Speaking of maverick, it must be mentioned-Ulysse Nardin!

Speaking of maverick, who do you think of? Since the launch of the replica Ulysse Nardin watch series in 2001, this series has become synonymous with maverick. Can you imagine a watch without a crown, dial and hands? Then take a look at the Freak Fantasy series!

Watch model: 2502-250LE

The Freak fantasy series of Ulysse Nardin, the “freak” of the watch industry, completely subverted people’s traditional perception of watches. The fantasy series has launched a lot of watches so far. The Freak Vision watch is the first self-winding watch in the entire series. With its subversive shape and advanced technology, the Freak Vision watch has become a needle and leads the tourbillon. Watch concept trend.

The watch has a diameter of 45 mm and the case is made of 18K rose gold, exquisite and beautiful. In particular, black rubber is applied to the lugs, bezel, and side of the case, which is refreshing and makes this watch more dynamic and sporty. There are also three rose gold marks on the bezel. On the whole, this watch is a versatile commuter.

After removing the traditional crown, how should the time be adjusted for the Fantasy series? At 6 o’clock, there is a pick in the center of the lugs, with the words “FREAK” engraved on it. The wearer needs to gently pick up the paddle and adjust the time by turning the bezel.

The curved dome crystal glass table mirror makes the middle part of the watch and the bezel become slim, enhancing the visual effect.

The dial of the watch is the highlight of the whole fake watch. It is not our common pointer, but a movement. The upper gear bridge of the bar-shaped movement is inspired by the 3D hull and rotates around the center to indicate the minutes. On the lower plywood, white triangle marks are used to indicate the hours.

From the front of the watch, we can also see the Carrousel device mounted on the movement. This device uses Ulysse Nardin’s famous silicon technology, uses hard nickel to make an ultra-light balance wheel, and adds silicon microchips to stabilize the swing of the balance, thereby effectively improving the accuracy of the swing. The time of the cheap watch is more accurate.

The replica men watch is equipped with a black imitation rubber leather strap with an 18K rose gold folding clasp, showing a low-key and calm temperament.

The UN-250 movement adopts a “grinding machine” type automatic winding system, which can make full use of any slight movement of the wrist to wind the watch, which greatly improves the efficiency of winding, and can provide 50 hours of power reserve when fully wound. . In addition, Ulysse Nardin also applied the Athenian anchor constant swing escapement to the Freak Vision watch. This device can maintain the balance wheel to swing at a constant speed and reduce the impact of changes in the winding torque on the watch. The UN-250 movement on which a number of advanced technologies are applied, fully demonstrates the watchmaking technology of Ulysse Nardin.

This Freak Vision replica watch is currently on sale, and interested watch friends can go to the Athens Watch Beijing International Trade Flagship Store to try and buy it. Whether it is the subversive interpretation of the watch, the application of silicon material, and the continuous evolution of the entire whimsical series, Ulysse Nardin’s watchmaking intentions are obvious. The watch is not only an expression of time, but also a transmission of the brand spirit.