Jacob & Co. Astronomia Flawless Imperial Dragon

The ability to combine high-end watchmaking craftsmanship with other types of craftsmanship, whether it is inlay, engraving, hand-painting, music box making or enamel art, is a major feature of the famous American brand copy Jacob & Co.. Continuing this tradition, the company has added an incredible novelty to its watch collection-the Astronomia Flawless Imperial Dragon watch.

In this high-end watch, the unusual Astronomia mechanism is intertwined with a flexible dragon pattern made by hand lacquering and hand engraving in 18 carat rose gold. The miniature sculpture of the dragon consists of four parts (head, body, tail, and water around the dragon), which must be connected in an invisible seam. Considering that the image of the mythological creature is made of gold and therefore heavy, and the screws connecting the various parts of the dragon are very small, this task is indeed daunting. Not to mention that the watchmaker needs to be very careful not to damage the characters during the assembly process and bring them safely to the final stage, where the designer hand-completes the smallest details: scales, teeth, tongue and eyes.

Since the launch of the Astronomia series in 2014, a mandatory attribute of the models of the product line includes a huge sapphire glass case. Thanks to the transparency of the case, all the glory of the dual-axis tourbillon mechanism can be seen from different sides. The complex concept of the monolithic case design gives rise to the illusion that the complicated functions under the sapphire dome are floating in the air.

Replacing the individual metal parts used in previous models of this series with sapphire glass elements helps to achieve this effect. In particular, we are talking about case rings and lugs. The production of the “mythical” case (50 x 25.45 mm) took more than 1,000 hours in total!

This proud representative of the Jacobs company’s top timepiece is equipped with a manual winding movement and a 60-hour power reserve device. In addition to the hours and minutes, it also supports the operation of a two-axis tourbillon. The rotation speed of the latter is 60 seconds on one axis and 2.5 minutes on the second axis. In this model, the famous manufacturer retains the concept of the four-axis turntable module, fixing all functions and pure decorative elements at its end. In addition to the sub-dial and tourbillon frame, a 1-carat Jacob Cut® diamond and a lacquered magnesium alloy ball that symbolize the earth can also be seen under the dragon’s body. Both elements rotate around their axis at a speed of two revolutions per minute.

The unique timing device Astronomia was released in a single version, perfectly embodying the motto of Jacobs-“Inspired by the Impossible”.

Jacob & Co. luxury is one of the few brands that often amaze customers with their incredibly beautiful and reliable watches.

Jacob & Co.

Minute repeater in a sapphire crystal case

The brand has just released three timepieces in its Twin Turbo Furious series, all equipped with a fully transparent sapphire crystal case and a decimal minute repeater, which is the first time in the world of high-end watches

Jacob & Co. has just released three timepieces in its Twin Turbo Furious series, all of which use a fully transparent sapphire crystal case and a decimal minute repeater, which is the first time in the high-end watch industry.

These include the “Bugatti Blue” timepiece, which pays tribute to the iconic manufacturer of high-performance sports cars. Each watch is inspired by the speed and beauty of super sports cars and is limited to six pieces.

Jacob Arabo, founder of Jacob & Co, said: “Even after 35 years, we continue to create groundbreaking and innovative timepieces.” Reached. We are proud to be the first watch brand to achieve this arduous feat. “

The sapphire crystal case allows you to fully understand the complex mechanism of Twin Turbo Furious. It is powered by the manual winding JCFM05 movement and has a 50-hour power reserve. This includes a set of groundbreaking and exclusive complications, such as the decimal minute repeater, dual high-speed tourbillons, single-button chronograph and pit-plate reference indicator.

When it comes to contemporary high-tech watchmaking, the creation of a sapphire crystal case is one of the pinnacles of achievement. The unique shape of the Twin Turbo Furious sapphire crystal case makes it a more challenging project. It took nearly nine months to develop the design. First, sapphire crystals were grown from alumina to produce the case, and then the case was shaped by combining the most advanced digital machinery and meticulous hand polishing. Each case took another six months.

There are many obstacles. Generally, a pentagonal 57 mm x 52 mm shell consists of 88 components. This has been reduced to only a few parts, including the main case, front and rear sapphire crystal covers, and a slider at 8 o’clock, which activates the decimal minute repeater. The only part of the watch that is not made of sapphire crystal is the 18k white gold crank at 3 o’clock, which can be wound and set many complications.

The case has several geometric planes and angles, which makes the processing of the case, especially manual polishing, very difficult. The unique dual bezel design of the watch brings additional challenges. Hand polishing is the most important part of the process because it gives the sapphire crystal its transparency. This is also the most difficult to achieve. Every technique used to polish crystals by hand 1 is integrated into different parts of the case. It is the back cover that is as difficult to complete as the main case, also because of the different angles and planes.

Some compromises were made in the design of the online shop for watch to allow the gong and hammer for the decimal minute repeater. This is the first watch ever to have a minute repeater in a sapphire crystal case. The complexity of putting this complication inside the watch and ensuring high-quality sound makes it a unique achievement.

These new limited edition models have all the exclusive complications and functions that made Twin Turbo Furious a groundbreaking timepiece when it was first released in 2018, including:
● Hours and minutes dial with small seconds at 9 o’clock;
● Single-button chronograph, with a minute counter and a centered small second at 3 o’clock;
● Reference time indicator, the minutes are displayed at 6 o’clock, the second hand is displayed at 12 o’clock, the reference time difference is displayed by the chronograph seconds, and the hands are located on the “pit plate” of the dial training;
● Minute repeater in decimal, telling the time every 10 minutes and minutes;
● Dual three-axis high-speed tourbillon; and
● Power reserve indicator at 6 o’clock.

What separates the three watches is the Neoralithe chapter ring that surrounds the dial of each watch. One is bright red and the other is green. Neoralithe is an artificial material made of resin and developed in Switzerland. As we all know, it can resist ultraviolet and thermal shock or physical shock. It also forms a sharp color contrast with the transparent sapphire crystal case.

This watch designed for Bugatti has a “Bugatti Blue” Neoalithe chapter ring. This color pays homage to Bugatti’s history and French tradition. The sapphire crystal case of Bugatti models also bears the company’s logo on the front.

These watches continue the tradition of Twin Turbo Furious, it is a sports watch inspired by the speed and beauty of high-performance cars, with a new set of complex functions in the world of haute horology. Sapphire crystal is another example of how luxury Jacob & Co. turned the impossible into reality.