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Patek Philippe replica discontinued production of its first dial-type direct repeater, plus the first gold model. 52.7 million calendar

Anyone who knows Patek Philippe and happens to see Ref. When 5303 was launched as a limited edition in the Singapore market last year, it undoubtedly had a dual meaning. Is it really Patek Philippe? For the first time in its 175-year history, the brand displays the amazing mechanism of the minute repeater on the dial side. Now, the version introduced in the current series is slightly different, that is, 5303. Although the production volume of any complicated functions of Patek Philippe is small, it is not a limited edition. The new 5303 is one of the three new classic complications launched today, including a reinterpretation of the legendary Ref. 5370 minutes and seconds chronograph and classic gold version. 52.7 Perpetual Calendar Chronograph.

Ref. Skeleton movement. The 5303 is not distinctive, not only because it shows the minute repeater hammer and gong, but also reveals the tourbillon escapement-the back of the cage can be seen under the second hand at 6 o’clock. As if to assure you that it is there, the word TOURBILLON is spelled out on the dial. Usually, Patek Philippe does not display the tourbillon, but strictly reserves the dial to read the function.

Patek Philippe is also atypically decorated with straps and lugs, with gold inlays engraved with leaf patterns on the case and lugs. Shiyuan is a black lacquered sapphire crystal rim with a rose gold pink mark. It contains the manual winding movement R TO 27 PS. Prices can be provided upon fake watches

The classic 52.7 perpetual calendar chronograph – the heir to Patek Philippe’s famous perpetual calendar chronograph, including the legendary Ref. 1518 and reference. 2499-The first gold version is offered. Since 2018, 5270 has offered platinum or rose gold and pure gold options. Patek Philippe is the first company to produce the perpetual calendar chronograph Ref. In 1518, it was introduced in 1941.

It was not until nearly 20 years later that another brand launched this brand. Its movement CH 29-535 PS Q is the first chronograph movement with a perpetual calendar developed and produced entirely by Patek Philippe.

New Ref. The 5370 minute-second chronograph is another Patek Philippe’s most sought-after watch. It was originally launched in 2015 and is now equipped with a large blue enamel enamel dial. Consistent with Patek Philippe’s philosophy of producing fine watches in small batches, models with black enamel dials will be discontinued. It contains the manually wound CHR 29-535 PS movement, which was also launched in 2015.

The watch has six patented chronograph innovations. Situation and original Ref. 5370 is platinum, like all platinum fake Patek Philippe, a small diamond is set between the lugs at 6 o’clock.