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The NavitiMER series is an important story of this year this year. A total of 32 new watches have joined the lineup, including the inspiration of the “Hundred Years of the Whit Air Departments” of the “HUIT”, “huit” is eight tables in Germany. This special sector was established in 1938 by Willy Breitling, aimed at clock and other dashboard instruments for military and civil aircraft providers.

The first unveiled series includes 6 different models, including two timers (a world timer, two time and date model, and a large pilot watch, the design is inspired by the second time The stopwatch pilot of the world war bomber is on the thigh. The initial feedback is very active, so this new series will be a huge success for all models of high demand.

The Breitling also adds many of the NavitiMer 1 series for newly renamed but have been very popular. Since 1952, Navitimer 1 has been the favorite of pilots and aviation enthusiasts. Navitimer1 is known for its unique timing function and a special lap as a slide. Two larger cases have 46 mm, 43mm, 41mm, and 38mm four different case sizes, and equipped with a hundred-year-old B01 internal timing core. As a bold initiative, NavitiMer also provides a chronographic table that does not have a timecase table.

Super ocean
The big news of the Hundred Years of the Superocean series is to increase the new 44 mm case size for Superoceanhéritageii, which can be done or more sophisticated automatic three-needle date display. A total of 9 different variants can be provided in the design of the dial color, the case metal and the type of straps. All models are equipped with a Manufacture movement, which provides power-time codes and time and date models with B20 internal movements. If you like, there is a smaller 42 mm automatic three hand steel and red version.

There are also six new models in the Chronomat series, including two 44 mm chronographs, all equipped with a B01 Manufacture movement, rated waterproof depth of 500m. The other four new Chronomat Colt automatic time and date watches also add flowers on the series, 44mm or 41mm diameter cases available. Four models are waterproof 200M and have rugged design and low-key appearance.