Twenty-two years of fantasy, the new FREAK series of Ulysse Nardin Watch comes out

In 2001, with the birth of FREAK fantasy, Ulysse Nardin Watch created the silicon era in the field of watches and clocks. At the same time, Ulysse Nardin also used silicon parts and carrousel devices to run through the aesthetic and mechanical core of the entire FREAK fantasy series. Here comes a highly recognizable design.

At the just-concluded 2023 “Watches and Miracles” Geneva Watch Fair, in order to pay tribute to the first generation of fantasy 22 years ago, Ulysse Nardin decided to use it as a prototype to create a new FREAK ONE fantasy watch.

The new work continues the three iconic features of the fantasy buy replica watches: no dial, no hands, no crown design, but its appearance and performance hardware assembly, in fact, it has also achieved the highlights of new products in recent years.

Let’s look at the exterior design first. The case is made of black DLC-coated titanium and is equipped with a rose gold pitted bezel. This set is taken from the Freak S flagship watch released last year. On the dial, it inherits the nautical element design of the 2013 FREAK CRUISER. The entire carrousel strip-shaped anchor movement will be transformed into a minute hand, with a triangular hour arrow on the lower layer, and a newly added four-point Arabic numerals. Indicates the time.

In terms of performance, Ulysse Nardin has adopted a full set of silicon escapement for FREAK ONE, from the balance wheel to the escapement to the hairspring, all of which are made of silicon, and adopts DIAMonSIL diamond silicon crystal technology to make the silicon parts of the watch movement more wear-resistant and Anti-seismic, this is a demonstration of the technical strength of Ulysse Nardin. At the same time, the beating effect of the large-size silicon balance wheel will be particularly brisk and highly recognizable.

However, I think the most noteworthy point for watch friends is that FREAK ONE integrates a “grinder” automatic winding mechanism. It is also integrally formed of silicon parts, which can sensitively capture the subtle movements of the wearer and convert them into energy, which is twice the efficiency of the traditional winding structure.

FREAK ONE, can be said to be the most outstanding “integrator” of comprehensive technology in the current FREAK series. It also makes the grinding upper chain that was once only available on flagship models, and realizes the popularization of technology. The public price of the watch is 495,700 yuan, and it is sold in unlimited quantities. The 500,000 yuan level has also completely filled the vacancy of the flagship model FREAK S to the entry-level model FREAK X, the vacancy of the backbone products.

Chopard’s new chronograph, full of retro and gorgeous atmosphere

2023 Geneva Watch Fair “Watches and Miracles”, during this year’s Geneva “Watches and Miracles” Haute Horlogerie Fair, Chopard launched a series of new top luxury replica watches and high-end jewelry. This article recommends the Chopard Mille Miglia series to everyone, and appreciate how Chopard interprets the classic Mille Miglia chronograph with a new design; then let’s take a look at the performance of Chopard’s new timepieces today.

The new timepiece is made of Chopard’s unique material, Lucent Steel™, which is naturally anti-allergic, has high compatibility with the skin, and is very comfortable to wear. In addition, compared with the previous generation, the case size of the new product is smaller, with a diameter of 40.5 mm. This size is very suitable for us Asians, and there is no pressure to wear it; at the same time, it is more in line with the participating cars in the 1000 Miglia Antique Car Competition. The aesthetic design concept, worn on the wrist, is also very generous and decent.

The crown is made of grooved knurled buttons, which can achieve precise adjustment. The knurling process not only helps to achieve the anti-slip effect when gripping and manipulating, but also adds beauty to the best swiss replica watches. It is worth mentioning that the two ends of the case of the new watch are welded lugs, which is also one of the exquisite details favored by serious watchmaking enthusiasts; based on the previous model, the new product adds an innovative pin buckle The design echoes the alternating polished and satin-brushed finishes on the case.

The dial is protected by a convex sapphire crystal. The convex mirror not only makes the watch more beautiful, but also allows the dial to be seen at a glance. At the same time, light can penetrate from the top and sides of the watch, reflecting the shining light and shadow on the dial, making the dial layout and color levels more vivid and full of three-dimensional effect.

The light green round dial and the bright dial color can also make reading more legible. The dial is also equipped with an exquisite “glass box” design, which can fully show the retro and gorgeous style of the watch. Between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock on the dial, a calendar display window is set up; in addition, there are three timing dials distributed on the dial at the same time – small seconds dial, 12-hour timing dial and 30-minute timing dial, at 3 o’clock, 6 One o’clock and 9 o’clock; look carefully, the tip of the central second hand is red, which is both practical and beautiful, and also echoes the red 1000 Miglia logo on the dial.

Equipped with two basic elements for calculating vehicle speed and distance – white minute scale ring and tachymeter scale, hour markers and hour and minute hands are covered with SuperLuminova® Grade X1 fluorescent coating to ensure maximum clarity when driving at night when reading.

Through the sapphire crystal glass mirror on the back of the replica watches swiss, you can see the “beauty” of the movement. The self-winding chronograph movement of this new product has been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), and has a power reserve of up to 54 hours; it demonstrates Chopard’s unique precision performance and elegant style. See-through case back with 1000 Miglia logo on the outer edge; the perfect blend of sporty looks and performance.

With a retro brown perforated calfskin strap, it fits the curve of the wrist more and is very comfortable to wear; and the old-fashioned strap is very retro in color, and can be matched with a dark suit jacket. This watch on the wrist must be It can add a bright spot to the overall collocation.

There are a total of 4 colors to choose from for this new product, and watch friends can choose a watch that suits them according to their needs; at the same time, these four watches are all equipped with Lucent Steel™ stainless steel buckles.

Summary: Chopard has ingeniously created the Mille Miglia series of watches. These new products released during the watch exhibition will exude a calm and calm temperament in casual gestures, reflecting Chopard’s unique elegant gentleman style; at the same time, the new timepieces The watch also interprets the brand’s consistent enthusiasm for racing and its meticulous pursuit of watchmaking craftsmanship.