New Hublot Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold

Music and mythology, Einstein and astrology: it all began with the Big Bang!

When the word “big bang” is mentioned, different people will have different associations. For many, it may bring to mind the hit American TV sitcom that aired from 2007 to 2019, while cheap watches for men lovers may immediately think of the Hublot Big Bang, a collection that has become the watchmaker’s watch since its launch in 2005. synonymous with the brand. Additionally, Belgian cosmologist and father of the Big Bang theory, Georges Lemaitre, advanced the idea that the expansion of the universe arose from the explosion of a single particle. Today, however, we focus on Hublot’s recently released Hublot Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold, a 2023 edition that showcases the brand’s grandeur and innovative use of materials.

In 2015, Hublot released the Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Big Bang. This particular timepiece is finished in Hublot’s scratch-resistant Magic Gold and is powered by the proprietary Unico movement, which boasts a visible dial-side column-wheel chronograph with a dual-clutch mechanism.

Now, in 2023, we’re witnessing the return of the iconic concept for its 18th year – a major milestone akin to the legal drinking age for high alcohol in Switzerland. Humor aside, let’s dive into the meat of this new release. Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold embodies the essence of Hublot, embodies the brand’s creative philosophy and fusion of innovative materials. hublot cheap watches

The “magic gold” used in this timepiece is a finely crafted gold alloy. It involves compressing a ceramic powder called boron nitride in a mold and subjecting it to temperatures in excess of 2,000 degrees Celsius in a furnace. The heat melts the ceramic particles, creating a porous structure. Liquid 24K gold is then infused into the material under high pressure. The resulting composite is gold standard 18K pure and contains a substantial amount of gold.

The new generation Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold comes in a 44mm case crafted from this extraordinary magic gold. Its unique shape, sandwich construction and oversized buttons create a unique visual identity. The bezel is also made of magic gold, and the six misaligned functional screws are particularly eye-catching, adding a touch of personality to the design. The skeletonized dial pays homage to the previous model, but this time there is no red accents to distinguish it from the 2015 edition.

Powering the timepiece is the self-winding chronograph Unico 2 movement, which consists of 354 components. The HUB1280 Unico integrated flyback chronograph movement runs at 28,800vph for accurate timekeeping. Additionally, the movement offers a 72-hour power reserve for extended use before needing to be wound up. The Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold comes with an interchangeable rubber strap using Hublot’s own One Click system and is secured on the wrist with a black ceramic and black titanium deployant clasp.fine cheap watches

Case: Diameter 42mm x Thickness 14.5mm – Magic Gold Alloy, polished – Black side protectors – Magic Gold bezel with 6 H-shaped screws – AR treated sapphire crystal front and rear – 100m water resistance
Dial: Skeletonized – 60-minute counter at 3 o’clock – Small seconds at 9 o’clock – Date window at 3 o’clock – Exposed column wheel at 6 o’clock – Hour markers and numerals on peripheral flange and Super -LumiNova-treated hands-Central chronograph seconds hand with open oval tip and Hublot weight
Movement: Caliber HUB1280 – in-house, automatic flyback chronograph with column wheel – 354 components, 43 jewels – 28,800vph – 72 hours power reserve – hours, minutes, running seconds, chronograph
Strap: Black structured rubber lining – black ceramic and black titanium plated deployant clasp
Ref: 421.MX.1130.RX


After years of research and development, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey are particularly proud to introduce a timepiece containing their fifth basic invention: Différentiel d’Égalité. It ensures the driving force of the adjustment and improves the accuracy of the timing performance. This is also the first time that Koppelforth has integrated non-jump seconds in one of its timepieces.

Jump-free seconds and performance
This is the first creation of Robert Goldberg and Stephen Fauci, this timepiece has a non-jumping seconds function. This makes it easier to read and accurately set the time. The timepiece is equipped with a balance wheel stop device and a second hand reset device, which can be started by pulling the crown. The heart and hammer of the device are visible on the side of the movement. The 30° angle of the balance wheel and escapement minimizes the influence of gravity and ensures efficient movement performance in a stable position. This Koperfuss technology guarantees excellent average/average balance wheel performance, which is a sign of improved timing accuracy. All these components work together to help improve performance.

Mechanical spirit
The aesthetics of this timepiece is derived from the purest everything in the mechanical spirit of Gao Peifusi. The large opening on the dial allows you to see all the beauty and complexity of the movement. The side of the dial is decorated with a high arched sapphire crystal glass, giving this new work a delicate outline. The side of the movement displays the “Stop/Reset” mechanism and inscriptions with inscriptions that summarize the key values ​​that Robert Gopper and Stephen Fauci instilled in their creations. wholesale watches

Corum Golden Bridge Round Watch hands-on

Replica Corum GOLDEN BRIDGE STREAM BAGUETTE watch REF: B313/03498 – 313.101.69/0F01 SB69G Review

Model Number: B313/03498 – 313.101.69/0F01 SB69G
Case Material: white gold,diamond
Movement: Automatic
Dial Diameter:31.00 x 42.20 mm
Brand Name: Corum
Gender: men
Water Resistance Depth: 30 m
Thickness: 14.70 mm
Dial: Skeletonized
Glass: Sapphire
Boxes: common box package without paper
Band Material Type: Alligator strap
Functions: Hours,Minutes

Corum Golden Bridge Round Watch hands-on

Like many modern watchmakers, Corum replica has had an interesting time in the past few years. Through the ups and downs, brands around 2016 are rediscovering themselves and recalling some of the personalities that make modern brands interesting. In terms of how people wear modern timepieces, the ancient Corum (e.g. 10 to 15 years ago) is a true innovator in style and fashion. For example, Bubble (which also came back this year) is a real testament to how high-end watches are really interesting. Golden Bridge easily becomes one of Kunlun’s most unique movement and watch concepts, but despite its very interesting visual effects, it has been difficult to attract Western men.

For 2016, Corum may find a new bright spot in the Golden Bridge series of the new Corum Golden Bridge Round. This is the first time Corum has designed a round case for its linear movement, and the result is very interesting. The Golden Bridge movement (here caliber CO 113) is an interesting mechanical mechanism designed to stack all parts into a cylindrical shape (Corum calls it the “Baguette” movement). The bridge that connects all the movement parts together is 18k rose gold, in this case, it is decorated with some exquisite traditional look hand-carved. Despite the compact size of the movement, it still runs at 4Hz and has a power reserve of 40 hours-not bad at all. The CO 113 movement only expresses time in hours and minutes.

For the Golden Bridge round, Corum placed the movement vertically in a round case, leaving some space on the side of the movement for decoration or other purposes. Corum hopes to get some architecture here, so the bridge frame (literally) on the side of the movement uses a hollow case based on the design of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. So yes, the Golden Bridge watch took inspiration from another Golden Bridge… I think it’s very interesting. In fact, the Golden Gate Bridge is red, but when the light is properly illuminated, the bridge seems to glow golden. What I want to point out is that after living near the Golden Gate Bridge, the sun does not shine on it very often (through clouds and fog).

Last time, when Corum tried to make a more masculine Golden Bridge, it was matched with the Ti-Bridge series. Corum Ti-Bridge puts the movement on its side in a horizontal position and turns it into a modern sports style watch. The price is expensive and there is no clear expected demographics. I believe that Ti-Bridge will become a favorite of collectors in the future, but during the release period, due to the appreciation of the concept and competitors’ low prices and good quality, it is difficult to find buyers.

In the Corum Golden Bridge round, I thought Corum was a bit like a towel, and he admitted, “Yes, a round case may be needed” to make Golden Bridge be used as a men’s watch. I learned that in some parts of the world, tonneau-shaped Golden Bridge watches are sold to men, but in many ways, so far, the series is a more feminine design of Western standards. Having said that, the Golden Bridge Round of Corum can capture the exquisite essence of the Golden Bridge concept, but it is full of a strong sense of art. I think it has finally become masculine enough and has a wider appeal.

The Corum Golden Bridge Round watch is made of 18k rose gold (and an 18k white gold model with diamonds). It is 43 mm wide and only 8.8 mm thick. It is sandwiched by two AR-coated sapphire crystals. In addition, the side of the case is inlaid with curved sapphire crystals, so that the other side of the “movement” is unobstructed, decorating the inside of the case on both sides of the movement. The bottom of the case is the crown of the movement, which is a good symmetrical position. There is no crown on the side of the Corum Golden Bridge Round case. Fake Luxury Quartz Watches

The hands and flange rings of the watch are made of golden yellow brass, which contrasts sharply with the dial. There are full hour marks on the flange ring, but according to my standards, this watch is not very clear-although it is not bad for a modified watch. The smooth reddish brown alligator leather strap is connected to the Corum golden bridge round case, which can be used with the two golds on the case and dial. If your shoes are the right color, then this strap may look like a killer.

There is no doubt that the width of this watch is 43 mm, it is a bold watch, but because of its thinness and exquisite functions, the result is more artistic than the lively crown. Is this the new golden age of Jinqiao? I don’t know this, but for those who like sports concepts but haven’t equipped their wrists with a properly designed “Golden Bridge” watch, Corum undoubtedly puts forward a convincing new argument.