Defy Extreme Diver brings divers back to the Zenith catalog

Zenith has resurrected the Defy Extreme Diver with plenty of verve and forthright attitude.

The 1970s influence toned down the look of some 2000s iterations, making it more approachable, yet just as bold.

Powered by the 5Hz El Primero 3620 SC, the blue or black model will be available with a titanium bracelet and two straps.

Zenith’s Defy Extreme collection doesn’t just cross boundaries, it digs them out, tears them apart, eats what’s left… and lets your imagination do the rest. One look at the new Zenith Defy Extreme Diver tells you everything you need to love or hate it, but it’s clearly made with the same “what the heck” attitude that spawned some of the greatest high-impact watches of the 2000s. It’s a sobering blow to the wrist, but Zenith has done it in a way that’s absolutely lovely and possibly even timeless.

The new Zenith Defy Extreme Diver is actually a lot tamer than its predecessors, if you can believe it. Designed during the controversial era of Thierry Nataf, they almost make the Invictas look classic. Now that Zenith is at the wheel again, and with plenty of inspiration from its own vintage models, the Defy Extreme Diver has returned as a tamed beast. The 42.5mm case is made of titanium, which is both light and comfortable, as well as corrosion-resistant. Physical comfort is one thing, but the design is sure to push some visual comfort zones. The case is angular, with a vertically brushed finish that echoes the dodecagonal edges of the inner bezel. The outer bezel is made of ceramic for timing dives, and is filled with Super-Luminova for increased visibility underwater or after dark. replica watches uk

In fact, visibility is exactly what the Defy Extreme Diver is all about. You certainly won’t miss it on anyone’s wrist, but the giant luminescent hands and hour markers can’t be ignored under any circumstances. Orange has been documented as one of the most visible colors underwater, so it’s a highlight color in both references. The black reference is the more social of the two, but it’s definitely not the kind of diver that pretends to match a tuxedo. The blue-dial version has an exaggerated aesthetic that emphasizes the complementary orange and makes the four-pointed star pattern on the brushed dial even more legible. These watches come with an interchangeable strap system, so you can easily change between a solid titanium strap, a woven textured rubber strap, and a fabric strap at any time.

Like its exterior, the Zenith Defy Extreme Diver doesn’t play around with specs. A screw-down crown locks in the water resistance to 600 meters, which is equivalent to 1,969 feet (1968.6 to be exact), in a nod to the original Defy Diver from 1969. There’s also a hidden helium escape valve for saturation diving. The movement is the El Primero 3620 SC, a high-frequency automatic movement that beats at 5 Hz, and despite the increased frequency, the power reserve remains at 60 hours. Not only does the watch meet ISO 6245 requirements for dive watches, the movement also meets ISO 764 and 1413 standards for anti-magnetic and shock resistance, for true adventure capability.

Brand Zenith
Model Extreme Diver
Reference number 95.9600.3620/21.I300
Case dimensions 42.5 mm (depth) x 15.5 mm (length)
Case material Titanium
Water resistance 600 m
Crystal Sapphire with double-sided AR coating
Dial Blue or black with four-pointed star pattern and orange highlights
Lug width Fusion
Strap H-shaped titanium strap, folding clasp,
FKM rubber and fabric strap
Movement El Primero 3620 SC, Manufacture, automatic
Power reserve 60 hours
Functions Hours, minutes, seconds, date

The Alpine Eagle wasn’t the first steel sports watch, but it might be the best

Chopard cheap posed a challenge when creating this watch.

It’s the eagle eye, it’s the thrill of flying, challenge your opponents! Excuse the lyrical levity of this moment before we get into the clockwork heroes of our story, but the Survivor writing works really well here. Released only a few years ago in 2019, the Alpine Eagle is a latecomer to the stainless steel sports watch scene. When it did hit the market, Chopard didn’t do anything with this model. Instead, it took up the challenge to create a timepiece that could stand up to the best in Switzerland.

how we got here
The Alpine Eagle is not Chopard’s first foray into the world of integrated bracelet sports watches. As early as 1980, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, a 22-year-old new member of the Chopard family business, designed the St. Moritz watch.

It has all the sports watch notes common to both the Nautilus and the Royal Oak, with a distinctive bezel, intricate bracelet and slim profile. This is a watch that used to perform well but the tune eventually ended. Young Karl-Fredrich’s father was proud of his design and would continue to wear it to work when his grandson Karl-Fritz happened to come across the buy luxury replica watches one day. He exclaimed, “This is the watch we should be making today!” He was right.

Chopard since St. Moritz
St. Moritz was the inspiration, but Chopard in 1980 was not the same as Chopard today. In the intervening decades, Karl-Fredrich has pushed its watchmaking to be as in-house as possible as early as the early 1990s, long before the practice became popular. The result is a movement-making factory that can design, produce and finish movements to a standard that few can match. Chopard also has its own foundry, is able to produce its own gold and steel, and focuses on ethical sourcing and sustainability.

The first thing anyone notices about a stainless steel sports watch is the steel. Chopard manufactures its own steel for the Alpine Eagle, called A223 Lucent Steel. Consisting of 70% recycled steel, with the remainder mined near European countries to reduce the carbon footprint, it offers some advantages over the typical 316L steel used by most of the watch industry. Lucent Steel is less corrosive, more reflective, and most importantly. Harder than 316L, making it 50% more resistant to scratches and abrasions. This special steel might not be obvious at first, but it’s reassuring if you own one of these bad boys.

Watch bracelets take up the most space on your wrist, yet many people treat them as an afterthought. Chopard is going in the exact opposite direction, focusing on every facet of the bracelet. The sides are brushed vertically to add visual weight to the thinner side of the bracelet. At the top, the brushed links are polished on each side and between each other, and the center section is fully polished and slightly raised. The bracelet tapers for comfort and ends with a hidden clasp that simply says “Chopard” to let you know where to open it.

The Discount replica watches itself is balanced by two sets of notches on either side. The right side serves as a small crown guard, while the left side is just visual balance. The brushed bezel features practical mirror-polished screws, all of which outline the highlight: the dial.

The etched stripes on the dial are not quite the traditional sunburst pattern. It’s deep and wide, with slight curves in every line. This dial is where the Alpine Eagle gets its name because it looks like an eagle’s iris. It’s certainly more abstract than it sounds, though the result will keep you staring at the dial for years to come. Applied markings use Roman numerals at the quarters and hourly markings. The hands seem to float over the dial because their polish contrasts so strongly with the texture that it looks more like part of the companion phone than tethered to the Hawkeye.

inside the watch
The 41mm Alpine Eagle gets the internal 01-01-C. Designed and produced in its own manufacturing facility, this movement is COSC (Observatory) certified and spares no expense in setting a ruby set with 31 jewels. A 60-hour power reserve keeps everything running, giving you plenty of time to take the watch off so you can turn it over and admire the movement’s polished edges and Côtes de Genève through the display case back.

The 36mm Alpine Eagle is powered by the 09.01-C, a movement similar to its big brother but with 27 jewels set inside, but slightly fewer. COSC certification and a 42-hour power reserve will keep you on time, unless you can’t appreciate this equally well-crafted movement.

Chopard is finally late to the sports watch party in style. While others produced watches decades ago with little change over time, Chopard has used this time to improve its own watchmaking. It created facilities, hired engineers and trained watchmakers, all to be able to deliver a watch in the future that is not too different from the past. Chopard is on the rise, back on the streets, seize the moment, seize the opportunity. The result is that the Alpine Eagle is a watch that is always ready to take on the competition.

Gorgeous GMT-Breitling Mechanical Chronograph Series Two Time Watches

Hello everyone, Breitling’s Chronomat mechanical chronograph series was relaunched in 2020. The watches are available in both feminine and feminine sizes as small as 32 mm, and steel straight men as large as 44 mm, but only the 36 to 42 mm is missing. regular size. It is typical to only care about two ends, regardless of the moment. Faced with such an important series, Breitling realized the existence of the problem, so last month it launched a 38mm diamond-encrusted model and a 40mm two-time model. Let’s talk about this 40mm two-time model. local time.

This time, Breitling chose to use the dual time function to match the 40mm size. I think it is very wise. As a loyal fan of the dual time function, I said in the previous program that the function of the mechanical watch is really usable today. In addition to the calendar, the most useful and practical function is the time of the two places. This dual-time Breitling specially provides five dial colors for it. Among the five colors, only this green dial in my hand can highlight the bright red 24-hour hand, which not only enhances the readability, but also implication. Excellent, the so-called bright red and bright green, go everywhere in the world.

Compared with the ultimate tough guy appearance of the super chronograph, this dual time Breitling has chosen elegance, comfort and sport. This can be immediately appreciated from its thickness of 11.77 mm. This strap is not only comfortable to wear, but the onion crown and needle bearing bracelet unique to the mechanical chronograph series are more refined with the size of 40 mm. In addition, its 200-meter waterproof performance and one-way rotating diving scale circle are also convenient for everyone to play in the water at any time when traveling around. Of course, I hope that the super version can be launched in the two places in the future. The so-called super version is to replace the vulnerable parts of the case with ceramic parts, such as the 38mm version launched with it this time. perfect replica watches

This watch uses the Breitling Caliber 32 GMT movement, which is improved and modified from the stable ETA 2893-2 movement. It has a power reserve of 42 hours. Although I will not doubt the durability and precision of this movement nature, but I really want to complain about the dual-time function of this movement. According to the conventional logic of the dual-time function, the 24-hour pointer displays the home time, which is convenient for users to know exactly what time it is in the morning or afternoon at home. The hour hand displays the destination time, which is convenient for the user to quickly adjust the main hour hand to synchronize with the local time without stopping the watch after arriving at the destination.

But this watch is reversed, the crown is pulled out to the first gear, the 24-hour hand is turned clockwise, the calendar is adjusted counterclockwise, and the second gear is to stop the seconds and adjust the time. If you use it backwards, you will not be able to see the main hour hand intuitively when you read the time locally, and you will not be able to quickly know whether it is morning or afternoon at home. Although this feature is not so easy to use, it is better than nothing after all. Let me finally conclude that Breitling’s mechanical chronograph has outstanding appearance, excellent texture, dexterous body, practical functions and stable performance. It is an excellent commuter travel best luxury watches.