Chopard L.U.C XP Urushi Spirit of Shí Chen

The Chopard l.u.c XP urushi spirit of SH í Chen is the first l.u.c chronometer to display the traditional Chinese Time – “hour”. As the lacquerware turntable turns slowly, the animals representing each hour appear in turn on time, and the dial is decorated with the symbol of “Lu Xing” and fame and fortune. This creative and complex new product is limited to 88. The watch is equipped with the l.u.c 96.29-l Chopard manufacture self-made movement, which is placed in the 40mm ethical 18k rose gold case, showing unparalleled symbolism and exquisite craftsmanship.

50. The U.C XP urushi spirit of SH í Chen DIL wristwatch is made of 18k rose gold in line with ethical standards, which reflects the belief in Chinese zodiac and fortune. In fact, this is the first time that the advanced timepiece has been equipped with the complex function of displaying the traditional Chinese timing system – “hour”. The “hour” timing system divides a day and night into 12 periods, each of which is two hours, and each hour is represented by one of the animals in the zodiac. Therefore, a day starts at 23 o’clock, that is, the “Midnight” (the period represented by the rat) and ends at “Hai” (the period represented by the pig), and noon happens to be at “noon” (the period represented by the horse).

The animals of the zodiac animals appear slowly in the large display window located at the 12 o’clock position of the dial, so that the wearer can read the time according to the traditional Chinese or international timing methods. This kind of “lantern like” complex function has also become a carrier for craftsmen who work hand in hand with Chopard manufacture to show their creativity and skills. In fact, the dial and “hour” turntable of this chronometer are made of Japanese lacquer. Following the tradition of Chinese Zodiac wristwatch making, Chopard Chopin has worked hand in hand with outstanding Japanese lacquer masters from the beginning to decorate the dial with traditional dill lacquer art.

The 88 chopard l.u.c XP urushi spirit of SH í Chen DIL wristwatches come from the 100 year old Yamada Ping’an hall workshop and are drawn by the lacquer master Sanjiao Koizumi. According to the characteristics of dill painting process, gold foil is sprinkled between the paint layers to shine from the inside out, which is complementary to the 40mm diameter watch case made of 18k rose gold that meets the ethical standards.

50. U.C XP urushi spirit of SH í Chen DIL painted wristwatch, the central decoration of the dial represents the symbol of “Lu Xing” (the star controlling fame and fortune). In traditional Chinese culture, “lucky star”, “lucky star” and “longevity” are the three gods in charge of good luck, wealth and longevity respectively, which also reflects the perfection and beauty of life. The gold relief symbol on this watch represents the “star of fortune” among the three immortals. Lu Xing is also the patron saint of fame and influence. In Chinese culture, this kind of symbol is omnipresent; it is necessary to use hieroglyphs to embody auspiciousness as a symbol or to give it representative meaning. In this way, the l.u.c XP urushi spirit of SH í Chen also plays the role of a lucky talisman.

Chopard Chopin designed the l.u.c 96.29-l movement for the l.u.c XP urushi spirit of SH í Chen. This is an exclusive model derived from the 96 movement family, with a turntable that rotates every 24 hours. This automatic chain up movement is only 3.97mm thick and is equipped with a micro pendulum integrated with the upper part of the movement. The pendulum is made of 22K gold in line with ethical and ethical standards, with strong inertia, which can effectively chain the double spring box of the movement.

The two-hour power storage of schupar’s U.S. Even if removed from the wrist, the watch can still run accurately in two and a half days, so that the wearer can easily spend a long weekend without worrying about the chain.

As a family run brand, Chopard Chopin firmly adheres to the spirit of independence. The whole process of making l.u.c hour meter was completed in the meter factories in Geneva and Freire.

Chopard Chopin directly controls all the above processes of watch making, including movement design, finished product design, gold casting, case stamping and mold processing, making movement parts and strap, traditional manual carving and decoration, surface treatment, polishing, assembly, debugging and quality control. Every l.u.c series watch needs to go through these processes in order to achieve outstanding watch making belonging to Chopard Chopin.

These excellent wristwatches are the painstaking efforts of skilled craftsmen to meet the pursuit and expectation of contemporary gentlemen. These craftsmen are not ostentatious or pretentious, but skillfully integrate exquisite craftsmanship, elegance and rich emotion.