overall design may not be so successful (Red Magic Ceramics version is the only version I actually have a chance to see and operate), which provides a light and comfortable feeling for the watch (of course Relatively speaking – this is still 45mm x 14.5mm watch, not wrong). This material has the same fine particle feeling and texture as the baking dial, which can capture the light, and with the change of the tone of the light in a distracted manner – not to say this is a watcher. Never cause people to pay attention, but this is true, there are many things worth paying attention.

I said that MP-11 Red Magic looks like it, because it is Hublot hopes that it looks like. Of course, this is obvious on one level, but it is not every design attempt to achieve its goals, which is also the fact. Making such a watch is much much greater than the risk of making a watches, such as a weekly smashing, such as a usage of a valuable metal (these two types have a recognized design vocabulary).

Typically, the tablets represented by MP-11 Red Magic have not met their ambitious goals, but in this case, I think the shell material contains unnecessary depth and richness, as well as the technical aspects of the watch. Make me think this is a good time to continue to attract people – very interesting,

Hublot MP-11 Red Magic: Case, 45mm x 14.5mm Red Ceramics, sapphire crystals with special shapes, can accommodate the hair box. The movement, the 14-day movement HUB9011, runs 39 jewels at a speed of 39,800 VPH; seven series of hair boxes.