Elegant and restrained, new “small diameter” models are added across the world!

This year, Vacheron Constantin cheap has brought a brand new design to its “Flower Master” – Zongsihai series: for the first time, it is equipped with an exclusive retrograde device, which brings an advanced level to the “one of the three steel kings”. The unique charm of the edition has won the eager attention of watch friends. But in addition to the retrograde watch, Vacheron Constantin also brought a newly designed “small watch diameter” across the world, reducing the size of the watch, matching it with different materials and different color tones, and the try-on effect is quite good. Today, let’s take a brief look at the new vertical and horizontal four seas: (Watch model: 4600V/200A-B980).

The new Overseas vertical and horizontal series of self-winding watches has four styles. It can be seen from the figure that the new works include all-gold models, diamond-encrusted models and stainless steel models. It is worth noting that the size of these four models Not exactly the same, the diameter of the diamond-encrusted model is 35 mm, and the diameter of the regular version is 34.5 mm, which are distinguished according to whether they are inlaid with diamonds.

Today, let’s take a look at the stainless steel model that is relatively easy to obtain among these four models: When the information about the 34.5 steel case of this Overseas vertical and horizontal series self-winding wholesale fake watches was just announced, many players expressed whether it was the same size or not. It’s too small, but as a luxury sports watch with a sporty style, the aesthetic feeling of its angular lines is slightly larger than the official data. And now the small watch diameter is gradually rising, with the right design on the suit, it will not get stuck on the cuffs, and it will be slightly exposed with the movement of the arms. Just right.

Viewed from the side, the one-piece case and hexagonal bezel are very attractive. This luxury sports watch is different from the conventional sports watch style. Its elegant and neat case design and simple and elegant formal style allow the wearer to relax It can also be worn with a suit to attend, very versatile. We can also find from this very sharp outline that the size design of this 34.5 mm vertical and horizontal is quite subtle. The “small diameter” design makes it slimmer and more ergonomically designed, showing exquisite beauty.

The watch still continues the iconic design of the world, the design of the hexagonal bezel in the shape of a Maltese cross, the grooved crown and other designs are particularly conspicuous. Although the appearance elements are basically the same as the previous one, the small diameter design adds more delicate and unique beauty to this watch.

The elegant blue lacquered dial is noble and eye-catching. The texture of the blue dial across the world is quite good, and its decoration technology is also very particular: the dial is decorated with sunburst satin brushed decoration, and the outer ring has a velvety texture. The overall light and shadow The effect is also very dynamic. There are no too many decorations on the elegant and simple dial, and the date window at 3 o’clock adds more practical functions to it. The hour, minute and hour markers on the dial are made of platinum material that echoes the tone of the case, and are all coated with Super-LumiNova® luminous coating to ensure clear time reading at night.

The new fake watch for sale still continues the flexible and changeable strap configuration of the world: the strap/bracelet quick replacement device + three straps/bracelets, of which the calfskin strap is more formal in style and can be worn with a suit to attend some business occasions; the rubber watch The sports atmosphere is stronger, and it is more suitable for daily casual wear; the stainless steel bracelet is very versatile, and you can try any style. In addition, the calfskin strap and rubber strap are equipped with quick-change buckles, of which the stainless steel model is equipped with a folding clasp, and the pink gold model is equipped with a pin buckle.

In terms of performance, the four watches are equipped with a 1088/1 movement and are equipped with a stop-second device to ensure more accurate travel time adjustments. The movement is equipped with a 22K gold oscillating weight decorated with the series’ iconic rose compass pattern, and has a power reserve of 40 hours. It is worth mentioning that its waterproof depth is 150 meters, which is more durable.

This year, Mr. Christian Selmoni, director of style and inheritance of Vacheron Constantin, once said: “The new fake watch tends to be more classic aesthetic style, the case size is more compact, and it is suitable for both men and women.” From the design of the new work, we can find that although the size of the watch has been reduced, its elegant style is suitable for both men and women. There are also different materials such as diamond-encrusted models and all-gold models, providing more choices.

TAG Heuer Monaco Monaco Chronograph Watch First Skeleton Dial Design

The TAG Heuer Monaco series chronograph is equipped with a hollow dial design for the first time, and three new works are unveiled simultaneously. With a colorful avant-garde and innovative attitude, it welcomes the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix and adds a new chapter to the story of TAG Heuer and Monaco . luxury copy watches

Ref. CBL2182.FT6235 model information (pictured left), Ref. CBL2183.FT6236 watch model information (pictured), Ref. CBL2184.FT6236 watch model information (pictured right) / Titanium material / HEUER02 self-winding movement / Hours, minutes, seconds, date display / chronograph function / sapphire crystal mirror, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 100 meters / diameter 39mm

The Monaco series watch was launched in 1969. The bold and avant-garde square case design combined with innovative functions was unique in the market at that time. It quickly became a brand masterpiece, attracting the support of many racing enthusiasts and watch lovers, and appearing on the wrists of many legendary racing cars. , such as Joe Siffert, Jochen Rindt, and brand friend Steve McQueen (Steve McQueen) – he starred in the movie “Death Race” (Le Mans) in 1971 as racing driver Michael Delaney wearing TAG Heuer Monaco The image of the watch is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, becoming his personal style mark and establishing the legendary status of this copy swiss Watches series.

The TAG Heuer Monaco series watch embodies the racing spirit of racing cars. Its design prototype was released in 1969. It has a square case, a blue dial, and a timing function. It is equipped with Caliber 11, the first automatic chronograph movement released by TAG Heuer. Since then, it has undergone many design changes and technical improvements, and was reissued in 1998 as part of the brand’s “Vintage” series. It faithfully reproduced the original design and was updated again in 2003. It is equipped with Caliber 360 movement, which improves the timing accuracy. to hundredths of a second.

In 2023, Tag Heuer will bring the skeleton dial design to this series for the first time more than fifty years after the birth of the Monaco series. The new design of the modern hollowed-out dial presents three different appearances-“Original Blue”, “Racing Red” and “Turquoise”, and the design inspiration comes from different historical stories belonging to the Monaco series.

“Original Blue” is inspired by the first blue dial in the history of the Monaco series. The blue and red used in it are used in the new dial. Best copy Watches

The “Racing Red” style is a tribute to the racing elements of the Monaco series. The red is reminiscent of the sparks on the track; the black with silver embellishment is more conspicuous on the dial, and the red column wheel and balance wheel are clearly visible. Sculpted, racing style all in one go.

The blue-green tone chosen for “Turquoise” is reminiscent of the coastline of Monaco; the red color specially added to the dial, plus the blue-green column wheel and balance wheel engraving, the unique contrasting color scheme stands out.

The three new works are equipped with TAG Heuer’s self-made Heuer 02 movement. This movement uses a traditional column wheel to start the chronograph and provides a power reserve of up to 80 hours. The case is made of sandblasted second-grade titanium, which is strong, light and corrosion-resistant. The Super-LumiNova® luminous paint on the scales and hands of the watch, and the same luminous paint on the calendar frame, is also used for the first time in the TAG Heuer Monaco (Monaco) series. With a dual-material strap combining rubber and leather, it is both practical and comfortable; the straps are black or blue, bringing in the racing style. high quality cheap watches