Jacob & Co. Astronomy Sky Celestial Body Panoramic Gravity Three-axis Tourbillon Watch

At Baselworld 2016 (Baselworld 2016), Jacob & Co. launched a new and fascinating astronomical giant watch called Jacob & Co. Astronomical celestial panoramic gravity three Axis tourbillon. “Jacob&Co. Astronomia Sky” is not intended to replace the original Jacob&Co. Astronomia Sky, but adds some complexity and is actually smaller in size.

The size of Jacob & Co. Astronomia Sky is only 50 mm wide in standard astronomy, with a “width” of only 47 mm and a thickness of 25 mm. No one will be slim because of such a watch, because it is slim, but Jacob & Co. was asked to make a more wearable watch for its interesting astronomers. Also note that our Jacob & Co. Astronomical celestial panoramic gravitational three-axis tourbillon image is a pre-production prototype. One of the most critical missing elements in this prototype watch is the lack of anti-reflective coating on the sapphire crystal. This makes the readability quite poor, and it is almost impossible to photograph the details of the fake watch through the crystal. Suffice it to mention, because the “final” version of the watch will not have these dazzling crystal issues.

The first appearance of the Jacob & Co. Astronomical Observatory Panoramic Gravity Three-axis Tourbillon Watch uses an 18k rose gold case with a large domed sapphire crystal on the top and a middle sapphire crystal ring on the side of the case. It makes viewing the inside and movement of the watch very simple and attractive. And, yes, there is a pen that can be used together. Well, actually these pens are used as a whole with the astronomy series of watches, they are produced by Italy Visconti in cooperation with Jacob & Co.. These are also pre-production prototypes, and they will be in 18k rose gold and 18 white gold.

The whole gist of astronomy is to provide a “four-arm” movement with a time dial (as the entire movement structure rotates on its axis, it rotates to stay upright), a tourbillon (technically in two Move on the pivot point) the rotating second hand indicator and the rotating ball opposite to the second hand. replica Jacob & Co. Astronomy’s Sky more or less retains this feature (although the style and execution are different) and adds some astronomical complexity.

Looking around the dial from the side of the case, you will see a monthly indicator that uses a small hand to closely follow the 12-month scale and completely surround the face. Now, look at the center of the four-arm motion structure. On top of it, you will find a small sphere designed to look like the earth. The earth ball has a hemispherical band around it to act as a day/night indicator. Pay attention to the two pivot points here. They are the 24-hour rotation of the day/night indicator and the fact that the earth rotates every 20 minutes, because this is the rotation time of the four-arm movement. The small “ball” itself is made of titanium, then painted and carved by hand. https://www.moonphase-watch.com