Winter and the sea What does a lady’s diving watch that combines rigidity and softness?

We have endless reveries about the sea. It is the incarnation of mystery, which makes us yearn for. To explore the depths of the sea, diving watches play an important role in this process. In recent years, with its unique shape and sturdy and durable characteristics, diving watches have been favored by everyone. Among them, the replica Ulysse Nardin diving watches have also done a good job.

There are many men’s diving watches on the market, but women’s diving watches are relatively rare. The LADYDIVER ladies’ diving watches make up for this vacancy. Moreover, in addition to functionality, the ladies LADYDIVER diving watch is decorated with diamonds, which not only meets the needs of women for diving watches, but also takes into account the needs of beauty.

This limited edition of LADYDIVER great white shark uses white as the main color, pure and clean, and is decorated with diamonds on the hour markers, like a winter fairy.

The watch has a diameter of 39 mm and is made of stainless steel. The surface of the case is brushed with a large area and is equipped with a concave unidirectional rotating bezel.

The gray disc surface has a grainy texture, with diamond hour markers, which reminds people of the sparkling sea.

At 6 o’clock, there is a blue “GREATWHITE” (Great White Shark) words above the time scale, and a round date display window is set up to add another practical function to the cheap men watch. Under the impact of blue, gray, and white, we seemed to see a rough sea.

The hands are covered with a luminous coating so that the time can be read clearly at night.

The LADYDIVER Jaws Limited Edition comes with a white rubber strap, decorated with mermaid scale texture, and the strap is equipped with a stainless steel pin buckle. The overall style of the watch is simple and elegant, and it is suitable for different occasions, whether it is an elegant evening dress or daily casual wear, you can wear it.

The beautiful figure of a female diver is printed on the back of the watch. Here we have to mention the free diving champion Alessia Zecchini. She is the first female member of the Athens watch explorer team. Her image of a woman who dares to explore and has a strong heart makes us I saw the unlimited potential and personality charm of women. The movement adopts the UN-816 self-winding movement, using the silicon material technology that replica Ulysse Nardin is proud of, which greatly enhances the antimagnetic performance of the watch, and there is no need to lubricate the movement. The degree has improved the accuracy of the watch.

Summary: Bright and elegant, with softness and rigidity. This is my first impression of this watch. It not only breaks our stereotype of ladies’ watches, but also adds more feminine elements to the traditional diving watch. It better presents a diving watch suitable for modern urban women, and can express the modern spirit of freedom, boldness and exploration.